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to ask for nominations for "most irritating song ever"?

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SPBisResisting Fri 30-Aug-13 15:01:49

I nominate Bjork's "It's oh so quiet"
In between the yappy dog impressions and the big band music you get her spitting all over you.
Why would anyone listen to that for pleasure?

ViviPru Fri 30-Aug-13 15:04:06

YABU - that's a great song.

Most annoying song ever is a toss up between
Fairground Attraction/Perfect
Bluebells/Young At Heart
Dexys Midnight Runners/Come on Aileen

I don't think I could actually be friends with someone who liked those songs.

sonlypuppyfat Fri 30-Aug-13 15:04:35

Sympathy for the devil by the stones it does my head in with the woo hoo in the background all the way through it

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny.. one of DS's toys plays it. I think it's going to go missing..

Primrose123 Fri 30-Aug-13 15:04:59

I will nominate "I just called to say I love you" and "I will always love you".

I have to turn the radio off if either song is played.

Freshlysqueezed Fri 30-Aug-13 15:06:27

Loveshack and Birdhouse in my soul - both of them really really bug me!

MissOtisRegretsMadam Fri 30-Aug-13 15:06:27

Top loader "dancing in the moonlight"

Robbie Williams "rock dj"

Sisqo "thong song"

Kylie "spinning around"

The Firm - Star Trekkin, because my DS keeps singing it atm

Hey Mickey
Crazy Frog
Mr Blooby
Anything by Westloife


Freshlysqueezed Fri 30-Aug-13 15:07:21

Oh yes and agree on Fairground Attraction, Perfect - just wrong!

MissOtisRegretsMadam Fri 30-Aug-13 15:07:39

Annie Lennox "no more I love you's"

There that's definitely it

2madboys Fri 30-Aug-13 15:08:37

The new Pet Shop Boys single - who is buying this rubbish? confused

Tiger Feet. Years of dating a wedding DJ <shudders>

Scarletohello Fri 30-Aug-13 15:12:40

Funky Town by Lipps Inc. hated it as a teenager and still can't bear it now!

The House of The Rising Sun by the Animals, what a dirge.
Hold Me Now - The Thompson Twins - ditto

As well as most of those already mentioned.

MrsDavidBowie Fri 30-Aug-13 15:13:25

Anything by Scouting for Girls

If anyone suggests a Mr Bowie record , I will come round and rip your head off grin

SPBisResisting Fri 30-Aug-13 15:13:34

Some of my favourite songs on this thread!

ElleBelly Fri 30-Aug-13 15:13:45

Yes to Loveshack, or anything by Simply Fucking Red

I like Funky Town though. And Tiger Feet was the first single I ever bought <old>

SPBisResisting Fri 30-Aug-13 15:14:19

Scouting for girls, now there's another band who spit wjile they sing

MollyHooper Fri 30-Aug-13 15:14:34

Oh, I love those songs Freshlysqueezed. blush

I find this rather annoying...


Llanbobl Fri 30-Aug-13 15:15:22

1D "best song ever" .......errrrrr, 'fraid not boys, it's like all your stuff naff and irritating

SmiteYouWithThunderbolts Fri 30-Aug-13 15:16:09

What was that Willow Smith song? Something about flicking hair back and forth...?

DaleyBump Fri 30-Aug-13 15:18:29

Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep by Middle of the Road. Makes me so, so stabby.

Inertia Fri 30-Aug-13 15:19:13

Hotel California

Most of Florence and the machine's output, but especially Rabbit Heart (This is a GIFT!!It COMES at a PRICE!!!). Can't bear all the caterwauling- gives me earache.

Bulletproof - too sharp, hurts my ears as well. And that Ellie Goulding one about we're under the sheets and you're killing me- have managed to avoid her since then.

Fairground by Simply Red

Rocks by Primal Scream

That Calvin Harris one about how he likes white girls, fat girls, thin girls, girls who are willing to let sexism wash wash over them

Most chart music passes me by nowadays but I'm sure it'd annoy me.

Inertia Fri 30-Aug-13 15:19:45

I do have the original version of No More I love yous which I much prefer.

Katiepoes Fri 30-Aug-13 15:21:08

Walkin' on Sunshine
Anything involving Ronan Keating
That stupid Skyfowl Crumbowl wailfest from Adele...actually Adele in general
That one by Bryan Adams and Mel C/B....cant remember the name

Deffodil Fri 30-Aug-13 15:24:42

Beautiful South - Perfect 10

Something New by Girls Aloud is a current pet hate, the DCs have got it on a compilation and it is unbelievably irritating.

