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Am I being unreasonable?

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To report noisey neighbours to enviromental health and their landlords... 14 oiwhatsoccurring 27/10/08 06:15
To feel a bit akward that everytimg exp comes over to see the dc's his gf comes too. 91 spookycharlotte121 26/10/08 23:51
at DH for letting baby swipe a Greggs halloween fairy cake today? 8 wrinklytum 26/10/08 23:02
To be soooo pissed off with my stupid (D)H for letting our bright imaginative children spend their waking hours on the frigging x-box/nintendo/TV? 21 PortofinoPumpkin 26/10/08 22:42
To be upset that my dh gave my ds1 squash despite knowing it gives him tummy aches as a reward for being good!!! 10 NOgirlsallowed 26/10/08 21:46
To think of severely punishining my six year old son 80 scaryteacher 26/10/08 21:34
To want my (fantastic) au pair to occasionally not be there!!! 21 googgly 26/10/08 21:31
to really hate,detest,loathe the.... 11 DippyDora 26/10/08 21:10
in thinking the goverment should have never sold off council houses? 38 MsHighwater 26/10/08 21:09
To be upset with my uncle! 20 Crocodilius 26/10/08 21:02
to have had a row with my sister over her dog!! 14 twinsetandpearls 26/10/08 20:13
to want my 1 year old to sit on my lap just once!!! 11 MrsMattie 26/10/08 20:12
To think that my DS is the most perfect little boy on the whole planet! 20 Mum2OliverJames 26/10/08 19:55
to NOT send xmas cards to people I rarley or never see anymore? 27 kettlechip 26/10/08 19:37
to think that I should have a big house with a pool 29 Flum 26/10/08 19:33
to not want to go back to my hell hole town for Christmas - actually I am being unreasonable but can you understand why? 58 twinsetandpearls 26/10/08 18:31
to ask for a job that pays £8000 moe than the one i have 3 catsmother 26/10/08 17:22
to think that friends should'nt make negative comments about my kid...... 46 BoffinMum 26/10/08 16:27
to think an article about the effect of the availability of pornograhy... 3 Tee2072 26/10/08 16:06
To Think That Calling Names To Anybody Asking For Their Advice Or Opiinion Is Sad 44 mooog 26/10/08 16:03
To have put a P.S at the bottom of the school trip consent form? 23 beaniescreamyb 26/10/08 14:23
To be miserable i am back on the rainy old Costa Del Clyde 24 mankyscotslass 26/10/08 13:36
to let dd's play out in the pouring rain in their pj's 9 MatNanPlus 26/10/08 13:23
Goodfella pizza ad is putting me off my pizza! 3 runningoutofsteam 26/10/08 12:53
To feel ripped off by my Duffy CD? 10 mrsruffallo 26/10/08 12:47
To hate those who 'steal' car parking spaces? 31 nbee84 26/10/08 12:37
Why are pan-pipe player hats so popular this year? 3 NannyNanny 26/10/08 12:35
Another "child at funeral" rant I'm afraid..... 138 thumblesswitch 26/10/08 12:28
to think that Australia should be a bit bloody warmer than this? 33 thumblesswitch 26/10/08 12:18
to want to kick DH hard in the 'nads? 4 LittlePeanut 26/10/08 11:15
To be annoyed at the greedy b's who keep buying up Boots Protect and Perfect and flogging it on Ebay? 47 mel36 26/10/08 10:44
to think my toddlers are gifted and talented? 16 nooOOOoonki 26/10/08 09:32
To NEVER EVER speak to my sister or her H again?Everyone come and have a say, It's very long but I'd REALLY appreciate help with this, it's life changing. 126 Twelvelegs 26/10/08 08:51
to wake DH up so I can have an extra hour in bed? 5 Libra1975 26/10/08 08:09
To laugh at DH's pain? 9 thesockmonsterofdoom 26/10/08 07:22
To alllow my dd (age 2) to use the word paki? 129 UmSami 26/10/08 01:36
To plug myself into the radio and hide on here while DH watches psycho gore fest SAW? 32 salsmum 26/10/08 01:23
to want my little boy not to have to sleep on the standard slim jim mattresses in travel cots 34 MollyCherry 26/10/08 00:43
To hate the system for apointments at my Doctors' practice? 46 lou33 25/10/08 23:39
one bottle of red wine later... 20 retiredgoth 25/10/08 23:15
to put my wedding bubbles in the bin 33 Nyx 25/10/08 22:47
By refusing to let my partners grandparents see our 7 month old son? 20 codtrolfreaky 25/10/08 22:47
To go down the pub seeing as dh has flaked out on the sofa? 32 theSuburbanDryad 25/10/08 22:14
Untitled 50 UmSami 25/10/08 21:51
AIBU to want just an email??? 11 SharkyandGeorge 25/10/08 21:26
to think that this is even BAAAADDDDDDER parenting? 19 FloppyCock 25/10/08 20:32
IS THIS BAAAAAAAAAAAD PARENTING? 12 TheRealMrsJohnSimm 25/10/08 20:10
to suspect dd's teachers of a cupcake scam? 23 LittleMonkeysMummy 25/10/08 20:04
ok this is a weird one... 47 unaccomplish… 25/10/08 19:48
to buy DS Tesco value nappies? 32 chipsandtart 25/10/08 19:46
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