to be fed up with everyone's holiday pics/brags on FB?

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Bellini12 Wed 30-Jul-14 14:36:10

In the old days, you sent a postcard or were shown someone's holiday snaps after they'd returned from holiday. Now with the advent of social media, I can't turn on my FB without a constant feed of shots of manicured feet in front of a swimming pool, blue sea and beaches, marinas with big boats, interiors of plush villas etc. All very much 'look how lucky I am' blah, blah. Some are posting a pic EVERY DAY with a description of what they got up to.

I just keep thinking of all of those that can't afford a holiday and I just can't get over the constant bragging, it seems so vulgar. Or is it just me?

Yes, I know I can stop looking, perhaps I should. But there's some other stuff I like seeing in it.

sebsmummy1 Wed 30-Jul-14 14:38:13

I'm sure you can unfollow people without defriending them, perhaps do that so it's not so depressing to see others enjoying luxury when you are feeling skint.

MorphineDreams Wed 30-Jul-14 14:38:49

I think it's just you.

I use facebook to store my photos, update my friends, chat with them.

I don't go on holiday, can't afford to at the minute but I'm not jealous of those who have been posting their holiday photos.

SiennaBlake Wed 30-Jul-14 14:39:31

Oh god I know right? How DARE people share their happiness with people they assume are their friends?! I reckon everyone should just post pics of themselves dressed in bin bags foraging for food in dustbins. It's the only way to keep people happy given the number of threads like this atm.

MrsWinnibago Wed 30-Jul-14 14:39:46

It's understandable but unreasonable to expect people not to do it because some people can't afford a break.

I can't afford a hol...but when I do I share pics so relatives can see them etc....I have a lot of mates who live abroad too.

I DO hate those photos of legs propped on walls though...with painted nails...I always think people do it because your legs look slimmer in that position! grin

eh, I like seeing my friends having a good time, I assume my friends feel the same way. I post pictures of us doing other fun things. Perhaps I should stop.

Jan616 Wed 30-Jul-14 14:42:07

I love seeing photos of my friends enjoying themselves, even if I can't afford the same luxury. I don't think of it as bragging, just them wanting to share their lives with their friends and family. If it bothers you, then you can unfollow them or hide their posts. I'm sorry but I think YABU.

WorraLiberty Wed 30-Jul-14 14:42:11

I love looking at people's holiday pics

Some years we cant afford a holiday either but so what? It doesn't mean people shouldn't upload theirs.

Why do you see it as vulgar bragging, rather than people sharing their pics with their family and friends?

Selks Wed 30-Jul-14 14:44:17

YABU, sorry. I like seeing people's pics.

OnIlkleyMoorBahTwat Wed 30-Jul-14 14:44:34

Well, it's not just you, there's been at least three threads on this very subject on here in the last day or two.

However, should people not be allowed to admit to having anything nice, incase someone else will find out and be upset about it?

You could take it to the nth degree - even tea and cakes out is unaffordable to some - should people not be able to celebrate even that little pleasure?

One of my friends is running in the Commonwealth Games tonight for the first time and from her facebook, its obvious that she's pretty excited about it and I am too and I hope she does well.

I'm not sat here thinking, its not fair, I can't run that fast, and hell, some people can't run at all - I wish she'd stop posting pictures from inside the stadium etc hmm.

Anewmeanewname Wed 30-Jul-14 14:47:37

Yes, I also love looking at these sorts of pics and seeing my friends enjoying themselves.

If you begrudge these people their luxury hols, they probably aren't real friends - just quietly defriend & stick to those that can only afford to go to butlins you actually like.

BoldBlackCherry Wed 30-Jul-14 14:50:12

Yanbu it pisses me off too.

Surely if you're having that great a time you don't need to post it on Facebook day in day out?

Yes, post you get home by all means but I can think of better things to do on holiday than show everyone else how amazing my life is.

CoffeeTea103 Wed 30-Jul-14 14:50:13

It's you, why be miserable over someone else's happiness. You only make yourself worse off by being jealous. Good for whoever is on holiday, I love seeing holiday pics and knowing friends are having a great time. Odd person you are.

Namechangedforthisohyesidid Wed 30-Jul-14 14:53:09

I like nice photos and interesting photos and family photos and food photos. All very welcome. What I don't like is a fucking collage made from your holiday every single day and photographs of every single thing you do combined with how lucky you feel you are to be on holiday and what a fantastic time you are having.

If you are genuinely having a lovely time then maybe you would post a family pic, a picture of the view
Combined with a frosty cold glass of wine, or a picture of your book on a sun lounger with a caption saying "making the most of nap time". That's all

DomesticSlobbess Wed 30-Jul-14 14:53:17

I don't have an issue with seeing other people's holiday photos. I usually look at them enviously! And if it's a particularly close friend then I enjoy seeing them have a good time.

