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Am I being unreasonable?

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to be desperately sad that parents are selling up family home 8 jackdaggerette 14/07/08 10:29
regarding xhs wanting to change his access arrangement this weekend. 28 jammi 14/07/08 09:33
To think we can stay up. 6 muggglewump 14/07/08 00:54
To not want to go swimming tommorow ?? 21 charliecat 13/07/08 23:13
to not play with my kids when they are playing with friends?? 6 Joolyjoolyjoo 13/07/08 23:10
to consider asking a nurse at the childrens hospital if they can let me have 6 cheesesarnie 13/07/08 22:17
AIBU in being sick to the back teeth that EVERYTHING is a drama for everyone around me... 5 Limara 13/07/08 21:45
to be sitting quietly in corner of the room?dh thinks so! 10 cheesesarnie 13/07/08 21:41
in wishing dh wouldn't begint the announcement of news of my 2:1 every time with 'well she just missed a first...' 32 PeachyBAHons 13/07/08 21:14
to remove ds1's nintendo for 3 days? 18 themildmanne… 13/07/08 21:01
To expect more than 24 hrs notice of parents evening? 15 Hulababy 13/07/08 20:43
rude worker in whsmith upset my 8yr old d 289 Janos 13/07/08 20:12
resenting these parents for sending dd1's "boyfriend" ; to another school? 12 emkana 13/07/08 20:11
to be sick of my kids!!!!!! 13 HackedOffByGossip 13/07/08 19:56
to think that my mother lying about a pregnancy is really wrong ? 16 missfib 13/07/08 19:55
To be rather [hmm] when MIL says she understands me now?!? 14 NotQuiteCockney 13/07/08 19:51
to think that DP could be a teeny bit more helpful? 10 LucyJones 13/07/08 19:49
To be a bit pissed off? 22 SNoraWotzThat 13/07/08 18:52
To wonder why this family need to be refugees here? 14 dilemma456 13/07/08 17:49
To want to work one day per week? 22 findtheriver 13/07/08 17:36
To think doing something differently doesn't make it wrong? 8 TheHedgeWitch 13/07/08 17:01
What would you do? 4 lucyellensmum 13/07/08 14:38
to take un-named, unlabeled uniform from the lost property box? 137 NumberJill 13/07/08 11:48
to be upset that DD is leaving her Independent School because we can't afford it anymore? 17 findtheriver 13/07/08 10:37
to consider BLOWING UP TESCO if they don't sort out their FARKING website while I am trying to shop? 24 HappyMummyOfOne 13/07/08 09:30
to think my 9 week old DS should be allowed to make some noise? 27 VictorianSqualor 13/07/08 07:57
to snoop? 39 Dresdenfiles 13/07/08 05:59
to expect my grown up children to talk to each other 10 thumbwitch 13/07/08 00:43
To be considering meeting this man 57 Kelix 12/07/08 23:23
to have spent the last 3 hours of putting dd to bed wuietly seething at my Mum spednding this morning telling me how easily she went to bed and that she easy baby?!?!?!? 20 ilovewashingnappies 12/07/08 23:03
to feel totally grossed out after DS pooed in the bath...with me in it! 5 nametaken 12/07/08 23:02
for the welfare to be on srike next week at school for 2 days 88 EachPeachPearMum 12/07/08 21:06
To be totally Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg ggggggggggggggghhhhh hhhhhh that i can;t contact DP because his phone is off 2 bigspender30 12/07/08 19:42
Better late than never....? Better to give than receive? 15 chutneymary 12/07/08 19:24
To think that DH is just a teensy bit out of order? 18 Limara 12/07/08 18:54
to be pissed off with another mother at a party 46 Limara 12/07/08 18:40
To say what I like on Facebook, even if it hurts X's feelings? 70 milknosugar 12/07/08 17:32
Is it me or does time go into some strange dimension when you have children?? 12 wabbit 12/07/08 16:01
To be utterly pissed off that ds's school friend's mother fed him a dairylea triangle for his supper? 100 ihatedairyLea 12/07/08 16:00
To think a parent/assistant should not comment on my child's SATS resuts? 36 StripeyKnick… 12/07/08 15:53
to be acknowledged for a long contribution in an advice thread? 61 daftpunk 12/07/08 15:53
to try and change dd's allocated school class in secondary? 13 TheRealPhart… 12/07/08 15:51
to utterly loathe getting 'thank you' cards... 52 littlewoman 12/07/08 14:36
to think that this socail event for 11yr olds is naff/crapola/silly could go on and on and on............ 109 aGalChangedHerName 12/07/08 13:14
To think that when I take dd round to pils they could actually play with her? 10 Sunflower100 12/07/08 10:46
To be secretly pleased when my corner shop runs out of all bread except the plastic white stuff? 78 edam 12/07/08 10:46
to think that this person is not a true friend? 14 bonnibaby 12/07/08 10:24
to take dd to her annual review even though I know the head will get annoyed? 9 sushistar 12/07/08 02:20
To want someone to explain to me why 50'000 electric meter reader blokes knock on my door 50'000 times a year, from 50'000 different companies to read my 1 electric meter........ WHY! 16 Beelliesebub 12/07/08 00:20
To make my friends get up at 7am after a hen party 22 KerryMum 12/07/08 00:04
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