AIBU to think that this is bloody unreasonable???

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FrenchFleurs Mon 21-Oct-13 02:54:58

Has anyone seen Kate's flat stomach and washboard abs just three months after having Prince George??? envy


I'm sorry but this is very unreasonable and I am extremely flummoxed as to how she has managed this. confused

Bogeyface Mon 21-Oct-13 02:59:28

Same way my BF did (and I didnt). She was skinny to start with, only got a baby bump and is just one of those lucky cows who dont get saggy or stretchmarked.

Its a pisser, but I doubt she has starved herself. I am more concerned about the shoes tbh!

Pre and post natal yoga apparently.

Bogeyface Mon 21-Oct-13 03:01:43

My BF btw was 4 days overdue when her dentists receptionist insisted on seeing her maternity exemption certificate to prove she was PG. She had a 7lb er. Go figure!

FrenchFleurs Mon 21-Oct-13 03:01:55

Is it OK to be upset over this?

FrenchFleurs Mon 21-Oct-13 03:02:37

Pfft. Yoga. Not buying it!!

Rosesarebeautiful Mon 21-Oct-13 03:04:47

I definitely am.
Basically, it's jealousy on my part. I've never had and never will have a stomach as flat as that before or after children. And it's been years since my last baby, not weeks

Bogeyface Mon 21-Oct-13 03:05:30

I dont think it is ok to be upset by it, no. But it is ok to be v v jealous and wish you had her body type/genes/self control/ etc as I am about my BF. My cousin went from a size 8 to a 6 when she had her youngest and is a veggie who does yoga, as is BF so either there is something in it, or they dont mainline Pinot. One or the other!

TaraKnowles Mon 21-Oct-13 03:09:18

Sorry I just think if you are a bit thin before and don't put on shit loads of weight eating carrot cake in the big bed oops. Then you will probably be just as thin afterwards.

StuckOnARollercoaster Mon 21-Oct-13 03:24:09

As someone so much in the public eye, who is going to be scrutinised and will be thought of as a role model I wish she had kept and shown a bit of her baby belly.
But before my pregnancy I also wouldn't have thought it possible without lots of private trainer type help but I've ended up looking thinner within days - combination of stress, breastfeeding and not putting on a lot of weight during the pregnancy. I don't exercise and haven't been holding back on the biscuits now. I feel really lucky but unfortunately wider family don't like the slimmer me and I am getting alot of nasty comments, so I suspect Kate is going to need a thick skin.
But YANBU to be upset at it and the pressure it puts on mums that don't lose the weight so quickly...

FrenchFleurs Mon 21-Oct-13 03:29:57

I don't know why the breastfeeding thing gets touted so much? I didn't find it helpful to lose weight at all! It may burn 500 calories, but it made me so hungry that I ended up consuming around 1000 extra calories just to produce the breastmilk. Breastmilk is 50% fat and you can't do it if you're dieting. As soon as I stopped breastfeeding, I was able to diet and I had time to exercise (before that I could never get away as the baby constantly wanted to be fed). I don't advocate breastfeeding to lose weight at all!

TaraKnowles Mon 21-Oct-13 03:30:47

But stuck why would you wish her to have kept more weight on? In the public eye she would be like weightyKatie or something. You lost your weight through the normal stress, why can't she?

rootypig Mon 21-Oct-13 03:45:04

YABU to describe another woman's body as unreasonable. No reason to think she's done anything particularly special (though I can understand it if she has, the scrutiny she is under) - I went straight back to my pre pregnancy shape after DD (well, within two weeks). I'm not tall and willowy like Kate, but I am slim and had an active pregnancy. My stomach went right back, no sags, no stretchmarks. It does happen for a lot of women.