What I don't understand is the people who constantly update their status and upload pics WHILE on holiday. When I go on holiday I use my phone to check the time and that's it. I barely go on it all. I'm too busy enjoying my holiday rather than thinking, "Oh I must update all my old school friends on Facebook about sitting by the pool and sharing a photo of my hotdog legs"

maddening Wed 30-Jul-14 14:53:48

Ffs there will always be someone with something you can't have - should people with dc not put pics of them incase childless people take offence, have pics of your parents incase others have lost theirs, share pics of their weddings so as not to offend single folk or the divorced, someone sharing amazing physical feats incase the unhealthy feel put out etc

this says a lot about you and it is not good - why wouldn't you be happy that others are having a nice time.

MrsRonBurgundy Wed 30-Jul-14 15:02:54

I like looking at my friends holidays pictures! It's lovely to think they're having a nice time, even if i'm stuck behind a desk. I'm not going to begrudge somebody else some fun just because i'm not away.

Similarly when i'm on holiday, I post my pictures. If anybody thinks i'm bragging, they can feel free to unfriend me. If that's the first thing that comes to mind, i'm sure I won't miss their presence in my life.

I also think it's not a sign that somebody isn't having a good enough time on their holiday if they're keeping in touch with people while they're away? I love my friends and I don't get much time to speak to everyone while i'm at home and working non stop. Plus we're all split across the country so face to face time is rare in the last 5 years. So if i'm lying by the pool with free wi-fi, it's a nice way for me to spend my time. chatting with my friends on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter. It doesn't mean that i'm not having a brilliant time on holiday. It just means i'm having a lovely time sunbathing, chatting with my mates who all happen to people I adore. So why not?

OP I think YABU

coppingpandy Wed 30-Jul-14 15:05:23

I love looking at peoples' holiday photos! It's nice to see friends having a good time, and lovely to see what the hotels/resorts they are staying in look like.

weeblueberry Wed 30-Jul-14 15:09:57

I love seeing holiday snaps on Facebook!

But, seeing your point, where does it end?

You can't share pictures of your children in case you're bragging and what about those people who can't have children?

You can't mention that work is pissing you off at the moment because you should be damned grateful that you have a job!

You can't put an announcement that you're pregnant/getting married/have a new job because it's bragging and vulgar.

You can't put normal run of the mill statuses because it's all very boring and no one cares.

Facebook is for cataloguing your everyday life to your friends. If you don't want to see these things then unfollow/unfriend them or come off Facebook altogether...

My old boss whom I'm friendly with recently posted a picture of the pool at the beautiful french house they will be staying in, empty serene pool with upmarket loungers and a stunning view. She and I bantered back and forth about how was she going to manage, with slumming it and all and how she would need a nice glass of wine and a pool boy to help her cope. I'm glad she shared.

Honestly, it sounds like jealousy which is an ugly thing that will stop you from enjoying all that you have.

Coconutty Wed 30-Jul-14 15:21:48

I love seeing photos and will be posting mine soon so all my family and friends can see them.

Davsmum Wed 30-Jul-14 15:24:28

Some people put lots of pics on facebook with the intention of 'showing off' but others post pics because they just want to share them and they are happy about their holiday.

I have friends on facebook who are real show offs - I know who they are and why they post loads of stuff about their 'fabulous' night out or 'fabulous' holiday.
It doesn't bother me at all - whatever their intention is - I don't have to look unless I choose to.
Also, some people have no idea that it bothers other people, probably because it shouldn't!

AppleBoat Wed 30-Jul-14 15:29:43

My friend's don't show off when they post holiday pics. I love having a nosey of where people go on holiday.

We cant afford to go abroad, but I haven't been left feeling jealous of those who do. In fact a friends trip to Florida last week looked not my cup of tea at all

MaryWestmacott Wed 30-Jul-14 15:31:58

YABU - you can hide people, you can chose not to open their photo albums of their holidays, in the olden days, when someone came back from holiday and handed you a pack of 48 photos they'd had developed, it was basic manners to then look at each one while they were sat there, normally explaining who the people were and what that place was like. At least on facebook, you can click 'like' the whole album without bothering to spend you time looking at every photo, thus giving the same impression of caring and 'showing an interest' without actually having to sit and look at them all...

DiaDuit Wed 30-Jul-14 15:40:06

I like them. They give me incentive to quit eating crisps and save for a day trip to the beach grin

Mrsjayy Wed 30-Jul-14 15:40:42

They are not bragging you are just jealous really not there fault you are not in a villa is it maybe when your pals check into the airport hide them for a week or so,

CleanLinesSharpEdges Wed 30-Jul-14 15:44:25

Sharing the details of your fabulous life is what Facebook is all about isn't it.

I'd rather see a few holiday shots and a snappy concise status update on FB than be bored shitless having to look through your whole photo album and hearing all about your day trip like in the good ole' days.