GinGuzzler Fri 30-Aug-13 15:27:34

MrGin sometimes listens to his collection of Sigue Sigue Sputnik songs.

I hate them all. They all sound EXACTLY the same. They are shite and excruciatenly irritating... I would do a link but in this case I think we should all be greatfull I can't do them.


DipMeInChocolate Fri 30-Aug-13 15:28:27

Rihanna - only girl in the world

Lovecat Fri 30-Aug-13 15:32:44

Anything with Rihanna banging on about diamonds... fgs DeBeers, just sponsor the woman so she'll shut up about them!

Also Loveshack, Walk of Life, Frankie by Sister Sledge... <went to too many weddings in the early 90's>

OP, Bjork on record is not irritating. I actually don't mind listening to her. Watching her live, pretending to be a frickin' pixie while wafting around the stage being winsome to an extended noseflute solo... THAT'S irritating.

Thurlow Fri 30-Aug-13 15:34:13

Jailbreak, by Thin Lizzie. Purely because it came up on some thread on here about annoying lyrics, and someone pointed out the lines "Tonight there's going to be a jailbreak/Somewhere in this town" - to which the obvious comment is, 'well, love, I'd assume the jail would be a good place to guess...'

And I can never get that stupidity out of my head when I hear it.

Also Blurred Lines, because what it's about is vile, but blimey the song itself is very catchy. So it irritates me on many levels.

oscarwilde Fri 30-Aug-13 15:35:37

Ipsy Ditsy Daisy Doo - the frigging In the nightgarden song

If you're happy and you know it .. then shut the fk up

Can you I'm teaching my kids ALL the words to "What shall we do with a Drunken Sailor, though actually it lends itself very well to adaptation

The Korean song - Gangnam Style? That's ffing irritating as fk

thebody Fri 30-Aug-13 15:35:59

anything by Rhianna is , crap.

agadoo push pineapple up your arse please

the birdie song.

MothershipG Fri 30-Aug-13 15:38:42

Streets of London, makes my ears bleed with it's maudlin claptrap.

Peetle Fri 30-Aug-13 15:39:30

Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman. Every time I hear that "la doo dee la do dow" it makes me want to rip my own ears off. And she's singing it flat I tell you. Horrible, horrible song.

I second "foghorn" Adele too.

How long have I got ?

Lovely Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
by Bill Withers-my-brain-every-time-I-hear-it

and wind beneath my wings by Whats-her-name the actress one...the bit at the end when she goes "Wiiiiind....Wiiiiiiiiind....Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind beneath my wings" is just SOOO awful I have to block my ears

anything by Level explanation needed

Wallison Fri 30-Aug-13 15:44:33

Anything by Michael Fucking Buble. Not just because he's such a cunt, but because it makes me ashamed to be a middle-aged woman given how many of them adore him - I feel edgeless by association.

SPBisResisting Fri 30-Aug-13 15:44:55

"OP, Bjork on record is not irritating. "
But she yaps like a dog, shushes you loudly and it has godawful big band music playing in the background. What's not to hate?

ilovebabytv Fri 30-Aug-13 15:46:52

Not a pop song but the song from the Frosties advert. "there gonna taste great" I have an irrational hatred of that song.

SaucyJack Fri 30-Aug-13 15:49:04

Music by Madonna

FixItUpChappie Fri 30-Aug-13 15:50:14

That Fergie song about Lady Humps. One small step back for womankind.

FixItUpChappie Fri 30-Aug-13 15:50:57

That Fergie song about Lady Humps. One small step back for womankind.

FixItUpChappie Fri 30-Aug-13 15:51:29

Sorry I don't know why that posted twice hmm

boschy Fri 30-Aug-13 15:58:18

any of those winsome, wispie, pretty pretty girlies with 73 A*s at GCSE, parents related to the music business, all sorts of opportunities ahead, and they still sing like little girls. cf John Lewis ads Xmas 2011 and 2012 and numerous other TV ads since.

if you can sing, just fucking sing! I blame that 9 million bicyles in Beijing woman (song written by a womble - I rest my case).

SPBisResisting Fri 30-Aug-13 16:03:54

You mean eliza dolittle, ellie goulding, etc. All wikkle girly voices and plinky plonky piano music

Best Song Ever by One Direction. The video is even more annoying. angry

NoComet Fri 30-Aug-13 16:09:00

Red red whiiinnneee is my all time hate.

This holidays is 'she walks like Rhianna' I'm crap at skating without them playing that junk!

