To wear this to an event which says "Evening Dress"

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happycrimblechuckie Tue 14-Jan-14 12:07:36

Hopefully that works to a link to an outfit from next
I have it in black.

uc Tue 14-Jan-14 12:08:48

I don't see why not, it's very smart.

Thetallesttower Tue 14-Jan-14 12:09:36

Fine, I think the term 'evening dress' covers a lot of bases.

I think if have a good figure, it would be great as evening wear. I would wear it with a LOT of bling though, sparkly bag, sparkly earrings, sparkly bracelet. A sparkly necklace might be overkill but worth trying.

MalcolmTuckersMistress Tue 14-Jan-14 12:15:13

Lovely! It's absolutely gorgeous. Think about weeweeing though. They can be a bit of a fiddle to pull up and down!

happycrimblechuckie Tue 14-Jan-14 12:17:29

worldgonecrazy just what my daughter said!

ginnybag Tue 14-Jan-14 12:20:31

Yes, if you can absolutely pull it off and have the heels/bag/hair/makeup etc to go with it.

And have the confidence!

If you don't/won't or are going to look uncomfortable etc, then no.

It's down to you

cornishcreamtea Tue 14-Jan-14 12:21:15

My sister wore this for a family wedding. She had originally bought it in the grey but it was too see-through. Looked lovely in black though.

SaltyandSweet Tue 14-Jan-14 12:22:11

Wow that's lovely! You'll look very chic!

Grumpasaurus Tue 14-Jan-14 12:24:34

I think if you have a good figure (sorry but this does make a difference in terms of jump suits), AND you pair it with an up-do, classy jewellery, a chic clutch, and heels- then yes. Anything less, then no.

Beeyump Tue 14-Jan-14 12:25:13

I love the back, but the front view is a bit meh. Definitely needs a stonking, bib style necklace.

soverylucky Tue 14-Jan-14 12:29:49

totally depends on what size you are I think. It would look great with the right bling!
Wish I could wear something like that.

DameDeepRedBetty Tue 14-Jan-14 12:32:28

If you've got a lovely bottom go for it, with some serious bling.

hootloop Tue 14-Jan-14 12:35:03

I don't agree, I would interpret evening dress as me in suits women in cocktail dress, just one step down from black tie.
The jumpsuit is lovely but I would wear it to an event where dress code wasn't specified.
It depends on the circles you move in and what you know the hosts mean.

I think it would depend on the formality of the event for me. If it was a pretty formal event then I probably wouldn't. But if it was a smart event then I think it would be fine.

If you have the right figure (which sadly I don't) I think it would be lovely.

firesidechat Tue 14-Jan-14 12:40:56

I tend to agree with hootloop. It would be great for many occasions, although it also seems to be the sort of cut that would look good on some and terrible on others. Not so much because of size, but more to do with shape.

I would think evening dress means full length dress and dressy at that, if you know what I mean. You might get away with it, but a serious amount of dressing would be required.

What is the event?

MaidOfStars Tue 14-Jan-14 12:45:25

For me, evening dress means formal dresses (cocktail, not ballgown, style) and black tie. As cute as this outfit is, I wouldn't wear it to such an occasion - it's more glam party wear.

firesidechat Tue 14-Jan-14 12:48:36

Cocktail dress would be fine too.

Catsmamma Tue 14-Jan-14 12:55:43

I don't like it...I think it's too jump suit, WHERE IS YOUR PARACHUTE? Rather than swish, chic, ooooh is that a one piece and not a dress?

the bow on the back is ridiculous and would fight horribly with a necklace.

I really don't think it would cut it as evening dress.

MidniteScribbler Tue 14-Jan-14 13:02:15

Geez, that is seriously ugly. Unless you are a rake thin model then it's not going to suit you, and even if it did suit you then it's not 'evening dress'. All the bling in the world doesn't make it less ugly.

Slatecross Tue 14-Jan-14 13:34:29

Nope. Evening dress is evening dress and that isn't it. Sorry. I'd judge, and think you didn't understand social niceties. <princess Margaret>

TheBookofRuth Tue 14-Jan-14 13:38:09

Good grief, no! Nothing from Next is going to be suitable as "evening wear".

Slatecross Tue 14-Jan-14 13:40:35

Indeed. Try Coast and Phase Eight.

Rosa Tue 14-Jan-14 13:41:29

No I agree it is not evening wear even if you try and glam it up ...