If you don't like it then deactivate your account.

amyhamster Wed 30-Jul-14 15:44:41

Gosh I'm probably offending people all the time

I've got two healthy kids & a healthy dh

I've got 2 healthy parents & healthy inlaws

People probably hate me when I post smiley pictures of family bbqs, birthday parties

I've also got depression & I hate my job but no one would appreciate a photo of me looking fed up & miserable so that bit of my life stays off facebook

fortyplus Wed 30-Jul-14 15:46:21

I've just won three silver medals at an international sporting event (NOT the Commonwealth Games! grin ) I'm being tagged in dozens of photos - I bet my friends are really hacked off wink

Mrsjayy Wed 30-Jul-14 15:48:07

Tbh I prefer daily updates than all the pictures when they get back meh people are not allowed to be anything on facebook its a minefield

weeblueberry Wed 30-Jul-14 15:49:04

I've also got depression & I hate my job but no one would appreciate a photo of me looking fed up & miserable so that bit of my life stays off facebook

Sorry to pick on this amy but it also should seriously be stressed. I also went through a period of what was probably depression about 6 months after I had my daughter and one of the ways I helped myself get over it was to post photos of her and communicate with the other mums who were doing the same.

People only highlight the best parts of their life on Facebook. If they don't they're called attention seekers.

Sorry to pick up on your comment amy. I hope you're getting some help for the depression?

Softlysoftlycatchymonkey Wed 30-Jul-14 15:51:19

I'd rather see them

Softlysoftlycatchymonkey Wed 30-Jul-14 15:52:39

Posted to early!

I'd rather see them on FB than get invited for a coffee only to get ambushed with a slide show !

I like seeing pics, it gives me ideas for next year!

abigamarone Wed 30-Jul-14 15:58:33

I'd sooner chew my arm off than look at other folk's holiday photos. At least on fb I either filter them out or scroll past quickly. (I did get pretty adept at the real world version of scrolling through in the olden days)

Stinkle Wed 30-Jul-14 15:59:03

I like to see my friends' holiday pics.

They're my friends, I care about them and like to see them having fun and being happy.

I live a few hundred miles away from my family and old friends and we don't see each other all that often. FB is such an easy and quick way for us all to share what we're all up to

I posted a few when a I returned from a recent holiday. I even <shock, horror> took 30 seconds out of my day a few times to post a pic while I was there. Still managed to have a fantastic time.

Butterpuff Wed 30-Jul-14 16:00:24

I don't mind them, in fact prefer them to the depressing updates, and if I want to then I can ignore them.

But one really did make me hmm a young friend updating hourly about her first weekend away with her darling 'rock' new boyfriend. I just didn't get it, first dirty weekend away with my OH and updating FB was not a consideration wink

passmethewineplease Wed 30-Jul-14 16:00:27

yabu, I put my holiday pics on to show my family where I was staying, I honestly don't care if people thought it was bragging.

By the time you have got a postcard, written it and sent it you would be home by the time the recipient got it!

passmethewineplease Wed 30-Jul-14 16:01:46

Plus I don't really see the difference between looking at holiday pics in photo form and seeing them on FB surely it's just the same? Just a different method of delivery?

I like seeing this kind of dtuff on fb - its what its for. I hate the memes, the nice people who can't see that they fall for every like-farming scam going, the friend who I recently regretfully blocked because instead of posting pics of her kuds and holidays she dtarted flooding my (and all her friends) newsfeed with so many very controvertial political shares a day it meant I had to scroll for 5 mins to spot anyone elses posts, the PA "some people are such users" demanding responses of "you alright? What's up", the Happy First Birthday Small Child Who Can't Read, Mummy lives her snookums soooo much" posts addressing somenody without literacy or a fb account, the "nom nom" posts with photos of bog standard everyday food items, the posts that reveal an old friend is a raging racist etc etc.

YABU about holiday photos though - what do you view fb as being about?

MaeMobley Wed 30-Jul-14 16:04:02

YABU. You can unfollow them without defriending them.

I have just done this to a couple of FB friends who were filling up my newsfeed with aggressive pro israeli propaganda.

DoristheCamel Wed 30-Jul-14 16:05:32

Review your friends list. Genuine well loved friends are who I have on my fb snd like to see their pictures, anecdotes and statuses if their holidays and achievements etc.

I can undersrand people seeing stuff from people you fobt think much of or hokd much affection for would be annoying but real good friends - Its nice to share abd sharing is what fb is all about.

Sort your friends lust out and only have tjise people you genuinely care about on there. Then you may start to enjoy fb more. smile

MaeMobley Wed 30-Jul-14 16:05:43

I love seeing other people's holiday pictures + kids pics.

CripesItsTheGasMan Wed 30-Jul-14 16:09:16

Sorry op but yabu. Just scroll past and get on with your day. I enjoy my family's and friends' holiday pictures. I never once begrudged them a holiday or nice days out .

I do post pictures of our days out and I never think oh I better not just in case I insult someone or make someone jealous ...

SqueakySqueak Wed 30-Jul-14 16:12:24

I like seeing pics of people's vacations and what they did. Just like other people like seeing pics of our days out.

DoJo Wed 30-Jul-14 16:40:12

YABU - if you aren't pleased for your friends, then don't have them on Facebook. Posting 20 pictures and the occasional status takes much less time than sending bland postcards to five people who barely care by the time you've documented the weather. The old 'show, don't tell' is a great adage when it comes to holidays.

