AIBU to think that school supplier is charging far too much for for uniform?

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shelsco Sun 21-Jul-13 21:09:50

DS2 starts secondary in September and the school has changed its uniform to one with a blazer, jumper, tie etc. DS1 is at the same school but until now has had the old uniform. I've just been online to price up the cost of a blazer and tie for each of them, 3 jumpers each and a P.E. kit for DS2 and its come to £169. I haven't ordered trousers or shirts yet as I was going to get them from supermarkets and obviously they'll need coats and shoes. I also have 2 younger children who are at the primary school but as they don't have to have the logoed stuff their clothes should be cheaper.
Is it just me, or does the cost of the secondary school uniform seem extortionate? I'm sure it didn't cost anything like as much last year for the uniform for 4 of them!
What does everyone else pay?

Enfyshedd Sun 21-Jul-13 21:17:10

Do you have to get the jumpers & PE kit from the "official" supplier?

noisytoys Sun 21-Jul-13 21:28:46

DD is at primary school and we just get the basics from whatever supermarket has the best offers and the logod jumpers are £10 each. Even with decent (£40 ish) pair of shoes her whole uniform is less than £100 all in. I dread when she goes to secondary school.

LustyBusty Sun 21-Jul-13 21:30:55

Do they really need 3 jumpers each? When I was at secondary school I had a similar uniform and only ever had 1 jumper at a time, if I got it dirty I either had to sponge the mark out myself or go cold... Surely even just 2 would be ok?
And I think you're getting off fairly lightly. 16 years ago when mum bought me 1 blazer, 1 tie, 1 jumper, 1 skirt, 1 PE sweater, 1 jogging bottoms, 1 polo shirt from the uniform shop I'm sure it was over £200 confused. When I grew out of them, only the jumper, sweatshirt and tie were purchased from school shop (they were the only conspicuously logo'd items!)

soapysam Sun 21-Jul-13 21:33:22

I didnt bother with a jumper for DD for this school year just gone and I'm glad I didn't, she would never have worn it! Their school is a new building so the heating is sound. If its the sort of uniform policy that requires a blazer to be worn at all times, would a jumper be necesarry?

Whereisegg Sun 21-Jul-13 21:34:37

I was talking to my sil the other day.

Her sons school have just just changed the uniform to stuff with logos.

Pinafore dresses are priced at £37. Each.

tb Sun 21-Jul-13 21:35:18

10 years ago dd's blazer in a 5-year old size cost £60, For the last 7 years she's not worn uniform.

LilacPeony Sun 21-Jul-13 21:37:34

Is that state Whereisegg?

Loshad Sun 21-Jul-13 21:37:38

don't buy them 3 jumpers each shock they probably won't wear them! one each, or even 1 to share...., wash overnight if ness or then but another if desperate, i bet you won't need to.

CSIJanner Sun 21-Jul-13 21:38:27

Can't you register the school and upload the logo to tesco and use their embroidered service instead the official supplier? I was told this might be possible..

LilacPeony Sun 21-Jul-13 21:38:52

That must have definitely been private school uniform tb?

shelsco Sun 21-Jul-13 21:42:39

Yes the jumper and P.E. top has to be the logoed ones so I can't get them elsewhere. I think I will have to cut the jumpers down to 1 or 2 each as I can't afford the 3. It's just I had 2 each to begin with this year and it was a nightmare as one would be in the wash dirty and quite often the other one had been left at school so they wouldn't have one for the next day. I didn't have time after work to get it washed and dry for the next day.
Apparently the none of the kids wear the blazers but they have to have them in their bags when asked and they are asked quite regularly! I figured it would be cold with just a shirt. It's an old school so its boiling in Summer and freezing in winter! Maybe I should forget the jumpers, just don't want them freezing!

shelsco Sun 21-Jul-13 21:42:58

Yes the jumper and P.E. top has to be the logoed ones so I can't get them elsewhere. I think I will have to cut the jumpers down to 1 or 2 each as I can't afford the 3. It's just I had 2 each to begin with this year and it was a nightmare as one would be in the wash dirty and quite often the other one had been left at school so they wouldn't have one for the next day. I didn't have time after work to get it washed and dry for the next day.
Apparently the none of the kids wear the blazers but they have to have them in their bags when asked and they are asked quite regularly! I figured it would be cold with just a shirt. It's an old school so its boiling in Summer and freezing in winter! Maybe I should forget the jumpers, just don't want them freezing!

