to not get the attraction of Walking

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Bogeyface Thu 19-Dec-13 01:14:40

Walking as opposed to walking. Getting from A to B on foot because it is quicker, easier or cheaper than other modes of transport? Fine.

Walking 15 miles in one day just for the pleasure of....walking 15 miles in one day. I dont get it. I never have!

My mum is a walker, she considers anything under 10 miles to be a stroll, but because she is so focused on covering the miles, she seems to miss more than if she was driving! She says she doesn't, but at 63 with health issues, there is no way she can cover 15 miles without her head down and powering her legs!

It isnt fun, it isnt entertaining, it isnt particularly sociable either as you have to Walk with someone else who is as miles obsessed as you are!

All of this I wouldnt give brain time to if it werent for the evangelical nature of Walkers! You love it, good for you! I dont, stop trying to convince me that driving to Buxton, walking 15 miles and then driving home is a good day out! All you have done is wasted petrol and energy to end up in exactly the same place you started at! A walking holiday that takes you from one place to the next, I can see the attraction in that. But walking in one big circle from the car to....the car, nope.

AIBU that a) I dont get and b) wishing that those who do get it would STFU about it?!

MistressDeeCee Thu 19-Dec-13 01:21:06

I love walking (not 15 miles though!). It clears my head, I think whilst I walk, its quite green & hilly where I am so its a good, free workout. I do walk whenever I can..I hate exercise generally so I walk, & do mini trampoline. Walk to town centre etc. My mum's a walker too. Walking got me fit quickly after I had my DDs. Youre right, it isnt social but then again, walkers do meet people en route & say good morning.
So... I wont try to convince you then...(but it is better for your health and will do you good, rather than sitting in a metal box stressing about traffic whilst those bloody walkers stroll past) grin

Bogeyface Thu 19-Dec-13 01:25:07

* I wont try to convince you......but it is better for your health and will do you good, rather than sitting in a metal box stressing about traffic whilst those bloody walkers stroll past*

You see?! You cant help it!

There must be a connection between walking and evangelising! (sp?) If I was a multi billionaire I would fund research into it!

Perhaps stop mixing with Walkers?

If I am around my friends that like football and it is footy season, I have to listen to them going on.

The same applies to any hobby, surely?

I like walking, I haven't got a car at the moment and I am looking forward to next year and driving somewhere remote, walking around for about 10 miles and then getting back in the car.

Even better if I am walking from a tent and back.

Try it, you will love it grin

MaidOfStars Thu 19-Dec-13 01:29:27

I live at the bottom of Kinder Scout. Hate walking.

Scarletohello Thu 19-Dec-13 01:33:55

I feel the same as you OP. Boring and pointless. Can't think of a more miserable way to spend a day. Only walk I want to go on is to the pub and back!

Bogeyface Thu 19-Dec-13 01:34:30

Perhaps stop mixing with Walkers?

I cant, she birthed me! Probably halfway up Snowdon grin

Try it, you will love it

You see?! You cant help it!!

N0llaigSh0na Thu 19-Dec-13 01:35:36

I prefer walking to eastenders or emmerdale or corrie!

Bogeyface Thu 19-Dec-13 01:36:11

I live at the bottom of Kinder Scout. Hate walking.

Kinder Scout is one of Mums favourites! She would sell her grandchildren to live there, in fact I think I may tell her about you just to see her face grin

NoComet Thu 19-Dec-13 01:38:16

It's 'hill' walking I don't understand. It just hurts, you can google some other masochists picture of the view. It will be foggy the day you go.

Bogeyface Thu 19-Dec-13 01:39:15

Scarlet The trick is to cadge a lift with Walkers, wait for them in the pub and then get a lift home!

I prefer walking to eastenders or emmerdale or corrie!

I prefer root canal work without anaesthetic to eastenders et al. Just because I dont like walking doesnt mean I am mindless soap junkie.

