To view "jam first" types with deep suspicion?

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CoffeeandScones Mon 05-Aug-13 17:29:05

On scones, that is (was a tangent on another thread, inspired by someone objecting to the idea of coffee, not tea, with scones).

I'll take the tea point. But it's cream first on a scone, then jam. Yes, it's harder to construct, but that's part of the beauty of its creation. A healthy bed of rich clotted cream, atop which you delicately and lovingly rest a nestling dollop of rich ruby red jam.

That's a proper scone, surely.

squoosh Mon 05-Aug-13 17:30:55


I like salty butter on my scones. My scones must also be free from vile dried fruit.

Fruity scones with cream and jam are for sissies.

DanceParty Mon 05-Aug-13 17:32:21

Nope, sorry - jam first definitely. No arguments.

peggotty Mon 05-Aug-13 17:32:32

I'm just going to throw the beauty that is cheese scones into the mix!

DrDance Mon 05-Aug-13 17:32:37

YABU - butter then jam, no cream

Rollmops Mon 05-Aug-13 17:33:11

Jam first.

[Throws down gauntlet]

cozietoesie Mon 05-Aug-13 17:33:33

Not hard to construct at all! you split the scone in half and then spread each surface with jam and then loads of cream - twice as much opportunity for indulgence.


Heartbrokenmum73 Mon 05-Aug-13 17:34:17

YY to cheese scones!

I love scones in general. I don't care what order the jam and cream go on, as long as they're there. The best ones come already done for you...

lovecupboards Mon 05-Aug-13 17:35:00

Either is fine provided the individual pronounces 'scone' correctly (ie not scoohhhhwn)

Pilgit Mon 05-Aug-13 17:35:46

Dh says jam first so you can get more cream on. He also has butter as well. Personally anything extra to jam is just wasted calories but i'm not a cream fan

Keztrel Mon 05-Aug-13 17:36:25

Yanbu. Cream is the butter in this scenario, therefore it goes first.

Keztrel Mon 05-Aug-13 17:37:08

Cream and butter is just ridiculous

DramaAlpaca Mon 05-Aug-13 17:37:17


A proper scone has no fruit and must be layered up with butter, then strawberry jam, then an enormous dollop of clotted cream on top.

Delicious! smile

Elsiequadrille Mon 05-Aug-13 17:37:41

Sounds right to me. Clotted cream, then jam.

Dh puts a scraping of jam on first and that doesn't taste quite right.

VestandKnickers Mon 05-Aug-13 17:39:04

Jam has to go on first becasue it is spready. Cream is dollopy and therefore goes on top.

StickEmUp Mon 05-Aug-13 17:39:07

Defo jam first! Are you quite mad! smile

IslaValargeone Mon 05-Aug-13 17:39:48

You can't put the jam on properly if the cream goes on first.
Scone construction shouldn't involve difficulty of any kind.

WafflyVersatile Mon 05-Aug-13 17:40:23

I don't think scones with cream and jam are all that.

There I said it.

The scones are usually a bit dry and crumbly. Don't get me wrong. I've never turned one down....

I like scones with butter on and then zapped in the microwave for 3.59205 seconds so the butter melts into the scone a bit.

IslaValargeone Mon 05-Aug-13 17:41:48

Scones in a microwave? Now you are being ridiculous.
I can see this thread turning nasty.

noddyholder Mon 05-Aug-13 17:42:31

Jam first How can you spread anything on cream?

Lizzabadger Mon 05-Aug-13 17:42:40

Clotted cream first, like butter. Then jam.

Whipped cream (inferior but still yummy) - jam first then cream (whipped cream is not solid enough to spread jam on).

MissStrawberry Mon 05-Aug-13 17:42:43

Cheese and herb are nice....

TeamEdward Mon 05-Aug-13 17:43:37

Scone, rhymes with "stone".

Butter, Jam (strawberry conserve for preference) and then cream.

toastedteacake Mon 05-Aug-13 17:43:55

I think it depends on your origins.

East Dorset = as much clotted cream as possible, then huge dollop of strawberry jam.


I agree with Keztrel the cream is in lieu of butter.

Wuldric Mon 05-Aug-13 17:44:13

Jam goes first, always.

