To feel Christmas ish feeling is over and to be impatient and ask what are your new year resolutions? Love making em!

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sugar4eva Fri 27-Dec-13 16:38:21

As above ; twitching to make mine. What are yours! ?!

AwfulMaureen Fri 27-Dec-13 16:39:51

To learn to drive and also to become VERY RICH. I am determined. I believe anything is possible....I have all I need to become wealthy...I will share it with those in need.

To reach my goal weight, 20 pounds to go, by summer. So plenty of time to lose it sensibly.

Sister77 Fri 27-Dec-13 16:43:11

I'm going to look after myself better and not feel guilty for doing so. Eat better, smile and laugh more, enjoy my kids. I'm going to LOVE MY LIFE

Shinyshoes1 Fri 27-Dec-13 16:45:53

To get down AT LEAST 2 dress sizes
Drink less alcohol drink more water
Move a bit more
By end of jan I'd have hopefully got rid of the deadwood in my life and never look back. A particular person is lucky to have 2 chances from me , she's not having a 3rd
Make next Christmas simpler .. It didn't need to cost £2000.

sugar4eva Fri 27-Dec-13 16:46:01

Yay ladies ; good stuff! : )

sugar4eva Fri 27-Dec-13 16:46:19

Yay ladies ; good stuff! : )

sugar4eva Fri 27-Dec-13 16:47:15

So good I said it twice!

sugar4eva Fri 27-Dec-13 16:52:19

Mine so far- to exercise,remember to go out with pals ,teens when willing and dh , go to more galleries.just do it instead of thinking about it.! Plan better rather than dream thro the weekends , go riding, study history of fabric and fashion and te textiles and more ordered and organised to free up time !

secretsofsanta Fri 27-Dec-13 16:55:30

Loose 3/4 stone
Get fit, walk everyday
Go to a couple of toddler groups with ds every week
Get on top of finances
Ebay once a week
Big clean once a week
Get dd3 age 4 going to sleep on own

HairyGrotter Fri 27-Dec-13 16:57:59

Lose 3/4 stone (again confused) as I'm getting married in September and I'd like to be not such a fat bride grin

And save money!

secretsofsanta Fri 27-Dec-13 16:58:15

Do one to one days with dd1 and 2 each month

secretsofsanta Fri 27-Dec-13 17:09:36

To ket things go.

PrimalLass Fri 27-Dec-13 17:24:07

Lose weight. Am 40 in March and WILL NOT be this weight then.
Be more focussed with work.
Sort the house out.

Rosencrantz Fri 27-Dec-13 17:28:01

No shit men.

CheckedPjs Fri 27-Dec-13 17:32:03

My chirstmas dec's came down yesterday don't worry ;) (my tree was drooped and brown that's what you get for having an average temp of 25 degree's in the house haha)

Mine are to loose 3/4 stone
Save the £200 I've been wasting a month for my wedding
Stop eating crap - no more take aways!

Topseyt Fri 27-Dec-13 17:47:50

I want to get this house in order, finally.

FrankieStien Fri 27-Dec-13 17:52:50

To learn to sew.

LumpySpacePrincessOhMyGlob Fri 27-Dec-13 17:53:20

Spend more time with the people that matter.

nowahousewife Fri 27-Dec-13 17:55:31

Lose half a stone, have lost 19lbs this year and another 7lb would be fab. Need to expand my freelance work portfolio as I'm currently getting loads of work but from too few clients - never good to have all eggs in one basket.

Continue working hard at University.
Learn to drive a manual car.

Rhubarbgarden Fri 27-Dec-13 18:17:06

To set a monthly budget and stick to it.

HerrenaHarridan Fri 27-Dec-13 18:22:29

Only one this year...

Remember birthdays

MountainHeights Fri 27-Dec-13 18:28:36

I've lost 4 of my target 5 stone, so to get the last dtone off by march.
To run a half marathon.
To get past the half way mark of my phd.
To buy no more food from the supermarkets and live completely self sufficiently food wise. We're 80% there so only a little wsy to go!

rabbitlady Fri 27-Dec-13 18:57:56

i've got seven. the first six are pretty standard and the last one is about sex, in a 'more, not less' sort of way.

ormirian Fri 27-Dec-13 19:04:18

Gawd no! Hate NYE and resolutions are just another reason to get depressed during the most miserable time of the year. I leave my life-changing decisions to a better time of the year when I don't want to curl up and die anyway.

StarlightMcKingsThree Fri 27-Dec-13 19:05:46

How is Christmas over? hmm

Just because the shops can no longer sell you stuff overpriced?

Festivities here go on until First week of Jan, as is the tradition

Geckos48 Fri 27-Dec-13 19:29:49

Stop eating gluten because it makes me ill
Stop eating crap because it makes me ill
Feel confident to wear nice clothes in the summer

Enjoy the benefits of the above.