Bogeyface Thu 19-Dec-13 01:42:54

star I had a major crush on Ed Byrne until I saw him on of the "Three men in a boat" programs when he was wearing lots of fleece and nylon and being far too overexcited at walking up a hill.....and then walking back down hmm I went right off him. Munro Bagging is not sexy!

MaidOfStars Thu 19-Dec-13 01:43:44

Honestly, the perma-smile gives me TMJ. Hello, how are you? Good day? Any chance you could stop clogging up my high street looking for tea

Bogeyface Thu 19-Dec-13 01:44:01

Sorry for typos. on my phone

Bogeyface Thu 19-Dec-13 01:44:27


PariahHairy Thu 19-Dec-13 01:44:56

I agree Bogey, but then again I can't drive so am forced to walk everywhere, or use public transport ofc. The best thing I ever read on Mn was someones suggesting a walk or a trip on the bus as an actual leisure activity grin, there's a driver if ever I saw one.

If I ever learn to drive, I will be one of those people who never walks again and drives 5 yards if they have to move.

Part of the attraction is that it isn't sociable.

You are communing with nature, you are at one with the universe, enjoying getting the blood flowing and your mind empty.

There's nothing better than walking over the same patch of ground, season in, season out. You notice every little change and if you go night walking, you like noting it getting lighter 10 minutes earlier and the birds waking up earlier every few days.

Honestly you won't believe what you've been missing out on. This crisp cold air is bliss. My dog sounds like a horse on the near frozen ground.

Ooh, I could wax lyrical for hours.

MaidOfStars Thu 19-Dec-13 01:47:50

Temporomandibular joint syndrome. Basically, cheek ache. Good day, hurrah, like your shoes, mind the stick. Manuel cheek etc

MaidOfStars Thu 19-Dec-13 01:48:58

Smile, not Manuel!

Bogeyface Thu 19-Dec-13 01:49:35

If I ever learn to drive, I will be one of those people who never walks again and drives 5 yards if they have to move.

I dont know what you mean! I never think about the times I spent 20 minutes in driving rain and gales waiting for DC at school thanks to the bus times. I never look out of my window at the weather and my car and think "Fuck it" and drive 700 yards. Never blush

Bogeyface Thu 19-Dec-13 01:50:14

Ahh. Smile Ache!

Bogeyface Thu 19-Dec-13 01:51:22

Ooh, I could wax lyrical for hours.

Please dont.

Really. Just dont

BabCNesbitt Thu 19-Dec-13 01:57:10

Yes! I am absolutely with you on this. Utterly uninterested in going traipsing along paths and fields. I recently moved to a town at the bottom of the Rockies with nothing to do but go bloody hiking and everyone tells me how lucky I am to live here. hmm

randomAXEofkindness Thu 19-Dec-13 02:15:17

Agree. Getting somewhere: yes, very good. Walking round in a circle: no, stupid.

My other bugbear is the gear. What is it for? I live on a country road on the edge of Snowdonia. We get walkers past the house everyday - waterproof layers, breathable membranes, gore tex, high performance... maps round their necks, backpacks as big as my fridge freezer - all necessary kit for the serious walker. Or NOT! They usually turn around half way down my road and go back towards the village again!

I feel like shouting at them "What are you doooing?!! I've got my 6 quid asda ballets on and a primark jumper, we're still both going to both get to the fucking post office! Sheesh.

spindlyspindler Thu 19-Dec-13 02:44:44

Haha, my OH loves walking for fun. I like it more than I did when we started going out. I do remember on our first walking holiday having a bit of a meltdown after my foot got stuck in a boggy puddle - I burst into tears and screamed "I don't belong here! There aren't any SHOPS!"

I'm better at it now but I'm a long way from evangelising about it.

Spychic Thu 19-Dec-13 02:50:47

I thought this said Wanking.