YANBU to be pissed off at the press for fetishing the pre and post pregnancy shape and women's bodies in general.

rootypig Mon 21-Oct-13 03:47:11

And I thought she was quite brave actually, Rollercoaster, appearing outside the hosp after she had him still looking 6 months pregnant. She could easily have concealed that and chose not to. It is totally U to expect her to keep or show a baby belly that she doesn't have confused

FrenchFleurs Mon 21-Oct-13 03:48:54

rootypig I don't recall describing her body as unreasonable hmm
I know that some women do go back to pre-pregnancy shape rather quickly, but they are the exception and not the norm as you seem to think they are.

rootypig Mon 21-Oct-13 04:20:19

"I'm sorry but this is very unreasonable" hmm

I didn't say it was the norm, I don't think it is. But it does happen for a lot of women. Which is what I said.

rootypig Mon 21-Oct-13 04:21:12

^^ I am not sure what "this" can refer to, other than the state of her body?

grounddown Mon 21-Oct-13 04:44:40

I was the same when I had my first, but then i had my second child and 9 months later I'm still tucking my tummy into my pants grin

PoopMonster Mon 21-Oct-13 05:03:27

After the OP I was looking for "washboard abs" in the photos but couldn't see any...(DD is nearly 4mo and I'm having issues with my abs not working!)

With both DDs I've BFed and contracted back to a normal "flatness" fairly quickly, just with a bit of a squishy blanket covering the lot. I reckon if I made the effort to exercise with the help of a nanny/physio/private chef it wouldn't be impossible to look like that.

She just looks like a normal thin new mother, not like she's been obsessively body-building or anything...YABU

I did yoga throughout my first pregnancy, proper stuff! Made piss all difference to me ppst baby, every extra pound hung on in there until I quit breastfeeding. Admittedly once I dropped the ppunds then I had my almost flat tum back. Until the second baby was a CS.

Biggest issue for me was finding time and energy to exercise, and eating healthily. As soon as I cut down on carbs and fats then milk supply nosedives and baby tries to boost it by 24/7 feeding.

Everyone is different. Kate is younger than me too which helps - but I suppose I'm just better at the brached whale look.

FrenchFleurs Mon 21-Oct-13 05:15:13

"She just looks like a normal thin new mother".

And how many of those do you see around?? I don't think I've ever seen one in real life- at least not someone with a flat tummy 3 months after giving birth!

Cavort Mon 21-Oct-13 05:17:03

I had my DD 15 weeks ago and it has quite unexpectedly happened to me. confused Not that I am complaining, obviously. I am a size 10/12 though so nowhere near as stick-thin as the DofC.

I put on 2 stone while pregnant and had a reasonable-sized bump. I have eaten whatever I liked since the birth and have made no effort whatsoever to lose any weight or tone my stomach (other than EBFing if you buy into that theory).

Maybe she has been working out but I would say for the most part it's down to genetics and bloody good luck.

If it makes anyone feel any better, I may have my pre-pregnancy body back but I also have a baby who doesn't like to sleep at night so you really can't have everything.

Lottiesmama312 Mon 21-Oct-13 05:30:24

I also had this happen to me.....

I have always been a size 8-10, ate normally (plus extra cake) in pregnancy.
I had my daughter (7lb 13oz) then less than a week after giving birth I had a guy doing work to the house, look at me in my skinny jeans and then look at my DS and say "she is not yours is she"! I did lose the weight very very quickly - I believe through breastfeeding! I did no exercise beside lots of walking with the pram.

If it makes you feel better I stopped breastfeeding and have put on 5lb! wink

I think some women do lose weight quicker than others, I think mine was due to genetics - my mum was the same. She even looked amazing after having twins!!!! shock

It does and did happen to me with my first. In fact I didn't eat enough after ds and by 3 months was too thin.
Similarly after dd I lost a lot of weight.
However since going back to work I've piled it on and weigh more than I did before I got pregnant with my first (I was a size 8, 8st ish now a 10/12, 10 stone)

everlong Mon 21-Oct-13 07:02:02

She will have been exercising, eating healthy etc.
She was extremely toned before the pregnancy so this is no surprise.

She looks lovely.

tethersend Mon 21-Oct-13 07:07:27

She may have just pinged back.

She may have had a strict diet and exercise regime.

She may have had a tummy tuck.

None of the above make her any more admirable than she was before.

Bunbaker Mon 21-Oct-13 07:08:35

It can be done. I was toned and skinny before I got pregnant and couldn't eat much during pregnancy and therefore didn't put much weight on. I breastfed DD and walked her up and down hills in her heavy pram. I also did the stomach exercises when the midwife gave me the go ahead.