Wallison Fri 30-Aug-13 16:11:57

Jeremy Hardy sang 'My Humps' to the tune of 'I Vow To Thee My Country' on I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue once. It was fucking golden.

boschy Fri 30-Aug-13 16:14:46

plinky plonky pianos and wikkle girly voices indeed spb! winsome makes me want to vomit.

just fuck off and grow up!! (them not you).

oth, I do like a bit of Adele...!

normaleggy Fri 30-Aug-13 16:16:09

It's Raining Men - Weather Girls
Love Shack - B52s
Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison.
Anything by Robbie Williams.

samu2 Fri 30-Aug-13 16:16:35

Aerosmith- Don't want to miss a thing
Whitney Housten- I will always love you
Bjork- I am with you OP
George Michael- Fast love

cubedmelon Fri 30-Aug-13 16:20:37

That one about being big when I was little which actually sounds like this...^biiiig wan eye was littowl^ grrrrr ITS LITTLE NOT LITTOWL!!!!!!! angry

AlexReidsLonelyBraincell Fri 30-Aug-13 16:22:14

"any of those winsome, wispie, pretty pretty girlies with 73 A*s at GCSE, parents related to the music business, all sorts of opportunities ahead, and they still sing like little girls. cf John Lewis ads Xmas 2011 and 2012 and numerous other TV ads since."

This, I was just going to post about crapola artists with girly-whirly-watery-voices singing on the John Lewis Christmas adverts, but you put it much better than me.
I think you'll find it's 73 A* at GCSE and twenty four instruments at grade 84645 with distinctions though. grin

Chrissy178 Fri 30-Aug-13 16:22:46

Crazy Frog IMO is the worst without a doubt.

My ds has a couple of Justin Fletcher CDs that my dh plays in the car for him and that's quickly getting annoying too.

cushtie335 Fri 30-Aug-13 16:27:49

Second and third everyone who mentioned Scouting for Girls. I want to smash the radio in when they come on.

Ditto "The Script", terrible cliched lyrics. You can imagine the songwriting process..."haw, lads, let's take some well know phrases or sayings and build an entire song round them, here are some suggestions..Hall of Fame/Six Degrees of Separation/If You Could See me Now (ooeer, think somebody's already used that one Danny)/Break Even.

How about, "Just Fuck Off".

Oh and I hate Deacon Blue, especially Real Gone Kid and Dignity.

Tiredemma Fri 30-Aug-13 16:29:12

anything by Will. I. Am. especially that 'bang bang' one

load of shit

angelos02 Fri 30-Aug-13 16:29:45

Viripru I hate all 3 songs too. Remind of wedding evening do's from back in the day.

Pawprint Fri 30-Aug-13 16:35:05

Agree with nominations for Buble and for fucking Deacon Blue. Can't stand that woman whooping away on Real Gone Kid. Back in 1989, I was dragged to one of their concerts with some friends who were fans. I hated it and couldn't wait for it to end. The lead singer fancied himself. Some years later, I believe, they got booed at Glastonbury.

Also hate the Scissor Sisters.

ElleBelly Fri 30-Aug-13 16:40:01

Beastie boys intergalactic is cack too.

ViviPru Fri 30-Aug-13 16:44:16

I also loathe everything by Noah and the Whale and the vocalists faux Portland accent. You're from Tickenham, you Richard Head, not Oregon.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lweji Fri 30-Aug-13 16:52:27

It's not a proper song, but definitely the Harlem Shake.
I don't even know how you can consider any others.

rainsofcastersugar Fri 30-Aug-13 16:53:55

REM Everybody Hurts - just whiny bollocks.

RobinSparkles Fri 30-Aug-13 16:56:40

That one with and him from The Script:

You can be the greatest, you can be the best
You can be King Kong banging on your chest.

WTF? Which genius wrote those lyrics? confused

Thurlow Fri 30-Aug-13 17:10:23

Oh, god, the Harlem Shake, it's just fucking rubbish and it wasn't even funny the first time anyone did it, let alone in any of the million rubbish copies.

The most difficult moment of the past year was when a friend proudly showed me the Harlem Shake video she had made with her colleagues for a school leavers video. I nearly thought I wouldn't be able to feign even politeness.

HalfAPeaOneCrumbAndADropOfGin Fri 30-Aug-13 17:19:18

I'm not in love by 10CC for some reason irritates the hell out of me.
Wonderful Tonight - <shudder>

ilovebabytv - the most annoying thing about that Frosties tune is when he sings - "I can hear the sound of Frosties hitting my PLATE" Aaah yes because we all eat cereal off a plate don't we?! hmm

RosyfingeredDawn Fri 30-Aug-13 17:59:50

Heaven is a place on earth- Belinda Carlisle
Her wailing drives me mad.
Yes to Loveshack and Red red wine.

