To wonder when did costa become so trendy?

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3asAbird Thu 21-Nov-13 09:48:23

I like coffee as much as next person in fact live on it.

if was to say fave would be nero followed by costa some reason not keen star bucks.

But normally its at service station.

occasionally when shopping but like m&s cafe/john lewis or support independents.

Log onto fb always gives me the rage.

least 10statuses and photos of people im at costa in x look at my christmas coffee. Yes its a coffee in an xmas themed paper cup get over yourself people.

Feeling christmasy at costa its bloody november.
Oh look brought costa for my tassimo!

So what have i missed ? why are so many people costa addicts and advertising the fact?

Do I have wanky mates which should be deleted or anyone else noticed this?

BlackbeltinBS Thu 21-Nov-13 09:50:10

You have wanky mates. Hone your sarcasm and biting replies.

TheOriginalSteamingNit Thu 21-Nov-13 09:50:22

Costa is my least favourite, but dd and all her friends always go there .. I don't really know why. Mind you, none of them actually drink coffee, so perhaps that's quite telling!

Crowler Thu 21-Nov-13 09:51:07

I am not a coffee person, so take this with a grain of salt. I understand that Costa is considered really good coffee by connoisseurs of coffee?

mrscog Thu 21-Nov-13 09:52:11

Pret does the best chain coffee IMHO. Costa Christmas coffe is just an excuse to mainline cream and sugar under the guise of 'coffee'

BatPenguin Thu 21-Nov-13 09:54:19

Costa coffee is awful - really bitter tasting and bloody expensive.

If I'm out I like a mcdonalds latte yes really it's nice

ChippingInLovesAutumn Thu 21-Nov-13 09:55:48

Convenient locations.
Good coffee.


Frankly, I think it's Facebook that's the problem here, not Costa.

mrsjay Thu 21-Nov-13 09:56:26

DD said she had a chocolate orange costa at the weeken d-- i had the urge to slap her-- I hate it hot flavoured foam is not coffee

Fakebook Thu 21-Nov-13 09:57:53

I never drink coffee at costa. I only go in for a hot chocolate. They used to sell these amazing Belgian chocolate brownies and then two Christmases ago they stopped selling them. I don't go in as often anymore since.

jammiedonut Thu 21-Nov-13 09:58:17

I don't like the coffee but they do a lovely hot chocolate, unlike Starbucks and cafe Nero with their slightly brown hot milk.

nocarsgo Thu 21-Nov-13 09:58:17

The orange hot chocolate is VERY nice, and is a hot chocolate, not a latte.

3asAbird Thu 21-Nov-13 09:59:06

thanks blackbelt. just seems bit ott wondered what I missed wasent being snobby maybe lttle bit sarcastic as christmas gone ott already and not even december. Was being toungue and cheek.
Wouldent delete as they go costa would delete for bragging about it as think its just weird.

Find teh whole fb im at here bit stalkerish anyway like we need to know where people are 24hours a day .

I go plenty places and fail to mention it on fb.

Mrs cog yes prets nice but not as many about I guess.

Was on phone to mum live small town wales and says no shops anymore just loads coffee shops and costas opening next week.
Think populations 10,000 and theres like 20-30cafes/coffee shops.

bundaberg Thu 21-Nov-13 10:00:26

i really don't rate costa coffee very much,

but my main issue with them is that they are EVERYWHERE! not unlike tesco (incidentally our local tesco has a costa in it hmm )

we have FOUR costas in our town centre alone, plus one in tesco, one at services, one on leisure park.... prob more!

tablefor4 Thu 21-Nov-13 10:01:49

I was reading over someone's shoulder this morning that Costa is the most preferred meeting place for people who are considering affairs! Rather than wining and dining, they are meeting at coffee shops (most often Costa) for the first meet before deciding to have a fling.

So there. Costa coffee cups are the new Pampas grass!

I don't think their coffee is very good quality. I once had a very circular interview there where they tried to get me to slag off the coffee of a place I used to work and I wouldn't... it was completely bizarre.

I decided not to continue the application.

tablefor4 Thu 21-Nov-13 10:02:39

I prefer the coffeeshop opposite my office or Nero. Just so my DH we are clear! grin

OralB Thu 21-Nov-13 10:15:18

Love costa.

Great coffee, warm and comfy seats and always clean toilets.

mrsjay Thu 21-Nov-13 10:15:30

I am not a coffee snob I am drinking sainsbury instant blush but costa doesn't seem to taste of much except hot foam I do sometimes use it in the summer so i can have a fag to watch the world go by

3asAbird Thu 21-Nov-13 10:16:46

so are they out for world domination.

even local garage has big costa sign outside and its just abloody coffee machine.