KatnissEvermean Wed 30-Jul-14 16:44:44

YABU. I can't afford to go on holiday, but I don't resent people who do. I like seeing my friends have a nice time, and I hope that if I do something nice they will be happy for me too. I'd much rather see that than depressing, whining statuses or photos of sick children that some people post.

GoringBit Wed 30-Jul-14 16:55:35

I think YAB a little bit U. I'm not keen when someone posts 100 or more photos at a time, so unless they've been somewhere that really catches my interest, I'll avoid those.

I worry that posting trip photos can seem like stealth boasting, so I don't do it often, but when I do, I always pick out my favourite 10-15 - I hope this means that I'm not overdoing it, it also helps me to sort the wheat from the chaff.

GoringBit Wed 30-Jul-14 16:59:18

But don't get me on those 'share this if you love your son/daughter/stick insect with all your heart' posts... if you do, GET THE FUCK OFF FACEBOOK AND TELL THEM!

I'm so sorry for shouting. blush <goes for a lie down in a dark room>

indigo18 Wed 30-Jul-14 17:00:12

Holiday can't be that great if you are posting pictures on Facebook, would be my thought.
Not on FB though, so I never have to see them!

HappyGirlNow Wed 30-Jul-14 17:24:40

It takes 30 secs to post a photo - for some people to think that must mean the poster's holiday is shit is an odd assumption.

Bellini12 Wed 30-Jul-14 17:25:14

Wow. Perhaps I didn't explain my feelings well and perhaps it's the daily deluge of the 'posed' holiday photos that are doing my head in! The shots of every room of the villa and the picture of the wine in front of the blue sea. I do not begrudge my friends their holidays one bit but some of them ARE stealth bragging! But you're right, I guess that's what FB mainly is for! It defo goes beyond the means of just communication. It's seeking validation that people realise how fabulous your life is.

Fwiw, I'm not jealous, I was wondering how it would look to others that can't go away - not the bog standard pics but the posed ones. I'm lucky and have my fair share of family holidays (& have one booked this summer). It's just the last thing I feel like doing when I'm relaxing. I've posted a picture of a view on my return saying I miss it or whatever but not a blow by blow description of what I'm doing. One person is listing every day since the kids broke up! I guess I'm a modest person and just don't get this over sharing malarky (to all and sundry, not just your good mates).

Bellini12 Wed 30-Jul-14 17:29:00

But that's good advice about unfollowing someone instead of unfriending them. I didn't know that.

BreadForBrains Wed 30-Jul-14 17:34:06

Or just delete your account?!

Mrsjayy Wed 30-Jul-14 17:35:38

But it is the persons facebook they can post from bora bora If they like its a holiday people in the summer go on holiday whether its in a tent or swanky villa they are not responsible for feeling of inadequacy of their friends, go to the sidevof pictures click it will come up with hide click it,

Mrsjayy Wed 30-Jul-14 17:36:32

Facebook is all about validation though

Bellini12 Wed 30-Jul-14 17:41:08

Interestingly 2 of my best friends (& other family members) have deleted their FB accounts, so I don't think it's just me.

At the risk of turning this into a total FB rant thread, I do like it for various reasons & take most of it with a pinch of salt. It just seems this year more than ever the posed bragging pics have gone sky-fold! (I guess it doesn't help the celebs do it first?!)

Mrsjayy Wed 30-Jul-14 17:46:29

Maybe tbh I dont post holiday pics and I do think people overpost but I honestly dont think its bragging or vulgar its just the nature of the beast I blame instagram

Hulababy Wed 30-Jul-14 17:46:44

I use FB to upload pictures - quickest way to share with my parents and siblings, and close friends. It is also additional back up for photos, esp key ones. I take 100s of photos, 1000s each year.

Its not bragging. Its just sharing.

It also isn't taking anything out of their holiday. They are not sad or pretending to be happy by doing it. It takes a few seconds to upload a photo, nothing more.

Besides, I enjoy seeing photos of my friends and family, especially ones when they are away on holidays.

You have a choice though - you can block said friends if it annoys you.

Hulababy Wed 30-Jul-14 17:52:19

See..its comments like this

"Surely if you're having that great a time you don't need to post it on Facebook day in day out? "
"I can think of better things to do on holiday"
"Holiday can't be that great if you are posting pictures on Facebook, would be my thought."

Of course you can still be having a great time and be having fun, loving being with your family, enjoying the view etc but still have 30 seconds out to take a photo and post it.

No one is busy all day every day, without even 5 minutes time out, on holiday ime.

That's just ridiculous.

Mrsjayy Wed 30-Jul-14 17:55:10

It takes seconds really to post a picture I agree before face book families were using that time to bicker grin

ClockWatchingLady Wed 30-Jul-14 18:16:12

I get it, OP.

I found the constant self-promotion on Facebook increasingly hard to stomach. And the passive-aggressive rants (a GP friend/acquaintance of mine used to slag off her patients... hmm).

But you know what? If, for you personally, these negatives outweigh the positives (and I know there are some positives), then you can leave! I did, and I've never looked back.