Heartbrokenmum73 Fri 30-Aug-13 18:10:55

I'm DYING here grin

Unfortunately I have no taste in music at all and most of the above mentioned songs are actually on my iPod - maybe I was a wedding dj in a previous life.

My excuse, however, is PND and only being able to listen to poppy, uplifting shite music. I also have B*Witched, 5ive and N*Sync on there (just wanted to write down the ridiculous names) as well as numerous Kylie, Duran Duran, Def Leppard and David Gray (all the Ds!).

I apologise profusely.

Fakebook Fri 30-Aug-13 18:17:29

Eurgh...I'm shuddering as I write this:

Gay Bar by Electric Six

Most annoying bullshit ever...bleugh.

poorpaws Fri 30-Aug-13 18:19:52

Grandma I love you

You gotta admit I win hands down.

In the summertime - Mungo Jerry
Sexist, advocates drink driving and classist. It gives me the rage whenever I hear it.

hotritenow Fri 30-Aug-13 18:25:47

Sweet Caroline, hate it with a passion...and I will always love you, the Whitney Houston version.....

melika Fri 30-Aug-13 18:26:45

Birdy song.

MrsDavidBowie Fri 30-Aug-13 18:31:13

ANything by Status Quo...same nasally whine every time.

MissOtisRegretsMadam Fri 30-Aug-13 18:31:48

Your gorgeous by baby bird.

Spaceman by Babylon 5

That one by the wanted "it's a little bit frightening we might be all struck by lightening"

FastWindow Fri 30-Aug-13 18:52:15

Oh wow vivipru come on Eileen. That song needs banning in the worst way. My dh plays it on purpose to wind me up... And that advert with the lovely babies, ruined by that criminal song. I think I heard it too much in nightclubs, all the forced clapping... Kill me now. It's in my head... Arghhhh

KenDoddsDadsDog Fri 30-Aug-13 18:57:08

"I will survive" no you won't because if you play that song I will hit you with a pan.

KenDoddsDadsDog Fri 30-Aug-13 18:57:51

Oh and "Dancing in the moonlight" by Toploader. Worst song ever.

FastWindow Fri 30-Aug-13 19:01:12

Just reread your top three vivipru I was blinkered by the dexys ref... I also hate that young at heart one. I think you might be me. Do you love every breath you take by the police, and early U2, cure, Smiths??

NutellaStraightFromTheJar Fri 30-Aug-13 19:05:20

Coldplay - Paradise.
Mainly because it is the only song my three year old neighbour sings. Loudly, frequently and out of tune! By the 7 millionth rendition of "ARA ARA ARADISE...OOHH OOOHHH OHHH OOOHHH OHHH OHHH OHHHHHHH" it had definitely lost all appeal, and I didn't love it to begin with. It's even worse when his parents join in! Teach him a new song please...

Lethologica Fri 30-Aug-13 19:08:41

I am going to win this grin

The most irritating song ever is The National Anthem

..for so many reasons.

Chumbawamba that getting knocked down and getting up again one , makes me cringe inwardly.

Wallison Fri 30-Aug-13 19:10:17

There was one in the 80s and I can't even remember who it was by but it gave me the fucking rage. "You're eeeeeeeeeeeeeeverything a woman ought to be, sweet and kind and pure of mind and beautiful to see" it went. Fuck off, cunt, and don't fucking presume to tell me what a woman 'ought to be'. A woman ought to be whatever she fucking wants to be, not some meek virgin who waits around for fossils like you to deign to talk to her. Twat.

Wallison Fri 30-Aug-13 19:11:51

I liked the Chumbawumba thing for two reasons - first, because of the sample from Brassed Off and second because it was top of the charts when Princess Diana died and then suddenly all the radio stations stopped playing it.

kotinka Fri 30-Aug-13 19:13:26

anotheer vote for blurred lines, I liked it till I managed to hear the lyrics properly, makes my skin crawl now.

ChippingInNeedsSleepAndCoffee Fri 30-Aug-13 19:13:52

Daft Punk - Get lucky. It has potential at the start, but doesn't go anywhere and just goes on & on & on with the same lyrics. Tedious.

WoweeZowee Fri 30-Aug-13 19:25:35

Reef's one that starts "place your hands on my hole..." or whatever. Godawful shouty shite with that ridiculous line.

Recently that one by <insert name of bland female artist here> that has the chorus "big when I was lit-ul". I bet in the video she's head tilting and skipping all the way through. Pfft!

KenDoddsDadsDog Fri 30-Aug-13 19:30:20

Yes absolutely , Get Lucky makes me feel sick .
We used to have our own lyrics to Chumbawumba .