I live in the burbs so high street 2independents no costa only large out town shopping centre, retail parks and city centre has costa which explains why dont go much as avoid shopping with kids where I can.

Lol at affairs. Its a dangerous place to meet then. The nearest one to me is yummy mummy meetup but me being tight always go sainsburys cafe opposite.

ok surveying my costa mates their location is

and down south

no northerners, scottish or welsh mates boasting about costa as yet .

I did read one costa has silly amount appliants for 8 jobs and they were all graduates so they clever barristas.

all this talk coffee best go make a cup of douwue.

I dont mind maccy ds cappacuino and weatherspoons one other day was quite reasonable.

Im one of rare people who does not like hot choc or flavoured coffee but like a bit of foam and choc sprinkles.

When I worked city centre maybe had more coffee then but dont often frequent coffee shops much these days.

bundaberg Thu 21-Nov-13 10:21:37

agree that mcdonalds coffee is nicer than costa

also like nero and pret (pricey though)

I second pret their coffee is nice

PollyIndia Thu 21-Nov-13 10:24:30

Costa is not trendy. It is everywhere though. And the coffee is not good. I prefer to get my coffee from the italian guy with a stall outside my local station - he has a zoo of animals he weaves from straw and always plays manu chao so you feel a bit like you are on holiday for approximately 2 minutes. Plus, really good coffee.

Mattissy Thu 21-Nov-13 10:28:21

NE here and everyone is obsessed with costa, actually coffee in general. There's more costas than any other coffee shop in my area.

I think tea & coffee are the devils drinks, yuck!!

Fairylea Thu 21-Nov-13 10:30:52

I love costa. I also love mcdonalds. Which is fair enough as they are one and the same company.

I always find it quite funny that some of my snobby anti mcdonalds acquaintances think costa is great smile

bundaberg Thu 21-Nov-13 10:33:59

ahh i didn't know mcd's and costa were the same! how come mcd's coffee is nicer then?? grin

it's kind of put me off mcdonald's now lol

juneybean Thu 21-Nov-13 10:39:34

I'm North east and I do buy the tassimo Costa pods. A lot of Costas in service stations too.

BatPenguin Thu 21-Nov-13 10:40:59

ahh i didn't know mcd's and costa were the same! how come mcd's coffee is nicer then??

They taste totally different confused

littlecrocodile Thu 21-Nov-13 10:44:28

Costa are doing a competition on their Facebook page - to enter you need to send in a photo of you with one of their Christmas cups. Think this is why so many people are posting those pictures on Facebook at the moment.

MiaowTheCat Thu 21-Nov-13 10:45:18

They're nearest to us and have a loyalty card I stock up points on for emergency cheer up coffees basically. Prefer Nero if in town or Starbucks if near there but Costa easier to get to.

3asAbird Thu 21-Nov-13 10:49:10

maybe im being coffee griinch.

just seems bit overkill.

aww look at my boys enjoying their drinks-they age 6 and 7!

well their comps worked just annoyed me.

Their xmas drinks are no better than mc flurry or cadburys messing about with dairy milk and orios.

Tacky novelty give me just plan coffee anyday.

Crowler Thu 21-Nov-13 10:52:30

I'm willing to consider the possibility that people who are obsessed with coffee can have a wild preference for one chain over another.

Crowler Thu 21-Nov-13 10:52:50

I guess I should say "legitimate" preference.

everlong Thu 21-Nov-13 10:56:09

Costa trendy?

Never. Ever.

HoneyDavros Thu 21-Nov-13 10:59:40

I like my local Costa because they are child friendly.

I don't mean mum friendly, I mean child.

They treat my children like people. They have a range on non crap food that can be enjoyed by all ages. Rather than market specifically for childen. And the babichinos are bloody cheap.

I honestly think that the reason my Costa is filled with such well behaved children (it's like Stepford kids in there) of all ages (including teens) is because they are afforded the same respect and courtesy as the adults.

ginmakesitallok Thu 21-Nov-13 11:02:43

Costas are the only place that do cortado. That's enough for me

zatyaballerina Thu 21-Nov-13 11:39:12

Costa is the only coffee franchise where I live, all the other coffee shops are locally owned. I prefer it because it is comfortable and feels private because the other customers are not sitting on top of me, the lighting is slightly dimmed and colours calming which is relaxing and keeps dd calm, the staff are very helpful and friendly, they have enough initiative to offer help if they see someone may need it, they seem to genuinely like kids, remember dds name and fuss over her, I like their coffee and their foods fine.

flatmum Thu 21-Nov-13 11:47:40

is it? I view them all as pretty interchangeable - costa/nero/starbucks in term sof trendiness, or not. I think they are just ubiquitous, and in convenient locations.