HollyBerryBush Sun 21-Jul-13 21:47:28

Lobbby the governors to change suppliers - both Tesco and M&S do logo'd uniforms now and I think BHS does too (but I havent investigated that one yet)

phantomnamechanger Sun 21-Jul-13 21:56:12

its a nightmare - DD 1 will be in Y9 , DD 2 Y7 - both are the same size so cant hand anything down! but add in to that the change of uniform this year - 2 full sets of everything - eek!
blazer £42, skirt - yes, a set, bespoke blimmin skirt - £26 each, jumpers £19 each
I have bought one skirt each, one blazer each, 3 jumpers to share between them, plus school tracksuit and skort and polo top for PE and it has come to over £300. they will need trousers for the winter too as it can be cold hanging around at bus stops!

the only think I have been able to do on the cheap is the plain school blouses and sky blue hockey socks.

Luckily, though I think it is all very pricy compared to the M&S stuff I have previously bought, DH has a well paid job (no holidays abroad, no posh cars or big TVs, no expensive hobbies or clothes etc but we do have a good quality of life) and although we might wince a bit we can afford the uniforms. how some families will manage I really do not know.

I hope the stuff wears and washes well is all I can say, as I expect lots of people will be relying on being able to buy second hand/hand on to family & friends from next year.

Twattybollocks Sun 21-Jul-13 21:59:24

I had to buy dd a skirt for y3 rather than her pinafores. £39.99. Forty bloody quid for a skirt! I hope it washes and dries itself for that money!

Theas18 Sun 21-Jul-13 21:59:52


Secondary school uniform- 2ties 2 blazers,6 jumpers and a PE kit ( logoed shir footy/rugby top and shorts as a minimum I guess ) for £169 and you are not happy?

That's less £5 a week for clothes worn by 2 boys for a school year of 40 weeks isn't it? Some my last longer/ be handed down.

Sounds fair to me. You can add cheap shirts and trousers - we aren't allowed

Just checked dd2 school outfitters (and local comp is same prices) . This is for the smallest ( kids sizes, if you have adults they are significantly more due to vat)

Blazer £33 , sweatshirt jumper from £14, school shirts with logo £13 , skirt £16.

Didn't look at PE kit.

Dd will need 3 shirts , 3jumpers ( she stinks if uniform isn't washed daily!) and a new skirt. This is replacing 2yr old uniform and some of dd1s jumpers that were handed down - its all wearing to holes ( school bag damage!) She wants a blazer though she doesn't have to have it so well see

However PE kit lasted dd1 5 yrs and will see dd2 out (except the bits they changed lol)

greenfolder Sun 21-Jul-13 22:05:58

i am not sure-but i bought my dds 2 jumpers each September (they were £25 quid each) and within week they would loose one, by Christmas they were wrangling over the remaining one they had between them.

Now i buy dd2 one jumper in september- if she loses it she has no jumper . Oddly enough, she has never lost it. She sticks it in the machine and dries it over night when needed.

wish i had known this 6 years ago

Theas18 Sun 21-Jul-13 22:08:22

Btw my top tip for buying uniform for growing kids if you buy more than one expensive jumper etc if get one that fits (with growing room) and one in the next size up. Worked fine at primary and until sweaty pubert hit!

Yonihadtoask Sun 21-Jul-13 22:15:53

It can be expensive but stop and think before buying.

DS will be gping into y11 in September. His blazer from y7 lasted 3 years. I bought it quote large, at £65 I expected it to last.