You can then put loads of cream on top. Spreading jam on cream ends up in a splodgy mess. OP YABU

JohFlow Mon 05-Aug-13 17:44:18

I like to mix it up.

I put jam on first, then cream.

But then I turn the scone over grin

ExcuseTypos Mon 05-Aug-13 17:45:22

Jam spead thickly first, then a dollop of clotted cream.

I'm just back from a week in Cornwall then a week in Devon.

I obviously had to sample a couple of cream teas in each county.

hackmum Mon 05-Aug-13 17:45:23

Don't you just put jam on one half of the scone and cream on the other, and then push them together? Or is that just me?

jacks365 Mon 05-Aug-13 17:45:37

Very annoyed as now I need to get baking.

Then it's jam first cream on top.

CoffeeandScones Mon 05-Aug-13 17:45:56

Hmmm. This is a losing battle, though perhaps it's a metaphor for the wondrous diversity of life...

(also a useful counterpoint to the argument "x thousand/million/etc people can't be wrong" - turns out they can smile )

lovecupboards is spot on though with the pronunciation. It's scone as in "gone", not scone as in "own". That would be "scown" shudder

primarymonkeyhanger Mon 05-Aug-13 17:46:28

The clotted cream is all gooey and sticky so you need to put it on 1st to stop it pulling off all of the jam.

Must say I have never had a satisfactory scone anywhere other than Betty's tearoom or my kitchen.

I went for a posh afternoon tea recently and the scone turned to dust, no fruit and godknows what the cream was but it certainly wasn't clotted.

VestandKnickers Mon 05-Aug-13 17:47:05

No no no hackmum each half has to have jam and cream.

olidusUrsus Mon 05-Aug-13 17:48:22

Jam first!? Philistines. OP I have never and will never socialise with a jam first-er. You are welcome to tea at mine anytime.

Fruit scones are evil.

I like a huge dollop of clotted cream on a plain scone with just a smear of strawberry jam.

And now I'm hungry.

Elsiequadrille Mon 05-Aug-13 17:49:57

I like that too, Waffly (microwave and butter). But I still prefer clotted cream and jam.

MissStrawberry Mon 05-Aug-13 17:50:57

I am a northerner. Married to a southerner. Live in the South. I make scones and no one gets on if they don't say the name properly. Scone to rhyme with gone natch.

Euphemia Mon 05-Aug-13 17:51:05

Jam and butter together: YUK!

squoosh Mon 05-Aug-13 17:51:52

I pronounce scone as sc-own and don'f give two filddy fecks what anyone else thinks.

Some say scon, some say scown, the town is pronounced Skooon.

maddening Mon 05-Aug-13 17:52:33

Yanbu - cream then jam.

Taffeta Mon 05-Aug-13 17:53:14

Scones are like, total gack. Grim.

But DS adores them so I buy him one occasionally in the local tea room. Cream first, then jam.

YY ToastedTeacake. That's the right and only way to construct a scone.

And scone rhymes with stone.

Slightly disgusted at butter on scones. shock

WafflyVersatile Mon 05-Aug-13 17:55:21

Elsie You can always add them after. grin

TSSDNCOP Mon 05-Aug-13 17:55:45

Oh for gods sake not this again.

For the cotton picking last time:

Scone (said to rhyme with bone)

In my kingdom any other way will be treasonous. Penalty: death.

meganorks Mon 05-Aug-13 17:55:55

Yanbu. But I think its easier that way. Clotted cream spreads like butter and then jam easy to spread on top. The other way just ends up with blob of cream going round and round on top and not spreading

I think cream first is the Devon way. Have to keep looking over my shoulder in Cornwall...

OwlinaTree Mon 05-Aug-13 17:57:04

Don't like scones after having to eat Granny's kill-me-quicks as a child.

Don't really like clotted cream.

So i'm left with the raisins and the jam i suppose.

Scone to rhyme with gone is how i would say it.

ChippingInHopHopHop Mon 05-Aug-13 17:57:28

Plain or cheese with butter.

Depends - if you use butter or not:

If you use butter it's butter, jam, cream.

If you don't use butter, it's cream then jam.

Something to do with needing to put the 'fat' on the scone for max taste according to professional bakers.

<shrug> I'll take them anyway I can get them smile

IslaValargeone Mon 05-Aug-13 17:57:29

You can't eat them if they are pushed together surely?