Mia4 Fri 27-Dec-13 19:31:31

To tone up back to the fitness I had before moving in with DP and do WAR.

To cook one 'new' meal every two weeks/

teacherandguideleader Fri 27-Dec-13 20:44:00

Pay 8K off my debts by the end of the year which will halve them - this will mean beating the mental health problems that cause me to shop, but it can and will do it.

Lose 1.5 stones in weight by July.

sugar4eva Fri 27-Dec-13 22:23:02

Starlight -no it's not over for me due to shopping stuff. For me it is a time of reflection ,a time off work to renew self and thus gives ideal time to look to future. Really it's Zero re shops!

KeatsiePie Fri 27-Dec-13 22:47:51

Ooh, I have loads - keep a stricter diet; exercise more; tighten the purse strings until they snap; keep my work within my work hours and don't bring it home; stick to my writing schedule.

But I just read The Happiness Project and I think I'm going to try it. B/c really what I want is to feel like all these resolutions are all coming together to make a happy fulfilling life. Not just a list of goals I keep chasing after and can't do all at once.

The book is way better than the site but for anyone interested -

Redhibiscus Fri 27-Dec-13 22:50:08

Lose weight/Eat healthily/Actually go to the gym I'm paying for!

Leave work on time. Ish.

Read at least one non-work-related book per month.

MumofWombat Fri 27-Dec-13 23:06:35

To declutter. Sell unwanted or unneeded things on ebay/gumtree, give away to charity shops.
My 'would be hoarder' DH has agreed to this resolution as well! Lets see how well that goes when it's his stuff that's being decluttered!!

TheSporkforeatingkyriarchy Fri 27-Dec-13 23:41:00

We don't do Christmas, and New Year is our big winter holiday and have been counting down with fun activities and reflecting on it for weeks. We've already began our first goal of sorting out this house so we can all feel more relaxed and do more of the stuff we want to do (rather than running around stressed out trying to manage all this stuff - so happy to have already finished upstairs and got so much crap out to the tip and bags to take to the charity shop).

As I said on the other new year's thread, something that's become clear to me this year is the need to focus on what I want these goals to achieve. I don't just want to clear out to have a clean house, I want to clear out because I think that will lead to feeling more relaxed and enjoying our home more so the way we're clearing out is a lot more thoughtful and well discussed rather than frustrated throw out that burns out half way through like usual. I really recommend this video on goal making, discussing breaking down into areas of life and considering what I want out of it and want to feel about it has been a very powerful idea in my current work on this.

So my goals are redoing the house - clearing as much stuff and making it low management and space to do things rather than stuff, getting a proper work up at the doctors so I can get the right medication and programme so I can start feeling refreshed and human (rather than fighting needing them that has left me so drained), I've started the first of a pair of business courses so I can achieve what I want in my business, spending more attentive time with kids, partner, and with myself - reading, personal writing, and philosophy (I had quite a thrashing to the latter this year so I want to heal that bash next year).

TheFabulousIdiot Fri 27-Dec-13 23:45:54

Mine is to concentrate more on me, on my mental and physical well being. To speak up when I am concerned and basically stop taking so much shit.

TheFabulousIdiot Fri 27-Dec-13 23:47:13

Oh, and to deactivate my facebook account.

MrsSippy Fri 27-Dec-13 23:52:51

I have a load of resolutions this year, all of them I have had before but I feel really motivated at the moment, so I'm not giving up hope smile

ohtanmybum Sat 28-Dec-13 00:54:16

No more Christmas. From next year I'm volunteering at a shelter, then off somewhere warm. What a relief!

ricericebaby Sat 28-Dec-13 07:26:34

Prioritise better.
Lose weight (3 - 3 and a half stones)
Stick to food/shopping/savings budget.
Play with the kids more.
Spend more quality time with hubby.
Get better at saying NO to things I don't want to do/have no time to do.
Catch up with friends more often.
Be more assertive.

Sell this awful, awful house. I have no idea how it can be sold in the state it is in and we don't have the money to fix it. Getting to the point where I just want to abandon it.

poppycock6 Sat 28-Dec-13 07:59:53

To get back my exercise regime.To cut back on the booze.
To get more organised.
To realise that I can't control all the terrible things happening in the world and therefore not let it get me so down sad

poppycock6 Sat 28-Dec-13 08:06:25

Oh yes and to sort through the detritus which is the kids bedrooms. So many tiny pieces of plastic shit - doing my head in!

flossietta Sat 28-Dec-13 10:09:25

1. To lose weight. I need to lose 6 stone but I'm not putting pressure to lose it by a certain date.
2. To run the race for life instead of walking it
3. To get the house sorted out properly
4. Hire a cleaner
5. To get my tragus pierced
6. To get DD to learn to go to sleep on her own
7. To have more sex

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