to wonder how......

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NoWayNever Sun 20-Oct-13 09:37:47 neighbours, neither of whom work have managed to buy a brand new Honda! They have four kids, so I get they "need" a bigger car, but the car is only used for the school a school that is a twenty minute walk at the most!! Why is the state paying for that?? My DH and I both work and we have one child and we would struggle to buy a new car! Things like this make me unbelievably cross! Aibu??? Rant over!!

FortyDoorsToNowhere Sun 20-Oct-13 09:40:50

Could one of the children or them have a hidden disability.

Tweasels Sun 20-Oct-13 09:40:52

Oh dear.

ILetHimKeep20Quid Sun 20-Oct-13 09:41:38


Credit, savings, win, family gift, motability, courtesy car...

There's a thousand ways, none of which are your business.

SPsTombRaidingWithCliff Sun 20-Oct-13 09:41:38

YABU. Could be a number of reasons.

GinGinGin Sun 20-Oct-13 09:42:09

Oh sweet Jesus really???!! You have nothing else to think about?! Maybe they won the lottery or maybe the dad is a male escort & very expensive. Who cares??!!

ElleMcFearsome Sun 20-Oct-13 09:43:20

Look, these sort of threads never go well.

'The state', which I assume you're using as shorthand for 'being on benefits' won't have bought them a new car unless there's a good reason, i.e. it's a car due to a disability (which you might not be able to 'see' - friend has a bad back so she has one, for instance, but as long as she's walking short distances she's fine and doesn't need any aids)

It may have been a gift from a parent.

There are a number of reasons, but I repeat the first sentence of my second paragraph because that will not be the reason.

Gileswithachainsaw Sun 20-Oct-13 09:43:29

Maybe it was a gift. Perhaps the car was so they could widen the job search to areas out of town?

Perhaps the kids ill and god forbid they stay warn in a car in winter on the school run.

Do not assume anything

notundermyfoof Sun 20-Oct-13 09:44:05

You have no idea how they got it, it could have been a gift or a cheap nearly new, maybe they inherited the money or got an insurance payout? You don't know so don't get het up about your taxes funding it, I have been on benefits before and could not have afforded a brand new honda even if we never ate or turned the heating on!

fuzzpig Sun 20-Oct-13 09:45:59

How do you know they are ONLY using it for the school run... do you spy on them 24hrs a day loser

DaddyPigsMistress Sun 20-Oct-13 09:48:25

Have them shot! How dare the upstart bastards have a nicer car then you decent folk

hiddenhome Sun 20-Oct-13 09:48:45

Independent income?

Tweasels Sun 20-Oct-13 09:48:52

I gave your neighbours my taxes directly, just to piss you off.

CrohnicallyLurking Sun 20-Oct-13 09:51:26

And to be fair, we have just bought a brand new car because it works out cheaper than our previous second hand one- cheaper monthly repayments due to finance deals, no MOT needed, we got 3 years servicing thrown in as an incentive to get us to buy, it's got 3 years warranty, 3 years roadside assistance and the insurance was cheaper. For the next 3 years we only have to insure and add fuel (did I mention the fuel economy's better too?) which is great as we're on a tight budget and now we know we won't have any surprise repair bills!

Gileswithachainsaw Sun 20-Oct-13 09:52:30

As someone who spends hours a week at bus stops, who has stood freezing with two kids waiting and waiting in winter when buses don't show or are late, who's kids can't do anything after school because of getting back at a decent time, and who's dd might not even get a ore school because of this, I would NEVER begrudge anyone for the kids sake.

I wouldn't care how they got it tbh.

Gileswithachainsaw Sun 20-Oct-13 09:53:16

A car

PumpkinsPieEyed Sun 20-Oct-13 09:55:26

Work from home?

Look away if you don't like what you see and fill that chip in your shoulder.

ILetHimKeep20Quid Sun 20-Oct-13 09:55:34

Some bumped into our 12 year old Toyota pick up. Our courtesy car was a brand new top of the range Land Rover Discovery. That set a few curtains twitching. Not a bit of hire company sineage on it at all.