The one thing I didn't do was diet.

CoffeeTea103 Mon 21-Oct-13 07:09:30

She has an amazing figure. Well done to her!

WidowWadman Mon 21-Oct-13 07:13:41

Slating someone for regaining their pre-pregnancy shape quickly is no better than fat-shaming somebody.
Depressing attitude really.

HandragsAndGladbags Mon 21-Oct-13 07:15:55

She looks amazing! And agree with the PP who mentioned her still looking pregnant and appearing for the photo call. That was really brave.

I just thinks she looks so bloody healthy envy

MegaClutterSlut Mon 21-Oct-13 07:21:17

I weighed less full term then I did at the beginning of both of my pregnancies confused soon put it all back on though angry

Stealmysunshine Mon 21-Oct-13 07:32:40

Good for her!

Remember she is a princess so will of course have a live in nanny, personal trainer and personal chef. She was also slim during her pregnancy so I'm not surprised.

I'm very jealous. Having struggled with my weight all my life and my desire to be a size 10, I have come to the conclusion that after having ds1 and gaining 3 stone this will never happen. Sigh

StuckOnARollercoaster Mon 21-Oct-13 07:51:14

I don't think I've explained myself very well. I'm not trying to slate Kate for losing the weight, because I know that sometimes it just happens without it being a conscious activity. But as a public figure she will know the impact of her image and the way celebrities seem to ping back into very slim shapes, and how much of that is the fact they have the means to pay for personal trainers and nutritionists to conform to the ideal of being thin again as soon as possible.
How many times do we see on here 9 months to make the baby and give yourself 9 months to get back to your previous body, but I don't recall seeing that in the media or celebrity mums. Maybe Kate has the genetics that meant she was lucky or maybe she has been working damn hard to get her figure back - we won't know. If it wasn't genetics though it would have been nice to see a normal mum with a little bit of belly like she did when she left hospital or at least in a nice outfit that kept us guessing rather than another woman in the media who has pinged back to shape incredibly quickly.
And it does cause pressure as we were chatting about it yesterday and one of my friends who is struggling with her baby weight was gutted when she saw the pictures and dreading the comments she expects from family that will have also see the pictures.

bonkersLFDT20 Mon 21-Oct-13 08:03:48

3 months isn't such a short period of time to get back to pre-preg weight and size. We all know she's naturally slim and that she likes to do sport.

BF made me ravenous and I'm pretty sure I did not eat the number of calories I was burning. I remember dipping below my normal weight and being really anxious that my milk supply would suffer (it didn't).

I had someone ask me whether my newborn son was mine a couple of weeks after he was born. I just didn't look like I'd had a baby at all - apart from the corrugated belly (which if I was stretching out shooting hoops like Kate would not show at all).

In the pic where you see her back, she looks like a normal slim woman, you can't see her spine poking out.

I had mat clothes and regular clothes, never needed inbetween ones.
It happens.

sunshinesue Mon 21-Oct-13 08:06:29

See, this is exactly why I've decided to keep a bit of a baby belly, so I don't upset other people grin
Unlike my mate, the former model who selfishly wore her size 8 jeans home from hospital making women everywhere feel inadequate.

SHarri13 Mon 21-Oct-13 08:12:15

Wow, she looks really good. I'm not surprised at all. I'm sure she'll have muscle memory from before pregnancy that means she gets back into shape quickly and easily especially given the help she'll have with the baby and housework.

Ughughugh Mon 21-Oct-13 08:14:42

My dsis was a size 8 before pregnancy, put on a tiny amount of weight, had an enormous baby, then was back in size 8s within a week.
She had no sign of a belly at all, no squishiness at all, she looked like she hadn't had a baby at all.

absentmindeddooooodles Mon 21-Oct-13 08:21:34

Good for her. She looks. Fab. I am however ridiculously jealous.

I was a quite tiny before ds. I think I was unlucky as I am covered in strechmarks. 2.6 years on they still lool bloody awful. So wide that they still split and bleed.

My stomach muscles ripped too and I have lost the tiny perky boobs and been left with tiny bits of stretxhmarked skin.

