To be annoyed when people misuse words?

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acsec Sat 24-Aug-13 15:46:30

My DH is a prime example of this. The two which annoy me most are "My thesis is..." and, usually when he is playing a computer game and dies on it "Argh! Death becomes me!"
Unless you have written a dissertation on this subject, then you mean theory and I don't think dying on a computer game makes you look especially fetching.
It winds me up so much and I have given up telling him what he actually means.

Please MN, tell me I am not suffering alone!

nickelbabe Sat 24-Aug-13 15:47:26


your DH is a twat! grin


He's right. Sorry.

Nancy66 Sat 24-Aug-13 15:48:49

Can you be more pacific...

DropYourSword Sat 24-Aug-13 15:50:41

Supposably it's annoying wink

CaptainCapybara Sat 24-Aug-13 15:52:24

"Literally" annoys me, "I literally died laughing" no you didn't, shut the fuck up.

IslaValargeone Sat 24-Aug-13 15:54:22

I've got news for you captainCaybara The OED have accepted the shonky use of literally in its new form and added it to their defintion.

CaptainCapybara Sat 24-Aug-13 15:55:33

Really? FFS.

FunnyLittleFrog Sat 24-Aug-13 15:57:02

I don't get annoyed, just find it amusing usually. I have a very clever colleague who always writes 'I was wandering...' when she means wondering.

MoreThanWords Sat 24-Aug-13 16:21:17

My EXH uses 'miffed' as a synonym for puzzled.

And don't get me started on him pronouncing accurate as accriate

FunnyLittleFrog Sat 24-Aug-13 16:23:40

MIL uses the phrase 'hard on' inappropriately. Last week she was 'hard on asleep' apparently!

sashh Sat 24-Aug-13 16:44:35

Don't get me started on 'very unique'. It is or it isn't.

And even on radio 4 'secetery' seems to be taking over from secretary.

FastWindow Sat 24-Aug-13 16:47:33

Nuke-u-ler for nuclear. On the BBC news. Argh!!!

Freudianslap Sat 24-Aug-13 17:01:21

Prostrate instead of prostate makes me cross...

Thankfully it is not a word that is used too often otherwise I would explode.

My DS1 goes 'basically, blah blah blah' ALL THE TIME. angry When it adds NOTHING to the sentence whatsoever.

cushtie335 Sat 24-Aug-13 17:03:17

My DH gets dearth and plethora confused. It doesn't matter how many times I tell him, he still does it.

DD suggested to a friend of ours that he rode pavilion to a motorbike rally.

madmomma Sat 24-Aug-13 17:24:10

my friend thinks she is being extremely posh in saying wander in place of wonder. She says it's how the queen speaks.

FastWindow Sat 24-Aug-13 17:56:47

Reminds of a post that made me chortle. The absurd:

'' 'so she turned around and said, and so I turned around and said to her, etc. etc. '

As if they had started the conversation back to back. ''

Roared, I did.

blanketyblank1 Sat 24-Aug-13 18:16:25

Using the word "Yourself" instead of "you" , or "myself" instead of me. prime example on a phone call when the person says " I was speaking to yourself earlier" .
Drives me mad.

DodgyKnees Sat 24-Aug-13 18:56:15

Until very recently, my mother believed the phrase was "I can't be asked"...

Lweji Sat 24-Aug-13 19:30:49

Also when people ask if someone else has RSVP.
Apart from not reading updates, and even though I have recently used to be understood are people really asking if the other (or saying they did) "reply, please"?

Why not just type reply?

RSVP is French, even.

fastwindow - yours reminds me of.... folks using 'round' in place of 'around' especially in writing.
eg 'she came round'

Jolleigh Sat 24-Aug-13 22:04:45

Really gets to me too...

My DP is is foreign though people would swear he's English and does this all the time.

I blame Boston Legal mostly. He hears impressive words on there and uses them in whichever context he's decided they fit.

The other day, my jokes were erroneous apparently confused

Funny when he does it during a row though wink

Whatdoiknowanyway Sun 25-Aug-13 07:27:01

'One of the only' really gets to me. 'One of the only what'???
'One of the few' maybe, 'one of only 3/4/stated number' I can understand but just 'one of the only' is deeply irritating, especially when it's used in a broadsheet newspaper which should know better (Times last week).

Fuzzysnout Sun 25-Aug-13 07:45:53

"Ambalance" is not the correct name for a vehicle taking someone to hospital. BBC news please take note.

PurplePidjin Sun 25-Aug-13 07:54:41

Dp gets less and fewer muddled. I expect better of someone with a degree in English language.