Keztrel Mon 05-Aug-13 17:57:41

What is this "spreading" you all speak of? Massive dollop of cream followed by massive dollop of jam. Yum.

Taffeta Mon 05-Aug-13 17:58:32

Yes scone to rhyme with gone. My mum has a friend that says scone to rhyme with own and she sounds like Hyacinth Bucket. <hides>

SillyBillly Mon 05-Aug-13 17:59:02

I dont care which way it goes on, its all going in my mouth as quickly as possibly, Oh if your not gonna eat that one ill have it lol

Keztrel Mon 05-Aug-13 17:59:08

Oh god I am now starving.

ShatnersBassoon Mon 05-Aug-13 17:59:17

It has to be jam first, or my moustache gets all clarted up. Plus it looks nicer when you can see red jam underneath and not a pink swirly carbuncle on top.

LeGavrOrf Mon 05-Aug-13 17:59:34


Jam first, then cream.

NO butter.

I am from Devon.

I am right.

MrsBertMacklin Mon 05-Aug-13 17:59:53

What meganorks said. The Cornish way is jam first but makes no logistical sense due to spreading issues. So I say the Devonshire method reigns supreme.

Also looks prettier.

LeGavrOrf Mon 05-Aug-13 18:00:38

Don't speak to me of Cornwall.

ImperialBlether Mon 05-Aug-13 18:01:03

Warm scone (own)
Raspberry jam

SelectAUserName Mon 05-Aug-13 18:01:52

Scone as in gone.
Moderate amount of jam (no butter)
Hyyyuuuuge dollop of clotted (never whipped) cream


VestandKnickers Mon 05-Aug-13 18:02:59

Raspberry jam? Are you insane? Strawberry is the only possibility!

SelectAUserName Mon 05-Aug-13 18:03:04

Sorry, I meant (never whipped and especially never squirty).

IslaValargeone Mon 05-Aug-13 18:04:27

Absolutely no swirly carbuncles.
Loving the clarted moustache grin

ImperialBlether Mon 05-Aug-13 18:04:34

Raspberry jam is the best jam in the world. Bonne Maman is good.

Xihha Mon 05-Aug-13 18:05:45

I thought it went butter, jam, cream, more jam?

scripsi Mon 05-Aug-13 18:06:15

Fuck, I want a scone.

And I want to live in Cornwall.

But I am on a sodding commuter train where everyone smells like wet shoes.

WhiteandGreen Mon 05-Aug-13 18:07:53

Butter, then jam, then cream.

ImperialBlether Mon 05-Aug-13 18:08:01

Do you carry on, adding more butter, then another scone, Xihha?

Xihha Mon 05-Aug-13 18:09:00

oh and scone as in gone, strawberry jam and clotted cream, never ever whipped cream or spray cream! (raspberry jam is however acceptable if you run out of strawberry)

spotscotch Mon 05-Aug-13 18:09:54

My friend went for afternoon tea recently at a vair posh hotel. She said that the man who served them told them it should be jam first then cream. The reason for this is that the jam has a stronger taste than the cream, so if the jam was on top, that would be the first thing you would taste and it would overpower everything else. It's jam on the bottom, cream on top.

So there smile

CoTananat Mon 05-Aug-13 18:10:00

It's clotted cream first. The cream befattens the crumb. You put the jam on with a tiny spoon. There's no spreading going on with jam.

If there's no cream then it's butter first. Then the jam. In this tragic, impoverished scenario the jam may be spread.

Xihha Mon 05-Aug-13 18:10:19

Imperial, No, but only because that makes it too hard to eat, you can however then have a second scone...

Trills Mon 05-Aug-13 18:11:36

I don't want a dollop of jam.

I want to spread my jam, then cover it all with cream.

If you dollop your jam then there is only jam in the middle.

I bet your sandwiches don't have filling in the corners.

GinOnTwoWheels Mon 05-Aug-13 18:13:42

I'm not bothered whether jam or cream goes first and often make it either way.

However, I'm low carbing at the moment so YABVU for mentioning cream teas at all. Just like my ex friend who was showing off her posho tea room afternoon tea on facebook at the weekend.

However scone rhymes with gone, not anything else ever and where the cream is concerned, only clotted cream is acceptable, whipped cream or <shudder> squirty cream> is NOT acceptable under ANY circumstances.