Taz1212 Wed 30-Jul-14 18:18:58

I love holiday photos, every single one- the pool, the room, the food, the sights etc. Even if I'm not going anywhere I like to drool over everyone else's good fortune! grin

HappyGirlNow Wed 30-Jul-14 18:38:35

Maybe you've explained yourself just fine bellini and people just don't agree with you! grin

Billygoats Wed 30-Jul-14 18:42:18

I like seeing people's holiday pictures but think its a little sad that they post them daily on holiday. Do they really have nothing more exciting to do on holiday then go on Facebook.

Lucyccfc Wed 30-Jul-14 18:48:03

I love to see nice pictures on FB of my friends enjoying themselves, including holiday photo's. This is preferable to people moaning, posting links to fights or using FB to slag others off.

FB was amazing when my DS was a mascot for an England game in Miami back in June. I really struggled to get photo's of my DS from where I was sat in the stadium, but I was in tears when we got back to our hotel and saw the amount of people who had taken photo's and video's from their tv and posted them on FB. Friends who had a better view in the stadium posted photo's when we got back too. I have been able to save all these pictures and video's.

SiennaBlake Wed 30-Jul-14 18:52:36

I agree happy grin The updates haven't changed my opinion at all.

littleSpud Wed 30-Jul-14 18:53:53

I love a good FB thread

<Shameless place marking >

Delphiniumsblue Wed 30-Jul-14 19:11:44

FB causes so much angst! Holidays are one of the few things I put on there. There are family members who want to see them- if anyone is bothered they don't have to look! I am only on there to share photos with my son.

Delphiniumsblue Wed 30-Jul-14 19:13:39

I love seeing friend's holiday photos.

stillfeel18inside Wed 30-Jul-14 19:25:12

I totally agree with you OP - totally love the way the FB brigade have to tell everyone they're 'jealous' if they find some posts a bit hard to stomach. It IS about self validation a lot of the time and in my experience the friends who constantly post the posed picture perfect stuff we're talking about tend to be the insecure ones. People who have nothing to prove rarely bother.

sinisterfish Wed 30-Jul-14 19:27:01

i think holidays are for ignoring all social media but then again i am old grin

indigo18 Wed 30-Jul-14 19:30:59

Mrsjayy 'before Facebook families were using that time to bicker'. No, not at all. After Facebook people spend entire chunks of their lives not communicating with each otherl. It may only take a few seconds to upload one picture but some folks are posting hundreds. Why not enjoy the holiday, take some photos and then upload a dozen or so when you get home (as some posters have said they do). Why not sit in the restaurant enjoying your food and wine and COMPANY, rather than trying to get a signal to upload pictures of it.
And Mrsjayy, could you try using some punctuation?

indigo18 Wed 30-Jul-14 19:33:09

Mrsjayy 'before Facebook families were using that time to bicker'. No, not at all. After Facebook people spend entire chunks of their lives not communicating with each otherl. It may only take a few seconds to upload one picture but some folks are posting hundreds. Why not enjoy the holiday, take some photos and then upload a dozen or so when you get home (as some posters have said they do). Why not sit in the restaurant enjoying your food and wine and COMPANY, rather than trying to get a signal to upload pictures of it.
And Mrsjayy, could you try using some punctuation?

indigo18 Wed 30-Jul-14 19:33:58

Sorry for posting twice!

Bellini12 Wed 30-Jul-14 19:40:30

stillfeel18inside I agree and I am not jealous,but SOME pics do seem OTT and FB never seemed to be full of stuff like this.

If I have something special to celebrate (with a picture e.g. DC won an award recently) or want to share an achievement, I email my family members/god parents/best friends, the ones that are truly involved in my life, not an ex-colleague or whoever - though I do like to stay in touch with these people for other reasons.

But clearly I am in the minority so I will retreat blush

SiennaBlake Wed 30-Jul-14 19:40:45

Bit rude to apologise for posting twice and not for your personal attack on another poster.

Mrsjayy Wed 30-Jul-14 19:45:50

Meh! Im not that bothered really. I was joking about the family bickering really not serious hmm I typed a few words not a bloody novel it's not hard to read some people like to get out the virtual red pen don't they ?

Just unfollow.

One of my friends on fb went on an amazing looking holiday. On that holiday, her dp proposed and as it was planned, someone had been arranged with a camera to take asnap of 'the' moment on a gorgeous cliff top. Wonderful picture; I'm delighted she shared it.


SiennaBlake Wed 30-Jul-14 19:51:10

Makes them feel superior!

Delphiniumsblue Wed 30-Jul-14 20:11:12

You just have the wrong friends!

SiennaBlake Wed 30-Jul-14 20:12:23

Hope that was aimed at the OP not me grin

Delphiniumsblue Wed 30-Jul-14 20:13:26

MN is the most peculiar place- makes it endlessly fascinating. Why on earth are you friends with people you don't like, don't care about and have no interest in? confused if you think they do it to make themselves feel superior they are not a friend.

SiennaBlake Wed 30-Jul-14 20:14:49

Try and follow the thread. My reply was to mrsjayy about punctuation. My posts on the topic are further up.