Disappointed, not the thread I thought it was going to be

BabCNesbitt Thu 19-Dec-13 03:15:06

"I don't belong here! There aren't any SHOPS!"

grin grin grin

MistressDeeCee Thu 19-Dec-13 03:54:59

Bogeyface oh go know you want to grin

madwomanintheatt1c Thu 19-Dec-13 04:02:10

BabC, where do you live? <nosy>

I used to walk. I can still evangelise if necessary. wink Largely we stopped because of the kids (the smallest has a physical disability and the logistics of hiking are tricksy)

I am laffing at the view/ fog hillwalking thing though. True dat.

zebrafinch Thu 19-Dec-13 04:48:07

The Landscape of the British Isles is stunning and sometimes the only way to appreciate it is to get off road. I am not keen on the head down do 15 miles in a circle, wear the latest gear etc. but I find walking a cheap form of exercise which gives me time to think, look around and appreciate the beauty of our countryside. I am reading a book at the moment which describes how after the First World War so many of the returning soldiers spent their days out walking, keeping the old footpaths open, it was the only way they could get some peace in their minds, just to keep walking.

zebrafinch Thu 19-Dec-13 04:54:11

I will STFU now.

InaneNameChange Thu 19-Dec-13 05:00:55

Bogeyface nooo! I absolutely love it.
I often eschew the tube in London and ending up walking around the District and Circle line for example. I love taking a whole day to walk city to city (within reason; not Nottingham to Oxford for example). You see so much and it's so calming. And food tastes amazing afterwards.

Fair enough if you don't get any pleasure out of it though!

BabCNesbitt Thu 19-Dec-13 05:11:05

madwoman, I'm in Colorado. Anyone who says they're fenvy can bugger off. fangry fwink

MrsMook Thu 19-Dec-13 05:20:53

Saturday afternoon. Do I...
a) Jam myself up in town with thousands of other people to shuffle around the packed shops, and browse or buy things I don't need and sit in coffee shops where I can't hold conversation because of the hissing and wooshing of machines spouting out an overpriced, bitter brown liquid.
b) Jam myself up on the edge of town with thousands of other people wearing over priced synthetic shirts covered in advertising to go and watch 22 disgustingly overpaid men kick a ball.
c) get away from the crowds of people and traffic jams, go somewhere pretty, get some fresh air and exeecise, meet a personal challenge, chat to my friends, warm up and dry off in a country pub and have some amazing food that was probably good fresh pub grub anyway, but the appetite and fresh air have made it taste heavenly. (To really appreciate this phenonemen, carry your tent up a mountain, pitch it, cook some rehydrated crap like beanfeast, and scoff with joy before going to bed/ sleeping bag at sunset and carrying everything off the mountain the next day).

I met DH through hiking many eons ago in a walking club. Most of my good friends orginate through the club as spending long days walking and chatting, long nights in the pub, staying in barns/ tents together have allowed us to really get to know eachother very well.

Any hobby can get people that are a bit too enthusiastic on the gear. People carry a lot because they want to stay warm and dry if they have a problem.

I dearly miss going hiking. I haven't been for a year due to having a baby and SPD claiming squatters' rights. It's great for body and mind. An amazing mental and physical escape from daily life. Maybe many people are quite evangelical because they find it quite spiritual.

So I'll take option C and say YABU.

LessMissAbs Thu 19-Dec-13 06:31:49

LOL OP I'm one of those irritating fit and active sorts, but I'm not keen on walking either. I just find it too slow and boring! I'd only do it when I'm too old to run any more!

Very occasionally, I'll take a short walk somewhere different eg to admire autumn scenery or something, but absolutely not hill walking! Used to live in Scotland surrounded by fervent hill walkers and could never see the point.

Can't see the point in walking to work etc either if I'm run training later. I expect cities to have better transport links than un the middle ages!

Tapiocapearl Thu 19-Dec-13 06:42:38

So what do you do for excersise that's so much better?

What hobbies do you do that are so much more interesting?

I don't spend a lot if time walking these days but its s great distresser and yes it's uplifting to be looking at nature

Tapiocapearl Thu 19-Dec-13 06:45:15

But actually how you feel about walking is how I feel about shopping. Shopping is bleak and wasteful and frustrating.

brettgirl2 Thu 19-Dec-13 06:45:56

I don't understand why anyone would enjoy shopping or going to the gym. Everyone is different....

