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MNHQ calling: beta testers needed for the new MN app - with iOS 8 please! 160 FrannyMumsnet 23/12/14 15:38
to HATE Lazytown. Really, 43 worleywinter… 22/12/08 21:22
To do a 'non-birthday9; party for DS? 9 BouncingTinsel 22/12/08 21:19
to not want people to judge those who recieve benefits???? 573 spottyoldzebra 22/12/08 20:49
to wish my friends would stop breeding 93 TheBayingBanshee 22/12/08 20:17
No I am not, but hell I need to calm down! 13 DorisIsAPinkDragon 22/12/08 20:10
To be pissed off that my friend didn't invite me to her party... 7 ToysAreLikeDogs 22/12/08 19:59
To want DC's presents here for them to open on xmas day? 36 pantomimEDAMe 22/12/08 19:52
To wonder why people think they are so above others? 120 StayFrostyTheSnowMam 22/12/08 19:21
I know I am really but I just feel bloody worthless! 29 Acinonyx 22/12/08 19:10
dh to come home with a love bite n say its a flea bite the dog is on holiday 67 poinsettydog 22/12/08 18:57
To expect my friend to make the effort to come to my house?? 5 christmosschops30 22/12/08 18:49
to apply for job on behalf of DH. 7 pamelat 22/12/08 17:50
To think dh is mad??? he is camping out in garden with dd tonight!! 45 ELR 22/12/08 17:08
to not want to buy presents for my DCs' from their grandparents? 58 SatsumaMoon 22/12/08 16:48
To expect better quality food from our supermarkets? 30 georgiemum 22/12/08 15:37
to go round to Hackney Borough Council and kick up a huge stink! 12 EffiePerine 22/12/08 15:37
Is this a vaguely offensive question....or am I a sensitive flower... 28 Rookiethered… 22/12/08 15:32
to be upset with Dh, even tho it's not really his fault? Long one sorry. 15 mumof2222222… 22/12/08 15:30
.. to think that DH shouldn't have gone shopping for MY christmas present 4d before Christmas, and bought himself the very thing I have bought HIM for Christmas!! 10 BouncingTinsel 22/12/08 15:22
am i being unreasonable for telling ds's best friend's mum that he's not allowed back in my home? 19 sunnygirl1412 22/12/08 15:22
AIBU to expect my sister to have some sympathy for me after my 2 m/cs? 21 Flibbertyjibbet 22/12/08 15:04
To hate people who only let the phone ring 5 times then hang up? 13 BouncingTinsel 22/12/08 14:48
To think fancy dress is for CHILDREN? 31 ThingOne 22/12/08 14:30
To be annoyed at my sister? 44 tessofthedur… 22/12/08 13:24
How have I managed to piss off everyone (again) at Christmas time? 7 Leo9 22/12/08 13:22
Why do men always get so much help when they are seen "struggling" with children 17 pamelat 22/12/08 13:05
AIBU To Feel Grumpy And Sulky And Rather Childish Because... 11 OrmIrian 22/12/08 12:55
to be feeling rather narked about the Christmas story this year? 5 cmotdibbler 22/12/08 11:37
To think that people could manage to spend 2 whole days of the year not shopping? 22 piscesmoon 22/12/08 11:25
To want to grass up ex p for benefit fraud? 24 BouncingTinsel 22/12/08 11:01
To wish that people would stop posting chitchat in AIBU, and use it only when they WANT OUR OPINIONS ON WHETHER OR NOT THEY ARE BEING UNREASONABLE??!!! 31 NCRedBreastedBirdy 22/12/08 10:19
to wonder why there is no 'poll' facility on MN? 2 bloss 22/12/08 10:16
to be fatter than I used to be? 200 izyboy 22/12/08 09:45
To think that companies who make children's clothes should check how to use apostrophes? 45 Olifin 22/12/08 09:32
to feel deeply uncharitable, unchritian an a bit fecked off with the parent of the squalling brat at the carol service this evening? 160 goldFAQinsen… 22/12/08 08:55
A genuine AIBU, I want your honest opinions please. 227 ilove 22/12/08 07:42
To wonder how the hell people keep their homes clean? 135 BonzoDoodah 21/12/08 23:57
I have just had for my birthday...... 22 loobeylou 21/12/08 23:46
to think that if people HAVE to walk really slowly or stop at this (busy) time of year they could at least do it at the side and not in the middle of the walkway?! 27 ihavenewsockson 21/12/08 23:26
To take my sons christmas present back . 36 skrimbo 21/12/08 22:38
and now my bloody children appear to have swapped personalities?????!! 2 BellsCarolsNSleighs 21/12/08 22:17
to think that teachers are allowed to actually have a life 244 Littlefish 21/12/08 22:06
To make DS2 clean the entire house? 234 dsrplus8 21/12/08 21:14
to want to change my name to threadkiller? 34 dsrplus8 21/12/08 20:22
To be annoyed at my Dad for making fun of my daughter. (in front of her) 42 mummyloveslucy 21/12/08 19:39
To think that this is bullying behaviour and that it is not big, funny or clever to bully a 2 year old? 27 oldraver 21/12/08 19:25
to be offended by this and quite speechless frankly? 23 deanychip 21/12/08 18:57
to feel annoyed when people say what they "are getting" for Christmas? 28 clam 21/12/08 18:28
to expect not to feed my son in the same room as another mother changes poo 99 thisisyesterday 21/12/08 17:56
to be so BLOODY ANGRY with this women. 86 alfiemamagot… 21/12/08 17:43
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