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Or is Friend? 294 zukiecat 13/02/11 15:05
to be miffed at term ' don't have a dog and bark yourself! 33 dawntigga 13/02/11 14:59
To wonder how you teach children to sit still and listen at home? 22 Chatelaine 13/02/11 14:53
Don't start what you can't finish 2 Iggly 13/02/11 14:39
To be getting all het up about this! 19 MorticiaAddams 13/02/11 14:03
to ask for help with my social work application? 12 OADCB 13/02/11 13:59
In expecting disabled people, to be more understanding? 83 canyou 13/02/11 13:14
To be Shocked that preschoolers get homework 25 oneofthosedays 13/02/11 12:54
to think about taking DS on hen do? 37 diddl 13/02/11 12:46
to think Cameron is going to put our children at risk? 8 Chil1234 13/02/11 12:06
to wish I had more positive mum friends? 84 VanityRocks 13/02/11 11:57
To actually feel really sorry 19 Binfullofmag… 13/02/11 11:54
Royal wedding party and DH birthday.... 14 Violethill 13/02/11 11:44
in thinking that national impotence day 5 scaryteacher 13/02/11 11:22
to think if you are a hair and I bleach you or pluck you, you should damn well stay bleached or plucked 2 RealityIsKnockedUp 13/02/11 11:19
to not get the whole "children from comprehensives work harder to get the grades" 206 SlackSally 13/02/11 11:12
Things what make me puke. 5 Psammead 13/02/11 10:33
AIBU to feel cross with my friend for upsetting my best friend (one week from her due date)? 16 ninaandbean 13/02/11 10:21
Boasting/oneupmanship 66 BerylStreep 13/02/11 08:42
to wish people would preview their posts if using predictive text? 23 Morloth 13/02/11 08:21
To want a charity link each day on MN 1 Moosemummy 13/02/11 08:17
for my friend not to tell people I want friends with benefits? 6 doubleease 13/02/11 07:52
AIBU to think DH should cook the children some dinner if I am out? 170 vicbar 12/02/11 23:57
for not wanting my 5yo DS to be subjected to the horrors of the bible? 80 LittlePushka 12/02/11 23:46
to think that you need to stop what you're doing right now and read this article. And I mean need. 254 Abr1de 12/02/11 23:40
To expect mid twenty somethings to act like the adults they are? 31 onthepier 12/02/11 23:36
to exclude BFs/GFs from my wedding? 202 Inertia 12/02/11 23:35
to ask you to invite Hello into your home? I did, my life shall never be the same. 136 confuddledDOTcom 12/02/11 23:08
to think its disgusting that a murder suspect for a very nasty murder has been named before he's even been charged 113 onimolap 12/02/11 22:46
to be sick of people complaining "this is why I dont read AIBU" when people disagree with them 9 taintedpaint 12/02/11 22:37
to want my dh to cool off his moral crusade? 37 Spidermama 12/02/11 22:35
Which MNer's pet has the best name? 212 ChaosTrulyReigns 12/02/11 22:34
to hope his beans on toast f*cking chokes him? 30 TheShriekingHarpy 12/02/11 22:25
To think DHs work could let them know where they stand? 38 smashingtime 12/02/11 21:52
in mentioning this to my friend or should I just let it go? 10 cerealqueen 12/02/11 21:47
to wonder why there is no ban on noisy cars with those massive exhausts? 12 smashingtime 12/02/11 21:42
to be really scared? 11 atswimtwolengths 12/02/11 21:17
to think that people on here are not rescuers and that they get far too involved? 126 ilythia 12/02/11 20:47
To feel like crying in Tescos 144 sincitylover 12/02/11 20:43
to think that when writing a school report stating a child lacks concentration in writing then... 9 mumbar 12/02/11 19:45
To think that protective clothing should be compulsory for motorbike/moped riders. 52 TigerseyeMum 12/02/11 19:20
to admit defeat? 28 purplepidjin 12/02/11 19:05
TIGER MUM is all over the place, She must have a book out 32 Tanee58 12/02/11 18:19
to wonder if anyone would actually want to buy my worn bras? 18 Fairhairedan… 12/02/11 18:02
to LOL at DS playing with DHs willy! 38 BodyOfEeyore 12/02/11 17:49
to dump this "friend"? 10 lazarusb 12/02/11 17:44
To have a list of things I am incredibly hacked off about this morning and to ask you lot to sort them out for me please? 19 AtYourCervix 12/02/11 17:31
sexually explicit lines from childrens TV programmes 37 MistyMooBags 12/02/11 17:16
To have just chucked all the junk from my flat into my car before the estate agent came round to value the place? 19 ZillionChocolate 12/02/11 16:54
to have told DH to put the hoover down and watch the rugby? 6 StealthPolarBear 12/02/11 16:36
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