Present from SIL for 6yo DTSs is a bath towel each!

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ItIsHowItIs Fri 20-Dec-13 17:17:49

Its both hilarious and annoying! What are they going to think?

Pancakeflipper Fri 20-Dec-13 17:18:57

I got my DC bath towels - had dinosaurs on. They were impressed.

Vivacia Fri 20-Dec-13 17:20:03

Are they children's towels?

Sil bought my girls towels each at about that age. They absolutely loved them.

newlark Fri 20-Dec-13 17:20:43

My children were given bath towels (with their names embroidered on) by a friend - they loved them.

formerbabe Fri 20-Dec-13 17:21:12

At least its useful.

God you sound horribly ungrateful.

Megglevache Fri 20-Dec-13 17:21:25

I think its great....erm....why is it annoying..?

I speak as the recipient of a bottle of vagisil once....oh yes....thank you mother in chuff is neither sensitive, itchy nor stale....meh.

insancerre Fri 20-Dec-13 17:21:58

why is it annoying?
somebody has bought them a gift
sounds like you have your own agenda

SatinSandals Fri 20-Dec-13 17:22:41

I would be quite happy with it.

DaddyPigsMistress Fri 20-Dec-13 17:23:12


God i love my mil she buys me books and booze

jammiedonut Fri 20-Dec-13 17:23:32

Why is it hilarious/ annoying? They're six, surely they don't care about gifts that early? At least it's something.

specialmagiclady Fri 20-Dec-13 17:23:35

Are they ordinary white ones or in some way "cool"? My kids would rather like them if they were, say, Angry Birds or something, or indeed completely vast and snuggly.

I bet you can sell it to them, "it will be like aunty is giving you a cuddle every bath time" or some such.

Are you expecting the DTs to think they're crap because they would like big lumps of expensive plastic? Nothing wrong with a present being a little bit practical. If, however, they are plain self-coloured normal towels then YANBU.

oddslippers Fri 20-Dec-13 17:23:42

I got a towel as a gift when I was seven, I think it is possibly the only childhood gift I still have and use. I'm now 34 grin

oddslippers Fri 20-Dec-13 17:24:31

I got a towel as a gift when I was seven, I think it is possibly the only childhood gift I still have and use. I'm now 34 grin

I got my own towel at 9 used it into adulthood when it fell apart.
My dc have been given a few towels. Some character some just a nice colour. They love having their own towels.

Earningsthread Fri 20-Dec-13 17:26:15

Gosh I bought towels for my nieces - with their names embroidered on them. sad

TheMuppetsSingChristmas Fri 20-Dec-13 17:26:20

Similar to the others, my kids would love them if they were of popular characters etc. They use them as blankets on their beds sometimes too, or to sit with on the sofa like a snuggle blanket. If they are plain block colours, not so much though!

Bambamb Fri 20-Dec-13 17:27:19

My MIL has given me antibacterial dishcloths for Christmas. Twice.

How thoughtful grin

MIL bought DS2(4) a Met Police mug grin confused

JoinYourPlayfellows Fri 20-Dec-13 17:28:00

What's wrong with bath towels? confused

New towels are lovely and soft and fluffy and they will love having their own towels.

They can have a lovely bath on Christmas night and if you warm their towels up, they'll so so snug and toasty for them.

God, I wish someone had bought me a new bath towel envy

SmiteYouWithThunderbolts Fri 20-Dec-13 17:28:01

Every hoopy frood should know where their towel is. Be thankful.

Megglevache Fri 20-Dec-13 17:28:04 MIL is the stuff of MN legend....vile!

Yika Fri 20-Dec-13 17:28:20

I think a towel is a lovely gift! Not so much for a yoing child if it's completely plain but if it's distinctively theirs, they will enjoy using it.

FiveStarHadItComing Fri 20-Dec-13 17:29:03

' hilarious and annoying', oh no, don't say that.

I have bought DD, also 6, a big bath towel. She saw it a few weeks ago while shopping with me and thought it was big and soft and pretty 'luuuvvverly mummy, just luuuuvvverly'. She asked for it for Christmas.

They'll probably really like them.

My kids got personalised towels from MIL last year, was a great present.

Joiningthegang Fri 20-Dec-13 17:29:31

Yab ungrateful

Don't see the problem - they will have lots of toys and crap - I live a useful gift and your children will appreciate all teir gifts - unless they are ungrateful tykes

Megglevache Fri 20-Dec-13 17:29:57

Itishowitis. Are they tacky towels, is that why they are annoying? Whats the history with you and SIL?

