To cringe at this wedding photo in local paper

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haggisandneeps Fri 28-Jun-13 16:42:23

Flicking through the local paper and came to the wedding section. 4 couples got married. 3 perfectly normal photos and 1....

I'm not sure I can describe the sheer horror but I will try! The wedding party are all running towards the camera with bride and groom in the middle. 2 of them are looking backwards and some of the party are screaming.

Oh almost forgot! They are running/screaming from the giant T-Rex that's behind them hmm wish I know how to upload photos so you could all marvel at it.

ImAlpharius Fri 28-Jun-13 16:44:29

YABU, it's the best wedding photo ever (if it's the one I've seen on FB).

WhoBU Fri 28-Jun-13 16:44:29

I've seen that and think it'll spawn a cringe-worthy number of copycats, but is an original and fun idea grin

LilacPeony Fri 28-Jun-13 16:44:46
Squitten Fri 28-Jun-13 16:44:48
usualsuspect Fri 28-Jun-13 16:44:59

Daft wedding photos always make me laugh.

Not sure it's a good idea to upload someones photo onto MN though.

Squitten Fri 28-Jun-13 16:45:09


usualsuspect Fri 28-Jun-13 16:46:15

If it's gone viral, that's ok though.

Like this?

Because it's been a thing for a while and is, quite frankly, awesome.

So much better than the usual boring wedding pics.

haggisandneeps Fri 28-Jun-13 16:46:47

Oh gawd there is more of them!! No that's not it. I'm assuming its a copy cat then hmm

Alisvolatpropiis Fri 28-Jun-13 16:47:08

That's hilarious grin

Thurlow Fri 28-Jun-13 16:47:16

Is it wrong that I'm more interested in the fact that she has 7 bridesmaids? 7!

They should do that for the class photos. Dc would love it.

wem Fri 28-Jun-13 16:51:02

That's completely brilliant, and very well done. I agree there will be a whole host of far less brilliant copies.

VitoCorleone Fri 28-Jun-13 16:51:05

Wow dont think ive ever seen anything so cheesy

Good taste clearly - same colour dresses as I'm having

wem Fri 28-Jun-13 16:51:23

Class photos grin that would be ace.

BlueberryHill Fri 28-Jun-13 16:51:41

Thurlow, that is what I thought.

I love the picture though.

Crowler Fri 28-Jun-13 16:53:09

It's not that unusual to have 7 bridesmaids in the US. For younger brides, pretty normal in my experience.

WeAreEternal Fri 28-Jun-13 16:56:47

YABU, that is brilliant.

fluffyraggies Fri 28-Jun-13 16:57:38

Love it as a first time, never seen it before thing.

It will be copied though, and a bit <yawn> in a few months. Sadly.

I imagine some people will get blown up pics of their own pets chasing them ect. too.

Now THAT would persuade me to part with £13 for the class photo grin

FunnysInLaJardin Fri 28-Jun-13 17:00:18

well at least it's better than the Shrek wedding we had here a few months ago. Bride and groom dressed as Shrek and Princess Fiona and all the guests in Disney fancy dress. That made the bbc too!

RiotsNotDiets Fri 28-Jun-13 17:17:10

Haha I love it!

KatoPotato Fri 28-Jun-13 17:24:27

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