to think that low fat Philadelphia, low fat Mayo, low fat butter etc are all really rank?

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Mintyy Mon 15-Jul-13 12:49:02

Had a tuna mayo sandwich made with Hellman's Light yesterday. Had the usual black pepper and squeeze of fresh lemon. But I could taste the difference (and I don't even use much mayo in tuna mayo)!


treas Mon 15-Jul-13 12:49:43


HeySoulSister Mon 15-Jul-13 12:50:37

that's why I love low carbing....we get to eat the real thing! smile

low fat products have so much crap put in them to try to re create the taste and appearance

MalcolmTuckersMum Mon 15-Jul-13 12:50:45

Of course they're rank - and probably worse for you than the original (if the original were eaten, as intended, in moderation). Read up on how it is now becoming understood that fat in a diet is not the enemy at all - the real enemy is empty and useless carbs especially from the likes of High Fructose Corn Syrup which is used to give the 'mouthfeel' back to products advertised as - errrr - low fat.

poopyisapig Mon 15-Jul-13 12:51:23

It's horrible. And full of shit used to replace the fat.

Real fat isn't bad for you.

JamNan Mon 15-Jul-13 12:51:36


low fat butter = yuk yellow stuff with added water.

squoosh Mon 15-Jul-13 12:53:40


And Extra light mayonnaise is a whole other level of horror. Anaemic snot.

Fat is not the enemy. We've all been conned!

LostInWales Mon 15-Jul-13 12:56:04

I stopped all low/non fat products and switched to the full fat versions as well as anything with fake sugars and I have lost a ton of weight. And my food tastes an awful lot nicer.

I'm going to fence sit (a little) I only like low fat mayo, full fat is too creamy. The other stuff YANBU, the stuff they put in the stuff To reduce the fat content is worse than eating saturated fat.

Geordieminx Mon 15-Jul-13 12:57:09

The only one I think is nice is extra light lurpak... Which coming from
Someone who likes 1/2" of lurpak only on toast is saying something!

Damnautocorrect Mon 15-Jul-13 12:57:20

Cooking is science so they need to keep the balance some how, hence the nasties.
Just use less of the good stuff

Geordieminx Mon 15-Jul-13 12:57:46

Oh and the low fat Philly with sweet chilli is fab!

I agree- low fat stuff is unnatural crap

Mintyy Mon 15-Jul-13 12:58:57

I bought the low fat Philadelphia by mistake (packaging v similar).

Thought I'd give low fat Hellmans a try but shan't be doing that again in a hurry hmm.

I am very fat but don't eat much mayo or cream cheese so I'll stick with the full fat versions tyvm!

RobotBananas Mon 15-Jul-13 12:59:34

I don't eat low fat versions of anything except hellmans and Philadelphia (think its mostly bollicks), but full fat mayo is gross, and I just like the light Philly

Erato Mon 15-Jul-13 13:01:22

YANBU. If something is MADE from fat (mayo, butter etc) there is no such thing as a "low fat" version - there are things that in outward appearance are somewhat like the original but they aren't real - they're strange frankenstein concoctions from food science laboratories. Wouldn't touch them with a barge pole.

IvanaCake Mon 15-Jul-13 13:16:27

I don't have low fat anything. It's not fat that's bad, it's sugar. I'm a low carb convert!

CHJR Mon 15-Jul-13 16:50:28

What slays me about all that "low fat" crap is it is very often HIGHER calorie! (Just check the labels -- I kid you not. "Fat" refers to risk to heart, not weight.)

twofingerstoGideon Mon 15-Jul-13 16:53:33

YANBU. It's as bad as 'low sugar' AKA aspartame. Just have a teensy bit of sugar FGS.

GreyTS Mon 15-Jul-13 16:54:08

God YANBU, can't bear low/no fat versions of food, no one in my family would ever eat them and not one of us is overweight. People need fat to feel properly full so v little point substituting real food with fake crap.

Meglet Mon 15-Jul-13 16:58:06

Yanbu. No low fat stuff in this house. And I'm thin.

peteypiranha Mon 15-Jul-13 17:00:31

Agreed also diet drinks are disgusting. Have no idea why you would eat either yuk.

ZingWidge Mon 15-Jul-13 17:08:08

half fat cheese is vile

I love cheese but I'd rather go without any.

