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to expect my DH not to 'join in' when I have PMT 3 posieparker 25/06/09 17:58
or is it okay to use the stair gate to keep my children in the lounge rather than rampaging around the house? 12 karala 25/06/09 17:51
to go a tiny bit Stepford? 9 SlartyBartFast 25/06/09 17:50
to be annoyed that thanks to Facebooks latest change, I'm going to be bombarded with pointless quiz results again! 11 SarahL2 25/06/09 16:46
in sleeping with more than woman on here, at a time? 49 ljhooray 25/06/09 16:45
To expect our parents to BUTT OUT??!! 398 Thunderduck 25/06/09 16:14
To be totally addicted... 23 WildSeahorses 25/06/09 16:08
AIBU or have I somehow morphed into a prim and prissy DM-reading grumpy old woman? 10 LovelyTinOfSpam 25/06/09 14:55
To wish that people would ask before letting their children pet/ touch my dog 130 mistlethrush 25/06/09 14:17
to be upset / angry at husband for thinking our 4 yo DS pretending to smoke is fine!!!!!!! 22 chloesmumtoo 25/06/09 14:12
to believe that there is in fact no such thing as a dangerous road? 25 Snorbs 25/06/09 13:49
to tell dh to wash his own fecking socks from now on? 52 GooseyLoosey 25/06/09 12:45
To think we should be able to call the baby our choice of name? 50 DrunkenDaisy 25/06/09 12:25
Order, Order.. Calling the AIBU mumsnet Jury to Court! Who's being unreasonable? 87 StealthPolarBear 25/06/09 12:20
new parents i met yesterday with 4 day old baby 99 littleboyblue 25/06/09 11:57
To take DD to a Circus with animals? 28 shineoncrazydiamond 25/06/09 11:39
Rather annoyed but wondered if I was being too sensitive?? 10 hadtonamechange2 25/06/09 11:28
to wonder what people do when they get told "yabu"? 6 mayorquimby 25/06/09 11:01
to complain about either/both of these issues with DDs teacher.? (sorry long) 54 tryingtobema… 25/06/09 10:53
to want people to stop all this ******* of names 124 Dior 25/06/09 10:23
To not explain my situation everytime i go to toddler group or meet a new friend 89 PeachyTheRiv… 25/06/09 09:52
To feel a bit sorry for children whose parents don't do anything creative with them? 216 sunfleurs 25/06/09 09:45
To think the person who writes the discussions of the day has either taken a few stupid pills or changed completely into someone of far less wit than before? 1 Picante 25/06/09 09:20
What would you do? 9 Longtalljosie 25/06/09 08:21
to want to watch my DS play football? 17 Kimi 25/06/09 08:01
To think some train passengers are complete s**ts? 57 Kimi 25/06/09 07:57
to despair at ignorance surrounding mental illness? 5 ErikaMaye 25/06/09 01:59
AIBU Judging the potential childminder 23 JenniPenni 25/06/09 00:51
to think my inlaws are bullying my son? 65 giraffescant… 25/06/09 00:20
To be pissed off with my mum choosing clothes for my dd which she then expects me to pay for? 48 Lovesdogsandcats 25/06/09 00:00
to think that £5 to adopt a plastic duck is too expensive? 8 Saucepanman 24/06/09 23:47
to think it is christmas? 11 zipzap 24/06/09 23:45
to be really really angry that only women are once again being blamed for leaving having babies too late?? 247 ChippingIn 24/06/09 23:05
to find it annoying when people comment on my weight? 22 barnsleybelle 24/06/09 23:00
To want to deregister from mumsnet! 13 Ninkynork 24/06/09 22:02
to be so excited that ds is saying "I" now? He's just turned three. 2 2shoes 24/06/09 21:30
DD wants food in bed, an hour after bedtime - quick advice needed 29 gomez 24/06/09 21:24
To think that Phones 4 U is discriminating against ....well most people? 9 Mutt 24/06/09 21:17
To think NO blackbird should be THAT happy at 4am 43 FuriousGeorge 24/06/09 21:14
To think that, actually, my mother could look after DD while i go to see my counsellor. 74 blinder 24/06/09 20:41
To be thinking about Scottishmummy when i did this today. 4 Nahui 24/06/09 20:41
to be identifying too much with mad ronnie on EE? 2 johnworf 24/06/09 19:22
AIBU in thinking that those on bikes should also be banned from using their mobile whilst cycling? 71 goodnightmoon 24/06/09 19:15
To not tell a (previous) sex partner I might have given him genital warts? 31 samsaysohboy 24/06/09 16:59
to think that Sky don't really WANT people to go onto Freesat???!!! 10 paisleyleaf 24/06/09 16:34
to have a huge and inappropriate crush on a collegue? 8 VinegarTits 24/06/09 15:51
to only do playdates if I already know the parent and child involved? 32 Acinonyx 24/06/09 15:24
To think that, with the exception of gymnastics, men's sport is always more exciting? 29 Kewcumber 24/06/09 13:17
to expect there to be no bones in my tinned salmon 15 TwoSunnyDays 24/06/09 13:10
To get some kind of soaking or static shock treatment 12 StealthPolarBear 24/06/09 13:02
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