I say "i went up down the high street" which infuriates me angry

StayAwayFromTheEdge Sun 25-Aug-13 07:58:05

Alc-O-ol for alcohol is infuriating.

PasswordProtected Sun 25-Aug-13 08:16:18

People confusing disinterested with uninterested.
People who say ec cetera when it is et cetera.

tethersend Sun 25-Aug-13 08:20:37

People confusing antisocial with unsociable.

If you hate going to parties, you're unsociable.

If you get thrown out of parties for shitting in the plant pots, you're antisocial.

Iamnotminterested Sun 25-Aug-13 08:34:24

Friend uses of instead of have all the time.

Eg. 'I should of bought the other one'.


arf at 'shitting in the plant pots'

what a great definition.

it irks me when dh says 'one of them' instead of 'those'. He does occasionally catch himself though abd is trying to stop after 9 years of being corrected

Tee2072 Sun 25-Aug-13 09:08:49

Language evolves.

If it didn't we'd all still be saying thee and thou.

Also, find a better hobby. Maybe one that actually achieves something. I hear stamp collecting can be very rewarding.

DidoTheDodo Sun 25-Aug-13 09:10:35

Using "weary" instead of "wary" gets right up my nose. Not literally, of course.

DidoTheDodo Sun 25-Aug-13 09:12:29

Oh and Tee , thee/thou are still in common usage in Yorkshire, and I love it.

BlackholesAndRevelations Sun 25-Aug-13 09:19:33

I used to be pedantic until I met my lovely dp who hasn't fit the best grasp of language, shall we say........

There are more important things in life!

When on official documents or in the media, I object greatly to language misuse. But just in conversation with people you love.... Why does it matter?

BlackholesAndRevelations Sun 25-Aug-13 09:20:08

*got, not fit! Oops grin

Tee2072 Sun 25-Aug-13 09:20:43

Dido I said 'we'd all still be saying...' I didn't say no one was saying it.

LaFataTurchina Sun 25-Aug-13 09:22:04

I got told to not put "my thesis..." in my actual dissertation confused

Lots of my colleagues use "you was" instead of "you were" and "I done" instead of "I did". We work in a pre-school AAARGH!

DidoTheDodo Sun 25-Aug-13 09:29:12

tee How do you know everyone said it in the first place?
Just asking!

CornishYarg Sun 25-Aug-13 09:38:09

DH is convinced these sayings are sheep-based rather than sheet-based:

Three sheep to the wind
As white as a sheep

I now find it quite endearing though!

I've also heard or read several people saying their recently immunised child has just "had their jags".

CollieEye Sun 25-Aug-13 09:40:32

"I'll be working nine while five"

Until, the word is until.

This seems to be a local thing, but I hate it and have to correct people under my breath. I don't care if I'm buying something from you, or interviewing you, I will correct you!!

Lweji Sun 25-Aug-13 09:43:27

"As white as a sheep"

Well, he's probably right these days.

I only have a couple of white sheets, they were presents and I never put them on my bed.

TheSlug Sun 25-Aug-13 09:51:11

People using 'generally' where they mean 'genuinely' argh!

marriedinwhiteisback Sun 25-Aug-13 09:52:14

All of the above and aks smile

But it only really annoys me when people who think they are better educated do it.

Presently means right now and sanguine means optimistic btw. I have heard oxbridgy types use those incorrectly.

My MIL uses "hard on" for in a deep sleep too. I've always distinguished between DH being "hard on" to having a ........... Iykwim. So in response to the poster above I think it's a regional phrase rather than misuse of language.

Ooh and another one that really bugs me although not seen now as often as in the past: "real leather". If it isn't leather it isn't real. That has annoyed me since I was a child.

And my mother says "oh sugar" is every bit as bad as "oh shit" if used insead of it. Just twee people being precious and who have learnt to control their swearing.

tethersend Sun 25-Aug-13 09:53:55

Blackholes- DP is French and if I were a pedant at home, I'd get nothing else done grin

Instead, his confusion between angry and hungry, experiment and experience, and owed and owned is met with nothing but an interested look. I let it all wash over me. Because, as he points out, my French is fucking shit grin

cornish in Scotland, we call injections jags. I'd never heard of "jabs" till I saw it on here

tethersend Sun 25-Aug-13 09:57:23

While for until and was for were etc. don't bother me as they are regional variations.

VitoCorleone Sun 25-Aug-13 10:14:36

I hate misuse and over use of the words 'literally' and 'ironic'

Really fucking bugs me.

No you did not 'literally die laughing' otherwise you would be dead!!

And no, bunping into your cousin who you were thinking about last week is not ironic!!

People confusing disinterested with uninterested
I'm with Password on this one.

