Ice cream van outside school

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Yamyoid Wed 01-May-13 20:04:11

Aibu to be pissed off about the ice cream van parking right outside the school gates?
Would it bu to complain to the council?

NotSoNervous Wed 01-May-13 20:05:20

YABU you don't need to buy one and there are plenty of people that do

SantanaLopez Wed 01-May-13 20:05:59

YABU you don't have to buy from them.

It's been done for years anyway.

Would you complain if there was a shop across the road from the school?

SkinnybitchWannabe Wed 01-May-13 20:07:30

Theres always one outside my 2ds school. They have only ever asked for once ince and I simply said no.

TidyDancer Wed 01-May-13 20:07:40

Complain on what grounds?!

Samu2 Wed 01-May-13 20:08:06

We had an ice cream van, well sweets van, parked outside my kids school and the school and council couldn't do anything.

The teachers were pissed so they wrote letters home to all parents begging them not to buy anything from there so he will leave. They were really concerned about the unhealthy message it sends out to children and all the queues they were getting from the high-schoolers coming across.

Everyone boycotted it and he went within a week.. now he parks at the corner of my house instead.

A lot of parents complained so you are not the only one who has an issue with this.

Where else will the children but their single cigarettes from?

SodaStreamy Wed 01-May-13 20:10:15

Is it a harmless ice cream van or one that sells cigs and drugs?

Providing that he is not causing an obstruction to children crossing the road then YABU to complain. You don't have to buy one (although I find it very difficult to walk past!) and you certainly don't have to buy your DC one (unless you have one yourself of course). My advice is to eat yours before you meet them wink

Yamyoid Wed 01-May-13 20:13:15

No, and there's a lovely traditional sweet shop just across the road but it's not so in-your-face. There's something about ice cream vans that makes kids want the stuff.
It's only been there a couple of days and it makes me the baddy because I'm saying ''no you can't have an ice cream", because dc's not having one every day.
I think lots of parents will back down for a quiet life. And I probably will on hot days, especially if his friends are having one.

anothershittynickname Wed 01-May-13 20:13:58

Sending out an unhealthy message? Really? It's an ice cream FFS!!

Are kids not allowed treats anymore?

Besides, you can say no you know!


Sirzy Wed 01-May-13 20:14:17

We had one park up on school grounds at lunch times when I was at secondary school!

Its quite simple, just say no and walk past if you don't want them to have something.

HollyBerryBush Wed 01-May-13 20:15:14

They are licenced an are designated 'pitches' by the council

KatyDid02 Wed 01-May-13 20:15:29

YABU. You can say no to buying an ice cream for your children and when you do want to it is convenient.

Yamyoid Wed 01-May-13 20:17:34

Boycotting is a good idea. Will see what happens. I won't complain to the council, I know that's a little unreasonable but it's a massive pain in the arse because of the whining I'll now have to put up with every night.
Actually, where it's parked does get in the way but not an obstruction as such.

scaevola Wed 01-May-13 20:17:38

"right outside the school gates"

Well, if it's in the "school keep clear" zone, causing some other obstruction, or making it hard for children to cross safely, then yes making a safety complaint (or just asking a traffic warden to stroll by at throwing out time) is definitely a good idea.

bollockstoit Wed 01-May-13 20:17:38

It will give you an opportunity to say no to your children. Try it!

ageofgrandillusion Wed 01-May-13 20:18:03

YABU. You don't have to buy one. Whatever happened to personal responsibility?

timidviper Wed 01-May-13 20:18:08

There was always an ice cream van near my DCs school and I think it's quite nice to have it there. The children get used to it and do not ask every day after a while.

I think you're being a bit of a killjoy tbh. Just say no if you don't want them to have it.

marjproops Wed 01-May-13 20:19:36

unhealthy- fumes protruding from the exhaust pipe, toddlers level.

person in van who prob has filthy hands touching cones.

kids crossing behind and not only inhaling fumes but cant see oncoming traffic.

Yamyoid Wed 01-May-13 20:21:34

That's good to know holly. But what about the ones that just drive round?

I'm quite surprised how many people think I'm bu. I wouldn't mind so much if it was parked a bit further away.

Yabu. Had one outside my schools the entire time and same now for my dcs. We also have one that goes down our road every evening, March-September. Just say no or say only on x day.

My DC were normally into the sweets we had at home as I bought their favourites rather than just some random bits or ice cream.