BikeRunSki Thu 19-Dec-13 06:48:24

I don't like watching, taking part it or talking about football.
I do for hillwalking.
Each to their own, it really doesn't bother me

<rustles cagoule>

trixymalixy Thu 19-Dec-13 06:53:51

Totally agree! DH is always going on at me about going walking. I just don't get the point. I don't enjoy it.

I much prefer playing tennis or skiing. Sports where there some element of mastering the technique.

I say I'll go walking with DH if he'll play tennis with me , neither happens! But what bugs me is that he goes on about me not enjoying waking as if I'm totally weird, yet he doesn't like tennis.

I like a good long hike, but it's those Sunday afternoon strolls so many people like that I cannot get my head round, or get excited about.

I'd rather go for a run, or go climbing.

trixymalixy Thu 19-Dec-13 06:55:07

If much rather run than walk. I get running.

Cooroo Thu 19-Dec-13 07:01:14

Not unreasonable. I'm sorry you will miss the pleasure walkers get from a good day out but you'll have your own 'things'.

If I say how much I also enjoy riding a bike across the hills I hope I won't upset my fellow walkers!

Just being out there away from all the mess and muddle is great whether on foot, wheels or horseback I guess

JollySantersSelectionBox Thu 19-Dec-13 07:03:02

It's an easy way to keep healthy at your DM's age. Low impact, and if she is Nordic walking then she's getting a good all over workout. It is hailed as the safest and best form of exercise.

I'm not trying to convince you, you're a complete stranger so what you do us irrelevant to me.

But since moving to Switzerland and wondering what all the fuss was about I definitely walk more. Everyone does it here at all ages. Little wonder they have the lowest BMI in Europe. I love it when I see really old ladies Nordic walking up snowy mountains. I am in awe of them.

I think my scenery can be slightly more spectacular though. wink

mysticpizza Thu 19-Dec-13 07:10:43


DM is a member of a rambling club and she and DF go on yomping hols and have done since God was a boy. Never did get the attraction of sweating miserably up a hill for a five minute look at fields then being terrified of slipping and breaking an appendage on the way down or walking through fields of cowpats and insects. It was a truly great day when I got old enough to have a say in whether I was dragged along or not grin

Dh used to do loads of boy scouty stuff including walking and digging your own toilet hole but being married to me has cured him grin

MinesAPintOfTea Thu 19-Dec-13 07:12:38

I love it. Can't wait until ds is old enough to carry his own backpacking kit and we can head out into the Scottish highlands again. If you want pointless look at football...

struggling100 Thu 19-Dec-13 08:33:30

I'm afraid I'd be even more annoying to you. I enjoy fell running.

Lonecatwithkitten Thu 19-Dec-13 08:44:28

I walk alone (well with the dog) to clear my mind and order my thoughts. Walking in the rain allows you to have a cry without anyone knowing.
Brisk walking gets the blood pumping and you feel more alive as a result.
If I hadn't been a walker I think I might have lost my reason in the last 18 months with everything that has happened.

LittleTulip Thu 19-Dec-13 08:53:37

I love shopping and footie but I mostly love walking!

Ever been to the grand Lake District OP? How can you not enjoy the wonderful nature, it engorges you, takes you in!

Wish I could go walking more actually

BrownSauceSandwich Thu 19-Dec-13 08:53:49

I quite like Walking, but largely because I get a big buzz out of the views, and often there's no other way to see them. And from my point of view, the solitary aspect is a selling point. BUT, this is all assuming the weather is good, the conditions are good, and I don't have to carry 20 kg of kit with me just to make it back alive. And camping? Sod that!

JollySantersSelectionBox Thu 19-Dec-13 09:02:27

Lonecat thanksbrew

I love chatting to my DS too, it's completely immersed time, side by side, he tells me lots of things he wouldn't at home.

