White girls should stop Twerking AIBU

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Thepowerof3 Thu 19-Sep-13 13:25:09

To find this comment offensive? A FB (sorry!) friend has posted this comment on a video. I have never twerked nor do I intend to but find it outrageous to be told I shouldn't because I'm white

Writerwannabe83 Thu 19-Sep-13 13:27:38

What is twerking?

Chattymummyhere Thu 19-Sep-13 13:28:00

No one should "twerk" it looks stupid

kotinka Thu 19-Sep-13 13:28:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Thepowerof3 Thu 19-Sep-13 13:28:45

It's a type of dance where you stick your bum right out and shake it

Nancy66 Thu 19-Sep-13 13:29:04

EVERYONE should stop. It looks horrible.

I like to whistle while I twerk

FlapJackFlossie Thu 19-Sep-13 13:29:25

Well, do black girls twerk, or is it a ritual peculiar to white girls? Let's be factual here !

Thepowerof3 Thu 19-Sep-13 13:30:07


Thepowerof3 Thu 19-Sep-13 13:30:38

You've lost me flapjackflossie

kotinka Thu 19-Sep-13 13:31:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Cailinsalach Thu 19-Sep-13 13:33:03

I am a 57 year old Grandma. Can I twerk?Will it make me popular?
Oh hell, who cares. I'm going for it.
So......you stick your bum out and what? Whistle?

thebody Thu 19-Sep-13 13:34:26

ok linked.. what a daft old bint.

lets all tango. grin

MalcolmTuckersMistress Thu 19-Sep-13 13:34:48

I don't know how this is physically possible. I think I must have bits in my lower back that have fused or something. How on earth can anyone do this?

<tries like fuck>

Nancy66 Thu 19-Sep-13 13:36:32

grin SPsTotallyMuller

Cailin there's solo twerking or there's his n hers twerking. That's where you bend over, shake your arse and then a bloke mimes doing you doggy style from behind. It's very classy. The Viennese Waltz of its day.

KellyElly Thu 19-Sep-13 13:36:33

If you wanna twerk, then twerk. Who gives a shit what colour your skin is.

Cailinsalach Thu 19-Sep-13 13:38:57

Thanks Nancy.
Put me down for the couples option please.
Doggy style....ah memories. ....

Thepowerof3 Thu 19-Sep-13 13:38:59

Well this FB friend clearly does

LifeofPo Thu 19-Sep-13 13:39:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Buzzardbird Thu 19-Sep-13 13:41:09

If you twerk, you look like a berk! grin

squoosh Thu 19-Sep-13 13:42:47

I like to shirk a twerk if at all possible.

My arse moves like that when I run. grin

Buzzardbird Thu 19-Sep-13 13:44:31

On the dancefloor I was twerkin'
When off fell my merkin
A woman let outa scream,
I wish it'd been a dream.
So remember when you twerk,
You're gonna look a berk.

SilverApples Thu 19-Sep-13 13:45:25

'So......you stick your bum out and what? Whistle?'

With which end?

schmee Thu 19-Sep-13 13:46:46

My pelvic floor would fall out if I attempted that.... Seriously though, YANBU. That's racist.

thebody Thu 19-Sep-13 13:47:13

if I shook my arse like that during doggy style sex wine required I would probably put my back out.

mind we are old.

pipsqueakz Thu 19-Sep-13 13:47:18

I think my sciatica would play up something rotten if I tried to twerk or twunk or whatever it is lol. I will play safe dancing around the hoover like Freddie Mercury haha!

NoelHeadbands Thu 19-Sep-13 13:47:34

Twerking 9 til 5 me

Buzzardbird Thu 19-Sep-13 13:49:10

That video looks like an instructional video for how to use a portaloo when there is no loo roll grin

squoosh Thu 19-Sep-13 13:49:29

Pervs tend to lurk when I start to twerk.
I flip over my back and show them my crack.

RiotsNotDiets Thu 19-Sep-13 13:50:30

I'm not going to learn it, I once spent aaaages learning that soulja boi dance only to find that by the time I was any good the whole craze had passed.