Yamyoid Wed 01-May-13 20:24:26

hmm Bollocks. Of course.

There is a sweet shop right across the road from the school? I don't see the difference between a sweet shop being there and an ice cream van being there tbh.

LaGuardia Wed 01-May-13 20:25:25

Have him killed. That'll teach the cheeky bugger.

Latara Wed 01-May-13 20:25:30

I wish there was an ice cream van parked outside my... house!!

Mintyy Wed 01-May-13 20:26:54

Oh I can't wait for the ice cream van to come back to school. Heralds the beginning of summer round this way.

Mintyy Wed 01-May-13 20:29:25

poster SkinnybitchWannabe Wed 01-May-13 20:07:30
Theres always one outside my 2ds school. They have only ever asked for once ince and I simply said no.

Gosh, you sound like a fun mum Skinnybitch hmm

Yamyoid Wed 01-May-13 20:30:12

I know what you mean missymoo but in my ds's mind the ice cream van is far more exciting, I suppose because it's a novelty. As pp said, perhaps he'll get used to it, especially after a couple of visits.

ComposHat Wed 01-May-13 20:32:47

YABU where else are kids supposed to buy weed if not from the ice cream man?

musicmadness Wed 01-May-13 20:32:55

YABU - there was always an ice cream van parked outside my primary school, I always managed to convince my Grandma to let me have one when she picked me up. Happy memories smile.

Your DC won't ask for an ice cream every day once the novelty wears off, and it is a nice treat every once in a while!

CloudsAndTrees Wed 01-May-13 20:34:04

I'd love there to be an ice cream van outside one of my schools! I'm capable of saying no to my children, and I imagine if I got to pick up early I'd have time to scoff a Mr Whippy before the kids come out.

Yamyoid Wed 01-May-13 20:38:41

Ok, I'll concede I'm bu but only if the van can come once a week and doesn't sell mr whippy smile

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Wed 01-May-13 20:41:07

I think it is OK. Can you turn it into a positive thing? How about telling your kids they can have an icecream once a fortnight (or whatever) if they do XYZ.

Otherwise, just say no.

Eskino Wed 01-May-13 20:41:42

Makes me think of Dogger. Poor Dogger.

Uppatreecuppatea Wed 01-May-13 20:44:29

I don't think yabu. We've had an ice cream van parked outside our school for the last two weeks and, yes, I do refuse sometimes but it just puts all the parents under pressure and having to deal with a sulk when you say no.

I wish it were a once a week thing. Plus, £2.50 for a Mr Whippy with marshmallows? Ridic.

Treats should be treats and not rewards for every day good behaviour.

It does peeve me a bit. I cave about twice a week. the other days, we stop at the shop for one instead

TheSmallPrint Wed 01-May-13 20:44:46

What a misery! We had them outside my school when I was at first school and that was nearly 40 years ago and it was the best part of the day. wink

KitchenandJumble Wed 01-May-13 20:45:37

YABU. I have very fond memories of the ice cream van outside my primary school. We didn't have ice cream every day, but when we occasionally did it was such a nice treat.

seriouscakeeater Wed 01-May-13 21:18:15

agent grin ha ha ha

We had one in our school and everything stunk of smoke! Ah spent many a dinner time sucking a tabbaco/vimto flavoured lolly.......

WhiteBirdBlueSky Wed 01-May-13 22:15:50

Surely ice cream vans are a nice thing? confused

Hmm - at the primary school my boys would have went to had we not moved, there was a Chip van that parked IN the school grounds every Friday lunchtime - all school shut on Friday afternoons so no school lunches. The children loved their Chips treat every Friday lunchtime. Don't think anyone complained.

As has been said if it is an actual ice-cream van and just someone trying to make an honest living then fair enough. If they are using it as a cover for Drugs and Ciggies etc then report away!

yaimee Thu 02-May-13 00:43:35

This thread is so utterly fucking stupid that I could explode.

Redorwhitejusthaveboth Thu 02-May-13 01:01:01

YABU and a misery guts... I love our ice cream van - all week I get to bribe the kids - be good and on Friday you can have one grin
PLUS it's great seeing their little faces covered in sprinkles and ice cream - small things - great pleasures

PLUS mine sells diet coke so I can have something

PLUS our ice cream man is a bit of a young hotty... Joy and happiness all around with our ice cream van

And boo-hiss to the grumpy neighbours that moan.....

meddie Thu 02-May-13 02:22:27

I,m more shocked that Uppatreecuppateas Mr whippys are £2.50. Its 99p for a cone with a flake, sauce and neon green and pink sherbet round here.