I buy shirts from marks n Spencer when they have offers on uniform. Trousers I buy from wherever has his size. M n s, and Matalan. He has one tie.

I bought jumpers but he never ever wore one. It's not cool ?? They hVe to wear blazers all the time anyway.

PE and Games tops, school colours and logo, hd is still in Y 7 purchase. Only wears once a week, so I aren't gping tp get him any more.

tribunalhelpneeded Sun 21-Jul-13 22:16:20

DD is starting secondary and they have logoed EVERYTHING.

1 blazer
1 v neck jumper
3 shirts
2 skirts
1 pe polo
1 skort
1 hockey shirt
1 pair pe socks
£270 shock

She also has to have 3 pairs of shoes, school, trainers for PE and bladed (?) Boots for rugby.

This is a state school. I'm dreading 2 years time when DD2&3 both start sad

Yonihadtoask Sun 21-Jul-13 22:17:50

Oh, and no one at DS school wears a coat.

Save your money on that one.

marriedinwhiteagain Sun 21-Jul-13 22:18:37

About 400 sounds about right to me. Don't understand why they need three jumpers each. Doesn't the school hold 2nd hand sales?

tribunalhelpneeded Sun 21-Jul-13 22:21:49

Married, for a state school uniform? Really?

When ds1's PE kit went missing, when he was in year 9, I had to price up indoor PE kit, rugby kit, official school kit bag, two pairs of trainers and a pair of rugby boots. We could only buy it from the school, and it came to over £125. The rugby socks alone cost £6.50! Some schools royally take the piss.

CinnamonAddict Sun 21-Jul-13 22:24:38

Sounds cheap to me.

Paid £300 for each child to kit them out for secondary. And that's with minimum clothes, trousers and shirts from supermarkets.
The sports kit alone for one child was about £150. Every item had to have name embroidered on it. That's state school btw.

School has just changed sports kit supplier and thankfully will have one year interim, otherwise we would have to pay £150 again, after one year, and everything still fits.

phantomnamechanger Sun 21-Jul-13 22:26:00

SDTG - yeah, it's no wonder stuff "goes missing" , is it? sad

And how could I forget the blazer from ds2's school (a,different school to ds1's secondary school - don't get me started on that) - it was available from three suppliers, but even the cheapest was £35 and that was a special price for new starters (an inducement to get us to choose a particular shop).

And then dh sponged off a custard stain, decided to iron it dry, and burnt a perfect iron-mark onto the front of it before ds2 finished his first term so we had to buy another one just before Christmas - and without the special deductions the shops,had been offering in the summer, the best price I found was £45!! I was not best pleased.

marriedinwhiteagain Sun 21-Jul-13 22:30:19

Yes tribunal she went to a comp in yrs 7 and 8 and it was 400 - about the same as the indy we sent her to. Blazer was 100ish and blouses were 30 for two, jumper 27, skirt 27, PE sweat 30, sweatshirt, PE kit, incl leotard, dark coat shoes, etc.

The indy uniform was a bit more but they are less fussy about the PE kit.

pointythings Sun 21-Jul-13 22:33:16

Schools do try it on, don't they? This is the single most important reason why I oppose school uniform - because it is used by schools and suppliers to fleece parents.

We are very lucky - DD1's secondary school has really kept costs down. The only compulsory items are the blazer and clip on tie, and the PE kit - total cost £42. It all still fits DD1 as I bought it large and will go another year.

Not all schools are that morally sound, apparently.

tribunalhelpneeded Sun 21-Jul-13 22:39:09

Its just so much money. The next nearest (and just as good) secondary has a school sweatshirt with a logo £17. The rest of the uniform is bog standard, white polo shirts, grey skirts/trousers, PE kit is plain white t shirt and navy shorts/joggers. Based on what we spend on primary uniform it would cost £70 total.

marriedinwhiteagain Sun 21-Jul-13 22:45:16

But if there wasn't uniform you would have the hollister kids out in force with their expensive trainers, etc, and that would be so much worse wouldn't it. Dd will probably do three years at her present school - 150 a year - not a big problem. If we hadn't moved her we'd have got five years out of it (she hasn't grown much).

tribunalhelpneeded Sun 21-Jul-13 22:48:50

Ok but the middle ground is surely to not have everything with a logo and only from one supplier? It could still look smart.

