To sort of miss these things that used to be on the telly

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fragola Fri 24-May-13 23:32:18

Mutants. Mutants were everywhere. They were generally the result of nuclear war and normally wanted to kill and or eat everyone who wasn't a mutant. If you were a small child in the seventies, it was impossible to imagine a future without mutants.

Ladies in little shorty nighties. If you were a middle aged busdriver, milkman, postman or window cleaner, you couldn't go anywhere or do anything without being beseiged by ladies in little shortie nighties. I don't think that i was sure of the significance of ladies in little shortie nighties back then, but i thought they looked pretty and i sort of miss them.

Quicksand. Most films that weren't set in britain seemed to involve quicksand, generally as a means to dispatch the bad guys. The world would now be overrun by baddies if it wasn't for quicksand.

Avalanches. If you shouted anywhere near a mountain, a big load of snow would fall on you. I considered this to be a valuable lesson learnt when i was six.

Vicars. Vicars were also everywhere. People had vicars around to their houses for tea so often you could be forgiven for thinking that at least 50% of all men worked as vicars (the rest were middle aged bus drivers, milkmen, post men and window cleaners).

So if anyone on mumsnet works on the telly could you see if you can do anthing about bringing back quicksand, avalanches, mutants, ladies in little shortie nighties and vicars please?

Thank you.

ArtexMonkey Fri 24-May-13 23:34:18

God you are so right.

As well, uptight men in suits and bowler hats who would look outraged and go "I SAY" when they saw anything unusual or rambunctious.

fragola Fri 24-May-13 23:35:50

I'd forgotten about the men in bowler hats, but it's so nice to hear about them. Where are they now? What did they do with their hats?!

ArtexMonkey Fri 24-May-13 23:37:00

Like, a dude in flares would go past on his chopper bike dead fast and huffy bowler hat would adjust his glasses and go "I SAY"

I am glad though that the trope of homeless/drunk man witnessing something outlandish and then looking askance at his bottle of booze and then discarding it lives on to this day. Small mercies.

ArtexMonkey Fri 24-May-13 23:37:52

I dunno, I guess bowler hats have fallen from favour? It's a damn shame if you ask me <adjusts bowler hat and glasses> yes a damn shame.

SueDnym Fri 24-May-13 23:38:53

I saw a man in a bowler hat on the tube the other day. My commute doesn't normally take me via 1952.

cornypedicure Fri 24-May-13 23:40:18

I raise your ladies in shorty nighties to blond ladies in shorty nighties with green eyeshadow and lipgloss

bionic people with blond highlights

upper class people who smoked who were tortured by their emotions

working class people who smoked who spent a lot of time in smoky pubs

aspiring middle class house wives who ironed shirts and vacuumed while their husbands had affairs

aliens who impregnated teenage girls and had green babies

fragola Fri 24-May-13 23:52:13

Blimey Corny, I'd forgotten about the horny aliens. I think I'd blocked it out because it really scared me.

cornypedicure Fri 24-May-13 23:55:12

The horny aliens are imprinted onto my memory.
When the clearly sluttyteenage girl gave birth to the green baby,I was squashed onto the couch with my older sister and her slimy boyfriend.

fragola Sat 25-May-13 00:00:48

Now I've remembered triffids (although I think they might have been in the eighties) they were really, really scary.

SarahAndFuck Sat 25-May-13 00:01:41

American men in shirts that were unbuttoned just one button too far, to show off their manly chest hair. The shirts were always red shiny, silky stuff and a little bit too tight. Even if that shirt were part of a police uniform or some such, it might not be red but it would be tight and shiny.

I loved the horny alien/slutty teen/green baby programme. I was far too young to be allowed to watch it but if you sneaked down our stairs very quietly you could sit about half way down and watch the tv through the banister. It's the reason I spent my childhood wishing my name was Julie.

American husband and wife detective teams with flicky hair and cigars and big jewellery. You couldn't move for falling over an American flicky haired set of married detectives at one point.

cornypedicure Sat 25-May-13 00:02:42

I didn't watch the 80's triffids - only the Eddie Izzard ones.
The 80's nuclear war films were super scary. Threads was shock

squoosh Sat 25-May-13 00:03:03

Fragola I was haunted by the triffids for years, then I rewatched. Bad tempered rhubarb is all they are.

squoosh Sat 25-May-13 00:04:12

What about ads that warned people called Darren of the perils of playing frisbee near pylons?

cornypedicure Sat 25-May-13 00:04:35

I've just remembered tales of the unexpected...did you used to sing along to the theme tune and do the dance with the nekkid lady?!