My own hierachy is:
Nero/Starbucks/Costa for sitting in and ambience (don't like Maroon)
Starbucks/Nero/Costa for tea (Costa tea is always lukewarm!)
Costa/Starbucks/Nero for Hot Chocolate (Neros tastes weird, Starbucks not great)

And yes Pret for Coffee!

BlackbeltinBS Thu 21-Nov-13 11:52:15

McDonalds isn't the same as Costa is it? - it's owned by Whitbread. Are you thinking of Pret which was part owned by McDonalds (not any more)?

Littlebigcat Thu 21-Nov-13 11:53:12

I live in the north and the village I live in has about 5 places you can buy Costa coffee, including one actual Costa. Noticed Primark had one a couple of weeks ago too so think they are certainly out for UK domination.

It's ok but think it's pretty expensive for what it is and I think all their flavored coffee is a bit sweet for me, it's convenient though as there's always space for babies which isn't always true of independents.

Have noticed a few fb friends commenting about Gingerbread lattes etc but assumed that was more a way of saying that it's almost Christmas (in their mind, I haven't really thought about it yet). No photo's yet or any particular mention of brands though.

Crowler Thu 21-Nov-13 11:53:15

I like Starbucks because of their sugar-free vanilla syrup - if I drink coffee, it's with this.

My kids love Starbucks because of the cinnamon swirl buns. My son has just started leaving the house in his own, reluctantly - it was the siren call of Starbucks that finally lured him.

I live in the south east in a suburb, we have a small shopping precinct and now have far too many coffee shops. Mainly independent, but we do have a costa, which has just extended its opening hours and the size of the seating area.

We have a loungers bar here (a small to medium sized chain which serves everything from coffee and cake to full on dinner) they make a lovely coffee, strong without being bitter, and the bonus of a glorious red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting! yum yum

I am so glad I rid myself of fb, its literally changed my life. Instead of wasting hours reading pointless updates and looking at carefully posed pics of perfect families, or the polar opposite, reading how despite having an affair and posting all the details on fb, now back with h and how perfect life is how rich they are etc etc or hours wasted on candy crush, i'm ctually getting out and about on an evening, or doing all the jobs that I was 'too busy' to do before like sorting the desk/cupboard etc. Which in turn means guilt free mumsnetting time wink

I have lived in Vietnam for 7 years and no coffee (except Indonesian and Italian) comes close. "Street coffee" sells for 25p and is thex perfect way to wake up. There are all sorts of coffee shops, for students, karaoke, romantic, and so many ways of making it.

Costa is a big disappointment. sad

Pobblewhohasnotoes Thu 21-Nov-13 14:56:54

I love Costa hot chocolate.

Starbucks hot choc is foul, sweet, watery milk.

Costa's coffee is awful.

I can be convinced to order a frappuccino type job on a really hot day, but their actual coffee (i.e espresso/americano) without two tons of milk & sugar in it is crap.

And what is with the cup sizing? The 'large' is like a bucket and comes with two handles to lift it hmm

PollyIndia Thu 21-Nov-13 16:03:08

Hellokittymania Vietnamese coffee is the business especially with the condensed milk. Amazing!

It was a trip to vietnam and lots of early mornings catching boats on the mekong delta that first got me into coffee.

Preciousbane Thu 21-Nov-13 16:13:33

I want a straw weaving coffee guy!

I refuse to go in to Costalotta, Starfucks et al, I carry a flask most days and take my own. I do sometimes go in to an independent cafe, there are five in my town and I like one a lot that is used as a training base for a local college.

FortyDoorsToNowhere Thu 21-Nov-13 16:21:30

I like costs, but my favourite is a local Italian coffee shop. Nothing is better than that.

PollyIndia Thu 21-Nov-13 16:21:50

Preciousbane, he is great. A little ray of sunshine. Annoyingly, the council are developing the station and looks like he may be evicted as there will be a permanent coffee shop in the new station design. I bet you a flat white with 1 sugar that we end up with a bloody costa instead.

exexpat Thu 21-Nov-13 16:27:29

I don't go to Costa because I don't want every street in my city full of identikit coffee shops. They have a bad reputation round here because the parent company turns a blind eye to the franchisees setting up in shops which do not have planning permission to be converted to cafes, and then trying to get permission retrospectively. They usually open in areas which already have plenty of independent coffee shops, so I stick to them.

