Whats the stupidest argument with a company you have had.

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MNEdBlackpoolWiganandSalford Thu 20-Jun-13 12:05:35

I have had a letter from one dated yesterday, arriving in today's post telling me I had to contact them by LAST Friday in order for the agreement still to stand.

I phoned them this morning and they were insistent the agreement could no longer stand because I did not contact them by last Friday hmm
He was completely sure it was my fault and there was no room for movement.

SybilRamkin Thu 20-Jun-13 12:28:24

About the spelling of my name! The caller from BT's overseas call-centre was totally insistent that my name was not spelled the way I have been spelling it all my life, apparently that way is wrong and his way was much better and correct. hmm

ha! how silly grin

do they really not see how wrong that is? maybe they expect people not to question it? confused

i dont have one of my own to add unfortunately. wish i did though!

plainjaney Thu 20-Jun-13 12:37:00

After my Dad died I had to send off his death certificate to various places. Can't think who it was now, possibly NatWest but we had a letter back addressed to my Dad thanking him for sending his death certificate.

I did have a moan at them at the time, fortunately it amused us (and my Dad would have found it hilarious) but it could have been distressing for someone else.

beecrazy Thu 20-Jun-13 12:45:35

When my Mum died we tried to cancel and get a refund on her car insurance. They insisted they had to speak to her (yes, Co-op insurance that was you) eventually agreeing that that was not possible then sent the refund cheque to Mum's bank account, closed due to probate. I think we made 20+ phone calls and wrote 7 or 8 letters.

After my mum died I had trouble cancelling her cable TV. Despite telling them she'd died, they'd had the equipment back etc, paid all bills, they still kept going on about the monthly rental. During our last (of many!) call they informed me they'd be taking her to court if payment was not forthcoming. I told them to go ahead. Never heard another word ha ha!

moustachio Thu 20-Jun-13 12:58:35


Holiday Inn express thinking it was okay that a drunk randomer was able to get in our room during the night and piss everywhere...

Nuby UK's facebook people. Sexism and discrimination is fine obviously...

DoJo Thu 20-Jun-13 13:04:23

I once had a long argument with a mortgage company about the fact that the term 'in arrears' has meaning regardless of whether they choose to use it or not. She swore blind that she couldn't tell me whether payments were in advance or in arrears because 'that's not how we describe it'. Ground my gears no end...

primallass Thu 20-Jun-13 13:14:05

We had insurance with Admiral and got a renewal letter through. OH's speeding points were now no longer valid (over 5 years) and I assumed the renewal had taken that into account.

I did a 'dummy' quote online, which was much less than our renewal quote, so I phoned them.

The bloke on the phone kept telling me that I had to tell the online system that OH's points were still valid to get a proper comparison - so LIE to the system about the dates. He was unbelievable. This went on for ages.

FrenchRuby Thu 20-Jun-13 13:16:06

Yodel telling me my road was inaccessible so they wouldn't deliver my parcel.... I lived on a busy main road with side parking and turn around room.

When our building society took 10k from our joint account in error and then wouldn't let me use the account whilst they sorted it out as I was overdrawn. Of course I was fucking overdrawn, they debited 10k from it.....their answer was that their system doesnt know that.

Fucking goons......they did send me a massive bunch of flowers to apologise though!

I had to get my passport changed to my new surname and this had to be done before I got married in order for me to be able to go on the honeymoon.

This was all fine with the passport office and it arrived a week before I was wed, but the courier wouldn't give the damn thing to me because I could not show any ID in the name the passport was in hmm

And when I phoned the passport office they said that it wasn't their problem.......

We are very rural and can only get an internet connection via satellite. The internet often goes down for several days, but we should not be charged for these periods. However, the internet provider will only accept notification that the connection is down by email.

Beyond stupid.

LadyBryan Thu 20-Jun-13 13:30:35

HMRC - they sent me our tax certificates and somehow my DOB was wrong - not just a figure transposed but everything wrong.

I checked the copy of the form I'd filled in and, of course, I'd put my DOB correctly.

So I rang up and go through all the security questions. One of which is DOB - so I give my actual date of birth and I fail the security procedure. of course I say "well actually I know whats happened" but before I could finish he says "I have to terminate this call" and hung up.

So I call back and give the incorrect DOB. So of course I pass all security information and then proceed to try and chance DOB. Then they accuse me of accessing an account by fraudulent means and hang up again

Utterly ridiculous

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LadyBryan, this happened to me with Barclays, they had my date of birth down as 01/01/1900 and I failed security trying to correct it.

Gracelo Thu 20-Jun-13 13:53:07

Futon company - if Dundee is in the Highlands&Islands or not. They wanted to charge me H&I delivery fees. I emailed them a link with a map of Scotland but they kept insisting it was H&I hmm

bigbluebus Thu 20-Jun-13 13:57:06

Trying to report a fault on my landline to BT. Couldn't get a dialling tone on phone as the phone kept showing that it was 'in use' even though no-one was using it and the handsets were in place. BT wouldn't take a fault report as they couldn't test the line because the line was 'in use'. Kept telling me to vacate the line and try again.........but that was the bloody fault!!!!

vaillant. awful boiler, awful customer service. they're so bad i'm getting a different boiler now.

I think it was BT that was insistant that my email address was wrong. The woman I was speaking to kept insisting that I must be "mis-reading" it as it shouldn't have an extra dot in it. It's in the format XXX @ XXX . XXX . com

"I'm not "reading" it from anywhere, I've memorised it, and the number of times I've told you it, you've probably memorised it too!"

Took nearly 15 minutes to get her to type the damn thing in correctly, and lo and behold the computer could then accept it! Fucking idiot.

Spaghettio Thu 20-Jun-13 13:59:30

Waiting in all morning for a virgin media person to come and install our phone and broadband. When they don't arrive, I call them from my mobile and they say it's now an afternoon slot as the engineer is running late.

So I wait in all afternoon as well (so all day then) and still no engineer. I call them again and they tell me that they called and left a message for me. I disagree with them, and while I do, the engineer turns up (at 19.30 - not between 8am and 6pm as promised).

When he finally leaves at 20.30 - I pick up my new phone and find.....

Yep, you guessed it. A message from virgin media saying that they are running late.

They left a message on the landline that they hadn't connected yet. shock

SmiteYouWithThunderbolts Thu 20-Jun-13 13:59:47

A takeaway delivery driver ringing me to insist that my address didn't exist because he couldn't find my house number and had driven round the block countless times looking for it. I would have abandoned it entirely after 5 minutes of him shouting at me had I not ordered it online and paid by card in advance! Eventually I opened the front door to look for him and the dozy git was sitting in his car outside my house, still shouting down the phone that I must have my house number wrong. hmm

wineoclocktimeyet Thu 20-Jun-13 14:05:07

Poor MIL trying to cancel FIL from car insurance because he died recently to be told by 3 different people (including a Manager) that they could only speak to the policyholder himself - apparently being dead was not a valid excuse despite the fact she was a joint policy holder.

If it hadnt been t so upsetting for her, it would actually have be funny.

primallass Thu 20-Jun-13 14:10:56

And another one.

While I was home for Christmas, Clydesdale bank said I had withdrawn money from the cash machine at my university branch, 60 miles away (on Christmas Eve, so I know I wasn't there). I went in to sort it out when term started and they told me that the amount (£30 maybe) was under their threshold for refunding mistakes! So basically that they could steal my f-ing money shock

I caused a scene and got it back.

LadyFlumpalot Thu 20-Jun-13 14:11:19

The automated message I got when I phoned TalkTalk to report that our Internet is down.

"We are aware that a number of our customers are unable to access the Internet at present. For further instructions, please visit our website."

Then the line went dead.

yoshipoppet Thu 20-Jun-13 14:20:29

These are brilliantsmile
My best one was British Gas threatening us with going to court if we didn't pay our bill. This went on for months. But we had never been connected to the gas main, at any point.

PiHigh Thu 20-Jun-13 14:22:36

Mortgage Company. Rate had gone up (was a stepped fixed rate) but the letter they'd sent showed the same payment as we were currently paying. I knew it was wrong because the original offer letter from the previous year had listed the payment for each tier of the fixed rate.

Me on phone to them: "I think there's been a mistake, my interest rate has gone up but my payment hasn't. My original paperwork says it should be £x not £y."
Her: "No, it's fine, they'll have calculated it"
Me: "No, if the interest rate has increased, the payment must also go up. It's detailed on my original paperwork to go up this year."
Her: "I'm sure the paperwork is right."
Me: "But the paperwork says two different things. The original is correct and says the payment will increase but the recent letter is incorrectly stating my current lower payment"
Her: "Yes, yes, it'll be right."
Me: hmm "No, they can't both be right, they have different payment amounts"
Her: "It's all done on computer. It must be right."
Me: "They can't both be right. My interest rate has gone up and so my payment should have gone up to £x, but you're still only taking £y from my account."
Her: "Yes, ok, that'll be right to take £y"
Me: "No, no it's not. Can you explain how my payment stays the same even if the interest rate goes up?"
Her: "The computer works it out. They use the interest rate to work out the payment."
Me: "Yes, so if the interest rate changes, surely the payment must change?"
Her: "Um...it's just done by the computer."
Me: "I'm sure it's wrong."
Her: "I'll pass it to another team and get them to look into it."

9am the next day I get a call from the other team. "Hello, we made a mistake calculating your mortgage payment. Thanks for letting us know. It will be £x. We'll send a letter to confirm it."

Still have no idea how their mistake really happened and it's not happened again (the next step in the fixed rate went through properly)

Oh yes. British gas were laying a pipe but found a pipe under our porch which they said was dangerous and an emergency to the extent that they MUST move it the next day.

They gave me a number to ring to 'order the work', though they informed me it would be done free of charge.

I phoned them up the day after they had done the work and they agreed that the work needed doing, but not that it had been done.

I insisted, but they also insisted that they had to dig up my garden AGAIN. I tried to then undo the call, but couldn't because it was an 'emergency'.

