To just not 'get' twitter?

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Geckos48 Wed 20-Nov-13 22:28:22

I dont understand how it works, I dont know how you have conversations on it.

I was hoping there was a forum for debate but it doesnt seem to work like that? You can just mention people in comments or 'retweet' what they have said?

What is the point of it?


You 'follow' people apparently - but why??

Urv Wed 20-Nov-13 22:29:28

I don't either. I joined and thought WTAF. It's like a strange culture I know nothing about. Sorry, no help.

Geckos48 Wed 20-Nov-13 22:30:50

Well, at least I know I am not alone!

I have tried a couple of times but I dont really get it.

BeCool Wed 20-Nov-13 22:33:04

I don't get it either. I've been instructed by MN'ers and people on FB and I still don't get it. it just seems so illogical and disjointed to me.

And I have to use special keys to create the hashtag on my keyboard and I can never recall what it is.

RubyrooUK Wed 20-Nov-13 22:33:47

It's basically like a channel where you broadcast your thoughts. If other people follow you, they can read your thoughts and comment on them.

If they really like what you have written, they might retweet it. It's less like a forum for conversation and more like millions of people broadcasting their news to everyone else.

Ruby, but why??
I want to understand, but don't care enough about other people's opinions get it...

It's not for conversations. It's not great for in depth conversations, or for being able to store past conversations. There are other media for that. It is good at instant info - travel updates, weather forecasts, flash mobs, protests, watching telly. And for seeing what people have said on current events using hashtags. It's good for sharing links - say you're an author or musician. Or for trying to get fundraising for your charity efforts- it links to mapmyrun, for instance, if you're marathon training. And for disseminating your blog, if you write one.

What were you hoping to use it for?

NuggetofPurestGreen Wed 20-Nov-13 22:41:10

Because some people say funny and/or interesting things about random stuff or about current events or tv shows or books or films or other things that you might be interested in. You can then say funny or interesting things back to them (or not if you don't want to).

It's also a good way of keeping abreast of the news and what not.

Reiltin Wed 20-Nov-13 22:42:34

To me, it seems to have one piece of the functionality of Facebook but none of the rest. So I'm a Facebook girl smile

NuggetofPurestGreen Wed 20-Nov-13 22:42:53

As Melanie says it's not great for in depth conversations but it's good for quick chats!

LadyMetroland Wed 20-Nov-13 22:43:13

I don't get it either

what's all the hashtag business about? I see it all the time in other places too

NuggetofPurestGreen Wed 20-Nov-13 22:45:00

True Reiltin but the difference is the number and type of people you get updates from. Facebook is more for keeping up with people you know, Twitter is for hearing what strangers (or celebs if that's your bag) have to say.

jkklpu Wed 20-Nov-13 22:45:02

It's really good if you have a niche interest and you and the others with an interest can share info and links about that. It's also great for instant news or learning about new things. But it takes time to learn how to use it and, if you don't have the time or really don't have an interest you want to follow, then it's probably not for you. That doesn't mean, though, that it's rubbish, just that you need to persevere to get the most from it.

Geckos48 Wed 20-Nov-13 22:45:03

Yes I am much more a facebook person.

There seems to be more forum for debate on there too.

Ah, see, I don't get FB either grin - I deregistered <proud>

NuggetofPurestGreen Wed 20-Nov-13 22:46:19

My last post reminds me of a tweet I read once (ha) :

Facebook makes you hate people you know, Twitter makes you love people you don't know.


Caitlin17 Wed 20-Nov-13 22:47:11

YANBU. I don't see the point. I especially don't see the point of business or government departments tweeting.

Geckos48 Wed 20-Nov-13 22:47:39

Wow pacific that is some courage you have there!

Caitlin17 Wed 20-Nov-13 22:47:49

I don't see the point of Facebook either.

NuggetofPurestGreen Wed 20-Nov-13 22:47:52

Me too pacific you won't get me off twitter though smile

I don't get it either tried it one, didn't understand.

My 19yr old told me he was on it the other day, cant remember how it came up, he couldn't give me a compelling argument as to how it would improve my life so im not going to bother. Will stick to Facebook.

Punkatheart Wed 20-Nov-13 22:49:40

I am a writer and Twitter for me is essential. I also love it. I connect with other writers, hear about competitions, enter competitions. I also connect with publishers and agents - sometimes they have got in contact with me and I have even got some writing work from it. A number of publishing professionals prefer their writers to be on Twitter - they can show they are social and that they support other writers and in turn, are supported themselves.

