To be a tad creeped out by the new Ikea advert?

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TheCunnyFunt Wed 07-Aug-13 19:55:09

It's just really freaky and weird. The one with the dolls. I would post a link to it but my phone won't connect to Youtube hmm

AnyFucker Wed 07-Aug-13 19:56:48


it is creepy

MiaowTheCat Wed 07-Aug-13 20:03:06

It's beyond creepy. I thought the gnomes were creepy enough - the dolls go into a realm beyond creepy.

MiaowTheCat Wed 07-Aug-13 20:03:36

If Ikea wanted to do a sucessful advert - 30 seconds of a plate of meatballs and dime cake would do it without all the advertising agency gimmickry.

coffeeinbed Wed 07-Aug-13 20:03:49

It's awful.

Goodkingwalkingslass Wed 07-Aug-13 20:04:26

Totally agree. V creepy. Something just not quite right about the whole thing!

BringBackBod Wed 07-Aug-13 20:04:28

I don't like it either. Wonder who thought that one up.

It's terrifying, it really freaks me out!



TheCunnyFunt Wed 07-Aug-13 22:03:11

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who finds it creepy'

AnnabelleLee Wed 07-Aug-13 22:10:15

yabu to be just a bit freaked, It's fucking hideous, especially to those of is with pediophobia.

CalmingLava Wed 07-Aug-13 22:12:17

YADNBU, it really creeps me out too.

diddl Wed 07-Aug-13 22:14:09

I lov it!

Love the song & the girl playing with her dollshouse.

CocacolaMum Wed 07-Aug-13 22:16:03

YANBU it makes me feel icky

Ilovegeorgeclooney Wed 07-Aug-13 22:18:08

Hate it, scary!

Xmasbaby11 Wed 07-Aug-13 22:19:47

I love it.

What's wrong with me?

Primadonnagirl Wed 07-Aug-13 22:22:59

YANBU! saw it last night for the first time and it scared the bejesus out of me! glad it's not just me

Trigglesx Wed 07-Aug-13 22:28:41

I don't like it either. Creepy creepy.

Doubtfuldaphne Wed 07-Aug-13 22:29:30

I find it cute!

WooWooSister Wed 07-Aug-13 22:32:49

omg it is the creepiest advert ever! I accidentally watched it twice in the one day and both times I was so freaked out that I got goosebumps shock . Now I try to avoid it.

TylerHopkins Wed 07-Aug-13 22:35:05

From the first time I saw it I thought it was creepy but I feel compelled to watch it. I know I'm gonna have nightmares now!

BigBongTheory Wed 07-Aug-13 22:35:27

Yanbu. It's making me too scared to go!

alwaysinamuckingfuddle Wed 07-Aug-13 22:47:42

Thanks! I thought it was just me!!!

LottieJenkins Wed 07-Aug-13 22:54:26

I haven't seen the new one but the gnome one scared the crap out of me!! hmm

TheCunnyFunt Thu 08-Aug-13 11:32:27
GrandPoohBah Thu 08-Aug-13 11:33:56


diddl Thu 08-Aug-13 11:44:38

I think if you see this version, it's not creepy at all-it's obvs a girl playing with dolls/house.

(Scroll down a bit for vid)

Its better than the Gnome one, that one upset me. I dont find this one creepy tbh, but do I need a special hook thing for my skateboard, thats the question!

HappilyChatterly Thu 08-Aug-13 11:56:04

I loved the gnome one, it really made me laugh and the doll one is sweet!

madkittens Thu 08-Aug-13 12:09:33

and this is the hypothesis as to why we are creeped out by this Ikea ad

Gruntfuttock Thu 08-Aug-13 12:34:49

I hadn't seen it until I clicked on the link above, but I quite like it. Certainly not at all creepy IMO.

LadyBeagleEyes Thu 08-Aug-13 12:38:30

Creepy and they all look like zombies.

Oh I quite liked it but at the same time... I didn't. How odd!

softlysoftly Thu 08-Aug-13 12:57:15

diddi made it worse!

And is it just me that finds the mother/son relationship a bit intense and creepy?

Interesting link Madkittens but really shouldn't have then googled bunraku puppets!

i hate it too. very creepy!

hated the gnome one... it made me sad

gazzalw Thu 08-Aug-13 13:06:51

I think maybe it's supposed to be different to attract one's attention.