So some people came round and re-dug my garden to confirm the pipe was where it should be and then they covered up the whole hmm

Trying to cancel my Grandad's Virgin tv subscription after his death. Rang them to explain but you've guessed it: they need to speak to the named bill payer. After several phonecalls we sent them the death certificate as proo,f but they still continued to send letters addressed to him and ring asking to speak to him for about 6 months after. hmm

primallass Thu 20-Jun-13 14:28:10

I think that Virgin have been named and shamed for that on Facebook and Twitter recently.

Orange did that to my mum. We sent a death certificate but they claimed to have not received it, though it was recorded delivery.

After a year, they agreed to only charge my mum for the first 6 months as a gesture of goodwill hmm.

My DM rang Sky tv up to change tv and internet to her name after my DDad died. She got the usual "we can only speak to the account holder" bit and was on for about 20 minutes with the person on the end of the phone getting more and more ridiculous. DM finally flipped when she was asked to have a go at guessing DDad's password!

In the end she hung up and redialled and was put through to the berevement department straight away.

PragmaticWench Thu 20-Jun-13 14:39:10

When I moved in with DH he changed one of his bank accounts to a joint account for the two of us, all paperwork was done in branch, no problem. I phone up to do some banking and was told I had 'failed security'. Now they hadn't set up any security with me in branch, which I explained on the phone, but apparently I was supposed to know his security answers from when the account was just in his name. Santander (yes, I'm naming you twonks!) argued with me for ages, finally stating that whenever I wanted to speak with them I must have DH call them first to 'allow' me access to my money.

Needless to say we went into the branch and closed the account.

HMRC acknowledging I have 3 children and correctly naming them then saying I am not eligible for tax credits because I have no children. They couldn't except that their computer was wrong, even though the names where there in big letters in front of their faces.

MNEdBlackpoolWiganandSalford Thu 20-Jun-13 15:12:39

I have just had HMRC say I have registered and approved childcare (i don't) but then in the next sentence I have no registered and approved childcare costs.

NoRainNoRainbow Thu 20-Jun-13 15:18:49

British Gas, called centre based in Leeds I think. This was march this year.

I live in north west surrey, and work in central London on a transport network.

Me: Hi I'm just calling up to see why my bills so high
Them: because it's been the coldest winter of all time (first hmm)
Me: ok but could you break it down for me because is does seem really high for only two people.
Them: No, I can't, I've just told you it's been the COLDEST WINTER OF ALL TIME that's why. (Shouted this at me)
Me: ummm ok but it's not that cold anymore....
Them: it's snowing now, there's a foot of snow outside
Me: not where I am
Them: yes it is, what has it been nice and sunny where you are for the whole winter when it's been THE COLDEST WINTER OF ALL TIME EVERYWHERE ELSE (sarcastic shouting now)
Me: No, just right now it's not snowing
Them: yes it is London was ground to a standstill all day yesterday because of the snow
Me: ummm no it wasn't
Them: yes it was
Me: No it wasn't, I'm quite sure of that
Them: oh was it nice and sunny there as well, according to you. (More sarcasm with a little laugh at the end)
Me: no, I know it wasn't snowing and it wasn't ground to a halt, as I work there and it's my job to know

Then she hung up.

Made me laugh grin I think she was having a bad day!

Ipp3 Thu 20-Jun-13 15:23:04

An argument with nationwide when they could not find my flat on their address finder. The woman insisted that the only solution was to address my flat '1' even though that was my neighbours flat (I was gf) . Despite repeatedly stating that this would mean my mail, with all my financial details, would be delivered to my neighbour she would not budge. I had to complain to hq to get it changed!

Wibblypiglikesbananas Thu 20-Jun-13 15:25:01

I have two:

1) Called HSBC to cancel my deceased grandfather's bank cards. Got someone in a call centre who wouldn't speak to me as I wasn't the account holder. I repeatedly told them he'd recently died. She didn't understand me. It was hideous. The Post Office, incidentally, were amazing.

2) Bought a new VW. Bought a new iPod the same day. The two were not compatible, despite the VW manual saying they were (had been written incorrectly, it turned out). Ended up with VW paying for an older model of iPod that we could use in the car after a huge argument where they tried to say it wasn't their fault they couldn't keep up with fast changing technology. I took that point, but not that fact their manual was incorrect, hence the compromise.

Wibblypiglikesbananas Thu 20-Jun-13 15:28:53

Oh yeah, just remembered another one.

When the riots in London happened 2 summers back, Sainsburys blamed them for the fact that all the frozen goods in our delivery were defrosted.

I asked for a redelivery and got a snooty woman in a call centre in Edinburgh telling me that that wouldn't be possible for a couple of days due to the riots down my road. Except that we were the other side of the city and at least 15 miles from the nearest riot.

She would not be convinced - tongue in cheek, even offered to Skype her so she could see for herself that my leafy SW London street was just the same as always. Again, would not be convinced.

Called the AA to find out why my recovery premium had increased by £50. The rather helpful advisor told me it was because I was now eligible for the "free" member benefits as I'd been with them a year. After a 30 minute call in which he attempted to explain, in the most patronising voice possible, how they were free when I was paying £50 for them, I hung up and went with the RAC. The conversation went like this...

Him: you are getting a lot of benefits for free.
Me: they're not free I'm paying £50.
Him: no they are free.
Me: why is the new member price so much lower?
Him: as they don't get any free benefits.
Me: please stop saying they're free, they're not free.
Him: I think you are misunderstanding me, we are offering you a lot of extra benefits, all for free.
Me: <barely repressed rage> they're £50, £50 is not free.

CandidaDoyle Thu 20-Jun-13 15:43:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CandidaDoyle Thu 20-Jun-13 15:55:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EldritchCleavage Thu 20-Jun-13 15:57:46

My mother:- stand up row in Post Office after being told she couldn't post a parcel to Lesotho as there was no such country. She lost, and had to trek into town to the main Post Office to send it from there. And yes, she did complain.

NorbertDentressangle Thu 20-Jun-13 16:10:29

Where I used to work we sent a parcel to a customer that got lost in the post. I filled in a Royal Mail compensation form to claim back the cost of the goods we'd sent.

A week later the Royal Mail wrote to us to say that they couldn't process our claim because our address didn't exist....er, that'll be the address they WROTE to us at then. hmm

Even when I phoned them up and pointed this out the person I spoke to still couldn't see how ridiculous it was.

GemmaTeller Thu 20-Jun-13 16:12:55


I rang to cancel my contract..

BT - 'are you going with another provider?'
Me - 'thats not your concern, please cancel my contract'

BT - 'not until you tell me which provider you're going with and how much they have quoted you'
Me- 'thats not your concern, please cancel my contract'

BT - 'not until you tell me which provider you're going with and how much they have quoted you'
ME - 'please cancel my contract'

BT - 'not until...
ME - 'cancel my contract, cancel my contract, cancel my contract....

and on it went for a good 5 minutes until DH took the phone off me and said 'what is your problem, my wife has every right to ring and cancel this contract'

BT - I'm sorry sir, we can only speak to the account holder.
Me - I want to cancel my contract
BT - Not until you...

Me - aaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phineyj Thu 20-Jun-13 16:15:44

We moved from one house to another on the same street. Virgin Media would not let us change address, oh no. We had to close our account and set up a new one hmm. For weeks we got simultaneous letters and/or phonecalls saying they welcomed us and were sorry we were leaving and that we owed money on the old account and had overpaid on the new one. Then the installation guy cut the wire too short to reach our house and stormed off in a huff, leaving his spade and a reel of about 100ft of cable behind hmm.

I also lived in a flat once in a converted warehouse and had many debates with utility suppliers who said I couldn't possibly be living in it as it was a warehouse.

Also had a run in with HMRC as in the course of changing my address with them, they managed to change it to a weird combination of the old and new address that did not actually exist and then told me I had got my address wrong!

GemmaTeller Thu 20-Jun-13 16:17:46

Budget car insurance - I got a letter saying my premium had increased by £30 a month, when I rang to ask why, I was told it was because they had noticed I hadn't got 'commute for work' on my policy.

'mmm, thats because I work from home and don't need the car to get from my bedroom to the spare room'.

Phineyj Thu 20-Jun-13 16:18:06

eldritch grin our Post Office is inside a Smiths - I'd have been tempted to get an atlas off the shelf to show them!

Went on the computer at work and the e-mail programme had vanished. Rang the IT department, and after waiting hours for them to ring back because they were "exceptionally busy", they said they had installed a completely new e-mail programme across the whole company, and explained how to access it.

After accessing it, guess what was in the inbox - an e-mail, dated after the changeover, explaining how to access the e-mail.

IT couldn't see the problem. I wonder why they were "exceptionally busy" that day... hmm

MNEdBlackpoolWiganandSalford Thu 20-Jun-13 16:22:38

I had stupid issues with Virgin Broadband.
We live in a converted house of two flats, we have a shared front door.
We both have our own front door then at the top of the stairs.
My neighbour has broadband, Virgin media are insistent that broadband is not fitted to my property....

British Gas set up both a business and a domestic account for our office, tried to charge us two times for a period when we were't connected to the mains (which they knew because they are the only people who can put in the connection), and although they've managed to close the domestic account, still insist that we need to pay £600 for gas which they didnt' supply to us on a business account which we didn't set up which at one point was linked to a gas meter which didn't exist.

And the domestic customer services dept can't access the records of the business customer services, and business customer services aren't interested in sorting out the problem until we pay off the arrears. Which we're not going to do as we don't have an account with them, and get our gas from another company. So currently at stalemate.

They've stopped sending a third set of bills to the landlord though, so that's something grin.

MNEdBlackpoolWiganandSalford Thu 20-Jun-13 16:24:10

What I mean is they are insistent it is not fitted to the house at all.

SarahAndFuck Thu 20-Jun-13 16:29:05

LadyBryan - I had a similar argument with someone who kept calling our number looking for someone I had never heard of.