I'll stick to bad ironic dancing and miming the words to the songs to convince everyone I'm enjoying myself, thank you very much.

ShakeAndVac Thu 19-Sep-13 13:54:46

Doesn't matter if you're black, white, or green. EVERYBODY should stop twerking. It's a stupid made up word and doing it makes you look like a giant tit.

MrsLettuce Thu 19-Sep-13 13:55:43

I bet being an expert twerker would help child birth - much as a background in belly dancing is said to...

Chippednailvarnish Thu 19-Sep-13 13:56:15

Have visions of Miley Cyrus visiting the osteopath whilst reminding herself to buy some tenna pads


propertyNIGHTmareBEFOREXMAS Thu 19-Sep-13 13:57:53

Yanbu. We should have equal rights to make utter twats of ourselves regardless of skin colour.

thebody Thu 19-Sep-13 13:58:05

Buzza grin

mrsjay Thu 19-Sep-13 13:58:52

they should all stop doing just stop it THEY ALL look daft ,

Chippednailvarnish Thu 19-Sep-13 13:59:13

Woah double post!

mrsjay Thu 19-Sep-13 13:59:41

I think as said up thread I dont even think it is a real thing it is a made up word

namechangesforthehardstuff Thu 19-Sep-13 14:03:18

I want the boundaries better defined too. What if I'm European? Can mixed race girls twerk? Is your Facebook friend a racist misogynist tosser? Should you unfriend him? Should this be in 'Etiquette'? All these questions...

BreconBeBuggered Thu 19-Sep-13 14:06:08

Oh, is THAT what twerking is? I thought it meant pissing around on Twitter in the office all day or something. My back is so fucked it went into spasm at the thought of sitting at a desk for 8 hours, never mind jiggling about like a novelty fairground ride.

Thepowerof3 Thu 19-Sep-13 14:09:44

He is a she, she is mixed race with a white mother and a black father so by her own rules she do half a twerk? I have unfriended her

Inertia Thu 19-Sep-13 14:09:45

Properly laughed at 'whistle while I twerk' SP smile

FunnyRunner Thu 19-Sep-13 14:19:28

I think giving twerking that much thought would be a reason to unfriend her <gavel slam>

PolkadotsAndMoonbeams Thu 19-Sep-13 14:23:17

Anybody with a toddler, persuade them they really want to be an orthopaedic surgeon. They'll probably have just qualified as a consultant when all this lot start having back and hip problems. grin

Hassled Thu 19-Sep-13 14:25:26

All girls, white, black or sky-blue pink, should stop twerking. Except possibly Beyonce.

SourSweets Thu 19-Sep-13 14:26:07


Sorry, I don't know how to make or clicky. This is an interesting article about twerking and "cultural appropriation".

namechangesforthehardstuff Thu 19-Sep-13 14:26:48

Maybe she just wants to make sure her mum doesn't twerk... I stand by racist misogynist though so the fact she's a woman of colour is sad

Thepowerof3 Thu 19-Sep-13 14:30:49

I've read the Guardian article and whilst it is interesting I am so uncomfortable with someone saying certain races should be barred from certain dances/activities by virtue of their colour

Gunznroses Thu 19-Sep-13 14:34:55

shakeandvac hear! grin

Riotsnodiets i tried to learn the soujaboy dance as well, I got my church youths to teach me, still can't do it (legs get all tangled up/stamped on) so you did well!

Thepowerof3 Thu 19-Sep-13 14:41:43

The souljaboy lyrics are appalling

LadyBigtoes Thu 19-Sep-13 14:50:25

I would definitely look like a berk, but I love Tweetie in that video! She is so no-shit and teaches twerking like it is actually essential and obvious that everyone must learn grin It's like she's teaching CPR or something.

twistyfeet Thu 19-Sep-13 14:50:49

my sciatica said ouch just watching that video. I think I shall have a cup of tea <old gimmer>
I doubt skin colour matters when waving your arse around grin

AKAK81 Thu 19-Sep-13 14:52:51

Only hotties should twerk. Skin colour's irrelevant.

