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MNHQ calling: beta testers needed for the new MN app - with iOS 8 please! 134 Fanjango 17/12/14 23:28
to have had it up to HERE with my &^*$*(£%^$(*&"£$^ 'friend' 21 MadreInglese 26/01/09 16:07
to susoect that what Israel is doing in Gaza is basically trying to exterminate the Palestinians? 80 donnie 26/01/09 14:37
For not wanting to add a 10 year old to my facebook?? 10 Dottoressa 26/01/09 14:23
To not want my TV dismantled by the babysitters brother? 7 AMumInScotla… 26/01/09 13:39
Because I sooooooo dont think I am !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dh is a tosser!!! 166 CarGirl 26/01/09 13:07
Friendship 4 Wizzska 26/01/09 12:26
to tell this lady face-to-face that I'm unhappy with all her (inaccurate) references to when we used to work together? 17 sitdownpleasegeorge 26/01/09 12:15
to be slightly sickened by anyone who wants to see the movie of The Lovely Bones? 121 MauriceDancer 26/01/09 12:03
all the prettiest children have the ugliest come?? 100 WEESLEEKITLa… 26/01/09 10:36
to think they are all shallow? 115 purpleduck 26/01/09 10:35
to be annoyed that the supermarkets only ever seem to have unhealthy stuff on offer? 12 mileniwmffalcon 26/01/09 09:41
To expect male visitors to my house to put the seat down after they've had a wee? 44 twentypence 26/01/09 05:36
to think my son is grotty ,because hes just told me he swallowed his own vomit<boak> 8 dsrplus8hagg… 26/01/09 01:02
to get cross when kids arrive at birthday partys and then go round trying to "save" things to take home? 18 Clary 25/01/09 22:12
to take black bags and throw my girls stuff away? 23 matildax 25/01/09 21:46
to want to refuse to go to London 10 debs40 25/01/09 20:55
to think that it is actually quite offensive to suggest that someone who doesn't like performing certain sexual acts is uptight/buttoned up/lacking in some way...? 62 OrmIrian 25/01/09 19:37
What would you do if your other half said this to his mum 30 smudgethepuppydog 25/01/09 18:43
HELP!!! 10 oldraver 25/01/09 17:11
to stick up for myself and my family for a change? bit long but bear with me 12 PlumBumMum 25/01/09 17:01
To want to approach ExP and his girlfriend about this???? 10 geordieminx 25/01/09 15:50
to think a 35 year old man should have had at least one BJ in his life so far??? 151 AnyFucker 25/01/09 14:48
NOT ot force DS1 to go to his grans party? 22 Kimi 25/01/09 13:23
To refuse to visit PIL's, long sorry 30 DustyTv 25/01/09 13:15
to think that a BBC2 trail suggesting 'however good you are you're never as good as the mountain'... 15 2Happy 25/01/09 13:05
to want just one day when the kids do not break/ruin/destroy something 41 seeker 25/01/09 12:43
to expect friend to accept that I am going on her ex husbands new wife to be's hen do. 23 ruty 25/01/09 12:42
to hope to get through just one month without seeing pearl lowe fecking face in my paper 28 hifi 25/01/09 11:52
To expect DH to cover up the logs before the rain? 26 Picante 25/01/09 09:32
to be annoyed that the catholic church is basically saying its ok for men to not want to change nappies? 90 sitdownpleasegeorge 25/01/09 08:08
To think that drivers should wait for pedestrians to be safely out of the way on pedestrain crossings before they start driving 50 kitkatqueen 24/01/09 23:18
to think that 'goatee beards' look like womens lady parts... 64 mamas12 24/01/09 23:09
To not want to see every child abuse horror story linked in IN THE NEWS section every day. 58 RiaParkinson 24/01/09 22:42
To say no to DS 7 alicet 24/01/09 22:42
To tell DH to just shave his hair? 6 WingsTHEangel 24/01/09 21:49
To make a complaint to electric company? 2 ThePregnantH… 24/01/09 20:23
about these drugs? 10 Hawkmoth 24/01/09 20:12
to kick up a fuss to get my son weighed at school? 30 lljkk 24/01/09 20:03
Not to want to see a frigging pumping heart on the side of the threads!!! 24 lisad123 24/01/09 19:55
to bit sooo anoyed with MIL , that i could easily say stay away forever??? 28 tumtumtetum 24/01/09 19:40
To be giggling my pants off 50 pushchair 24/01/09 17:47
to think that 4 hours is too long for a 6 year old's birthday party? 16 loobeylou 24/01/09 16:48
AIBU to expect inlaws to help us out ? 41 vtiredmummy 24/01/09 16:35
To be a bit annoyed at dp taking my new phone? 7 geordieminx 24/01/09 16:34
I have been reading this site for a while but every time I come to stick my toe in the water something kicks off and it always seems to be same people in the forefront of it 86 follderol 24/01/09 15:42
AIBU to think I should have got DD and DS to jump over DH this morning 5 Kelix 24/01/09 15:04
to be annoyed with my mother 12 Ivykaty44 24/01/09 14:54
To lock DP in his shed? 38 MmeLindt 24/01/09 13:54
To think those who dislike playdates, just don't do playdates like they should be done 20 Ripeberry 24/01/09 13:06
to erase a Facebook "friend" who keeps posting about... 32 LittleMadeline 24/01/09 12:18
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