LimitedEditionLady Sun 20-Oct-13 09:59:22

Yabu,its not really for anyone to justify to you or anyone else,its not your business,its not affecting you so why do you waste your time and effort caring?surely you have better things to do than be pretty healous that your neighbour has a new car?and before you say youre not jealous why else would you care?

FortyDoorsToNowhere Sun 20-Oct-13 10:02:09

Gileswithachainsaw There has got to be a better way.

would your children qualify for the school taxi

DaddyPigsMistress Sun 20-Oct-13 10:02:20

My dad is a big car snob. He crashed his swanky work car and got a yellow fiat seicento to use for the weekendwhile the garage fixed it

Oh how we laughed

FortyDoorsToNowhere Sun 20-Oct-13 10:02:49

Don't give the Honda any more space in your head.

Go for a walk, make a cake or watch Sunday morning telly.

It doesn't really matter does it?

everlong Sun 20-Oct-13 10:03:20

Goady much.

They come free with giant flatscreens these days.

FortyDoorsToNowhere Sun 20-Oct-13 10:05:29

They need a big car to take the goat to the vets.

pictish Sun 20-Oct-13 10:09:18

Jealousy and resentment is a terrible thing to hang on to OP.
There are a number of ways their car may have been financed. You don't know how they have come by it, so there's no point being sour about it.

Example - we've got a brand new seven seater. Anyone could be forgiven for thinking 'look at their car - they're obviously doing alright' and make assumptions about it.
Actually - we're skint. Dh works for a motor group though (IT) and is in the company car scheme, which means that he (and other employees) drive demo models, which are up for sale as second hand cars...and the car gets changed every few months depending on when it gets sold . We never know what we're going to end up with. They are always brand new though. One time we had a (low end, basic model) BMW and our new neighbour was driven mad by loathing and jealousy, and ended up shouting 'Fucking brand new BMW eh? You fucking wanker!' at him when dh got out of it one night. confused
It's never our car...they get loaned out, and dh pays for the costs roughly the same as running your own car.

Point being - you can't possibly know by looking at them, how they got their car.

And the most important point - jealousy demeans you as a person. You're not more deserving than they. You just think you are. Get over yourself. Think about how many people would give their eye teeth for what you have.
It's not a competition.
Get on with your own life.

MaryPoppinsBag Sun 20-Oct-13 10:09:18

When my DH was not working after being made redundant and I was on statutory maternity leave we bought a nearly new car. None of your business how we did it though.

fuzzpig Sun 20-Oct-13 10:09:24

I'm hoping to get a Motability car soon, I daresay that'll get people talking. I don't look disabled but I am.

Gileswithachainsaw Sun 20-Oct-13 10:10:01

No we don't qualify. It's not so bad when it works, it's just winter when everything is delayed and traffic is worse. Luckily I don't have to take both kids often at moment but that will change.

My dp is unemployed at the mo after redundancy. I'd hate to think someone sat there questioning our expenses like the op is doing. If we bought a car with savings it would be for the kids, not to rub the working folks noses in it.

A car is pretty essential these days I wouldn't question anyone who got one regardless of how new it was. No one should have to buy an unsafe old banger and risk their kids lives just to keep nosy folks happy.

I hate it when people say 'Rant over!' makes me cringe. Uuurrgghhh.

What is 'unbelievably cross' ? Does that mean you aren't cross? Or that we shouldn't believe you are cross?
Why are you cross? If you are cross that is ..

LimitedEditionLady Sun 20-Oct-13 10:10:26

Might get me a horse,if theyll accomodate goats then think about what a horse would get?horses shit everywhere and noone gets fined or has to scoop it and they trot around on the roads where cars should be so i calculate id get a hummer at least....

YouTheCat Sun 20-Oct-13 10:14:47

Maybe they're selling drugs out of their shed to finance it?