If there is news or an event in my local area, it's a great source of info. If there is someone who you could never meet or talk to in real life - Twitter might give you a chance. I have had a row with a stupid film director who encouraged people to eat wolf in one of his films. Ah, it was good to vent.

Hashtags give everyone a subject that they can hang a conversation around.

I write for a website, I edit a magazine - all of which I can publicise on Twitter.

10 million people use Twitter in the UK alone. It is a powerful source of info and used constructively, can be of huge benefit to everyone who needs to market themselves in any way.

It is no more complicated that the phone was once upon a time. As you can see, I am a Twitter evangelist!

LCHammer Wed 20-Nov-13 22:50:25

It can be a bit annoying when it's all about retweeting what the lovely people at this place or that place have going on. A bit self-congratulatory. I follow a few 'angry' people and that can be quite fun, I like the imaginative use of language. But on the whole, I don't get it either.

greenbananas Wed 20-Nov-13 22:52:18

I don't get it either, and I also distrust Facebook. I am much happier having real conversations with the people I see every day, and staying in touch with old friends by phone and text.

It all seems so egoistic to me - people thinking that the whole world wants to know what they think of the weather. .. But I accept that I am possibly missing something here and that Facebook and Twitter are improving the world. ..

NuggetofPurestGreen Wed 20-Nov-13 22:52:23

teenage it depends what you're in to I suppose. One example for why I like it: I love books and reading so I like following authors I like and reading what they have to say about everyday matters or other books or whatever. That improves my life. But if you're not interested in stuff like that then it wouldn't work for you I'm sure.

NuggetofPurestGreen Wed 20-Nov-13 22:56:53

But greenbananas you come on here to talk to people you (presumably) don't know - Twitter's not a million miles away from that, just shorter and less anonymous...

KarlosKKrinkelbeim Wed 20-Nov-13 22:57:43

I like books and reading but I'm willing to bet none of the writers I like are on twitter. Possibly because most of them are dead. The day Nabokov starts tweeting I'll take an interest. And so will a lot of other people, I'll bet

givemushypeasachance Wed 20-Nov-13 22:58:05

I use twitter for two purposes: to communicate with a small group of people that I 'know' and to follow and get information from a wider group of people I don't know.

So I follow some organisations and celebrity type people and that's pretty much a one way street - they tweet either about events, or news stories, or projects or if it's the celebrity types then sometimes just about their day. So I follow some accounts such as BBC News online magazine, or the local newspaper, and then people like Stephen Fry, Bill Bailey, Mark Gatiss, Reece Shearsmith because their tweets are interesting or funny and I enjoy reading them.

Then there are some people I know in real life or online and I follow them and get a few tweets about their day on my feed - so some are still at uni and I reminisce as they tweet about hungover lectures or essay deadlines, or some tweet about TV shows they're into and stuff like that. We all tend to comment on each other's messages and it might just be commiserating or suggesting advice or moaning about the weather. It's sort of like a group chat function in that way.

I also sometimes search twitter for news about what's going on - to find current articles or updates about people/projects/etc - lots of Doctor Who news being tweeted around at the moment - or to see what people are saying about real time events. So if the traffic is awful searching twitter for Bristol traffic would probably be the fastest way of finding out hey there's an accident on the M32 as people tweet about it. It was very handy when there was a bomb scare in the centre a while back - twitter had much more up to date news on where was being evacuated and what the police on the ground were saying than the local news outlets.

I only follow/am followed by about fifty people but that's how I use it.

NuggetofPurestGreen Wed 20-Nov-13 23:00:01

Ha ha Karlos yes I admit that is a downside alright, the lack of dead authors tweeting. I like some living authors too though so that does me.

Although I do follow Shakespeare on it he seems to manage tweeting from beyond the grave.

greenbananas Wed 20-Nov-13 23:01:52

nugget I know, I know. .. But I am completely anonymous on here, nobody knows who I am.

Facebook and Twitter are just so public and I am a bit too shy to post thoughts about everyday life in my own name.

Like I said, I accept this kind of social media may well be changing the world for the better. I am just a bit of a Luddite.

NicknameIncomplete Wed 20-Nov-13 23:02:21

I also cant get into twitter (i am also not really a facebook person). How do you find people that are worth following?

