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To wish i DIDNT know the inner workings of DH's job (yes, its a spinoff thread) 12 LunaticFringe 23/02/10 20:07
To think this is unreasonable? 44 TheChicOfIt 23/02/10 19:58
Advertising 47 BlueBumedFly 23/02/10 19:27
to think that 'training' days should be abolished? 80 tethersend 23/02/10 19:10
For wanting DH to become a house husband? 19 omaoma 23/02/10 18:56
to be feeling used by ex-partners new wife? 9 BAFE 23/02/10 18:34
Does the GMC think we are happy to take our children to see a GP who has a child porn habit? 147 SilverSixpence 23/02/10 18:22
to think that the concept of post natal depression is overused? 239 Lucyellensmumma 23/02/10 18:12
To be gutted to have found out about close friends geting engaged via a mutual friend who saw it on facebook? 20 drloves8 23/02/10 16:57
to admit I may have depression ? 7 Haijin 23/02/10 14:43
AIBU to think this is crap service 41 gingernutlover 23/02/10 14:38
to think school photos are a rip off? 25 Tiredmumno1 23/02/10 14:26
I honestly cannot understand why people don't do this more! 18 sockmonkey 23/02/10 14:21
to think that people post the most inane and trivial of queries in this subject, JUST to be sure they'll get a response? 33 Hassled 23/02/10 14:17
To not give refund on Ebay??? 28 venusonarockbun 23/02/10 14:10
to feel equally sad at what I heard a young mum say: 31 deliakate 23/02/10 14:10
to not be able to bounce back after a row? 42 MadamDeathstare 23/02/10 13:53
to ask my neighbour not to smoke out of the window? 10 swanandduck 23/02/10 13:09
to think that breakfast clubs shouldn't be free? 184 OtterInaSkoda 23/02/10 12:29
to think we should all be invited to MN party?? 3 lisad123want… 23/02/10 09:54
to never again eat, drink, or even touch any food that is even remotely pink? 67 Guad 23/02/10 09:47
To think that young people are nutters?! 20 PorphyrophillicPixie 23/02/10 08:07
dh who snores 41 PearlyDewdrop 23/02/10 01:49
to be jealous of DH's ability to play w/DS without getting mind-numbingly bored? 14 CheerfulYank 23/02/10 01:27
To think that in this case FB is a good thing!! 3 TheLadyEvenstar 23/02/10 01:24
to be excited to be driving a "posh" car for the weekend? 6 RedbinDippers 22/02/10 23:16
not to bother fishing the playmobil people, the stacking cups and the roman helmet out of the bath before I get in or does that make me a slattern? 11 mumof2rugrats 22/02/10 22:49
To go to the pictures by myself? 30 completelysh… 22/02/10 22:42
To be appalled that 4-year-old neighbour plays out on her own? 26 helibee 22/02/10 22:17
To think that for all the bad things Jordan does, straightening her daughter's hair is not really that bad 90 GetOrfMoiLand 22/02/10 22:13
to be worried about the level of teaching in ds's college 17 notanumber 22/02/10 22:07
to want to punch DH for getting the children over excited at bed time 5 Whoamireally 22/02/10 22:06
NOT to help ds complete a jigsaw? 40 BelleDeChoco… 22/02/10 21:59
All-absorbing hobby 19 mazzystartled 22/02/10 21:40
to think that, allergies/moral convictions aside, it's only polite to eat what's cooked for you? 170 blueshoes 22/02/10 21:38
AIBU to treat my H like something on the bottom of my shoe? 26 thesecondcoming 22/02/10 21:19
to wonder why a parent would get snotty with my eldest son because he didn't want their little girl to get on the zip wire without one of her parents there? 52 EcoMouse 22/02/10 21:18
to think that if ex-dh is well enough to manage a days work he is well enough to come see DD? 3 ThreeBlondeBoys 22/02/10 20:41
to stick to my limits on nights out with friends? I'm the only one who has children! 14 verytellytubby 22/02/10 20:32
To be appaled by ex-H gf calling me a monster in front of DD? 35 cantcarryon 22/02/10 19:38
to put locks on the food cupboards.... 10 toodleypip 22/02/10 19:25
to give my DP an ultimatium, when he has depression? 18 ThreeBlondeBoys 22/02/10 19:06
in thinking 'no added sugar' adverts look like NSPCA adverts? 10 squeaver 22/02/10 18:18
Wish that people on MN would stop being offended by everything. 100 memoo 22/02/10 17:45
to think that children should eat 'children-sized' meals? 14 Mutt 22/02/10 16:27
to let dd share bed with 17 yr old brother. 34 Skegness 22/02/10 15:50
Crap presents for dc 52 minipie 22/02/10 14:33
What if it's a girl? 34 Baffy 22/02/10 13:41
to think a youtube video of my kids in the bath is not "inappropriate content"? 60 Rosa 22/02/10 13:35
Muslin square tied to cuddly toy 10 majafa 22/02/10 13:29
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