OP it is none of your business whatsoever, what your neighbours spend their money on, whether it is money earned or benefits.

Times are hard and not everyone has the luxury of a job right now.

FacebookWanker Sun 20-Oct-13 10:15:47

Do people like starting these threads just to wind people up?

ringaringarosy Sun 20-Oct-13 10:16:12

cars arent really a marker of if you have money or not.

arethereanyleftatall Sun 20-Oct-13 10:21:14

Op, of course you're not being unreasonable to be frustrated by this. Millions upon millions upon millions of people in the UK agree with you. Just not the MN contingency I'm afraid.
Am also interested that other posters seem to know more about your neighbours than you do.

Preciousbane Sun 20-Oct-13 10:21:55

My brother has a terminal illness so has a very nice looking Nissan that is through the motability scheme. It is lovely, he drives to hospital to get full dialysis three times a week and to his allotment that is really only about a fifteen minute walk. He can't actually work on his allotment anymore and just sits looking at his plot.

He will probably be dead this time next year, he actually looks quite robust though he isn't.

Stop curtain twitching.

Gileswithachainsaw Sun 20-Oct-13 10:24:37

precious thanks sad

Tweasels Sun 20-Oct-13 10:26:17

"Millions upon millions upon millions of people in the UK agree with you"

Millions upon millions upon millions of people in the UK don't even know about the OP's neighbours new Honda so how can they possibly agree with her?

Yet we are criticised for "knowing more about your neighbours than you do"

Ridiculous post.

NotYoMomma Sun 20-Oct-13 10:27:18

my new car is sooooo cheap. £20 a year tax

averaging 60mpg (round the doors! we got 70 on a long run!)

we had a little deposit our part ex, some savings, some shares and took out a loan for the rest

we are stilo better off

yab jealous, nosey and bitter

YouTheCat Sun 20-Oct-13 10:28:40

Arethere, so much compassion. hmm

We didn't qualify for motability for ds but if we hadn't had a car he would never have left the house other than to get the minibus to school as he was too much of a danger to himself to walk anywhere.

I'd say millions upon millions are more concerned with their own finances than other people's and couldn't care less.

MokuMoku Sun 20-Oct-13 10:28:42

Why don't you ask them?

NotYoMomma Sun 20-Oct-13 10:28:54

oh and it wasnt new, it was an ex demonstrator with 5k miles but it was 12 plated ratherthan 62 but thats New enough loo

Gileswithachainsaw Sun 20-Oct-13 10:30:41

The op says it's only ever used for the school run. So they aren't even driving around all day funded by tax payers. They are using it sparingly as needed.

It's not a huge leap to assume maybe one or all if the kids is adversely affected by loosing the extra allergic time, or thy one can't manage the walk.

It's a deliberate bitter, shit stirring post.

tolittletoolate Sun 20-Oct-13 10:30:43

I expect the reason that they don't work is that one of them is disabled and it's a motability car.
Try and have a look at their tax disc and see if it's exempt.

Gileswithachainsaw Sun 20-Oct-13 10:31:46

Allergic?? Ffs sleep time. Fat thumbs blush

YouTheCat Sun 20-Oct-13 10:32:24

Even if it is a motability car, I'm sure the OP will accuse them of defrauding the system and not needing it. hmm

tolittletoolate Sun 20-Oct-13 10:32:55

I'm hoping to get a new motability car and my dh will be getting a new company car next year too, 2 brand new cars on the driveway then, that will get the neighbours talkinggrin

Preciousbane Sun 20-Oct-13 10:34:19

Thanks Giles

I agree that one of the dc probably has a hidden disability hence school run use.

GastonTheLadyBoy Sun 20-Oct-13 10:34:54

A DLA car?

Do you know for sure they don't work? Could work from home.

Stop worrying about what others are doing and how they're doing it and concentrate on your own life. You'll feel so much better.

Pagwatch Sun 20-Oct-13 10:35:37

"Millions upon millions of people agree with you"

Bwahahahaha grin

What guffage.