I think everyines body responds differently. I ate well, didnt put on too much weight, used bio-oil and whatever else for stretchmarks.....did everything as healthy as poss. But I still have a load of loose skin on my belly and would never dare wear a bikini again.

Bloody good job that kate sprung back.....shes got to be in the public eye 247.

hermioneweasley Mon 21-Oct-13 08:22:14

LMFAO at the idea that Waity might think she has any responsibility to other women. She has the most powerful platform in the world and uses it and get her hair done.

She has always prioritised how she looks over everything else. Personally, I do not think this is something to be admired.

ivykaty44 Mon 21-Oct-13 08:23:37

I thought she looked a very healthy young person. Sadly we seem in this country to have a problem with that confused

She looks fab. My weight dropped off very quickly too. When I first saw those photos of Kate in the newspaper, I thought 'bet there'll be someone bitching about her flat tummy on MN!'.

DenimODonoghue Mon 21-Oct-13 08:26:04

Maybe she was never really PG in the first place and had the baby by a surrogate while she was in the gym. Baby was probably trafficked to ensure continuance of the Greek line through Prince Philip?

Merrylegs Mon 21-Oct-13 08:27:19

This happened to me too. Three times. I didn't do anything miraculous. I am just tall and slim. For some reason that also meant people assumed I was some super-energized, together, non sleep-deprived uber mummy instead of the exhausted emotional wreck I really was because I 'was skinny' and 'didn't look like I'd had a baby'. Blimey. How very dare I?

MrsDeVere Mon 21-Oct-13 08:33:12

It is just the way it is for some women.
Me included.
But if I say I didn't diet, exercise, obsess etc I will be a smug cow or a liar.

Took a bit longer with DC5 because I was 43 and I never went to washboard status, ,that would have taken a lot of work (even if I hadn't had a baby)
but when I had DD1 it all just went back to normal within a few weeks.

I didn't get stretch marks either.

A lot of it is purely down to genetics.

olgaga Mon 21-Oct-13 08:37:55

Childbirth doesn't tend to turn a slim, sporty, long-waisted 6 footer with good muscle definition into a 5'4" overweight blob.

pianodoodle Mon 21-Oct-13 08:39:06

I went back quickly after DD. I was small to start with but managed to put on 3.5 stone!

7 months pregnant again I don't know if it will be the same this time... Definitely bigger and the bump isn't as "neat" as first time either. My arse has grown at the same rate at the bump and that didn't happen last time either!

We shall see smile

expatinscotland Mon 21-Oct-13 08:41:31

She has staff, ffs, and was tall and skinny before.

Most famous women are simply never photographed in their postnatal wobble. Fair play to the Duchess for cradling the empty bump in front of the international meeeja outside the hospital.

To be honest, given her HG and natural figure and lifestyle (yoga etc), she was never going to put heaps of weight on anyway. And she might well have been wearing supportive undergarments to smooth out any imperfections, again knowing that the eyes of the world are on her.

BrokenSunglasses Mon 21-Oct-13 08:47:09

But as a public figure she will know the impact of her image and the way celebrities seem to ping back into very slim shapes

Maybe she does know that other women might question her figure, but that really isn't her problem or her responsibility.

I'm one of those women that lost weight quickly after pregnancy and I think in my case it was a combination if breastfeeding and luck. If other women were jealous of that (comments at the time would suggest they were) then that's entirely their problem, not mine.

fluffyraggies Mon 21-Oct-13 08:58:33

I'm more impressed with my SIL than Kate. SIL has managed to get her pre baby body back with in 6 months or so.

Size 8, 5'6 ish - she has no chef, nanny, personal trainer, gym or pool in her house, or staff to do the shopping, housework and sort out the direct debits/laundry/sicky baby-grows. Nor does she have the eyes of the world on her as an incentive to look good.

Frankly, given her shape pre birth and the fact that she lives in a palace, i would have been astounded to see Kate looking dumpy at this stage, not the other way around.

We cant compare our lives (and it's consequences) with theirs.

NoComet Mon 21-Oct-13 09:00:09

We have a mum at school who has 4 DC and not a trace of a tummy. envy

Not the result of gym or eating nothing as far as I'm aware. Just tall narrow hipped and naturally elegant figure.