Notfootball Thu 19-Sep-13 14:55:55

I'm a hottie, I'm going to tweak my way to school right now. Hope the headteacher is watching.

Thepowerof3 Thu 19-Sep-13 14:58:28

As long as you come back and tell u how it went Notfootball

shartsi Thu 19-Sep-13 14:59:14

lady twerk

Notfootball Thu 19-Sep-13 15:00:10

Twerk not tweak! There goes my street cred.

bet Louise twerks upon the pavving

Notfootball is indeed a hottie.

:grinffers independent evidentiary proof::

I think twerking is more about the junk in the trunk than skin colour TBH.

EldritchCleavage Thu 19-Sep-13 15:03:46

It is a typically asinine FB way of referring to an American debate about some white people appropriating black culture which is denigrated when black people perform it and trendy when white people do it.

Not sure I agree with that complaint, but reducing the whole cultural debate to a stupid, uninformative FB status is bollocks, really.

HesterShaw Thu 19-Sep-13 15:05:02

Have never heard of this - does she show how irrecoverably uncool I am becoming?

It looks like you're trying to have a shit.

softlysoftly Thu 19-Sep-13 15:06:12

Why are the Soulja boy lyrics awful they are totally meaningless confused

I thought it was nice he brought the old superman dance back into it, I used still to do that at parties? I'm missing something aren't I.

Anyway twerking, yes, did that in clubs when I was still a young wee thing, no name then though, its soooooo 1990s <<yawn>>

EldritchCleavage Thu 19-Sep-13 15:09:36

It's been around forever, it is part of a lot of West African traditional dance. It was only know as 'twerking' among African-Americans in the rural Southern states. But as ever, it has got trendy in music vids etc and been repackaged and sold back to us as something new.

I twerk when there is no loo paper to shake the drips off, I don't mean to but my arse has a life of its own. I'm white.


JamieandtheMagicTorch Thu 19-Sep-13 15:23:38

I prefer a good old krump myself.

Notfootball Thu 19-Sep-13 15:39:38

Hearts oh my <flutters fan>

Gunznroses Thu 19-Sep-13 16:44:17

the power - are they shock never actually listened to the lyrics, just liked the dance that goes with it, the fact i our 'church youths' were teaching me blush

emuloc Thu 19-Sep-13 16:46:01

To twerk or not to twerk that is the question.

Back2Two Thu 19-Sep-13 16:49:32

grin at the whole thread
And at noel grin

DragonsAreReal Thu 19-Sep-13 16:50:28

I was getting my mum to do this today in work hahaha, it's not new though we were doing it 10years ago before miley and her nasty tongue.

Ledkr Thu 19-Sep-13 16:56:15

My bum twerks involuntarily when I move or cough!

HangingGardenofBabbysBum Thu 19-Sep-13 17:02:22

Of course it's racist. Like any sweeping generalisation based on skin colour.

But there seems to be a vogue for making 'white people can't' or 'shouldn't statements.

If you replace 'white' with 'black' 'Asian' and it sounds offensive, then it probably is.

Helpyourself Thu 19-Sep-13 17:09:36

Lots of people dance teachers, critics etc. think that black girls can't dance.
My dds said 'really mum, stop it. I'm not even joking.'

Minifingers Thu 19-Sep-13 17:12:53
Minifingers Thu 19-Sep-13 17:13:45

My mixed race dd says things like this. Annoying. But she's 14, so I don't judge her too harshly.

An adult saying it?


Gunznroses Thu 19-Sep-13 17:24:44

On a serious note im actually interpreting what OP said was on FB as offensive to black girls, because IT IS vulgar! It sounds like "leave the vulgar dance to the black girls who are good at it, it doesn't suit us white girls" depends how you read it, but i think the statement was made by a mixed race girl, in which case she was probably trying to show off, but doesn't realise its actually nothing to be proud of.

Thepowerof3 Thu 19-Sep-13 18:05:58

I'll let a 14 year old off as they are just finding their way and learning but she's 31.

