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Am I being unreasonable?

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It's that time of year again and the age old argument has started already over ... 57 Flo23 22/10/09 15:58
For not caring what the kids think? 45 CheerfulYank 22/10/09 15:53
to want to change my GP (please tell me honestly if I am over-reacting) 35 loobylu3 22/10/09 15:44
to be pissed off at getting paid half what other freelancers are getting at work?! 12 SolidGhoulBrass 22/10/09 15:40
For hiding the TV remote? 10 sockmonkey 22/10/09 15:22
Do I Need to get out more?? 26 kickassangel 22/10/09 15:08
to want a Honeymoon with no children? 168 Blondeshavemorefun 22/10/09 14:31
Am I just jealous of my sister or is she taking the mick? 20 fedupofthis 22/10/09 14:09
To be both annoyed and laughing at this phone call? 8 blondissimoismarried 22/10/09 14:06
to give my dh this ultimatum 4 addictedtosu… 22/10/09 12:51
to hate 'respect has to be earned' 27 cory 22/10/09 12:50
to think I should have been paid by now? 21 slug 22/10/09 12:24
that young adults are being tqken for a ride when looking for work 18 TheBossofMe 22/10/09 12:22
To think that the bus driver did the right thing even though it was very inconvenient to me? 14 Hando 22/10/09 12:11
to ban my parents from my Facebook profile? 16 SmallSCREAMCap 22/10/09 12:01
to give my Mum and DP's Mum equal treatment re: Christmas arrangements? 22 throckenholt 22/10/09 11:58
to hate it when ex- mil texts me to ask how "her baby" is? 39 allnew 22/10/09 11:31
to expect BIL to come up with his own sodding ideas? 8 loonpants 22/10/09 11:26
to not want to be dragged to another event in DHs family ... 4 Sbeanmum 22/10/09 11:25
to get annoyed that Pampers just don't hold as well as Lidl or Tesco nappies? 34 whichwitchisthis 22/10/09 11:13
in asking the builder who's parked opposite my house,to move his feckin' van,with his feckin' yappin'mutt inside? 9 ReneRusso 22/10/09 10:50
more of a "who's right"? (its me though, isn't it? ;o) 41 southernsoftie 22/10/09 10:37
To wonder what kind of winged or scuttly lethal mutants are around at the moment? 5 paisleyleaf 22/10/09 09:56
To slap this woman 39 posieparker 22/10/09 09:44
to think the teacher might have mentioned something to me ? 5 madamearcati 22/10/09 09:42
To want to bin this friendship? 32 electra 22/10/09 09:31
To feel a bit icky about this? What would you do? 200 Jajas 22/10/09 09:20
to agree it is not for BBC to censor BNP 10 hazeyjane 22/10/09 09:03
to think my mum is just hopeless?? 23 macdoodle 22/10/09 07:44
To want DH to tell his work why he's leaving...POLL! 14 PoisonToadstool 22/10/09 07:23
to think that Robbie Williams isn't ageing well? 13 Glitterknickaz 21/10/09 23:40
mother in law-apparently i am not family...which is nice 121 thesecondcoming 21/10/09 23:38
Sorry its an MIL one but only a quickie, just say YANBU! ;0) 58 NanaNina 21/10/09 23:36
To think that this is NOT the way to woo the ladies? 6 anonymous85 21/10/09 22:46
To be a bit cross with my DD's nursery? 31 pigletmania 21/10/09 22:41
AIBU to dress a baby girl in 'baby boy' clothes? 55 funwithfondue 21/10/09 21:38
To get SO irritated by the poor design of baby clothes... 31 onemoretimetoday 21/10/09 21:01
to go and get DD from football praqctice in my PJs? 17 scottishmummy 21/10/09 20:41
To not want to have to tell the receptionist what is wrong with me before seeing the doctor? 123 EdgarAllenPoo 21/10/09 20:25
to be pissed off that DP's parent reunion group meet excludes me 1 ElenorRigby 21/10/09 20:17
To think everyone bickers? 70 jazzandh 21/10/09 19:12
to want unconditional support from my dad over divorce 9 curiositykilled 21/10/09 19:09
to have said no to my mum 25 Marioandluigi 21/10/09 19:09
to object to paying a donantion towards ingredients for baking at nursery when dd can't even eat the finished product. 52 tibni 21/10/09 18:47
Thinking that if the nosy old hag of a lollipop lady cannot keep her opinions and judgements to herself she should get another job? 28 WhereYouLeftIt 21/10/09 17:51
to think dp should have bought disposables? 8 MadameDuBain 21/10/09 17:48
To be annoyed by concerned friends asking when I'm going wean 33 dorisbonkers 21/10/09 17:15
to consider reporting friend to SS? 457 texasghouldem 21/10/09 17:00
to be severely hacked off because my DH has messed up with DD's antibiotic . . . again 15 Sassybeast 21/10/09 16:58
To be irritated beyond belief by euphemisms such as 'curvy', 'brunette' , 'mature' and 'petite'? 31 Malificence 21/10/09 15:52
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