Whothefuckfarted Mon 15-Jul-13 17:11:00

YANBU. I never buy diet stuff more than once. Diet coke - yuk, diet mayo - yuk, low fat Philly - ergh!

Mind you I don't even like skimmed/semi skimmed milk.. Blue top all the way smile

I'm thin too grin

NotYoMomma Mon 15-Jul-13 17:12:00

I agree apart from philli lighter. lightest is rank, lighter is lush

Crinkle77 Mon 15-Jul-13 17:12:03

Lurpack lighter is quite nice. But I agree low fat philly and mayo are horrible. I just carry on having the full fat but just have a bit less

BrianTheMole Mon 15-Jul-13 17:13:07

Yes, it is rank.

Sparklysilversequins Mon 15-Jul-13 17:17:06

It is true that carbs are the enemy not fat.

Nothing low fat in this house.

specialsubject Mon 15-Jul-13 17:18:20

yes. Low fat = high sugar. (the bad carbs).

diet foods are a huge con.

SmiteYouWithThunderbolts Mon 15-Jul-13 17:18:23

confused I really like the taste of extra light mayo!

Abra1d Mon 15-Jul-13 17:18:34

I have now switched back to full-fat versions of everything. I find a small piece of 'real' cheese is very filling and means I don't want to fill up on cakes and biscuits as much. And butter is irreplaceable, IMHO.

Fillyjonk75 Mon 15-Jul-13 17:22:27

I switched to full fat everything (apart from milk, can only stomach semi skimmed not full fat). I prefer Diet Coke but don't have it often anyway. I've lost 24lbs since switching back to full fat stuff. Fat is satisfying.

Itstartshere Mon 15-Jul-13 17:24:13

Rank and full of shit!

motherinferior Mon 15-Jul-13 17:26:07

Fat free yogurt - ie made with skimmed milk - is OK. And mixes nicely with Real Mayo, incidentally.

OryxCrake Mon 15-Jul-13 17:39:44

Fat is good for you. Frankenfoods are not. Real food all the way here!

BIWI Mon 15-Jul-13 17:41:42

Come on, Mintyy, you know you want to join us on Bootcamp really ... wink

I once tried Total fat free Greek yog, as it's all the shop had, and it was the texture of melted pritt stick envy

quip Mon 15-Jul-13 17:58:01

I agree except full fat milk: it just tastes too much of cow. I had some 0 percent greek yoghurt and it tasted like sick. I have been losing weight by eating regular meals and avoiding glucose fructose syrup and its nasty cousins. I don't crave stuff any more.

saulaboutme Mon 15-Jul-13 18:03:48

Yanbu. It's seriously yuck.
Don't mess with my mayo!!

pollywollydoodle Mon 15-Jul-13 18:06:59

i prefer light philly.
can't stomach full fat milk
prefer full fat yoghurt

low carbing is just one of the latest in a long line of best guesses imo

SwedishEdith Mon 15-Jul-13 18:20:43

This puts me off going to some people's houses - if they only ever have low-fat and diet stuff. It's vile. What's the etiquette in bringing your onw there? grin

LadyBeagleEyes Mon 15-Jul-13 18:27:36

I agree with Minty too.
There is no substitute for real full fat butter, I'd rather not have it at all.
And I only drink blue milk.
I'm too thin too.

RawCoconutMacaroon Mon 15-Jul-13 18:49:46

Fat is not the problem, carbs are the problem (sugars and grain).

Low fat versions of anything is absolute junk - read the ingredient lists, they can have dozens of sugars, grain derivatives and chemically synthesised compounds added to make them look and feel like the real thing.

Just eat real food! Low fat is a damaging con IMO.

LostInWales Mon 15-Jul-13 19:13:01

I don't think semi-skimmed milk counts in this though because it just has the fat 'skimmed' off. There's no adding stuff in to make it taste any different than it does.

mummymeister Mon 15-Jul-13 19:18:04

yanbu. I would sooner go with out except for boursin low fat cheese which is actually nicer. similarly though I would sooner not be fat so I do steer clear of too much fat anyway.

ouryve Mon 15-Jul-13 19:21:10

I've actually lost half a stone, this year, since I stopped worrying about fat in food. I still use alpro light in my porridge, though, since that's mixed together from other ingredients, anyhow.

