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To outfox a fox? 10 mrsruffallo 25/11/09 14:37
to think that my friend should accommodate my children at her wedding? 240 BaronessBarb… 25/11/09 13:59
To not want to spend my 11th Xmas in a row at my inlaws? Long I'm afraid... 66 Bambinoloveseggbirds 25/11/09 13:52
to eat a mars bar for dinner 31 Riven 25/11/09 13:50
to not know the sex of my brother's babies based on their names? 106 mrscrocoduck 25/11/09 13:28
to be wary of 'supernanny' visit at Christmas? 44 smallorange 25/11/09 13:13
To not want to stay over night at ILs on Christmas.. 44 PrammyMammy 25/11/09 13:01
to lie to the NCT about my household income to get reduced antenatal classes? 130 cmt1375 25/11/09 11:19 be a bit scared about becoming a SAHM? 91 america 25/11/09 11:01
Being friends with the non- mistress 52 Jamieandhism… 25/11/09 10:56
To absolutley NOT want to spend Sunday entertaining my children? 126 CirrhosisByTheSea 25/11/09 10:53
in thinking that this parent is on the game! 65 groundhogs 25/11/09 10:37
to want to stick this mother in a locked box and throw away the key? 21 CaptainUnderpants 25/11/09 10:09
to expect more of you to be awake 6 belindarose 25/11/09 09:54
To more or less understand why the taxi drivers would object to this? 6 borderslass 25/11/09 09:46
AIBU to think that, as the adult GFs of my adult DSs 28 verytellytubby 25/11/09 09:19
DH is growing a beard 38 nooka 25/11/09 03:45
to think that if my DD won't eat food, she shouldn't eat paper 26 MrsChemist 25/11/09 00:16
To not want to go to a meeting that starts at 5pm on 24th December? 58 cat64 24/11/09 22:57
I hate my inlaws 24 forehead 24/11/09 22:41
we eloped after 19 years together. 28 pippylongstockings 24/11/09 20:54
So AIBU To Think All Blokes Watch Porn Then? 85 AnyFucker 24/11/09 20:48
to think my manager is ignorant??? 7 fedupintheoffice 24/11/09 20:20
to be angry with father in law? 12 LibrasBiscui… 24/11/09 19:26
to think that people who already have christmas decorations up are in need of help! 19 shelleylou 24/11/09 19:24
to speak to the class teacher about dd's part being pulled out of the Christmas play? 53 Plonker 24/11/09 19:02
AIBU to cancel dd's swimming this year because I'm having a major wobbly about her catching swine flu? 30 ZZZenAgain 24/11/09 18:50
to not go to bed because we've fallen out 11 TotallyAndUt… 24/11/09 18:21
to be pissed off with my neighbour 35 kateecass 24/11/09 16:35
In hating the term LO 56 CheerfulYank 24/11/09 15:56
to open dd's Xmas Lego when she's at school tomorrow. 18 StripeyKnick… 24/11/09 14:55
to want to hurl something at the TV screen (or just hurl) when Talentless Tiffany sings "Someday my Prince will Come" on Disney? 14 Vivia 24/11/09 14:10
in being annoyed that my colleague has come into work with suspected swine flu knowing I am pregnant? 23 WallyDoodle 24/11/09 13:45
AIBU to think my friend is crushingly insensitive 14 AMumInScotland 24/11/09 13:01
to feel demented by finances 12 Mishy1234 24/11/09 12:56
to be totally fed up at the prospect of christmas 21 alypaly 24/11/09 10:48
Another Wedding Thread 33 DrunkenDaisy 24/11/09 10:38
to think that "bitch slap" isn't an appropriate term to use with your 9yr old DD? 11 ElizabethWakefield 24/11/09 10:05
to have been so calm when my DC admitted smoking? 13 cory 24/11/09 08:56
to wince at the term 'bright' applied to children? 38 cat64 24/11/09 08:27
to drown the sound of my neighbours banging away by... 7 borderslass 24/11/09 07:39
To think that waiting until the toddler is ready for toilet training is not a new concept. And that PT would be more successful if the child was ready 41 AvadaKedavra 24/11/09 07:04
ti find it annoying when Scott Mills says 'love you bye' to every caller? 24 mumof2point5 24/11/09 00:41
to wish Paulo Nutini would stand up straight and stop hopping around like he's got a broom handle up his arse? 61 StiffUpperHip 24/11/09 00:01
to wander if there is a man out there who would look after an ill wife? 49 SolosScrapin… 23/11/09 23:54
to think that dh needs a big slap 40 displayuntil… 23/11/09 23:33
to be irritated beyong belief and bored senseless by those who impose thier 'parenting journey' on others, usually in form of smug articles or (even worse) bleeding blogs? 11 MaryMotherOfCheeses 23/11/09 22:56
to want to pull out of buying this house? 41 Ozziegirly 23/11/09 22:40
to be sad at the class warfare on AIBU 70 scottishmummy 23/11/09 21:38
To be pissed off with my SIL and BIL 16 StrictlyBoogying 23/11/09 21:29
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