IndridCold Thu 19-Dec-13 09:02:57

You should be pleased your DM enjoys walking, it will keep her fit and healthy into her old age smile.

I love walking and we used to walk on Dartmoor most weekends when DS was younger. The feeling of standing next to an ancient stone circle in the middle of nowhere with no-one else for miles around is wonderful. I understand that it's not everyone's cup of tea, and I wouldn't say they were BU because they didn't want to do it.

cory Thu 19-Dec-13 09:08:06

errr.... this strikes me as one of those threads where you have to say YANBU because otherwise you are being evangelical about it.

Where is the good of posting in AIBU if all you want is for us to STFU about it? confused

I wish I could have spent more time Walking in the last decade. But it hasn't been easy with a disabled child who can't cope with exposure to cold. Can't wait to get going again though.

I have no car. I walk everywhere.

I would break my own leg before I would do it for "fun".

It's not a hobby. It's a way to get from place to place.

JoinYourPlayfellows Thu 19-Dec-13 09:26:23

I love walking.

Both to get from place to place or just for the sheer enjoyment of putting one leg in front of the other and having a good think.

I don't even need to walk anywhere beautiful. I just like walking around.

TheFuzz Thu 19-Dec-13 09:40:33

It's exercise isn't it ? Some folk like it. Better than sitting on ones fat arse !

samandi Thu 19-Dec-13 09:53:51

I love walking, whether around cities or the countryside. I used to walk an hour to work and back rather than sit on a crowded train and love walking for hours in the hills at weekends.

It's great exercise and good to clear the head. Gives you a different perspective. Keeps you strong and slim too. And like another poster said, when I'm out walking with DP we have some of our best conversations.

But miles obsessed? No, not really. Of course you need to know roughly how many miles to have an idea how long it will take you.

FoxMulder Thu 19-Dec-13 10:12:22

I like walking. It's sort of the default thing to do when you want to get out of the house. And you don't need any gear, except maybe a pair of boots. I do live in the Lake District though, so that sort of helps. But I hate walking alone - I get bored.

Lilacroses Thu 19-Dec-13 11:03:43

I absolutely love it. I've always walked alot anyway but I really ,really love it when we go on holiday and do long country walks. I love everything about it. I love that it's easy, that you are in the fresh air, that you get to be quiet or chat to your family, no one else can bother you. The thing I love best though is when you get back from a really long, tiring walk and you feel really satisfied and a bit tired and you put the kettle on and have a huge cup of tea. So lovely!!!

PrimalLass Thu 19-Dec-13 11:14:58

I love it. Gets me out of the house and into the amazing countryside around us. Plus I get a natter with my friends. We are doing our third Moonwalk in May.

plainjanine Thu 19-Dec-13 11:29:41

I can't stand walking to the shops, unless it's a short distance, say less than half an hour. But I love hill walking. We live in a flatish area, and go away to the mountains a couple of times a year [including our annual holiday].

There's a lot to enjoy: feeling physically tired at the end of the day, the views, the solitude, the feelings of acheivement after a difficult or demanding hike...

But I'm with the OP in not understanding the idea of walking just for the sake of getting the miles in, head down, oblivious to the scenery.

Each to their own, I guess.

snowed Thu 19-Dec-13 11:32:10

With walking you get fresh air, beautiful countryside, lots of space around you, appreciating wildlife/nature, space to think, exercise, and a change of scene.

Who cares if it's not "entertaining"? The modern world demands that we're constantly "busy" and "entertained", but personally I find walking a great way to unwind and get away from the everyday bustle and noise.

TheArticFunky Thu 19-Dec-13 11:43:41

I walk miles and miles and always have.