2tiredtocare Mon 21-Oct-13 09:14:04

I'm pleased for her, I didn't look like that so soon after birth but I was also unlikely to find a picture of myself in a national newspaper

CeliaFate Mon 21-Oct-13 09:18:01

I was 30 when I had my first dd. I pinged back to a flat stomach after 4 weeks. Same with ds 3 years later. Now I'm mid 40s and have a muffin top you could rest a pint on. Sigh. It comes to us all, let her have her moment of flat, toned glory. grin

FantasticMax Mon 21-Oct-13 11:04:56

This thread is depressing. Many women DO 'ping' back after pregnancy, I was one of them (mind you, I've only had one!). My tummy looks exactly the same as before and I was back within my normal clothes within weeks. Lucky, good genes, breast feeding, who knows? Who cares?

Kate looks fantastic, I admired her for showing her post birth bump to the world's media and I admire her figure now.

Nanny0gg Mon 21-Oct-13 11:31:24

I didn't eat during pregnancy due to horrendous 'morning' sickness (hah!), so I only put on a stone.
I breastfed and came out of hospital (bearing in mind they kept you in for a week in those days) nearly two stone lighter - and the baby was less than 7lb! There was some stress involved as DC was in special care for a few days and the birth had been tricky. However, due to episiotomy etc there was absolutely no exercise of any description.

But I have never been so skinny before or since! In fact at one point I have been 2 stone heavier than at nine months pregnant.

Sometimes that's just the way it works.

PoopMonster Mon 21-Oct-13 11:33:42

Just came back to answer French's question about never having seen anyone looking like that IRL 3 months after birth...I know 3 mums who did (one is a physio nurse who did pre/post natal yoga, an other very into her running and the 3rd didn't really exercise much but already had 2 kids).

The things they have in common with Kate is they all had these babies in their early thirties, were relatively active during/after pregnancy and all were BFing or mix feeding at 3mo... That's hardly a population study though, so at best it's just a theory smile

MoneyMug Mon 21-Oct-13 11:43:03

With DC1 I was back to my normal flat stomach within a week. After about a month I'd lost a stone more than my pre pregnancy weight and that was without any diet or exercise, just bfing.

With DC2 (12 weeks) I have a 'just had a baby' stomach, scretchmarks, the lot. don't get me started on that thing that's meant to be a belly button!

Some people, are just extremely lucky. Plus the fact that she probably has a dietician, personal trainer ect ect. My baby is only a day younger than George and I wish I looked like that too. grin

bonkersLFDT20 Mon 21-Oct-13 12:01:47

poop I was 38 when I had DS2 and pinged right back so there is indeed a flaw in your highly scientific study ;-)

ImAFrequentNameChanger Mon 21-Oct-13 12:03:11

It depends on the women.

I had DT's (both 7lbs) and put on a HUGE amount of weight when pregnant because I had SPD and bleeds throughout so was practically bed bound for 9 months. Usually I am a size 8-10 and by the end of pregnancy I was wearing 16-18 and my thighs were huge, I cringe when I see photos of that time. 6 weeks after having them I was back to being 8-10 because I was eating as normal and out and about every day, luckily the SPD went the moment they were out.

My SIL had a singleton pregnancy, she was quite weighty before and also put on a lot of weight during pregnancy, 4 years later she is still carrying the extra weight.

BF is an 8 and she had a simple pregnancy, all she had to do was unbutton her jeans at 9 months, within a week of having her DS her tummy was flat again.

Different women, different outcomes.

WorraLiberty Mon 21-Oct-13 12:06:20

For goodness sake

Before pregnancy she was slim and well toned, therefore there should be no reason why she shouldn't be slim and well toned afterwards.

Many people eat a very healthy diet during pregnancy and there's no real reason why they shouldn't regain their pre pregnancy figure pretty quickly...with no effort at all.

MetellaEstMater Mon 21-Oct-13 12:25:03

I actually find it quite inspiring. I'm determined to get back in shape ASAP after this baby, something I never did with DC1 partly in the knowledge that I wanted another DC. She looks fabulous in those photos.