ShellyBoobs Sun 25-Aug-13 11:34:55

I get very annoyed with the misuse of 'me' and 'I'.

It's as if some people think the word 'me' is rude and so try to replace it with 'I' whenever they can.

"When you've completed the task, please let Mary and I know".

It's 'me' you fuckwit!


PurplePidjin Sun 25-Aug-13 13:33:35

Monkey and me
Monkey and me
Monkey and me
We went to see...

Fantastic book but ARGH!!

Dawndonnaagain Sun 25-Aug-13 13:41:18

Thing is, language does matter. Language is the way we communicate. Language is what is used to start and stop wars. It's what is used to let us know what is or isn't happening in the world. It's the language used by this government that has started the benefit bashing threads. They've created a nasty little narrative. Yes, it changes, but it is important to use the language of the majority at a particular time, ergo getting your message across without ambiguity. Unless you are the government of course, in which case ambiguity is part of the narrative!

Dawndonnaagain Sun 25-Aug-13 13:42:17

Oh, and my tuppence worth: News readers who insist they are noosreaders, presenting the noos!

DropYourSword Sun 25-Aug-13 13:52:14

When people pronounce hospital as hos-pick-al.

KarmaBiatch Sun 25-Aug-13 14:08:54

I really dislike when people use the following words:

"I got hut by the ball" no, you didn't, you were hit


"I bet him at golf" no, you didn't, you beat him


DidoTheDodo Sun 25-Aug-13 14:14:16

Oh well said DawnDonna.

PipkinsPal Sun 25-Aug-13 14:18:16

Granny's going into resbite.

makemineamalibuandpineapple Sun 25-Aug-13 14:28:06

My boyfriend says tuth brush instead of toothbrush. It makes my cringe every time he does it, he is 33 fgs grin I love him really although when he does that I want to ram the fecking TOOTHbrush up his nose.

sashh Sun 25-Aug-13 14:34:01


Get thee to Barnsley lass, thee might learn a thing or two.

Also I'm well aware language evolves, but these are not examples of the evolution of language.

A man's hat no longer being called a bonnet is evolution of English, saying 'very unique' not only murder's the English Language but takes a stab at Latin too.

How can you teach a child that words begging with 'uni' are often derived from Latin and that 'uni' means one if it doesn't any more?

Unicycle, unify, uniform, all start with uni and all have uni as meaning 'one'.

badbride Sun 25-Aug-13 16:02:49

People which are phased by these things are such loosers grin

newforest Sun 25-Aug-13 16:04:59

Practise and practice
Me and I - it's not always I!
Effect and affect
Fewer and less
Whom and who...

I'm such an English language snob; I refuse to use abbreviations even when sending a text.

sparklingstars Sun 25-Aug-13 16:05:38

My pet hate is the misuse of 'pre-' - for example to pre-plan, pre-warn, pre-prepare etc

badbride Sun 25-Aug-13 16:11:04

Abuses of English that ruin the logic of what is meant have me reaching for pointy objects.

Classic example is "Frankly, I could care less." If you could care less, it means you do care. If you couldn't care less, then yes, you're not remotely bothered about something.

And don't get me started on "met with"...

sparklingstars Sun 25-Aug-13 16:13:43

I dislike people saying 'Alright?' as a greeting, is it a question that is meant to be answered?
and where did 'Back in the day....' come from?

tabulahrasa Sun 25-Aug-13 16:17:53

"I've also heard or read several people saying their recently immunised child has just "had their jags"."

That'll be because they're Scottish.

Fakebook Sun 25-Aug-13 16:19:23

I was talking to someone the other day about old photographs and apparently she'd seen some photos of her family members from the 1800's.

I told her that must be amazing and general chit chat and she kept saying "I couldn't believe they'd been kept in good condition since the 18th century." She kept saying 18th century about 3 or 4 times until I told her it wasn't 18th century it was 19th, because cameras hadn't been invented in the 1700's! She didn't understand what I was saying, and kept saying 18th century, so I gave up!

Nancy66 Sun 25-Aug-13 16:21:25

"oh my days" seems to be the phrase of choice for today's teens....makes absolutely not bloody sense and really annoys me.

sparklingstars Sun 25-Aug-13 16:23:56

DS's 60 something sports coach says 'oh my days' as well. He's the only person I've heard say it, I wonder if it is regional expression?

Nancy66 Sun 25-Aug-13 16:25:36

In that One Direction docu the other week ALL the girls were saying it and my teenage nieces use it all the time.