WorraLiberty Thu 19-Sep-13 18:08:56

I like to whistle while I twerk

Funniest thing I've read in ages!! grin

You are welcome Worra grin

I can twerk with the best of them.

nicename Thu 19-Sep-13 18:11:17

It always makes me think of Baloo in Jungle Book scratching hit backside on a tree.

specialsubject Thu 19-Sep-13 18:16:39

white girls can do it - never seen 'Rocky Horror'? It's the Time warp!

mignonette Thu 19-Sep-13 18:16:48

Twerking is Butterfly dancing renamed. This originated from Jamaican dance halls. I can understand the argument that whites appropriate black culture and make money from it at the expense of those they exploit.

However saying white people shouldn't twerk distracts from the bigger issue of the racism still endemic in society.

Just look at the Iman/Naomi Campbell initiative in which they highlight the lack of women of colour in the modelling industry for example.

MistressDeeCee Thu 19-Sep-13 18:26:12

well - I can twerk real good but I only do it at home messing around, makes my teens & DP laugh. We're going to a 50th next week I might try it there & see how fast they disown me smile

Ive heard the white girls twerking comment..mostly to do with Miley Cyrus & (a) her apparently unshakeable belief that she can actually twerk (she cant & its embarassing) & (b) she lacks the main tool required in the 1st instance - a butt. Its not a new dance, just talked about more since Miley as she seems to be attempting to twerk all over the place.

I wouldnt take too much notice of FB, critical comments on there about almost everyone & everything. Twerking is just a dance, I dont see it as vulgar, dance is fun.

Its good for the waist & glutes tho, thats no lie...smile

Also off to whistle while I twerk grin

MistressDeeCee Thu 19-Sep-13 18:28:36

oh & some white women can twerk well enough. Just..not Miley

catgirl1976 Thu 19-Sep-13 18:31:18


You can't restrict something to the culture from which it originated.

However, twerking is ridiculous so it can drop off the face of the planet for me.

catgirl1976 Thu 19-Sep-13 18:32:26

To qualify, Miley Cyrus twerking looked ridiculous. Me twerking would be ridicuous.

I would no doubt change my mind if I saw someone do it well

DragonsAreReal Thu 19-Sep-13 18:37:25

Twerking is not the butterfly! Twerking is just thrusting your batty out, the butterlfy is actually dancing!

AmberLeaf Thu 19-Sep-13 18:44:39

Yes twerking is nothing like the butterfly, butterfly is a much more fluid movement.

Butterfly and twerking aren't the same.

mignonette Thu 19-Sep-13 18:54:53

Twerking is a development of the Butterfly. These moves originate from the Jamaican Dance halls rhythms which are themselves a product of the West African culture from whence the slaves came.

FreudiansSlipper Thu 19-Sep-13 18:55:59

why if you never intend to twerk does it offend you so much

i can twerk grin well could years ago it was called something else then can not remember what

and i am white

GobbySadcase Thu 19-Sep-13 18:57:40

Nobody should twerk. Tis stupid.
Or loll their tongues about like a deranged bovine. Not shegsy.

DragonsAreReal Thu 19-Sep-13 18:58:41

Twerking is just making your bum cheeks clap! And it wasn't just African slaves that went to Jamaica, Jamaica is full of Chinese, Indian, Spanish even German!

And the butterfly is dancing IMVHO twerking is just clapping your bum.

DragonsAreReal Thu 19-Sep-13 18:59:36

And also arghh this really annoys me Jamaica is not the only island in the west indies!

AmberLeaf Thu 19-Sep-13 19:04:36

Twerking is a development of the Butterfly

It really isn't.

DragonsAreReal Thu 19-Sep-13 19:07:05

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKf6jsYlnN8 is the butterfly

DragonsAreReal Thu 19-Sep-13 19:07:14
mignonette Thu 19-Sep-13 19:11:43

I am well aware of thast Dragon but thought offering a three paragraph history lesson would be rather patronising wink. However you seem to have forgotten the Portugese and the Dutch in your list. Oh and the French too.