Snazzywaitingforsummer Sat 25-May-13 00:05:21

In the women in shortie nighties era, you also had offices with no computers or even typewriters in sight, where the boss would be sat at a massive desk with nothing on it, except a big dial telephone, maybe a set of those two big pointy pens in a holder thing, and perhaps a notepad. The boss also probably wore a big pocket watch.

squoosh Sat 25-May-13 00:06:28

What did the big boss do at his big empty table?

wearingpurple Sat 25-May-13 00:08:33

There is literally nobody to be inappropriate in front of now that vicars are so goddamn human.

Also, I was reading Wilkie Collins' The Moonstone' for the first time on holiday and somebody died in quicksand and I was like, OMG QUICKSAND I MISSED YOU!


fragola Sat 25-May-13 00:09:01

Squoosh, I don't know if it's the wine, but I just can't stop laughing about bad tempered rhubarb, I'm literally crying.

squoosh Sat 25-May-13 00:09:43

Oh the poor ugly maid with the limp died in the quicksand, her with the lust for whatshisname who 'stole' the Moonstone.

cornypedicure Sat 25-May-13 00:09:50

the boss was always much older than the shorty nighty woman and not a looker, but strangely irresistible to women

I'm thinking of that little guy from hill street blues who used to stalk that woman with the dark long hair who was always in the bath confused

charlies angels (the series not the film) was a masterclass in flicky hair

DevonCiderPunk Sat 25-May-13 00:09:54

I really miss credits that wobbled because the person operating the handle couldn't quite keep up a smooth rotation.

I also miss the credits formula that was:
- repetitive live-action shot
- overlaid with wobbly text
- slightly sinister fairground-type music in the background.

Thinking of "Tales of the Unexpected" and some other programme that featured a close-up of a jewelled trinket box rotating on a velvet cushion.

cornypedicure Sat 25-May-13 00:10:46

I don't remember the maid in the quicksand AT ALL
I remember Mark Lester and a horse in the quicksand though

cornypedicure Sat 25-May-13 00:11:23


LemonPeculiarJones Sat 25-May-13 00:11:24

Tales of the unexpected - brilliant. That eerie, eerie theme music.

I liked the one with the tree stump that won the affections of Joan Collin's husband grin

DevonCiderPunk Sat 25-May-13 00:11:36

I also miss ending a programme with key members of the cast having a good old hoot at a crap joke together - freeze frame, saxophone-laden theme music... wobbly credits

squoosh Sat 25-May-13 00:13:20

Fragola you're crying with relief that the triffids are no longer a threat, I'd give rhubarb a wide berth though next time you're in the supermarket. You can't be too careful.

LemonPeculiarJones Sat 25-May-13 00:13:27

Devon that bejewelled box rotating was the beginning of 'Picture Box', a kid's show. Ah I can hear the music now....

The fellow who presented it later went on to be a heroin addict in 'Brookside'. He had a very wide mouth and snowy hair.

rubyflipper Sat 25-May-13 00:13:34

I watched Threads the other night on YouTube. It still scared the living daylights out of me, 30 years on.

cornypedicure Sat 25-May-13 00:13:47

god yes saxophones were massive in the 80's weren't they?
have you seen the sexy sax guy on you tube? very funny.

squoosh Sat 25-May-13 00:16:21

I like that thing they used to do in credits, where some swishy haired broad would toss her head around and give a toothy grin. Or maybe wave to the camera.

Murder She Wrote was great for ending a murder with a group chuckle.

DevonCiderPunk Sat 25-May-13 00:16:29

This thread has evoked so many childhood memories of spooky night-time TV that I just broke into a run on my way back from the loo.

wearingpurple Sat 25-May-13 00:16:45

Squoosh, yes! And he sounded like a bit of dick too. Not worth the suckery grave at all.

DevonCiderPunk Sat 25-May-13 00:17:33

PICTURE BOX! Thank you Lemon.

cornypedicure Sat 25-May-13 00:17:35

I think moonlight did the credits like that once ...perhaps it was the christmas special. Cybil Shepherd had lovely flicky hair.

cornypedicure Sat 25-May-13 00:19:25

I remember seeing a fireworks ad in the 70's once that gave me nightmares for ages. I panic now when dh does fireworks in the back garden.

