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Am I being unreasonable?

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to not allow ds2 to have mmr jab? 863 Beachcomber 13/12/08 17:42
to be considering taking to the sherry already (3.11pm).... 13 Helsbels4 13/12/08 16:34
to hate it when people are lazy and put......... 13 phraedd 13/12/08 14:58
DH parenting skills :( 11 AndaGrouchyB… 13/12/08 14:09
So far this morning I have 33 Tee2072 13/12/08 12:47
To instinctively shield my dinner with my hand to prevent partially masticated food from dh's mouth from landing amidst my dinner....? 22 Enigma 13/12/08 12:10
to think that people who post on Am I Being Unreasonable... 11 hecAteAMilli… 13/12/08 11:01
to be irritated by the fact the newsreader said 18 hippipotami 13/12/08 10:44
To expect the babysitter to stay awake? 31 amidaiwish 13/12/08 10:39
to find this an awful thing for a mother to say about their own child 93 eidsvold 13/12/08 09:46
to get right hacked off when people make retching noises when talking about extended breastfeeding 23 goodasgoldfr… 13/12/08 01:26
to NOT tell DH what he's just done? 33 treedelivery 13/12/08 01:06
Have expected MIL to say something? 75 prettybutterfly 13/12/08 00:56
to be suspicious of DH mobile ALWAYS being on silent mode? 110 mamalovesmin… 12/12/08 22:51
Not really AIBU but ARGGGHHHHHHHHHHH 14 DoNotsAntlers 12/12/08 22:48
aibu to think that aibu is being used mostly by people who like bu 24 beanieb 12/12/08 22:31
To not have given this girl another chance? 19 ravenAK 12/12/08 22:27
To wish ds1s preschool friend/mummy hadn't put stars confetti in the christmas card she gave my dc! 10 SmallShips 12/12/08 21:35
to think that my daughter shouldn't be used for a social engineering experiment? 33 ChristmasFai… 12/12/08 21:33
To find 'I am sure someone will take you on one day' a tactless comment.... 28 sticksantaup… 12/12/08 21:30
to expect my well-off friend to not order mega-expensive drinks when it's my round? 18 MrsMerryHenry 12/12/08 21:05
To be so sick of anyone who earns a 'decent' wage being demonised by those who don't? 291 Habbibu 12/12/08 20:31
To be offended? 37 matildax 12/12/08 20:15
Wee in ball pool at play place 63 CrushWithEyeliner 12/12/08 18:39
to be hacked off with the 'creche' provided for the nativity today 76 pointydog 12/12/08 18:32
that when I go out with DP and his friends we don't get banned.... 2 dingdongmerrilyonpie 12/12/08 18:13
My bint has asked if it's ok 100 deckthegirla… 12/12/08 17:47
in thinking this is aimed at me and very childish 44 Marne 12/12/08 17:31
To find (small) bags on wheels really annoying 33 leftangle 12/12/08 17:10
About when to open Christmas presents? 14 squilly 12/12/08 17:00
to get a better sausaging from a collegue than from him indoors? 31 Lotster 12/12/08 16:47
To not wish for a Midwife Care Assistant to grab my baby from me in my own home and proceed to push my baby's head into my breast to demonstrate 'her' breastfeeding ideal? 27 TinselBauble… 12/12/08 16:37
to NOT expect parents to double/triple park on the school run!!!!!!!!!........ 16 AbbaFan 12/12/08 16:08
to think that the correct response to someone saying "Your f***ing dog just bit me" is not.... 102 pamelat 12/12/08 15:52
to be furious at 11 Ashantai 12/12/08 15:48
my friend of 2yrs has not invited me to her home ever 115 mazzystartled 12/12/08 15:37
To think taking a baby to A&E for a runny nose is sooo stupid? 32 pamelat 12/12/08 15:28
To not want to buy "reindeer food"? 19 choccynutter 12/12/08 14:48
Crikey. I'm in lust! Would it be unreasonable to convince my husband to bulk up, grow dreadlocks and possibly undergo fairly major plastic surgery? 21 CatchaChristmasStar 12/12/08 14:26
To not want to not speak to my coke addicted SIL? 3 merryberry 12/12/08 14:00
I am of course, but I SO want to... 49 hecAteAMilli… 12/12/08 13:18
to be spending the evening forging my 5 year old ds's name on his christmas cards? 48 HippoCriticGal 12/12/08 12:51
To snort at the checkout guy in M and S. 28 tory79 12/12/08 12:50
To feel a surge of rage when MIL refers to DS as 'her' baby. 105 AndaPartridg… 12/12/08 12:45
to be allowed to eat my dinner at my desk in peace 8 deckthegirla… 12/12/08 12:25
or just a lazy slattern? my friend thinks im both ! 57 mankymummy 12/12/08 11:10
to be thinking about a fling with someone I work with? 71 ScottishMummy 12/12/08 10:04
To think that if you're just going to be sat at home on your arse doing nothing 36 LilMatchGirl… 12/12/08 09:48
My dog is the scapehound of Salem 8 believer07 12/12/08 09:25
to think that Christmas has very much become a case of spending money for the sake of spending it? 10 mm22bys 12/12/08 09:02
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