Kytti Thu 02-May-13 02:45:16

I just say 'no' and if it's sunny on a Friday afternoon then occasionally I say 'yes.' My dc's say "no ice-creams until sunny Fridays!"

SneezySnatcher Thu 02-May-13 04:18:50

serious wondering if you went to my school or if tobacco-scented ice lollies are a common theme amongst ice-cream men!

I clearly member having to brush fag ash off my cider lolly before I could eat it of a lunchtime!

glastocat Thu 02-May-13 04:55:34

Yabu and a killjoy. I'd love an ice cream now.

MusicalEndorphins Thu 02-May-13 05:24:40

We just kept stocked with ice cream, cones and and popsicles at home. I didn't mind one sweet a day, but the ice cream truck was too expensive, much cheaper to buy them in the grocery store and occasionally make homemade ones.

Mosschopz Thu 02-May-13 06:55:02


When Healthy Schools was higher up the education agenda schools used to do more about this but sadly this school might feel it has other priorities. You could play the Ofsted card and lobby the head on the basis that the pushing, shoving, increased risk of accident and safeguarding compromises this brings don't look good in the community or in an inspection.

Bunbaker Thu 02-May-13 07:03:56

I'm amazed at the number of parents who have money on them when they pick their children up. DD's old primary school was a ten minute walk from our house. I never used to take my purse with me when I picked her up, and on the odd occasion there was an ice cream van it was easy to say no because I couldn't pay for one.

HarrySnotter Thu 02-May-13 07:07:16

When I was a kid the ice cream van used to sell a single fag and a match for 6p. Bloody extortion it was!

There's one outside my DCs school, they get one on the way home once a week. I don't give a shit about being the 'baddy' though. They ask, i say no and that's that.

An ice cream van parks on our street literally every sunny day. Also the park most days.

It's got rapidly easier to say no, not today, or I'd be flat broke!

fluffyraggies Thu 02-May-13 07:23:44

I rarely had any cash on me at school pick up, and that's what i'd say to the DCs. 'No, i haven't enough money today'. They wouldn't sulk. I might add 'behave for the week and i'll get you one on Friday'.

As for the memories of DCs hearing the music from the ice cream van coming down the street and looking at me hopefully - bless! IF i said yes there'd be happy squealing and a mad scramble for enough change and all 3 would belt out of the house to look for the van grin

mummytime Thu 02-May-13 07:27:15

There is one always parked near one local school. There was a new one which appeared near my DCs primary. I said NO, only as a special treat, the PTA also took to buying cheap ice creams from Sainsbury's and selling them in the playground on Friday for school funds (he got cross about that). The local residents have taken to parking to block the non-residents bay where he was parking; so he'd now have to park further up the road or take a risk in the "residents only" bays.

FrustratedSycamoresRocks Thu 02-May-13 07:46:16

I have no issues with icecream. I have a stock of corners and icelollys in the freezer all year for the DCs.

I do have a problem with the icecream van parking right outside the school gates, so I cannot get my dd with autism into the car without a meltdown over a sodding icecream.
I've never said yes to a icecream van icecream, I have no problem with saying no. But she knows what one is. And it winds me up no end. And if the icecream van was up the road a bit rather than in the already dangerous carpark directly outside the gates, it wouldn't be such an issue.

fairylightsinthespring Thu 02-May-13 08:05:23

I get why you are peeved but if your kids are old enough for school can they understand the idea of pennies in a jar and saving up for one on a friday kind of thing? Good opportunity maybe to teach about money and choices and treats etc. What pisses me off is that the ice creams are about £1.50 and much bigger than they need to be. Mine are only 1 and 3 and only need one little swirl of the stuff to be happy. If I could pay 50p and get a proper little one I'd be happier.

likeitorlumpit Thu 02-May-13 09:26:02

i think you should complain to the council and the ice cream company , tell them to make sure there are at least two vans on a nice day , the kids take so long choosing smile

Wouldntyouliketoknow Thu 02-May-13 09:40:06

There's nothing unhealthy about having an ice cream once in a while ffs, so I don't agree with all those trying to pull the 'healthy schools' card.