DevonCiderPunk Sat 25-May-13 00:21:04

Am I the only one who secretly practised the "swooshy hair and then smile like you've just seen a toddler kiss a kitten" in their bedroom mirror, whilst imagining the wobbly credits showing your name? Maybe a split screen with 3 variations on the swoosh & smile?

30 years ago, obvs.

ArtexMonkey Sat 25-May-13 00:22:32


Howling laughing at this

cornypedicure Sat 25-May-13 00:23:59

toddler kiss a kitten grin

(yes you were the only one who did that)

wearingpurple Sat 25-May-13 00:24:26

Corny, NEVER FOOL WITH FIREWORKS. With a really chilling poster image of a facially disfigured boy?

One of my worst nights of every year is the PIL's firework party. I see that guy so clearly.

cornypedicure Sat 25-May-13 00:25:46

I know wearingpurple shock I can't even buy fireworks - dh has to do it! His parents were too mean to let him watch TV clearly.

Snazzywaitingforsummer Sat 25-May-13 00:28:03

squoosh either took phone calls or shouted at underlings. His secretary seemed to do all the actual work (it was always a man obv.)

cornypedicure Sat 25-May-13 00:28:34

has anyone seen that current ad that's supposed to be a warning about being on the train tracks? The one where the family are guessing things that begin with the letter t? My ds laughed. confused

NoelHeadbands Sat 25-May-13 00:28:43


Fireworks are fine, as long as you do have a biscuit tin to keep them in.

You DO have a biscuit tin don't you?

squoosh Sat 25-May-13 00:29:11

I remember ads giving dire warnings about drowning in grain silos. That might have just been in Ireland though.

wearingpurple Sat 25-May-13 00:29:31

All the men had to play golf with their overlord.

cornypedicure Sat 25-May-13 00:30:03

My God - I have been making the mistake of keeping fireworks in their cardboard box shock

squoosh Sat 25-May-13 00:30:29

Men who wore driving gloves, you are missed.

NoelHeadbands Sat 25-May-13 00:30:35

No we had the grain silo warnings as well.

In W Yorks.

'Cause of all the open grain silo's lying around the place I imagine

wearingpurple Sat 25-May-13 00:30:43

We didn't have Grain Silos but we did have Dark Water.

DevonCiderPunk Sat 25-May-13 00:30:52

I loved "Get yourself seen!" (tooty tooty)

NoelHeadbands Sat 25-May-13 00:31:33

A biscuit TIN corny you fool shock

cornypedicure Sat 25-May-13 00:32:14

<flagellates self>

cornypedicure Sat 25-May-13 00:33:00

I can't believe I've been putting my family in so much danger shock I'm so ashamed sad

NoelHeadbands Sat 25-May-13 00:33:50

Well just for gods sake don't go climbing up any electricity pylons to retrieve your kite.

thornrose Sat 25-May-13 00:35:22

The train tracks ad looks straight out of the 70's, who thought of that? I can just see it on one of those Chris Tarrant clips shows!

5318008 Sat 25-May-13 00:37:42

god I am terrified of escalators even now because of the warning ad about being careful or you might get eaten ANG ANG ANG like Dolly did <cuts to girl's Dolly, shredded by hungry escalator>


minouminou Sat 25-May-13 00:37:50

My fave Tales of the Unexpected was the one where the wife does her husband in with a frozen leg of lamb, then reports him missing and feeds the cooked murder weapon to the investigating officer.

I always think of it when I'm passing the frozen meat section in supermarkets.

Aside from always makes md feel weird to think of people in older films relying on the postal service and telegrams to deliver vital messages. Like.....HOW long? Always gives me butterflies.

deleted203 Sat 25-May-13 00:39:15

Moustaches. Real men had moustaches. You never see one nowadays, sigh.

Tom Selleck, Burt Reynolds, Charles Bronson...these were the men I sighed over. Manly men, with manly moustaches. I am reduced to watching 118 118 adverts...

5318008 Sat 25-May-13 00:39:53

yy leg of lamb murderer-laydeee

and Royal Jelly baby

minouminou Sat 25-May-13 00:40:19


cornypedicure Sat 25-May-13 00:40:33


wearingpurple Sat 25-May-13 00:40:34

5318008, yes! And I always have to be all bright and breezy getting the dds on to the escalators when they've never even seen that film.