Them: Can I speak to Karen Smith.
Me: You have the wrong number.
Them: Are you sure, this is the number she gave us.
Me: This has been our number for several years, you have the wrong number.
Them: Well she said this was her number.
Me: Well it's not. Can you take it off your database?
Them: No, not unless Karen Smith tells us it is wrong.
Me: But then you're just going to keep calling me aren't you?
Them: Yes, we will keep calling until we speak to Karen Smith.
Me: But she doesn't live here.
Them: We'll have to hear that from her.
Me: Right, I've changed my mind, I AM Karen Smith.
Them: Hello Miss Smith.
Me: Can you take this number off your database, it's not my number, I don't live here.
Them: Yes I can. What's your new number?
Me: How should I know? It's just not this one.

BlueSkySunnyDay Thu 20-Jun-13 16:29:41

The one where I switched my calls to BT - overnight I couldn't make calls unless I used an override code.

BT - You have a problem with your line.

ME - No I don't I can make calls by dialling XXX first.

BT - We will get an engineer out to you to check your line

ME - No you don't need to do that ITS NOT A PHYSICAL PROBLEM the line is working i CAN MAKE CALLS USING AN OVER RIDE CODE - you just need to do something to let me make calls without using the code.

Went round and round in circles with that one with various chaps in India.

Royal mail. I'm a business account customer, which means they won't give compensation for lost parcels. So if a parcel gets lost, you have to suck it up.

I had a whole batch of parcels go missing. I thought I should report it to my business manager at Royal Mail, y'know so they could see if there was a pattern at a certain sorting office or something. After my email being sent from pillar to post, and lots of mis-information given, I was told the only way available to Royal Mail to register and report missing parcels was to fill in a compensation claim form for each and every one (prob about 15-20 mins work per claim form). And obviously not be eligible for compensation.

Err, so what's in it for me?

ShadeofViolet Thu 20-Jun-13 16:31:42

For years, Severn Trent water had me down as the account holder with a different first name, which they obviously misheard when we moved in and I phoned them. I didnt notice as the bills always came to Mrs H. Surname.

For 4 years they took direct debits out of my account in my actual name. Then I switched banks and rang to inform them.

When I gave the name on my bank account, they old me they couldnt set up a DD because it didnt match the STW account name. So I tried to change the name on the STW account because that person doesnt exist and it was a mistake that they had made. They still were adamant that I couldn't set up a DD because the names didnt match.

I pay my bill when it comes now, because I still cant set it up.

CailinDana Thu 20-Jun-13 16:33:55

When i moved from ireland to england i had run ins with various companies who simply would not believe that ireland doesn't have postcodes. And the amount of people who just couldn't understand that ireland is a separate country, distinct from northern ireland with its own government and the euro, not stirling, was absolutely shocking.

thegraduand Thu 20-Jun-13 16:38:19

I was driving a long way once with DD then aged 3 and the cat who was in her travelling basket. Pulled in at motorway service station to use the loo and buy a sandwich. Too hot to leave cat in the car, was told by manager animals weren't allowed in service station, asked him to show me where it said this. He pointed to a sign that said "no dogs" we then had a row about whether cats are different animals to dogs. In the end one of the service station staff stood outside with the cat while we used the loo.

CailinDana Thu 20-Jun-13 16:38:48


PiHigh Thu 20-Jun-13 16:39:19

We used to live in a flat. When we moved out we hadn't received a water bill so rang them to request one. They had no idea what we should pay because the (new build) flats had individual water meters but we didn't know where they were and they had no record of where they had installed them. They sent out an engineer who couldn't find them either shock so we never got charged for any water confused

YoniRanger Thu 20-Jun-13 16:41:01

I asked for a new repayment meter from Ovo because our meter is ancient and I owe them some money.

They send me a letter every 4 weeks threatening legal action to install a repayment meter.

They always claim they send them by mistake but still no meter.


LindaMcCartneySausage Thu 20-Jun-13 16:44:22

With NatWest. We had a problem with post being stolen at the local sorting office - everyone had an issue locally and police were investigating. So, when I had my bag pinched in a bar, I ordered a replacement card and asked them NOT to send it to my home address and it was agreed that they would send the new card to my branch for collection.

Kept turning up at branch to collect it, but after two weeks, NatWest admitted it was sent to my home address, was an active card, so no need to activate it and, er, must have been stolen because my account was £2k in the red.

Oh, and when they sent me yet another new card, they again, against expressly agreed instruction and sent it to my flat instead if branch and - guess what - same thing happened again!!!!!

Final straw was when they tried to charge me for having an unauthorised overdraft!!

Tanith Thu 20-Jun-13 16:45:40

Not me, my MIL with her insurance company.

They promise to replace appliances insured "no argument, no quibble". She's been with them for years.

On Sunday, her washing machine started smoking from the back. It wasn't in use, and DH and I both saw it (and unplugged the damn thing).

The fire brigade have said "Do not use - it is dangerous".

The insurance company, after accusing her of lying and telling her "you're not getting a new one out of us - we know your type!" (she's in her mid 70's), have said their engineer can't find anything wrong with it and to carry on using it shockangryangry

queenjellybelly Thu 20-Jun-13 16:46:35

Finance dept of company I have worked for for 14 years refused to pay my mileage claim as they said I didn't live where I did so mileage would be less! They Had got my hometown mixed up with the name of the town I was working in. Refused to pay until my line manager confirmed my address, just because some twonk had misread my details!

Inneedoftea Thu 20-Jun-13 16:51:47

Unbelievably I have actually had a few conversations with several customer services personnel which goes as follows:

Me: I'd like to order that thank you.
Them: Great Mrs Tea, can I have your address?
Me: Sure. Fairy Cottage, Fairyland, London, SE34 3PP
Them: And what county is that in?
Me: It is London, it doesn't have a county.
Them: Can you give me the county, then?
Me: No. It is London. It doesn't have a county. Just put London if that helps.
Them: So...what county is that?
Me: There is no county, it is just London... angry

Repeat to fade...

juneybean Thu 20-Jun-13 16:52:45

I had one with Asda click and collect yesterday, went to collect parcel and she asked for the card I used so i duly handed over my one and only card to be told it was the wrong one. Then remembered I paid on PayPal but she said it still wasn't the correct card number despite me saying i only had one card.

She then remembered there had been problems yesterday.

The day after moving out of a shared student house we were waiting in for the inspector to come and check the property. Bear in mind this is a post moving out inspection - the inspector should reasonably assume that the house will be empty.
Waited and waited and nobody arrived. Called the letting agent who struggle to get hold of him because obviously it's contracted out to a specialist company. Finally they do and give him my number. He calls me, most irate because he rang the bell several times and nobody answered. I go to the door, look out on the street, test the bell. I tell him it is working and double check the street name with him. He insists he has been ringing the bell at number 22 Ourstreet. I suggest he comes back as I am now standing on the pavement outside the house and can't miss him. He says he is outside! He is looking in the window! I point out that he really isn't, because I am, and he is not there. I again suggest he might be at the wrong house. He gets completely irate at this point and shouts that he is looking in our window, he can see a sofa with a cat sleeping on it.
Only when I point out that our house is devoid of furniture or cats, he agrees to go and check the road. Obviously he is standing outside 22 Notourstreet.
He was an unbelievable dick, didn't apologise for being 45 minutes late or his general rudeness. However he did the inspection in record time and didn't deduct a penny despite several fairly significant bits of damage we had definitely caused.

AnneElliott Thu 20-Jun-13 17:14:07

Halifax sent me a letter threatening to repossess the property as I had cancelled the direct debit. I had moved the week before and no longer owned it. No Halifax mortgage on new property either so not sure why they got it wrong.
Greenwich council threatened court action for non payment of council tax. They wanted proof I was a student. The fact they paid my fees direct to the uni was apparently not enough evidence got them. It was for the court though, they got a right bollockjng.grin

Tilly333 Thu 20-Jun-13 17:26:02

Direct Line Insurance asking for the keys to my car to be able to collect it after it had been damaged and burnt out by fire.
I told them they did not need the keys as there was no wheels to drive the car, no dashboard, steering wheel or column as the car was a burnt out wreck. They insisted that they needed the keys to get into the vehicle. I told them it had no windows (they had melted or been smashed by the fire brigade) and they would not be able to put the key into an ignition as there was no ignition left to put the key into!
They insisted they needed the keys, so I told them I would leave them under the car if they were so desperate. They then proceeded to tell me the car could get pinched if I left them there and it was unsafe to do so and would invalidate my insurance! stupid stupid stupid!

SarahAndFuck Thu 20-Jun-13 17:26:14

Actually there was another one, with a company we had bought some fence panels from.

We waiting in for most of the day and they didn't arrive with the fence. Finally rang them and they said "Oh...yes well, we sold those panels to a regular customer yesterday so we haven't got them now. You'll have to wait for us to make some more."

DH: That's not really good enough, especially since you didn't let me know.
Fence Company: We did let you know.
DH: No you didn't.
FC: We spoke to your wife.
DH: <did they speak to you?> She's standing right here and she says you didn't.
FC: Yes that's right, we tried to speak to your wife but realised you haven't given us your phone number.
DH: You rang us on it three days ago to arrange the delivery.
FC: No...you must have called us.
DH: You rang us.
FC: I don't think so

Back and forth arguing before fencing company accuse DH of lying and put the phone down.

Three weeks later, phone rings.

FC: Hello Mrs AndFuck, just confirming we will be with you today with your fence panels.
Me: What fence panels?
FC: Your fence panels, you ordered from us on X date.
Me: No, I don't think so. You sold those fence panels to someone else, let us down without contacting us and then you were rude to my DH. Said you couldn't call to let us know because you didn't have our phone number. Which, by the way, you've just called us on.
FC: Um...so what time can we deliver the panels?
Me: We've bought the fence from someone else, it's already up.
FC: So what are we supposed to do with these panels?
Me: Call your regular customer and see if they want to buy them.

SarahAndFuck Thu 20-Jun-13 17:35:06

TheGraduand - I once had to do a similar thing but with DS and a dog.