BuzzardBirdBloodBath Sun 20-Oct-13 10:40:15

They probably stole it can't trust these people hmm

BuzzardBirdBloodBath Sun 20-Oct-13 10:41:19

In fact, go round and knock on their door and demand an explanation! That'll learn em.

KatyPutTheCuttleOn Sun 20-Oct-13 10:42:31

Why is it your business?
I know a couple who are both unemployed, they have a new car every three years because they get a motability car as their teenage son has ADHD. You wouldn't know it to look at him.

NotYoMomma Sun 20-Oct-13 10:42:52

my dad keeps joking on that being disabled is mint because of cars and parking (he also doesnt look disabled and makes inappropriate jokes) :/

pictish Sun 20-Oct-13 10:43:07

"Millions upon millions of people agree with you"

There's only about 6.5 million people in Britain. Nice claim though. Sounds good.

arethereanyleftatall Sun 20-Oct-13 10:45:39

Millions. The majority of the population. Hence why Cameron was voted in. hence the cheers when he talks of 'it should pay to work'.

Tweasels Sun 20-Oct-13 10:47:33

Cameron wasn't voted in though was he. He had to go into a coalition to form a Government.

Honestly, you are entitled to your opinion but if you're going to start spouting this shit at least have the decency to know what you're talking about.

arethereanyleftatall Sun 20-Oct-13 10:48:01

Um, there's 15 million people in London alone. About 70 million in UK.

Pagwatch Sun 20-Oct-13 10:48:16


A bunch of noisy curtain tweaked with a massive stick up their arses and who think the Daily Mail is the bible, agree

The rest of the world just rubs along mostly quite liking their neighbours.

NoWayNever Sun 20-Oct-13 10:49:25

Their children do not have a hidden disability, we hear everything about them directly from the neighbours. They already had a perfectly decent car. I do not spend my time spying on them, they tell their business to whoever will listen! I am quite sure if they had won the lottery we would have heard! I agree, it is none of my business how they got the car unless of course they have managed to pay for it by fraudulently claiming benefit or failing to declare savings. Either way, I am not going to do anything about it, but I think it is a little unfair that they have a lot more than most other people around this way who are on benefits...but hey I am sure one or two of you will be more than happy to put me in my place about that too!

Gileswithachainsaw Sun 20-Oct-13 10:50:22

And of course no ones been made redundant, or had no pay rises despite increasing costs of living. Despite working for years and years and contributed more than they care to realise , they should be made to suffer, have nothing to keep all the ignorant bastards happy.

Nice attitude.

DaddyPigsMistress Sun 20-Oct-13 10:50:55

Ooohhh you hear from another nieghbour? Well then it must be true

YouTheCat Sun 20-Oct-13 10:50:59

15 million people in London? I don't think so. It was 8 million at the last census.

Cameron says 'it should pay to work' then freezes pay and reduces dla payments that help people to work. Sounds legit. hmm

Gileswithachainsaw Sun 20-Oct-13 10:52:04

If they have fraudulently claimed anything they WILL get found out, possibly jailed and made to pay back every penny. It is not our place however to decide they should or shouldn't have something.

YouTheCat Sun 20-Oct-13 10:52:17

So you have no more than hearsay from your other neighbours to go on? You sound lovely.

Tweasels Sun 20-Oct-13 10:53:10

There's approx 63 million people in the UK, about 10 million voted conservative in the last election. That us not the majority of the population.

And, I bet not a single one of the voted conservative simply because of NoWayNever's neighbours, except possibly NoWayNever.

HereComesHoneyBooBooDragon Sun 20-Oct-13 10:53:43

I like that some people not only speak for the entire nation, but all of mumsnet too. I find ever so helpful when people make the effort to have my opinion for me.

Tweasels Sun 20-Oct-13 10:54:56

" but I think it is a little unfair that they have a lot more than most other people around this way who are on benefits..."

