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Am I being unreasonable?

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M&P Ziko pushchair £150 S*&^T Harness, lopsided baby[hmm] 2 LewisFan 10/06/08 00:22
AIBU-informing inlaws and parents about birth? 69 tori32 09/06/08 23:20
to think if somebody 'house sits' for you there is no reason whatsoever they would have to go through your bedroom drawers?? 18 southernbelle77 09/06/08 21:43
to be totally and utterly shocked at our utilities bill... 12 glaskham 09/06/08 20:48
To think it's really a witch hunt or an invitation to get verbally obliterated? 12 BouncingTurtle 09/06/08 20:09
to not want to leave my 6 year old dd with a complete stranger even though he was trying to convince me and her it was a good idea 41 Countingthegreyhairs 09/06/08 19:51
No idea hopw to work ELC shower toy - is it broken?!? 16 ScottishMummy 09/06/08 18:52
to wonder why people spend so long titting about with flowers and ribbons when they are making a lifetime commitment to another human being? 148 Evenstar 09/06/08 18:26
to refuse to change arrangements at *beyond* the last minute 10 silvercrown 09/06/08 17:50
To be upset my DH refuses to let me have a Cat? 26 StripeyKnick… 09/06/08 17:20
To be fecked with Next as they think the entire population are over 5"6 31 PersonalClown 09/06/08 16:47
to expect dp to stay in tonight? 26 mumeeee 09/06/08 16:12
To ask the kid outside to stop with the football now? 8 flowerybeanbag 09/06/08 15:16
in thinking that this poo : parent ratio is grossly unfair? 4 Niecie 09/06/08 14:34
To expect to my parents to at least come and see me for my birthday!? 10 nailpolish 09/06/08 11:07
To be completey and utterly sick of cleaning up bodily fluids of all descriptions and species? 29 pickledparsnips 09/06/08 10:13
to expect my 5 week old to NOT cry most of the day??????? 38 Kally 09/06/08 08:03
AIBU????...Actually I don't think I am concidering I had to wake up a very drunk DH on the bathroom floor at 3am this morning 24 Buda 09/06/08 07:45
AIBU to go and knock at the neighbours house?? 18 Custardo 09/06/08 00:49
Need some advice on schools for 3.5 year old son... Have visited the Abercorn School in St. John's Wood and liked it any thoughts... 12 peasoup 09/06/08 00:31
Well, it's my Mother, but potential benefit fraud.... 63 jamila169 08/06/08 23:11
to need some persuasian to get a part time job? 23 findtheriver 08/06/08 23:07
To wonder why our DP's must go on and on about how tired they are? 7 PeedOffandPg 08/06/08 23:01
After taking DC's shoe shopping to come back at 6.30 and find DH 18 MrsGeneHunt 08/06/08 22:26
to have been uncomfortable about friends boyfriend last night???????? 30 fawkeoff 08/06/08 21:33
to be a little cross with DH for losing DD2 9 notjustmom 08/06/08 21:32
To be really annoyed with dh? 25 posieparker 08/06/08 21:22
to wonder who onearth would want to buy their son the Next t-shirt that says 'numbskull' ? 95 Flashman 08/06/08 21:18
To think if DH says he's going to supermarket after picking up DS from school at 3.15... 18 NotABanana 08/06/08 20:56
to be annoyed with my DH? 19 lucyellensmum 08/06/08 20:42
Not really AIBU but genuine opinions wanted 58 colacubes 08/06/08 20:25
To wish my mother would stop buying me a fridge magnet every time she goes on holiday? 49 rascal1979 08/06/08 20:15
To ask my neighbour to share the biscuits that she is baking now??? 12 Goober 08/06/08 19:48
to think the picture dh has hung on our front room wall is grounds for divorce? 73 RustyBear 08/06/08 17:09
to think that DS2's school is being unfair? 159 Veraduckwort… 08/06/08 14:24
To want nursery to back me up about making DD say please and thank you 8 Kindersurprise 08/06/08 11:37
to cancel my birthday 9 beansmum 08/06/08 11:34
In wanting to go and see my friends who live down south? 96 LuckySalem 08/06/08 11:23
not so sure on partners mother looking after our 11 month old daughter 15 mum2jakeyroo 08/06/08 10:24
I know i am...I think, But need the mumsnet jury 28 littleboyblue 08/06/08 09:00
to be bored because my 5 month old sleeps all day? 15 Naetha 08/06/08 07:37
to hate the term 'football widow'? 21 eenybeeny 08/06/08 01:36
No I'm bloody well not. My parents are completely unreasonable though. Grrr. 56 AbbeyA 07/06/08 22:03 not want my 3yo to sleep over...well...anywhe re? 29 Takver 07/06/08 21:44
to be shocked and upset to see the term "midget" used in reference to one of the alleged new BB housemates 154 GreenElizabeth 07/06/08 21:36
For being a bit bored and slightly irritated by people constantly being offended by a word!! 231 posieparker 07/06/08 20:42
to think that BT should have reduced my bill by £8 a month.... 3 squilly 07/06/08 20:21
to be worried about ds going for a sleepover.. 18 MicrowaveOnly 07/06/08 18:39
to think my DH should get one DIY job done the first time round! 8 hercules1 07/06/08 17:32
to think that these signs in the back of a car are not nice? 55 fransmom 07/06/08 16:32
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