BIWI Mon 15-Jul-13 20:34:36

mummymeister - fat doesn't make you fat. It's the carbs that make you fat. Honestly!

mrsjay Mon 15-Jul-13 20:43:05

real fat isnt the devil as long as you dont eat blocks of lard grin fat is fine low fat no sugar is full of shit I try to eat as little as possible

Oldraver Mon 15-Jul-13 20:50:57

I always insist on full fat Mayo... plus the low/er fat versions used to have milk powder in them

LostInWales Mon 15-Jul-13 20:53:08

I read a great article on this very subject a couple of months ago. How America was going to have to accept that fat wasn't the evil that it's portrayed as and that it's refined carbs like white bread and pasta that were the problem. I'll go and have a google.

AudrinaAdare Mon 15-Jul-13 20:59:27

I have been trying to explain this to my parents for years, especially when DC were small, why I didn't want thrm to be given endless healthy hmm treats. Mum was a fan of low fat and low sugar for decades. She has dementia and diabetes, the first possibly caused by all the aspartame and the second aggravated by the fructose in lighter low-fat options. She's now in a care home on a high protein high fat diet.

lottieandmia Mon 15-Jul-13 21:01:32

Well I eat Hellman's Lighter than light mayo - I really like it and even my children do.

Mayonnaise is sooooooooooo fattening that it's impossible to stay thin if you eat it full fat (same as butter).

lottieandmia Mon 15-Jul-13 21:02:19

* I buy full fat for the children but they seem to prefer the low fat stuff anyway.

lottieandmia Mon 15-Jul-13 21:06:06

Low carbing does work too, especially as you get older but the only reason it works is that you are cutting out a lot of calories by cutting out all carbs. And the downside it is causes bad breath. Having said that I eat a low carb diet but don't omit carbs altogether.

gordyslovesheep Mon 15-Jul-13 21:06:37

YANBU I only have full fat and butter in this house - non of us are fat btw

We only eat 'full-fat' versions here and full carb then wonder why I could do with losing weight

I bought Muller Light yoghurts by mistake the other day, and they tasted truly awful. It tasted like the time DD was sick in my mouth when she was a baby. Like half digested milk <boak>

fatlazymummy Mon 15-Jul-13 21:18:38

I like lighter philadelphia (or equivalent), full fat butter and I no longer eat mayo. I find it unneccessary.
I find full fat milk absolutely disgusting,and so do my kids. I don't really like cream though. It's semi skimmed in our house.
I personally don't like fatty foods that much though I do eat a fair amount of cheese - being vegetarian.

We only have normal food in this house. No low fat nonsense. No one is at all overweight.

Mintyy Mon 15-Jul-13 21:35:41

lottieandmia - its not impossible to stay thin if you eat full fat mayo. That is a daft thing to say.

LuisSuarezTeeth Mon 15-Jul-13 21:40:20

Heinz light mayo is much nicer I think.

caramelwaffle Mon 15-Jul-13 21:41:08


mrsjay Mon 15-Jul-13 22:14:14

Mayonnaise is sooooooooooo fattening that it's impossible to stay thin if you eat it full fat

well if you dont eat loads of it you can stay thin I eat full fat stuff I hate butter though so use flora and Im healthy as I can be blood pressure fine weight within range blah blah , lowfat can be a con imo and I think llow fat is banged full of sugar and sweetners which turns into fat

BIWI Mon 15-Jul-13 22:27:59

lottieandmia - that's nonsense! Fat does not make you fat. And a low carb diet is actually higher in calories than if you were to do a low fat and/or low calorie diet. In the main because the fat content is much higher.

And the bad breath is a temporary side effect in the first few days whilst the body is adjusting to it.

defineme Mon 15-Jul-13 22:33:43

I really like skimmed milk and low fat cream cheese type stuff-I like quark!I alsolike low fat yoghurt- I know all yoghurt is actually low fat, but I like natural low fat yoghurt-the full fat stuff seems to stick to my tongue and be a bit cloying. I find them far more refreshing than full fat versions.
However, low fat mayo is vile-I'd rather have a vinagrette type dressing if I was avoiding high cal mayo.

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