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loveulotslikejellytots Tue 21-Jan-14 12:09:18

You don't go to the gym that evening. I'm feeling generally crap, but of a cold, headache, hot and cold etc. just not comfy at work. My (lovely) boss has told me to go home.

I' exalted DH to say I'll be at home, he's asked if I'm coming to the gym tonight? If I feel the way I do now then I won't be, but he said if I feel better i could go.

AIBU to think that's just not on?

loveulotslikejellytots Tue 21-Jan-14 12:10:16

I called DH, not exalted!

Middleagedmotheroftwo Tue 21-Jan-14 12:11:33

If I am off sick I don't even like popping to the supermarket - though sick people need milk too!

I would hate to be spotted out and about by someone from work whilst off sick - even though sick people need to do shopping etc. I'd feel like they'd think I was malingering.

Freyalright Tue 21-Jan-14 12:14:37

Some people,my dad and others (normally old school thinkers), believed you can sweat off a flu.

ChrisTheSheep Tue 21-Jan-14 12:16:45

Personally I wouldn't go to the gym, though I have gone to the supermarket when off sick, due to the whole "needing food and/or medicine thing". To be honest, if you're really under the weather, I'd say you're better off resting or sleeping than going to the gym.

yanbu, If you are ill enough to not be ble to work you can't excercise. Also staying home is for those around you too (don't make them sick if you can avoid it)

loveulotslikejellytots Tue 21-Jan-14 12:17:13

Middle - that's a bit different though, like you said you need milk and food.

I just think that if someone from work spotted me it would look a bit dodgy?

loveulotslikejellytots Tue 21-Jan-14 12:17:52

Does that work Freya? I'd be happy to give it a go if it works!

Chocotrekkie Tue 21-Jan-14 12:18:02

If I sent someone home sick I would be a bit hmm if they went to the gym later that day.

Shop for milk/painkillers ok but def not gym.

I have been advised by my doctor that going to the gym etc whilst you have a cold can be very bad for you long term.
It can leave scarring on your heart or something.

Longdistance Tue 21-Jan-14 12:20:13

My dh goes for a long hard run. It seems to work, but he's a rugby player. His cold lasts a day, he runs it off and it's gone.

Pobblewhohasnotoes Tue 21-Jan-14 12:21:57

If I'm off sick I go home and don't go out! What if someone saw me?

I do think if you're feeling that ill then you really should stay at home, if not then you should be at work. Unless you've got something like conjunctivitis or impetigo in which are its just contagious rather than you actually being sick.

RainbowBob Tue 21-Jan-14 12:26:51

Sounds just like my DH. I had trapped nerve in my neck a few weeks back and he couldn't understand why I was skipping my dance class... Ermmmm... because it bloody hurts?! He says the same thing when I cry off because of colds/coughs etc... It's like living with a Sergeant Major.

pigsDOfly Tue 21-Jan-14 12:40:50

I also understood that exercising when you've got a cold can cause health problems long term.

And as for exercising to 'sweat of flu', if you've got flu, as oppose to a cold, you won't be going anywhere, you'll be too ill and confined to bed.

Finola1step Tue 21-Jan-14 12:51:21

If you are too ill to be in work, then you are too ill to be out and about except for emergency trip to the shops or to the GP.

Stay at home and keep your virus away from others.

BillyBanter Tue 21-Jan-14 12:52:34

If you have the cold you should not go to the gym, even if you do feel okish tonight.

Bettercallsaul1 Tue 21-Jan-14 13:05:36

loveyoulotslikejellytots (great name, by the way!) I, too, have heard that you could do damage to your heart by exercising when you are ill - it is absolutely not worth taking the risk on this occasion , or any other. Better safe than sorry!

On a much less serious note, I would also want to avoid being seen out anywhere, after being sent home ill from work. Doesn't look good!

Let your partner go by himself and you stay at home and take it easy.


Bettercallsaul1 Tue 21-Jan-14 13:09:04

RainbowBob sounds like tough love! (Hope he's got other, redeeming features!)

manicinsomniac Tue 21-Jan-14 13:09:26

well, I would go to the gym with a cold, headache etc.

But then I wouldn't go home from work with those illnesses (nor would I be sent home for them)

Davsmum Tue 21-Jan-14 13:17:54

You should not go to the gym if you feel ill - Apart from anything else you would be spreading your virus or whatever it is!

Too ill to work - too ill for the gym I would have thought - even if you DO feel a bit better.

pussycatdoll Tue 21-Jan-14 13:19:57

If I went home sick & then was seen later on at The gym I'd get the sack

Bettercallsaul1 Tue 21-Jan-14 13:20:12

I think the fact that the OP has been feeling "hot and cold" sounds like she has a fever,so more than a cold.

pointythings Tue 21-Jan-14 14:08:30

If I'm ill enough to go home from work then my bed is the only place I want to be. With a possible stop off at the pharmacy for painkillers.

manic some colds can come with high fevers, aches and pains and general flu-like symptoms. Doesn't mean they're flu, but it does mean they are not 'just a cold'. If you have a fever, you should not exercise. The OP is clearly ill enough to be sent home so should not be going to the gym until fully recovered.

FuckingWankwings Tue 21-Jan-14 14:20:46

Exercising with a temperature is supposed to put more strain on the heart, and presumably on the body generally.

I'd stay in and rest, OP. Never mind whether it 'looks dodgy'; looking after yourself is more important to worry about than that.

manicinsomniac Tue 21-Jan-14 14:46:35

pointythings - sure but that doesn't sound like the case here. The OP didn't decide to leave work herself, she was sent home. And she is considering the gym later. Therefore my assumption is that she is mildly-moderately ill not really ill.