2rebecca Wed 20-Nov-13 23:03:45

I rarely use it as I have a PAYG phone and am not into sending people endless updates of the minutiae of my life. I'll mainly use it to publicise events I'm organising or involved in.
I think it's mainly for people in the public spotlight who can expand their fan base and keep their sponsors happy and people who prefer writing about their lives to living them.

RubyrooUK Wed 20-Nov-13 23:05:18

I suppose I use it a bit like any other media.

So I choose to follow people whose news or opinions might interest me. So I will follow the BBC Breaking News and also The Guardian, in case any important news developments occur. And I'm interested in, say, the opinions of Caitlin Moran, so I also follow her.

So my Twitter feed reads like a series of people telling you the news or making observations on it. So a bit like a news website.

The hashtags just bundle together tweets under certain topics. So putting #haiyan into the search box would allow me to see all the tweets featuring that hashtag which reference the typhoon. So when certain events happen, you can find all the comments under that hashtag. It just makes it easier for other people to find tweets.

On the other hand, my friend uses Twitter solely to follow celebrities. She loves vacuous gossip and is thrilled to discover when a minor starlet is having her nails done. grin

NuggetofPurestGreen Wed 20-Nov-13 23:11:57

Bit of a sweeping statement 2rebecca. I can assure you I don't send people endless updates on the minutiae of my life either and I'm not more interested in writing about my life than living it. There are many different ways to use Twitter - I'm sure some people use it in the manner you say is the main use but I personally don't tweet an awful lot but I read other people's tweets for various reasons. It's just another news source.

randomfemale Wed 20-Nov-13 23:13:20

I tried twitter when it was in its' infancy. I was 'talking' to Steven Fry and that twat Jonathan Ross long before they had 50 zillion followers. Cba with it - pointless. FB is crap as well.

NuggetofPurestGreen Wed 20-Nov-13 23:14:53

nickname I think I just went on it and looked for a few famous tweeters like Stephen Fry and then looked at who they follow or who follows them and also twitter will suggest followers based on who you follow etc. Or you can just follow news sites or journalists or whatever takes your fancy. takes a while to get into it and build up a list.

BlinkeyBlimey Wed 20-Nov-13 23:22:30

I use it for work but don't really get into it. Some twitter conversations are really funny, like the jaffa cake/Tesco mobile one that was referred to on here. I'm sure it would be more interesting if you were allowed more characters though.

NicknameIncomplete Wed 20-Nov-13 23:23:00

Thanks Nugget.

I used to have an account but only followed celebrities & i found it boring. Also i found that it moved so fast & i couldnt keep up with the 10 or so people i was following. In the end it got too much & deleted my account.

BigPawsBrown Wed 20-Nov-13 23:29:47

Who says you have to use your full name? I use a handle just like I do on here.

NuggetofPurestGreen Wed 20-Nov-13 23:31:08

Yeah it can get a bit much when you follow loads of people alright. I don't use it as much as I used to but still work check it daily. Waste more time on mumsnet these days grin

BoffinMum Wed 20-Nov-13 23:36:49


SamHamwidge Thu 21-Nov-13 01:32:07

A lot of slebs post on twitter.

I use Facebook for my RL friends and twitter to stalk follow celebs I like. Never the twain shall meet.

Ozziegirly Thu 21-Nov-13 02:21:37

I don't get it either, but that's because I'm not overly interested in strangers' thoughts, or finding out what celebrities are pretending to do.

I like facebook as I live in Aus and lots of friends live in the UK so I can see photos (and put on photos of my darling boys and post about every bowel movement of course).

I get what it's for. But I don't get how it works.

If I want to ask someone or a service something, I have feud to tweet them. However, that message never ends up on their feed of messages.

So what's the point?

MistressDeeCee Thu 21-Nov-13 04:55:29

I use Twitter occasionally but can't raise much interest in it. I'm on Facebook but, less and less these days. For me its just too full of people craving online validation/admiration/ a massive ego stroke.

In the past couple of months I've resolved to be in touch with family and good friends more via phone, and visits. Its been nice..I don't bother with Facebook much now although there are a couple of specialist forums I like. Prefer it to Twitter tho..

hyenafunk Thu 21-Nov-13 08:51:35

I love Twitter.

