To wonder what you all think? How soon after giving birth is it reasonable to expect yourself to diet/get in shape/start a rigorous new fitness regime?

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mameulah Sun 22-Jun-14 21:53:29

Expecting our second baby soon. Never lost the baby weight the first time and have to definitely shift weight soon. Our second baby is due at the end of July and I would like to be at least a couple of dress sizes smaller by Christmas.

I know I can cut back and stay on the straight and narrow immediately after birth. But cake and coffee and catching up are all too often too tempting. I am much better when being really focused and full on with exercise.

When realistically do you think it is fair to expect this of yourself?

AMillionNameChangesLater Sun 22-Jun-14 21:56:12

My ds2 is six months old in a couple of weeks. I'll be starting the diet etc then

melissa83 Sun 22-Jun-14 21:58:23

I exercise from immediately but dont really need to watch food intake as I dont tend to overeat. Depends how far gone you are as if near end might be too late to start but I find it you exercise a lot during pregnancy then you can just carry on.

JellyStrawberries Sun 22-Jun-14 22:01:41

My ds is nearly 11 weeks and I've tried and failed to get started on losing the baby weight several times already.The sleep deprivation and breastfeeding hunger combined with the fact that everyone brings me cake and I have no willpower means I am stuck in a cycle of failure and feeling miserable about it, which chips away my motivation further. I'm just trying to find a couple of nice outfits in my current size to help me feel better andonce I am less exhausted and handling baby and toddler better, I'll concentrate on my diet more. I am tryt to eat plenty of veg, drink lots of water etc now to make me feel better in general, but not really cutting back in other areas!

PictureFrames Sun 22-Jun-14 22:02:22

I think when they start sleeping through the night is what I'd go for next time. Before then I feel like I need to snack to combat tiredness.

plentyofshoes Sun 22-Jun-14 22:02:46

If I am honest I wanted to get back to normal weight quickly. Once past the 8 week mark (as advised) I started light exercise.
It is hard as you are knackered, but it does make you feel better.
It is harder after the second one!

BikeRunSki Sun 22-Jun-14 22:02:56

I compensated for the huge lack of sleep, post c sec recovery and exhaustion of looking after a baby and a 3 yo with carbs. I also had a lot of low level illness for 6 months after dc2 was born - tooth abscess, tonsillitis types of things. I couldn't have countenanced diet or exercise for several months.

When dd was 11 months old ds (just 4) asked me if I was having another baby. When I told him j wasn't, he asked shy I was so fat.....

I joined Slimming World and started the Couch to 5k. Took me 4 months to lose 3 stone. DS's comment spurred me into action, but I couldn't have done anything before then.

creampie Sun 22-Jun-14 22:03:53

I wouldn't even remotely entertain the idea until at least 6 weeks. If you're intending to really go for it, with heavy exercise and calorie restrictions, I'd think at least 12 weeks or after you've finished breast feeding, whichever is later.

TBH, it's massively harder to find motivation after the second baby than it was after the first, for me at least. The tiredness is just sooo much more crippling, probably because there aren't the natural breaks that you get with the first, when they nap etc. The need for sugar, just to get through the day, was huge until at least 4 months!

Just take it easy on yourself, see how it goes, before forcing yourself to try and meet targets

PersonOfInterest Sun 22-Jun-14 22:05:40

5 years (or was that just me?)

PrincessBabyCat Sun 22-Jun-14 22:06:20

How to say this without sounding sanctimonious.

Just don't take it that way, it's really not how I mean it. wink

I ate healthy while I was pregnant so that DD would be healthy with the occasional soda. When she was born I just didn't go back to junk food and kept eating healthy, and was back to prebaby weight by 6 weeks. Coffee isn't fattening unless you get mochas, and you can politely decline cakes, by saying your body needs healthy food to heal and get back on track (which isn't a lie). Or if you are breast feeding use that as an excuse. You can buy fresh fruit cups at coffee shops.

But exercising will really depend on how much damage the baby causes on the way out. You'll know when you can start moving around and being active again.

JamJimJam Sun 22-Jun-14 22:15:50

I think there are so many factors to consider, that it's not a good idea to set yourself a strict target.