Nobody stopped me from walking in with DS under one arm and small dog under the other, through the service station, up an escalator, along a corridor and into the ladies toilets, where I managed to go without putting either dog or baby on the floor.

Then I made it back out again. I could really have done with someone stopping me at the door to hold the dog. Can't believe you had to argue that cats are not dogs .smile

Groovee Thu 20-Jun-13 17:36:02

My gran arranged to swap gas and electric to Scottish hydro.

It changed on the Monday. On the Thursday she had a massive heart attack and 3 weeks later she passed away.

They were furious that she had renaged on their contract. Trying to explain she had died was not going well with my mum. So my dad took over, and eventually they agreed to close the account!!!

grumpyoldbat Thu 20-Jun-13 17:41:07

I am so glad it's not just me who has these conversations.

I was in Santander once and I overheard a woman shout "You wanted to see the account holder, well here he is, now will you close the account?" as she plonked an urn on the counter.

RBS made an error with an account number which led to someone else's expensive mortgage being paid out my account. For 3 months they refused to discuss where my money was going or to stop the payments because it wasn't my mortgage. Then the bastards tried to charge me for being overdrawn.

I received a letter from the council tax office politley asking for me to pay £3 that I had underpaid from the previous month. I rang the office to ask what the amount was I had paid as I had forgotten, post birth brain. instead of informing me of the amount the woman on the other end began threating court for non payment of council tax, I asked why would the council take me to court for a measly £3 when it would cost them a fortune to do so and I hadn't said I wouldn't pay it I just wanted to know the figures.

She informed me that i wouldn't be going to court for the £3 put for the non payment of the £70 that was outstanding on my account, what £70 i asked, the £70 that was due the next day. She wasn't for accepting that they couldn't take me to court for non payment of council tax, when the amount they said I was indebt for wasn't due to be paid. I finished the call by telling them to go ahead with court proceedings.

20 mins later she called me back, she had spoken to her boss and they had decided that court proceedings wouldn't go ahead this time and they would let me off as long as the 'debt' was paid by the end of the day. Needless to say i paid it when it was due, I am still waiting for the court summons.

combinearvester Thu 20-Jun-13 17:54:54

Took car to garage explaining the engine was misfiring going up hills. On my return mechanic says he has revved the engine for five secondsand can't find a problem.

Me: The engine is misfiring so there must be a problem. What did the diagnostics say?

Him: Well we didn't connect it to the diagnostics cos the engine warning light wasn't on. If there was really a problem there would be an engine warning light.

Me: But last year I came when the car wasn't running properly, no engine warning light was on but there was a problem with the electrics. Remember?

Him: Well the engine warning light doesn't always come on you know.

I fecking know! I just bloody gave you an example FFS.

GoingUpInTheWorld Thu 20-Jun-13 18:29:19

I think i can be the winner here.....

Afew years ago i had a car accident. Car got sent off to approved insurance garage etc.

It came back a week later and they had replaced the front of the car and the number plate at the front.

When inspecting the car after it had been dropped off to me, i noticed that they had put a white number plate on the front, yet the back one was yellow...... grin

So on the phone i got to the garage who fixed the car, having a go at him for making the car look odd by not putting the same colour number plates on!

He listened very silently and then said "Is this a joke?"

I got even more annoyed then and told him i didnt have time to ring him up just to wind him up!

So he told me to go outside whilst on the phone to him and look at everybody elses car on my street.

So off i went and thats when the penny dropped..... grin

I then apologised over and over again haha he thought it was very funny and said he was going to put me on their notice board at work for dummest comment of the week!!

The shame....

memphis83 Thu 20-Jun-13 19:00:18

Oooh everyone in rl knows this story so I feel a namechange coming on to hide my shame.

I used to go cinema pre ds weekly and every week for 6 weeks (yes I counted) they had no hotdogs ready. Every week I got stropier then one week I agreed to take mum to see Mama Mia on the agreement she bought me a ben and jerrys milkshake and a hotdog.
The milkshake machine was broken and the hotdogs weren't ready so I asked for the manager and complained.
The film was so shockingly shit I left angry and wrote a 3 page letter of disgust saying I was looking forward to the new cinema opening locally, they sent me a few free passes and I posted them back saying they couldn't bribe me into going back.
blush so petty but it realy angered me!

phantomnamechanger Thu 20-Jun-13 19:33:47

all the ones about deaths and companies wanting to speak to the deceased are appalling! Hopefully these were long ago - I have noticed many automated lines now have a number to press for reporting a death.

Pixel Thu 20-Jun-13 19:41:03

I'd been looking for some wardrobes to match the other bedroom furniture we already had so was very pleased when I saw the perfect ones in a shop. The salesman told me they had none left so I asked if it would be possible to purchase the display models. He said no as they wouldn't have any to show to other customers who might want to buy them. Ok, so perhaps he could order some more for me? No, they'd been discontinued...

doublecakeplease Thu 20-Jun-13 19:49:26

Phoned a large department store retailer to inform them that my aunt had passed away. She had an account but no bill outstanding - my uncle was devastated and didn't want post to deal with.

The guy on the phone explained that he could only speak to the account holder and repeatedly asked me to put her on the phone despite me telling him that she had died!

doublecakeplease Thu 20-Jun-13 19:56:24

Phantom - mine was Debenhams, only just over a year ago. Appalling customer service. M&S were amazing though.

picnicbasketcase Thu 20-Jun-13 19:56:49

Goingup, that is the best thing I've read today grin

Oldraver Thu 20-Jun-13 20:25:14

SKY tv...I revered to using my maiden name and was calling companies informing them. Almost all the companies including credit cards were ok with it but I got the third degree of Sky. They were very very rude, and didnt like it when I said I was entitled to change my name and I didnt have to give them a reason.

It ended with me being told "well how do we know what you're telling us is the truth?"

I cancelled the DD that day

CitizenOscar Thu 20-Jun-13 20:26:39

I love these, although I imagine some weren't so funny at the time. Wish I had one to contribute!

Slavetothechild Thu 20-Jun-13 20:27:04

The council sent us letters with the name of ds2 on it re council tax , they then tried to take us to court as we should have known they were asking about ds1 !!!! They told me they were never wrong and they knew the name of ds1 ( obviously better than me ) . Went on and on and I pointed out they had never sent a rising 18 letter about dd1 and was then informed I didn't have a daughter !! Odd very odd boston borough council.

McNewPants2013 Thu 20-Jun-13 20:32:36

My DH was having daily phone calls from a conservatory sales place, despite telling them over and over again we live in a top floor rented flat and telling them to not call again they continued to call. DH got rather annoyed and said yes for them to come out and do a quote and once they arrived we never got a call since.

GoingUpInTheWorld Thu 20-Jun-13 20:48:50

I ve got another one here........

Bought my first car 10 years ago when i first passed my test.

Bought it from a private seller. I rang DVLA afew weeks later for something but i cant remember what, and when they asked for the vehicle reg number i told it to them.

They told me that it was coming up as a renault megane on their system when in fact it was a renault clio...

DVLA told me that something wasnt right and i couldn't drive the car until they had investigated the issue and that could take some time.

So theres me n a panic on the phone, worried sick that i had bought a dogdy car, the lady on the other end kept getting me to repeat the reg number.

I was hysterical on the phone at this point until my step dad took over the call and told me to go outside and write down the exact number. I did as asked whilst telling him i wasnt stupid and i knew the reg number etc...

So i goes outside and the reg i had given DVLA was V533 when in actual fact it was V553 ......

Another thick moment there!

thegraduand Thu 20-Jun-13 21:04:47

Just remembered another one, I have a smartphone and am connected to 3 on a package that gives "unlimited internet." I'd been using the phone as a hotspot for my laptop when suddenly that was blocked. During various rows on the phone and in the three shop, it was something like this

Me: but I've got unlimited internet
them: you've got unlimited internet on your phone but not as a hotspot
me: but that is my phone, how is it different. Where does it say it's not completely unlimited
them: it doesn't but it means just your phone
me: but how can I have a limit I don't know about?
them: but we meant just your phone
me: but you don't set that out anywhere, even the stupidly large advert i'm sat next to says "unlimited internetting" (i didn't get started on how that isn't even a word)

carry on in a similar vein until i have up

SarahAndFuck Thu 20-Jun-13 21:05:01

McNewPants - we had similar when we lived in a flat.

We also had a vacuum salesman insist that we had to buy a vacuum cleaner from him because it was ideal for stair carpets, when he had just walked up our set of concrete stairs that were outside!

I get healthy start vouchers. You basically get £3.10 to spend on fresh or frozen fruit and veg. I get a few bits including a lettice and some tomatoes.
Shop assistant: you can't use that voucher
Me : why? I only have fruit and veg in my basket.
Shop assistant: well you have a lettice and some tomatoes. They're not fruit or veg.
Me : what are they then? One grows out the ground and the other grows off a plant...
Shop assistant : I'll get the manager.
Manager: letice and tomato are not fruit or veg.
Me: huh?
Manager (to shop assistant) : just put the vouchers through anyway. The customer's making trouble!

WhyMeWhyNot Thu 20-Jun-13 21:44:29

B.T refusing to let me cancel my telephone/Internet agreement even though the house had been burnt down and uninhabitable.

SilkySocksSinkShips Thu 20-Jun-13 21:49:08

A few years ago someone drive in to my parked stationary unattended car. Luckily for me they left their details. Phoned my insurance company to ask for advice. Went through the proper channels and claimed on their insurance.

Unbeknown to me, my company opened a claim. So when i went to renew with another company, they were saying I was lying about never making a claim and my NCD. After a few frantic calls, a hold on my insurance and a weeks wait, my company accepted responsibility, said opening the claim was an accident and issued my up to date No Claims to new insurer.

Its still on my record 4 years later. Each year I renew and have to explain all over again, they check it out and receive my NCD...done. Forgotten for another year.