Facebook is just so personal. You may as well be living in all of your friends arseholes it's that personal. Everyone in each other's business, sniffing around. I can't be dealing with it, it made me so anxious and insecure. I actually started to dislike people I like irl grin.

Twitter is funny. I follow 'famous' people who make me laugh, I learn stuff and I sometimes communicate with said famous people (some even follow me back grin!). It's not for in depth conversation or bumming people, it's quite simply for flicking through and having a chuckle at Hugh Laurie tweeting about a goat's intelligence level. It's light and fluffy entertainment.

Screamqueen Thu 21-Nov-13 09:01:45

I love Facebook so thought I would give Twitter a go, but as much as I try I still dont "get it" really although I do understand what its for.

JapaneseMargaret Thu 21-Nov-13 09:14:22

I have joined Twitter twice now, in a point to get it.

That's two amounts of the time it takes to register on a social media site, that I'll never get back.

JapaneseMargaret Thu 21-Nov-13 09:16:55

The problem with Twitter for me, is that most people's - even famous people's shock - off-the-cuff thoughts are actually dull as shit.

You wade though a load of dull musings and hash tags. What am I missing??!

exexpat Thu 21-Nov-13 09:32:43

I find twitter much better than facebook, but then I use it in a very different way. It's an excellent source of news on specialist interests - it works as a kind of filter. So you look on twitter to find news sources, journalists, academics, or just individuals interested in a particular topic and follow them, which then means you get a stream full of links to information from places you would never have time to look at yourself.

I also find I am much better informed about things happening locally - one-off events, new restaurants, free tickets to things, local politics etc - by following some local bloggers etc on twitter. I've also had interesting exchanges with various authors and musicians, reconnected with a few old friends, made some new friends (one of whom has just sent me a great list of things to do when I'm in her home town next month - I will finally get to meet her in person too), and seen lots of funny/cute/weird pictures and videos of animals...

Anyone, celebrity or not, who just posts boring trivia about their own life or uses it to publicise their latest book/film/CD I just unfollow.

IndiansOnTheRailroad Thu 21-Nov-13 09:55:36

Nobody makes anyone follow anyone. That's the nice thing about twitter.

sashh Thu 21-Nov-13 10:11:42

I think people use it in different ways.

I have no interest in celebrities tweeting "I am having a coffee", I don't see the point.

As an instant form of protest it is a useful tool. So if you see something, say an offensive advert, like the BMW one, you can tweet the company and say it's being sexist/racist whatever and other people can see that and also tweet if they think it is offensive too, or if they think it is not offensive.

If you can't go to a protest or demo it is a way to show support.

I can see that twitter has some uses, but is there anything you can do with it that you couldn't do before some other way?

Some companies now use twitter to broadcast offers instead of sending them in email. I can't see a huge difference there and if you sign up to all your favorite places surely you are swamped in tweets you have no time to read.

Customer services may use tweet instead of email, but usually you can't tweet details like you would in an email so you have to call them in the end anyway.

Someone mentioned keeping in touch with others in your profession, but you can't have a real conversation on twitter so wouldn't a forum for say dentists work better?

I don't think the point is to "keep up" with Twitter - I certainly dont go back in time and read every single tweet since the last time I checked it. I proabably check it when I've got 5 minutes to fill - waiting for a bus, say, or for the doctor.

It's done 2 memorable things for me - I got to meet Gok Wan, and I got Jedward to sing Happy Birthday to my SN stepson.

exexpat Thu 21-Nov-13 10:44:05

"surely you are swamped in tweets you have no time to read" - this is what it took me a while to get my head round.

Twitter is a real-time medium, a continuous rolling feed - you are never going to read everything, you just pop in, maybe a few times a day, for a little while, see what is going on, and then leave everyone to it.

If you tried to keep up with everything that everyone you follow posted, you would be on there 24 hours a day. If you only follow a handful of people, maybe you could read everything they wrote, but I follow nearly 500, so there are new tweets popping up every few seconds.

You have to treat it a bit more like listening to the radio - when it's on, you hear what's going on; if you have it on all day, the same news comes round every hour. You don't worry that you have missed what was on the radio at 3am this morning. But of course with twitter, if you see a snippet of news that interests you, you can click on the link or look at what else that account has been tweeting that day to get more background.

IndiansOnTheRailroad Thu 21-Nov-13 11:06:39

Betfairpoker alone makes Twitter worthwhile. grin CRAB! CRAB!

