Cath, Catherine, Cathy

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Caff2 Sun 13-Oct-13 23:24:17

Which would you prefer? Light hearted, I've been living with all three for years!

Lovecat Sun 13-Oct-13 23:25:48

Catherine or Cathy.

Never Cath. Living darn Sarf as I do, too often it becomes Caff. I am not an establishment selling teas and snacks.

MrsHoolie Sun 13-Oct-13 23:26:15

I'm a Catherine and everyone calls me Cath apart from my close family. I always introduce myself as Cath when I meet someone for the first time.
I suppose it was in the teenage years that it changed.

ScarerAndFuck Sun 13-Oct-13 23:27:18


Caff2 Sun 13-Oct-13 23:30:10

Well, I'm always Cathy, and Cath is affectionate. Don't know why!

sonlypuppyfat Sun 13-Oct-13 23:32:17

I prefer full names nothing shortened, I'm a Deborah but if any one calls me Debbie I do have to fight the urge to rip their heads off.

Vijac Sun 13-Oct-13 23:32:50


Caff2 Sun 13-Oct-13 23:34:24

smile if I ripped the heads off the nick namers, I'd be in big trouble!

kaumana Sun 13-Oct-13 23:37:00

Cathy or Catherine. Great name BTW.

BackforGood Sun 13-Oct-13 23:39:08

Depends a bit on your surname
"Cath Smith" sounds a bit like you are barking an instruction, so, if it were Smith, then I'd go with Cathy when introducing yourself.......of course, if your suname were 'Baffy', then I'd stick with Cath wink

Caff2 Sun 13-Oct-13 23:42:24

No one ever calls me Catherine, even when I introduce myself so. I always become Cathy or Cath! I don't mind, but I don't know why!

UnicornsNotRiddenByGrownUps Sun 13-Oct-13 23:43:08

I would go with Cat! But out of your options I would say Cath.

1944girl Sun 13-Oct-13 23:50:53

I am Kathleen.I get Kath, Kathy, Kate and my full version.None of these I mind, what I hate is Kitty or Kay.

lurkerspeaks Mon 14-Oct-13 00:34:03

Not Cathy. Ever. It makes my teeth itch.
The other abbreviations I live with.

Caitlin17 Mon 14-Oct-13 00:37:16

If I were a Catherine or a Katherine I wouldn't like Kath/Cath but I'd love the full names or any of K(C)athy, K(C)ate, K(C)aty, Kitty or Kit. I wouldn't like Cat, but that's because it would remind me of Cat Power, who is very annoying and I can't stand her voice.

katese11 Mon 14-Oct-13 04:25:08

I'm a Catherine but also a Kate (thanks mum!) People have called me every variation under the sun tho!

nennypops Mon 14-Oct-13 04:30:20

Cathy or Catherine, I suppose. But generally if someone tells me their name is Catherine, that is what I use - I wouldn't contemplate shortening it unless the other person introduces or signs herself by the shortened person. I have a name which is quite often shortened but never has been in my case, and I think I would be quite annoyed if someone just took it on themselves to call me by the short version when I had introduced/signed myself by the full name.

bluestar2 Mon 14-Oct-13 06:25:42

I have had catherine cath and cat over years. I can't stand being called cathy, don't like cat that much now either so generally it's cath, but tbh would prob just prefer catherine now. Such name confusion perhaps we should throw cate into mix?!

partyondude Mon 14-Oct-13 06:31:40

Dd is Catherine. We always intended her yo be cat but realised she might get confused by the felines so her long name stuck. She doesn't like it being shortened.

ShowMeYourTARDIS Mon 14-Oct-13 06:38:40

Catherine, nickname Cat or Cathy.

Cath makes me think of catheter.

Katherine, very occasionally Kat to close friends. Kath or Kathy are unacceptable grin

PeppermintScreams Mon 14-Oct-13 06:47:14

Cath. But prefer Catherine when my name is written down with my surname.

Hi Cath, is fine.
Dear Cath Screams, makes me cringe and a little bit stabby.

BrokenSunglasses Mon 14-Oct-13 08:11:18

Any, as long as its not Cat. You are not an animal.