MrsBertMacklin Mon 05-Aug-13 18:15:31

Plum jam is really good, as is golden syrup.

Sorry, but what kind of fuckhole puts whipped cream on a scone. Ugh.

ringaringarosy Mon 05-Aug-13 18:17:42

i like scones,i dont care which way it is though,never thought about it!surely if someone does it the "wrong" way you could just turn it upside down?

chesterberry Mon 05-Aug-13 18:17:56

YABU. Butter first, then jam, then as much cream as you can manage to pile on top.

Wabbitty Mon 05-Aug-13 18:18:33

Scone as in cone with an s in front of it or stone (its so bleeding obvious how you should pronounce it, can't believe so many do it wrong, I mean come on who pronounces it to rhyme with gone??)

Devonshire way. Cream first, jam second.

Cornish clotted cream is different to Devonshire (Roddas compared to Langage). Devonshire clotted cream is thicker so cannot be placed on the jam. Cornish clotted cream is runnier so goes on last

SarahAndFuck Mon 05-Aug-13 18:19:53

Jam first and then cream on top.

Elsiequadrille Mon 05-Aug-13 18:21:48

As children, we were always told scone to rhyme with stone was a bit like 'pardon' (i.e. affected, apparently) and we shouldn't use it.

Margot7 Mon 05-Aug-13 18:23:07

Marmite for me!

Osmiornica Mon 05-Aug-13 18:23:32

Jam first then cream on the base of the top bit then squish together.

Cheese scones are the work of the devil. I once picked one up not knowing what it was - it was unlabelled - then proceeded to slap a load of jam and cream on it. To say it was vile is an understatement. At least it gave the children a laugh. I had no idea such things existed and assumed it was a plain, no fruit one. I won't make that mistake again!

No jam. No cream.

Just butter. Lots of it.

Trills Mon 05-Aug-13 18:27:38

I don't actually care what other people do to their scones as long as they don't claim that etiquette dictates anything other than "don't eat with your mouth open" and "don't get jam in the cream (or vice versa)"

milkglass Mon 05-Aug-13 18:29:15

Butter then jam then cream - That is the only way grin

CMOTDibbler Mon 05-Aug-13 18:33:23

If clotted cream, then scone, cream, jam. If its whipped cream, then butter, jam, cream.

AltogetherAndrews Mon 05-Aug-13 18:35:12

scone ( to rhyme with on)

Butter, lots

Jam, raspberry or apricot.

Unless it it a treacle scone, then it's just salty butter.

No to cream of any description.

That's how it is done in Scotland, we don't hold with southern affectations like cream on a scone. But then, we will probably try to deep fry one eventually.

slapandpickle Mon 05-Aug-13 18:36:47

I don't care what people put on their scones as long as mine is butter then jam then cream. Yes IABU to have both butter and cream.

Also it is skon to rhyme with gone - not scoooooowwwnnn. Latter is v hyacinth bucket imo.

Crinkle77 Mon 05-Aug-13 18:38:47

Sorry but jam first and deffo no fruit. yuck

2rebecca Mon 05-Aug-13 18:39:08

Jam first then cream on top.

VestandKnickers Mon 05-Aug-13 18:40:19

Is befatten a word now?

No jam - tis the work of the devil! Just lots and lots of cream or butter.

<ducks back behind parapet before ring pelted with stale scones>

MissFenella Mon 05-Aug-13 18:42:08

Jam first is the only logical option

ZingWidge Mon 05-Aug-13 18:42:36

I couldn't care less which way, all I care that it comes with a big mug of hot chocolate.

CoTananat Mon 05-Aug-13 18:42:49

Befatten is a perfectly cromulent word.

Viviennemary Mon 05-Aug-13 18:46:47

I do jam first. Then you can spread the cream on top. Rather that make a gooey mess trying to spread jam over the cream.

Burmobasher Mon 05-Aug-13 18:50:41

Butter - jam - cream, surely there's no other way?

oldandcrabby Mon 05-Aug-13 18:51:54

For uz Devonians 'tis cream first then jam, my maid. They Cornish are heathen.
Just don't get into the pronunciation of the word 'scone'.grin

ClaraOswald Mon 05-Aug-13 18:52:50

Clotted cream then jam. The clotted cream takes the place of butter.