I was terrified. Luckily we lived in a lo-fi town where escalators were as glam as Monte Carlo.

minouminou Sat 25-May-13 00:41:14

Soz....that was to Sowornout.

5318008 Sat 25-May-13 00:43:40

oh oh oh and my bessie mate's glammo parents had a print of a swan's wing/naked girl on beach/sunset, I thought twas ultimate sophistico what with our Mother and her beloved Constable prints adorning the front room.

wearingpurple Sat 25-May-13 00:44:31

Still my most terrifying film ever: Play It Safe.

Scene 1) People wheeling a boat down the bank neglect to realise that the mast is going to hit a power line (on a river bank? weird!)

Scene 2) People decide to fly their kites near a pylon with predictable results.

Scene 3) Boy tries to retrieve his frisbee from an electricity substation. The final shot is of a pair of smouldering plimsolls.

No horror film has ever come close.

DevonCiderPunk Sat 25-May-13 00:46:51

okay, well if I'm the only one who will admit that she did the swoosh & smile in her bedroom mirror...

will any of you admit that end credits of many shows had a spooky feel to them, because they were harbingers of your parents saying "right, up to bed!" and up you'd go along the dark landing...

worse still were those short little marker ads right at the end of US shows for the distribution company. There was one that had people singing "Aaaaand dance by the light of the moon..." in childish voices like some sort of trauma flashback.

LondonKitty Sat 25-May-13 00:53:09

I miss The Waltons. There was always some old wise person sitting quietly with a pipe or peeling potatoes who had all the answers.

Old people don't know anything nowadays.... Or if they do, they're too busy going on Saga holidays or updating they're Facebook profile to tell you.

LondonKitty Sat 25-May-13 00:59:26

Oh Devon I swooshed too!

I tried it again recently, but I pulled a muscle in my shoulder... blush

DevonCiderPunk Sat 25-May-13 01:13:43

Oh you tried it recently?! That's made me smile grin

I might have another go tomorrow, just for old times' sake.

caseycartwright Sat 25-May-13 01:19:50

Triffids. I really miss Triffids.

Mudwiggle Sat 25-May-13 01:21:31

I remember the smouldering plimsoles. Terrifying.

Quicksand, you are so right OP. Do you think it just has better PR now? She died undergoing a beauty treatment.....wink

Darkesteyes Sat 25-May-13 01:51:50

yes i remember the green babies V it was called. And i have a hazy vague memory of the triffids in the very early 80s.

Darkesteyes Sat 25-May-13 01:53:38

And i remember being twelve at Xmas 85 and catching the last episode of Edge of Darkness. All i really remember is sweaty faces and a man dying of radiation poisoning.

crypes Sat 25-May-13 02:46:05

American detectives always had tiny little cameras that could take pictures of pages and pages of files .Flicky haired women detectives had to tie their hair in a bun or pony tail for that kind of work or installing a bugging device in a trim phone.

scripsi Sat 25-May-13 03:25:53

Another thing ... Mime artists. It used to be impossible to have any walk through a park (in particular in US shows) which didn't feature a mime artist.
The first time I went to visit family in the US I was surprised by the lack of mime artists.

Shakey1500 Sat 25-May-13 05:35:32

Useless fact alert-the female dancer on Tales of the Unexpected was expecting at the time (see what I did there? Could have said pregnant but no,went for the pun smile )

I miss The Tomorrow people. I fancied the dark haired bloke in the catsuit blush

Primadonnagirl Sat 25-May-13 06:22:49

People always used to take the phone away from their ear and look at it if they've heard something surprising...don't think I ve ever looked at my phone....and men came home from work and poured a drink from the array of bottles on the sideboard but no one thought they might be an alcoholic..
But what I really miss is weather presenters clutching in their hands the sticky pictures that symbolised the weather and sticking it on the board behind them...I once asked for some sticky things for Xmas but never got them...maybe this year

LtEveDallas Sat 25-May-13 06:35:14

"Charlie says..." grin

Hammer House of Horror on a Saturday night. Oh how I miss them. I was always allowed to stay up for them, and if I was lucky mum would fall asleep and I'd carry on watching the old black and white scary movies that followed: vampires, mummies, the Asphix (terrified me that one did), Quatermass, Nosferatu, werewolves in spooky American villages.