WildThongsHeartString Sun 25-Aug-13 16:28:43

I hate "I was sat listening" for "I was sitting"
"We were stood" for "We were standing"

It's heard on the BBC where language should be used properly. I'm not so pedantic that I feel the need to correct informal comments during chat on t'interent forums though. smile

mrspremise Sun 25-Aug-13 16:57:36

People using 'myself' instead of 'me' because they think it makes them sound intelligent (it doesn't)

The wilful misuse of 'literally' and 'ironic' as already mentioned, and similarly the bandying around of 'iconic', that one really pees me off.

My DH confuses 'guarantee' and 'warranty'; instead choosing to use his own version, which he pronounces 'warrantee'. Argh! He also describes things ad being 'unpossible' and 'displeasant'. Double argh.

mrspremise Sun 25-Aug-13 16:58:35

as being, silly auto-correct...

GangstersLoveToDance Sun 25-Aug-13 17:05:55

Df uses 'off of' constantly.

'I picked it up off of his mum'

'I took it off of him'

'I jumped off of that wall'

Grrr. He is otherwise very well spoken, much more so than me, but this really makes me cringe.

SarahAndFuck Sun 25-Aug-13 17:15:21

DH often muddles up 'common' and 'popular' when he speaks.

He once described a terrible illness as "being really popular all of a sudden" when he actually meant it seemed to be getting more and more common for people to be ill with it.

He also uses 'disposable' aspirin when he has a headache.

PolkadotsAndMoonbeams Sun 25-Aug-13 17:26:35

It's people's pronunciation (not pron-ounce-iation!) that irritates me.

I really hate it when people say "home-osexual".

Also, there's sometimes a difference between a 're' sound and a 'ree' sound at the beginning of a word. There's a difference between remarking and re-marking!

saintmerryweather Sun 25-Aug-13 17:26:48

snarky. there is no such word as snarky. piss off with your stupid made up words

Hissy Sun 25-Aug-13 17:34:00

There was a HUGE bunfight thread on here on the phrase 'Another THINK/Thing coming'

To be clear..

It is and always WAS think btw.

Jus' sayin'


Thatsnotmychicken Sun 25-Aug-13 17:59:22

Can't stand it when people mix up our and are. Also likkle is not a word!!!confused

Lweji Sun 25-Aug-13 18:06:18

Snarky does exist.
Early 20th century, according to the Oxford dictionary, although chiefly North American.

contortionist Sun 25-Aug-13 18:20:20

YANBU in general, but the use of thesis you criticise is correct, if a bit pretentious - it doesn't only mean a written argument submitted for an academic degree, although that is the primary meaning.

badbride Sun 25-Aug-13 18:26:55

Mitchell and Webb did an amusing skit on this:

IslaValargeone Sun 25-Aug-13 18:55:43

Well I didn't know that Hissy.
I do love learning a new fact.

VitoCorleone Sun 25-Aug-13 19:24:36

I always thought it was "you've got another thing coming" that makes more sense than "you've got another think coming" confused

ShellyBoobs Sun 25-Aug-13 20:17:13

VitoCorleone - I'm not sure how 'thing' can make any sense at all?

Hissy Sun 25-Aug-13 20:18:31

Think refers to 'idea' hence 'if you think xyz, then you've got another think coming, not thing. Thing is just thing.

Trust me. It really IS think.

mrspremise Sun 25-Aug-13 20:19:15

Disposable aspirin is my new favourite thing

MyNameIsSuz Sun 25-Aug-13 20:35:24

I really hate when people use 'myself' instead of 'me', it doesn't make you sound fancy or proper, it just makes you sound like a dick. It's got to the point where I feel like a dick for using 'myself' completely correctly in case people think this is what I'm doing.

Willdoitinaminute Sun 25-Aug-13 21:27:23

I read a poster the other day at a leisure centre asking 'perspective' members for the sub aqua club to contact the secretary for membership details.
I had an acquaintance who always used 'brought' rather than bought. Ahhhh!

LadyEnglefield Sun 25-Aug-13 23:23:54

Hate the expression "tiny little" do they mean as opposed to "big little" ?

Also "I personally think" how can you thinking be anything other than personal?

poorpaws Mon 26-Aug-13 00:14:18

My friend said her son TRET her to dinner. I didn't speak cos she's a bit of a know it all.

Didactylos Mon 26-Aug-13 00:14:25

we have a Stationary cupboard at work

I have placed a note on the other cupboard to match it saying 'Mobile cupboard' So far nobody has noticed or commented but it makes me feel better....

CollieEye Mon 26-Aug-13 13:40:51

sashh what about 'unisex'? I don't understand why it's not for one sex only...

NooothingMuma Mon 26-Aug-13 13:56:39

Supposably I should listen when dh is conversating with me about something pacific.

