Was at One Direction concert in Dublin last night and can't help feeling that...

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NeverTalksToStrangers Sat 24-May-14 21:38:41

... they are short-changing everyone a bit?

I enjoyed it but it just wasn't that spectacular.
They are good looking lads,they have some good songs and they can sing but it was all a bit 'meh' for me. It didn't help that it was cold and rained a bit, but still.

I wouldn't say I was a westlife fan but i've been to a good few of their concerts and really enjoyed them (I used to accompany my little cousin so her mum didn't have to go). Any other pop band would have dancers etc. Little mix for example - would LOVE to see them live. They had nothing, and only 'changed their outfits' by putting on more layers because it was fecking baltic in croke park. I get that the dancing and different/unusual costumes thing isn't their M-O but why the feck not? It's not like their fan base is incredibly mature and too old for a bit of cheese? Plus, so many album tracks. Ok for the die hard twitter teens, but not so good for all the mummies (or aunties in my case (I have 2 DSs (5 and 2) so not with me) and younger fans (of which their were thousands. Not one cover either. I love an alternative, unexpected cover, but no.

Even the staging and special effects were just ok. No massive surprises. There a bit in the middle which was a bit unexpected but the rest was just par for the course. The techies behind the bits that appeared on the big screens behind them put in much more effort than all the boys combined.

They did all seem to be genuinely chuffed for Niall, who did seem to be v emotional at playing in Croke park (v much considered sacred ground in ireland) and they mentioned a few times that it was the biggest crowd they had ever played to.

Maybe I have the wrong idea about it all. I'm sure plenty of you are going in the coming weeks. You might love it.

Lilaclily Sat 24-May-14 21:40:40

I agree
I loved Take That's Circus show - they really know how to put on a live concert

Annunziata Sat 24-May-14 21:42:53

They aren't supposed to be entertaining the mammies and aunties grin

Peacesword Sat 24-May-14 21:44:45

I just watched them on the Big Weekend and commented that they all look worn out and didn't seem to be enjoying it.

NeverTalksToStrangers Sat 24-May-14 21:46:57

They did the big weekend today?? They are in Dublin again tonight (as I type). Possibly knackered, lol...

Rabbitcar Sat 24-May-14 21:46:59

Oh no, DDs going in 2 weeks to Wembley. Hope it's ok! Think die hard fan DD2 will be fine but DD1 may not be impressed. We're going to Katy Perry next weekend; think that should be fun?

NeverTalksToStrangers Sat 24-May-14 21:48:40

Just noticed horrific spelling mistake up there and am ashamed.

*There not their

Peacesword Sat 24-May-14 21:49:57

I don't know if it was footage from yesterday or earlier this evening. I settled into my spot on the sofa early, ready for Coldplay!

scarlettsmummy2 Sat 24-May-14 21:50:25

I saw some film on Facebook from last night and thought it was decidedly average. I took my five year old to Katy Perry in Glasgow last week and she put on a fabulous show! Ten times better than what I saw today, and she totally knew her audience and what little girls would love.

NeverTalksToStrangers Sat 24-May-14 21:51:16

Agree about Take That. Even that bint Cyrus puts on a show.

Katy perry should be fun. Mind you don't get any squirty cream in your eye though.

RunBikeRun Sat 24-May-14 21:51:27

Oh crap I'm taking DD to see them at Wembley in 2 weeks :-( We saw Olly Murrs last year and he was amazing. A real showman

Fairylea Sat 24-May-14 21:52:07

I think one direction are on their last legs now really. Puberty has hit them like a ton of bricks smile

Katy Perry is really amazing in concert. Total show, which is what it should be.

NeverTalksToStrangers Sat 24-May-14 21:53:48

I don't want to say what special effects they did have in order to ruin the only highlights of the evening for the rest of you in the coming weeks.


sharonthewaspandthewineywall Sat 24-May-14 21:54:24

Maybe I have the wrong idea about it all. I'm sure plenty of you are going in the coming weeks. You might love it.


spookyskeleton Sat 24-May-14 21:54:47

Am going to Etihad stadium next week (also mum of 2 boys so on aunty duties)

I remember going to see Take That in the early 90s when they were the 1D of the time and the concert was amazing - as you say, lots of special effects, great staging, covers section. I was expecting something similar but obviously I am going to be disappointed!

scarlettsmummy2 Sat 24-May-14 21:55:04

Yes- Katy was a proper show- fab effects, she seemed like a really nice girl, engaged loads with the audience, and has an unbelievable amount of energy. She played for more than two hours and it just got better and better. I think she would be really hard to beat!

TheSarcasticFringehead Sat 24-May-14 21:56:24

I kind of agree- but think they're ending the career. DD recently told me their contract ends in 2015 (and she said something about a marriage?), so I'm guessing they night not continue it on. We have been to a concert at every tour they've done (we know someone who works with them) and I don't think it will be that good this time. The first one was good as it was small and more personal, then after they'd be joking around and acting quite young and now I think they'll probably be disappointing.

At least it's not Bieber, I suppose.

I think their whole appeal is that they aren't dancing and are kind of boy next doors, but if I'm paying for concert tickets, I want a concert, not just songs and faffing.

tiredandsadmum Sat 24-May-14 21:56:27

I know the feeling - I went to see Elton John years ago and it was a bland minimum effort concert. He barely knew where he was. 2 hrs, in out by helicopter. Missed the support act due to atrocious policing getting the small crowds in. You feel gutted. Totally agree on Take That - what a show smile

I reckon McBusted looks like a good show. They come down on a UFO don't they? That's more like it.

Cocolepew Sat 24-May-14 21:56:47

I saw katy perry a couplefof weeks ago and it was amazng, brilliant show. I was so impresssed.

TheSarcasticFringehead Sat 24-May-14 21:58:01

DD now wanrs to see Five Seconds of Summer.

I have a feeling she'll be swinging through boybands until she hits adulthood. <sigh>

Groovee Sat 24-May-14 21:58:40

I've been to 1D and only suffer it because of dd. But I loved Camryn and 5 Seconds of Summer last time.

Little Mix was fab, and their support was fab. Take That was out of that world and Celine Dion was magical.

We'll see how we go in Murrayfield in 9 days!

NeverTalksToStrangers Sat 24-May-14 21:58:51

Spooky No, the staging was fine and there was a good bit of special effects, just nothing OMG AMAZING.

Re the boys: no dancing, no costumes, no covers, no real surprises.

RunBikeRun Sat 24-May-14 21:59:45

Ok so now we need to see Katy Perry...!

