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to not speak to my dh or dd again? 9 Overmydeadbody 21/04/09 20:46
to be slightly annoyed at my best mate? 38 ahfeckit 21/04/09 20:33
to be upset with my 11 year old's rude remarks about me (in company), + cancel her day out she was promised? 57 katiestar 21/04/09 20:30
What started off as a fairly minor issue has now blown into a full scale argument between me and DH. Please help me see who's being unreasonable. 101 islandofsodor 21/04/09 20:29
Does anyone else get annoyed at people treating their dc as toys? 34 bigted 21/04/09 20:25
to be irritated when one or two people out of a much larger group order a starter... 123 MrsMerryHenry 21/04/09 20:18
Untitled 6 chegirl 21/04/09 20:10 think that the policeman at the G20 protest wasn't being unreasonable? 165 tclanger 21/04/09 20:06
to hate all the veiled woe is me comments on Facebook that are obviously just there for attention 25 lisad123 21/04/09 19:42
to hang out my washing in the evening in the anticipation of good weather tomorrow...? 46 MintyyAeroEgg 21/04/09 19:30
To want to move to a new area even though it would mean the dc changing schools ?? 9 NervousNutty 21/04/09 18:25
to be a bit depressed that DD has been demoted to the bottom YR1 group again... 18 Sassybeast 21/04/09 18:09
to be sick of reading how crap our primary compares to the local religious school 4 nightcrawler 21/04/09 18:07
to think my boyfriends mum should call my DD by her real name and not the one she wanted to call her? 42 namechangerf… 21/04/09 17:41
to want to tell my friend? 4 kitbit 21/04/09 15:50
to think this freecycler is away with the fairies? 14 GracieGrace 21/04/09 15:31
To bring up DP's diet with him? or should I leave him be? 32 Sassybeast 21/04/09 14:37
To not invite DP's mother to DS2's Christening 53 nappyaddict 21/04/09 14:30
to think this woman's misguided to say the least?! 355 MoreSpamThanGlam 21/04/09 13:31
Not to let my children watch Britain's Got Talent... 28 smallorange 21/04/09 13:30
to want my flipping maternity clothes back???? 12 BunnyLebowski 21/04/09 12:56
To be amazed to have seen/heard all these things in past month...... 55 spokette 21/04/09 12:17
to complain again about this nursery? 11 SimpleAsABC 21/04/09 11:46
Need some perspective please... 24 kitbit 21/04/09 11:25
To throw ALL our dirty nappies (in bags) in public bins on a daily basis? 132 qwertpoiuy 21/04/09 11:14
to be cross/upset with my son's nursery? 22 Rachel2796 21/04/09 08:36
To be annoyed at being banned from mil's work for breastfeeding there? 60 AliceMumma 21/04/09 04:09
To be slightly secretly miffed that my sis in law told my other sis in law she was preg 2 months b4 me? 13 AliceMumma 21/04/09 03:19
AIBU 'I feel sorry for you' for having multiple children. Well I feel sorry for you IN GENERAL YOU PATRONISING BUGGER! 76 thumbwitch 21/04/09 00:34
to feel the police should pay for my car being towed away as nobody asked me if this was ok? 32 TBM 21/04/09 00:10
To complain behind her back? 6 TheRealMrsJohnSimm 21/04/09 00:03
To force my kids to go to Scouts/Cubs? 19 saintmaybe 20/04/09 23:16
To think it should be easier to buy weed? 37 harleyd 20/04/09 23:05
To think I should pay less rent money to my mum? 76 Juxal 20/04/09 22:48
to have wanted to key the car of the selfish fucker who blocked my van in so I couldn't access the sodding ramp 28 saint2shoes 20/04/09 22:37
To not tell DS he has a brother? 29 piscesmoon 20/04/09 21:56
To wonder why people strip off in parks at the merest hint of sun 18 TheDevilWearsPrimark 20/04/09 21:05
To be cross on behalf of my friend - even though there's nothing can be done about it???? 15 FAQinglovely 20/04/09 20:26
to think social services should cut us some slack?? 31 junglist1 20/04/09 19:47
to be doing this? 5 lisianthus 20/04/09 19:28
I totally am 11 thesockmonsterofdoom 20/04/09 18:31
I blame you lot entirely you know, and if DH tries to poison me later with butter, it is YOU LOT that will be held up as the unreasonable ones when I haunt you all....... 32 MuffinBaker 20/04/09 18:00
To change my mind about the G20 policeman... 5 Pheebe 20/04/09 17:43
to have asked H to leave after he kicked out DS?(long) 42 purepurple 20/04/09 17:30
to really dislike the term 'lazy parenting'? 28 prettybird 20/04/09 17:20
To expect my useless arse of a husband to do something without being told? 62 BlingDreaming 20/04/09 16:58
To have thrown bits of whats left of my garden plant on a neighbour's lawn? 11 Ripeberry 20/04/09 16:35
or am I perhaps being sexist instead 34 ABetaDad 20/04/09 16:07
Absolute Radio - erectile dysfunction ads - AIBU to not want 3.5yo DD to hear them? 7 TheArmadillo 20/04/09 16:03
To want my husband to be awake and spend time with us... 23 solidgoldsha… 20/04/09 15:24
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