UptheChimney Tue 14-Jan-14 13:41:36

No, it's not evening dress. And it's polyester. Yuk. If it were made to fit you, and in a lovely peach-faced silk, it might be OK. But I wouldn't think so frankly.

Personally, I can't see the point of wearing trousers as formal, dressy, or evening wear. They're not smart unless you have an YSL Le smoking -- a good knock off not an H&M or chain store style one.

But how many opportunities to do we get to wear really beautiful clothes? Why waste it?

LadyVetinari Tue 14-Jan-14 13:42:37

Yes, but only with:

A) The right figure - i.e. tall, athletic, slim, with great arms;
B) A tuxedo style jacket;
C) A long statement necklace, preferable tassle-style, plus a cuff or chunky bracelet;
D) Kick-ass stilettos;
E) Heavy smoky eye make-up, sheer lipgloss, and some sort of gamine haircut or updo.

In other words, I couldn't pull it off, but only you can judge whether you'd be able to grin.

LadyVetinari Tue 14-Jan-14 13:43:14

(Yes to wearing it, that is, not to the question of whether YABU!)

QueenofallIsee Tue 14-Jan-14 13:44:13

In my opinion, evening dress has moved on a bit and you could therefore wear an elegant trouser/jumpsuit without raising eyebrows. I cannot comment on whether this is suitable without seeing the fabric/your figure etc but if I was a lucky size 8, I would go with statement bag & shoes (Charlotte Olympia is my go to), dramatic makeup and cocktail ring/earrings.

I am not a fan of Next clothes but I have been surprised on occasion when asking where an outfit is from. Am not keen on the bow myself but as you didn't ask for suitability and not my opinion on the style I will leave it at that!

DelGirl Tue 14-Jan-14 13:44:42

How do you know the op has the budget for designer dahling ffs! I think it's lovely, if only I could wear something like that.

struggling100 Tue 14-Jan-14 13:46:13

OP - what is the event? That makes a huge difference! If it is some stuffy old do full of people guffawing into their claret and taking snuff, then it might be a touch radical and modern (though these could be great reasons FOR wearing it!) If it is a trendier and more fashionable event, then it could well be perfect. I went to a very formal business meeting once with a lady who was wearing a blue jumpsuit with a lovely gold necklace. She was very pretty and she looked stunning and very professional to boot. I felt very boring in my suit.

And BOO to all those who are being snobby about Next. I got married in a sale dress from Ted Baker.

TheBookofRuth Tue 14-Jan-14 13:49:02

Ted Baker is fine. Next is office wear, not evening wear.

QueenofallIsee Tue 14-Jan-14 13:50:31

I didn't mean to sound snobby - I am just not a fan generally though as I say, have been surprised. I stand by the statement shoes though...the best the OP can stretch too as the outfit needs it in my view

QueenStromba Tue 14-Jan-14 13:50:52

I think that looks awful on the model TBH.

schokolade Tue 14-Jan-14 14:08:34

christ, do people really think it's necessary to have chunky jewellery, updos and tons of make up for evening dos? I assume your DPs will also be expected to tart themselves up like that wink

I think the suit is fine OP. It wouldn't occur to me to judge you for wearing it, and would think anyone who do was a twit.

drbonnieblossman Tue 14-Jan-14 14:12:00

it's lovely. go for it. the idea of "evening dress" being only a dress is outdated.

or you could go to frank usher and come away with a dame edna dress?

drbonnieblossman Tue 14-Jan-14 14:13:08

it's lovely. go for it. the idea of "evening dress" being only a dress is outdated.

or you could go to frank usher and come away with a dame edna dress?

traininthedistance Tue 14-Jan-14 14:14:56

Yes depends on the event as to whether "evening dress" means formal dress or cocktail dresses. I'd wear it to an evening wedding, a dinner, a gallery opening or a cocktail party; but not to a ball, a morning wedding, or a state banquet! Do you know what the men are wearing OP - black tie (or god forbid, white tie?) And what's the time of day?

WaveySky Tue 14-Jan-14 14:19:21

I think it's horrible. The front is very plain and the material doesn't sound good.

Can you get on ebay or look in coast to see if you can find a bargain?

WranglerCord Tue 14-Jan-14 14:28:22

If you think you look good in it and will feel confident then you are NBU. If you will fuss about the state of your arms, vpl, wobbly tummy/thighs or the fact that everyone else is wearing a cocktail dress then you shouldn't wear it.

fluffyraggies Tue 14-Jan-14 14:33:59

Frankly i think you would need to be very young or very lovely to pull this off.