How much should people on benefits have? Is there a list...

but I think it is a little unfair that they have a lot more than most other people around this way who are on benefits

Get on with your own life and stop thinking about how unfair life is to everyone else, better still ask them how they afforded it then forget about it.

pictish Sun 20-Oct-13 10:56:22

Fuck me - 63 million in GB! - I feel a right divot...I must have misheard that one.

pictish Sun 20-Oct-13 10:57:41

Millins may agree, but millions don't.
It's a quandry isn't it?

HereComesHoneyBooBooDragon Sun 20-Oct-13 10:59:39

If anyone has anything better to do I shall summarise the thread for the next 600 posts or so....

Majority: yes, you are
Minority: you only get this opinion on Mney about benefits as Mnet are shit
Majority: erm, you are still BU and eh?
Everyone: froth and raaarr <<ad infinitum>>

This will of course be interspersed with pointless anecdotal "evidence" to validate "points"

Enjoy folks thanks grin

Tweasels Sun 20-Oct-13 11:01:14

Ha, HD. That pretty much sums it up. I declare this thread closed. Next..

YoureBeingADick Sun 20-Oct-13 11:07:59

OP if the neighbours tell you everything then surely you will soon hear of how they acquired their goat transporter? Why get in a tizz without knowing what you're getting in a tizz about. Wait til they tell you how they did it and then tell us and we'll tell you whether YABU or not.

Gileswithachainsaw Sun 20-Oct-13 11:08:03


Or there will be a drip feed that she's had a conversation with the neighbour who has confessed to getting away with XYZ and laughing


LuisSuarezTeeth Sun 20-Oct-13 11:08:13

So really you don't actually know anything OP. you are just assuming. YABVU and a host of other unpleasant things.

FreakinRexManningDay Sun 20-Oct-13 11:08:47

All these benefit claimants should be put in a huge building,like a community house and be forced to work for crappy food. We'll seperate the men from the women and put the children out to work cleaning small spaces like chimneys.

Its the only answer. hmm

YoureBeingADick Sun 20-Oct-13 11:09:15

grin Giles. Yep more than likely

YouTheCat Sun 20-Oct-13 11:09:37

Yes, all they deserve is a thin bowl of gruel.

Pagwatch Sun 20-Oct-13 11:11:39

I love how OPs always know exactly enough to imply that their neighbours/friends/person at school must be dodgy yet don't ever know them well enough to have a conversation about it.

It's like the Law of Prejudice.

FreakinRexManningDay Sun 20-Oct-13 11:12:47

And sell the children with acceptable names to naice rich families.

YouTheCat Sun 20-Oct-13 11:13:53

Are any of the children named 'Oliver'? grin

comewinewithmoi Sun 20-Oct-13 11:14:42

They have independent means? Lotto win, inheritance?

comewinewithmoi Sun 20-Oct-13 11:16:07

Btw my four year old would struggle with a 20mintue walk to/from school. She is dead on her feet.

YouTheCat Sun 20-Oct-13 11:16:43

They might just have got a really good part ex deal.

It's still none of OP's business.

FreakinRexManningDay Sun 20-Oct-13 11:16:48

Or Annie YouTheCat?

Why did they get a Honda,isn't Audi the benefit claimants car of choice in these sorts of threads?

Moxiegirl Sun 20-Oct-13 11:17:59

I think my old neighbours thought we didn't work, as I work but my dp stays at home with the kids.
We got a new (well new to us) car a while back, we borrowed the money off of dp's mum.
You assume too much op!!

YouTheCat Sun 20-Oct-13 11:20:09

'The sun'll come out... tomorrow! Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun...' grin

Gileswithachainsaw Sun 20-Oct-13 11:21:42

And while evidence-less reports of fraudulent activity are reported by bitter neighbours who feel working makes them superior , the claimant looses all benefits while reports are investigated. That leaves the family in the shit, for weeks/months with no money.