Especially when it involves 'you can't teach pork!' Oh the irony.

I get very stabby at "she da do this , no you can't do nothing"

DiseasesOfTheSheep Mon 26-Aug-13 15:50:06

what about 'unisex'?

One sex, fits all grin

CollieEye Mon 26-Aug-13 19:48:21

Good point diseases, that works for clothes, but what about hairdressers? The one sex, fits all falls down there!

VitoCorleone Wed 28-Aug-13 08:33:47

Because if i said "if you think im walking all the way to the shop you've got another thing coming" then id be meaning, dont expect that, because im doing something else, and thats what you'll be getting.

You wont get that, you'll get some thing else.

"you've got another think coming" just sounds stupid.

SarahAndFuck Wed 28-Aug-13 08:59:50

One of the most heated discussions I've ever seen took place on a book forum over the expression "I couldn't care less" verses "I could care less".

Tattva Wed 28-Aug-13 09:01:53

If you think I'm walking all the way to the shop you've got another think coming.

As in 'you can think again'.

Another thing makes makes no sense. Another thing?
What thing? As in 'you can thing again?'. There is no way in which that makes sense.

MrsKoala Wed 28-Aug-13 09:07:19

'Hold down the fort'


kingbeat23 Wed 28-Aug-13 09:24:22

I know someone who wants to "re-illiterate" a point to us minions. Makes me want to poke pins in people's eyes.

I have a bad habit of "we were stood" and have to catch myself from saying it every time. Oh, and bbc, it's hospiTal, there is no D in there!!confusedconfusedconfused

GrandstandingBlueTit Wed 28-Aug-13 09:27:59

His instead of he's. What is that about?

ShellyBoobs Wed 28-Aug-13 13:23:37


There's a lovely irony in that.


justmatureenough2bdad Wed 28-Aug-13 14:01:58

what irks me is when people tell me I have implied that they are an idiot...which they can't possibly know...
I do have to advise them that they have, in fact, inferred that they are an idiot

currentlyconfuseddotcom Wed 28-Aug-13 14:26:28

I embarrassed myself in a meeting when I told someone their work was 'monotone' instead of 'monochrome'. They started speaking in a low level voice then I realised and cringed.

gininteacupsandleavesonthelawn Wed 28-Aug-13 14:38:58

Brought instead of bought... Argh!

HopeClearwater Wed 28-Aug-13 14:43:04

Colleague used to say that things which happened every now and again were 'sporodic'. And her ill friend was on an 'oscillator' in hospital, not a ventilator.
She had a very high opinion of herself too...

Geranium45 Wed 28-Aug-13 14:52:32

A friend insisted it was 'Jesus wet' rather than 'Jesus wept'. Seems unlikely. And DH says 'they've give out rain' when he means the forecast is for rain - drives me mental!

FreeWee Wed 28-Aug-13 15:03:27

My DH calls it a bunfire rather than a bonfire. Annoyed me to start with but now endears me by saying "no buns were harmed in the making of this fire" like the small print at the end of an animal programme!

littlemog Wed 28-Aug-13 15:09:17

'Yourself' is the worst for me at the moment. Just say you!

littlemog Wed 28-Aug-13 15:09:54

Oh and 'hung' when people mean 'hanged'.

Feminine Wed 28-Aug-13 15:11:14

My favourite.


Stepmother:" I pacifically told them my ring size was xxx"

It is pronounced "per sif fic " however. Even funnier!

littlemog Wed 28-Aug-13 15:14:06

Brought and bought.

SoniaGluck Wed 28-Aug-13 15:50:26

FreeWee We always called it a 'bunfire' and we used to go out collecting 'bunnywood' or 'bunnying' just before Guy Fawkes night.

The local shops used to sell 'bunfire toffee' on sticks in a foil bun case from mid-October onwards. Happy days. <nostalgic>

I don't think they still do; I never see any anyway.

ViviPru Wed 28-Aug-13 16:38:52

The phrase DH uses all the time that makes me want to decapitate him is "double check". NO, you irritating man. You will check it. Double check implies you have already checked it once when you HAVEN'T.


currentlyconfuseddotcom Wed 28-Aug-13 17:15:17

Someone made me laugh just now when they said: "See, I always have premonitions about him. Sometimes they come true."

VitoCorleone Thu 29-Aug-13 20:09:49

Well we shall agree to disagree on the think/thing situation.

As for could care less / couldnt care less - its common sense surely? If you could care less about something then it implies that you do care to a certain degree but there is room to care a bit less

If you couldnt care less then you dont give a shit, you care so little about something there is no room to even care a little bit less.

