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to think my neighbour is being incredibly unreasonable about our cat?

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Objection Mon 17-Mar-14 18:27:55

We've recently moved into a very tiny village, two doors down from my in - laws. (moved in December)
We have a dog and a cat. (no kids)
FIL said the other day that my cat was pissing off their neighbour.
Apparently neighbour is absolutely furious and the cat is causing all kinds of hell.
What hell, you ask?
Well, she sunbathes on his dustbin and sits up when he comes out in the morning to stare at him getting into his car.
Apparently the ragey shouting we hear most mornings is him screaming at the cat, who just looks at him whilst he does so.
FIL, I think, expected me to do something about the cat's "rudeness".

AIBU to think this is actually quite funny and neighbour is a little unhinged?

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