MrsDavidBowie Fri 30-Aug-13 19:31:23

Hi ho silver lining.....another crap song to sing only when you are pissed.

Kez171271 Fri 30-Aug-13 19:31:42

Baker street
A whiter shade of pale
Nights in white satin
Anything sung by x factor contestants

ShakeAndVac Fri 30-Aug-13 19:33:17

That Crazy Frog song. It's enough to send even the most calm and collected person into a frenzy of irrational rage.

Doubtfuldaphne Fri 30-Aug-13 19:35:44

Daphne and celeste!
"Ooh stick you
Your mamma too
And your daddy!"

What's your words to chumbawamba then?

Teamjavert Fri 30-Aug-13 19:36:02

That Passenger song. I can't remember what it's called,but his voice makes me want to rip my ears off,or his vocal cords out.

Doubtfuldaphne Fri 30-Aug-13 19:36:08

And vanilla
"No way no way"
That was hilarious

kotinka Fri 30-Aug-13 19:36:24

KenDoddsDadsDog I love your name grin

are you gonna spill the beans on your lyrics?

conantg Fri 30-Aug-13 19:43:16

Suzanne by Leonard Cohen. Music to cut your wrists to.

Missgiraffe1 Fri 30-Aug-13 19:44:45

That chris Isaac song where he's in the boat, and he whines "and ieieieieieieie don't wanna fall in love" Would rather stick a rusty nail in my eye that listen to that shock

daisychain01 Fri 30-Aug-13 19:55:39

The song I have always hated with a passion is "Life" by Des'ree for one simple reason, its total crap. I have emboldened the lines where I have to stop myself from smashing the radio with a hammer.

OK so read these and tell me these arent the dullest most meaningless drivel that a 6 year old could have written better ....

I'm afraid of the dark
Especially when I'm in a park
And there's no one else around,
Oh I get the shivers.
*I don't want to see a ghost
It's the sight that I fear most
I'd rather have a piece of toast
And watch the evening news*.

A piece of TOAST??!!!

.. But the song that recently turned me into a mushball, hearing it again, is Randy Edelman's Uptown Uptempo Woman. The story of a painfully incompatible love affair, sung with feeling, wow, it blows me away!

*But as always happens
When you're caught in such a trap
You get so used to what's around
That you can't find your way back*

daisychain01 Fri 30-Aug-13 19:56:34

Oh dear the bold didnt work - hurumph

MrsDavidBowie Fri 30-Aug-13 19:59:22

Teamjavert...The Passenger was the first song at my wedding grin
and Leonard rocks.

LindaMcCartneySausage Fri 30-Aug-13 19:59:50

I'm sure I've posted this before on a v old thread and probably under a different name, but it has to "Black Velvet" by Alannah Miles. It's tune and lyrics are like fingers down a blackboard for me.

Impomea Fri 30-Aug-13 20:06:36

Video Killed The Radio Star -Buggles

Anything by The Pet Shop Boys.

Endless Love -yucky

I dream of Chris Isaak singing that song to me MissG !

IDontBowlOnShabbos Fri 30-Aug-13 20:09:46

For me it has to be 'I'm blue' by effiel 95 or some such bollocks, can't remember the name now. I do remember however, hearing it every day for what seemed like 10 years.

For songs that just get stuck in your head and won't leave, it has to be 'Mr Dobalina'. It might be a great song for all I know but I've heard it so many times in my head I now hate it!

Katiepoes Fri 30-Aug-13 20:13:38

Suzanne? Nooooo that is a beautiful spine tingling perfect song. Now if you had said that horrible Idols/Popstars whatever version of Hallelujah....then I could agree.

I heard one in the car earlier - Having My Baby....ugh. Irritating and creepy.

Boaty Fri 30-Aug-13 20:16:27

Kylie Minogue 'Can't get you out of my head' the bloody irritating song!

DesperatelySeekingSedatives Fri 30-Aug-13 20:16:53

dancing in the moonlight really pisses me off. always hated it. they recently played it in asda angry made worse still because 2 year old DS started to dance to it.

You raise me up makes me want to break things. Every series of X factor without fail, at least once! ARRRRGHHHHHH!

nomorecrumbs Fri 30-Aug-13 20:18:15

My humps. Just...WTF?

toldmywrath Fri 30-Aug-13 20:20:08

"Dancing in the moonlight" by Toploader yes I second, third, fourth it as being the most sh*te drivel ever (plus it reminds me of Jamie effing Oliver-used in his early efforts iirc)

ShakeAndVac Fri 30-Aug-13 20:27:21

Ooh another one I've just remembered that makes me switch straight off!
That 90's song - "I wanna be a hippy and I wanna get HIGH!"

pudseypie Fri 30-Aug-13 20:38:38

anything by David Gray or Dido. So depressing. ..