How can people even argue about that?

VitoCorleone Thu 29-Aug-13 20:12:28

Couldnt care any less than you already do, thats wjat im trying to say.

littlemog Thu 29-Aug-13 20:19:26

Do people actually say that they 'could care less' ? When they really mean that they couldn't care less?

That's weird.

Lweji Thu 29-Aug-13 20:19:56

Someone made me laugh just now when they said: "See, I always have premonitions about him. Sometimes they come true."
What, like 50% of the time?

DH got an email from someone who "wasn't trying to be a pre-madonna". No, I don't suppose he was.

MorrisZapp Thu 29-Aug-13 20:49:57

Some of these are regional. I'm in Edinburgh, where 'burst' often means 'broken'. Drove me mad as a pedantic brat child to hear that one. My roller skates are burst! No, they are broken.

VitoCorleone Thu 29-Aug-13 20:59:21

Yes littlemog i think they say it in the states, ive heard it on American tv a few times and in a Green Day song.

Never heard anyone here say it.

Pootlingalong Thu 29-Aug-13 21:53:59

Oh, I do love a good grammatical pedant thread, no shame in that. Surely the worst is the inventive use of yourself/ myself e.g. "What can I do for yourself today?" Wtf? Um, stop hurting my ears with your dodgy reflexive pronouns (showing off emoticon). This one may be peculiar to North America, but has anybody else been the victim of "situated"? My example is " once you've got yourself situated, we'll begin." I thought I was already situated, I don't understand. Of course, it may just be my advanced age, so happy to be corrected.

MacaYoniandCheese Thu 29-Aug-13 22:11:38

People say "I could care less" here all the time. I'm pretty sure it's a North Americanism and it's WRONG, I tell you. I've also read/heard North Americans say 'make due' instead of make do confused.

Oh, I do enjoy these threads. I sit here, nodding along and harrumphing, as happy as a pig in shit grin

I dislike the way "ignorant" now seems to be used as a general insult, to mean rude, unpleasant, etc. That's not right, is it? You can be quite ignorant and still be a lovely person, or you could be a horrible person but very knowledgeable confused

musicismylife Thu 29-Aug-13 23:41:32


ZebraOwl Thu 29-Aug-13 23:43:44

People who think nonplussed means ambivalent. It makes me feel stabby.

InsultingBadger Thu 29-Aug-13 23:58:21

My dp says 'I was only stipulating...' When he wasn't

resipsa Fri 30-Aug-13 00:04:07


I won't go on. I blame some of these howlers on too little reading. If you've just heard it used but never (or rarely) seen it written down, you guess at the spelling and get it wrong.

SomebodyBrokeThat Fri 30-Aug-13 00:07:44

Immaculate manners when they mean impeccable, off the cuff for off the record. I could go on but I won't.

InsultingBadger Fri 30-Aug-13 00:09:55

You've got me thinking now...

My friend always writes 'proberly' and 'his' instead of he's
Hate Chester drawers

needaholidaynow Fri 30-Aug-13 00:31:33

My DP gets "natural" mixed up with "neutral"

"She died of neutral causes"

I have seen "adverse" used wrongly twice today. One of those times was on a thread on here:

"I'm not adverse to....."


Yes, it is to do with lack of reading. Well, reading proper literature. The misuse of certain words just seems to get more prevalent with our increased use of social media. Hence you get any illiterate Tom, Dick or Harry writing stuff that people read and absorb whether they like it or not.

bootsycollins Fri 30-Aug-13 01:14:54

The most annoying one for me is when somebody says learnt but means taught.
"He learnt me to play guitar" argh! angry

brimfullofasha Fri 30-Aug-13 07:18:34

A lots of these are really annoying especially 'yourself' but some are regional. Using 'while' as in ' I work 9 while 5' is used in Yorkshire, as is 'tret' instead of 'treat'.

Doubtfuldaphne Fri 30-Aug-13 09:02:24

My mil says mingey instead of stingey. It's horrible to listen to!

Trills Fri 30-Aug-13 09:05:26
Feminine Fri 30-Aug-13 09:19:42

Another one that makes me really cross is:

" You had better nip it in the BUTT" confused

Heard that all the time during my American years...

Blueberryveryberry Fri 30-Aug-13 09:48:42

Basically, I think he is right. Spare a thought for us forriners wink DH had to correct me because I was using 'since' instead of 'from' grin

cocobongo Fri 30-Aug-13 10:11:09

well, what are everyone's opinions on the "shit", "shitted", "shat" debate? I think the past tense of shit is shitted (i.e. "he shitted a brick") however, that sounds a bit clunky and twee so people started saying "shat". BUT, DH says that the past tense of shit has always been shat.

