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Am I being unreasonable?

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CAMPAIGN UPDATE: LibDem Health Minister signs up to Mumsnet Miscarriage Care Campaign 4 Lulabelle2013 19/09/14 15:14
not to call husband when I go into labour? 17 hugebelly 15/09/10 13:40
To think that jailing this woman is pointless 74 droves 15/09/10 12:53
in thinking some mothers could have more "me" time they just choose to be martyrs at the alter of parenthood and just love reminding you of it at every opportunity???! 118 Boostini 15/09/10 12:35
to even consider cycling with my baby in a baby bjorn carrier? 33 ragged 15/09/10 12:15
Couldn't Eastenders for once promote breastfeeding? 56 Boostini 15/09/10 12:14
to ask my boyfriend to 'loose' the condoms in his cabinet seeing as we don't use them? 26 CatIsSleepy 15/09/10 12:13
to think calling a baby 'a little tramp' is disgusting? 38 Boostini 15/09/10 12:08
to think that Brussels Sprouts are not "salad"? 35 Portofino 15/09/10 10:48
To think that no-one should tell one of their children that they love them more than the other? 24 forfaxsake 15/09/10 10:41
To want to say sod you lot, I'm not buying Xmas presents this year, I'm going to buy US something?! 21 brassband 15/09/10 10:31
No I am not. Sign in here if you can't stand Pixie Lott 117 melikalikimaka 15/09/10 10:21
How should I word this letter? 24 hatwoman 15/09/10 10:08
to be a bit :0 by the contents of DS nursery bag?? 19 LittleMissHissyFit 15/09/10 09:45
To be eating chocolate spread straight from the jar? 52 borderslass 15/09/10 09:15
Not me, was this mum unreasonable? 50 diddl 15/09/10 09:00
to have just got annoyed with DP for shouting at the football and waking the baby? 8 QueenSconetta 15/09/10 08:27
to think that 4 is too young to be left at a party alone? 37 piscesmoon 15/09/10 07:55
to not want to respond to Freecycle adverts that are possibly unreasonably specific? Same for those (pedant alert) containing spelling mistakes? 7 taintedpaint 14/09/10 23:23
to not want to have to remember everything for everybody! 25 mamas12 14/09/10 23:12
she nearly stepped on my baby dd! 25 seeker 14/09/10 22:49
Would you spend more (xmas/birthdays) on your dying sibling? 23 LadyBiscuit 14/09/10 22:23
to turn my nose up at this filth bag today, and tell him he was filth 21 taffetacat 14/09/10 22:10
To not want the Wedding evening do in a hall?. 9 SE13Mummy 14/09/10 22:05
To think that, mothers that decorate their houses in neutral colours rather than stimulating primary colours are being selfish and unimaginative 286 StarlightMcKenzie 14/09/10 21:50
to want to sneak out in the night and burn this car to the ground... 31 thumbwitch 14/09/10 21:40
to want to go back to sleep. 10 OuchPassVodka 14/09/10 21:35
to think men get an easy ride in the fidelity stakes 12 Malificence 14/09/10 21:35
to think that almost every committee degenerates into a whingey bitchfest? 37 DrZeus 14/09/10 21:33
... to wonder what is the problem with tradesmen? 53 Snobear4000 14/09/10 21:28
to be annoyed with teacher for "Practice the words carefully" instruction 122 Feenie 14/09/10 21:01
to buy ds and dd the same shoes? 13 kodokan 14/09/10 20:45
To change my moving date, even though it will (badly) put out the next people to move in? 41 ErnestTheBavarian 14/09/10 20:36
To think that you should be able to buy pyjamas as separates for dc's? 23 reup 14/09/10 20:22
To think Bruce Forsyth should probably retire now? 35 lemonysweet 14/09/10 20:21
To Tell the woman outside to leave my kitten alone. 28 TheLadyEvenstar 14/09/10 20:04
expecting to be treated with a little respect? 46 holyShmoley 14/09/10 19:47
To be shocked at how many immoral people there are in this area. 76 christie2 14/09/10 19:42
to think that those of you of have abundant cushions on your bed are just as bad as the loons who have teddy bears on theirs? 255 FellatioNelson 14/09/10 19:38
to think someone should do some work around here? 4 catinthehat2 14/09/10 19:25
To not CRB check my friends 108 memorylapse 14/09/10 19:20
about a present for someone? Had my head bitten off a bit. 40 LittleMissHissyFit 14/09/10 18:04
Eastenders... 39 Blondeshavemorefun 14/09/10 17:51
AIBU to think my sleep is just as important as DH's? 74 jbells 14/09/10 16:50
to want go round Tescos just once without one of my DC's kicking off in a spectacular fashion? 13 Serendippy 14/09/10 16:24
to think this is normal motherhood? 146 CvanA 14/09/10 16:00
To think that a meter reader shouldn't moan about having to go down the cellar to read them? 11 belgo 14/09/10 15:42
DS1, aged 4 has just put a 2-minute timer on to tell me to get off mn 10 AdoraBelleDearhart 14/09/10 15:14
exploding coffee machine?? 4 PerpetuallyA… 14/09/10 14:20 feel uneasy about allowing my 9yr old to 32 ProfessorLay… 14/09/10 13:59
to make my son write out 1000 lines? 30 ChippingIn 14/09/10 13:57
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