This year, my new company sends a letter 3 weeks intothe new contract - an extra £30 on my premium fpr failing to notify I had made a claim. The same company I was with last year! They have all my details. Phoned to complain. Asked why when they hadn't done it a year ago. Woman was pn repeat - 'But you didn't inform us you made a claim'.

So apparently I have to pay more because I had the cheek to claim on someone elses insurance after they damaged my car 4 years earlier. Man, I was livid angry

badbride Thu 20-Jun-13 21:49:35

Am utterly puzzled on your behalf, sami: what on Earth the the assistant and the manager think tomatoes and lettuce are? Inedible decorations that adorn their burgers and fries?

You may have had better luck using the vouchers to buy a bar of fruit 'n' nut chocolate. That's 2 of your 5 a day, you know grin

badbride they claimed tomatoes and lettice were salad. So they were neither fruit nor vegetable hmm.
I was so confused I came home, and wikipedia'ed the definition of fruit and vegetable, and salad just to be on the safe side!

ginmakesitallok Thu 20-Jun-13 22:14:47

Going to different office to work, where I had booked a car parking space. Attendant said I didn't have one booked. I asked if there were any free, he gave me a telephone number to call. I call the number from my mobile, very nice lady answers who says she'll check if there are any spaces and puts me on hold.

Phone rings in office, attendant answers it. I hear nice lady a ask him if there are any spaces, he's standing right beside me and tells her yes there are plenty, what name is it for? He hangs up, nice lady tells me that yes there is a space. I thank her and hang up. I then have this very strange moment where I turn to him and say, "I have a space booked", he asks "what's the name?", "ginmakesitallok" I reply, and he says, "yes, that's fine, just park over behind that one...."


EduCated Thu 20-Jun-13 22:18:36

Vision Express rang me to ask why I hadn't turned up to my appointment.

At the point they rang me, I was sat 10ft away in the waiting area, where I had been sat for nearly an hour waiting for my very delayed appointment.

mirai Thu 20-Jun-13 22:20:35

Student Loans Company sent me a letter, dated the Thursday, asking me to fill out the repayment assessment form. I then got a very rude letter, dated the Friday, saying I was in trouble for not returning the form and they were going to apply penalty payments to my account. They are bastards and I hate them.

phantomnamechanger Thu 20-Jun-13 22:21:33

Educated - that's the funniest one so far!
I would love to have been in that waiting room grin

PMSL at Karen Smith and the renegade lettuce!

When we bought our first house, it was valued (by the vendors) at £105,000. We had a 6k deposit so required a mortgage of £99k. Natwest made a series of cock ups and I basically was left with no faith in them.

Anyway, when the surveyors went out, they valued the house at 99k, which was a huge blow as it meant we were 100% mortgage, and so were on a higher interest rate. A little niggle started in the back of my head. So I called Natwest and asked which surveyors had been used. They told me they didn't release that information.

I counted to ten, called again. Spoke to someone else who happily gave me the surveyor's contact details. I called the surveyors who confirmed they only confirmed the value of the house up to the "mortgage requested" value supplied by Natwest - as we wanted a mortagage for £99k, they had confirmed to Natwest it was worth [at least] £99k. I asked whether, had they known the asking price was £105,000, they'd have confirmed that figure instead. They said, yes, of course they would.

Oh I still remember the pain of all this and it was 11 years ago.

Oh educated please tell us more? How far did the conversation get?

Oh and the horror I used to have ordering anything over the phone when I lived in a flat. Because obviously we are the only people ever to live in a flat or take on a mortgage. This stuff has never been done before.

Love this thread!

EduCated Thu 20-Jun-13 23:02:00

There was a beautiful moment when she turned round, still on the phone to me. I gave her a cheery wave.

EduCated Thu 20-Jun-13 23:03:38

Didn't get too far, I sort of spluttered 'but I'm here, in the waiting area', which is when she turned round. 5 minutes before I'd jokingly checked with her that they hadn't forgotten me...

phantomnamechanger Thu 20-Jun-13 23:03:48

just remembered one for my friend - she lives in the same house she was born in over 50 years ago - its a 400 year old cottage, called X cottage, no close neighbours, edge of village

she rings a major retailer to order something - they get round to taking her address down
postcode please? (she tells them)
house number? (she says there is no number, just the name, X cottage)
yes, but we need the house number (there is not a number, only a name) repeat several times -
them - there must be a house number , we cant get any further with this form our system without a house number.

she had to abort the order and go to the store in person to make the purchase!!!

FrickingFedUp Thu 20-Jun-13 23:08:30

My bank. Every time I try to set up Internet banking it comes up with an error message. So I contacted them and they said it must be a problem with my computer - but dp accesses it on the same computer. Or it must be my server, but it won't work from work either. They absolutely insist it Ida problem my end so refuse to help me further. And when I asked if I could speak to someone else they said there is no point because it is definitely a problem my end. Good customer service that. Not.

Pobblewhohasnotoes Thu 20-Jun-13 23:09:13

Our tv and Internet supplied by virgin media went down for two weeks.

Virgin media told us everyday that it would be fixed by 1pm the next day, despite the fact that I told them it wouldn't be as there were workmen at the end of our road digging up and relaying 80 meters of cables.

I wouldn't have minded as much if they'd just been honest and said it was going to be two weeks, but to lie everyday...

EduCated Thu 20-Jun-13 23:16:05

Where I live, some people still have 10 digit phone numbers, ie the STD code followed by another 5 digits. The number of times people have refused to believe this is ridiculous.

Theselittlelightsofmine Thu 20-Jun-13 23:44:52

British gas sent me a letter saying there were going to send someone round and check I had not "fiddled" my gas pipes as I was not using enough gas...... It was between June and August and few years back, I had to call British gas and explain that I did not use my gas central heating at that time of year!

BumpKitty Thu 20-Jun-13 23:47:22

HSBC - I had three lots of money taken out of my account fraudulently, I called to let the bank know and start the process of getting the money back.
Lots of conversations ensued with useful comments such as 'why do you have that much money in your account anyway?' It really wasn't much and, well, they are a bank!
Days went by with me calling each day to find out what was happening, each time being told different things, ie ' you don't need a crime number' 'you definitely need a crime number, etc.
Eventually I get a letter through and think it has been sorted only to open it and read ' as we haven't heard from you again we assume you realised all the transactions were made by you so we have closed the case'. I very nearly exploded.

spillows Fri 21-Jun-13 00:02:31

Quite a few years ago I lived in Spain and had some trouble with nuisance calls. It got really bad and eventually I decided to make a report to the police, just in case. The elderly officer taking down the details said, oh, hang on, do you get an itemised bill? Yes, I did I said, not quite seeing his point. Well then, just check who's calling you. Easy! I ran out of ways of explaining to him that incoming calls never appear (on any bill I've ever seen), as they are not charged. Nope, didn't believe me, he'd solved the crime and that was that grin

BegoniaBampot Fri 21-Jun-13 00:04:23

MacDonalds. Asked for some ice cream in cones for the kids. Then asked for some chocolate sauce on top. "No, can't do". I point to the picture on the board with chocolate sauce and point to the bottle of sauce behind her. "Ah no, you only can get the chocolate sauce if you get it in a tub". Ask why and she says they just put it on ice cream in tubs. I desperately just want to shout "give me the fucking sauce on the fucking cone you freak!" - bizarre!

Teeb Fri 21-Jun-13 00:08:26

Was there a cost different Begonia? They are pretty tight on their margins in a place like Mcdonalds.

BegoniaBampot Fri 21-Jun-13 00:13:23

No, it just never crossed their mind that you can deviate from the picture on the board. I did call the manager and ask for chocolate sauce (yes I am that much of a pain in the ass). The manger happily squeezed some on no problem and I think said it was to do with the sauce running down the cone rather than being contained in the tub. 'twas a while ago.

Tryharder Fri 21-Jun-13 00:14:48

3 mobile phone company.

New contract phone not working properly. Took it back to 3 shop where I got it. Staff member examined phone, agreed it was faulty and said it would be sent to their technical department for repair.

Got a phone call from member of technical team in India. Said phone had been damaged by my having dunked it in a pint of BEER and hence repair was not covered by guarantee. After about 10 minutes of arguing, I said OK, just send the phone back unrepaired. He said that would cost me £30 in admin charges.

Needless to say I rang the manager of my local 3 shop the next day and got them to lift the charges.

phantom i grew up in a house with a name (was owned by my nan and my dm still lives there). the amount of times people didnt believe that there was no number was unbelievable. especially with deliveries yes im looking at you mr tesco. people get confused with names... we always (and dm still does) get phone calls on the day of delivery with people saying "we're outside the pub, we cant find your house" grin

Ilovemydogandmydoglovesme Fri 21-Jun-13 00:44:06

I had a blazing row with some Indian guy on the phone who insisted I was the previous owner of the house. We used to get a lot of phonecalls for them. I just used to say they had the wrong number.

Then they started to get wise go it and would ask for the home owner. I used to say if they couldn't ask for me personally then I was very sorry but I don't take cold calls and would just hang up. We're slowly getting rid of them.

amazingmumof6 Fri 21-Jun-13 00:54:29

cold caller

told him not interested, please don't contact me again & delete my details

he said and I quote: "Oh shut up you stupid cow!" he put the phone down too!shock angry

Ilovemydogandmydoglovesme Fri 21-Jun-13 01:05:11

He really was having a bad day wasn't he?!

sashh Fri 21-Jun-13 03:38:08

Virgin Media

Had some really bad customer service and cancelled, got Sky instead.

So they shut down my TV and phone line, they told me someone would arrive on X date to collect the equipment.

They did not arrive so I phoned them.

"We couldn't pick them up because we don't have your phone number"

Er.... that's because you cut it off. Besides which I do have a front door, a door bell and yo know my address.

I still have 2 virgin set top boxes for collection.

They sent me a bag.

I've told them I'm disabled, I cannot put them in a bag and take them to the post office and no I wasn't going to wast my carer's time getting him to do it.