Teamjavert Fri 30-Aug-13 20:41:30

MrsDavidBowie. I meant this guy. I like Leonard Cohen. Apologies for making my post clear as mud.

MrsDavidBowie Fri 30-Aug-13 21:40:25

Leonard is god, but not as god like as my husband of course.

Tittypulumpcious Fri 30-Aug-13 21:49:43

99 Red Balloons...hate it.

MagratOfStolat Fri 30-Aug-13 21:52:33


There has been an annoying-song thread going for 120-odd posts... and noone has mentioned this?!



SPBisResisting Fri 30-Aug-13 21:53:55

translate that for me? grin
I have thought o anoher - eliza dolittle the tweety tweety one

DrDance Fri 30-Aug-13 21:54:35

the uk national anthem

AlbertHerbertHawkins Fri 30-Aug-13 22:00:57

Bitter sweet Symphony by The Verve - shoot me now!

squoosh Fri 30-Aug-13 22:03:15

She's so cunting Lovely - Scouting For Girls.

No other suggestions necessary, you can close the thread now.

LadyBigtoes Fri 30-Aug-13 22:09:31

Mine is Led Zeppelin - Kashmir. OMG! It's on dp's iPod and sometimes comes on in the car. It is such painfully boring, yet infuriating drivel and goes on for about 2 and a half hours.

Kudos though to whoever said toploader - they and their (one) song were also v. V. V. V. annoying.

MrsDavidBowie Fri 30-Aug-13 22:11:02

Pparently Scouting for Girls have a Greatest Hits tour and album imminent.....must be a bloody short album.

I wanted to also nominate des'ree for that horrific toast / ghost / most line. Worst line in a song ever.

Also loathe ub40. Anything by them annoys me. And anything by madness.

Oh and busted year 3000 for the lines' 'it's much the same but we live underwater' if we live underwater it's hardly the fucking same is it? I'd say that's quite a difference.

Strictly1 Fri 30-Aug-13 22:14:36

Barbie girl. Played far too loudly by a neighbour in uni halls.

daisychain01 Fri 30-Aug-13 22:22:05

horrific toast / ghost / most line grin grin grin

She must have been desperate to want to recod that! Mind you, she cant sing a note anyway, has-been!

Spaceman by Babylon 5

Babylon 5 was the tv series, the song was by Babylon Zoo.

Meanwhile I offer Bryan Adams (Everything I do) I do it for you.

It drove me utterly potty when it was so big in the charts.

BeaLola Fri 30-Aug-13 22:38:28

Loving You by Minnie Ripperton - want to scratch my eyes out -its painful

SeaSickSal Fri 30-Aug-13 22:38:40

Ooh stick you, your momma too (and your Daddy) Daphne and Celeste.

Gargamella Fri 30-Aug-13 22:39:51

Oh dear. I'm another who's spotted a lot of my all time faves in here...however, Seasons in the Sun by Terry Jacks gets my vote for most irritating. I can't listen to the whole thing. Generally start yelling, "Just get on and die right now," about three lines in.

DP has just nominated Rotterdam Termination Source - Poing Poing as THE most irritating song ever

revealall Fri 30-Aug-13 22:49:36

That come on over Valerie shit (several "artists"). No one is actually called Valerie these days.
I have horrific images of aged aunts doing dirty dancing.

mum2bubble Fri 30-Aug-13 22:55:16

Kung Fu Fighting - Carl Douglas
Do You Really Want to Hurt Me - Culture Club
Red, Red Wine - UB40
and this

NotInGuatemalaNowDrRopata Fri 30-Aug-13 22:59:30

Mr Potato Is Coming to Town by Peppa Pig.

Flicktheswitch Fri 30-Aug-13 23:04:57

Mumford and Sons...don't know what it's called but it has the line "not your fault but mine"....and about three other lines repeated on a loop for 7 hours and 48 mins.

LeastWorstOption Fri 30-Aug-13 23:07:36

I wish I was a Punk Rocker with Flowers in my Hair - what exactly does that mean???. I feel stabby just writing it.

Fakebook Fri 30-Aug-13 23:08:41

I also flipping hate RADIO GA GA. Radio 2 seem to play it at least twice or three times a week...hate hate hate.