BreconBeBuggered Thu 21-Nov-13 11:52:13

I'm amazed that anyone not interested in the musings of strangers is on MN... The great thing about Twitter is that you actively choose whose posts you read. Undoubtedly there's a lot of drivel out there, but you simply don't follow it. I find it much easier to converse on Twitter than it is here, because people have actively chosen to read my posts and my voice isn't swamped in a huge cacophony of opinions. Don't get me wrong, I love MN, but for me Twitter is a more personal medium. It's all about the way you use it.

Thanks, it makes more sense now you say you don't actually read them all.

BlueStones Thu 21-Nov-13 13:12:34

It is useful if, as others have said, you have a niche interest. And it's good for making career connections in the same way.

Having said that I'm trying to use it less often, because a) it can get addictive, and b) seems to be easily hacked (mine got hacked this week and my account randomly followed and favourited some pretty odd people blush

Punkatheart Thu 21-Nov-13 13:34:27

I sold a lot of diet pills.

BlueStones Thu 21-Nov-13 13:37:48

I just randomly favourited. I now have some new, odd followers who think I want to be their twitter friend.

IndiansOnTheRailroad Thu 21-Nov-13 14:19:39

I've been on twitter for > 4 years and never been hacked.

I get a lot of strange people following and tweeting me though because they think I might be famous (I'm not, obviously, but I know 4 people who are (completely unconnected from each other) and they are all on twitter, following very few people but followed by huge numbers, some of whom obviously look at their following lists and follow everyone on them, not realising that they might be following someone's accountant or gardener or (in my case) university/childhood friend). I think people cotton on pretty quick that I'm not showbiz and just talk bollocks or rant about the council and the traffic, and unfollow quite quickly though. grin

exexpat Thu 21-Nov-13 14:32:48

I've never been hacked either. It usually seems to happen if you click on a link in a DM.

I think I only have one blue-ticked follower (also old university connection), plus a few of well-known-in-certain-circles music, literature & journalism people, but I haven't noticed people following me expecting inside showbiz/music/literary gossip. They would probably unfollow me pretty quickly if they did.

Nottalotta Thu 21-Nov-13 14:42:53

I actually don't understand how to use it. I registered and then got stuck. I don't know how it works.

IndiansOnTheRailroad Thu 21-Nov-13 15:02:09

ex what often happens is that one of my friends will tweet me about something e.g. a footy result or a book or plans or checking whether I've seen something (I'm often overseas for work and I rely on my friends to keep me abreast of STUFF) - something quite innocuous - and I'll get a rash of people following me, all of who will have disappeared again inside a week. Because apparently complaining about the traffic isn't very interesting. grin

It's not comulsory, you know. If you dont get it, or dont see how it might be useful or interesting, then you will be able to manage you life quite well without it.

Notta, what were you hoping to use it for, we might be able to make suggestions?

LCHammer Thu 21-Nov-13 15:56:20

BlueStones - you've been hacked? Next I'll have to believe David Cameron when he says he didn't know nuffink about following an escort agency.

harticus Thu 21-Nov-13 16:56:36

I follow but don't post.
It is stalking lite.

Merguez Thu 21-Nov-13 17:55:08

It is essential for my work. I follow journalists, politicians and organisations in my field and can see as soon as I log onto Twitter what the key news issues of the day are. It's great for sharing blogs and articles.
I do not use it at all for personal stuff.
My social media is organised around Facebook for friends and family, Linked In and twitter for work.

Merguez Thu 21-Nov-13 17:59:22

Twitter is also useful for contacting big organisations and making complaints - they usually deal with them quickly because it is all public.

harryhausen Thu 21-Nov-13 18:11:59

I'm in Children's Books and for my business Twitter is essential. I connect with all my peers, my idols, my publishers, my reviewers etc etc - all in one fell swoop.

I've been involved in 2 amazing charity projects connected to my work purely through twitter.

When I tweet a link to my blog the traffic increases by 300%.

One of my colleagues does a famous live tweet during Downton Abbey. He's bloody hilarious. People log on just to follow his tweets.

I have spoken to famous people. David Walliams is following me. I had an amazing conversation with the woman who plays Molly in Sherlock about book shelves.

What other place can do that? You're never tied up for long as you only have 150 characters.

A lot of stuff I miss. I just scroll through stuff. I dip and and out when I need to.