That's why I said I hope it's not aimed at me, because you've misunderstood.

mommy2ash Wed 30-Jul-14 20:17:59

yabu if nobody shared anything on fb that might potentially hurt someone else it would be empty. I go by the rule their page their choice if you have an issue with it then don't look.

LynetteScavo Wed 30-Jul-14 20:18:34

One of my friends on FB has posted loads of photos of her and kids in a scummy looking British sea side, town, and a few pics that look like the indoor play/ball pit place from hell. I'm not at all jealous, but I'm happy she's obviously having a marvelous time. smile

Another friend posts about her frequent trips geocaching in far corners of the country. She obviously thinks it's the best thing ever. Again, I'm not at all jealous.

I will admit to being a little bit jealous of someone I don't like much showing off their new car, though

pandarific Wed 30-Jul-14 20:18:42


Namechangedforthisohyesidid Wed 30-Jul-14 20:19:24

out of interest, for the people who disagree with the OP, or think that it only takes seconds to upload, is there an amount of photos that you start to think "oh fuck off" or do you not mind if someone posts shitloads.

For me I love a few photos but too many and checking into the airport lounge, the plane, the hotel, bars, restaurants, photos of everything leaves me a bit cold.

Also, I don't like posting when I am away as I then think that robbers will swoop

Altinkum Wed 30-Jul-14 20:22:26

It's not other peoples fault you cannot afford a holiday, it might be that those people have save all year to afford that holiday too.

But Facebook is a social media website and it comes with people's daily life events, troubles and family and friends contact sonits not really surprising that people will want to share these evens in the school summer holiday where a vast percentage take time away in the Sumer.

Purpleroxy Wed 30-Jul-14 20:23:09

Op are you sure you need Facebook?

I would delete yourself from it.

Delphiniumsblue Wed 30-Jul-14 20:23:23

If robbers assume my house is empty because I am away they are in for a shock.

ChoccaDoobie Wed 30-Jul-14 20:25:14

I don't see it like that. I'm not saying I've never felt a hint of envy at some of my friends' posts from their holidays but in general I really enjoy looking at them. The thing that you need to remember is that many of the people that your friends are friends with on fbook maybe friends or family that live in a different country or different part of the country and this is a way of sharing news with them rather than bragging.

I love seeing what my far away family and friends are up to and likewise
I put lots of posts and pics about Dd because my parents live abroad and it is a really easy way to keep them updated with what she is up to. I am aware that some people might think it's bragging but I'm really not and at the end of the day if they hate it they can keep scrolling or defriend me!

pandarific Wed 30-Jul-14 20:28:17

Re: amount of photos, not really. People on fb that annoy me post inane statuses and constant selfies of their annoying heads all the time - I hide them.

People posting holiday pics is normal, and when you post up an album it all goes in a clump anyway, it's not as if you're spamming with say three pics every two days or something. I mean this nicely but I suspect the OPs upset at not having a holiday is colouring her view of this.

I mean, I want to post a pic of a pizza I had in Italy because it was THE BEST pizza I think I've ever had - that's what the internet is for, sharing random crap with others, isn't it?

MissMalonex2 Wed 30-Jul-14 20:29:37

YABU - I am happy to see friends having a good time on hols. They all work blinking hard all year to afford it - whether they go to Bognor or the Bahamas - so good on them. Why don't you just hide them from your feed whilst they are on hols - you can do that, then unhide once they are back. whilst they are away, you can focus on any over sharing misery posts instead plus the photos of kittens and game requests confused

SolomanDaisy Wed 30-Jul-14 20:29:43

I like looking at them, I often think that if an area looks beautiful in the photos we might try a holiday there in the future. It's like brochures used to be, but a bit more interesting as it's people you know.

MyFairyKing Wed 30-Jul-14 20:30:30

YABU but then again, I'm always a bit hmm at people who post 45 photos of their lunch. I do enjoy looking at FB and photos but I always wonder why people post so many of the same thing. Yeah, yeah I know it's not mandatory to look, I'm not moaning, just most perplexed!

On the other hand (yes I'm very contrary), I will have a flick through anyway if I have the time. blush

ikeaismylocal Wed 30-Jul-14 20:35:22

Nearly no one has a perfect life, some people are struggling with infertility, some people are single and miserable, some people are stuck in a relationship and miserable, some people are unemployed, some people are stuck renting, some people have lost their parents, some people can't afford a car/holidays/day trips.

If we were never to post about our family, job, children, pregnacy, partner, holidays, day trips then what should we post about?

Envy is normal emotion, we shouldn't expect our friends to censor their lives to protect us if we can't deal with one of the most basic of feelings.

Delphiniumsblue Wed 30-Jul-14 21:07:03

I asked once on MN what people could post about and the answer was nothing!

halfdrunkcoffee Wed 30-Jul-14 21:10:18

Now I feel bad because I put some of my holiday pics on Facebook although I know that some of my Facebook friends aren't going on holiday this year, either because they can't afford it or their DH can't take the time off work.