Anyone who uses whipped cream needs to be taken out and splatted with a custard pie.

cornypepper Mon 05-Aug-13 18:53:48

it's jam first <freak>

BistoBear Mon 05-Aug-13 18:54:47

Butter then Jam OR Cream then Jam. Never butter and cream! Also, never fruit scones!

And, scone rhymes with Ron!

neffi Mon 05-Aug-13 18:56:18

Butter, then jam, then cream. Obviously.

JamNan Mon 05-Aug-13 18:57:18

Butter, jam, cream

IrisWildthyme Mon 05-Aug-13 18:57:29

Jam first is silly, cream first is silly.

Generous layer of butter.
At least 5mm thick strawberry jam (only strawberry. no other berry will do)
Then at least 7mm thick clotted cream

Anything else, and you just don't get it.

LongTailedTit Mon 05-Aug-13 18:57:46

Proper clotted cream first in huuuuge quantities, then a thin-medium layer of jam on top.
As many thoroughly correct people upthread have said, cream is in place of butter. If your cream doesn't spread, I might quietly suggest that your cream is somehow deficient...

I love clotted cream more than life itself, and have embarrassed myself several times over by hogging the cream bowl in company.

Devonish ancestry, so always cream first, and scone like gone, to rhyme with I am right.


Bogeyface Mon 05-Aug-13 18:59:18

It is scone (scown not scon, thank you!) no butter, jam then cream smile

Capitola Mon 05-Aug-13 18:59:51

Jam first, definitely.

I loathe cream teas so I don't know why I am joining in!

carlywurly Mon 05-Aug-13 18:59:52

Live in cornwall but do cream teas the Devon way - cream then jam. smile

MusieB Mon 05-Aug-13 19:01:52

oldandcrabby no, 'tis only proper job with jam fust, then cream. Oi'm a Corn. But oi bet we can agree 'tis a sconn not a "scohn" and that anyone who thinks else is a daft 'apporth!

ArgyMargy Mon 05-Aug-13 19:01:56

Rhymes with Ron / gone
No fruit
Never warmed, just room temp
No butter
Jam first then proper Clotted cream
Please can someone go through the thread and count up who's won?

Bogeyface Mon 05-Aug-13 19:07:43

Does the magic "e" mean nothing to you people?!

the e makes it scone to rhyme with own.

ShatnersBassoon Mon 05-Aug-13 19:10:32

Yeah, that magic e, like in gone and done. It's been scientifically proven that scone rhymes with Ron by me who got A in GCSE science

Bogeyface Mon 05-Aug-13 19:11:33

The queen says scown.

Taffeta Mon 05-Aug-13 19:12:22

Yes but she's the Queen. She drops vowels and shit.

ShatnersBassoon Mon 05-Aug-13 19:12:41

The queen also says hellair. She hasn't got a clue.

toastedteacake Mon 05-Aug-13 19:14:41

Is there a correlation between those who make their scones correctly (cream then jam) and the way it is pronounced?


piratecat Mon 05-Aug-13 19:15:58

Live in Devon but do mine the Cornish way.!!

you can get a shed load of cream on top of the jam. if you eat a bit too much cream in one of the mouthfulls you can scoop even more cream on.

makes sense surely.

Shitsinger Mon 05-Aug-13 19:19:25

Bogey do you say gowwwn then ? (gone also has the magic(ha) "e".

Scon with no magic "e" - was also taught it was as bad as saying "pardon".
Clotted cream then homemade plum jam spooned on not spread hmm.

SmiteYouWithThunderbolts Mon 05-Aug-13 19:20:36



The only way to eat a scone (to rhyme with "gone") is jam first followed by clotted cream.

Cream first is wrong because there's nothing for the jam to grip onto. I don't want slippery jammy creamy gunge atop my lovely scone.

Shitsinger Mon 05-Aug-13 19:23:03

"theres nothing for the jam to grip on "
That's why you have to eat them quickly and have another one

ZingWidge Mon 05-Aug-13 19:33:16

any chance anyone will be happy to go down the SconeWidge route?grin



LongTailedTit Mon 05-Aug-13 19:35:14

May I say the OED is spectacularly useless in its pronunciation guide, giving both skoan and skon as options.

Fence sitting twats.