Parents are the ones in control here - your child doesn't need an ice cream every day after school, so don't buy them one. The end.

mrsjay Thu 02-May-13 09:49:24

there used to be a van who came to our high school and sold us fags

op yabu what do you want the council to do , it is an ice cream van he needs to make a living sees an opportunity and takes it nobody needs to pay him he isn't the child catcher if kids dont have money they cant buy sweets

FinallyMrsFC Thu 02-May-13 09:56:23

An ice cream van is outside our school every day. DS doesn't pester because he knows I will always say no. <shrugs>. I'm a bit bewildered as to why you can't say no to your child tbh.

On hot days I take Jubblys in with me.

mrsjay Thu 02-May-13 10:00:16

It is ok to say no children they wont break in half you know, mummy can I have NO you can't sad face child meh they get over it,

aliasjoey Thu 02-May-13 10:01:59

Amazed at the number of people saying you are unreasonable! I totally agree with you (actually I thought they were banned from outside schools?) There is definitely something about the van which is different to just buying sweets.

Every day a van comes up our road, it started in March. Yes, we can say No, but it's very hard when they see all their friends getting one. I can't afford to buy one every day. We have compromised by having our own in the freezer.


mrsjay Thu 02-May-13 10:03:47

we have had an ice cream van that comes round here twice a night for as long as I can remember we used to tell the DDs that when he ran his jingle at night he had run out of sweeties grin

musickeepsmesane Thu 02-May-13 10:07:34

Did a MNetter actually explode? Was it too much popping candy from the van? Should we dial 111?

FinallyMrsFC Thu 02-May-13 10:07:46

It's not hard to say no. I'm mystified by all these children ruling their parents. Just say no. Even if I was happy for my children to have an ice cream every day, the queue alone puts me off.

The more the whine, the firmer I am. And then on the occasions I let them have one from the van that comes down our street, it's a real unexpected treat for everyone. And I get to have one too grin

Sirzy Thu 02-May-13 10:10:28

Exactly finally. Wanting to ban something because a parent doesn't want to say no is madness!

anklebitersmum Thu 02-May-13 10:15:41

They shouldn't be parking right outside the school gates. YANBU

I like walking home with the biters, chatting about the day and that's spoilt if I have one or more sulking because I said "No" to an ice cream.

I am not tight but with 3 that's £15 a week on after school ice cream if I do every night shock

Large tubs of ice cream waiting for them in the freezer at home, complete with cornets, sprinkles and 'magic' sauce that goes crispy and no van hovering outside school is the way forward grin

BrianCoxandTheTempleofDOOM Thu 02-May-13 10:17:56

DD's school has one outside, always a queue, no obstruction and the vendor is a lovely chap!

DD tries her luck most days, I say "no" I do allow her one trip to the van a week. I just change the day, keep her on her toes grin wink

Oh and shock at £2.50 for a 99! Matt sells his for £1.20 and they are laden with sherbert and brightly coloured goo! yum!

He also does a legendary "mix up" for 50p (penny mix as was)

Sirzy Thu 02-May-13 10:19:33

I got 3 "99s" for £2.40 from our ice cream man last week!

funkybuddah Thu 02-May-13 10:57:57

YABU if you complain, some parents may like to buy their kids an occasional Ice Cream (after all its not crack, it wont hurt them) some dont.

If you dont want to tell your children no, if they kick of its your own disciplin you need to look at

CheesyPoofs Thu 02-May-13 11:01:19

There's 2 outside DD's school - one at each entrance.

She asked a few times in reception, I said no. She's not asked since.

YoniOneWayOfLife Thu 02-May-13 11:05:48

We have one every day during the summer outside the school gate. Every day the kids ask and every day I say no and every day they point out all the good things they have done and every day I say no and every day one or more of them have a tantrum and every day I say no and every day they still ask and every day I still say no.

DoubleMum Thu 02-May-13 11:06:35

It's quite unlikely his license allows him to park outside the school gates, but it varies from council to council. It's probably fairly easy to check on your local council website.

FadedSapphire Thu 02-May-13 11:12:25

I don't like it however do relent and children know only allowed one from van once a week.
Does not stop occasional melt down on hot sunny day after school though when they are desperate for one. They tantrum/ I threaten to never let them have an icecream from the van again if they make a fuss on non icecream van days... Grrr...happy families....