Cocolepew Sat 24-May-14 22:03:25

I really didn't want to go to KP, I was taking DD, but was gobsmacked at her stage set. I'm still amazed grin

AmysTiara Sat 24-May-14 22:03:50

Sparkling a friend took his son to see McBusted and said the special effects were incredible.

NeverTalksToStrangers Sat 24-May-14 22:04:01

Sarcastic 5SOS are supporting 1D.

They were ok, but very grungey sounding live and bit lost on the 7 and 9 to DNs. Had two other DNs with us (14 and 12) who were more into them (or pretending to be).

They played their single afterwards on the screens (before 1d came on) and it sounded nothing like anything they had played.

Captainbarnacles1101 Sat 24-May-14 22:04:03

Im going to see One Direction in Croke tomo night with my Dd. its their third night so they will probably be knackered! she would have a ball even if they came out on stage and did nothing, my OH and i went to see Katy Perry in Belfast on the opening night of her tour and it was spectacular! it really really was. methinks im gonna be disapointed tomo.

I can imagine Amys, I wish i was going. envy

NeverTalksToStrangers Sat 24-May-14 22:08:01

Captainb Wrap up warm. I have no idea how I had a breeze at my feet (we were lower cusack stand) but I did. If I had balls, they would have been icy ones. Bring a rain coat too. We bought ponchos from oxfam who must have made a killing.

Walking out I seen 2 tubes in short shorts and bare legs. LMAO.

grocklebox Sat 24-May-14 22:09:46

Yabu to go to thebloody thing in the first place, the sodding traffic jams last nigh, and tonight, were horrendous.
And never mind there not their, how about oops aibu, not chat?

NeverTalksToStrangers Sat 24-May-14 22:10:25

If they are planning on splitting up soon it will be worse than when take that did. Take that didn't have twitter psychos..

NeverTalksToStrangers Sat 24-May-14 22:11:21

Sorry grockle... wanted to see if anyone disagreed?

threepiecesuite Sat 24-May-14 22:16:55

Take That's Circus show was an absolute visual spectacular. I was astounded by the elephant.

TheSarcasticFringehead Sat 24-May-14 22:18:28

Yes, we saw them last year too, she wants to go to their proper own concert. She's obsessive. I can't remember being like this? Musical ability, I think they're quite average. I remember liking Gary Barlow ( blush ) and I wasn't like this at all.

Cocolepew Sat 24-May-14 22:23:30

KP on her GG

NeverTalksToStrangers Sat 24-May-14 22:40:44

OMG. Amazing.

Not one gold horse last night!! Not one!!

No UFOs Never?

NeverTalksToStrangers Sat 24-May-14 22:47:55

Nope. They have something but nothing near that.

Open air venues are trickier though, I know that. But still...

Cocolepew Sat 24-May-14 22:59:15

KP had her horse, neon glow in the dark costumes and skipping ropes, popped up from under the stage all over the place, moving paths on stage, giant cat toys, floaty material swooshing over the crowd, giant flower canopy, fireworks, confetti, flying over the crowd on ballons, giant birthday cake, etc etc.

I was exhausted just watching her grin

GiniCooper Sat 24-May-14 23:04:17

I had 9 people in my (sorry, yes) FB news feed last night at the concert with their daughters.
Only 2 tonight so far!

All, have had an absolutely amazing time. From the 7 year olds to the 37 year olds.

Not my cup of tea but they have all been pleased so far.

NeverTalksToStrangers Sat 24-May-14 23:06:38

I enjoyed it, just wasn't blown away (or even blown over).

Redcoats Sat 24-May-14 23:17:31

They looked like they were going through the motions on The Big Weekend in Glasgow this afternoon. Just shuffling around, not really getting into it. If they had to fly straight back to Dublin after no wonder they were knackered.

They've probably got a couple of years left, they're still huge in US.

I think a couple of years is generous. One of them will do a Robbie Williams and that will be that very soon.

NeverTalksToStrangers Sat 24-May-14 23:28:08

Sparkling My money is on Harry.

scarlettsmummy2 Sat 24-May-14 23:29:42

My money is on Harry too, closely followed by Niall.

NeverTalksToStrangers Sat 24-May-14 23:34:11

Niall seems to be more comfortable playing guitar and writing than singing.

bruffin Sat 24-May-14 23:34:44

Dd is pretty disgusted that Harry Styles is being mentioned for the film of Wicked as Firero grin

NeverTalksToStrangers Sat 24-May-14 23:40:16

bruffin Is he?? Didn't know that.

Should i go onto twitter and say that I thought the concert was a bit shit, just to see what happens??

AnnabelleDarling Sat 24-May-14 23:41:22

I am taking dd tomorrow, she is so excited. I am dreading the cold, have taken my winter coat out of attic. It is freezing here.

bruffin Sat 24-May-14 23:45:17

Dd memtioned it a few times. She loves Wicked and not happy. We saw Adam Garcia in it when it opened and she missed Lee Mead and saw Matt Willus at West Ens live. She was at the Mcbusted concert and said it was brilliant

thecatfromjapan Sat 24-May-14 23:47:38

It might be interesting to do that (denounce 1D's concert on Twitter). Are 1-Ders as vehement as the Bieber-people? Would it be Twitter suicide?


I have a 1-Der in the house.

NeverTalksToStrangers Sat 24-May-14 23:48:59

They are worse...

And they refer to all of them as baby.
"so proud of you baby, follow me or i will kill myself" etc.

Captainbarnacles1101 Sun 25-May-14 07:07:53

My dd is obsessed with them. She's in tears if they come on the TV! Spent all last night talking her into wearing something other than denim shorts! She got these tickets for Christmas and has been planning what to wear since Niall asked everyone to wear green!

Was there a lot of green there!

Tinkerball Sun 25-May-14 07:15:46

Katy Perry is headlining in Glasgow tonight as part of Radio 1s Big Weekend, should be on BBC3 as Coldplay were on live last night.

Bea Sun 25-May-14 07:18:13

Have to say mcbusted sound like they put on a helluva show! The reviews have been fantastic!! Must admit was quite tempted but I'm 40 odd blush plus sold out in seconds!!

beccajoh Sun 25-May-14 07:30:37

I watched them on the radio 1 thing yesterday and agree they looked bored and tired, and spent an inordinate amount of time fannying around at a table at the back of the stage with water bottles (only sang four songs FFS!) and their ear pieces. Three of them didn't even smile (Zane, Harry and Liam), and just sang and walked around the stage. Liam was the only one who had any real interaction with the crowd. Louis tried a bit but the crowd just looked a bit, well, bored!