I put on 21lbs and 28lbs when pg - this was not a huge amount and was easy to lose. I was back in the gym after 6 weeks which helped. I exclusively breastfed but think that didn't help me lose weight.

I have friends that put on almost 60lbs, so obviously found it took a long time to lose the weight. But it takes 9 months to gain all the weight - I wouldn't start to worry until 9 months later.

Purplepoodle Sun 22-Jun-14 22:16:42

For me it was around when my baby had reached 7/8 months when they started to sleep better before that I was too exhausted.

mameulah Sun 22-Jun-14 22:17:41


That is exactly what happened with me after pfb ds was born! It is soooo very difficult.

With pfb ds I was able to go for lots of long, long walks. But now he is a toddler and we will have a newborn the walks we go on are slooooow, at a toddlers pace. I guess I will have to get the fitness dvds out!

Writerwannabe83 Sun 22-Jun-14 22:24:41

My DS is 13 weeks and I have no idea what I weigh.

I know what I was pre-pregnancy and what I was at 39 weeks pregnant but that's it.

I have no desire to weigh myself - I prefer to live in ignorant bliss smile

Exercising and a healthy diet is the last thing on my mind smile

Sillylass79 Sun 22-Jun-14 22:24:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EmmaLL25 Sun 22-Jun-14 22:26:08

I walked endless miles with DS to get him to nap. Breastfed on demand and lost baby weight and more in a few months.

That said I couldn't have faced dieting, the sleep deprivation has given me such a sweet tooth. Now I'm back at work I try to just pack salads/fruit so the days when I'm
not bf during day I'm watching what I eat.

I went to a mum and baby Pilates class from 10weeks and found that really helped my core strength, especially after having a section. Also did a few mum and buggy classes which were good to get up a sweat.

Prior to having baby I found limiting my portions really helped, I bought a smaller dinner plate and tried do drink lots of water too.

Good luck.

fatlazymummy Sun 22-Jun-14 22:28:37

It depends how you feel ,doesn't it?. I didn't do any vigorous fitness routines, but I didn't eat lots of cake and I started going for walks after a few days. I don't like being overweight and I didn't want to just sit on the sofa either.
I lose weight naturally after my births, but with my 1st I was left with about an extra stone, so I went on a 'diet ' after a few months and lost it quite quickly. I didn't need to after my 2nd and 3 rd births.

I are anything and everything when pregnant with dc3 and put on 5 stone smile. I rejoined slimming works when he was 2 weeks old (they are supported something to do with midwives whilst bf) and I lost the 5 stone by the time he was 5 months. Helped by walking school/preschool run 6 tines a day half hour each way as due to sight problems not allowed to drive. Was quite amusing I had pre-op when he was 5 months at the eye hospital I caused panic that the scales were malfunctioning. That was until I pointed out that u had been 6 months pregnant when I had my last operation grin

Mouthfulofquiz Sun 22-Jun-14 22:51:18

I'm currently 9 weeks post birth with my 2nd - have done a couple of short runs and am trying to watch what I eat but I have also developed a bit of a sweet tooth! My little one breastfeeds a lot which I think is increasing my appetite. I used to run around 5k a few times a week but I think I have a mild prolapse now, so I'm having to keep the distances in check and concentrate to exercising my pelvic floor instead! Very annoying considering the baby shot out really! But I had a chronic cough throughout pregnancy which well and truly Knackered it. I've got about a stone to shift.... Will give myself until Christmas...

standingonlego Sun 22-Jun-14 22:56:39

All depends how birth goes and how you feel. Do it when you are ready, do not worry about anyone else. Go at your pace.

For me what made a huge difference was breastfeeding and walking everywhere with the buggy at a brisk pace. Always have water and fruit with you. Simple, no rocket science but really works. Sleep anywhere and anytime you can!

Three months. I was an avid exerciser during third pregnancy and went back to the gym at about 8 weeks (intense exercise...kickboxing and advanced step). It was too soon sad. I got really depressed and got much too thin (was breastfeeding). I'd go for gentle running/walks if I had to do it again. If you're nursing, your body is working round the clock. Don't go crazy on top of that smile.

deakymom Sun 22-Jun-14 23:10:33

the rule is 9months on 9 months off and if its not off by 9months diet

LittlePeaPod Sun 22-Jun-14 23:24:31

I have always kept fit and I went back to the gym after 4 weeks post ELCS. I had consultant and GP approval before going back.