I do not however like hillwalking. When we go on holiday dh acts like I am the laziest creature on the planet because I don't express enthusiasm at the prospect of climbing another hill. Dh walks about 2 miles per week whereas I walk about 35 miles. If I want to spend my holidays people watching from a cafe I shouldn't be made to feel guilty.

revivingshower Thu 19-Dec-13 11:47:14

Yes sorry another here who likes walking. I can't walk at all at the moment and have been unfit for a while, but when I was younger we did some great walks. Now I am so unfit but still love taking the dog round the park.
Only one thing puts me off I have a very poor sense of direction and terrified of getting lost. (not in the park but in the wild)

Joysmum Thu 19-Dec-13 11:55:50

I have lots of things I love but my hubby is indifferent to and the visa versa. We don't try to convert each other but are happy in the knowledge that the other appreciates how this things enrich our lives, even if the don't share in it.

I hate preachy people who try to convert and change you.

HesterShaw Thu 19-Dec-13 12:03:28

Loving the capitalisation of Walking grin

Must admit, I am a Walker. I love Going On Walks. Overly hilly ones, when my lungs burn...not so much. But I do love a Nice View as well. Preferably with a Flask.

VivaLeBeaver Thu 19-Dec-13 12:15:07

I often drive to the Peak District, have a walk and drive home again. Love the scenery and the exercise.

My 70yo mum does 15 mile walks every week and its keeping her fit and healthy.

Guiltismymaster Thu 19-Dec-13 12:15:26

omg, I had no idea that some people don't like walking! (I'll stop taking everyone for walks when they come round!)

I've never thought of it as a hobby, I just assumed that it's something everyone does on holiday or at the weekend. I never think much of it, just can't imagine not doing it.

Is it really geeky? I thought outdoorsy types were cool blush but then I feel like it's OK for us because we also go mountain biking/surfing etc. ?? Please tell me those are OK!

OP, you've turned my whole world upside-down!

revivingshower Thu 19-Dec-13 12:16:20

haha hester yes a Nice View with a Flask lol

Guiltismymaster Thu 19-Dec-13 12:19:58

I would add that I don't do long walks regularly, but I've experimented with a couple of 20 - milers in the past and, I have to admit, I did enjoy them.
The problem is, my son has seen me doing it and now he's getting into it too. The other day I found an anorak and a thermos under his bed. You don't have to be a genius to work out what he was planning. What have I done to him? I don't know if there is any hope for us.

Shockers Thu 19-Dec-13 12:25:46

I bloody love a good walk!

HesterShaw Thu 19-Dec-13 12:42:48

Guilt, I'd be seriously worried if I were you. Were there any walking magazines? What about Gore Tex? You poor thing sad


SettingPlaster Thu 19-Dec-13 12:51:02

I've no desire to evangelise, OP. I like the fact that it's not crowded out there.

I agree with the irritation with the elaborate clothing and equipment, though, and tbh, have always found walking organisations a bit tiresome, either all gung-ho about covering the planned route despite freezing fog, or spry Ramblers' Association types with tight, grim little smiles...

HesterShaw Thu 19-Dec-13 12:53:05

Oh yes, ramblers with bloody stupid sticks shouting at farmers about their rights to walk in a group of 1000 through a field of heavily pregnant ewes. Those people are wankers, admittedly.

MinesAPintOfTea Thu 19-Dec-13 13:02:22

Hester do you provide a reasonable diversion if you want ramblers out of a specific field? I am a walker but prefer open hilltops and try to be as quiet, discrete and quick add possible when in the centre of farms. But its not easy when farmers tie up gates and ensure footpaths are as hard as possible to follow. I will always happily follow signs "field uncrossable, go this way" or similar though.

woozlebear Thu 19-Dec-13 13:07:40

I love walking. I think better and feel at peace when I'm just putting one foot in front of another. I love the scenery, the sounds (and silence) of the countryside, the feel of the fresh air, the lack of crowds.

I don't really 'get' the miles obsession for the sake of it, and agee the head down dogged approach is barmy - may as well walk on a treadmill at the gym. But it's nice to know how far you've walked, speed etc to see improvement. Sure anyone who excercises in any way does the same.

