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Am I being unreasonable?

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Have just had a huge row with a friend over DS finding his willy!! 96 Sn0wflake 18/12/09 20:16
to take kids to Christingle service when I'm not religious 32 boyraiser 18/12/09 20:08
To expect Father Christmas's elf to be cheerful? 7 chegirlwithbellson 18/12/09 19:50
to not go to the funeral 36 Toffeepopple 18/12/09 19:45
and mean not to let DS take his DS lite into school tomorrow for last day of term ? 23 islandofsodor 18/12/09 19:43
to maybe keep ds off pre-school next week? 7 nickytwotimes 18/12/09 19:42
to think that the saying 'the price of a loaf of bread' is a bit pointless now a days? 8 Buddleja 18/12/09 19:30
to be annoyed that my dd is gonna look like tin tin on photos this christams because a class mate thought it would be funny to cut off her fringe? 18 JustAnotherM… 18/12/09 19:14
to expect my DP to just deal with the fact that I don't want to have sex every night? 68 BooHooo 18/12/09 19:03
To really not want to go get DH from the station? 8 ChloeHandbag 18/12/09 18:39
To think this man was a wanker? 15 kat2907 18/12/09 18:35
That I don't want my DH to go skiing by himself when I am 7 months pregnant? 95 RubysReturn 18/12/09 17:55
to want to go outside right now 37 timelordvictorious 18/12/09 17:54
in thinking that this is an OTT punishment for my child? 18 mattellie 18/12/09 16:35
to have cried all evening over this stupid comment? 51 carocaro 18/12/09 16:08
to want to tell the kids outside to stop running around on our bloody snow 17 pooexplosion… 18/12/09 16:06
o expect my artificial tree to be last more than 3 years 2 ChristmasTreeRipoff 18/12/09 16:03
to be annoyed with dh ....again 17 Effjay 18/12/09 15:23
AIBU to consider getting a hot water bottle and putting it, along with my feet, in a pillowcase? 16 hairygodmother 18/12/09 15:06
To be livid with DH? 9 ginnybag 18/12/09 14:55
To think that Lego is a good Christmas present? 57 WorkingItOutAsIGo 18/12/09 14:43
To expect shipping to cost £20 if I am charged £20? 40 LittleRedDragon 18/12/09 14:41
to be upset by this? 200 StayingSantasGirl 18/12/09 14:27
to expect the sodding binmen to have come? 6 Bigbadmummy 18/12/09 14:26
to think that my partner ex is invading our space by asking him to be at her house at 6:30 am? 100 Mongolia 18/12/09 13:43
ILs on Sunday with a possibly sick teen? 10 yummyyummyyummy 18/12/09 13:23
To be peeved that my mum is feeding my 7 month DD profiterole? 49 Purplebuns 18/12/09 13:02
say no to dbro because I feel awful now 25 comefollowth… 18/12/09 12:38
to have a jolly good laugh at this 7 Bigbadmummy 18/12/09 12:24
To be rather annoyed with my friend who bring her very poorly child to every event 21 copyyourbuma… 18/12/09 11:57
To wish drivers would use their indicators. Every time, please! 28 nappyaddict 18/12/09 11:55
Irritation of delivery services for on-line shopping 17 lucky1979 18/12/09 11:31
to expect DH to be home soon? 16 countrylover 18/12/09 11:30
in thinking all women should be able to blow their own glass baubles, ffs its a basic life skill 79 gorionine 18/12/09 11:19
To think that gas and air IS pain relief 115 Chynah 18/12/09 11:04
To think that it's too early to stop stocking Christmas things? 18 paisleyleaf 18/12/09 10:47
regarding professional photos of DS? 6 pooexplosion… 18/12/09 10:22
To be irritated that people are actually ANNOYED that my 3yo doesnt like chocolate? 39 LittleRedDragon 18/12/09 10:13
to snigger to myself at this blatant playground politcal crap? 26 juuule 18/12/09 08:39
to be cross my family forgot my birthday 15 ChippingIn 18/12/09 08:36
To think my DH should be slowing down 49 FabIsGetting… 18/12/09 08:12
to think people should be able to 'brag' about their children? 28 mmelindt 18/12/09 07:31
To be upset at myself... 12 nowbringusso… 18/12/09 04:28
to waste time looking for an old AIBU 8 JacksmamaInAPearTree 18/12/09 02:50
AIBU to knock on neighbours door and ask her to be quiet at this time of night?? 15 Curiousmama 18/12/09 00:16
to ask DS to put his toys away? 23 Time2Hibernate 17/12/09 23:28
to expect DH to buy 2 Xmas presents? 4 EvilTwinsSto… 17/12/09 22:56
To want a girl's bicycle that isn't pink and sparkly 21 FuriousGeorge 17/12/09 22:47
Tell me whether this is rude/ inconsiderate or not. 41 puddinghead 17/12/09 22:12
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