LongTailedTit Mon 05-Aug-13 19:35:54

Zing grin grin grin

SanityClause Mon 05-Aug-13 19:38:08

Hi Coffee. 'Twas me! And then RL got in the way.

Jam first. Then cream. No butter.


MamaChubbyLegs Mon 05-Aug-13 19:40:16

Oh fuck! I forgot to buy cream tea at morrisons for a second week!

You've just reminded me!

I like it with butter and cream. Butter stops your cream sinking in. Oh yeah, and jam.

And it's SKONN! Which doesn't rhyme with "gone" in my accent. GORRRN.

squoosh Mon 05-Aug-13 19:41:52

Shop bought scones are the devil's gall stones. Home made or nothing.

MamaChubbyLegs Mon 05-Aug-13 19:43:39

No no no.. lazy shop bought is better than NOTHING.

Imagine nothing. Horrible sad

Gruntfuttocks Mon 05-Aug-13 19:46:20

I've had scones at Buckingham Palace and I'm here to tell you that it is cream first then jam for Her Madge. So there!

ThursdayLast Mon 05-Aug-13 19:46:20

You're not supposed to spread the jam! Big blob on top of an even bigger blob of clotted cream is the only way.

But cheese scones will always be my fave, with lashings and lashings of butter.

squoosh Mon 05-Aug-13 19:46:39

Only people who have to work for a living would consider a shop bought scone to be acceptable. I just send word to the cook, via the housekeeper, via the butler, via my parlour maid to whip a batch up pronto.

ZingWidge Mon 05-Aug-13 19:46:41

I tell you what I do.
you'll be all rolling your eyes, but here it is:

I put clotted cream all over one half of the scone
I put jam all over second half of scone

then I quickly push the two sides together. tada!

you can flip it either way (the Devon/Cornwall argument) genius or what?

FeijoaVodkaStat Mon 05-Aug-13 19:52:22

When I was growing up the was no such thing as clotted cream for our scones (foreign, not amazingly old!). You try putting jam on top of unstable whipped cream and are how well you do. Thus jam then cream (or in my case, jam then more jam, or even better forget the scone and eat something that actually tastes good)

On a peanut butter and jam sandwich however, it is definitely peanut butter first then jam

TiggyD Mon 05-Aug-13 19:53:08

I go Cornish.

Jam on first, then full fat clotted cream with bits on hard fat formed on it, on the top.

CoTananat Mon 05-Aug-13 20:00:33

No, I will never try putting whipped cream on a scone. You can't make me!

ZingWidge Mon 05-Aug-13 20:01:14

<waves to TiggyD>

I had my first proper cream tea in Devon, and it was cream then jam - which is kind of the equivalent of butter then jam when making a sandwich, so seems more logical.
you get a more even proportion of both cream and jam that way as well - don't you think?

TiggyD Mon 05-Aug-13 20:06:49

Jam goes on first because it's sweet and there's a finite amount of sweetness a person can handle. Putting the cream on second means you can pile on as much as is possible to get on. 3 inches is good.

ZingWidge Mon 05-Aug-13 20:07:56

TiggyD 3 inches is all you have? tsk grin

propertyNIGHTmareBEFOREXMAS Mon 05-Aug-13 20:09:47

Yanbu. That is EXACTLY how a like a scone. I partake of a cream tea at least once a fortnight. That is how I roll.

Allegrogirl Mon 05-Aug-13 20:37:36

YANBU. Proper, thick Deb'n clotted cream as butter substitute first then jam. Jam hard to spread on a dry scone. NO FRUIT.

I pronounce it to rhyme with stone like my mum. Just can't bring myself to say it any other way.

milktraylady Mon 05-Aug-13 20:41:42

I say scone (gone) and DH says scone (skone). We do manage to live in harmony. Tho of course he is wrong.

We did a controlled experiment on the cream/jam order.

Result ..... Clotted cream then Tiptree raspberry jam.

I put on exactly double of both, to what normal people do. I laugh at their insufficiency!