I think it is similar to the hung/hanged thing- hung sounds better but hanged is grammatically correct. So shat sounds better, but shitted is grammatically correct.

MN jury- who is right?


My mum used to use 'minge' as an affectionate nickname for the cat. Eventually I could bear it no longer and had to tell her what it meant.

I get annoyed by 'over-exaggerate', and 'hence why'.

Hobbes8 Fri 30-Aug-13 10:33:05

I get confused by a lot of the threads on here which describe someone as 'entitled', when I think they mean someone has a misplaced sense of entitlement.

Mind you I had a panic then about whether I meant 'which' or 'that' so perhaps I should keep my pedantry to myself.

WhatWillSantaBring Fri 30-Aug-13 10:42:45

cocobong - hanged/hung are slightly different. "Hung" is the past tense of "to hang (a picture on a wall)", whereas "hanged" is the past tensed of "to hang (from the gallows to put to death)". The only exception to this, I have been told, is when someone was "hung, drawn and quartered", and this is because they were deliberately not allowed to die during the hanging part. [gruesome emoticon]

The one I learnt only recently, is the difference between procrastinate (which I do a lot) and prevaricate (which I try never to do). I've used them interchangeably for many years, and I'm quite embarrassed as I no doubt will be in a few moments when I spot all the typos in my post

PixieBumbles Fri 30-Aug-13 10:46:26

I hate less instead of fewer. And myself/yourself instead of me/you. I recently signed up with a distance learning company. My confirmation e-mail from them began "thank you for enrolling with ourselves". Gaaah!! I nearly e-mailed straight back to tell them that acually, I've changed my mind. I also hate "I could care less". It just doesn't make any sense.

Blueberryveryberry Fri 30-Aug-13 12:17:32

Insulting I love 'chester' drawers grin never thought of that one!

Blueberryveryberry Fri 30-Aug-13 12:19:03

feminine nip it in the butt makes me think of piles, sorry.

SPBisResisting Fri 30-Aug-13 12:26:10

I am loathe to join this thread but I too having noticed a lot of people saying "I could care less"
Also why are the menopausal symptoms now called "hot flashes"?

littlemog Fri 30-Aug-13 12:53:21

Is 'chester drawers' what people write when they mean 'chest of drawers'?

littlemog Fri 30-Aug-13 12:56:03

Yes - I heard on the BBC a presenter saying that 'x person was hung' rather than hanged and my hackles rose....

SPBisResisting Fri 30-Aug-13 12:58:57

yes, but it's chester draws grin

bachsingingmum Fri 30-Aug-13 12:59:15

My DH keeps using the phrase "Hobson's Choice" when what he means is "six and two threes". No idea why. I'm sure he's seen the film.

ShellyBoobs Fri 30-Aug-13 13:07:32

yes, but it's chester draws


Try doing a search for it on eBay!

Make sure your bladder is up to it, though.


Feminine Fri 30-Aug-13 13:39:28

The "hot flashes" is an American expression too!

SPBisResisting Fri 30-Aug-13 13:41:47

Really? I have no problem with americanisms being used but they seem to take over so quickly until im the onlt one who remembers the original phrase and everyone gives me hmm this look when I use them

littlemog Fri 30-Aug-13 13:42:37

Bloody hell! 146 results for chester draws!!

Whp knew? grin

littlemog Fri 30-Aug-13 13:42:53

On eBay that is btw.

littlemog Fri 30-Aug-13 13:45:14

Is it bad that I am actually shocked by this?

musicwithrocksinit Fri 30-Aug-13 14:44:13

People who say Vic -ah versa boil my piss. It's vice people.

Oh and people who think their being smart when they say reeeaally?

And when someone counters "two negatives don't make a positive" with "it does in maths". Only when multiplied you prat, when you add them it gets "MORE" negative

Froths in a corner

musicwithrocksinit Fri 30-Aug-13 14:45:21

Oh and people who say ying and yang grrrrrrrr

Lweji Fri 30-Aug-13 15:08:16

Being a forriner too, I have made very rarely, of course silly mistakes.
Once, whisker for whisk. blush

littlemog Fri 30-Aug-13 15:09:22

Yes to 'ying' and yang. Bloody irritating and makes people sound really stupid.

ArtexMonkey Fri 30-Aug-13 15:17:18

sashh, are tha from tahn then? wink

My dh will say he squoze a spot, wtf? Mil says ds has 'a mis-cheev-ee-ous face'.