Be damn damn sure that there is something dodgy going on before gossiping .

fluffyraggies Sun 20-Oct-13 11:22:55

Where's the 'millions and millions of people' bit from the OP? I cant see it and there's no post deletion notices confused

Keep your nose out anyway OP. You sound like Hyacinth Bucket.

YouTheCat Sun 20-Oct-13 11:23:50

It was another poster, Fluffy. But she thinks there are 15 million people in London so disregard as she knows nothing.

fluffyraggies Sun 20-Oct-13 11:26:34

Thank you.

<smacks own hand for skimming thread> grin

Beccagain Sun 20-Oct-13 11:27:47


FreakinRexManningDay Sun 20-Oct-13 11:30:02

See this is why I hate gossip. Its the work of a wicked idle mind.
I got reported for claiming to be a lone parent when I actually was. They saw my best friends husband coming over each day for a couple of weeks and decided we were living together. My money was stopped whilst I was investigated and those five weeks were hell,I got into arrears with all my bills and rent. It was back payed but I was near suicide those weeks. The husband was laying laminate floor that had been in their house in my house as they got carpet.

You have no proof of anything OP so stick your beak back into your own business.

Beccagain Sun 20-Oct-13 11:35:50


That is awful, and says it all, really.

Glad it's sorted for you (and that you have lovely friends!)

FreakinRexManningDay Sun 20-Oct-13 11:43:21

That was years ago and it still leaves me with a cold shiver when I think of it. And yes my friends are brilliant. My dh is actually the husbands best friend.

And before OP hops on me I stopped claiming when dh moved in after nearly two years.

MrPumpkin Sun 20-Oct-13 13:44:11

I hate these threads, everyone making assumptions, only half reading other posters messages and using extracts from them to beat the poster with. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and do not deserve a load of abuse for expressing it. Maybe the OP was misguided in using mn to vent, but let's face it lots of you are doing exactly that too!

lifehasafunnywayofhelpinguout Sun 20-Oct-13 13:49:42

May I ask "how do you know for certain neither of them work" I know nothing about my neighbours and tbh I'm not interested. I couldn't care less what they have or don't have. What they claim or don't claim. It's none of my business. Like ways my business is also none of theirs. x

Heartbrokenmum73 Sun 20-Oct-13 13:59:40

Well, as one of those flamin' benefits scroungers claimants, with three dc, I'd just like to point out that we live pretty meanly and don't have a car, nor can I afford driving lessons. We've had the same flatscreen tv for over five years now (and we bought it in a supermarket - oh, the horror!) and I've yet to receive my goat.

OP - you sound delightful and I really wish you were my judgy neighbour because people like you are just the best kind to have.

Anyway, I'm off - need to give my kids more lessons in pocket picking!

Mia4 Sun 20-Oct-13 15:34:06

OP, you really have no idea and unless you have real evidence they are on the fiddle somehow then you should consider that.

My sister could be looked at oddly for being on benefits and yet she can afford some designer clothes and has a (not that expensive but brand-new looking) car.

Her lovely clothes came from ebay and she never buys anything more than a tenner, her car is actually my cousin's car but he's no longer allowed to drive for the next year and is lending it to her. She uses freecycle, ebay and car boots a lot and is very very clever at using coupons, groupons and offers.

But you'd probably think she was on the fiddle because she has fancy clothes, a lush car and sometimes gets to go out for dinner to nice places all while being a single mum on benefits.

I get how unreasonable and upset envy can make a person, I've been there with various very high wage earning friends who barely work, and yes you do think it's unfair and 'how come they get that' but ultimately it's your issue and you need to consider who might be looking at your life thinking 'that's so unfair, do you deserve that when I...'

Iamsparklyknickers Sun 20-Oct-13 15:40:04

The absolute bastards! They should be walking to school in their bare feet grateful for a free education.