Facebook is for personal stuff. I never ever post personal stuff on Twitter. For me, it's part of the workplace.

harryhausen Thu 21-Nov-13 18:14:21

I've been hacked, but a swift change of password sorted it.

comingintomyown Thu 21-Nov-13 18:17:05

Just joined after reading this thread...very confused !

Latara Thu 21-Nov-13 18:19:11

I don't use twitter because I don't understand it although i'm getting an idea of what it's about from posters on this thread.

I like FB because I've made some interesting friends from other countries on it. However I've seen different sides to some RL friends which has been a shame (unpleasant political views etc.).

AchyFox Thu 21-Nov-13 18:27:50


Hashtag emperorsnewclothes

Meglet Thu 21-Nov-13 18:30:52

Yabu. As others have said it's invaluable for following events in real time. If the traffic is snarled up in our town I'll get more info from twitter than anywhere else.

I follow news reporters, journalists, writers and they often lead to finding other interesting people. Doctors are entertaining too. It's the real people that make twitter fun.

It also makes watching telly fun for single parents. I don't have anyone to talk to so I watch along with twitter.

It grows organically, it took me a few months to get stuck into it. Find a few people to follow, see who they retweet or follow and start having a nose around.

NicknameIncomplete Thu 21-Nov-13 18:58:11

So i have signed up to twitter again thanks to you lovely lot reeling me in wink

Now who are the best people to follow?

BlueStones Thu 21-Nov-13 19:10:05

Did David Cameron follow an escort agency? Ha, missed that.

LCHammer Thu 21-Nov-13 19:12:42

Yes, apparently it was a mistake. 'Course, dear, why wouldn't we believe you.

moonshine Thu 21-Nov-13 19:25:21

I love Twitter and manage several accounts for my workplace. It lets me talk/connect to people I wouldn't have a chance to meet with easily.

It's brilliant for breaking news and big events as well as 'event' tv shows.

It's also great for local news - you can search #YourTown and get instant nuggets of information or share yours!

Just don't follow the boring people! No-one I follow tweets about 'having a cup of tea' and shit like that (mostly).

I hate Facebook. People seem to be able to talk about 'having a cup of tea' in long-winded paragraphs and you have to 'like' it confused.

MaryBerrysBlazer Thu 21-Nov-13 19:30:42

I love Twitter. I love hearing all the musings of intelligent folk. It did take me a while to 'follow' the right people for me.

Facebook takes smug self-obsession to a whole new level. I couldn't believe my friend (irl) had 350 photos of her dc. 350! Poor kids!

ToucanBlack Thu 21-Nov-13 19:32:23

I don't get it either and I'm o my 26 blush.

I follow a few celebs, but don't really care about what they tweet. I have not managed to work out how to follow any of my rl friends and some people I don't know have followed me but I didn't have to 'accept' them (like on FB) and I've never Tweeted anything anyway!

I'm so confused confused

ToucanBlack Thu 21-Nov-13 19:35:00


NuggetofPurestGreen Thu 21-Nov-13 22:21:32

Yeah I am always amused by the people that don't use twitter and think everyone just tweets about cups of tea and what they had for breakfast. I'm sure there are people that tweet stuff like that but I don't follow any of them. Also 'not interested in what strangers have to say' um isn't that what MN is about??

Toucan you can set up your twitter so that you have to accept people (protect your account)if you like but most people don't have it that way. Kind of the opposite of Facebook in that regard. You'd have to find out your real friends twitter names and search for them (or just search for their real names if they use them).

NuggetofPurestGreen Thu 21-Nov-13 22:25:01

nickname hard to recommend followers as don't know what you like! Do you like any news sites/journos/writers/celebs or have any specific interests that you can start off with?

BananaNotPeelingWell Thu 21-Nov-13 22:31:24

Yanbu. I don't get it either. But then I didn't get Pinterest (a load of random loosley connected photos of 'stuff') so no hope for Twittergrin

SatinSandals Fri 22-Nov-13 09:10:49

I haven't found any 'musings by intelligent people', I have looked at a lot who I know to be intelligent and haven't seen an intelligent comment yet!
It is boring, boring, boring! You also have to waste an incredible amount of time on it. I can see the point of breaking news but nothing more.

NuggetofPurestGreen Fri 22-Nov-13 09:21:05

You don't have to waste an incredible amount of time on it if you don't want to. I have a quick look once or twice a day for a few minutes. I waste far more time on here.