.. I am referring specifically to Jamaican dance hall. I am aware of the many many other islands in the West Indies. Did you really want me to list every single one of them? Jamaican dance hall has been cited by various black musicians as being one of the main influences upon butterfly and twerking (even Krumping owes some of its moves to it) by musicians and DJ's such as the ying yang twins and DJ Jubilee and Afrika Bambaataa

Twerking is dancing just as much as shuffling from one foot to another is as practised by many many older white men wink.

If you research the dance culture output of dancer historians such as Pearl Primus, Katherine Dunham, and Alvin Ailey, it becomes clear that twerking and the butterfly are both the 'great great grandchildren' of a myriad of roots styles.

MistressDeeCee Thu 19-Sep-13 19:12:57

Just thinking, lots of dances look stupid but people still do them. So whats the great big issue with twerking? If youre over a certain age you are very possibly going to be all indignant about it anyway. I mean, I wouldnt go out there & dutty whine but can appreciate some of the women doing it must be bloody fit !

Butterly dance movement is in traditional youth dances in Africa. Not specific to 1 country. Ive seen twerking there too, not as major part of dance just as movement & it doesnt really have the ' vulgar ' connotation it now seems to have in the west.

Im going to scream along with Dragons ...Jamaica is NOT the only island in the Caribbean !

Thepowerof3 Thu 19-Sep-13 19:13:34

Because its racist Freudian, I know the girl she would not have been making social commentary about whites appropriating black culture. If we accept restricting dances or anything really to the country/ race of origin then we go down a dangerous path.

mignonette Thu 19-Sep-13 19:15:12

well aware of it Mistress. I spent the first half of my childhood living in Central America and the Caribbean.

MistressDeeCee Thu 19-Sep-13 19:16:39

mignonette thats nice. Im still living in Caribbean. Back in UK for a while soon thosmile

Gunznroses Thu 19-Sep-13 19:17:00

So all the West African slaves had just one dance, slapping their bum cheeks together against random mens crotches ? hmm

FreudiansSlipper Thu 19-Sep-13 19:20:09

you really see this as a racist problem

really is it that important are white women going to be banned from twerking in public i very much doubt it, in fact if you are a white pop start twerking you are going to get publicity

racism is a far bigger problem than a few people some would say understandably being pissed off when something from their culture is adopted by white culture and becomes all the rage

AmberLeaf Thu 19-Sep-13 19:20:37

Mignonette if you know so much about jamaican dancehall moves then why not suggest something like the tik tok which is more similar in pace/speed to twerking than the butterfly though not the same twerking is much more of a random unchoreographed 'move'

You know there are hundreds of dancehall moves? dances change when the 'rhythms' change, songs are made with the same rhythm and each has a 'move' to accompany it.

Way more to dancehall moves than just the butterfly.

mignonette Thu 19-Sep-13 19:21:43

God I envy you Mistress. I lived on Trinidad, Aruba and briefly Haiti.

No Gun if you are referring to what I said. I actually mentioned them as originating from a myriad of dance styles.

DragonsAreReal Thu 19-Sep-13 19:22:29

Dancehall is all over the west indies, it is not just Jamaica where people have dances and bust their moves. It#s like black cake, you would think if you had only ever met Jamaicans that this was a just Jamaica recipe when in actual fact it's the same in Barbados, Trinidad and Antigua. I'll give Jamaica Ackee as only Jamaican but the rest of it is Caribbean not just Jamaican. It's not just you mig it's the whole world who unfortunately onlt see Jamaica when they think of "ghetto black caribbean things"

RiotsNotDiets Thu 19-Sep-13 19:24:08

I haven't actually paid any attention to the lyrics, but I was a teen when it came out so I might not have cared/understood anyway.

mignonette Thu 19-Sep-13 19:24:46


Yes Amber i am aware. But again in my first post i didn't think it necessary to list paragraphs of African and other dance styles in order to protect myself against implications of cultural ignorance or stereotyping. If it'd make you happier I can do that although it might look a little patronising as though I am trying to 'teach' you all. Bearing in mind the accusations of appropriation of black culture by white people i thought that might seem a little insensitive.