I used to go to Starbucks a lot in Japan, because it was the only smoke-free place to go, but I only use it when there's no alternative here, because frankly the coffee is not very good, and it's overpriced compared to smaller places.

My local Starbucks is always really dirty confused tables piled with cups, stains that I don't even want to think about on the sofa and chairs.

That's a main reason I go to Costa. Never been to a Nero's, am I missing out?!

Noticed there is also a Costa in my gym.

Whistleblower0 Thu 21-Nov-13 16:32:11

I like costa and cafe nero. Not so keen on starbucks though. Dd and i go to costa much too often [embarrassed]

recently we've been sampling their christmas range of drinks. smile Their hot chocs are far superior to starbucks imo. Agree about mc donalds coffee. Dh is really fussy about coffee, and really rates it.

We also have an nespresso machine at home with a frother attached. We make very good use of it!
I had a very nice hot choc, and delicious gluten free brownie in morrisons cafe this morning. Cost less than £3 for both. Very impressed.

LucySnoweShouldRelax Thu 21-Nov-13 16:48:12

Costa far too mainstream to be trendy, surely? To be trendy, one must be an independent cafe meets art space meets fixie bike repair shop, no?

I've been in East London too long...

PollyIndia Thu 21-Nov-13 16:52:06

LucySnoweShouldRelax I know exactly which cafe/art space/fixie bike repair shops you mean. I can think of at least 4 in hackney!

Crowler Thu 21-Nov-13 16:53:09

Lucy, are you one of these curiously hip people I bump into when I venture into East London?

exexpat Thu 21-Nov-13 16:55:18

LucySnowe - you'd feel right at home in Bristol too. There's even a new pub with space to hang your bike on the wall while you drink, but it's in competition with the place opposite which has its own original Banksy on the terrace.

But maybe Costa is 'trendy', rather than hipster...

LucySnoweShouldRelax Thu 21-Nov-13 17:00:13

I couldn't possibly admit to being a hipster. Doing so would, like, nullify my hipster credentials.

Now, please excuse me while I roll a cigarette, adjust my fringe, and select my ironic 90s-throwback outfit for this evening. Scrunchie, anyone?

Felix90 Thu 21-Nov-13 17:03:05

I find coffee from Costa so disgusting. Also Starbucks (which is constantly filthy inside!). At the risk if sounding like a hipster douche bag, I'd much rather visit an independent only because the coffee is so good. Maybe I'm spoilt as I live in Leeds city centre and have lots of nice coffee choices..

Answeringwhyquestionssince2002 Thu 21-Nov-13 17:09:26

On my day off I always go to Costa to read my book and watch the world go by. Nothing to do with the standard of coffee tbh, more that I know whichever branch I'm in the system will be the same, no poncing around with waitress service, nobody's going to ask me whether I want it in a mug, and if I say yes charge me an extra 50p.

I'd love to support independent cafés but when I've tried, I've found myself harassed by over zealous staff 'helpfully' offering to clear away my cup (still containing coffee) when they think I've stayed there long enough. It's basically code for 'buy something else or clear off' and a bit odd when there are plenty of seats available. I never ever get that at costa.

Not a chance I would ever post a fb status about it though.

Crowler Thu 21-Nov-13 17:20:22

I was in the east end recently and saw a really beautiful girl in mom jeans and reeboks. I nearly died. This is a painfully literal interpretation of how MY MOTHER dressed in 1985.

LucySnoweShouldRelax Thu 21-Nov-13 17:31:40

Standard, crowler, standard. Didn't know how to respond when colleague excitedly told me about her all-white demon outfit for a night out in Dalston.

Sorry, off-topic. Costa coffee is rank.

Latara Thu 21-Nov-13 17:56:24

I like Costa etc but i prefer independent coffee shops; there's a local arty antique shop / coffee shop that sells homemade cakes; a Hungarian coffee shop with homemade ice cream; and a Polish place with a huge selection of cakes.
Turkish coffee is the best though IMO.

Latara Thu 21-Nov-13 18:02:10

Now i'm having a brew - Percol coffee and it's very nice.

This thread is making me wish i'd gone to Starbucks after work now (it's directly opposite work so very handy!).