I think they look a bit like 'blow-up' dolls which I'm sure isn't the intended idea....hmm.

Agree they are rather creepy though...

RegTheMonkey Thu 08-Aug-13 13:23:16

I like the song very much, but the dolls don't creep me out. It's not as scary as ... sharp intake of breath ... The Judderman!!!

oldgrandmama Thu 08-Aug-13 13:26:17

Reminded me of that 'Chucky' film (can't remember title). Horrible commercial. So is the 'Marmite' one, a sort of utterly tasteless spoof on the rescue of abused animals.

Fakebook Thu 08-Aug-13 13:28:02

I saw it with my dd, who pointed it out to me. We were mesmerised by its weirdness. But then we were mesmerised by the gnome advert too. I like them.

notso Thu 08-Aug-13 13:39:35

I like it although I preferred the 'you will always find me in the kitchen at parties' one. DD and I still do the walk from that!

Also the chuck out the chintz one, I am always compelled to sing it in the Cath Kidston shop to DH's amusement grin

Realise I look like some sort of Ikea Anorak now so am going to retreat from the thread and drool over my trofast collection because it is true

HomeHelpMeGawd Thu 08-Aug-13 13:46:25

I think it's a positive (and sadly rare) representation of lone parenting in adverts and very very commendable for that reason.

DS3(3yrs)is terrified of it. His eyes go wide and almost pop out of his head then his limbs go stiff before he starts screaming for us to turn it off.
We have gotten v good at switching it over as soon as it starts.... dd1 grabs remote the second adds starts in readyness of the big switch over!!
DS is also scared of the chesington add (with the computerised guy who looks real). Its the smiles that makes ds scared.

A friend of ours said its something to do with our brains finding it difficult to process something that it thinks is real but isnt, so life like dolls/realy good computer graphics can trick our brain which in turn can freak us out. Where as a cartoon person is fine as our brains can see it isnt real so therefor prosesses it that way and tells us its ok.

Mandy2003 Thu 08-Aug-13 14:33:57

I think its creepy as well because it fits in so well with what the Government would like: any single parent with children to be forced to live in a single room if they need housing benefit!

diddl Thu 08-Aug-13 14:36:50

Gut the mother/son relationship is only what the girl playing with the dolls makes it!

softlysoftly Thu 08-Aug-13 14:38:51

Too true Mandy, and that all single mothers go out and get pissed and have their DCs curing their hangovers.

Oh and own Staffys.

Oh and have lots of pretty shoes paid for with all that benefit money.

And isn't seen to go out to work.

<<think I may have taken this too far>>

softlysoftly Thu 08-Aug-13 14:40:27

I suppose Diddi but I just don't like it start to finish, its the dolls they are making me hate the whole thing, but then I have terrible memories of my mothers china dolls mixed with teenage explorations of LSD <<shudder>>

BeCool Thu 08-Aug-13 14:43:44

I think it's great -and as someone who lives in a small space with DC it's very inspiring.

There are a few tricks I missed - need to watch it on YouTube again.

Then again the "doll" doing the tour is a bit OTT

I've watched it again and I love it. I love the mother/son relationship. I love the way the football t.shirt unvelcros at the back like a real doll's would. I love the way the mum is all 'dolled up' when she goes out for the night.

But I especially love the bit where they play table tennis with books as the net, as we did that on holiday once... exactly the same... and it was hilarious.

The more I watch it the less freaky them seem. In fact I think I'd better stop watching now as I'm getting a bit obsessed!

Littleen Fri 09-Aug-13 00:22:09

it's daim cake btw. sorry, but spelling it dime is just one of those things that really ticks me off :P haha.

notso what about the cats one? All those cats wandering through the store and sitting on Klippern sofas or whatever to lovely music. I can't tell you how many times I watched that on youtube. In fact I'm off to watch it again.

MistressDeeCee Fri 09-Aug-13 03:28:07

I have a love/hate relationship with this advert. I still love dolls/dolls houses (at my big age!). But its the doll doing the tour, I dont like the way her face moves into different expressions. Especially the 'eyebrow raised' one. she's creepy. In fact I dont like the look & idea of lifesized dolls walking around either. Weird advert..and yet...I am compelled to watch it.. Ok its growing on me..I think.

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