Flobbadobs Thu 02-May-13 11:15:05

bunbaker I never take my purse with me either! There is an ice cream van parked over the road from school every day of every term, even in the depths of winter. We even had one coming round our street on Christmas eve last year...
It's a good job my 7yo and her cousins still think that if the music is playing it means he's run out of ice cream bad Flobba grin

YANBU to be a bit pissed off, but if you don't physically have any money on you then you can't be the bad guy.

FinallyMrsFC Thu 02-May-13 11:44:45

I still just don't get why you need all the tactics of no money, 'music means they've run out' or ice cream at home.

Don't bargain, just say NO.

DialsMavis Thu 02-May-13 12:05:03

I don't mind the one outside school, sometimes I'm not overly keen on the one that stops outside my house every evening just as I am trying to pack the DC away for the night grin

DialsMavis Thu 02-May-13 12:07:05

When I see an ice cream van, I buy some if I have the £ and can feel like it, if I don't or I can't then I say no.

Xmasbaby11 Thu 02-May-13 12:13:35

YABU. There is food temptation everywhere and kids need to be trained not to notice it.

mrsjay Thu 02-May-13 12:18:48

'music means they've run out

TBF the dds were not daft it is a silly family joke I still say it and they are 15 and 20 wink

Scholes34 Thu 02-May-13 12:20:51

I buy one, and the DCs know that I'll say no thereafter, and they can't come back with "but you never buy us one".

Flobbadobs Thu 02-May-13 12:22:14

DS doesn't believe me anymore and it started off as a joke but DD believes it blush

My kids were scared of the ice-cream van hmm

tried to treat them once and they were howling sad

Think it was the noise of the motor.

Mintyy Thu 02-May-13 12:50:50

I'm really surprised at the number of posters who would never buy their child an ice cream from the ice cream van. Seems a bit joyless.


During summer, or indeed as soon as it gets sunny, we will have an ice-cream pretty much every day, either from a van, or we'll go to the ice-cream parlour (don't actually know what they are properly called in the UK, it's "Eiscafe" in German), or from any of the shops or cafes that sell ice-cream around here.

I don't really think of it as a special treat as such - it's just part of nice weather.
But then, I do think that ice-cream is a necessary foodstuff, so maybe I'm just weird grin

I buy my 3 one of whatever they want once a week. However if they kick up a fuss or have a tantrum for one on one of the other days and I have to say no more than once then they go without on the next ice cream day. I never buy on a Friday though, the queue is horrendous. Always a Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday.

5Foot5 Thu 02-May-13 13:10:48

YABU. The ice cream man (or woman) is just being an astute business person and parking where they think they will get the most trade.

notso Thu 02-May-13 13:15:33

YANBU I think all shops, parks and general places of interest should also be shut down. I'm fed up of walking past them with my DC and them asking me to buy them things or if they can go to the park.
I can't say no to them obviously, they might explode or something. I once heard a woman say no to her son and he got in a bit of a mood, and who knows he might never get over it poor boy.

Samu2 Thu 02-May-13 13:16:27

The head teacher was annoyed by the van outside my kids school because the school had made a lot of changes to their menu and were heavily promoting healthy eating etc etc She thought that having an ice-cream van outside the school was sending the younger ones mixed messages and they didn't want the children to think the school was promoting healthier living while condoning having an ice-cream/ sweet van outside.

I can kind of see her point and with all of the other complaints the parents put in she certainly wasn't alone in her thinking.

mrsjay Thu 02-May-13 13:17:00

oh notso I was just away to give you the waggy finger and tutting grin

notso Thu 02-May-13 13:18:02

wink mrsjay

JenaiMorris Thu 02-May-13 13:20:56

Ofsted? Someone mentioned Ofsted?



Fakebook Thu 02-May-13 13:23:03

They're just trying to earn a living! Where else will they find hoards of little children to sell overpriced diarrhoea on a cone to? YABU!

FinallyMrsFC Thu 02-May-13 14:35:48

notso grin

FoundAChopinLizt Thu 02-May-13 14:46:38

If the ice cream is made with non gm organic grass fed jersey cow's milk, free range eggs, fair trade sugar and locally sourced flavourings, and the cones are Duchy originals, with Green and Black flakes then YABVVU

notso Thu 02-May-13 14:58:37

I really want a 99 special now <drool>
I might consider enduring the park after school if the ice-cream man is there.

notso Thu 02-May-13 15:08:26

>Yes, we can say No, but it's very hard when they see all their friends getting one.