I second Costa being child friendly. They set up a high chair and bring my order over to me and generally treat my daughter as a customer. Unlike my local Starbucks who shout at you if you don't have enough hands to pick up your coffee before it's set down on the side.

Wishihadabs Thu 21-Nov-13 18:28:57

Best coffee IMO is the Italian cafe on Clapham common by the bandstand. If I have to get a chain I get neros. Haven't been in Starbucks for 5 years.

Pobblewhohasnotoes Thu 21-Nov-13 18:42:22

It's not a bad cafe, not cheap mind. But nothing in Clapham is!

chateauferret Thu 21-Nov-13 19:05:38

I like their toasties with cheesy bread and frangipani thing with raspberries. Yum. The one in Crewe is quite slow.

3asAbird Thu 21-Nov-13 19:41:05

Lucy you made me chuckle..

I knwo kind of place you mean.
Im bristol exexpat do you mean the mud dock by the waterfront or is there some new hip place.

Find the watershed bit too try hard by at bristol.

like most of shops up park street.
Not been to retro american one that was on skins yet but looks cool do they do coffee.
Used to like the roof terrace at the top of the guild, the only coffee shop I miss is borders before it shut love borders. baffled how they managed to shoe horn coffee sop into tiny water stones in the galleries.

reading service station costa overkill one outside and 1 inside.

Nothing wrong with drinking coffee.

but posting every time on fb with photos and comments like

looks nice
ooo i love costa my fave place.
could my kids look any cuter at costa?
taking well earned break fro shopping as thats all i appear to do at costa in x.

my fave cafes in small town in 90s were owned by italian families were could smoke like chimneys, sit with my grungy freinds even did coke floats and sparklers in ice cream.

Im not sure if costa good wit kids have taken mine on ocasion.
Just think since having kids rest uk is genrally crap with kids.

If im down town with mate minus the kids we be drinking something stronger and heading nearest pub/'weather spoons for cheap and cheerful bar snack and wine probably similar price to costa.

Ok concluded maybe i shouldent delete because of fb posting abuse maybe should delete them as they clearly not hip enough to seek a decent cafe.

somewherewest Thu 21-Nov-13 20:08:18

Our local is a Costa and its clean, friendly (especially towards children) and has decent newspapers, comfy couches and nice cake. And the coffee's good enough. What's not to like grin. I don't buy into romanticising independents. Some of them are great and some of them are shite.

SugarMouse1 Thu 21-Nov-13 20:56:00

I wouldn't say it's that trendy

A lot are full of mums and bratty toddlers! Bleuuurgh!

LongTimeLurking Thu 21-Nov-13 21:00:26

Fucking Costa are as bad as Tesco... you can't go 200 yards without walking past a Costa. I assume they do nice coffee (never tried myself) but it is depressing that every town centre up and down the country is all tesco express/costa/bookies and pawnbrokers. All the local independent retailers have gone.

exexpat Thu 21-Nov-13 21:03:51

3asABird - hello fellow Bristolian. There's the original Mud Dock, but also a new one the other side of the water the Mud Dock Deli which is more of a coffee place. Most of the real hipster places are round Stokes Croft - the pub I mentioned where you can hang your bike on the wall is the Crofter's Rights, and the place almost opposite with the Banksy is the Canteen.

There are a couple of good small, independent chains of coffee shops in Bristol - have you tried any of the Boston Tea Party places? Park St (really nice terrace at the back), Cheltenham Rd, Clifton, new one on Gloucester Rd etc. Also the Lounge chain is nice - North St, Cotham Hill, Totterdown, Fishponds and so on. But there are still quite a few real family run coffee places around too.

BenNJerry Thu 21-Nov-13 21:07:36

I love Costa. But I'm cheap and buy the coffee and syrups so I can make them at home. grin

Iggity Thu 21-Nov-13 21:09:47

Am a tea drinker and happy enough with Costa. I like it because they list the calorie content of all the buns and pastries. Stops me buying them.

3asAbird Thu 21-Nov-13 21:19:43

ex ex pat. Wen you say canteen you mean river cottage top whiteladies?

Used to work whiteladies and regularly frequented the the boston tea party there and the one i bath when worked there.

Stokes croft worked gloucester rd too that an be real yummy mummy territory.

Agree the lounges porto lounge fishponds does wicked cooked breckfast and thats my nearest as funnily enough fishponds morries cafe not the same. I think costa were due to open next to iceland dow channons hill fishpond as saw signs but they still not opened.

nero used to do loyalty cards and was very loyal when worked in bath and think theres one next to st niks market on corn street.