Thepowerof3 Thu 19-Sep-13 19:24:53

As I said I know the girl and she is not 'understandably annoyed' about something from her culture has been misappropriated, she's just a tit. If I had the audacity to say 'black girls shouldn't...' I'd get a fucking slap and deserve it

DragonsAreReal Thu 19-Sep-13 19:25:23

And yes amber is right,

How would you mig explain the cowfoot dance! Or dancers like shelly belly making new dances up all the time? Or how Boogle sad did. It is not just from slaves it's from everything around on the here and now!

DragonsAreReal Thu 19-Sep-13 19:26:37

Oh and I knew boogle! If his inspiration was from slavery days he didn't realise it! He just loved dancing and being wacky.

AmberLeaf Thu 19-Sep-13 19:28:43

Sigh indeed.

You're doing ok with looking patronising as it is actually, shame really as your posts just show that you don't seem to know as much as you think you do.

mignonette Thu 19-Sep-13 19:28:51

Dragon I make Trinidadian black cake for Christmas every year. I get it started in August. That's the first time I've ever heard it mentioned on a forum like MN! smile. I also saw it mentioned in my copy of Home cooking by Laurie Colwin. I've never met another Caucasian who has tried it in my real life.

Believe you me I do not just think black=ghetto=Jamaica

That is so wrong. You have got me very wrong.

I got taught how to do this move plus a bunch of other similar glute-slaying, midsection/ hip isolation moves by my roommate 20 years ago: she was a Wolof from Gambia/Senegal. We were both dance mad.

It was not seen as particularly saucy.
It was something the women did to celebrate their men doing something eventful if I remember correctly.

Miley didn't do it properly.

Oldraver Thu 19-Sep-13 19:31:54

Well we have just watched the link and ahd a family twerk.

My back is now twerked

mignonette Thu 19-Sep-13 19:32:48

Amber don't be a dick.

Dragon I would explain it as one of the myriad of dances from a multi cultural environment that like Language, morphs and changes.

If dance is the expression of history, culture, politics, emotion, psychology and beat then it is common sense that it will grow, change and be as free form as the people doing it.

And there is such a thing as subconscious internalisation.

Nancy66 Thu 19-Sep-13 19:34:03

* snigger *

Are people really falling out over the origins of arse shaking?

AmberLeaf Thu 19-Sep-13 19:34:47

Yeah back at ya mignonette.

mignonette Thu 19-Sep-13 19:35:30

Nancy grin

Some perspective at last.

Thepowerof3 Thu 19-Sep-13 19:35:54

Where's Bigsporklittlespork she will sort this out!

Bun fight starting about twerking grin

Can you two just TWERK it out between yourselves?


FreudiansSlipper Thu 19-Sep-13 19:38:00

actually i thought the moves are very similar to north african dancing, which is more energetic than egyptian dancing which belly dancing comes from

op so this girl is acting a tit, if you were to act a tit in the same way you would be called up on it too, just with the word racist added to it but you arenot going to do that and would not but still it upsets you mmm ok

i love how mn can argue over anything its great grin

mignonette Thu 19-Sep-13 19:38:39


I'd be useless at it.

I can however dance on pointe after decades of ballet. That'll have to do as I'm certainly not equipped to do a 'save the last dance' cross over number. grin

mignonette Thu 19-Sep-13 19:39:30

sorry SPs, that should be.

Mig I was trying to be funny. Twerk/work.

Seems I failed grin

mignonette Thu 19-Sep-13 19:43:08

I got it SpS

That's why I put a grin in my post. I went for the twerk over the work.

grin I love the word

MistressDeeCee Thu 19-Sep-13 19:48:07

mignonette Im in St Lucia *. Ive been to Trinidad, I wouldnt mind going to Haiti tho (wonders if mignonette speaks creole..)

TrucksAndDinosaurs very true.

Its crazy that twerking movements have caused so much uproar in the uptight west where white women shouldnt be appropriating quite such a vulgar dance (what are y'all doing tryna be black dont you know you must only do ' white ' dances ) & black women who do it are no better than they should be (stop all that vulgarity, we need to show & prove to other nations how naice & refined we are so they can actually believe it..! )

Couple years back there were some dances that looked similar to twerking but, far wilder. Theres an obvious reason why they didnt cause uproar smile they would have if Miley started doing them tho.