Some women look stunning in evening trousers/evening suit. Some just don't. Not easy to put a finger on why.

IMO at the very least you need to be able to glide effortlessly on lovely thin heels, and have a good back, neck, and arms for this outfit.

Crowler Tue 14-Jan-14 14:35:48

I love pantsuits. I agree you have to be pretty thin to carry this off, with thin and toned arms.

You're going to need dramatic shoes, makeup and jewelry as has been noted.

If you wear it well, you'll be a bit like Michelle Phieffer (sp?) in Scarface.

I wore one a few years ago to my high school reunion which was dressy - it had a cross-over V plunge in the boob area which makes it way more forgiving on the arms, it creates an illusion. This one is cut in a more problematic way for less than perfect arms.

Crowler Tue 14-Jan-14 14:37:25

I do love the idea of a Bianca Jagger/YSL tuxedo suit look. Skinny (or not) trousers, super high heels, tuxedo style jacket, barely-there top underneath. With a clutch. And a matte red lip.

olidusUrsus Tue 14-Jan-14 14:42:48

Wear it. I disagree with blinging it up though - the event is formal not glam - everything will start fighting - don't let the outfit wear you! Discreet black heels, a long pendant necklace in silver or black to draw the eye down your figure pretends to know what I'm talking about

newyearhere Tue 14-Jan-14 14:45:30

Agree with MaidOfStars that it's party wear, not evening dress.

Floggingmolly Tue 14-Jan-14 14:47:28

That's not evening dress. Fine for a party; but would look tacky and ridiculous in a room full of cocktail dresses.

ChristmasCareeristBitchNigel Tue 14-Jan-14 14:48:33

If you are a size 10 or smaller with no lumps and bumps then go for it. If not, don't. They arent forgiving.

KatnipEvergreen Tue 14-Jan-14 14:50:56

I think it's cute, especially the bow. You have to be confident about your back and arms though, as people will be drawn to them. Bugger "You have to be skinny/toned". It's how you feel in it that counts.

It's the sort of thing I'd wear when I had to go to a do straight from work. Take off your jacket - you are ready!

BlingBang Tue 14-Jan-14 15:07:19

Depends on how formal the do, how slim you are and if you are confident to wear something that might be a bit different. Years ago everyone used to turn up to dos in ball gowns and go OTT. A lot of things are more relaxed now - really depends on the event and the type of folk going. I've seen some folk look awful in very expensive stuff and some look great in much cheaper stuff.

Curlyweasel Tue 14-Jan-14 15:07:28

you need to tell us how formal the event is op. if you were to wear it, i think less would be more (the bow's the star of the outfit and too much bling would make you look like a badly arranged goth Christmas tree). a pair of truly outstanding shoes and matching clutch will set it off. don't go overboard on the make-up either ... remember - whores rouges, ladies pinch... hope this helps.

Curlyweasel Tue 14-Jan-14 15:08:29

rouge obnov...

BlingBang Tue 14-Jan-14 15:08:53

Many cocktail dresses look tacky and dull as dishwater though.

PiperRose Tue 14-Jan-14 15:14:05

Yes, yes, yes. Of course it's evening wear. I love the idea of a trouser suit when everyone else will be in flouncy cocktail dresses. Very chic.

It depends on the event. We are having a works do in a couple of weeks - flagged as "black tie"/ "evening dress" but something like this would be perfectly suitable for someone with the right figure not me. I went to a VERY posh "do" once and wore wide black trousers with sparkly top and didn't feel out of place, but some events DO call for a evening dress. My favourite shop atm is Phase 8 and I know they have a great sale right now. It's obviously up to you, but with the end of the sales looming, and bargains to be grabbed out there it might be worth taking another look around. Have fun, whatever you decide to wear.

MaidOfStars Tue 14-Jan-14 15:36:37

I can't find any guide that suggests it acceptable for women to wear party clothes, especially trousers, when an invitation specifies "evening wear". It may the case that if you are Kate Moss, at a society event, you can get away with an outfit like this.

OP, any clue to the function?

newyearhere Tue 14-Jan-14 15:49:08

"Evening dress" is a long (not cocktail) dress for women, black tie for men.