They've got as far as they have on their looks.

beccajoh Sun 25-May-14 07:35:37

I mean Niall interacting with the crowd, not Liam. He just looked bored. Too cool for school.

insancerre Sun 25-May-14 07:42:07

Shock horror
1D are crap live
Really ??!!!!
Well . what a surprise....... Not
I wouldn't go to one of their gigs if you paid me
Tonight I shall be watching none inch nails.
Now yba s proper music
Yes I am a music snob but I can't help thinking that of the special effects and costume changes ate more important than the music them something has gone very wrong with the music industry

FourEyesGood Sun 25-May-14 08:00:34

Insancerre There's a massive difference between a gig and a pop show. A pop show should be a spectacular event (hence the heftier ticket price). You're not being a music snob; you're just being a snob.

Groovee Sun 25-May-14 08:43:48

Insancerre do you have a teenage daughter?

scarlettsmummy2 Sun 25-May-14 08:48:15

I wouldn't go to a nine inch nails concert if you paid me, nor would I take my daughter, but each to their own!

insancerre missing the point a but there. I don't have a teenage girl but I was totally in the front row at the NEC in the 80s for Duran Duran. I would have been all over 1D as a teen. grin

Disclaimer-DD way better looking/better music mind.


insancerre Sun 25-May-14 09:00:07

yes i do have a teenage daughter
the last gig we went to together was Placebo
her first gig with us was Uk Subs
she is soo jealous that she's not going tonight

bruffin Sun 25-May-14 09:18:32

Just googled 9 inch Nails as never heard of them. Its a few minutes i will never get back of my life, 3 songs all sounding the same monotone.
My dd is off to slamdunk today

scarletforya Sun 25-May-14 09:40:17

I agree with insancerre !

It's a pop show for kids, what else would you expect!?

Of course it was Shiite!

Just because it's aimed at kids doesn't mean it has to be shite though-that's the point.

Captainbarnacles1101 Sun 25-May-14 10:09:27

Well on the train going to Dublin now. It's FULL of wee girls singing one direction songs BADLY and eating copious amounts of sweets. Gonna be a lot of hyper girls there tonight.

Leggingsandtrainersnonono Sun 25-May-14 10:15:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

spookyskeleton Sun 25-May-14 10:16:49

Exactly - why does it have to be shit just because it is aimed at children??

My first concert was Erasure in the late 80's -iirc they were respected credible artists with the music as the main seller (not image etc) at the time but still managed to do a fantastic show with special effects, dancers etc. I don't see why the 2 things have to be mutually exclusive confused

Pimpf Sun 25-May-14 10:21:50

Thank god neither of my dd's are into any of that shit! They can't stand any of it, to be fair, they are heavily influenced by us. Am dreading the move to secondary school when they'll be introduced to it.

TheSarcasticFringehead Sun 25-May-14 10:23:35

I think Liam will turn into Gary Barlow (hopefully without the tax avoidance, although I'm not betting on that). Harry will probably do a Robbie. Niall might end up presenting a kid show or fading into quite happy obscurity. No idea about the other two.

Pimpf you may find that your DDs bond and make nice friends over a shared interest in bands at Secondary.

Pimpf Sun 25-May-14 10:28:06

I can only hope sparkling!

They are learning instruments and naturally go towards rock music. Long may that last!

IHaveBrilloHair Sun 25-May-14 10:29:12

We're going to Murrayfield on the 3rd, I'm just excited to be seeing them!

Cocolepew Sun 25-May-14 10:30:52

My 16 yo DD likes Muse and Paramore, I can cope with them grin.
I had to see JLS 3 times with DD2.

U2TheEdge Sun 25-May-14 10:36:05

The best live show ever is U2!

Visually stunning, amazing set up and it blows you away.

Nothing could compare now.

MargotLovedTom Sun 25-May-14 10:39:40

Well music doesn't have to be exclusive - dd loves 1D and The Clash and various other punk and ska her dad has introduced her to. I love Teenage Fanclub and The Smiths, but also American rock anthems and 80s pop.

We've paid a fortune for 1D tickets so they better be on form this week.

Mammabear31 Sun 25-May-14 10:42:47

Just watched 1D at radio 1 big weekend. Am a bit concerned for poor Louis....v.v.skinny and looks totally burnt out. At the end he was really struggling to walk up the slope off the stage sad

Nothing compares.....

Redcoats Sun 25-May-14 10:54:13

If if paid a shitload of money to see them and I got 5 sulky teens shuffling round the stage Id be a bit pissed off.
They make cheesy pop for teen girls. It's not about the music it's about the show.

My two ore-teen boys would rather poke their eyes out than go to a 1d concert because they're 'for girls'.

thebodylovesspring Sun 25-May-14 10:55:38

Dds saw 1D with friends last year and seemed to enjoy although they said Bruno Mars was much better.

On MargotLovedTom so agree with you. With downloads and iTunes kids are familiar with so many different genres of music. My ds has moonlight sonata!!!on his iplayer as well as hard times my favourite track of all time and stuff from the Jam, reggae, as well as all the new stuff too.

NeverTalksToStrangers Sun 25-May-14 11:06:17

captain not much green, no. Not that it was obvious anyway. One of my DN's wore green but when you think of the amount of little girls who only like pink or purple etc plus the mummies etc. The ponchos we bought were a light green though.

Will be v interested to hear what you thought. Like I said, I enjoyed it but for the price of the tickets I wasn't blown away.

SuchSweetSorrow Sun 25-May-14 11:11:30

I have had to see busted and boyzone in the past (sister and friend duty!) They put on a good show

I don't know a great deal about 1D but aren't their songs and videos pretty much all the same? Not overly surprised they didn't put on much of a show! It is a shame though

TheBuskersDog Sun 25-May-14 11:23:45

Those of you saying Katy Perry was a great show, maybe she needs amazing special effects to make up for the singing, when she sang live on The X Factor her singing was appallingly bad.

Rebecca2014 Sun 25-May-14 11:55:41

When I see them on TV they always look burnt out and can not be bothered. No dancing, not moving around much and rarely smiling. I do not get why the girls still like them?

I have a feeling that in ten years time during a 'where are they now?' type of programme all will be revealed. It will be 'in the summer of 2014-this is what was really happening' and we will all go-'Right that explains it all'.

Zucker Sun 25-May-14 12:02:14

They always seem to be slightly pissed off when they perform. Is this part of the schtick? Surely that's what their purpose is!

One of them probably wants to leave the band, they have had a big falling out about it.Manager has said see it through til the end of the tour. That type of thing.....