My mum has a friend who is awesome, the absolute queen of these though. If she turns down a cup of tea she'll say "no thank you, I must recline". She described someone's mucky house as 'an absolute grovel' once. But best of all was when she asked the decorators to put her a dildo in the front room. grin

resipsa Fri 30-Aug-13 15:47:44

I must be old and sad. I love these threads. Have added to my list:

"Hence why"/hence

resipsa Fri 30-Aug-13 15:51:22

But I have no problem when non-native speakers make mistakes. In their case, it's endearing. I remember never quite getting my head around "depuis" in French so if someone from France mixes up since and the-other-word-I-can't-recall-from-the-earlier-post, it's easy to tolerate.

badtime Fri 30-Aug-13 16:51:36

justmatureenough2bdad, I also get very irked by the infer/imply mix-up.

When people say 'What are you inferring?' I usually reply 'I'm inferring that you don't know the difference between infer and imply'.

imply = suggest
infer = deduce

Bumblequeen Fri 30-Aug-13 17:08:05

We was instead of we were.
I done instead of I did.
Pacific instead of specific
I should of instead of I should have

I dislike people dropping their T's:
Mee-ing instead of meeting
Hospi-all instead of hospital
Whaa- instead of what

Catsize Fri 30-Aug-13 17:14:11

I have found my dream thread...

'Those ones' and 'these ones'. No. It is 'those' or 'these'. One cannot pluralise 'one', can one?

'Could of' etc.

I could go on, but shall resist.

newforest, I think we were separated at birth.

ShellyBoobs Fri 30-Aug-13 17:21:23

no thank you, I must recline

I love that one.

I shall use that one at some point over the weekend.


elsie07 Fri 30-Aug-13 17:45:11

Loose instead of LOSE. It's all over the fucking internet like a contagion. I should stop visiting weight lo(o)se sites where no-one call spell to add to their other issues.

And it is you've got another think coming, thing doesn't make any sense.

Hissy Fri 30-Aug-13 18:56:35

My boss was talking about his holidays and how he's not familiar with the place he's going.

"It's not often I go icognito.."

He's an avid yourselfer too. hmm

Hissy Fri 30-Aug-13 18:57:10


I CAN spell. smile

NoGoatsToe Fri 30-Aug-13 20:27:03

My Aunt says my DS was 'memorised' by something... drives me mad. I presume she means mesmerised.

LittleNoona Fri 30-Aug-13 22:25:14

Not really misusing, but mispronouncing gets me.

My colleague says wed-uns-day instead of wednesday. It pisses me right off - we book appointments and say the days of the week in practically every phone call we take so I hear it often!

Also arks instead of ask.

I have a friend who tells people to stop being facetious when they're being argumentative. Does my head in.

Oh oh and my SIL, when describing her children's particularly energetic moods, will say 'they've been properly hypo this evening'

HYPER. IT'S HYPER. Hypo is short for hypoglycemic. I've told her the difference, she still does it!!

And crutch, referring to the area in the middle of your legs. It's CROTCH.

I accept I get irrationally angry over things that don't ultimately matter, though.

Sollers Fri 30-Aug-13 23:10:47

My forriner DP used to think frisky meant chilly. I found it really cute, so I never corrected him. Until my parents came to visit and he asked my mother if she was feeling frisky. That took some explaining. grin

KellyHopter Fri 30-Aug-13 23:50:03

Modest meaning boastful hmm
Haven't seen/heard that for a while though, used to come across it a lot.

pigsDOfly Sat 31-Aug-13 00:38:31

My son was 'corrected' by his teacher when, aged about 14, he used hanged in an essay; the teacher insisted that the man should be hung by his neck. To compound the offence the stupid teacher seemed to feel it appropriate to inform the whole class of my son's use of this strange word and allow everyone in the class to have a laugh at DS's expense. I've often wondered if the teacher ever learned he was in the wrong and perhaps wasn't the best person to be teaching English.

Oh and people using blatantly when they mean patently really annoys me.

CharityFunDay Sat 31-Aug-13 03:18:50

I was in Boots the other day and saw a sign in the pharmacy that said: "Bored of smoking? Try [product X]"

Someone had crossed out the "Of" in felt tip and written "with" instead.

kickassangel Sat 31-Aug-13 04:47:59

My mum always says infers when she means implies. I have noticed my dniece do the same.

I have pointed out the difference to mum, but she doesn't believe me.

littlemog Sat 31-Aug-13 09:55:29

pigsDOfly that is absolutely dreadful. Not only wrong but to try and humiliate your son too....what a total jobsworth. angry

Catsize Sat 31-Aug-13 10:15:23

'My child is on the 95th percentile'. Aaaagggghhhhhh!!!! Centile!!!! angry

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