Jellytotsforme Fri 20-Dec-13 17:29:59

Very ungrateful

It depends on the towels, surely. If they're boring tasteful White Company things then your children will probably be a bit hmm unless they're spectacularly fluffy and lovely (one of ds's favourite presents ever was a cosy grey bathrobe, another was a furry hot water bottle) in which case they'll love them. If they're hideous and emblazoned with a favourite character, they'll think they're great.

I'm sure they'll have plenty of toys from other people and won't feel remotely deprived.

kelper Fri 20-Dec-13 17:30:17

missbeehiving my ds would love a police mug!

do they have 'Don't panic' written on in friendly lettering?

Monetbyhimself Fri 20-Dec-13 17:31:02

Luckily my kids appreciate anything that anyone goes to the trouble of choosing for them. I thought we'd finished with the materialistic/grabby/rude Christmas present threads for a while. Obviously not.

AdmiralData Fri 20-Dec-13 17:31:42

I love towels. I'd be chuffed. As a child I was made to be head achingly grateful for anything I was given or we'd all have a wallop. Hope your children appreciate the towels.

JoinYourPlayfellows Fri 20-Dec-13 17:32:41

I have a 5 year old who would really love being given a bath towel by an aunt - even if it was plain.

It would make her feel grown up and important to get a gift like that from a grown up (that wasn't me or her Dad).

YoDiggity Fri 20-Dec-13 17:33:33

Presumably they are personalised or themed or would appeal to a child in some way rather than just bog standard towels? Assuming the answer is yes I think they are a great present.

IsabellaRockerfeller Fri 20-Dec-13 17:35:11

I hope your children have not inherited your ungratefulness <is that even a word>


ShatnersBassoon Fri 20-Dec-13 17:37:08

Towels are the shizzle. One of mine was given a Muppets towel last year and it was very well received.

Ingratitude smile
I can understand d your confused face if they are plain bath towels. But a kids character one will go down well I'm sure.

JoinYourPlayfellows Fri 20-Dec-13 17:40:13

"Towels are the shizzle."

I concur.

Mumsyblouse Fri 20-Dec-13 17:40:58

I think mine (8 and 10) would like a towel each! New things are always nice- they get new pyjamas, new toothbrushes etc from my mum, I think a towel is in a similar vein.

Although I do think if it's plain and given on its own next to lots of flashy toys it could get a slightly underwhelmed response.

ItIsHowItIs Fri 20-Dec-13 17:41:28

Ok, I've stopped falling apart laughing at some of your comments now!

So I am being unreasonable.... I've been told!
I had a look and they are not characters or anything, but are patterned.
Problem (for me) is that I have a cupboard overfull of bath towels (dh had loads when we moved in together, I have no idea why a single man would need more than 2 bath towels but he had about 20), we don't throw stuff out, we use it until it falls to pieces and I was kind of looking forward to them all wearing out (in about 10 years time) so that I could buy some that would actually look nice in our bathroom....... but if the boys will love the towels then then that's fine.

specialmagiclady - Big lumps of plastic no - books or game maybe, football socks.

Earningsthread - lovely with a name embroidered... that's special.

Joiningthegang Fri 20-Dec-13 17:42:36

Now I want some new fluffy bath towels (crosses fingers) x

MegBusset Fri 20-Dec-13 17:42:49

Mine would love their own towel! wish I'd thought of it first

Megglevache Fri 20-Dec-13 17:43:13

Its good youre laughing grin

Pancakeflipper Fri 20-Dec-13 17:43:26

If it is your DH's sister then there's obviously a family fetish for bath towel.. Never met a man with 20 towels. Not even the swimming man I dated.

ItIsHowItIs Fri 20-Dec-13 17:47:32

Megglavache - maybe you are right - some difficult things have happened within dhs family this year which is also maybe why IABU.

OK, there are clearly some towel-related shenanigans going on here.

You are actively looking forward to buying towels and your DH had 20 when you met. This is WAAAAYYYYY outside normal towellery.