We moved to Scotland 5 years ago, and that meant moving the boys to a different school, and that really helped with the uniform issue. For a start we were able to get them all in the same school, and secondly their new school had a very sensible uniform policy - black trousers or skirts, white shirt, tie and either black cardigan or fleece or v-neck jumper, none of which had to be logoed, and the school tie. PE kit was any sports kit as long as it was not related to a particular team, and was sensible sports kit.

The S6s (the equivalent of year 13) wear a blazer, and that is a bit pricey (£60 for ds2's last year, iirc), but that is the only expensive item they have to have.

I forgot to say - as tribunalhelpneeded says, despite not being logoed, the children do look smart. And a fleece/jumper/cardigan is so much more practical than a blazer - easier to wash, and far cheaper to replace if it gets damaged beyond repair.

Oldraver Sun 21-Jul-13 23:17:05

The local comp has recently changed its uniform and its all logoed...even down to fancy pants polo shirts with coloured edging the school logo and what I presume is the house name on it, in house colours..

I think I will start saving now

Enfyshedd Mon 22-Jul-13 04:42:19

Oh for the days when I was in school and the only thing which "had" to be bought through the school was the tie. I'm in Wales, and started school full time at 3yo - I had the same tie from the day I started meithrin - that's nursery class to the rest of you - throughout primary school until it was nicked by a bully with 1 term to go. School let me off having to buy a new one as it was only a couple of months, and just lent be one for the school photos.

RealAleandOpenFires Mon 22-Jul-13 05:09:27

OP YANBU...far from it.

I hate it when schools hold parents over a barrel with re:- to "logo this, logo that & btw it's only available from one place".

Parents should refuse to go along with that crap.

I have all this to look foreward too in a few years and I'm not going play this "stupid logo everything game" My son will be dressed in what I can afford (school clothing wise)

Theas18 Mon 22-Jul-13 06:32:07

good luck with that attitude at secondary realaleandopenfires....

secondary school uniform is compulsory and as has been mentioned, no uniform would be much more " label lead" . in terms of pounds a week it really isn't expensive

trinity0097 Mon 22-Jul-13 06:35:17

I think that schools that have gone down the line of insisting of a particular skirt look so much smarter, some standards of decency enforced then! It might seem irritating when your kid is in yr 7, but by the time they are in yr11 you will be glad that there is only one skirt that they can have!

Most of the kids at the school I work at have max 2 jumpers, one on one off, I would imagine that most only have one and it gets washed at the weekend if necessary. I would make sure that you have 5 shirts as it is these that get sweaty, and you can by them cheaply elsewhere.

Do they need 2 jumpers if they have a compulsory blazer? That will be an extra £30 sad

twinkletoedelephant Mon 22-Jul-13 13:00:17

I have 3 sets of uniform to buy twins id's just starting and Dd changing schools minimum we could get away with is just under 150 buying shirts polos trousers shoes trainers etc from Tesco

No idea how we are going to find the money. And that's only buying 1 logo jumper each for the dt's. sad

Plain jumper in Tesco £3. From uniform shop £16 only difference is the logo

looneylovegood Mon 22-Jul-13 17:28:35

DC school has logoed items avalible if wanted, the also changed supplier after complaints from parents about price, from a privet run one to tessco. Also while the uniform is blue shirts and navy skirts/jumpers and that you are allowed to have some in black and white if you explains to head teacher why. Also no P.E uniform.

pointythings Mon 22-Jul-13 18:23:24

To all those supporting the rip-off - what's so wrong with the middle way solution proposed by some people here? One logo item for classroom work (a blazer or a sweatshirt) plus one item for PE (a shirt). The rest to be in set colours but available from any high street supplier.

marriedinwhite for some people £150 a year is a heck of a drain on the budget. And that's not counting multiple children and replacing lost or damaged stuff. Sole suppliers and any but the minimum number of logo'd items should be banned.