"Evening wear" is a section of a department store with clothes for any evening events, rather than just black tie events. This is where I'd expect to find the cocktail dresses, shiny trouser suits etc, in addition to the formal "evening dress".

sunshinemmum Tue 14-Jan-14 16:51:21

I thin k it is both gorgeous and appropriate.

happycrimblechuckie Tue 14-Jan-14 19:29:15

Thanks mumsneters for you comments, it is a function a bit like a golf club do so I think the outfit will be fine. A bit worried though as I am a size 12 but I am pretty toned so should be ok!!

LadyVetinari Tue 14-Jan-14 19:41:21

Oh go for it! I think it'll be nice as long as you style it correctly - the bow feature on the back is lovely, but the front is quite plain so does beg for striking shoes and a necklace of some sort IMO smile.

RidingAlongInMyAutomobile Tue 14-Jan-14 19:53:23

How tall are you? You need to be very tall to be able to wear something like this.

MohammedLover Tue 14-Jan-14 20:18:52

Remember you can never be overdressed!

Enjoy your evening out whatever you wear.

I would recommend great nails and matching lippi to really polish the look as much as possible.

olidusUrsus Tue 14-Jan-14 20:31:48

You don't need to be anything - if you like it, wear it! Hope you have a lovely time OP.

Bootycall Tue 14-Jan-14 20:42:36

ffs, if you like it wear it op, personally I love it, some of the comments here are very funny.

seriously if you have time to judge another woman's length/style of dress as not right you need a hobby!

Caitlin17 Tue 14-Jan-14 21:10:08

The back and side view is lovely, I don't like the front at all.

For the type of event you mentioned it'll be fine but you need to be perfectly groomed and made up (not blinged ) for it to work.

I used to have a dinner suit and wore it with double cuff shirts, links and a bow tie. I wore it to a work black tie event and I think it went down well. I wouldn't have worn it to a ball.

MaidOfStars Tue 14-Jan-14 21:19:13

Bootycall A dress code is offered to ensure that everyone is suitably attired and that nobody is underdressed. It is there to prevent embarrassment. In some cases, it is required for entry.

Would you wear jeans and a T-shirt to a job interview? If not, why not?

Caitlin17 Tue 14-Jan-14 21:23:01

Bootycall it actually is my hobby. Well not so much the judging other women but clothes. I was in 7th heaven at the V&A Golden Age of Couture, Ballgowns and Grace Kelly exhibitions.

For this jumpsuit you need:
- very toned arms and shoulders
- small waist
- no tits
- pert bum

Otherwise you will look like you are wearing a boiler suit.

WhenWhyWhere Tue 14-Jan-14 21:40:32

I think its fabulous and very suitable for an 'evening dress' occasion.

LetsFaceTheMusicAndDance Tue 14-Jan-14 21:43:55

Only if you are the size and shape of a catwalk model.

Fancyashandy Tue 14-Jan-14 22:36:49

People don't always follow the dress code to the letter these days. Things evolve.

Preciousbane Tue 14-Jan-14 23:52:34

So if not a golf club what is it? Another type of sport?

I have been to a lot of formal events up to 2012 that need evening dress and have never seen someone in a jumpsuit. To me that is a going out for cocktails with women friends in town.

jacks365 Wed 15-Jan-14 00:03:44

If this is for a 'ladies night' which is the closest to a golf club function I can think of then that is not suitable and you do need a floor length dress.

sashh Wed 15-Jan-14 06:40:25

I have been to a ball, with everyone in evening dress apart from a group at one table who had come in their best baby blue and baby pink jogging suits, complete with matching trainers.

Aren't jumpsuits a bit of a pain when you want the loo though? I can imagine having to strip it of completely and risk having it draping on the floor confused

Crowler Wed 15-Jan-14 09:54:54

Yes. They are.

Gileswithachainsaw Wed 15-Jan-14 10:02:17

Definately not. It doesn't look wry good quality tbh and the bow is tacky. I foresee duck sides and camel toes unless you are in the exact proportion this thing seems to be designed for. And yes with a bigger bust someone would look less "elegant and smart" and more like someone auditioning for flash dance.