Cars!?! What a piss take.


perplexedpirate Sun 20-Oct-13 17:16:07

Do you know, I saw some poor people the other day that had the audacity to be clean and well fed!!
They didn't even doff their caps as I went by, or stand in the gutter to let my better, working self pass!
Country's gone to the dogs, I tell you.

thebestbitisthelastbit Sun 20-Oct-13 20:21:00

Poor OP, clearly has fallen foul of the MNrule of never speaking out of turn if you read The Mail or vote tory (or as happened here, accused of it even though no one knows for sure)! You must be new is not allowed to have an opinion that the regulars do not agree with! You will be judged harshly, beaten with the proverbial shitty stick and called names...never fear they will be berating someone else for their comment tomorrow and you will be left in peace again. And OP you are not alone in in your thoughts, lots of others think the same too, we just don`t post here for the reasons you have just experienced...

Tweasels Sun 20-Oct-13 20:30:40

It's not the "mumsnet rule" though is it. It's just common decency.

"It's not allowed to have an opinion that the regulars don't agree with"

That's bullshit as well.

It's not about rules or regulars or even political leanings. It's about educating people not to make assumptions about people's lifestyles and helping people to understand that all unemployed people are not some lower class of people who aren't allowed nice things.

And yes I will judge the OP, for holding ignorant views. Obviously it's OK for you and her to judge people who don't work but it's not OK for others to judge you for holding those views.

TondelayoSchwarzkopf Sun 20-Oct-13 20:31:35

Am I missing something? It's a fucking HONDA ... not a Porsche Cayenne.

Gileswithachainsaw Sun 20-Oct-13 20:53:28

I'm perfectly fine with people having their own opinions.however supporting all the "getting too much "bollocks spoken by the daily mail and Tories when their cuts are putting families through hell is not ok on any level.

Heartbrokenmum73 Sun 20-Oct-13 20:58:23

And OP you are not alone in in your thoughts, lots of others think the same too, we just don`t post here for the reasons you have just experienced...

Orrrrrr because the majority of MN aren't ignorant bigots and would put you straight if you did post such bollocks, as has happened on this thread!

Happy to see the intelligent MNers out in force once again today. Keep it up people!

TondelayoSchwarzkopf Sun 20-Oct-13 21:00:41

If it's the Mumsnet rule that you're not allowed to have a different opinion, why haven't they deleted all the OP's posts?

YABU and goady.

thebestbitisthelastbit Sun 20-Oct-13 21:32:12

And out come the regulars! We do not judge .......we educate! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and not once has the OP accused everyone on benefits as being lower than her - you have put those words into her mouth. It is allowed to read a paper that has a Tory bias, it's also allowed to air a view about benefits....just not here clearly. Not everyone claiming benefits does so legitimately I am sure if the post had begun with "I think my neighbour, friend, aunty Mildred is fraudulently claiming benefit" you would have been telling her to pick up the phone!!

I think it is time to frequent a less two faced coming too NoWayNever?

ReluctantBeing Sun 20-Oct-13 21:34:48


Famzilla Sun 20-Oct-13 21:50:37

Jealousy is never going to get you a better car OP.

I hate this ridiculous daily mail mentality of people on benefits with loads of kid getting a golden throne to shit on the rest of us working folk with. It just doesn't happen.

I used to be friends with a single mum. She did part time hairdressing but got all her rent paid, tax credits etc. She sent her DD to private school, was going on 2 long haul holidays a year, had loads of designer clothes etc. I used to assume she just wasn't declaring her income or something as I didn't believe for 2 seconds that a life on full benefits could be anything less than a struggle to make ends meet every week.

She declared herself bankrupt a month ago. Debt the size (and price) of a house. It's horrendous how much money companies will throw at people who have no real way to pay it back.

tshirtsuntan Sun 20-Oct-13 22:23:06

My car is old and cost me 750 quid, I am so glad to have it. I know so many people who may never have a car and are totally resigned to it.Anyone who has a better car than me (most drivers!) May enjoy and drive away to their hearts content safe in the knowledge I will never question where they got the wherewithal for their superior wheels grin

LuisSuarezTeeth Sun 20-Oct-13 23:37:32


Shut the door behind you. Thanks.

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