HouseAtreides Mon 22-Jul-13 18:28:40

DD1 is starting secondary in Sept... At the school with the most expensive uniform in town sad Just for starters:
Blazer £40 (smallest size, larger sizes cost more)
School skirt £36 (fucking £36!! Each!! for smallest size, larger costs more)
School blouse/shirt £16 each (a particular shade of pale jade green which no other suppliers do)
That's just the start- the list is exhaustive, including ballet pumps/leotard/leggings, hockey boots/socks/gumshield, etc etc. Gaaaah.

lljkk Mon 22-Jul-13 18:46:05

I started a thread about costs & what OP is paying sounds fairly typical (sorry). I am looking at a final bill around £300, too. I could have only gone cheaper, really, if I knew where to get some 2nd hand. They should have a transition phase where old & new uniform are both acceptable, though.

marriedinwhiteagain Mon 22-Jul-13 19:35:34

But pointy things it's only 150 because she moved at the end of year 8 and we paid 450 for three years. Had she stayed where she was it would be 80 per annum.

Surely people know what secondary school uniform costs and plan for it; just like some people pan for a new washing machine or even university fees. 80 per year on clothes (probably plus a pair of shoes they will need anyway is not unreasonable). If they weren't wearing uniform they'd be wearing other clothes which cost money - probably a lot more than 80 per year.

Xihha Mon 22-Jul-13 20:15:58

YANBU, school uniform does cost way too much but your's really isn't the worst around, DD starts primary school in september and its £285 for her basic uniform and that's before I've even looked at shoes and PE kit!

shelsco Mon 22-Jul-13 20:18:21

Well it does sound like I'm getting off lightly compared to some but I must admit I didn't realise quite how much more expensive secondary uniform would be. I have 4 children and have bought uniform for them all this year but because DS1 was in the old secondary school uniform (still logoed but cheaper) and the other 3 were in the primary uniform (also logoed but with supermarket PE kit etc) I spent nowhere near what I'll be spending this year.

As someone said it might only work out at £5 a week and if I'd realised just how much it would come to I would have put away the necessary money but because I didn't I only put away my usual amount for uniform and now am going to struggle to pay for the rest. It's easy to say it only works out at a certain amount a week but as I can't pay for it weekly (unless I get a credit card out to buy it) that doesn't really help!
Obviously now I know what it costs I will start saving for next year.

HouseAtreides Mon 22-Jul-13 20:24:19

Oh I've known and budgeted accordingly for this whopping bill but it will still stick in my craw when I hand the card over!! It's a bloody monopoly, one supplier who makes a fucking fortune.

pointythings Mon 22-Jul-13 20:43:39

marriedinwhite there are people in the UK with children in the state system who are relying on food banks. Schools could hold down costs by not insisting on sole suppliers and logos on everything - state schools! To my mind that is immoral behaviour - squeezing money out of people who have no other choice and no option but to pay up. Schools could make do perfectly well with a minimum of logo'd stuff and allow parents to shop affordably, but they choose not to do this.

Meanwhile the uniform suppliers are laughing all the way to the bank and schools are no doubt creaming off a share.

It's also anti-competitive practice and if you're in favour of a free market it runs counter to this also - the big uniform suppliers know they don't have to compete on price or on quality because they know people will be forced to buy their stuff.

PearlyWhites Mon 22-Jul-13 20:48:00

Yabu that's cheap compared to most

LilacPeony Mon 22-Jul-13 20:48:02

Apparently none of the kids wear the blazers but they have to have them in their bags when asked and they are asked quite regularly! So they don't have to wear them, but they do have to have them in their bags? What is the point of that?