Captainbarnacles1101 Sun 25-May-14 12:06:49

Ah Balls Nevertalks! I'm sat here on the train in my new green CARDY! Will prob never wear it again! Ha the email to say its alcohol free so can't even rely on a wee glass of Sauvignon to dull the noise lol.

Cocolepew Sun 25-May-14 12:09:35

KPs singing was surprisingly good, I was dreading it. She obviously had a backing track for some songs but at one point sang a handful of songs with just a piano and guitar. She was loaded with the cold as well, her mike stand had a tissue box attached!

Cocolepew Sun 25-May-14 12:13:07

Anyone reading this thread would think I had turned into Katy Perrys biggest fan hmm
I will admit to listening to DDs cd in the car . But that was only because it was already in the player <ahem>

Rhine Sun 25-May-14 13:19:45

One Direction are so dull. I know they are not really aimed at me, but I love pop music. 1D have missed a massive opportunity to churn out some pop classics like early Take That, Boyzone, Backstreet. Boys, Nsync etc, as it is their stuff is mainly middle of the road Heart FM friendly rubbish.

Rhine Sun 25-May-14 13:28:58

Also there is a new boyband called "The Vamps" who play their own instrument, snapping at 1d's heels. I work with kids, and the girls (aged ten) are obsessed with them. They hate 1D.

Cocolepew Sun 25-May-14 13:35:59

The Vamps supported Taylor Swift, 18 yo neice was impressed
1D just lk like they can't be bothered being any type of pop star.

Rhine Sun 25-May-14 13:52:31

They're coming to the end of their shelf life. Bands like that only last a few years tops before their fans start to grow up and move on anyway, but then you have the endless travelling and touring that they do and it's going to take their toll on them. I wouldn't be at all surprised if turned out it was all going a bit sour behind the scenes, they don't look at all well to me. Any of them. Also being an arranged pop band they won't have much, if any, creative control over what they do.

It will be interesting to see which one goes first, and then who goes onto to have the most successful post career. People assume it would be Harry, but I'd say Niall. Harry is actually dull personality wise,

Fairylea Sun 25-May-14 14:02:23

I love the vamps!

I need to be a teenager again.

SecretWitch Sun 25-May-14 14:05:40

I took my DD and her friend to see 5 seconds to Summer last month here in the US. We all loved them! They seemed really fresh and into the music. I suppose they haven't had the chance to get jaded like 1D yet..

I do like a band who write their own songs and play instruments. <gimmer> But Busted/McFly managed it.

I do envisage a future of rehab and bankruptcies for the 1D lot once the bubble bursts, which I think is imminent.

The problem with having young girls as your fan base is that they have a habit of growing up and out of it.

Cocolepew Sun 25-May-14 14:18:20

Did anyone the 1D documentary on c4 last year? It was really about their fans, I worried about their mental health. They were obseesed, but not I a "I love you I'm going to buy all your cd's and put posters up". But more of a "If I don't meet you I wil kill myself" type of thing.

NeverTalksToStrangers Sun 25-May-14 16:35:07

Oh that documentary was terrifying. So many mentally unhinged young ladies.

Aside from the stalking, sending abusive messages to their girlfriends etc the weirdest part for me was the 'larry shipping'. This is where they all imagine and come up with soft (ish) porn stories and drawings of a romantic relationship between band members (particularly Harry and Louis). Its a if-I-can't-have-you-no-other-girl-can thing. Weird. I've never wished that someone I fancied was gay?!

beccajoh Sun 25-May-14 16:58:36

I watched that documentary and yes some of those girls were terrifying, but I think social media allows them to get that way? I was just the right age for Take That part 1, but you could only get your fix from occasional TOTP appearances and Smash Hits magazine. There were some die hard groups of fans who followed them around but most of the obsessing was confined to talking to the posters on your bedroom wall. You didn't ever have 'access' to a band like you apparently do on twitter, when there's actually a chance, albeit it small, that the boy in question might actually notice you exist if you threaten to kill yourself (along with the other thousand girls that day).

I spent many a happy hour sat on the wall outside the house of the mum and dad of a well known 80s band member. When he finally pulled up in his car one day I didn't know what to say to him. blush

NeverTalksToStrangers Sun 25-May-14 17:20:08

Agree re twitter letting them have access and fuelling the obsession.

Out of curiosity I went onto twitter after the concert and seen that something was doing the rounds saying that a girl living 20 mins from croker could hear the fans chanting "niall! niall!...".

Odd that I missed that, being in the stadium and all.

Cocolepew Sun 25-May-14 17:35:57

Oh god yes, the gay thing ! confused

John Taylor Sparkling ?

Might have been Cocole. blush grin

braveandcrazy Sun 25-May-14 18:26:49

Can anyone who went to Dublin tell me the timings please? Dd is going to the Etihad and the gates open at 5pm. Was that the same in Dublin? When did the support start and when do 1D come on?

Hopefully they weren't so bothered about big weekend because they crowd aren't there just to see them, unlike their own concerts.

Cocolepew Sun 25-May-14 18:54:02


NeverTalksToStrangers Sun 25-May-14 19:03:16

The timings for Dublin weren't officially released online by the promoters (it kept saying doors open 5pm, concert over 10:15 but nothing more), but I was able to get a break down on the garda website. It had said 5sos were due to be on at 6:15 and 1d at 8:15, but 5sos came on at 7 on the dot. 1d was 8:20. Concert was over before 10:10.

GatoradeMeBitch Mon 26-May-14 01:34:16

An American star interviewed on a chat show who took his daughter to see them said he couldn't understand the fuss. He demonstrated their special walking across the stage skills! I wish I could remember his name because then I could find the YouTube clip...

They do seem to be 'taking it all very seriously' types. Considering they can't dance and can't really sing you'd think they would make an effort to put on a fun show.

1D don't have anything that will ensure any type of longevity. They can't sing or dance, they don't play instruments or write their own songs.

When they pack it in they can't live off royalties.

My guess is the management are making hay while the sun shines. Pretty boy looks won't last forever........

Rabbitcar Mon 26-May-14 08:13:40

I feel sorry for them. They are probably being forced by their management to do a ridiculous number of gigs. No wonder they're exhausted. They probably don't have much time to enjoy their wealth and fame. Yes it's maybe weird to feel sorry for multi millionaires, but I do. I wouldn't want their lives for anything.

I still expect them to be great for my DD next week though! grin

YY all this will be down to management squeezing out every last penny they are worth right now, because they and everyone else know this is not forever.

NeverTalksToStrangers Mon 26-May-14 09:03:34

I wouldn't say they can't sing. The singing was fine. But none of it was terribly difficult to sing. There's probably a reason they don't have a lead singer.