No wonder SIL has bought towels for the's like those people that know you collect model owls and just buy you owls every Christmas and thinking needed
"Ohhh, I know what to get The itisDTs, they love owls/towels in that family, I will get them some towels/owls"

YoDiggity Fri 20-Dec-13 17:49:31

ok, if the towels are not specifically children's towels then that is a bit odd for 6 year olds, I agree. sounds like a panic purchase to me.

mousmous Fri 20-Dec-13 17:49:40

it's a lovely and useful present

...but not bowels

Dollslikeyouandme Fri 20-Dec-13 17:52:16

Don't know if there's a back story, but I think that they will like the towels. Ds 5 loves a new towel, more so if its character, but nothing nicer than a new towel and pjs at Christmas

JoinYourPlayfellows Fri 20-Dec-13 17:53:28

"Not even the swimming man I dated."

You dated a swimming man? envy

Megglevache Fri 20-Dec-13 18:02:34

Well then its only half the story and might be why everyone jumped on the thead saying YABU. You didnt sound ungrateful."..hilarious and annoying "made me wonder if there was more going on.

. Have a glass of wine. I hope your children love their pressies x

OP, a couple of years ago ds's grandpa gave him a (plain, tasteful colours rather than flashy) lunch box and insulated mug. I was hmm . DS was hmm ...

Fast forward a year and he bloody loved them.

Children and their relatives can be baffling - sometimes other people know what they'll like better than we, or indeed the children themselves, do fgrin

SantanaLopez Fri 20-Dec-13 18:11:45

YABU, DD is getting one of the ones that has a hood with ears!

RevoltingPeasant Fri 20-Dec-13 18:23:13

By contrast, my mum once bought me and DSis2 matching sheets with lovely grown-up flower patterns on - roses, I think.

We loved them, until.....

.... the first night we slept with them on, when DSis2 became convinced the roses were in fact lions, and would come to life and eat her confused

You can't win with children. Ten to one they'll love them. Maybe you can retire some of the current towels for cleaning/ rags now? Or, you could get DC names embroidered on yourself?

phantomnamechanger Fri 20-Dec-13 18:24:30

I'd rather mine had a new towel or something else that's actually useful, than another useless pile of pink plastic tat though. in fact mine have had new towels for xmas one year in their favourite colours. and flannels, always new flannels in their stocking.

littleredsquirrel Fri 20-Dec-13 18:26:43

If they were children's towels I'd think normal purchase and thank her for not filling the house with even more toys.

Just patterned towels I'd think it an odd present for children of that age unless they'd specifically asked for them.

MissWinter01 Fri 20-Dec-13 18:26:46

Got to say, my brother asked for ideas and I did say a towel. He laughed at me but he is getting her a towel (all be it along with some other things) but I would have been quite happy with the towel.

HesterShaw Fri 20-Dec-13 18:28:03

Everyone's said what needs to be said.

Suffice to say there have been some cracking posts today. That's WAY beyond normal towellery is one of them.


JinglingRexManningDay Fri 20-Dec-13 18:35:26

Pml @ vagisil.

What's wrong with bath towels? I bought my kids bath towels as a stocking filler. Dd1 has a giraffe print one,ds1 has a Man Utd one,dd2 has a one direction one and dd3 has peppa pig. So no more fighting over the massive bath sheet which I will claim grin

redskyatnight Fri 20-Dec-13 18:45:04

My brother bought me 2 bathtowels for Christmas when the DC were about 5 and 3. They instantly commandeered them to make a den and they are regularly pulled out to play with even now (DC now 9 and 7). One child sitting on and the other pulling along the floor current favourite game. Great present!

And of course you can also use them as towels.

Jinty64 Fri 20-Dec-13 18:51:28

Ds's 1&2 got towels from a family friend for Christmas when they were 1&3. They are still going strong 15 years later.

timidviper Fri 20-Dec-13 18:54:57

DS got a towel from my friend when he was 11, her reasoning being that he would need it for sports bag, etc and he has used it such a lot through school and uni. I think he has just got rid of it, he is now 25 grin

UniS Fri 20-Dec-13 18:56:12

Nowt wrong with towels as a kids present.
I gave my Niece two towels last year. One was a hoodie football one ( she loved it) and the other a Cath Kidson ( her mum loved it).
DS likes the one he was given the other year by an uncle, he likes it being HIS.

HRMumness Fri 20-Dec-13 19:02:31

We couldn't have a family christmas without our DM giving me and my brothers a towel each. To be fair, we would destroy them within a year as we sailed or went swimming every week (grew up in Australia). It actually became a family joke.

raisah Fri 20-Dec-13 19:06:37

My dh bought me a pot of wrinkle cream for my 28th birthday......

formerbabe Fri 20-Dec-13 19:07:42

Just thought, was she 're-gifting'?

bobblewobble Fri 20-Dec-13 19:15:15

My sister has bought my 5 year old a character towel and i know he will love it smile

Quenna Fri 20-Dec-13 19:28:09

I made my nephew a towel which was a plain cheapy one and cut out big letters out of a second contrasting colour to sew on to spell his name. I was dead chuffed with it. I hope he doesn't hate it!!