LilacPeony Mon 22-Jul-13 20:57:38

At my high school we could wear any navy school skirt. There was no regulation skirt like many schools have now, but the downside of it came out in a discussion I had with girls from my school on Facebook. A couple of girls said that they were never able to afford the skirt that was currently fashionable at school and they felt rotten about it. It would have been better for them if there was a regulation skirt. They may have had to wear a second hand one, but at least it would have been the one everyone was wearing and to be honest a second hand looking one would probably have looked more cool to us anyway.

Yonihadtoask Mon 22-Jul-13 22:14:22

I do think it is unfair that schools insist on the logoed items. They are bound to be more expensive.

Surely just a colour should be sufficient to differentiate between the schools.

In my area there are children in burgundy blazers, royal blue, brown, and black blazers. How hard would it be just to insist upon those colours as a jumper and tie - sack the blazers off?

When I was at school we had grey skirt (no trousers for girls back then!) grey jumper, white blouse and a school tie. There was an optional blazer but very few wore them. PE kit was quite basic too, mostly just regular stuff from sports shops - just the games skirt for girls being in school colour and rugby tops for boys.

My parents weren't well off at all (think early 80s and high interest rates etc!) and I imagine they would have found it tough to have to kit us out in the manner in which I now have to do for my DS.

pointythings Mon 22-Jul-13 22:17:20

Lilac unless you lay down regulations for everything except underwear (and I know that some schools do) you will always have this. I think it is a valuable lesson to teach children that they can't always have what they want in terms of fashionable clothes - I certainly didn't have them at secondary in Holland (no school uniform there). What a school needs to counteract bullying around clothing is a sound anti-bullying policy which is rigorously applied - which is something they should have anyway.

LilacPeony Mon 22-Jul-13 22:25:31

The girls at my school who I mentioned were not bullied so an anti bullying policy wouldn't have helped them. They just felt rotten about never having the fashionable skirt. I'm not sure what valuable lesson they learned from it really.

marriedinwhiteagain Mon 22-Jul-13 22:30:10

I'm aware people are relying on foodbanks pointy but their dC would still need clothes for school - uniform or not. Even the indys our DC go to have second hand sales so I'm sure state schools have them too for a fraction of the new cost.

RealAleandOpenFires Tue 23-Jul-13 01:34:51


Yep I realise that High School uniform is compulsory. grin (but, I'm still not going to play their game though re:- "logos". I'd rather get a good copy of the logo and the clothing embriodered cheaply as possibly).


--For the prices that some Schools' charge (for clothes), I'm would be surprised if they didn't have twice daily inspection of undergarments, just to make sure the items were "logoed". Or even insisting that uniforms were worn 6 days a week (Mon. to Sat.)--*.


[Cynical mode on] If an Infants and/or Junior School, halfway through a term decided to go down the "logo route" for the next term. I would question the decision on who suggested the idea & how much of a "cut" they will get regardles they are staff or pta. Though my answer/reply would be no.[Cynical mode off]

*I would like to see Schools', try to enforce the above!.

piprabbit Tue 23-Jul-13 01:45:47

Lobby your school to sign up with the Tesco school uniform embroidery service. Blazers with logos are about £16, knitted cardigan with logo for £6.50.

possum18 Tue 23-Jul-13 01:50:00

If money is tight most schools offer a service where you can request discount buying direct through the school? If you can get similar uniform (without logos) cheaper elsewhere you could print off school logo from internet and take it to a cheap embroidery store smile

TeamGilbert1 Tue 23-Jul-13 06:41:39

I know some schools where the uniform is
Black jumper
Black skirt/trousers
White shirt
School tie £6
And whatever shoes they want.
Pe kit is supposed to be black and white but they wear whatever and teachers arn't fussed.