So they sent me a box

I still have 2 virgin set top boxes for collection.

"why do you have that much money in your account anyway"

and all these stupid companies calling people on numbers they've disconnected or know to be faulty. Fair enough if they had a headslap moment - we've all done it - but to carry on insisting...

AnnoyedByAlfieBear Fri 21-Jun-13 08:06:10

When my Mum moved into her house, she called the leccy company to sign up, only for them to declare that she didn't have the right address. Apparently her house number didn't exist yet the ones either side did. Despite them providing power for the previous occupants. She also didn't receive a census form for the same reason. We do think it's something to with unlucky 13 maybe?

MNEdBlackpoolWiganandSalford Fri 21-Jun-13 08:09:12

oh I forgot, took dd to her first concert Olly Murs in Manchester for her birthday, when we were in the snow came down really badly, loads left early including us us to avoid getting stuck sad had a nightmare getting home.

Dd was heartbroken, so when he did his live O2 stream via the internet the week after.

I paid for it, came to the night and it would log me in but kept telling me i had only paid for single view and had watched it and therefore needed to pay again. But it hadn't even been on yet.

The gig did eventually come on for three minutes then told me again I had watched it and needed to pay to see it again. (you could pay to watch it again after the live stream)

Despite hundreds of people messaging same issue the media companies reply was "we can see its logging you out and asking for more money but we can't see a problem our end so it must be a problem your end.. hmm

They refused to let us watch it again next day as you had to pay extra for that despite knowing none of us had seen it.

my parents live in a rural area and for a while the whole village kept having the phone lies cut off. BT insisted that it must be "geese on the overhead lines" causing the problem, and couldn't possibly be anything to do with the men digging a big hole in the road confused. Eventually the workmen realised they'd cut through a cable and repaired it, but not before several long conversations with BT where dad offered to go out into the fields to look for all the electrocuted geese grin.

He's also waging a one man war against delivery companies who won't accept that just because he has a "remote areas" postcode, he doesn't actually live on an island or up a hill, and is actually 5 minutes away from the main A trunk road in the area and could flag down the delivery lorry. Apparently it's not possible to get a lorry to their house, despite the fact that the council refuse lorries go past daily to the tip. But they have a friend who lives two minutes away, up a hill with a single dirt track full of potholes as the only access, but lorries can go there, as she has a different postcode.

It's so hard getting past the "computer says no" attitude sad

SarahAndFuck Fri 21-Jun-13 09:51:19

Talk Talk managed to make a mistake with our bank details when they set up our account, so when they tried to take the first payment they couldn't.

Instead of contacting us to say their was a problem, they cut us off. I found out when I tried to ring my mum and got a woman in the Talk Talk customer accounts office instead.

She was lovely but she kept insisting they couldn't let me know about the problem before they cut us off because they had no way to contact me.

She said they didn't know our phone number, although they provided our phone service and sent us a letter telling us our new number.

Then she said they didn't know our email address, even though they had a sent us a welcome to Talk Talk message on it.

And finally, they didn't know our address, even though it was written on the same form as the bank details and they had posted us the router and written with the confirmation letter that had the new phone number on it.

So, the company that provided two of our main ways of communication couldn't actually communicate with us by using them.

The conversation was a bit weird.

TT: We don't contact people for things like this, we cut off the account.
Me: Then how were we supposed to know there was a problem if you don't contact us?
TT: We don't know your address.
Me: But you've written to us, more than once, and sent us the router we were using when you cut us off.
TT: Ah, well...but we haven't got your phone number.
Me: We use your phone service...you wrote to us to tell us the number, you gave it to us.
TT: But...well we couldn't email you, we haven't got an email address.
Me: Yes you have, you've used it!
TT: Well...you should check that we've had your payment.
Me: How?
TT: I don't know. But you ought to let us have your address, telephone and email so we can contact you in future.
Me: <weeps>

She then said I would have to pay the money owed before they could reconnect me. BUT...she wasn't allowed to tell me how much that was as DH's name was on the account.

She wanted me to just give her our account details again, so she could take the undisclosed sum out of the account.

When I refused she said that I could try to guess the amount, with her saying 'higher' and 'lower' until we got it right.

And that was the point that I found out they were charing us £70 for cutting us off and for reconnection, plus the amount we actually did owe them.

All because the bloke who signed us up wrote two numbers down the wrong way around when he filled in our form.

We didn't pay the £70 in the end.

gordyslovesheep Fri 21-Jun-13 10:05:41

SALT service took my daughter off their books - and we had to go through the referral process all over again, because I failed to attend an appointment - for 2 weeks BEFORE the apt letter arrived. Even though I had the letter to prove their cock up.

Also when we left British Gas - for 2 years they kept threatening to disconnect us - until finally they agreed that actually they owed US £250

Hobbes8 Fri 21-Jun-13 10:17:41

I once ordered a dining table and four chairs from Debenhams online. I had a £100 gift card, but their website won't let you pay part of the balance on a gift card and part on a debit card. So I put through two separate orders and use the gift card on one of them.

When I get the two confirmation emails through, I notice one of them inexplicably has my old address on it, so I call them to change the address. Despite placing the order 5 minutes beforehand, they told me they couldn't change the address or cancel the order, so the only thing I could do was wait for it to be delivered, wait for the delivery to be rejected and returned to their warehouse, when it would be refunded to me and then I could reorder.

Me: so what happens if they nick my table!

Guess what happened next?

x2boys Fri 21-Jun-13 10:23:14

I had an argument with a cashier in ASDA they would not give me more than 3 bags for my very heavy basket of shopping despite me pointing out their bags are very flimsy and have a tendency to split so I told her that I did not need to do my shopping in ASDA and l left all my shopping on her checkout and went to TESCO and was allowed as many bags as I wanted!

ShadeofViolet Fri 21-Jun-13 10:31:00

Debenhams really are terrible.

I ordered some clothes for DS2 in their sale. I had ordered 5 T-shirts, 3 pairs of trousers, a coat and some socks.

All that arrived where the socks, as all the rest had been sold out.

However the socks had been £2, and they still charged me £4.95 for delivery.

When I spoke to them, the woman was really abrupt, kept telling me that I got what I ordered (which was true). I said that if I had known I would only be getting socks I would have cancelled the order. Her reply was that the order cant be changed once its been made, that it was impossible for their systems to be able to do that.

I pointed out that they had changed it and she starting umming.

So I paid £6.95 for 3 pairs of baby socks and have never shopped at Debenhams again.

x2boys Fri 21-Jun-13 11:25:11

I also had a very lengthy problem with united utilities at one point some body had come out and read my water meter and put a decimal point in the wrong place.I got a bill for £4000 pounds which inexplicably became £2000 I of course queried and had my meter checked it was all working fine and dandy as I paid my bill by direct debit I could not understand how I owed this amount. for over two years the thick bastards insisted my direct debit up from £30 /month to nearly £400 /month which obviously I refused, Eventually I contacted the consumer council for water and around the same time I again phoned united utilities and got somebody for once who actually had a brain and realised what had happened consumer council for water also investigated and agreed decimal point was in the wrong place and finally it turned out they owed me!!

Loa Fri 21-Jun-13 11:26:32

Child tax credit people - we move after having our second DC and phone to let them know all the changes. They added our new DC twice same 3 names and same birth date hmm.

Got that sorted then found half the post was going to old address addressed to both of us and half addressed just to DH to our new address.

This resulted in repeated phone calls to sort this - it went on so long we had to extend the 6 month re-direct - in the phone calls we we repeatedly told this wasn't happening and when he insisted we had the letters in front of us they then re-entered the new address on both linked accounts mine and DH and sent new letters out which then went to both addresses.

Wrote a complaint letter in the end - and got a letter back that blamed us angry.

They insisted I'd told them I was incapable of handling my own affairs - wtf and as this information was on a second screen so operators hadn't seen it - so its our fault you bought a crap IT system hmm - and that was why it was happening. It did explain why second lot of letter had both names but not why they were sent to old address as they had DH address as the new one.

I would have complained about letter tone but we were in middle of buying a house.

When we moved into this house British Gas insisted we had to open an account as previous owner was with them with them before we could use our preferred gas provider. We had to in the end despite our pointing out the previous owners providers were bugger all to do with us.

Then they tried to diddle us out of £90 as previous owners had provided meter readings as final two weeks before they moved out - we could the date we took ownership and had meter readings -but in British Gas world the new owners us were liable. They wrote it of as a good will gesture in the end - hmm angry.

Loa Fri 21-Jun-13 11:29:10

We were arranging with our current gas provider to take over billing at new address as soon as we owned it - hence us not understanding why we had to deal at all with British gas.

Tricycletops Fri 21-Jun-13 11:43:02

A service similar to online banking that I use for work wouldn't allow me access because I'd apparently got my security question wrong. Which was all well and good except that it was my mum's first name which I think I know...

When I finally managed to speak to somebody with half a brain and change to a different question, I persuaded them to tell me what they thought the original answer was, and it was totally different - think Jane and Susan... confused

I had a gynae issue and claimed on our private insurance to get it sorted quicker. Dh and I have the same first initial and surname.
The resulting mess took months to sort. They kept trying to apply under Dh's policy, which was then automatically declined as, you know, he is lacking a cervix.

I also had a row with BT. They cut us off twice in the past 7 years. Coincidentally each time was the day I have birth meaning DH had to use his mobile to make the announcement calls and nobody saw pics of the baby as we couldn't upload them. I was in no mood to argue with BT at 48hrs post partum.

Me: you have disconnected us again.
Them: No, your phone is just unplugged.
Me: it is plugged in. We tried a different phone and that didn't work either.
Then: it's just not plugged it. Try plugging it in.
Me: it IS plugged in.
Them: I have done a technical test with my computer that proves it is not plugged in.
Me: I have done a technical test with MY EYES and it IS!

Silence. Then they sent an engineer. They had botched reconnecting us the first time (our estate is oddly numbered. The house next door is 13, we are 59. No 14 hadn't paid their bill so they'd literally cut us off) and the wires had just eroded.