I was just saying that I would both work and go to the gym with the symptoms described above. I wouldn't do either if I was really ill.

pointythings Tue 21-Jan-14 15:11:38

manic I think you're misunderstandinthe the OP - I get the sense that her DH is putting her under some pressure to go to the gym and that she mostly thinks she shouldn't go. In which she is entirely right. Feeling hot and cold is not a good sign.

BillyBanter Tue 21-Jan-14 15:58:57

Manic, well you shouldn't. If you feel like the OP you shouldn't go to the gym. You should rest for your sake and you should not spread your germs unnecessarily.

My kickboxing instructor used to say that you shouldn't exercise with any symptoms below the neck. So, sinus, snuffles, sore throat = fine. Chest cold, temperature, aches = not fine.

Crinkle77 Tue 21-Jan-14 16:07:15

I don't get people who are off sick then go on facebook to tell everyone how sick they are. Surely if you are that unwell the last thing you would feel like doing is going on the internet to tell everyone about it.

Pawprint Tue 21-Jan-14 16:07:20

I wouldn't go. If someone from work saw you, you might have some explaining to do. If you're fit enough to go to the gym, you're fit enough to work.

oscarwilde Tue 21-Jan-14 16:14:15

Go home and nip it in the bud now. You can always do The Shred if you are feeling fabulous later.

coffeewithcreamm Tue 21-Jan-14 16:21:54

I'd be sacked too if I went out after being sent home (unlikely!)

To be honest, I find it amazing that adults have to even ask this question, it's cut & dried, isn't it? It is in my judgement, anyway.

Netdoctor also says, Remember: all-round fitness incorporates spiritual wellbeing. WTF?

FortyDoorsToNowhere Tue 21-Jan-14 17:09:48

I wish people would stay at home. If you are not well enough to be in work you are not well enough for the gym.

Have some respect for others and stop spreading the virus around.

NewtRipley Tue 21-Jan-14 17:20:34

It sounds like you feel you should go to the gym because your DH wants you to. Apologies if I've read that wrong.

newyearhere Tue 21-Jan-14 17:25:12

Don't go to the gym.

MinesAPintOfTea Tue 21-Jan-14 17:25:57

You risk getting post viral fatigue by pushing on through even minor illness. Rest up and go to the gym when you're better

NewtRipley Tue 21-Jan-14 17:27:03

Mind you, I can't imagine a world where not going to the gym would be something I'd feel worried about grin

Finney2 Tue 21-Jan-14 17:27:41

You really cannot go home sick then go to the gym. It sounds like your 'going home ill' threshold is fairly low. I have to be on my knees before I go home sick. There's no way I'd be able to go to the gym in that state.

DameDeepRedBetty Tue 21-Jan-14 17:29:38

Don't go. I don't want your germs and neither do the other gym users.

ProudAS Tue 21-Jan-14 17:50:21

YANBU - your DH needs a common sense check.

It does depend on the illness though. I'm assuming the OP has some sort of a virus but going to the gym after being sent home with depression is another matter.

ilovesooty Tue 21-Jan-14 18:05:04

I was sent home last Friday pm after a bout of projectile vomiting at work at lunchtime. No way could I have faced the gym!

Silvercatowner Tue 21-Jan-14 18:08:40

If you are well enough to go to the gym then you are well enough to work, surely??? I came home from work early this afternoon - feeling like death. I have to be very poorly to come home from work. Currently in bed feeling slightly less death like. Gym..... shudder.

FuckingWankwings Tue 21-Jan-14 18:11:09

'I have to be on my knees before I go home sick.' Not everyone is necessarily the same, Finney.

Viviennemary Tue 21-Jan-14 18:11:29

You absolutely shouldn't go. If you were off sick then you are too ill to go to the gym. And then you will be spreading your cold to everyone. Stay at home with a Lemsip and be miserable.

Spottybra Tue 21-Jan-14 18:14:49

I swear by steam rooms when full of cold/flu.

Silvercatowner Tue 21-Jan-14 18:17:09

I bet steam rooms are fantastic for spreading germs.

Kafri Tue 21-Jan-14 18:27:33

Bloody hell, I'm just getting over a throat infection. I've felt absolutely fine throughout but my throat was stupidly sore and the cough....oh the cough. I think going to the gym may well have finished me off!

I'm in the 'if you're well enough to exercise, you're well enough to work' camp.

MinesAPintOfTea Tue 21-Jan-14 20:13:54

fucking for certain illnesses my going home threshold is quite low (as I have prescription drugs that have side effects much like drunk and nothing else works). But that doesn't mean that I would go to the gym. If you have an infection or other physical illness inn 90% if cases when its forced you home from work the best thing to do for continued good health is rest.

Obviously this doesn't apply for things like stress which are likely to be alleviated a little by exercise endorphins.

Supercosy Tue 21-Jan-14 20:26:46

It's silly to run or work out when you feel ill. I used to be an absolute manic exerciser, forcing myself to workout through any weather no matter how I felt. I have a different perspective now, for various reasons (being very ill for quite a while and unable to exercise being one of them) and I listen to my body more now. If you're too ill to work you really shouldn't be going to the gym.

newyearhere Tue 21-Jan-14 20:45:01

What would you think if one of your colleagues went home sick and you saw them in the gym after work?

angelinajelly Tue 21-Jan-14 20:46:22

My ex used to nag me about going to the gym, and bang on about "if you get to ten stone it'll be dumping time". I considered myself entirely justified in telling him I was going to the gym and going shopping instead, the nob. Tell your husband that you don't mind if he goes to the gym on his own after he has made you dinner, as you're ill.

PS. I never go to the gym any more, and I look bloody fantastic. He's put on a few pounds since I left him.

DameDeepRedBetty Tue 21-Jan-14 21:26:03

Well done for LTB angelinajelly!

And nice to hear nob has put on the pounds grin

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