Half the student wear black shorts, black denims or not black school skirts but just normal black skirts. Teachers aren't really strict on that at that school half of the kids were coloured/black hoodies. The teachers generally dont mind as long as they follow the general outline of uniform. TBH there more fussed about ties :/

Runningchick123 Tue 23-Jul-13 07:11:29

I think £169 for two children is very cheap - it's only an average of £84.50 per child.
My boys both started at new schools last year (one primary and one secondary) and I spent just over £550 and only bought the necessary essentials and had to replace some trousers and shirts through the year.
The primary uniform was the most expensive one, costing over £300 because it included a logo blazer, tie, 2 logo jumpers, logo coat, PE kit and swim kit.
The secondary aged child didn't need a blazer but did need logo shirts (bought five as they get sweaty at this age), logo jumpers, logo coat and a PE kit.
Thinking about it, I also had to buy them both a pair of school shoes and sports trainers which must have been another £120.
Fortunately a lot of the stuff still fits them and can be used again this year so I will only need to spend around £200 for new shoes and the items that need replacing.
I wish I could have kitted them out for £170 combined last year.

chickensaladagain Tue 23-Jul-13 07:17:23

High school uniforms are nothing new

When I started state high school in 1989 I had to have

Regulation skirt
Lab coat
CDT apron
Cookery apron
Polo shirt
Pe skirt
Pe sweatshirt
Regulation track pants
Running knickers
Hockey boots
Football boots
Hockey stick
Tennis racquet

And I'm a twin!

I then upset my parents by growing 5 inches in my first year

Certain items of uniform changed at the start of yr 10 to identify the older pupils

No second hand sales but lots of girls wearing boys blazers so I'm guessing there was a lot of handing down going on

shelsco Tue 23-Jul-13 20:11:16

I know I would still have to kit my kids out without the official uniform but its so much more expensive now its been changed. It isn't good quality and already the blazers look really tatty. It is completely pointless if they aren't making them wear it but they have to have it in their bag!
I think I will look at the Tesco embroidery service. The school does sell uniform but its exactly the same price as the shop. No second hand sales either! I don't think the stuff is decent enough quality to last a second person to be honest!
Can't believe that some people are paying £500 per child. I would have to take out a loan to buy it if ours cost that much. sad

Dd starts year 8 in September. Today we spent over £160 & still haven't got everything.

Tie £3.95
2 school blouses £16.99
Blazer £69.99
1 skirt £19.99 (need another)
Tights £6.95 (could probably have gotten these cheaper but school specifies a denier & I just got them in uniform shop)
Shoes £49.99

Still to buy jumper £25
Pe gear (ordered through school & compulsory: skort, polo shirt, logoed socks, school track suit, a hockey stick & laced trainers.

That doesn't count the school bag, pe bag etc, or coat.

It's so expensive & very unfair on families with a lot of children at school. In fact I said to dd today I couldn't understand how my mum afforded to have do many of us (8) and 6 of us were all st school at the same time. Madness.

I'm guessing I'll be l

Posted too soon!!

I'm guessing I'll be lucky to have change from £400/£500 sad

shelsco Wed 24-Jul-13 08:42:26

Well I haven't included shoes, shirts, trousers in the total because I'm getting them from other shops rather than official supplier so that will bump up the cost as well. I'm amazed at what some people have to pay as I can't afford what we have to ay now let alone any more!

Sounds reasonable to me. Dd 1&2 are still in primary and their school does noy require their logo on uniform. Weve already spent over £300 and still have qiote a bit to buy has been.the same every year. No idea how some claim to do it as cheap.

Xihha Thu 25-Jul-13 09:35:54

ThreesyDoesIt, how is it costing that much if theres no logo's? surely you could get it all from tesco/asda/morrisons which are pretty cheap?

My school uniform when i was at secondary school was black trousers/skirt, white shirt, school tie (£4 from the school office) and school jumper (£8, also from the school office), PE kit was whatever trainers, top and trousers/shorts we felt like wearing. The only rules on shoes was no stiletto heels and we could wear whatever coat we liked and they kept the uniform the same til about 3 years ago.

