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Am I being unreasonable?

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to want to tell everyone.... 4 MANATEEequineOHARA 28/08/09 20:26
Is nobody going to open the bar tonight?? 3 Spottyotter 28/08/09 20:15
Am I? 11 noddyholder 28/08/09 18:57
to feel so insecure about the future?? 2 skihorse 28/08/09 18:09
To think that actually DH is taking the piss 73 TracyK 28/08/09 17:38
to think its RIDICULOUS that Boots, M&S ect all put their children / baby sections on the upper lowr floors rather than the ground ones 61 lilysam 28/08/09 17:35
To not want to be the local drop in 47 iamtrufflepig 28/08/09 16:43
To snort at this? 46 JoandMax 28/08/09 16:32
to not want a padded bra for 32a dd? 25 JemL 28/08/09 16:09
To want to have a temper tantrum and / or dissolve into tears. 16 FairLadyRantALot 28/08/09 16:02
to dislike it when I call a friend and a child answers the phone? 243 Pikelit 28/08/09 15:49
To think it's really, really distasteful to dress up as a 'sexy schoolgirl'? 137 rimmer08 28/08/09 15:39
To want to leave DP at home whilst I go and enjoy centre parcs with the kids 8 Hollyoaks 28/08/09 15:16
To think because i'm a big girl i'm not a lazy barsteward 7 4andnotout 28/08/09 14:09
to think overnight visitors are generally a bad idea in the first two to three weeks after giving birth (esp after the first) 21 breakingnews 28/08/09 12:59
To think that removing the drinking fountain from DD's school playground will contribute to the swine flu? 4 leisurely 28/08/09 12:50
To remove all bookcase and shelves to cut down on the dusting 7 alicesadvent… 28/08/09 12:15
Family planning discriminating 41 Kathrina 28/08/09 11:54
to think this is a bit of an insult to our parenting? 85 Pogleswood 28/08/09 08:12
AIBU to hate it when an interviewee starts his / her response with "Look,..." 38 daisymaybe 27/08/09 23:14
to think that Women's Hour is obsessed with cancer? 15 GivePeasAChance 27/08/09 22:58
dd starting swimming lessons at school, am s***ing myself. 13 lucykate 27/08/09 22:46
to feel a little bit sorry for myself on my birthday 12 fruitstick 27/08/09 21:56
to keep saying no to my neighbour's 5 yr old when he wants to come in and play? 15 Heated 27/08/09 21:18
to wonder wtf we paid a fee at the Post Office to check DS#1's passport application when we just had the whole lot sent back 15 Squishabelle 27/08/09 21:16
I really like Andy from Cbeebies and he's going on tour. WOW 5 zebramummy 27/08/09 21:08
To think that I should be eligible for a Social Fund Loan? 24 muggglewump 27/08/09 21:04
to object to having my play-doh technique constantly criticised? 11 ThingOne 27/08/09 20:34
AIBU to call off this date? 48 abouteve 27/08/09 20:31
to expect DH's work not to ring him all the time? 13 slowreadingprogress 27/08/09 19:58
AIBU to be seriously considering getting a tracking device for DS? 22 Teddington 27/08/09 18:55 loathe charity-muggers, a.k.a. Chuggers. 48 bibbitybobbityhat 27/08/09 17:52
to believe that atheists shouldn't get married? 227 Waspie 27/08/09 17:20
To feel a bit pissed off with chilminder?? 26 FabBakerGirlIsBack 27/08/09 16:21
To say feck the housework and camp on the couch for the day? 8 lovechoc 27/08/09 15:43
to think that there is a "Banker" on deal or no deal 12 PitysSake 27/08/09 15:31
To tell DH that we are NEVER moving house 25 Deeeja 27/08/09 15:16
to not want to either rehome or make our dogs live outside because of new baby ? 76 cheezcurl 27/08/09 14:34
to want to convince my friend not to have an abortion? 65 poshsinglemum 27/08/09 14:17
To ask if you have checked your smoke alarm lately? 10 KIMItheThreadSlayer 27/08/09 14:15
To think asking for proof of age if you look under 25 is a bit much? 72 sheepgomeep 27/08/09 13:05
to think whoever you rent a house through that if you have rising damp ..causing you to be ill 20 alicesadvent… 27/08/09 12:05
to want to deck the manager of a West End cinema? 42 mayorquimby 27/08/09 11:50
to hope DP's current health/economy drive comes to an end TONIGHT so I can have a drink? Please? 5 OtterInaSkoda 27/08/09 11:46
Pissed off at £33.84 for a regulation school skirt!! 75 Ineedacleane… 27/08/09 11:44
... to feel miffed that my folks want us to commit to being with them for Xmas 2010? 42 ceres 27/08/09 11:34
AIBU to find this very amusing whilst thinking DM contributor needs to get a life? 27 Rindercella 27/08/09 11:27
to think xp is lying about his benefits being stopped so that he can go to a rave instead of having his sons for the weekend? 14 bubblagirl 27/08/09 11:12
To hope that Pixmania and Columbus Insurance are never used by a MNer again 27 2rebecca 27/08/09 10:15
'why bottle might be better than breast' - GMTV this morning 410 Pennybubbly 27/08/09 03:55
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