I agree with those that say go back when you feel ready. I had to go back because I started feeling depressed because I wasn't exercising. It wasn't about weight loss for me. it was more about the endorphin rush.

ThisIsmySecretPassword Sun 22-Jun-14 23:43:56

I put weight on with ds1 and started losing it as soon as I could. I can't remember exactly when but I was back to normal when he was 4 or 5 months. I used keep fit videos and was very determined. I bf which I am sure helped me loose weight a lot faster.
I was 25 and fairly sporty. I don't think it matters if it takes a lot longer though - it depends on how you feel and what your priorities are. You can't plan it.
I was much more careful not to put on too much with the rest of my kids.

LadyNexus Sun 22-Jun-14 23:45:30

50 years.

Yup, that should do it grin

littledrummergirl Sun 22-Jun-14 23:52:52

Dd is nearly 10yrs and I havent managed it yet..

A year. Don't underestimate how much harder it will be second time round and don't put pressure on yourself (as there'll be lots of other pressures!) It really should be the last thing you think about! I was so run down and drained for the first year with ds2. I started running when he was about 10 weeks old. Then that wiped me out so started doing brisk walks instead. Then I was only able to take the bus... And with both dc I put weight on with bf due to sugar cravings. So - go easy on yourself!

I think the Daily Mail suggests about 3 hours post partum is about right.

Darkesteyes Mon 23-Jun-14 00:24:57

My diet class consultant went to her anti natal class armed with information for the other pregnant women there on healthy eating before, during and after pregnancy . confused

ThinkIveBeenHacked Mon 23-Jun-14 00:27:59

Ds will be born in or around the last week in October. In January I will join SW. Exercise wise ill walk a LOT more on Mat Leave as I did last time, but I know that alone will not combat the squidginess so I will probably return to Zumba Feb/March time.

wobblyweebles Mon 23-Jun-14 00:49:18

9 months, especially with subsequent children.

Want2bSupermum Mon 23-Jun-14 01:00:52

DS is 17 months and i still weigh the same as I did when I came home from the hospital. I went back to work full time when DS was 8 weeks old and was losing weight slowly last summer when doing pilates twice a week.

I have no idea what I will do after a third. I think I will have a CS so they can put everything back in place and suck the fat out. I didn't BF with DS so felt comfortable restricting my calories post partum, not that it worked! If I was BF I wouldn't dream of cutting calories until finished with feeding.

LittlePeaPod Mon 23-Jun-14 06:35:54


I think I will have a CS so they can put everything back in place and suck the fat out.

They don't do that. I wish they had with my CS. Unfortunately you still come out with the jelly belly and need to exercise it off..

melissa83 Mon 23-Jun-14 07:37:55

The fitter you stay in pregnancy the less you will have to do. You are much less likely to have any wobbly bits if you do a lot of exercise in pregnancy and then once baby out it goes back to normal really quick.

PlateSpinningAtAllTimes Mon 23-Jun-14 07:47:03

It will depend massively on the personality of your baby. I had grand plans of doing fitness DVDs with the toddler joining in and the baby in a bouncy chair. Then DD came along and screamed continuously for 6 months. Mind you, she spend a LOT of time in a sling so that was one way of burning calories!
I actually found that watching what I ate was more achievable. I gave myself the first 3 months to eat what the hell I wanted, then went on a diet. The weight fell off, actually.

BaldHedgehog Mon 23-Jun-14 07:55:27

I still remember the poster who wanted to get back to her prebaby shape quickly and gave herself a prolapse.
When i asked my mw how long it takes for woman's body to fully recover from pregnancy and bf she said 2 years.
I was also told to forget about any diets while breastfeeding.

There's no miracle cure, only not to overeat and cut out the stuff your body doesn't need ( fizzy drinks, sweets) and seriously reduce highly processed food (junk). It's not easy but doable.

One more thing- i never managed to get rid of 1 of 4 stones i put on during pregnancy- i was walking for miles with the pram to keep myself fit, as the result the fat on my thigs was replaced by muscle and this is heavier matter...

Darkesteyes grin

Baldhedgehog two years seems about right for being back to "normal" in terms of strength, fitness and general wellness after bfing.