PervCat Mon 14-Oct-13 08:12:48

Cath is very loathsome

Moxiegirl Mon 14-Oct-13 08:13:00

Always Catherine, apart from xh who insists on calling me cat hmm

Weegiemum Mon 14-Oct-13 08:14:25

My dd1 is Katherine. She was full name until about 9, when (between herself and her friends) she became Kathy. She's 13, and really doesn't want Kath or Kate, or, even worse - Katie!

Mumoftwoyoungkids Mon 14-Oct-13 08:18:51

My dd is Katherine but she has been Katie since the day she was born.

Kate had always been my girls name and Paul said that he liked Katie once when I was pregnant so I went with it!

Shakirasma Mon 14-Oct-13 08:20:47

I'm Kathryn, full version only please. I hate my name being shortened.

ANormalOne Mon 14-Oct-13 08:25:15

I'm a Katharine. I prefer my full name, a few friends call me Kitty. Can't stand Kath or Kathy.

CiderBomb Mon 14-Oct-13 08:32:01

All the Katherine/Catherine's I know of shorten it to Kat/Cat.

KarinMurphy Mon 14-Oct-13 08:35:14

I'm another Kathleen but usually go by Kathy or Kath. My boss always calls me Katie.

Actually, thinking about it, my Mum is the only person who actually calls me Kathleen.

Squitten Mon 14-Oct-13 08:53:25

If DC3 is indeed the girl that the scan suggests, we plan to name her Katherine and call her Kitty while she's little. I figure when she's a teenager she can call herself Kit or Kat or something!

I will actually be actively trying to avoid Kathy and Katie!

MurderOfBanshees Mon 14-Oct-13 09:22:28

Catherine/Kathryn, both Kath and Kathy make me cringe, most people just call me Kat.

lemontwist Mon 14-Oct-13 09:26:56

I'm Cath to most people. Cathy to my mum, Catherine at work (everywhere I've worked there's already been a Cath). I'm Cat to a couple of people and even Katie once or twice hmm. I love my name and how its used differently by different people.

Nancy66 Mon 14-Oct-13 09:27:17

I prefer Cathy.

Cath sounds like some washer woman.

Don't like Kat either.

mrsjay Mon 14-Oct-13 09:33:44

what do you prefer ? i have a long name i like my long name I have never shortened it but i find myself shortening it for other people hmm I like catherine and if you told me that was your name I would call you that ,

basgetti Mon 14-Oct-13 09:35:13

I'm Catherine. I hate having my name shortened, except by my sister who is allowed to call me Cat!

Minty82 Mon 14-Oct-13 09:42:55

That's funny Nancy - to me a Cathy is definitely over-60ish, whereas a Cath is quite young, but then I have a good friend who's always been Cath so it's a young person's name to me. 10% of my school year (all girls school, and I'm 30 now) were called K/Catherine, Kate or Katie - no Cathys or Cats though!

Coupon Mon 14-Oct-13 09:50:40

Catherine, nickname Cath.

I hate being called Cathy. Cath is ok and what I'm usually known by, but I much prefer Catherine.

The only people who use my proper name are old school friends.

LadyRochford Mon 14-Oct-13 10:14:08

I like Cathy. Cath sounds a bit harsh when used as an every day name, although nice as an occasional affectionate shortening of Cathy.

fledtoscotland Mon 14-Oct-13 10:31:56

I'm Kath & have been for 20+yrs. Kathy and Kate make me mad. Prefer Kathryn over Kathy or Kate

KitCat26 Mon 14-Oct-13 11:58:49

I love the versatility of my name, so I don't mind any version.

Friends call me Cathy, DH calls me Catherine/Kitty/Kits and parents and family call me Catherine. Only my dad ever calls me Cath. Great gm used to call me Kate too.

I'm from Essex so sometimes the 'th' is replaced by an 'f' by my friends. I answer to it all. :-)

'Katherine, very occasionally Kat to close friends. Kath or Kathy are unacceptable'

Same here! I was also Katie to my mum when I was little, and was a Kate to my friends as a teenager, so I go by Katherine, Katie (mum and friends from primary school), Kate (secondary school friends), and Kat (friends from age 20 onwards). Never ever Kath or Kathy though. ever. Only new colleagues who I haven't yet advised how much I hate it. Apologies to any Kath/Kathys - I don't dislike the name per se, it just isn't ME at all!