And niall did play guitar quite a bit during the show. He also wrote one of the songs they sang and I know he collaborates with others to write. They might not be the most complex of songs though.

Sorry Never I didn't know there was a teeny bit of talent. Perhaps there's hope for Niall at least. grin

NeverTalksToStrangers Mon 26-May-14 09:21:13

Well they did have to sing live on x factor every week and came second I think. Compared to little mix though, who won their year and were fantastic, they were a bit dull.

YY true, I have to say I don't watch X Factor, mainly because I have DSs who aren't interested. I think Leona's win was the last series i watched.

Captainbarnacles1101 Mon 26-May-14 09:43:47

Well we went to the Dublin gig last night!

My daughter was so besotted she sobbed the whole way through!

It was defo the Niall show. He played guitar a lot during the show. Liam did the majority of the talking and that was it. A few fireworks and lots of songs and flashing lights.

There wasn't really a show. I'd say 5SOS were much better, more engaging too. (Although don't tell DD)

Ronan Keating was sitting 2 rows in front of us so I have about 100 pics of the back of his head lol.

Hurrah for Niall! Are your ears still ringing Captain?

NeverTalksToStrangers Mon 26-May-14 09:47:28

Yes I thought liam spoke more than the others. When Louis spoke I couldn't help feeling he sounds a bit like a girl.

Hope I didn't ruin it for you captain. You might have enjoyed it more without the prior warning.

dancemom Mon 26-May-14 10:10:06

I'm taking dd to the Murrayfield gig next week, had kinda forgotten about it until today actually!
Does anyone know where I will find info about it? Doors opening, support act, time 1D onstage, finishing time etc?

Captainbarnacles1101 Mon 26-May-14 10:14:32

Sparkling, ears not too bad as it was mostly little ones sitting with us.
Never no u didn't ruin it, I had been to see Katie Perry a few weeks ago so it was never gonna beat that.
It was really pissing me off how they kept talking amongst themselves on the stage! They aren't really natural performers.

Captainbarnacles1101 Mon 26-May-14 10:15:56

Dancemom if it helps. 5 SOS came on at 7pm and 1d came on at 8:15. Whole thing was over about 10:15

SistersOfPercy Mon 26-May-14 10:28:33

A group of us are going to the Ethiad on Saturday, taking kids with ages ranging from 6 to 16. My DD (the 16 year old) is a big rock fan (as am I) who is usually found at Festivals and rock gigs so the fact she loves 1D came as a bit of a shocker. It's her 'dirty secret' though, even her friends don't know.

I'm not going there expecting to see something like Metallica or Iron Maiden, I'm going expecting to see a boyband, a pop group. TBH I'm mildly excited having never seen a 'pop' group before and I wouldn't for a second try and compare it to something Metallica would do.
The fact that I have no experience of 'pop' bands probably means I won't be disappointed in the show as I've got nothing to compare it to.

Either way, it will be a laugh, the kids of all ages will be incredibly happy and DH gets a quiet night in.

dancemom Mon 26-May-14 10:35:45

Thanks Captain

NeverTalksToStrangers Mon 26-May-14 14:01:21

I wouldn't rely on those timings to be the same everywhere. There is a bit of an ongoing standoff between croke park and the nearby residents re: concerts and there was probably an agreement as to what time it had to be over etc.

Having said that, it couldn't be much later as so many young kids etc.

Was Harry wearing a ladies blouse again captain? On Friday he was sporting a rather fetching black number with big white spots. Then the next day I seen another mum at the cinema wearing something v v similar.

I'm guessing their lack of specific costumes means they may vary their clothes each night?

turdfairynomore Mon 26-May-14 14:09:04

Harry's outfit!! That's exactly what my friend texted me from croke park "Harry's wearing your top"!!

NeverTalksToStrangers Mon 26-May-14 14:17:42

turd Did you say he could wear it? [Shock]
What night was this? He wore it on Friday.

turdfairynomore Mon 26-May-14 14:28:41

Friday. If he'd only asked I could have looked out a matching clip to keep his hair out of his eyes!!

NeverTalksToStrangers Mon 26-May-14 17:31:14

Oh no, turd. He was all sorted for dodgy headgear.

EvaBeaversProtege Mon 26-May-14 18:09:25

We were there on Friday night too.

I don't think the security was great though, we were standing and a group of pissed up women were in front of us.

One kept smoking & dropping her ash on my shoes, her friend kept raising a large tricolour over head which blocked my view (4ft 10") and flicking her hair into teen dd's face. When I asked her to put the flag down she said it wasn't her fault I was so short & if I was that bothered about seeing I should have got seated tickets.

Meh. Dd & my nieces (teens) all enjoyed it. I felt fucked off at the drunk ones in front.

braveandcrazy Mon 26-May-14 18:16:50

Thanks for the replies about the timings, just got back to the thread smile

I feel sorry for them too, I know they're multi millionaires and they are probably told they need to make hay while the son shines, but they do work blooming hard and don't seem to get much rest.

NeverTalksToStrangers Mon 26-May-14 18:19:51

eva was there a lot of pushing etc? We were baltic. Had lots of sympathy for those standing.

EvaBeaversProtege Mon 26-May-14 18:30:13

Yes, there was a man in front of us with his dd but he was really lovely.

He kept standing back & holding up my phone to record what I couldn't see.

The group of girls had very obviously smuggled vodka in as they had a 1/4 bottle plus it definitely wasn't only finches orange in those bottles.

After 1D came on there were people pushing further up as we're standing just in front of the jutted out stage bit.

Back in July for Garth Brooks but thankfully we've seated tickets for that!!!

I do have sympathy for the residents nearby, all that noise going on til late.

Our taxi failed to show for the lift back to hotel afterwards but that didn't dampen the girls' spirits!

LucyLastik Mon 26-May-14 18:39:05

Well, saw Little Mix last night at the O2 and although their singing was amazing, it wasn't much of a show iyswim?

NeverTalksToStrangers Mon 26-May-14 18:47:35

Really? Re little mix? Surprised as they normally have great dance routines etc.

It would be very hard to keep a handle on people smuggling drink in with such massive crowds.

Also have garth brooks tickets. Really don't want to go as I'm just not enough of a culchie (lol, hubby is though) but also we could only get standing tickets (same fecking price as seated I think (I had selected best available)).

JimmyCorkhill Mon 26-May-14 19:31:51

Read this!

It's about the rise and fall of a boy band.