Beastofburden Thu 25-Jul-13 09:44:21

bloody hell. DS1 uniform was: any black trousers, any black blazer, any black or grey jumper, any white or blue shirt. Get it from Asda, M&S, whatever. All washable and non-iron, of course. School tie was a tenner. You could buy a school crest for another tenner, sew it on and move it over to each blazer as they grew.

I used to send DS1 in on the first Thursday of term with £20 to buy all his sports gear at the school second hand shop and donate all his old gear.

This was a fee paying school that was top of all the league tables. The kids looked fine. There is no excuse at all for making profits out of school uniforms.

Become a governor and run a campaign against this. Totally unfair on you and everyone else. What do they think they are doing?

WellThatsLife Thu 25-Jul-13 10:54:01

I've got my family on alert to check the local charity shops. Dreading dd1 going as v absent minded(poss aspergers, waiting for appt), i can see her losing her sports socks(£7.50)on a regular basis. Am going to make sure that I know where all the lost property bins are in the school as I feel i will be checking them on a regular basis

MegaClutterSlut Thu 25-Jul-13 11:50:50

YANBU we worked out in all it will be around £200 for ds's uniform hmm but I asked on my local FB selling pages and got over £80's worth for £30 so not bad, perhaps do the same? smile

MegaClutterSlut Thu 25-Jul-13 11:54:57

forgot to add that's just for uniform the £200. I managed to get him a brand new Reebok school for a £1 down the bootsale as well as new football boots for £5 with a £30 price tag still on. I have managed to save quite a bit this way so far as wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise tbh

MegaClutterSlut Thu 25-Jul-13 11:55:22


marriedinwhiteagain Thu 25-Jul-13 19:42:32

In 1970 my grammar school uniform: two tunics, three blouses, two jumpers, blazer, raincoat, scarf, purse for belt, gym skirt, gym knickers, shoes, school bag (I had the whole lot, including gym knickers) came to more than 120. My mum still talks about it. The hat was £7

3DCs, two the same size - no chance of hand me downs (even if DS didn't wreck everything within a week or two!) and younger DS chose to go to a different (better) school! - no chance for hand me down their either. £13 for poloshirts, £22 for school jumpers, £37 for rugby/ pe tops, etc, etc. I think that last year I spent about £900 on uniform, including rugby boots, trainers etc. I don't care if it's getting too small, they will be wearing it again this year! (well, maybe not the boots! grin)

xihha fussy daughter's that know what they want and are fussy about where I buy from as they don't like to have the same as everyone else.

Xihha Fri 26-Jul-13 18:18:58

Ah, yeah, fussy daughters would explain it. I'm horrible so I would just choose it for them, which is probably why my daughter always asks Grandma to take her clothes and shoe shopping.

meedja Fri 26-Jul-13 19:49:24

Have you tried the local charity shops? My 3 y/o starts nursery class in Sept, school charge £12 for logo-ed sweatshirt, Tesco charge £8 for the same, I picked up an identical, perfect one in the Sally Army shop for 25p.

shelsco Sat 27-Jul-13 22:49:48

Yeah I have checked the charity shops but had no luck, I think as the uniform has only just changed last year there hasn't been time for it to get into the shops. DS3 is the same size as DS2 so I won't be doing much handing down either!
Looked at the Teso logo service as a cheaper option but our school isn't registered so that looks like a job for next year.

trinitybleu Sat 27-Jul-13 23:14:36

25 years ago, my blazer cost £125, and we were supposed to have 2 ... god knows how much they are now.

lljkk Sun 28-Jul-13 09:07:25

Bus fare for DD to attend this school will be > £500/yr so the uniform is seeming like a small issue to me.

meditrina Sun 28-Jul-13 09:11:12

If they have a blazer and have to wear it, then you don't actually need logoed jumpers. The logo simply won't show.

You can either buy a plain jumper in the right colour, or use a base layer that doesn't show through the shirt, when the weather is cold.

(DSes go to a school which has a logoed jumper, the only one mentioned on the uniform list, but which is easily avoided by methods above).

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