Cabot circus, mall and galleries all chains.

Theres ok little one near hippodrome next to catholic church and public looks stopped in downpour rain once. Noticed new costa just off millenuim square near planitaruim when grommit hunting over the summer.

Im with you long time lurking I know they create jobs but home town high unemployment how an they afford coffee shops its aint central perk!

When worked used to frequent coffee shops more.
now they just a luxury or rarity as ids unpredictaqble and time without kids few and far between.

exexpat Thu 21-Nov-13 21:24:41

No, not the River Cottage Canteen - The Canteen on Stokes Croft - hipster central (but good coffee, cakes, sandwiches etc).

signlanguage Thu 21-Nov-13 21:24:45

Costa coffee is shit.

Its a coffee shop for people who don't like coffee.

MiconiumHappens Thu 21-Nov-13 21:30:15

Going to go against the grain a bit here.

I love Costa. Good coffee, good food, good locations, friendly staff and very accommodating of children. I cut my teeth breast feeding in public there as I always felt comfortable.

Sorry smile

EmmaBemma Thu 21-Nov-13 21:32:33

They can't make a cappuccino, but I bloody love a mocha latte, I do. Just a small one, from the supermarket costa.

3asAbird Fri 22-Nov-13 08:42:15

ohh clearly I need to go down stokes croft is it close to colston girls?
Do they welcome hipp toddlers? ocasionally my 4year old has babycuino in plapyspace at avonmeads but thats not hip.

Love the vibe of gloucester rd. Also get anoyed that south bristol seem to think they more hip that north visited tobbaco factory over the summer.

See I can see point if found some hidden gem of a cafe but nothing special or hip about costa they all sheep.

When I was 18 went to small town with my ex and we stopped at weirdest cafe. The owners were bit odd at door was large cut out cliff richard then as we went in cliff music was playing we realised the table mats even the mugs had cliff on . If only fb and smart phones existed then

M0naLisa Fri 22-Nov-13 22:56:03

But their Gingerbread Lattès are Delish wink

CremeEggThief Fri 22-Nov-13 23:11:17

Of the chains, Costa and Cafe Nero are my faves.

FudgefaceMcZ Fri 22-Nov-13 23:21:51

I don't especially like them for coffee but their black forest hot chocolate motivates me to go in this time of year, unfortunately for my health and finances.

TheArticFunky Sat 23-Nov-13 00:17:37

I'm an Americano and therefore quite easy to please. I like Costa because they make strong coffee in cups unlike Starbucks with their milky mugs.

raisah Sat 23-Nov-13 04:36:06

I dont like costa coffee as its too bitter & v pricey. Out of the chains, I prefer pret & starbucks gingerbread latte only or my local coffee shop.

raisah Sat 23-Nov-13 04:41:07

Apparantly costa coffee is the most popular meeting place for cheating partners. Obviously they have got other things to think about other than the quality of their coffee.

Anatanacoat Sat 23-Nov-13 06:58:56

I like Costa best out of the chains. Starbucks coffee is always cold, I find. And Nero is okay but the one near us is so damn loud (it's very small and narrow so the grinder noise rattles your face) I can't always stand to stand there.

Also Costa does the best toasties (although still not really proper toasties as they put them in a panini press so they aren't sealed, woe) and Eccles cakes.

Those Eccles cakes are amazing.

I do agree that the actual shops are not very nice. Starbucks is really the best at sofas and quiet. The Costas near us are all rickety tables and enormous queues but are also opposite a beautiful park with loads of picnic tables - about twelve in a big group - so we all go there.

The only independent coffee houses round here are East African and women aren't allowed in, so I appreciate the chains tbh. At least they let me in the door.

hyenafunk Sat 23-Nov-13 08:00:12

The costa Christmas cups are adorable tbf grin.

Only reason I like Costa is that they don't charge extra for soya milk. Starbucks are the only company that weirdly do but typically I much prefer Starbucks coffee. I'd say Starbucks is still the most in vogue out of the coffee chains.

Snatchoo Sat 23-Nov-13 08:27:58

Well none of my FB friends have posted anything about Costa. It's my favourite and neither have I.

Mine's a flat white though so a bit boring!

daisychain01 Sat 23-Nov-13 08:33:58

Cafe Revive is a good way of bribing my DH and DS to come to Cribbs Causeway with me.

Or the John Lewis coffee is nice and if you get a myjohnlewis loyalty card you get a free cup once a month smile

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