I even remember setting an alarm under my pillow one night because there was a particular film I liked the sound of on at about 1am. I sneaked downstairs and watched it quietly sat about 2 inches from the screen. I don't think the parents ever suspected.

I miss not-beautiful people acting.
You used to get non-glamorous detectives and secretaries and characters of all sorts,
Now everyone is blandly beautiful.

CoalDustWoman Sat 25-May-13 06:47:57

DevonCiderPunk - that dance by the light of the moon thing was at the end of thirtysomething, wasn't it?

BrianButterfield Sat 25-May-13 06:50:49

People always used to have their boss for dinner, and it was crucial that said boss be impressed, or you would be In For It. Does this still happen? In the bizarre event I did ask my boss over for dinner, it would be as friends, not as some crazy social-climbing activity involving crepes Suzette and a hostess trolley.

spiritedaway Sat 25-May-13 06:51:47

There was a lot of back trouble back then, people's backs went off at opportune moments, often as they were coupling up a caravan and the managing director(in bowler hat) was due to pop round.

spiritedaway Sat 25-May-13 06:52:31

inopportune moments even. . .

spiritedaway Sat 25-May-13 06:55:01

Brian. . same wave length, that was just my mental image. Damn hostess trolleys!

Donki Sat 25-May-13 07:04:41

I once sent a telegram. It was very exciting.
(Disclaimer I was 18)

Darkesteyes I remember The Edge of Darknes. 'Twas brilliant. Persuaded DH to get the DVD recently as well - he agreed that it was much better than the remake.

Joiningthegang Sat 25-May-13 07:18:45

What about kids who Jo on adventures and get into dodgy scrapes on choppers and usually with a dog

What happened to the kids on the rs hand gang?

Growlithe Sat 25-May-13 07:18:51

Doesn't anyone still worry about a village of pagan's wanting to put them in a massive effigy of a man made out of wicker and then setting fire to it? I had nightmares for years about that.

Joiningthegang Sat 25-May-13 07:19:19

Red hand gang

Oh and the littlest hobo "there's a place ....."

LondonKitty Sat 25-May-13 07:54:03

Yes Growlithe, I still have nightmares.

<shudders and rocks self>

Donki Sat 25-May-13 08:01:14

Oh! and the original version of Village of the Damned...
Scared my silly.

MorrisZapp Sat 25-May-13 08:13:20

The boss's wife was such a judgemental bitch. The was just so smug that she had married a boss.

I often wondered, where can I meet a boss?

minouminou Sat 25-May-13 08:22:11

Candlewick bedspreads! You don't see them much nowadays!

SarahAndFuck Sat 25-May-13 10:22:36

You know what else isn't on TV any more. Squirrels and weasels learning to cross the road safely when buying ice creams.

And you don't hear the voice of death talking about how easy it is to drown children in puddles anymore.

Donki Sat 25-May-13 12:25:52

And the test card. I miss that (weirdly)

hackmum Sat 25-May-13 13:35:21

Dolly birds. Young women in beehives and false eyelashes, wearing high heels, a too-tight top and a too-tight pair of hotpants. Their bum would wiggle when they walked. A passing man (postie, milkman, window cleaner) would do a double take as she walked past and say "You don't get many of those to the pound!"

The dolly bird was always a bit dim and would never understand any innuendo made to her by a male character.

squoosh Sat 25-May-13 13:42:08

Eligible sitcom bacherlors lived with their mother and it didn't harm their pulling power one little bit.

scripsi Sat 25-May-13 14:03:05

Yes about non-beautiful people running round. The dolly birds of the past wouldn't be cast in those roles these days.

NotDavidTennant Sat 25-May-13 14:11:08
limitedperiodonly Sat 25-May-13 14:16:09

I've just remembered tales of the unexpected...did you used to sing along to the theme tune and do the dance with the nekkid lady?!

I swear the nekkid lady was Princess Diana cornypedicure

I love this thread! I remember all these things and those terrifying safety ads where a mum would leave a boiling kettle on the edge of a worktop or kids were playing on a building site. All the American shows were my fav though, I wanted to be Jennifer Hart, Kelly Garrett or any of the other glossy-lipped, big-of-hair women. When I was seven I loved Face from the A-Team and I decided that when I was twenty-five I would move to America and marry him. If that fell through I was going to marry Eric Estrada from Chips. blush

limitedperiodonly Sat 25-May-13 14:19:16

Useless fact alert-the female dancer on Tales of the Unexpected was expecting at the time (see what I did there? Could have said pregnant but no,went for the pun ) I miss The Tomorrow people. I fancied the dark haired bloke in the catsuit

Aha shakey not a useless fact at all. I like the idea that it was Princess Diana and William waving his little foetus arms about.

