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Am I being unreasonable?

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to be almightily pissed off my dh cut down all my hanging baskets... 45 peeringintothevoid 21/07/10 20:07
Very long but OMG I need help 71 EricNorthman… 21/07/10 19:59
To ask DH to take the day off tomorrow? 22 LittleSilver 21/07/10 19:52
to think expecting a 9yo ds to care for 4 and 2 yo dds while you recover from a severe hangover is out of order? 36 LimaCharlie 21/07/10 19:39
Is sis being unreasonable? 33 traceybath 21/07/10 19:10
To be sick and tired of seeing BIL's arse? 24 sapphireblue 21/07/10 19:06
to want just one night of uninterrupted sleep.... 10 MrsGokWan 21/07/10 18:15
to be discombobulated by the word.. 30 champagnesupernova 21/07/10 18:01
to resent the 'just you wait til.... ' comments from people 36 fizzpops 21/07/10 17:56
The power of Coca Cola, the media response to sensitive subjects, advertising revenue - AIBU to think they are linked? 25 NeverPushWhe… 21/07/10 17:52
Advice really needed on shared finances 36 drymartini 21/07/10 17:46
To have my Job Seekers Allowance stopped 42 thesecondcoming 21/07/10 17:46
to think that companies you have a credit agreement with shouldn't ring you up........... 13 toccatanfudge 21/07/10 17:34
To think Adults expect too much of small children? 62 ppeatfruit 21/07/10 17:24
to think that its a bit much to let a 7 year old change a wet bed at night 134 bumpybecky 21/07/10 17:15
AIBU to quite like the school holidays? 30 slushy 21/07/10 17:06
to want DS to spend whole of Xmas Day with me and my family when he spent whole of Xmas day with ex and her family last year? 22 timehealsall 21/07/10 16:48
to report this cheeky twat to the police? 27 Poshwellies 21/07/10 16:47
to think Orange are taking the p*** 7 sapphireblue 21/07/10 16:44
to think cyclists on country lanes are selfish gits 259 gearfear 21/07/10 15:52
to be terrified that anything I do will be used against me? 19 MilkChocolateTeapot 21/07/10 14:15
to be slightly narked off..... 11 CarGirl 21/07/10 13:10
To think the school are being arses? 380 TheLadyEvenstar 21/07/10 12:52 expect a school report to actually tell me something 22 MathsMadMummy 21/07/10 11:53
To have asked for it back? 53 Zoedee 21/07/10 11:20
to reduce my working days despite my husband's reluctance? 51 Pogleswood 21/07/10 11:16
to be really fucking pissed off actually 81 CakeandRoses 21/07/10 11:12
To wonder where the hell is my shopping and/or money? 991 WingsTHEangel 21/07/10 10:57
to want to go to an interview at my local Jobcentre? 24 stripeymama 21/07/10 10:51
To be now glad that my washing machine is broken? 12 zandy 21/07/10 10:25
is this a pile of old tat that will at best go in the attic, or a good idea for a teacher's pressie? 43 chimchar 21/07/10 09:58
To be a bit peed off when applying for this job? 7 SugarMousePink 21/07/10 00:06
To think that it's been a bit barmy on MN recently? 31 SugarMousePink 20/07/10 23:51
Is a letter from the police about truency kept on permanent record? 14 judytzuke 20/07/10 23:32
£9ph to babysit?!!!! 149 lowrib 20/07/10 23:25
To be fed up of all the Dr Pepper talk! 2 SugarMousePink 20/07/10 23:06 think that a funeral is the WORST PLACE EVER for a 'spiritualist 9; to predict the death of a family member? 37 AnyFuleKno 20/07/10 23:02
to think that when I ask school for DDs FULL record, I should get her FULL record... 35 firsttimemum77 20/07/10 22:50
Keyworker at nursery 20 RatherBeOnThePiste 20/07/10 22:48
to want Fairy Jobmother 17 PinkyWithABrain 20/07/10 22:03
to feel a bit pleased with myself that... 3 GazzasDressingGown 20/07/10 21:59
To want MIL to ring my doorbell when she comes round 18 DonDrapersMistress 20/07/10 21:51
To be peed off with dh... even slightly? 14 corblimeymadam 20/07/10 21:38
Out of Order? 34 HecateQueenOfWitches 20/07/10 21:13
Headstones - Strange or Not Strange 18 RiverOfSleep 20/07/10 20:27
to think the double glazing saleman should bog off when he can quite clearly see we are eating tea? 8 smokinaces 20/07/10 20:26
AIBU to be annoyed with my nan? Ok I do feel guilty but I can't help but be annoyed too. 7 DetectivePotato 20/07/10 20:02
to lock the door and close the blinds 12 coventgarden 20/07/10 19:33
to think the Hanger Lane Gyratory system is not the worst junction in Britain? 30 ivykaty44 20/07/10 19:26
to wonder why my Mum doesn`t want to help me more? 342 LIA85 20/07/10 19:14
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