Lol at the talk talk play your cards (charge?) Right grin

SarahAndFuck Fri 21-Jun-13 13:30:23

We had a letter and utility bill sent to our address but not with our name on it and regarding a separate property.

Property using the utilities was a shop, so think the name on the letter was the owner of the shop using a separate billing address, similar to ours but not us. Shop was at the other side of town to our house.

We ignored it and received another one. So I rang the company to tell them they had the wrong name and address and the bills and shop were nothing to do with us.

Utility Company: Thanks for letting us know, can I just take the details and I'll make sure it doesn't happen again.
Me: <Gives name on bill> But they don't live here and never have, so this bill has come to the wrong address.
UC: Okay. And can I just take your meter reading?
Me: Um...no. It's not my bill and the meter is in a different building. You don't need my meter reading.
UC: Yes we do.
Me: No you don't.
UC: If we don't have your reading you will have to pay what it says on the bill.
Me: But I just told you, this is not my bill. You've sent someone else's bill to my address. The bill is for a shop, the meter isn't even in my house. We don't own a shop and we're not customers of yours.
UC: Yes I understand that...but if you can just give me your meter reading I will send you a bill with the correct information on it.
Me: Why do you want the meter reading for my house to correct the address on a bill for a shop at the other side of town. It's not my shop. The shop owner doesn't live in my house. My house meter reading has nothing to do with that shop meter reading. It's not my bill!
UC: So are you not going to read your meter?

This went on for a while before they seemed to understand the problem. Then three more bills, a threat to cut 'us' off and a court summons arrived.

It took a complaint to the ombudsman to sort it out.

I still don't know what was so hard about that. Not my bill. Meter not in my house. My meter reading would not help them find the right address.

So...what was your meter reading?

NorbertDentressangle Fri 21-Jun-13 14:57:07

It drives me mad when all these people on the end of the phone can't go 'off script' and have to go through what the computer tells them to say.

I had an instance with this when I had to phone the Tax Credits people to tell them about a change of circumstances ie. I was starting work and would be earning £x per month.

The first time I phoned was on the Friday before I started the new job on the Monday - but they wouldn't let me tell them then because I hadn't actually started the job hmm

Then when I did start and phoned them I pointed out that nothing about our claim had changed other than my new job and I could tell them my exact monthly hours and salary......but, Oh no, they wouldn't accept that, they had to go through every little detail about our entire situation and, as DP is self-employed and his income varies, it is not easy and straightforward without all the financial paperwork from his accountant in front of you.

The man I spoke to just wouldn't listen and wouldn't let me tell him about my change of earnings until I'd jumped through every sodding hoop. Every time he asked me a question I just kept saying "its the same as you have on record as that hasn't changed" but then he would tell me that I had to tell him what they had on their records.

As I was a bit tired and emotional I ended up hanging up and crying blush and made DP phone them.

HeffalumpTheFlump Fri 21-Jun-13 17:37:15

I had an awful time with the benefits people. I was part way through a nursing degree the first time I became unwell. I took time off the course, and claimed employment support allowance whilst I was unwell. I gave them all the correct information and made it clear I was taking time off but was not completely removed from the course as I was planning on returning. They asked for proof of this from my university in order to pay the benefit and I provided everything they required.

I returned to the course, but became unwell again so tried to do the same thing with the benefits. I was then told that I would not be eligible as I was classed as a student. I explained that they had agreed last time. They then told me I must have lied as they would never have agreed to pay as I was classed as a student.

They then demanded I pay back every penny they had given me before (nearly £3500), despite me explaining that they had asked for proof from my university first time round. Luckily I had evidence of this as they refused to believe me. Although they then admitted it was their mistake they continued to hound me for the money at the same time as I was living in a hostel because my flat had burnt down. (they knew this as they actually sent someone round to give me the letter demanding the money)

In the end I sought legal advice from the CAB and had one of their lawyers fight my side. They eventually backed down and admitted it was 100% their mistake, and on this occaision they would not collect the debt. I did however have to leave my nursing course for good in order to apply for benefit that time.

EMUZ Fri 21-Jun-13 18:04:41

Not so much the company but...
I have an apartment, ground floor that leads from patio doors to a garden. Something came up recently. Anyway it turns out my garden is not my garden but communal angry
The conversation ended with so its a communal garden. With no communal entrance. Makes perfect sense. I mean you could access it if you walked out, up the street, down another street, along a main road, and up another street. And they made that bit of land communal?! confused
Not to mention if you sit in it, you are practically sat in my living room and kitchen
Management company seem as bemused by the deeds as I am

SirChenjin Fri 21-Jun-13 18:13:48

Our broadband was very very slow (I workd from home so need something pretty fast), so phoned BT and was put through to their Indian call centre who insisted that there was nothing wrong with it, and then got me to unscrew the plate thing on the wall and do some kind of test on it. Kept telling me everything was fine, and I had to go through this palaver several times over a couple of weeks. I kept asking them to send an engineer, but no, I had to go through their fucking stupid online tests every time.

Eventually I lost the rag, demanded an engineer and told the call centre lady that if she didn't send one I would be writing to the head of BT to tell him that she personally lost the company a customer (bad, I know, but I was desperate).

They then sent an engineer who plugged his laptop into the wall and saw immediately that we were on a very low fixed speed so would never get anything faster. He phoned the call centre to amend things, and they tried to tell him that there was nothing wrong and that he needed to unscrew the plate! He was not impressed and had great delight in telling the call handler that he was, in fact, the BT engineer and they were talking nonsense.

Now I have lovely fast broadband grin

ISeeSmallPeople Fri 21-Jun-13 18:33:14

Virgin media

My father's virgin box is dead. passes over father who repeats his consent for me to speak for him, gives his mother's maiden name, inside leg, & blood group

Please send a new box. We have tested it. It is dead. I am happy to return the dead one to you.

Turn it off & turn it on & we can check it for you remotely.

No, can't do that, it's dead. We've checked all the leads, changed the fuse, plugged it into another socket, nothing, dead as a dodo, an ex vigin box.

Turn it off & turn it on...

No, I can't do that, the on off switch does nothing

20 minutes of the same conversation later I finally lied & said I'd just managed to turn it on & there was now smoke coming out of it smile

Not from a company but a stupid moment from me recently...

I had a bit of a job renewing my insurance because I couldn't decide when I was going to get a new car. It changed a couple of times before renewal but I remembered there being a message saying the money would be taken out of my account on the renewal date. The company took a separate amount of money to make up the difference from changing my vehicle on this date, but I was convinced they hadn't taken the original amount. Called up to ask when they would be taking it and the very bemused man on the other end said, "Well, it looks like we took it on the 2nd...not many people call up wanting to give us money..." I say I've had a look and it hasn't gone out of my account and it was meant to go on the 12th and I transferred money in especially to cover it...

And then read through my online statement again, find the 2nd and see that actually yes, it did go out then and I just didn't notice it. I interrupt the man in the middle of his sentence to go, "Oh, hang on...I'm an idiot," which did at least mean that he spent the last minute of our conversation laughing, so I hope I at least brightened his day. grin

Thistledew Fri 21-Jun-13 19:48:12

When DH and I were looking for venues to get married in, we saw one on line that was just perfect for what we wanted. I phoned up and asked if we could book a viewing. The guy I spoke to asked when we wanted to get married, and I said about a year's time but that we weren't settled on Amy specific time or date. He said that they were pretty booked up, but they had a few dates round about when we wanted it.

A couple of days later, he emailed me to say that they had just had a couple more viewings, and the dates we had discussed had just been taken. He had therefore cancelled our viewing.

I gave him a call back to say that it didn't matter, we were flexible about our dates, and we really liked the venue, so please could we still come and see it. If we loved it enough, we would of course set our date to suit their availability.

This apparently was not good enough. We had to agree a date before we could come for a viewing. No, he couldn't tell me when they had free dates, we had to name a two-week window and he would tell me if they had anything free. confusedhmm

I gave up in the end. No idea why he was being so difficult as our numbers meant that we would have been up to their full capacity so it would have been good revenue for them.

Just remembered another one from Barclaycard. I moved house and had informed them of my new address. The person taking the call had mistakenly recorded that lived, not in Northumberland, but in "North Thumbland". When I rang up they would not change my address unless I recorded that I had moved again. No amount of pointing out that no such place as "North Thumbland" existed would convince them.

In the end I left it, and had a chuckle every time a bill arrived, considering whether Barclaycard also believed in South Fingerland.

North Thumbland is brilliant!

microserf Fri 21-Jun-13 20:46:30

God, I hate virgin media. Too many stories.

" no madam, there is no problem with broadband in your local area" so I give up and walk out the door, down the street and past the man in the red Virgin media t shirt frantically trying to fix something at one of those boxes full of wires at the corner of my street.

Or the time during the London riots which were very close to my home when they fixed another customer's fault by cutting my phone off completely and then driving away refusing to fix the new fault they had just created because " you're not on their list today" while I howled abuse at their customer "service" team.

Can't leave them as they won't transfer the phone number to anyone else. They pretend that they will, but they also find a bullshit reason not to. Always. Eventually a sky person gave up and told me virgin would never transfer the number and were lying to me.

DH laughed the last time they called to try to sell me more crap and I proudly informed they I wasn't a customer, I was a hostage.

One of their own contractors informed they were a bunch of cunts, whilst wearing a virgin tshirt at the time. I agreed...

Tricycletops: I have a similar problem at my bank. One of the security questions is my Mum's maiden name. One that she put on when they opened my account. I was trying to remove a student credit card and they asked for the letters 2 and 5. I gave them the letters and failed. They said it wasn't the name that is my Mum's maiden name, hinted that it started with S (my surname starts with S). So i tried letters 2 and 5 of my surname. Still wrong.

I eventually convinced them to tell me what the name was, after answering three oter security questions, and it was some bastardised spelling of my own surname with extra sounds added. Think Jamie to Ja-he-my.