AlexReidsLonelyBraincell Fri 30-Aug-13 23:13:46

That fucking Joss Stone song, Your love is...Sooper Dooper, fuck off Joss with your crystals and barefoot hippy dippy aspirations.
I stopped watching the Tudors (which I had really enjoyed) because she was in it. If there's an example of up one's own bottom, she is it.

ladymariner Fri 30-Aug-13 23:15:25

"MacArthur Park"......aaaarghhhhhhh

"Honey" by Bobby before, aaargggghhhh

Yawner247 Fri 30-Aug-13 23:17:50

Aqua Barbie in plastic it's fantastic....nope it's not I'm all good not being plastic thanks!!!!!

Crownjewel Fri 30-Aug-13 23:38:47

Bom Bom Bom by Sam and the Whomp - need I say any more?? The cause of a million arguments in our household - "I've got a pie in my pocket, eye in my socket"... WTF???

My heart will go on- Celine Dion.

Not even the fact that it was no.1 when I met DH can redeem it.

racingheart Fri 30-Aug-13 23:42:10

Girls Aloud and Sugababes singing together on Walk This Way as if one set of shriekers mangling a song wasn't bad enough. I used to get a headache within seconds of DC putting this on. Thank goodness they've graduated to more melodic stuff like Skrillex grin

LadyHarrietdeSpook Fri 30-Aug-13 23:55:39

I don't know where to start with this thread.Many songs have already been called to account for their wickedness. Some however are so bad that their names shouldn't even be mentioned in a thread referencing 'songs' as they don't count ( Barbie girl, anything by Celine dion).

I heard many bad songs on my recent US tour in cars which didn't permit the use of modern technology: iPods.

Ladies, I give u Freebird by LynerdSkynerd. More than a feelin' by Boston. Things by Foreigner and a band called Kansas.

But then in Britain you had good music in the 80s. I did not and immigrated.

Shenanagins Sat 31-Aug-13 00:10:50

The birdy song, mr blobby and anything by black lace.

MrsSippy Sat 31-Aug-13 00:25:42

Imagine - John Lennon. I hate that song with a passion!!!

stitchy Sat 31-Aug-13 00:27:25

Roxanne - Police
Build Me Up Buttercup - The Foundations
Break Out - Swing Out Sister

Awful. Properly ear-bleedingly awful.

(Jeremy Hardy doing My Humps to I Vow To Thee My Country on ISIHAC was indeed golden)

Quaffle Sat 31-Aug-13 00:31:20

Dido - no love without freedom. No love without freedom. No love without freedom. Repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat....she obviously got bored writing that one didn't she?

"I'll just repeat that line. Hmm...what the hell - I'll just repeat it again 1000 times".

LucyLastik Sat 31-Aug-13 00:32:44

Anything by bloody Emeli Sande.

Anything by bloody Michael Buble.

Anything by bloody Adele.

BreconBeBuggered Sat 31-Aug-13 00:36:03

Anything warbly - you know, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion type of thing. Anything by Spandau Ballet, but especially True-hoo-hooooo.

AmandaHoldenmigroin Sat 31-Aug-13 02:39:20

Groove is in the heart, Groove is in the heaarrrrrrrrt, groove is in the heart.

FixItUpChappie Sat 31-Aug-13 03:15:06

mum2bubble I agree wholeheartedly with Red, Red Wine - UB40


Melonbreath Sat 31-Aug-13 07:52:32


daisychain01 Sat 31-Aug-13 12:18:30

Ah yes ladymariner another winner, MacArthur Park, more vile ghastly drivel!!!

... aaaaand, ALTOGETHER NOW:-

Someone left the cake out in the rain
I don't think that I can take it
'cause it took so long to bake it
And I'll never have that recipe again

Go and talk to Mary Berry, for Gawwwwd's sake, just leave us in peace (or should that be 'piece' cake cake cake

kotinka Sat 31-Aug-13 12:30:43

I'm cringing here, loads of these are songs I love! Groove is in the heart, bom bom bom, kung fu fighting etc are all on my "can't sit down to" list blush

But please, someone stick warbly women like celine dion and leona lewis in room 101. There IS such a thing as too much vibrato.

Rowlers Sat 31-Aug-13 12:33:54

Some very good suggestions on here with which I conpletely agree and some others have really surprised me (how can you include sympathy for the devil e.g. It's a great song)
Anyway 2 songs I must include:
Shout it from the rooftops shite by was it Republica? Cannot listen to that song
Also am amazed no-one has mentioned the no. 1 shit song of all time - Crazy Horses waaah waaah by the Osmonds

GOODGirrrrrl. I know you want it, I know you want it...
No she fucking doesn't. Piss off creep.

Nancy66 Sat 31-Aug-13 12:39:19

'What Can I Do To Make You Love Me' The Corrs.

The most twee, bland shit ever recorded.