However it is 100% your choice and will not be to everyone's taste so you should do as you see fit. smile

TeacupDrama Wed 15-Jan-14 10:02:33

I think it is formal but not evening dress which i think is cocktail dress I do not like the outfit anyway so probably biased but i think it is a party dress not evening dress

black tie is tuxedo for men and full length dresses for women

white tie is tuxedo with white accessoires and full length ball gowns for women with white gloves bling, honours and medals worn twends to be only state banquets and very upmarket formal events

deXavia Wed 15-Jan-14 10:02:43

Looking at it another way - are you a regular at the "golf club" or a newbie still creating an impression or guest of a regular? Do you care about anyone's opinion? And is its a stuffy " golf club"
If your an established member or its a more chilled place I reckon you can be more daring with your choice. If you are a guest, needing to impress or it's a stuffy traditional type place I would say be more conservative.
As for that specific jumpsuit personally I'd prefer it if it was more flared/palazzo style leg, would seem more 'dressy' to me. And agree with the statement shoes but think a statement necklace would be too busy front and back - simple long chain/pendant like some one mentioned up thread would be the way to go.

EnianShelZman Wed 15-Jan-14 10:16:53

Sorry it looks a bit tacky to me. I would feel very self conscious in a room full of women in pretty dresses wearing this thing.

sunshinemmum Wed 15-Jan-14 13:24:34

Caitlin So loved the V &A golden age of couture and Grace Kelly exhibition, missed the ball gowns one, so jealous. Also saw a small exhibition of the downtown costumes, which was heaven. sorry for hijack smile

WranglerCord Wed 15-Jan-14 14:28:20

Teacup, I would disagree. Black tie used to mean full length dresses for women, but I would suggest most black tie events now will be populated by women in cocktail dresses. I was at an event recently and not one single woman was in a full length dress - and they were mostly over 50 so it's not really an age thing. It depends on the event, especially whether there is dancing and the general 'poshness' of the venue etc.

ohhifruit Wed 15-Jan-14 14:32:17

I think many invitations include 'formal wear' without really knowing what it means.
The jumpsuit
A works cocktail party? Maybe but even then I'd err on the side of caution and wear a dress.
Gala/opening/etc. No, no way.
A ball? NO. Full out no.

It would be fine for Saturday down the pub/hen night not for formal wear.

PiperRose Wed 15-Jan-14 19:01:25

Bloody hell, judgemental much???.

Logg1e Wed 15-Jan-14 19:21:20

Lovely outfit, but I wouldn't wear trousers for "evening dress".

I'm surprised at people saying "Not Next".

Giles what are "duck sides"??

Ifancyashandy Wed 15-Jan-14 19:25:07

The bow on that is very very horrid. It looks like it was found on Kat Slaters market stall. And for that reason, no, it is not suitable for a black tie / formal event.

Gileswithachainsaw Wed 15-Jan-14 19:29:57


They are when the legs are all really baggy at the waist and thigh. Making someone look a lot wider than they actually are grin

Like clown trousers I suppose

dontcallmemam Wed 15-Jan-14 19:36:56

I wonder if you might feel uncomfortable if everyone else is dressed up to the nines? Evening dress to me means fancy cocktail dress or even a long frock with the men in Black Tie.
I'd think you were making a statement of some sort.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Wed 15-Jan-14 20:14:59

depends on a. the function - I don't really think that is standard evening dress. - not dressy enough and b. your comfort zone at potentially looking out of place. If you are confident, then go for it.

appletarts Wed 15-Jan-14 20:23:02

You need a dress

BackforGood Wed 15-Jan-14 20:37:55

No - if it says "Evening Dress" on the invitation, then that isn't appropriate IMO.
If you are stick thin and confident, you could get away with it for a party of something, but it's not formal enough for an event which has asked you to adhere to a dress code.

I wouldn't wear it to an occasion with that description, it's just too ordinary from the front-it's a bit of a day into night outfit for me.

VoldysGoneMouldy Wed 15-Jan-14 21:08:06

Not for an event saying ''Evening dress'', no. It's fine for a party or going out for dinner, but not for a formal event. If you don't like wearing dresses, then smart trousers with killer shoes, a good blouse and jacket. But not a jumpsuit.

scantilymad Wed 15-Jan-14 21:09:25

I would wear the jumpsuit (figure permitting) for drinks with the girls but I'm not sure it will cut it for "evening dress". I agree with previous posters who have suggested cocktail style dresses. "Evening wear" is just a smarter version of what you might wear in the day (when women wore dresses all the time!) so don't go full length. I'd also jump at the chance to dress up and wear something with a skirt rather than something with trousers, but that's only because I spend my life in jeans!
Also, would you get much wear from the jumpsuit? It's quite a statement piece - are there many other places you think you might wear it? It doesn't seem like an "investment" piece.
Maybe try Damsel in a Dress? They do some lovely dresses.

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