They refuse to change it to my Mum's actual maiden name. I cannot delete a student credit card account without passing the security question which is to identify letters of my Mum's maiden name. I cannot remember how to spell their bastardised version of my surname and they won't tell me! We're going around in circles in branch and on the phone and also on the phone in branch with my Mum's adoption certificate in front of them!

All to close a credit card account that was opened without me knowing about it, I have never used and was only a student for three months in 2007.

Pixel Fri 21-Jun-13 21:01:37

The house where I grew up (Dad is still there) is in a very ordinary road but is a few years younger than the other houses. Basically it used to be farmland with an old barn that was the last thing to be demolished and two more houses were built in the gap. Rather than renumber the existing houses they called them number'a' and 'b'. Oh the problems it's caused over the years with companies insisting we lived in a flat!

Ginger4justice Fri 21-Jun-13 21:15:50

It's not my story but it's god so I want to share it...
I have a friend who recently received a call from her insurance company saying her car had been hit whilst parked and the person who had done it had given their details and they needed to take the car in to be fixed. She continually asks, "are you sure? there's nothing wrong with it, I can't see anything damaged" etc etc. Eventually agrees to take car in to the specified garage.
Goes to get car back and they say she has to pay an excess, she refutes it as she has no excess on her policy....
Turns out they had the wrong car. They are looking at a completely different policy. Last I heard they were demanding she pay them for the no existent repairs they made. And she had to pay the "excess" to get her car back. Although knowing her I don't rate their chances grin

Tee2072 Fri 21-Jun-13 21:27:48

My last boyfriend before I met my husband somehow managed to open a joint credit card with my name without my signature. I still boggle as to how this happened.

Anyway, I found out when my brother rang me to tell me this debt collection agency in New Orleans was trying to reach me at his house in California. How they found that number is a mystery as I've never lived at that address. I was living in Belfast at that point.

My sister in law holds a limited Power of Attorney for me for that sort of thing in America, but they wouldn't talk to her. So we all shrugged and I said I'd try to ring them the next time I was in the US.

Which I did. To be told that if I didn't not pay them something like $20,000 within 60 days they'd start taking money directly from my wages through the court. I laughed at the woman and said 'And how are you going to do that, exactly?'

'It's very common ma'am.'

'You seem to be missing the part where I don't live in the US, have no job in the US and no bank account.'

'Of course you do.'

'I really don't. I'm here on holiday. I go back in 5 days.'

'You're American. You have an American bank account.'

'No. I don't.'

This went on for some time before I just laughed again and told them to try and hung up the phone.

I assume they tried to find my US job and, naturally, didn't find one, as I've never heard from them again.

RainyAfternoon Fri 21-Jun-13 23:48:37

A few years ago I was living overseas on project. It had taken us a long time to get an international phone line As they had run out numbers hmm But we were eventually given one once I had met with the telecoms manager. In fact they proudly gave us a 'special' number – one with made up of mostly the same digit.
Unfortunately our house was not very secure, and after we had been burgled three times we decided to move. Our new house already had an international phone line so we went to the Telecom office to ask for our account to be transferred to the new number.
Telecom man:'But Miss Rainy, we gave you a special number'.
Me:'Yes I knew you did, and we were very grateful for it. However we need to move to a new house as our current house is not safe, so we don't need that number any more.'
Man:'But Miss Rainy, don't you like the special number?'
Me:'Yes, we like it very much. But not enough to want to stay in our house and keep being burgled.'
Man:'So you are telling me you want to give back the special number?'
Man:'Oh… Are you sure you don't want to stay in your house and keep the special number?'
Me:'Thank you, but actually no' smile

marcopront Sat 22-Jun-13 02:15:17

I moved into a new house and had a frustrating conversation with the water company, the only part I remember though is when she said to me that I should send a letter addressed to "The occupier" back saying not known at this address.

I had a call on my mobile from some car company claiming I had asked them to call me. I said I hadn't and asked them not to call me again. She asked for my details to take me off their list and didn't understand when I said I hadn't given them my details, so why would they be on her list.

Euphemia Sat 22-Jun-13 08:06:10

This is all about money, isn't it? Companies spend as little as they can get away with on IT systems, and cut costs on staff training.

The customer is then left to deal with staff who are equipped only to read from a script, interfacing with a computer system designed with no common sense!

I once tried to order something from an Amazon seller when we lived a few miles west of Glasgow. He would not sell me the item as he claimed we lived in the Highlands & Islands. confused

It turned out he had a list of "barred" postcodes, which he claimed included ours. Our postcode was PA6 7@@ and the likes of Mull, Iona, etc. are PA76 @@@. hmm

No amount of discussion would persuade him - as soon as PA76 went into his computer, the transaction would go no further!

Euphemia Sat 22-Jun-13 08:11:07

Another daft one: my road tax renewal letter came in a couple of weeks ago, as well as one for the previous owner of our house.

They had mail redirection set up for a year, and I don't have their new address. The back of the DVLA envelope says "IF UNDELIVERED DO NOT RETURN TO SENDER". confused

I put the letter in the recycling. smile

Isn't it an offence to have road tax at the wrong address, anyway? She must have had to renew it before now, as they moved out 18m ago! The DVLA must just be relying on the police to do a random check, rather than allowing me returning the letter to alert them to the problem. hmm

ComtessedeFrouFrou Sat 22-Jun-13 08:56:56

HSBC have or had a policy of sending new credit cards to your branch, rather than to your home, presumably for security. Only they won't let you change the branch your account is registered to. So when you move 300 miles away, you either have to go back to pick up the ard or get it redirected to a branch near you for collection.

All of this makes perfect sense, until they fail to send a letter informing you that the card is ready for collection or a reminder two weeks later and then you go on holiday to Barcelona and have your card swallowed by an ATM in orde to "force you" to come into the branch and pick up your new card.

Fortunately, I was with my now DH, who was able to sub me until we got home. Where the "two week reminder" letter was on my doormat, dated five weeks after the "two week reminder letter" was supposedly sent to me, and having been redirected by my parents, as HSBC had used my old address. Despite the fact that they had been sending me statements to the correct address for six months.

The man in the branch at HSBC refused to apologise that their series of extraordinary cock ups had left me potentially penniless in a foreign country because the procedure was for my own protection. I asked him there and then for the forms to close my account.

littlejo67 Sat 22-Jun-13 09:10:03

In the days when you had child benefit books- I had three children and one of them died. I sent back the child benfit book and a covering letter explaining. They returned it with just a line through the name. I was devestated to see the name crossed out just like that- beyond insensitive.
To add insult they had crossed out the wrong child's name. I had to go to the Post Office to cash it and explain "it wasn't that child who had died".
I did write and email the Child Benefit Dept but they never replied. Shocking.

Tee2072 Sat 22-Jun-13 09:14:09

I just thought of another one, although not a company.

Last time I went home, with my 6 month old son and my husband, we were going through immigration at San Francisco and the immigration officer said:

"Returning from holiday?"
"No, visiting. We live in Belfast."

I just sort of looked at her. I honestly had no answer. She blushed hard and sent us through!

youarewinning Sat 22-Jun-13 09:44:42

When I moved into my current property it was on a new build street and there were no communications lines at the time. They built my side first, then had to build the other side before they could dig up the pavement to put in the lines. hmm

I rang BT, explained I was moving, they explained communication lines and it was agreed that I would continue paying a small monthly DD a it would cost £160 odd to connect my house to the outside line. shock

Anyway bad weather delayed the lines, they sent someone to do it twice - both times we made the poor guy waiting outside in the freezing temperatures tea.

They then decided to charge me for cancelling my phone and broadband before the contract expired. confused After many calls they accepted it wasn't me cancelling it but them not getting the lines down so I couldn't connect!

Was all sorted, added the connection fee and agreed I would start a new contract on one of their current offers. Get a bill saying I'm £34.56 in arrears but I knew they were refunding my £160 so thought nothing of it.

A week later they disconnect my phone - ring up - explain and say I understand it's been a mistake and the refund is obviously taken longer. 5 phonecalls later they agree that expecting me to pay £35 (because it was that 1/4 bill) when they would be refunding me £160 (apparently during next 1/4 hmm) was out of order so they agreed to reconnect the line.

Then told me it was £10 reconnection charge. shock

I gave it with both barrels and contract ended after me threatening OFCOM!

colleysmill Sat 22-Jun-13 09:55:16

After my last boyfriend left I had been (too kindly) forwarding his post to him.

Alittle while later I started receiving phone calls to the landline and my mobile asking me to speak to him.

One conversation went:
- can I talk to mr knobhead?
- sorry noone of that name lives here
- yes he does. Can I speak to him.
- no sorry he used to but moved out 10 months ago. I've not seen him since.
- madam we know he lives there. We need to speak with him
- no I've told you he doesn't live here.
- yes he does

And on and on in that vein .......

-me: I can assure you I know who lives in my house and he doesn't live here anymore. Unless he is hiding in the cellar which I think you'll find is highly unlikely given I don't have one.
- well I'll call back later
- well you can but he still won't be living here then either!

Turns out he'd taken out credit agreements against my address and when he defaulted they started calling - one company had me down as a guarantee! By that point I told them I'd not seen him in months and could be dead for all I knew but referred them onto his father. I also started returning his post "return to sender" so he couldn't use the post as proof of address.


sashh Sat 22-Jun-13 11:15:02

Just thought of another.

Bought a cake for students but didn't know if it was halal.

Phoned Sainsbury's help line, after 10 mins.

"Halal is a way of killing animals, so it has nothing to do with cake"

SarahAndFuck Sat 22-Jun-13 12:37:35

Stealth - grin my meter reading was 0000SODOFF as far as they were concerned.


anewyear Sat 22-Jun-13 13:23:48

Last Tuesday, (18/6) when i arrived home from work at 4.30pm, there was a letter waiting for me (which had been written on the 14/6 & posted on the 17/6) from my sons school, advising me he had a detention that day (18/6) at 3.10pm.
There had been a mix up with dates apparently hmm

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