So when they roll out the old 'all my friends are allowed to go to the pub' at 15 you are going to do what exactly?
Give in because it's hard when their friends are all allowed? Ban all pubs in your area?

PatPig Thu 02-May-13 15:16:38

We tell the kids that the ice cream van ice creams are too expensive and they are only allowed ones from the supermarket.

valiumredhead Thu 02-May-13 16:04:04

Ds loves the ice cream van, takes money in once a week to get one on the way home. It's exciting deciding which day will be 'ice cream day!' grin

melika Thu 02-May-13 16:17:34

Make it a once week treat if they have been good at school. That's what I used to tell my Dsons. If they got a certificate they got 50p extra!

Yes, you can say No!

fuzzpig Thu 02-May-13 17:00:29

I don't see the problem really. I fondly remember the ICV outside my school (wasn't every day either, so it was always a "will they won't they" feeling!). Maybe I'd feel different if there was one outside DCs school every day.

There is actually an ICV that drives round here but it never bloody stops! Perhaps as our street barely has any children, unlike nearer the school. But I would definitely buy from him now and again - it's a nice treat and while I was stuffing my face I would feel good that my ice cream money had gone to an independent guy rather than to tescos where any icecream we buy normally comes from.

fufflebum Thu 02-May-13 17:04:26

YABU the person has a right to make a living.

Just say 'no' to your children.

We have one that does this and I say to the children on an ad hoc basis- ok. Other parents tend to do it as a treat at the end of the week.

I prefer the element of suprise!

WireCatWhore Thu 02-May-13 17:05:34

There is one outside my eldest child's school every school day!

Do they still sell fags for 10p.


Our ICV parks at the swing park five minutes from school and a Mr Whippy with monkey's blood strawberry sauce is about 70p.

But it is annoying when a van is in your way every single day. Once a week is a good rule I think.

I am sulking because I know one shouldn't have soft whip when pg envy

amigababy Thu 02-May-13 17:06:51

there have been 4 ICV' s outside DD 's school forever. She's 17 now and seems to have. survived. Though she told me today that school are installing an official tuck shop!

And when our PTA does ice cream sales we get vair naice fresh flavours direct from the local ice cream farm because then all the parents want one too and it raises more money because supporting local small businesses is important too.

Kewcumber Thu 02-May-13 17:12:59

You think outside the school is bad - our local ICV parks outside our house every day often blocking my drive. You'd learn pretty swiftly to so no in my situation!

Kewcumber Thu 02-May-13 17:14:06

Ice cream farm? shock There are ice cream farms?! shock

Who knew they grew ice cream - I thought they just made it in a factory.

Wishiwasanheiress Thu 02-May-13 17:20:30

Unless u can get ur drugs off the guy too yabu.

Seriously, our school one did! Got busted one week! smile

WildlingPrincess Thu 02-May-13 17:29:51

They have one outside my daughters school. I just say no!

We had one at High School and I never understood why it cost £15 a cone for some kids. So naive....

I would LOVE this!
{BabyDubs calls council to complain about lack of ice cream vans around 'ere!}

Kewcumber the farm also has a big playground, indoor softplay, small "meet the farm animals" zoo, and go karts.

And a hundred flavours of ice cream.

Hmm. I think I know what I'm doing this weekend.

MissBetseyTrotwood Thu 02-May-13 18:24:18

I told my DSs (ONCE, in a moment of desperation) that the ice cream van outside the school was a dirty one. To be fair, it looks pretty grim and the man's hands always do look dirty. They stopped asking.

I've also gone with 'If you stop asking me you can have an extra large one at home. If you ask me one more time you'll have nothing.'

I am a horrible mother. grin

GreenEggsAndNichts Thu 02-May-13 23:50:13

Ice cream farm grin

Kewcumber Thu 02-May-13 23:52:54

liar liar pants on fire - thats not a farm its a factory!

musickeepsmesane Thu 02-May-13 23:55:52

In Perthshire there is a farm. It is called Stewart Tower. They are all about the ice cream................ no van sad

BegoniaBampot Fri 03-May-13 00:21:18

our ice cream van outside the school used to sell single a fag with a match attached. now I imagine they offer other more worrying treats.

notso Fri 03-May-13 10:05:18

I love a day out at the ice-cream farm! The activities are vair reasonably priced, and the ice-cream is lovely.
The cafe is not-so good though and never dare to eat your own food there!

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