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MNHQ calling: beta testers needed for the new MN app - with iOS 8 please! 138 FelixFelixNavidad 18/12/14 16:31
to expect DH to let me finish my last glass of wine.............. 15 MamaLazarou 22/07/09 08:28
to expect others on the bus to offer their seat / show common courtsey to a heavily pregnant woman? 80 Phoenix4725 22/07/09 06:14
to want dhs ex to drop and collect sd occasinally? 9 OrangeFish 21/07/09 23:59
hmmmm? [hmm] unthinking offensive comments from friend. 19 WhereYouLeftIt 21/07/09 23:04
to be really annoyed with my neighbour? 39 BettyTurnip 21/07/09 22:52
not to expect most of the other Mums to buy a present for the teacher and TA, when we have all already clubbed together to buy one present between us? 16 Rachmumoftwo 21/07/09 22:42
to be feeling a bit p****d off about my birthday. 9 OhYouBadBadKitten 21/07/09 22:39
to want to throw the neighbours fragile parcel down the stairs 28 inzidoodle 21/07/09 21:55
to have said this about my sister? 25 HomeTalk 21/07/09 20:53
to be annoyed by this police car 34 NormaSknockers 21/07/09 20:07
to think that I could get somewhere for a weeks holiday next week? 3 elvislives 21/07/09 19:53
To be fed up being pulled in so many directions that I feel 5 AlicesAdvent… 21/07/09 19:26
To be royally peed off. 9 katiestar 21/07/09 19:19
Not to change my plans at short notice? 12 corriefan 21/07/09 19:13
...To be upset no one has offered to help me out in this power cut? 15 funtimewincies 21/07/09 19:10
To expect the new state of the art sports stadium to have a creche! 17 tess7 21/07/09 18:56
to be dooing my own hair and make-up 52 DontCallMeBaby 21/07/09 18:47
to be angry that I had a (rare) night out planned and can't go because dh is ill... 18 VeryAngryGusset 21/07/09 18:13
that I am really upset about not being able to be steralised because of weight? 7 dmmum 21/07/09 17:52
to not be arsed to cook tonight 12 MamaLazarou 21/07/09 17:18
to not know whether to laugh or despair at this level of ignorance in a mum to be 57 MamaLazarou 21/07/09 17:12
...not to want to contribute to DD's friend's expensive birthday present? 53 BitOfFun 21/07/09 17:07
to be sick and tired of my dc's taking their clothes off all the time and everywhere? 16 TheNonesuch 21/07/09 17:04
To be sad that hardly anyone replies to my threads :( 28 random 21/07/09 16:58
to think this man was raised by wolves 7 fuzzywuzzy 21/07/09 16:36
to not feel sexy when pregnant? 14 trellism 21/07/09 16:33
To be pissed off my half cut BIL taught my 3 year old son to call me a nickname? 27 Rollergirl1 21/07/09 16:22
To think alot of women are having terminations at the moment... 82 ray81 21/07/09 14:38
to have suggested to DH that we get DIY SOS into our house? 2 Geepers 21/07/09 14:30
To think that it isn't the kids' fault, but the parents' allowing them to live like this... 51 Morloth 21/07/09 13:35
to be raging about MIL coming to stay for 2 weeks. 42 BottySpottom 21/07/09 11:54
not to know whether to smack nasty mother in teeth or ask her if she gets enough help with her children. 73 CyradisTheSeer 21/07/09 11:35
to think there is no gig deal in 6 year olds calling a penis a penis and a vigina and vigina? 116 pagwatch 21/07/09 11:28
To put my dd back on her medication!! 11 slightlycrumpled 21/07/09 10:56
to think that encouraging your daughter to learn ballet is cruel 431 fufflebum 21/07/09 10:35
to think that referring to all family friends as Uncle/Auntie is odd and confusing. 61 Takver 21/07/09 10:23
To be really nervous about my wedding tomorrow? 49 MiniMarmite 21/07/09 09:28
to think this is really odd and a bit spooky 6 2shoes 21/07/09 09:26
To find Oatabix bites (sultana and apple) worryingly addictive? 8 lowlandlady 20/07/09 23:50
To want to cry because I feel trapped, lost and not able to make a decision to work without being penalised by having two kids and wanting more than £250.00 a month arrrhh 19 Hobnobfanatic 20/07/09 23:30
to get mad at people who speed up when you overtake 9 cat64 20/07/09 22:39
to get a bit tearful seeing Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin at the NASA press conference? 11 Meglet 20/07/09 22:16
to have eaten 3/4 of a tub of Carte D'Ore Mascarpone Ice cream and now feel sick 21 PavlovtheFor… 20/07/09 22:13
to fake having pig flu? 18 Slickbird 20/07/09 21:47
to think that a wedding ring should last a bit longer ? 8 marenmj 20/07/09 21:46
not to have told my friend this rumour? 25 pinkspottywellies 20/07/09 21:41
to have no interest in teaching my DS to self settle? 126 phlossie 20/07/09 21:16
What age do you think The Simpsons is suitable for? 38 katiestar 20/07/09 21:10
to expect basic spelling to be correct in EYFS Summative Sheet? 19 sazzerbear 20/07/09 21:06
to think a 7 year old can sleep further than 1 room away from his parents 34 rupertsabear 20/07/09 21:03
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