SaggyIsHavingAPinkKitten Mon 14-Oct-13 12:34:32

DD is a Catherine. She has always been Catey or Cate. Im a Catherine and would love Cat, sadly I am called by my middle name it is horrible.
DGM was a Catherine, she got called Irene.
DGGA Was a Catherine, she was a Cathy.
Personally I love the hard 'T' names rather than the 'th' options but then I also come from Essex so its always 'ff' for 'th' round here. sad

BackforGood Mon 14-Oct-13 14:41:08

shock at Minty.
When I was at school, there were LOADS of Cathys.... and I've not even hit 50 yet, let alone 60 !

trinitybleu Mon 14-Oct-13 16:22:11

I'm a Catherine but only ever called Katy (which I changed to Katie aged 11)

I have a friend called Cath and it never clicks that she's really a Catherine. To me it's a whole new name.

BlingBang Mon 14-Oct-13 16:24:23


Lovecat Mon 14-Oct-13 16:28:37

Catherine and David were the Chloe and Jack of the mid-late Sixties.

Everybody I know has an elder brother called David, and at least twelve of us in our year that I know were called Catherine.

I've just remembered, some creepy bloke where I had my first job decided he was going to call me Cate, because it was ' so me' - no it f-ing wasn't and his presumption has put me off what is a fairly acceptable shortening of it ever since.

geminigirl Mon 14-Oct-13 16:34:56

Cat, Kitty or Kate.

AnotherWorld Mon 14-Oct-13 16:37:24

Go with Cat

And let your big sisters call you Faffy

[Blows kisses at little sister Faffy who I'm certain will visit this thread]

Minty82 Mon 14-Oct-13 17:09:08

Sorry Backforgood! I just only know Cathys my mum's age!

I'm Cat, never anything else even Catherine!

Lol AnotherWorld, my brother used to call me Faffy grin

GoldenGytha Mon 14-Oct-13 17:18:16

I'd probably call you Catherine,

Although I do like Cate/Kate.

I know a 20 year old Cathy, a 21 year old Katherine and a 13 year old Kate.

wtf1981 Mon 14-Oct-13 17:19:32

Catherine here. Cat by close friends and family. Never, ever Cath or Cathy!!!

violeta Mon 14-Oct-13 17:58:23

Have been Cath since my teens. I use it for everybody, except in a formal context when I become Catherine again! Cathy I hate. Sets my teeth on edge. smile

NoisyBrain Mon 14-Oct-13 18:23:56

My family and long-term friends call me Kath and very occasionally my dad (and only him) calls me Kate. For about 20 years I've also been known as Kat since a good friend of mine started calling me it and I liked it (I'd never heard it before). Now, thanks to EastEnders I suspect, Kat/Cats are everywhere.

I am absolutely never Kathy, for me it's always sounded like a name for someone far more grown up and sensible than I am! However when I learnt to drive my instructor for some reason called me Kathy from day one. I was too polite to correct him and as he was such a nice guy I let him continue grin

everlong Mon 14-Oct-13 18:33:12

Catherine <said in a Pam Ferris voice ala Gavin and Stacy >

I am not keen on Cath. Can't say it without conjuring Phil Mitchell.

Alisvolatpropiis Mon 14-Oct-13 18:37:42

Catherine or Cathy.

I hate Cath or more specifically Kath. But that is because it was the name of someone I probably wouldn't spit on were she on fire rather than because it's a fundamentally awful in itself.

TattyCatty Mon 14-Oct-13 18:41:38

Have always been Catherine - I won't answer to Cath or Cathy! The only exception is when I have lived and worked in France, and I was known as Catty (French pronunciation of Cathy), which I didn't mind but didn't exactly encourage.

MalcolmTuckersMistress Mon 14-Oct-13 18:45:06

Catherine...fine. thanks. Cat...if you must. Cath...fair enough.

But what irks me the most is when it becomes Kate or Kath. NO K thanks you fuckers!

1944girl Mon 14-Oct-13 19:17:41

I have never been called Kat. I would bite the head off anyone who does for the sole reason it reminds me of Kat Slater/Moon.Sorry but I dislike this EE character.

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