MrMacadoo Mon 23-Jun-14 08:05:48

I rejoined slimming world when baby no 2 was 5 weeks. he is now 15 weeks and I am 17lb lighter. i put on 3 stone so am halfway to getting back to pre pregnancy weight (i was doing SW after the birth of dd and had lost a stone and a half when i found out i was pregnant again. Dd was 18 months when ds born)

i want to lose 5 stone in total to get back to pre Dh weight and back in my size 10 dresses.

i restarted as soon as possible as i didn't want any more extra pounds to sneak on and SW doesn't feel like a diet to me as I eat loads!

MrMacadoo Mon 23-Jun-14 08:07:25

oh also i don't do any exercise othrt than walking and running around after the kids as that's tiring enough!

TheBogQueen Mon 23-Jun-14 08:10:19

I've had 3 - I also think 2 years to get back to full fitness especially after c section. I think your shape changes though.
And it's important to be kind up yourself when you are coping with constant broken sleep

Weight us a constant battle now I am 40. Sigh.

LittlePeaPod Mon 23-Jun-14 08:20:05

I think it depends on how fit you were Pre-pregnancy and how actieyou are post pregnancy. I had a CS on NYE 2013 and DD is nearly 6 month. I am back to pre pregnancy size (8/10), fitness levels are back to normal and my core strength is good (jelly belly completely gone and ab definition is returning). I am fortunate though I can go to the gym 5 times a week and MIL/DH look after DD whilst I am there.

I really think it depends on the individual, the food you eat and how active you are.

LittlePeaPod Mon 23-Jun-14 08:21:05

I am also an older mum (38)

RufusTheReindeer Mon 23-Jun-14 08:21:44

Ds2 just turned 11, I might start now...or I might leave it until it's a nice round number (like me)

Make small changes, coffee and cake only once a week or once every couple of weeks, cut down on biscuits etc for a few months and see how you go. Start introducing more exercise and maybe aim to be on track in three months or so

They do say 9 months up and 9 months down...or that might just be me hmm

Longdistance Mon 23-Jun-14 08:32:34

My youngest is 3. But, I'm starting to think about dieting now, as dd1 will be going to school in September, and will turn 5. I really want to go back to work too, but only part time. So, after we get back from our holiday that's my aim.

I'm not sure which diet to do, as last time I dieted, I did a low fat, calorie controlled diet. Only problem with that was, I put the weight back on slowly after 3 years, but, I did lose 4 stone on it. I just want it to stay off. My evil foods are cheese, bread and wine.

bronya Mon 23-Jun-14 08:45:32

I ate healthily but didn't restrict amounts straight after birth, but didn't diet until I stopped bf. Then I didn't need to, the relief of being able to skip meals if I felt like it, meant that I lost plenty!

Want2bSupermum Mon 23-Jun-14 14:36:29

Littlepea I am joking about that! I had CS with both, an emergency one for the first and planned for the 2nd. My 2nd was 10lb6oz and just about finished me off. His head was outside of my pelvis from the start of month 8 onwards. I had the surgery to repair my stomach when DS was 6 weeks.

Would LOVE to go to the gym 5 times a week. I got my promotion this year which meant working way too many hours. I have 40lbs to lose before I will feel human again. I am very lucky that our health insurance here in the US covers weight management if your BMI is over 28. I qualify which is sad but at least I have support.

Inglori0us Mon 23-Jun-14 16:38:27

My dc2 is 11 weeks and I went back to Slimming World when he was 3 weeks. I've not been particularly strict but I've lost over a stone and feel much better about myself. Not done any proper exercise though. Too knackered still.

LittlePeaPod Mon 23-Jun-14 16:50:06

Want2b blush sorry.. I am currently on ML. I met a work colleague I hadnt seen since DD was born for lunch a few weeks back. She actually asked me if I had a tummy tuck and lipo suction as part of the CS. This is someone that knew was I was a gym junkie prior to getting pregnant and whilst pregnant before HG struck me down.

Congratulations on the promotion. thanks

LittlePeaPod Mon 23-Jun-14 16:51:15

liposuction that should read.

Want2bSupermum Tue 24-Jun-14 02:57:15

Littlepea Those who have not had children have no idea! Enjoy your ML and thank you for the congratulations.

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