I already refrain from posting anything related to religion (or my lack of it) or political as I worry about offending people of different views. I also worry that childfree friends will get bored of child-updates. In fact I have hardly updated my status recently - I just use it mainly for chatting in groups, private messaging and following other people. I like seeing other people's holiday photos though, even the ones who are rich and childfree and always going on exotic exciting holidays.

maddening Wed 30-Jul-14 22:12:10

The problem is that you seem to be under the impression that everyone else is posting for reasons that you have created - eg to brag or deleting accounts as they feel the same as you and everyone should use fb as you do - this really is not the case.....

Namechangedforthisohyesidid Wed 30-Jul-14 22:48:17

panda yes es yes to best pizza ever but I
Seem to be friends with a lot of people who post every day a few times a day when on holiday. I don't mind albums when people come back but it's when it's constant photos. For example. A friend has gone away to celebrate anniversary with husband. Today at 2pm.

We have photo in car ironic selfie, photo of the weather on the way there, photo of the room, photo of the flowers in the room, photo of the bed and photo out of the window, photo taken from the bed with champagne glasses in, photo of
Them ready to go out, photo of drinks in bar, photo of starter and puddings )but weirdly no main) and then photo of them happy after dinner.

I am so tired but I kind of want to stay up to see if they take a photo of them doing it. Can't wait to see what they have for breakfast.

If anyone thinks you are having a nice time if you go away for one night with your other half and need to constant validation of about twenty photographs then god help you!!!

Namechangedforthisohyesidid Wed 30-Jul-14 22:49:13

But to answer
Original question, no I don't think anything wrong with some photos.

Have I hijacked the thread? I didn't mean to :-(

andsmile Wed 30-Jul-14 22:54:20

I put a huge amount of pics on FBI of hols, days out etc

It is not to brag
It is not to make anyone feel bad

It is the easiest way to share with my DM who lives 300 miles away.

It is that simple. It's not about you OP stop wasting time pondering other peoples lives. Live yours n put your own fun pics up.

SiennaBlake Wed 30-Jul-14 22:59:11

We all need to start watermarking pics for the bitter among us.

"This pic is just to share the fun I'm having. It is not in anyway a comment on your life, a boast or some insult directed at you or your way of living!"

Treaclepot Wed 30-Jul-14 23:10:49

Andsmile you can just post to her though or use Flickr. I delete people that post to many photos. A couple a week great anymore is strange.

Treaclepot Wed 30-Jul-14 23:11:32

Not strange, sorry dull.

Dixiechicken Wed 30-Jul-14 23:26:17

I use fb to upload holiday photos, not to brag but to have a record of my holiday in case I lose or break my phone.

But by the same token 90 per cent of my fb friends post special night out/holiday photos.

I compare my "holiday bragging" to those who put photos of their lovely houses on, we will never own our own home. So to be jealous of someone else's fortune is men spirited.

Aheadofyourtime Wed 30-Jul-14 23:34:15

It's good if they are funny or interesting .

But it's a bit annoying if they are posey and braggy.

BreadForBrains Wed 30-Jul-14 23:35:53

To those asking how many pictures do you have to wade through before you get bored, well in my news feed it says something like Amy has added 79 New photos to the album 'walk to the pond'. Now, I've walked to that pond before and don't think theres anything along that route particularly worth taking a photo of, so I'll just scroll on past it. Nothing against Amy, I still like her, she's still my friend, I just happen to know she likes taking 10 photos of her dc in the same pose, so I'm guessing the New photo album won't be of interest to me.
That's the beauty of Facebook, you, can ignore anything you don't want to see.

Aheadofyourtime Wed 30-Jul-14 23:37:25

I wouldn't feel jealous, I can afford my own holidays, it's just that when there are lots of photos its the online equivalent of talking about yourself too much/ being a bore. Depending on the approach and depending on the person.

ChoccaDoobie Wed 30-Jul-14 23:43:57

We all have our things that irritate us about fbook I certainly do. I personally don't enjoy seeing people having public slanging matches on there or having a snide dig at someone. I also hate the mysterious (attention seeking) "Well, at least I know who my real friends are." and then nothing type of post.....that is kind of annoying. However, I just ignore them.

For me fbook is hugely entertaining. I LOVE the funny pics, reading people's news and random observations on life, I love the campaigns and the way I am now in touch with nearly everyone in my extended family reaching across the globe. It is brilliant.

differentnameforthis Thu 31-Jul-14 00:08:16

So just because you can't afford a holiday (I can't either), you don't think people should be able to post about theirs, in a place that is theirs?

Would you walk into someone's lounge & say 'please don't show me your holiday photos, it is bragging & vulgar" just because you can't afford one?

Namechangedforthisohyesidid Thu 31-Jul-14 02:50:34

Bread that made me laugh out loud xxx

amy has added 79 photos to the album walk to the pond.

We might be friends with the same people. Sophie has added 122 photos to the album Lucas sits in a shopping trolley for the first time? Claire has added 43 new photos to the album Magnus holds a spoon with his left hand for the first time.

Lying in bed chuckling to myself.