Doctorbrownbear Fri 20-Dec-13 19:54:50

I am obviously in the minority but think it's a stupid present for a six yr old. Obvz reading previous posts Iust be wrong and six yr old girls don't like six yr old stuff like toys anymore!

NoComet Fri 20-Dec-13 19:59:42

a Nicky mouse towel I used fir school swimming was about the only useful present (my rather tight) grandmother ever got me.

(and even then I suspect DM was involved)

Dubjackeen Fri 20-Dec-13 20:03:57

My MIL has given me antibacterial dishcloths for Christmas. Twice
Did she even wrap them up ? fgrin

Yamyoid Fri 20-Dec-13 20:04:51

I would've reacted like you op but as a pp said, I'm sure there'll be plenty of other lovely presents so they won't really notice.
I asked ds how he'd feel if some of his presents were clothes (which they are, from relatives) and he replied, how would you feel if you were given the worst present in the world!

phantomnamechanger Fri 20-Dec-13 20:07:22

doctorbrown - but no one is suggesting she should get NO TOYS AT ALL are they? the issue is that most kids generally get TOO MUCH STUFF anyway so something useful is welcomed by parents. useful, consumable, small gifts are welcomed from other family when parents/santa are already getting loads of gifts for the child.

IThinkThat Fri 20-Dec-13 20:10:14

I think its a good gift. Your DTDs can have their own lovely towels. I think its a considerate gift.

4yoniD Fri 20-Dec-13 20:12:48

My just 2 year old got a book thrown at her with the words "I don't know why I bothered .... it can't read yet". At least your towels didn't come with twatishness.

Vivacia Fri 20-Dec-13 20:13:03

OP - life is too short If you want new towels, buy them. Downgrade the current ones to dog towels, garden toys, rags or donate them to the dogs' home. But don't spend the next ten years wanting them to wear out so you can get what you really want. Small pleasures and all that.

imustbepatient Fri 20-Dec-13 21:22:50

Is she a Douglas Adams fan? grin

SchnitzelVonKrumm Fri 20-Dec-13 21:28:47

Mine were given their own bath towels, they were delighted.

ByTheSea Fri 20-Dec-13 21:33:23

My sis got DD2 a Ben10 bath towel when she was younger. She loved it and used it for years.

Breezy1985 Fri 20-Dec-13 21:36:18

I've just wrapped up a towel for my 9yo, tis a JLS one though, so she's gonna love it grin They both love taking their own towels to school swimming lessons.

Hexbugsmakemeitch Fri 20-Dec-13 21:36:19

Did you unwrap them to see wgat she'd given them?

That is odd..

Mattissy Sun 22-Dec-13 23:28:42

Mine have several of their own towels, they love them.

I've dated loads of swimmer men, not surprising really, being a swimmer girl! Lol

Freddiefrog Sun 22-Dec-13 23:32:45

I've bought my girls embroidered towels for their stockings.

I thought they'd be good for swimming and stuff like that confused

I don't see the crime

Freddiefrog Sun 22-Dec-13 23:35:40

Odd, posting on my phone and only 1 page showed up confused

Plain towel seems odd but nothing if he massively offended about

CocktailQueen Sun 22-Dec-13 23:38:01

Santa bought towels for our dc last Xmas and they love them! What's wrong with towels??

OldRoan Sun 22-Dec-13 23:38:22

I remember having almighty fights with my DSis over a shower cap our grandparents bought us.

They bought 2, with different designs on. DSis and I shared a bath. My mum implemented, and I cannot believe I am admitting this, a shower cap rota. We took turns to have the nicer one on a weekly basis.

Children sometimes find the most ordinary things exciting...

Salmotrutta Sun 22-Dec-13 23:41:42

How do you fit a towel in a stocking? confused

Mattissy Mon 23-Dec-13 10:02:31

Roan, that's too funny!! Lol

DamnBamboo Mon 23-Dec-13 10:04:54

Megglevache just spat tea on my screen laughing at that! grin

Ruffcat Mon 23-Dec-13 10:53:22

Hope you re wrapped them well grin

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