Do you mean Mike Holloway? I fancied him too.

blue2 Sat 25-May-13 14:21:20

Having been made to walk across boggy ground as a child (we had holidays in N Wales and were always being dragged up and down mountains etc), which co-incided with scary quick sand films, I cannot bear anything slightly sticky and 'sinky'...

We go up to Norfolk and I find walking across the muddy tidal creeks absolute mental agony! (I'm 47 hmm)

limitedperiodonly Sat 25-May-13 14:22:21

And has mentioned the male equivalent of shorty nighties, short towelling dressing gowns with a Chinese symbol on the breast pocket?

Usually worn by Dennis Waterman, Lewis Collins or Patrick Mower.

squoosh Sat 25-May-13 14:24:06

Hairy chests! Where have the hairy chests gone?

out2lunch Sat 25-May-13 14:29:31

One word for what terrified me........RABIES

ComposHat Sat 25-May-13 14:35:44

Ladies in little shorty nighties. If you were a middle aged busdriver, milkman, postman or window cleaner, you couldn't go anywhere or do anything without being beseiged by ladies in little shortie nighties. I don't think that i was sure of the significance of ladies in little shortie nighties back then, but i thought they looked pretty and i sort of miss them

I know someone who was a window cleaner in the 70s and his brother was a milkman, apparently he was never propositioned at work by, despite rejoicing in the nickname 'shagger,'

Another myth shattered.

I always think of the 70s would be like one long bawdy Carry on/Confessions film, with the odd strike thrown in for good measure.

limitedperiodonly Sat 25-May-13 14:48:19

I've just posted this on another thread but it fits here because it's very '70s even though it happened in the '90s.

There was a violent assault in my street and the police came round because the attacker had escaped using our garden though we hadn't seen anything.

I came home from work about a week later and the police car was outside our flat again with one of the officers in it. I waved and let myself in and his mate was shagging my flatmate on the living room floor.

The Walton's are on every morning from 7 til 9 on one of the high up film channels on Sky - got me through many sleepless early mornings bfing. I have managed to restrain myself from sky+ it blush. John Boy was wise beyond his years.

I loved watching Shirley temple films of a Sunday morning. Oh and Pob! Does anyone remember Pob?

crazyforbaby Sat 25-May-13 16:12:07

Before the days of 24/7 kids TV, do you remember the owls which would indicate that kids TV was coming to an end (v late - just before the 6pm News). The Mother Owl would say to the baby 'Heads under wings, beaks under blankets, all eyes closed, Goodnight'....Yaaawn!

Portofino Sat 25-May-13 16:21:51

Those adverts for useful gadgets like the buttoneer and a thing for getting fluff off your clothes. " I liked it so much I bought the company" sort of thing. Names escapes me.

And household stuff as prizes on quiz shows. Hostess trolley, washing machines, new dining room suite in mahogany coloured melamine. On Bulls Eye you could even win a BOAT!

Portofino Sat 25-May-13 16:23:27

And House Party! I loved House Party as a child.

Darkesteyes Sat 25-May-13 17:09:03

Donki our local Sainsburys had the DVD of the original Edge of Darkness for £7 a couple of years ago. Like an idiot i didnt take advantage of the offer.
I think the BBC should sell some of their dramas like this and State of Play etc in one big box set.

darlingbudd Sat 25-May-13 17:40:00

Those brilliant films by the children's television workshop where gangs of articulate kids would ride their bikes to a nuclear power station/ abandoned warehouse / empty sanatorium where they'd meet some baddies up to no good and eventually save the day because of their bravery and teamwork.

limitedperiodonly Sat 25-May-13 17:44:39

porto Ronco stuff definitely. What was the Buttoneer? It seemed vital.

DH met Victor 'I loved it so much I bought the company' Kiam and liked him, but he is easily impressed by rich people.

And here's what you could have won. And is it sector, section or segment? I think it's segment.

Roary1 Sat 25-May-13 17:45:50

I miss the Benji movies, Littlest Hobo and Gideon the cartoon duck with the long neck.