Glastokitty Thu 31-Jul-14 03:48:39

I like seeing peoples holiday pics. I have a friend who crews a boat around the Caribbean, her photos are gorgeous. Another friend spends six months a year travelling everywhere the lucky sod, I am happy for him, and love seeing his photos!

Mind you I got told off for boasting on fb once by a friend who was aggrieved that I was posting too many photos of us having fun in the sun (bbqs etc) , and was obviously trying to rub peoples noses in it. I live in Australia FFS, what do you want me to do? If you don't want to see my photos, scroll on, my family and real friends do!

Lally112 Thu 31-Jul-14 03:59:48

You can be fed up if you want but I personally haven't had an 'abroad' holiday for over 5 years and I am perfectly happy. We try to get away to MiLs caravan once a year but if we cant then theres plenty of other things we can do. Personally I would look at these snaps of holiday villas and hotel rooms and think 'bugger packing all that again'.

MyFairyKing Thu 31-Jul-14 08:15:44

"Would you walk into someone's lounge & say 'please don't show me your holiday photos, it is bragging & vulgar" just because you can't afford one?"

I think real life is a bit different to FB. Online, you're 'talking to' a wider audience. I'd be a bit miffed I went to a friend's and they showed me hundreds of photos of their hols if I was having a really tough time financially and struggling to hold it together. A friend saying "let me show you a hilarious photo of me trying to dive in a pool" is different to "let me show you 678 photos of the beach, pool and hotel and 3 of me and the kids". On FB, I understand it's their space to share as they see fit. In the same way, I wouldn't go on and on about my fab new job to my friend who is the process of being dismissed. It's about being sensitive in RL.

MyFairyKing Thu 31-Jul-14 08:19:07

I have a few friends who share loads of photos of their kids and I like it. At least kids are funny and cute, posting 38 photos of the ducks, swings and the grass is dull as hell unless you're an arty photographer.

MorrisZapp Thu 31-Jul-14 08:24:38

Plane wing after plane wing after plane wing...

Yabu, get a grip.

sebsmummy1 Thu 31-Jul-14 08:29:21

Thing is you have your phone on you all the time and can upload photos instantly, do it's not as though it's any faff or hassle at all, hence why you end up with daily timelines.

Seriously for those people getting upset by it then social media isn't for you, take some time out. When life cheers up and you have some photos you want to share you'll be amazed how differently you view FB etc. Suddenly it's a cheerful friendly medium again and not full of braggers and stealth boasts.

Delphiniumsblue Thu 31-Jul-14 09:00:30

Exactly sebsmummy. I love taking photos and at the end of a day I upload to my iPad and see what I have. It is the work of seconds to press upload to FB. You don't have to look at them. If it says Delph has added 12 photos you can see the first one and scroll past.

gingerdodger Thu 31-Jul-14 11:40:02

I see Facebook as a great way of keeping in touch with those that, on a day to day basis I don't see or talk to as much as I would like. Given most Facebook friends are people I knew through school/college/uni/work/social groups etc I see my Facebook posts as the kind of thing I would share if they were with me. Funny anecdotes, few holiday pics, days out. Either that or sharing with people who were with me so they have the pics too.

The less happy stuff I keep to close friends, just as I do in everyday life. When I am quiet on Facebook close friends generally know I am on a bit of a downer.

I like to see other's posts on the same basis. So yes some people over post and I skim through them,I think some people do try and brag but that says more about them than me (would question why they feel the need) anyone who posts offensive stuff gets unfriended/defollowed but generally I love seeing what people are up to. I might occasionally feel envious but I guess I would have done in real life anyway.

I really enjoy Facebook. I love Timehop too to see what was happening a year ago.

Wise words (I thought) off another thread 'don't compare everyone else's highlights to your behind the scenes'.

WanderingTrolley1 Thu 31-Jul-14 11:48:09


In life, there will always be people more intelligent, successful, richer, slimmer, prettier, confident, etc, etc.

Deal with it.

Bellini12 Thu 31-Jul-14 18:23:27

Jeez Louise! Well it is clear that most of you haven't read my comments upthread. Yes, I accept we're all different and I am clearly more private than most, however it wasn't holiday photos per se, but the NATURE of some of the pics, the Instagram type ones that IMO do come across as bragging. I'm not the only one to notice this.

Luckily I CAN afford lovely holidays and I am not jealous, just bewildered, I wondered how it would come across to others that couldn't, but I was proved wrong.

Hulababy Thu 31-Jul-14 20:26:27

No, I read the previous posts you made. I just don't happen to agree, thats all.

Aheadofyourtime Thu 31-Jul-14 23:50:00

Well I agree with you OP...if they are funny, great, but hundreds of photos with no irony or funny side is deadly dull.

cerealqueen Fri 01-Aug-14 00:21:40

I take it all with a pinch of salt. I generally like many Facebook posts, and often know that life can be complicated behind the happy smiley posts, my own included.

alemci Fri 01-Aug-14 01:39:08

I'm on a lovely holiday right now but wouldn't share picks as I worry about people knowing I'm away and fb security etc.

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