Captainbarnacles1101 Mon 26-May-14 19:34:10

No girls blouse for Harry last night. He wore a long sleeve grey/black fleck top thing. He had a dodgy scarf in his minging hair. We were seated so I can't comment on pushing but security wasn't what we thought it would be. We had emails in the week about no booze etc but the couple behind us were very drunk and the sloppy noises as they snogged to the slow songs made me want to hurl! I wasn't jealous......promise!smile

paisley256 Mon 26-May-14 20:27:40

Just see Prince instead! smile

NeverTalksToStrangers Mon 26-May-14 21:10:11

Captain what age were they? Boke.

Captainbarnacles1101 Mon 26-May-14 22:39:58

I'd say early 20's. They were nearly eating each other. She had a bottle of wine (screw top) in her hand bag. The were drinking it through out but by the smell of them had had a skinful first

ComposHat Tue 27-May-14 00:51:04

Shite boyband are a bit shite shocker. They are basically screaming fodder for pre-teenage girls, the quality of the music is almost totally incidental to this.

Fuck's sake what were you expecting from them James Brown at the Apollo? Jonny Cash at San Quentin?

bruffin Tue 27-May-14 07:46:46

This isnt about the quality of the music Composhat.
The music is sing a long pop that should give a party atmosphere. The band need the energy to lead the party. If they come on stage tired and cant be bothered then its not value for money and their management should give them a rest.

bruffin Tue 27-May-14 07:54:47

This isnt about the quality of the music Composhat.
The music is sing a long pop that should give a party atmosphere. The band need the energy to lead the party. If they come on stage tired and cant be bothered then its not value for money and their management should give them a rest.

ComposHat Tue 27-May-14 07:55:39

Slightly baffled that a gig can be about anything other than the quality of the music.

But to address the notion that the performance levels were sub-par: they are singing puppets, the stage show will have been designed to the Nth degree, they can't innovate or change because they have no real engagement with the songs they sing as they were written for them and specifically designed to sell to 8-12 year old girls. They are the musical equivalent of MacDonalds workers, churning out the same script, night after night.

No wonder it looked stale.

You need to be a pre-teen/teen girl to understand CH.

My memories of that age revolved around all the bands I went to see. The performance is made up of many parts, one of which is the music.

Just because the fan base is that age doesn't mean an effort can't be made to produce a decent performance, especially for the prices tickets are.

bruffin Tue 27-May-14 08:36:01

Music taste is subjective and our tastes change over the years anyway. Just because it is crap music to you doesnt mean it is to their fans. The 9 inch nails mentioned above proves a point.
However i have been to screaming fan gigs with my dd. I took her to the Jonas bros when she was 11 which i was dreading and we had a brilliant time. They were full of energy, no huge special effects but in the round which helped and it was a good fun night. Also went to the pre Mcbusted at the RAH last year without the spaceship and it was also brilliant and they still have their fans after 10 odd years because they do know how to provide a good party. They were having fun so it was infectious.

As it was my DD16 was at slam dunk at the weekend . The bassist from We the Kings has a brain tumour and had an epileptic fit that morning and still managed to go on stage and perform well although dd said he did look ill.

CiderLover Tue 27-May-14 10:15:47

Take That - The Circus show was incredible. I have always though 1D put on a bit of a shite show. Never seen them live but have seen concert on DVD.

I went to see McBusted on 23rd and they were good, quite entertaining!

ComposHat Tue 27-May-14 12:55:14

I hate to be a roaring music snob (no fuck it I don't, I completely love being a roaring music snob) and you are entitled to your views (even if they are wrong) but are all the people going to see Busted, Little Mix and whatnot going as an unwilling chaperone for a child? If not, why are you paying through the nose to watch music intended for pre-pubescent girls? It puzzles me, much like adults who are into Disney.

So what do you suggest CH you bung the pre-pubescent girls into the LG Arena/wherever alone?

But you aren't wrong about adults who like Disney. Disney is easier to avoid though.

ComposHat Tue 27-May-14 13:28:32

No chaperoning kids is fine but going of your own volition unaccompanied by a child is wrong.

insancerre Tue 27-May-14 14:01:48

Not only is it wrong composhat but should be punishable by death

bruffin Tue 27-May-14 14:03:29

Some people really do lack a bit of imagination. Very boring world if we all were robots and liked the same thing.

ComposHat Tue 27-May-14 14:09:04

Some people really do lack a bit of imagination. Very boring world if we all were robots and liked the same thing

Yes, but a better world all the same. As for being a robot, I'm not the one paying over the odds to see a heavily marketed, hyped and choreographed and autotuned to fuck 'performance' from a bunch of talentless twazzocks from a reality TV show.

bruffin Tue 27-May-14 14:31:02

Nor am I, but you seem a bit upset that people like different things to you.
I love a good Disney movie and had a good time at a Mcfly gig, certainly not a waste of my money. However listening to a group like 9inchnails that insancere seems so fond of would bore me to tears, but Insancerre is happy to spend her money on them is her business.
I would have quite like some of the groups at Slam dunk like All American Rejects with my dd, but i past standing in a crowd all day being pressed against rails.

ComposHat Tue 27-May-14 14:42:44

Yeah course I'm upset. The failure of the public to have identically impeccable taste in music to me is a cause of immense anguish.

NiN aren't my cup of my Darjeeling, but there is some artistry, integrity and originality there, but McFly ... no.

NeverTalksToStrangers Tue 27-May-14 16:27:41

compo I like most types of music, bar death metal, dubstep etc.

The thing about pop and cheese and stuff like musicals (which I love) etc is that they are supposed to be fun. I get the vibes from you that music must be serious, at 17 I felt the same, but now I realise that having fun and listening to catchy music is actually ok (and not punishable by death).

Most of the movies I see at the cinema are the Disney type, and you know what? A lot of them are fecking hilarious and thoroughly enjoyable.

Yes I went to 1d to accompany children/teens, but I wasn't the only adult in my company and I wasn't forced to go (they aren't my kids). I went because I assumed they would put on a good show (as I have chaperoned children to similar concerts in the past) and it's nice to do things with your family. I also quite like some of their songs.

I get that it is beneath you. I'm sorry for offending your obviously exquisite tastes.

IHaveBrilloHair Tue 27-May-14 16:40:56

I'm really looking forward to it, dd (12), and I think they are great, I only need to pay for one ticket, dd goes free as my carer, we are staying overnight and having lunch at Tom Kitchins restaurant the following day, what's not to like?

ComposHat Tue 27-May-14 16:54:51

I get that it is beneath you. I'm sorry for offending your obviously exquisite tastes

Thank you, now go and listen to a Leonard Cohen boxset in a darkened room as penance for this frivolity.