(Though my Granny was from Devon so that explains why I felt this was instinctively the correct way wink)

I also find cutting the (shop) scone in half and lightly toasting it makes them light & lovely. Yummmmmmmm

Keztrel Mon 05-Aug-13 20:44:20

MrsBert I am crying at "what kind of fuckhole puts whipped cream on a scone" grin

IfIonlyhadsomesleep Mon 05-Aug-13 20:44:42

Cream is a butter substitute so goes on first. Jam on top. End of. Although don't (really, don't!) get me started on people who offer whipped cream instead of clotted shock.

IfIonlyhadsomesleep Mon 05-Aug-13 20:45:42

I have relaxed on the issue of fruit in the scone. But only a bit.

Wabbitty Mon 05-Aug-13 20:48:32

Tsk tsk tsk. Right, repeat after me, cone cone cone now add an s in front scone scone scone. Simples

BergholtStuttleyJohnson Mon 05-Aug-13 20:48:58

YABU. The best scones are cheesy ones with about three times as much cheese as the recipe states (so more like scone cheeses grin ) scoffed while still warm with nowt else on them but if you MUST eat the cheeseless variety then jam should be before cream.

IfIonlyhadsomesleep Mon 05-Aug-13 20:51:28

Scone pronounced as in "it's gone". Which surely is the derivation of the word. Very quickly (if spread correctly) in my case blush.

Catsize Mon 05-Aug-13 20:53:00

Butter then jam then cream. And it has to be red jam. Strawberry preferably. I wish you all world peace.

IfIonlyhadsomesleep Mon 05-Aug-13 20:54:19

Lord-would some folk use apricot?

NoComet Mon 05-Aug-13 20:55:28

Jam first, you heathens from East of the Tamar!

I missed a scone thread! sad

Scone must rhyme with gone or my name would not make sense - alright?! <narrows eyes>

It must be crusty clotted cream first then jam. I defy anyone to spread proper clotted cream on top of jam, it would just slide off! I have a recipe for home made clotted cream but I am not sharing so ner

Bogeyface Tue 06-Aug-13 09:48:41

I asked the maid, in dulcet tone
To bring to me a buttered scone.
The silly girl has been and gone
And brought instead a buttered scone.

ShowOfHands Tue 06-Aug-13 10:04:56

I genuinely don't care whether you put on jam first or cream first or if you pronounce it 'sconnydoodah'. I am ZEN.

I save my rants for proper Weetabix etiquette.

ClaraOswald Tue 06-Aug-13 20:28:37

thanks to this thread, I went and indulged for dessert tonight.

FrankSpenser Tue 06-Aug-13 21:42:10

ha! that's really clever Bogey!

FrankSpenser Tue 06-Aug-13 21:43:26

Why do people not like whipped cream then?

Bogeyface Tue 06-Aug-13 21:48:33

I wish I could take credit! I cant remember who wrote it, but a friend of mine emailed it to me after a similar "Scone/Scon" argument grin

Bogeyface Tue 06-Aug-13 21:49:41

Ok, I'll ask. Show what is proper weetabix etiquette?

I dont eat Weetabix so I dont care, but I think I need to know this in order to judge people when I am on my hols grin

IfIonlyhadsomesleep Tue 06-Aug-13 21:53:32

Whipped cream? It's just wrong, but if I needed to put it into words it would be to do with being too light, not unctuous and heavy enough to support the jam that must sit on too. Of course, if you already go jam first, I guess whipped cream can't make things much worse.

SarahAndFuck Tue 06-Aug-13 21:53:55

There's weetabix etiquette?

IfIonlyhadsomesleep Tue 06-Aug-13 21:56:48

I'm guessing the weetabix thing is complicated but has to do with what you put on it - apparently some like yoghurt shock and how much milk you put on. Should the weetabix retain its crunch? Should it be swimming in milk but still weetabix shaped? Is it okay for it to be basically mush? Hot or cold milk? I have time to ponder these issues because I have a toddler who still thinks sleep is for cissies!

IfIonlyhadsomesleep Tue 06-Aug-13 21:57:49

Sugar type, amount or its very presence might come into it. Aren't scones simple with their dilemmas?

UniS Tue 06-Aug-13 22:00:27

Cornwall- jam 1st then tiny dollop of cream.
Devon - thick layer of cream, topped with jam or fresh fruit ( raspberry or strawberry).

I'm told that ist because Cornwall had more fruit farming and less dairy, while Devon has a strong Dairy tradition and going back a few years many farms made more clotted cream than butter, with buttter being used for cooking NOT spreading.