Vagndidit Sat 31-Aug-13 12:44:05

Far too many out there...but...

Wake Up--Boo Radleys

Take That--Shine. Most of their songs could complete the entire list.

The Promise--Girls Aloud

Blondie--Tide Is High

Inertia Sat 31-Aug-13 13:39:20

I like Intergalactic and Wake Up Boo ...

Thumbwitch Sat 31-Aug-13 13:47:16

Lisa Stansfield "Been around the world and aye-aye-aye can't find my baybee" - I HAVE to turn that fucker off whenever it comes on the radio, cannot STAND it!

Celine Dion and her thing from Titanic - gah!

Most stupidly pathetic line though comes from Always The Last to Know by Del Amitri:
"We spent summers up beyond the bay
And you said these are such perfect days
That if the bomb drops baby, I want to be the last to know "

REALLY?? That was the best fucking thing you could come up with? Utter drivel. Other than that I quite like the song, but that line makes me cringe and swear every single time.

I think you'll find it's ' been around the world tonigh-igh-igh -ight and I can't find my babeee' thumb witch :-)

Fucking rotten though

Titanic my heart will go on and that cringeworthy thing people do kidding on they are flying at the helm of the boat.

salsmum Sat 31-Aug-13 13:51:59

Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end...can't remember who sings it but majorly DRAB Macarana {sp} and any other song that smug drunken holiday makers bring back from their hols and know EVERY move off by heart...leaving us pail looking U.K. holiday makers wondering WTF they are doing grin.

AmandaHoldenmigroin Sat 31-Aug-13 13:52:45

to be fair kotinka I think I am probably the only person on the planet who doesn't like groove is in the heart!
The video gives me a headache too.

Thumbwitch Sat 31-Aug-13 14:04:27

50shades, it might well be but I hate it SOOO much I can't bear to listen to it to find out if you're right! grin

MissFenella Sat 31-Aug-13 14:06:46

Goldeneye Tina Turner makes me stabby

alltoomuchrightnow Sat 31-Aug-13 14:08:15

All Mumford and Buble
Walking on facking sunshine
All Simply crap Red
Dancing in the Moonlight
All Leona Spew-is
Real Gone Kid (even though i love DB)
All Lisa Stansfield and Beverley Craven
i think all time worst is Promise Me by BCraven (if that's the right title)

alltoomuchrightnow Sat 31-Aug-13 14:09:21

oh this one is a bum clencher...... What's Going on by Four Non Blondes
and Tubthumpin

alltoomuchrightnow Sat 31-Aug-13 14:15:57

I Don't wanna miss a thing
Elvis aint dead

paperclips Sat 31-Aug-13 14:44:24

Someone's already mentioned this, from about 1999, I think it's Blue by Eiffel 55 or something with a horrible voice going "I live in a blue with blue windows" and then "I am blue da da dee da da daa" It pains me to think of it its so awful.

And DJ OTZI "Hey Baby" (ooh ah!) .... I could actually rip my ears off.

Makes me think of Friday night drunk people in a tacky bar in Blacpool or somewhere.

mimitwo Sat 31-Aug-13 14:46:20

Bloody 'Imagine" John Lennon. I hate it,hate it, hate it.

BulletProofVestyBunny Sat 31-Aug-13 14:49:27

Anything by Nick Heyward.

In fact anything that, no matter how hard you listen, you can't make out all the words to. Very annoying when you are 13 and want to sing along.

It still haunts me now.

alltoomuchrightnow Sat 31-Aug-13 15:41:53

any James Blunt especially the one with the three wise men. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

toldmywrath Sat 31-Aug-13 17:36:00

They've got a semi by the sea dontcha know! wink smirk
alltoomuchrightnow -DLT loved Beverly Craven-she was very breathey.
I LOVE MacArthur Park-the Richard Harris version anyway.

KenDoddsDadsDog Sat 31-Aug-13 17:51:54

I do love Rob Bryden singing James Blunt in Gavin & Stacey. Hilarious.

TartanRug Sat 31-Aug-13 17:53:31

Abracadabra, The Steve Miller band. Worst. Song. Ever. Its on some stupid advert just now too so I have to run out screaming when it comes on.

alltoomuchrightnow Sat 31-Aug-13 17:54:20

Zoom/ Fat Larry

Ugly Kid Joe - Cats in the Cradle

AmandaHoldenmigroin Sun 01-Sep-13 02:27:17

And iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiii will always love yeeeeeeeewwwww - only the Whitney version (sorry Whitney, I do love some of your other hits just not that one)

FixItUpChappie Sun 01-Sep-13 02:49:59

ah, we'll...I love that 3 wiseman song by James Blunt blush

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