EvaBeaversProtege Tue 27-May-14 22:39:10

Well I definitely wouldn't choose to go of my own free will.

My dd got tickets for Christmas and as she is under 16 needed a chaperone.

Ds got tickets for a better different event.

Dh & I flipped a coin & I lost ended up taking dd.

Each to their own and far be it for me to judge others' taste in music.

NeverTalksToStrangers Wed 28-May-14 07:53:11

Hmmm. It's hardly heroin but there could still be a backlash.

AliceDoesntLiveHereAnymore Wed 28-May-14 08:37:38

Thank god my DD is in her 20's and I don't need to cart her around to concerts. I still remember taking her and a bunch of her friends to a Spice Girls concert (and that was the first time around - not the recent years!), although to be honest they put on a good show. I don't think I could deal with the 1D insanity! And my little ones are boys, so not likely to be having to go to boy band concerts. grin

sarinka Wed 28-May-14 08:45:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Not sure about the drugs. I am not sure their management are desperate for all to think they are whiter than white. Harry Hairstyles has been around the block a bit woman wise for a start.

AliceDoesntLiveHereAnymore Wed 28-May-14 10:46:29

Don't most of the pop stars that had their fan base as young teen and pre-teen girls tend to do the "bad image" thing to try to appear edgier in an attempt to appeal to a bit older crowd (or keep the same fan base as they get a bit older) ??

AliceDoesntLiveHereAnymore Wed 28-May-14 10:47:24

Granted, some do it on purpose in an out and out marketing attempt, while others are just not that clever and get caught doing stupid things. hmm

I thought some boy bands were told by their management to appear to not have girlfriends?

NeverTalksToStrangers Wed 28-May-14 13:15:36

No need for management to lay down the no-girlfriend rules any more. The numerous death threats they receive on Twitter puts the girlfriends off.

TheBogQueen Wed 28-May-14 13:17:20

Harry Hairstyles has been around the block a bit woman wise for a start.

Isn't there a rumour that he bats for the other side?

YY that too Bog. grin

lesleystretton1 Sun 01-Jun-14 01:58:37

I took my daughter to see them tonight in Manchester.
They were utterly boring and looked like they were going through the motions. There was no stagecraft or creative ideas. My daughter still loved them but I felt short changed because I wanted to see a performance not a bunch of lads standing around looking like they didn't want to be there.

I was thinking earlier that they are due to split soon. Either all - boyzone style. Or one leave - take that style.

I hated the DVD, they came across like badly behaved little shits and a nightmare to work with.

I do like the songs - they are catchy.

Johnthedog Sun 01-Jun-14 02:53:57

We saw them in Sunderland on the 28th, just after the video expose. I thought they may be awful, especially as they seemed tired at the Glascow Radio 1 thingy, but they seemed to be having a good time,except Zayn. The others joked with the crowd and got everyone chanting etc, even though it was raining. We had a really good time.

aziraphale Sun 01-Jun-14 02:57:30

I think as an adult you're a bit more discerning about what you expect from a live show. At the age of most of 1d fans I suppose that simply playing their songs and shuffling about is good enough. I remember being that age and seeing NKOTB, and tbh they could have spent two hours curling one out on the stage and I'd still have been in love with them.

spookyskeleton Sun 01-Jun-14 06:32:37

I went to Manchester on Friday night and it was so dull! Having read this thread beforehand, my expectations were fairly low anyway and they still managed to disappoint me wink

I don't think having a few fireworks make a good concert! they really have made no effort at all. Zain looked like he would rather have been anywhere than on stage and looked extremely uncomfortable whenever the camera was on him - only Niall and Harry seemed to have any kind of charisma and interaction with the crowd.

Very very disappointing but my niece thought it was awesome grin

Rabbitcar Sun 01-Jun-14 13:22:15

Saw Katy Perry last night; she was amazing!! It was like going to a circus with some fun tunes thrown in too. Next weekend's 1D will pale in comparison I'm sure. At least DD and I have been pre warned so will have low expectations. Although Spooky seems to have been disappointed despite the low expectations, so I'm not hopeful!

Susiesue61 Sun 01-Jun-14 13:29:25

Me too Lesley, saw them last night. Dd said they were good but wasn't convinced they were as good as Westlife! She's 12 and loves 1D.
I thought it was quite boring. And getting to the Etihad was a right faf, we normally just nip to theEcho in Liverpool

ForalltheSaints Sun 01-Jun-14 14:41:00

No-one should be short changed by One Direction or Westlife. No-one should go to their events (I struggle to call them concerts as they are bad karaoke artists, not musicians). They are to music what McDonalds are to gourmet food.

I know life has been difficult in Dublin and Ireland over the last few years from people I know who live there, but surely even with all that has gone on everyone should have some self respect and if going to a concert, see real music.

Rabbitcar Sun 01-Jun-14 14:56:03

But children like their music, it's as simple as that, and they can't go without an adult, it's nothing to do with self respect!

linkery Sun 01-Jun-14 15:13:17

Do you think that they have got burnout?

mumofthemonsters808 Sun 01-Jun-14 15:25:51

We saw them in Manchester on Friday and DD and her friends had a whale of a time. She really likes Five Seconds Of Summer (the support act) so it was a dream come true for her to see her favourite bands in one night. The atmosphere in the stadium was buzzing, lots of Mexican waves and Hey Macalana dance all added to the fun. Kids had a ball, not my cup of tea musically, but I just enjoyed watching all the fun and seeing the joy and delight in the children's faces. Maybe we're just easily pleased or don't get out often. Metro took us straight home so for us it was just one of those evenings where everything worked out.

SistersOfPercy Sun 01-Jun-14 17:33:24

Well, we saw them last night, (DD 16 and friends with kids aged 4 and 6), we had a brilliant night. If anyone saw me I was the one in the Metallica shirt who really wasn't that bothered about going but went anyway for the experience and to keep DD happy.
We sang, we danced, it was fun. We also had the Mexican waves and the Macarena.

My only complaint would be the pyrotechnics in the first song left a cloud of smoke which obscured the stage for the first couple of songs, other than that it was brilliant.

I'm a diehard metal fan, this was my first 'pop' concert. Credit to the boys they can sing and they put on a show. It wouldn't have chosen to go personally but I'm very glad I did and much fun was had by all.

So it's cheesy pop, I don't think anyone expected Beethoven. Who cares really as long as a good night is had? grin
If you are going tonight, ENJOY!!