NuggetofPurestGreen Fri 22-Nov-13 09:23:48

As well as breaking news I also like it for seeing what the newspapers are writing about. Articles I might have missed otherwise ie features on books etc. on papers or blog I wouldn't normally go on. It's a good source.

AchyFox Fri 22-Nov-13 13:16:19

Is there a twitter equivalent of MN Classics ?

A sort of compendium/archive of the best stuff that you can dip into to get an idea of what it's like at its best.

comingintomyown Sat 23-Nov-13 14:41:18

Just nipped back to say after joining and persevering with using it I think it will be a fertile ground for info and amusement

To help me I added some people who The Times had written about in an article 50 People You Should Follow On Twitter and bunged in some of my favourite things like Strictly

Only thing is I am now feeling an ipad is essential to me !

Any tips for fun/interesting people to follow welcome

GreenShadowInTheLibrary Sat 23-Nov-13 15:18:02

I also love Twitter.

I follow very few people that I actually know, but tend to follow local people (local government/press etc) and people I have met on-line through shared interests. I do follow a few what people might call 'celebritites' - a few sports people, authors and a few actors but it is the local stuff I'm most interested in.

I've found out so much useful information from it, often almost as it happens and welcome the chance it gives for 'Joe Public' to interact with people you would otherwise not get the chance to communicate with directly.

I think another good thing about it is how it makes you realise (even hardened cynics like me) that 'celebrities' are normal and live a life like you and me - doing the gardening, worrying about the dentist or going to parent's evening.

SatinSandals Sat 23-Nov-13 17:35:54

I looked at the ones the Times said were ones to follow and I only bothered with the two I was already following. They were like most of them, boring.

exexpat Sat 23-Nov-13 17:39:57

I agree that local stuff can be really useful - our local listings magazine folded a while back, and I never buy the local paper (owned by same company as Daily Mail) but there are lots of twitter accounts putting out news & events, and local councillors and so on do tend to use it to interact with people.

AchyFox - I don't think there would be a 'twitter classics' list anywhere, because it is such an ephemeral medium - something can be really funny in the moment, because it crops up within a minute of a piece of news or something on TV, but it won't really stand the test of time.

For example, watching the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies with half an eye on twitter was hilarious, as are things like the Eurovision song contest - that kind of thing is the only time I really use hashtags, which is one of the main ways you get to see tweets by people you don't follow.

A good way to start might be with picking a few people you find interesting from something like the Times Top 50 that comingintomyown mentioned, or this list of the 200 most influential people on twitter - everything from members of One Direction to some non-celebrities who are big on twitter because they are funny/interesting. Or the Telegraph has done a few things on twitter, e.g. 30 funny people to follow on twitter or even 10 dead people to follow on twitter. And of course MNHQ is on twitter and if you look at who they follow, you'll find a mix of mumsnetters, bloggers and other interesting people.

It tends to kind of snowball - you follow a few people, they retweet things from other people who sound interesting, so you follow them, and so on.

GreenShadowInTheLibrary Sat 23-Nov-13 19:48:14

Now, on the whole I think the opposite of what exexpat has suggested. I don't see a great deal of point just following people with 10s of 1000s of followers, even if they are witty.
I prefer those wither fewer followers which allows for possible interaction.

exexpat Sat 23-Nov-13 21:05:37

I have a mix of both - I follow a few very popular people, because they are funny or have interesting stuff to say in their own right, but also because they tend to be handed good stuff to retweet - and then I also follow loads of people who are much more niche. But of course the latter are harder to find - you have to go searching for particular topics you are interested in - which is why I suggested looking at some of the top 10/50/100 lists if you just want to get a flavour of what is going on on twitter.

Zarazog Sat 23-Nov-13 21:08:31

Jay from the Inbetweeners on blogging:
Right, hello bitches. My name’s Jay. First off, this is not one of those blogs that twats write to make them feel like they've achieved something with their lives. "Ooh this is what I think, isn't it important, but also funny." No, it's not. It's embarrassing. No one cares. Grow up. Stop clogging up the internet, you're taking up valuable porn space. Blog twats.
I feel the same way about Twitter.

It's taking up porn space? hmm

Not all twitterers do mini blogs. Gatwick airport gives individual replies to queries, as do certain banks, local traffic or shopping info.

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