Most of our holidays are based on walking (or similar - ie snowshoing and cross country skiing). Anywhere/anything where you can get out away from everything and just pootle around under your own steam. It makes me feel human again. I feel as you do about walking about shops and busy cafes/bars etc.

Re the gear obsession. It's easy for people who LIVE in the places walkers visit to be snooty. Don't forget that when the stuff is on your doorstep every day you can make sure you only go out for long/far when it's not tipping it down, and so you can trot off in jeans and a normal coat/boots/wellis, and if you do get caught out, you can go home and change. If you're out for 12 hours on a planned trip, you do it rain or shine, and you need waterproof/breathable stuff. It's not as excessive as it may look. The UK is safe, but even then there are fatal hypothermia cases every year (often with cold and wet jeans/cotton t shirts as a contributing factor).

HesterShaw Thu 19-Dec-13 13:20:23

No, because I'm not a farmer! In my experience, sensible reasonable farmers and "normal" walkers usually come to perfectly civil agreements and compromises.

Unfortunately the "walking round in vast groups shouting about their rights" people often give walkers a bad name. Admittedly, I've never understood the appeal of marching along footpaths with loads of other people. For me the appeal of going out on a lovely long walk is the peace and quiet.

Oh yes landowners who tie up gates and block rights of way need taking down a peg or two - I'm with you there smile

5Foot5 Thu 19-Dec-13 13:22:39

Well I don't get the head-down, miles-obsessed approach either. But I love a good walk in the countryside, could be only 2, 5, 10 or yes even 15 miles but if it is somewhere nice that's what matters. I live on the edge of the Peak District so Buxton is often on the agenda!

I am never happier than with my boots on, on a nice day out in the open. Presumably when walking friends tell you how good it is then they don't mean to evangelise they just think you would enjoy it. You really can get better views if you get off the road and up a hill.

Also I don't get the unsociable comment because I tend always to walk with at least DH, often DD and DD and occasionally other people as well. We have probably had more long conversations as a family about absolutely anything when we are out all day on a walk.

Scholes34 Thu 19-Dec-13 13:24:05

We did a big walk at a recent reunion I went to. It was a good way to catch up with people I'd not seen for a long time, and the size of the group made it possible to avoid people I didn't want to talk to. Next time, someone wants to arrange something in town - hideous (and expensive) idea.

clarinetV2 Thu 19-Dec-13 13:41:10

I adore walking. I travel to work by bus, and I've worked out a lovely route that adds at least 20 minutes' walking in each direction just for the fun of it - in the summer I can add more, but some of that is through a park that's not well-lit, so I don't do it in the winter. At weekends there's nothing I like more than a lovely country walk, usually 10-15 miles, sometimes with others, sometimes on my own. OK, so it's not 'entertaining' in the sense of someone else making the time pass for me. But it's time to take in the scenery, get absorbed in my own thoughts, people-watch if I'm in an inhabited area (I love making up back stories for people), chat to whoever I'm with, or enjoy some quiet and solitude if I'm alone and in the countryside. I don't want to be entertained all the time! Oh, and I go on walking holidays as well.

But I don't think you're BU. Each to their own. I don't get, for instance, why anyone wants to put on shoes with heels so high you can hardly teeter along, spend hours getting dressed and made up, and go to a night club where the music is so loud you couldn't possibly talk to anyone. That's just one of loads of things I don't get. That doesn't make either of us unreasonable. And you are not BU at all to wish people would STFU about it. It's plain rude to bang on and on about an interest or pastime that the person you're talking to is clearly not interested in.

pinkcheese Thu 19-Dec-13 13:41:14

I didn't used to like walking but then I discovered geocaching, which totally makes you forget you're on a walk and you don't notice the miles going by smile
Lost 2st this year, massively helped along by walking 5ish miles a week.

I do hate hills, however grin

BlingBang Thu 19-Dec-13 13:53:01

I love walking but don't do enough. When I walk somewhere that I usally drive, you just notice so much - lots to see and it feels great. Did a few walks in the summer through fields and woods and stuff and it was amazing - think I actually prefer walking alone so I can just really relax and take it all in and really indulge myself.