TheHouseCleaner Mon 21-Oct-13 12:37:12

How? Aside from that she has the very best of food purchased and prepared for her and childcare available at the drop of a hat so that she can have the best personal trainer and/or attend the best, most expensive gym/yoga/pilates classes and that she is hardly likely to be so overworked that she needs to say "to hell with the classes tonight, I'm too exhausted to cycle three miles to the village hall"?

Besides, she was naturally slim to start with, as I was when I was pregnant, which no doubt helped her to get back into her size 8 jeans after a couple of months, just as it did me. Aside from that natural factor there's no comparison between this woman and the average UK mother.

Kaekae Mon 21-Oct-13 12:41:50

After I had my second child, my stomach went flat straight away. I was told I had very tight stomach muscles. I hadn't done any exercise to get my stomach back in shape. Some people are just lucky, although I suspect she's had a little help!

Dobbiesmum Mon 21-Oct-13 13:06:11

It's a shame that there would be so many people only too glad to see a picture of her as a new mum looking tired and overweight, which she would also get slated for I'm sure. She loses whatever she does. I'm no huge fan of hers particularly but she looks great, many new mothers do lose the weight fairly quickly with or without help, many others don't. I did as a result of not being able to eat properly throughout my pregnancies, the baby wight fell off within days.
She was hospitalised with HG, it's doubtful she has been stuffing herself for the last 9 months and doing the 'eating for 2' thing which still seems to be the belief. She was never likely to be much more than baby and fluid.

YABU, how would you like public comments telling you that you are unreasonable to have dared to lose the baby weight? It can be unthinking comments that can contribute to PND, believe me I know, there are 3 comments made to me as a new mum that could be directly attributed to me feeling even bloody worse than I already did, even though I looked ok and very slim on the outside.
Maybe we should go back to confining new mothers to their house before and after the birth, it might be easier for them!

frumpet Mon 21-Oct-13 13:22:02

I just look at her and think , skinny women has baby and returns to being skinny . With my last child , i was 14 stone when i got pregnant , so was careful about weight gain . I put on a stone , i came out of hospital weighing just under what i had weighed pre pregnancy . So if Kate put on a stone , why wouldnt she look similar to how she did 8 weeks later ?

frumpet Mon 21-Oct-13 13:27:28

If you put lots of weight on during pregnancy , it will take longer to look like you did pre pregnancy and vice versa .

NewbieMcNewbie Sun 27-Oct-13 00:42:34

Why are people always so scathing and suspicious of this?

I pinged back within days. Literally pre-baby weight at day 5. Not a jot of exercise or limiting food intake, just the way it was. Same with first pg. I gained what a needed to grow a baby and had nothing to spare.

There's really no need to gain 4 stone in pregnancy. But if you do, don't be surprised to have 3 stone to shift after the birth.

I think Kate looks wonderful - and very healthy.

MoominMammasHandbag Sun 27-Oct-13 01:02:56

I've had 4 and got back into shape really quickly after all of them. I'm not an exerciser but breast feeding and lots of walking did it for me. Breast feeding is amazing: stuff your face all you want and still be really skinny with massive boobs. It was only when I stopped breast feeding that I had to start watching my weight.

ChippingInNeedsANYFUCKER Sun 27-Oct-13 01:15:19

Also - do you not think if she did have a bit of a 'jelly belly' they'd have air brushed it out!!

She has a lovely figure - I'm envious! Air brushed or not!!

IneedAsockamnesty Sun 27-Oct-13 01:48:02

Some women just do.

I have with all of mine bar one. I'm usually much lighter at term than prepregnancy due to HG and when breast feeding I eat in a healthy way and see no need to load on the extra 400-500 calories you burn a day doing it eating in a healthy way is not the same as dieting.

Mimishimi Sun 27-Oct-13 06:18:18

My mum was like this. She said breastfeeding took it all off her. I obviously did not inherit those ecto genes. Sigh.

twilight81 Sun 27-Oct-13 08:46:26

She's just been lucky I say, when I had my first I was a size 6-8 put on 2.5 stone and my daughter was 8.8lb.. I went completely back to normal within a month or so and I certainly didn't diet or exercise.. I didn't breast feed either.

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