ShowOfHands Tue 06-Aug-13 22:02:00

No, no. Nothing so complicated. Due to the anisotropic nature of the Weetabix, it is possible to put it upside down in the bowl. It makes the very fibres of my being twitch with rage when I witness people flinging a Weetabix willy nilly into a bowl without checking it's the right way up first. You can put what you like on it.

ZingWidge Tue 06-Aug-13 22:02:55

Scone poetry and Weetabix etiquette - how decadent!
Are you writing the story lines for the 3rd series of Downton Abbey?grin

ZingWidge Tue 06-Aug-13 22:04:25

showof is it ok to put it in the bowl upside down when on the Southern hemisphere? wink

IfIonlyhadsomesleep Tue 06-Aug-13 22:08:06

Eh? How would I know which way up? And dues that apply to (don't judge) own brand wheat biscuit cereals? I must know!

Crikeyblimey Tue 06-Aug-13 22:13:25

Oh, I agree there is definitely a wrong way up for weetabix.

Re the scone (rhymes with gone) - jam first.

ShowOfHands Tue 06-Aug-13 22:13:56

No it is NOT okay to put a Weetabix upside down. Geography is no excuse. Honestly.

This thread explains everything.

I assume other own brand wheat biscuit cereals have a correct side up as the production processes must be similar. I have not investigated this however.

DelayedActionMouseMaker Tue 06-Aug-13 22:17:00

Without a heart curdlingly thick layer of salty butter the jam (raspberry) and cream (clotted) are just insipid. Fact.

susiedaisy Tue 06-Aug-13 22:19:43

Jam first then cream and definitely no fruit, peel, cheese or any shit like that!

TheSlug Tue 06-Aug-13 22:21:43

Proper salted butter, clotted cream then jam. On both sides. Yum

SoMuchToBits Tue 06-Aug-13 22:27:05

I'm on holiday in Cornwall at the moment. In our holiday accommodation we were provided with some complimentary scones, jam and cream. The cream (Rodda's) had specific instructions that the jam should be placed on the scone before the cream.

I said to my 12 year old ds "There are often threads on mumsnet about this you know!" I shall now refer him to this thread... wink

TiggyD Tue 06-Aug-13 22:47:11

Whipped cream will not do. You might have to suffer it in the uncivilised areas of the world, but not in Her Majesty's Great Britain. You need the feel your arteries harden when you eat it. It has to be clotted.

ZingWidge Tue 06-Aug-13 22:49:23

theslug grin @ on both sides!

<waves to SoMuch>

cafecito Tue 06-Aug-13 22:56:50

clotted cream then a huge blob of jam (preferably raspberry)

Weetabix = cold (full or semi) milk, lots of it but still a little crunchy at the top, preferably with banana

exoticfruits Tue 06-Aug-13 22:59:17

Has to be jam first. The cream goes on top and has to be clotted.

xalyssx Tue 06-Aug-13 23:19:13

I don't like jam what should I do?

exoticfruits Tue 06-Aug-13 23:32:38

Have cheese ones.

no butter ('tis vile)
a spoonful of jam spread on a plain scone, lightly toasted
then cream. Clotted or whipped, don't care.
(the thought of a huge spoonful of jam on the top...bleurgh)

And coffee.
Milky and strong.
I don't drink tea.

Scone --> jam --> --> cream

Now fuck off with your scone talk. I'm on a diet tomorrow. I am not going to bake scones till next summer.

ZingWidge Tue 06-Aug-13 23:49:15






more, please. with hot chocolate!

piprabbit Tue 06-Aug-13 23:55:09

First spread the jam in a deep and even layer.
Then top it with a big blob of cream.

Jam is always spread, never blobbed or dolloped. You simply can't spread jam on top of a decent dollop of cream - it just smears it all together into a nasty mixture.

holidaysarenice Wed 07-Aug-13 00:41:16

I'm sorry but actually its butter, jam, cream.

Thank you, I have spoken.

exoticfruits Wed 07-Aug-13 05:34:09

Which ever way you can't have butter!

ZingWidge Wed 07-Aug-13 09:38:04

the opinion of everyone's stomach:
"I don't care, it's all the same for me!
and why is Mouth talking and not doing its more important job of feeding me? what the heck is goin' on?"

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