BabCNesbitt Thu 19-Dec-13 16:02:18

It's just occurred to me that I did *love walking when I lived in London - but walking around town, discovering little back alleys and old signs and random Georgian windows and so on. Or just gazing in people's windows when it started to get dark smile

LydiaLunches Thu 19-Dec-13 16:20:52

Oh god how I agree, another non driver here though. Once went to the lakes with my oh and ils and was roundly sneered at for stopping in or pottering. They all had cars and office jobs, I walk everywhere and lugged wine boxes for a living!

Bogeyface Thu 19-Dec-13 20:17:50

I think its very interesting that the non drivers are so anti! I was a non driver for years and I never take my car for granted. How well I remember trudging up a very steep hill with a rucksack on my back with load of shopping in, and the same under the pram (this was in the days before internet shopping and buggy friendly buses!).

When you have no choice but to walk everywhere either through lack of cash or lack of public transport (it was a bit of both for me), then the idea of spending your weekend doing it all again for fun is not attractive!

I also think that being dragged on long boring Walks as a child and teenager really put me off too. I have no problem with people talking about their hobbies but as this thread has shown Walkers in particular seem desperate to get other people to do it! "Oh try it, it will do you good, you will enjoy it!" Er, not I wont and I will decide what is good for me thank you! I have a friend who is obsessive about her pottery hobby, and she loves talking about it and showing me her latest creation. But she doesnt go on at me about how I should try it, I would love it if I did, it would be good for me, I could start small and work the Walkers I know do!

WreckTangle Thu 19-Dec-13 21:01:38

I don't get it either. There is even a yearly walking festival local to me. Lots of walkers gather, go walking and...that's it. There are lots of nice walks here, lovely scenery but I dont see the attraction. My friend loves it, she is the fastest walker ever. I walked to Tesco one day with her, I couldn't keep up!

lobsterkiller Thu 19-Dec-13 21:10:55

I love walking for miles on end in the countryside. I can get quite anxious at times so for me its a way of releasing stress and resetting my mind.

I live rurally and a local bridle path runs directly past my living room window. Every so often groups of cheerful walkers come past, chatting away. I often wonder if they've walked the full 20 miles or so. the healthsome cunts.

lessonsintightropes Thu 19-Dec-13 22:37:15

I love it. DH and I have done the Capital Ring walk this year in 11 mile stretches and it's been the best quality time we've had in years, plus fascinating to see both huge green spaces we'd never dreamed existed in Zone 3/4 and see how the demographics change as we've gone through all the different points of the city. We're planning the London Loop next year (140 miles instead of 80) and we get up to the Lakes every couple of years for a proper walk with real hills and lovely views.

Flasks of tea, marmite sandwiches and pub supper to finish which tastes amazing are all nice side-products.


carvedpumpkin Thu 19-Dec-13 23:01:22

See, I'm one of those people who loves the idea of walking and talks about how nice it would be to go for a lovely walk, usually while lying in my dressing gown drinking wine [grin[

Tulip26 Fri 20-Dec-13 00:56:57

Yes! My Mum is a Walker and I used to hate being dragged out. Sunday/Christmas dinner, big meal, bit sleepy, so she drags us all out to walk five miles in the rain.

Destested walking until I was finally old enough to get the dog I've always wanted. Now I have him, it's quite nice.

Also, stupid plastic thingies that attach to your belt to kerp maps in. Why?

AmberLeaf Fri 20-Dec-13 01:18:12

Not sure about walking clubs, but I do love a walk! If I have my ipod I can go for miles.

I do lots of thinking when I walk. Sounds silly, but it seems to be the only time that I can just think no children speaking to me or anything like that.

Also lost baby weight by doing lots of walking. 25 min bus journey, Id bus it there and walk home.

Cooroo Fri 20-Dec-13 06:18:52

Tulip - if you'd ever tried to read a map in the rain while it disintegrates expensively and illegibly, you'd know what they were for!

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