I cant be bothered to get too serious about it, its just a dance. I do like Amber's definition of dancehall tho..Caribbean call & respond dances have their roots in Africa, the dances dont change that much really, just the names of them do

Still just a dance tho & if folks are twerkin all over the club down the road then more power to them if theyre having fun. I hope all dont start Bollywooding thatll cause even more confusion & uproar

QueOnda Thu 19-Sep-13 19:51:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

I've been replacing the word Work with the Twerk in songs. It quite amusing grin

"I like the way you Twerk it, no diggity"

"Twerking 9 to 5, what a way to make a living"

"I like to twerk it, twerk it"

"Tommy used to twerk on the docks"

"The drugs dont twerk"

I am easily amused

mignonette Thu 19-Sep-13 19:57:53

I speak French and Spanish but the only opportunity I get to hear Creole now is when I meet up with a friend who comes from the Seychelles and her Creole is a bit different w/ her French accent. I got badly bullied when I returned to the UK because I had forgotten most of my English and they teased me. My Spanish Master told me I spoke like a Mexican Peasant which made things worse and made me feel ashamed. I would now say proudly that the people who taught me to speak Spanish and French would maybe be considered 'peasants' by some UC snob but I loved them.

So for many years I refused to speak in anything other than English and became very rusty in Spanish especially. I have now resumed speaking it and thank goodness it appeared to be subconsciously there and came back.

FreudiansSlipper Thu 19-Sep-13 19:59:01

We can Twerk it out

but only if we are

Twerking day and night


DragonsAreReal Thu 19-Sep-13 20:02:48

I think we should all do a home video of us and our familys twerking and make a MN xmas special wink

Freudian Its a little fun isn't it?! grin

"Daddys twerking boots"

"Paddy twerked on the railway"

mignonette Thu 19-Sep-13 20:04:06

'Welcome to the twerking week'

'Twerking class hero'

'Twerking in a coal mine'

'She twerks hard for the money'

'Julie's been twerking for the drug squad'

mignonette Thu 19-Sep-13 20:05:41

'Brothers gonna twerk it out'

'I got my Mojo Twerking'

'Twerking my way back to you'

FreudiansSlipper Thu 19-Sep-13 20:09:32

yes it is like twerking itself smile


Julie's been twerking for the drug squad' shock shock

is that me Julie?

mignonette Thu 19-Sep-13 20:11:54

grin at Freud. T'was Joe Strummers' Julie.

FreudiansSlipper Thu 19-Sep-13 20:14:35

oh blush

mignonette Thu 19-Sep-13 20:20:50

grin understandable to think Ali G- that Clash song is pretty obscure...

MistressDeeCee Thu 19-Sep-13 20:22:58

some of us do have twerk to be getting on with you know, no time to sit around here rhyming all evening like some grin.

Thepowerof3 Thu 19-Sep-13 21:49:48

Freudian slipper your post makes no sense to me im afraid

Power You gotta twerk it out

ChoudeBruxelles Thu 19-Sep-13 21:54:26

No one should tweak

ChoudeBruxelles Thu 19-Sep-13 21:54:45

Twerk - stupid autocorrect

Thepowerof3 Thu 19-Sep-13 21:55:55

Im twying to twerk it out but I cant seem to grasp the gist of it, I must be a twerp

nicename Sat 21-Sep-13 10:34:06

I saw the miley cyrus video last night. I almost laughed my twerk off. She doesn't actually have a bum does she? And what's with the mankini?

frogspoon Sat 21-Sep-13 10:38:20

I was about to say YABU until I realised that you thought the comment was offensive.

YANBU, I find it offensive too. It has nothing to do with skin colour, but I don't like twerking anyway.

<twerks showing off name>

mignonette Sat 21-Sep-13 11:42:16

grin SPs

Thepowerof3 Sat 21-Sep-13 12:20:30

The video that the girl commented on wasn't of anyone famous ie Miley Cyrus, just a random girl (white) Twerking

Thepowerof3 Sat 21-Sep-13 12:20:55

What a way to make a living SP

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