EstelleGetty Sat 25-May-13 17:51:35

Aargh, the Flypaper episode of Tales of the Unexpected, with the wee girl, the man on the bus and the 'friendly' woman who turns out to be his murderous wife scares the shit out of me.
I don't remember most of this stuff first time round but my DH was born in '75 and has introduced me to Threads, TOTU (we've got about 40 episodes taped off ITV2 or such like), DVDs of Grange Hill from 1978 up to 1992 and he bought me series 1 of Shoestring for Christmas!

You want to get hold of a DVD called Charley Says - all the public information films of the era, including Dark Water and the titular Charley. Pretty cheap on Amazon.

I find it v amusing how DH grew up terrified of nuclear war, whereas my age group (born '85 ) weren't bothered. I was more scared of leprosy. But then I did go to Catholic school and there were lepers in near enough every book we read.

Portofino Sat 25-May-13 18:16:51

Ronco!!!! Today's quiz show audiences want nothing less than cold hard cash, particularly with 3 noughts after it. A hostess trolley would be sneered at wink

Roary1 The Littlest Hobo made me cry every time he went off by himself at the end. I was six though.

BrianButterfield Sat 25-May-13 21:51:14

Pob's still around, only now he's the Secretary of State for Education.

Pob! I forgot about him! He used to spit at the camera, what was that all about?! Is that what made you think of the Secretary of State Brian?

Anyone remember The Raccoons?

hiddenhome Sun 26-May-13 08:14:43

Little House On The Prairie smile

hackmum Sun 26-May-13 08:17:55

Sexually frustrated spinsters. No man was interested in them, even though they were desperate for it. Epitomised by Olive on On The Buses.

MrBloomsMarrow Sun 26-May-13 08:37:55

Magnum. Now THAT was a moustache.

OodPi Sun 26-May-13 09:22:03

<gone all nostalgic over sticky-on-weather>

"Maybe tomorrow I,ll wanna settle down, until tomorrow, I'll just keep going on". Love that song!

arabesque Sun 26-May-13 10:45:14

Young wives dropping loads of hints to their gormless husbands that they were expecting a baby (when penny finally dropped gormless husband then rushed around making her put her feet up and offering blankets and cups of tea <smile>)

Women taking off their clip on earrings as a 'come on' gesture.

FunnyLittleFrog Sun 26-May-13 10:47:08

Yes. Helpful animals. Littlest Hobo, Gentle Ben, Flipper, Lassie.

Where have the helpful animals gone?

ChewingOnLifesGristle Sun 26-May-13 10:51:15

Ah this all take me back.

There are far too many people on tv now with perfect teeth.

Whatever happened to the good old snaggled toothed days of yore when no-one on tv was particularly good looking and their teeth were rubbish?

At last someone remmbers Gideon thankyou Roary1 all the people I have ever spoken to about childrens shows think I am bonkers

LadyBeagleEyes Sun 26-May-13 10:52:49

And Skippy.
Skippy was a very helpful animal.

ChewingOnLifesGristle Sun 26-May-13 11:03:44

Alvin Stardust doing the Green Cross Code.

Cos Alvin's word is gospel. Listen up kidsgrin

ChewingOnLifesGristle Sun 26-May-13 11:07:41


Curiously they never made another advert advising girls not to let strange men in frightening outfits and leather gloves escort them anywhere.

limitedperiodonly Sun 26-May-13 11:08:27

Skippy is the only impression I can do. It's just tutting, basically. As I get older I'm getting better and better at it.

Wonder Women is back sky at the min on the horrer channel mondays at 6pm

Satuday mornings with batman also anyone recall watching bbc2 at 6pm on weeknights they used to put on oldblack and white movies like Godlizza never see the old 40's films anymore sigh

FunnyLittleFrog Sun 26-May-13 11:16:36

The hefty-bosomed woman in crimplene and a headscarf and her defeated looking husband. GONE.

Gingefringe Sun 26-May-13 11:34:22

Does anyone remember Matthew "Bright Eyes" singing on Tiswas? He was on radio 2 a few years ago with Simon Mayo - it made my day!!

Where have all the nuns gone?

I also miss seeing nurses in 'proper' uniform - starched aprons, capes with crossover fronts and hats - I used to have an outfit like that when I was 6.

Great thread. Loved Skippeey, Skippeey, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo!!

Sorry for rambling on.

LadyBeagleEyes Sun 26-May-13 11:38:37

Skippy had the best theme tune ever.

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