SistersOfPercy Sun 01-Jun-14 17:36:14

Quick pic from last night

Mignonette Sun 01-Jun-14 17:39:26

Big clue.....^It was a One Direction concert^ - a boy band put together by the Duplo Man - Simon Cowell.

To expect anything other than mediocre manufactured crap in an atmosphere of soulless profiteering is surely the absolute definition of blind faith?

spookyskeleton Sun 01-Jun-14 17:53:46

But Take That were a boyband too and I went to one of their concerts in the early 90s and it was a spectacular show - just because you are a boyband is not an excuse to not make any effort hmm

SwedishEdith Sun 01-Jun-14 18:05:32

Are some of these venues saying no under 16s without an adult? Thankfully my teen was already over 1D by the time she got to see them on their first tour and the parents could just drop and collect at the venue

Susiesue61 Sun 01-Jun-14 19:06:40

At the arena in Liverpool they say under14 need to be accompanied. Don't know how they check

TheBogQueen Sun 01-Jun-14 19:10:30

Poor dad at a 1D vomcert

I am truly grateful that we cannot afford tickets, silver lining etc

SistersOfPercy Sun 01-Jun-14 19:45:34

So much music snobbery on here it's untrue. So bloody what if some folk like listening to a manufactured boy band. They probably have Chopin on their iPods as well.
Would you turn up to watch the chippendales and expect it to be on a par with Hamlet? No? So don't turn up to a 1D concert and expect it to be the bloody Royal Philharmonic.

Susie, didn't see any checks last night. I'd seen something about no under 10s standing as well but there were a few we saw.

Groovee Sun 01-Jun-14 19:54:34

Murrayfield are saying under 16's on the pitch need to be accompanied and under 12's in the seating area

NeverTalksToStrangers Sun 01-Jun-14 23:26:07

Dublin was no under 14s unaccompanied and under 16s on the pitch.

TOADfan Mon 02-Jun-14 00:13:04

I don't mind some of 1Ds songs but im not a fan. I can see why it would be disappointing. If you spend £40 on a concert ticket you expect a show. I still remember my first concert (steps) and it is for the show they put on.

I went all the way to Manchester from Belfast for the Mcbusted show. (Playing here tonight wish I was there) and it was incredible. So much energy! They owned the stage and god they jumped and ran about so much. They also looked as if they where having the time oc their lives. They may be 10 years older than 1d but it did work in their favour, they spend their spare time wating healthy, working out and not drinking. You could tell thr difference.

yes I am a mcbusted fangirl, my favourite bands growing up

NeverTalksToStrangers Mon 02-Jun-14 08:00:05

It was more than £40 per ticket. Almost £70 I think.

I think the difference with McBusted is they've spent the last x number of years not being particularly 'famous' anymore, and they know what life is like when the camera isn't on them any more. That' bound to make you want to put in more effort.

1D don't get any privacy, they're in a band none of them planned to be in, probably singing songs that they don't have any interest in. I really like 1D, but I get the feeling that even though they appreciate what they have to an extent, they are waiting for the madness to finish so they can get on with what they want to do. Can you imagine being a 17/18 year old boy, trying to break into the music industry to sing your type of music, and then being told that actually you're going to be with 4 others who you have never met, you're going to be singing cheesy pop, and that your target market is 10 year olds? Thats never going to be a teenage lads dream!

Freckletoes Tue 03-Jun-14 01:53:09

I was at the same gig as you spooky and agree completely! I was chaperone to 3 very excited girls who loved it but I wasn't particularly impressed. Yes they could sing but most of the time they just wandered around the stage. Zayn could have done with some of the fireworks up his backside! Louis didn't do much either. Maybe both keeping a low profile? On the whole they looked like a bunch of unwashed teenagers who had just picked up their clothes from the floor and were being made to do something they didn't want!

Groovee Wed 04-Jun-14 07:24:14

I paid £47 per ticket by the time you added on the booking charges (that's another rant).

5 Seconds of Summer were 30 minutes late on, 1D were then late too but finished when they said they would the girls loved them.

I did prefer 5SOS as I liked them last year. They did well considering the constant touring is taking its toll as Harry was ill and struggling to talk. But we had a good view, the 6 girls with me had a ball and after all the palava, why were under 12's allowed on the pitch?? After all the controversy in the papers, they allowed them on!

Did see one very drunk woman arrested though. Not a great scene when 3 police officers had to restrain her and then stop her from lashing out at them.

Totally missing the point of the whole thread but 5SOS were the support act last night??
Dd was there with my mum was easier for her to take her but now I'm disappointed grin I quite like 5SOS.
Can't wait for dd to get back today and hear all about it.

dancemom Wed 04-Jun-14 08:31:08

Yes it was 5SOS and they were great!

IHaveBrilloHair Wed 04-Jun-14 08:44:59

We had a fabulous time last night, didn't see any trouble from where we were, but then we were up on the disabled stand.
Traffic was beyond hideous though, it took more thsn two hours to get ftom the statium to the holiday inn by the zoo.

Groovee Wed 04-Jun-14 08:46:12

Yes, they were last year too. I love them. Their debut album comes out on 30th June xx

Groovee Wed 04-Jun-14 08:47:46

Traffic was hideous. I'd arranged to meet dh at the bowling club but he was stuck in traffic, so told him to make a right hand turn and we walked the extra few minutes and were home by 10.50pm.

Yeah my dad picked them up said traffic was awful. Never got to my brothers in Livingston until 1am shock dd and my mum for on a tram from Murrayfield to where he was picking them up, then they missed their stop, then the trams stopped running and then started again, then went at 3mph in single file. All in all a good night though and dd had a great time. Spoke to her before I took ds to school and she was boasting about seeing 5sos because she knows I like them. grin

Samanthabooty Mon 09-Jun-14 19:08:55

I personally feel that you must have been looking for problems with the concert to me as I went on both Saturday and Sunday as was blown away with how good it was,the boys was dancing round the stage singing and having a laugh with fans,they didn't look tired and were very grateful to the whole crowd for being there,overall was a very good night

PrimalLass Mon 09-Jun-14 19:17:41

I think a few days off must have helped (they were staying in St Andrews for at least one night). They certainly were ill at Murrayfield - Harry didn't sing at all and Zayn looked bored at the start. We still loved it though (me and my 6-YEAR-OLD, for all those on the other thread who think that I shouldn't have spent that money taking her).

We skipped the encore and were on the tram at 9.55 then home in Fife by 11.

NeverTalksToStrangers Tue 10-Jun-14 20:40:11

I wasn't looking for problems with it. I had bought a ticket for myself to go with my sisters and their daughters. I was just genuinely disappointed.

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