to ask about pregnancy tests in here? Almost not there line?

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wonderingifiam2013 Tue 23-Apr-13 12:43:04

has anyone tested early (I think 3 or 4 days early) and got a very very very (I could continue) feint line ... that dried darker overnight?

I thought I could see it when I first tested and in the 3 minute window (in the right light/upside down/screwing up eyes!) but then decided it could be my imagination and was probably negative.

It's on the same line where I got my postive last time (still have it in draw years on and yes I know that's stupid blush)

Is a line a line a line - or could it be an evap line? (it's pink-ish not grey btw)

yaimee Tue 23-Apr-13 12:44:44

Yes me, ignore the drying, that would happen anyway, but if you saw a feint line then book a test at docs or get a clear blue.

NotYoMomma Tue 23-Apr-13 12:46:12

I tested and bfn - I was falling asleep all over the place!

Day later tested and v v faint line.

Wasn't 3 - 4 days though! It was just under 2 weeks!!

Lonecatwithkitten Tue 23-Apr-13 12:46:24

A line is a line. It shows that the correct hormone for pregnancy is present in your urine. I had this went to the GP who said a line is a line and booked me in with the midwife and indeed a line was a line.

wonderingifiam2013 Tue 23-Apr-13 12:47:16

yaimee, please can you tell me if you mean the pink line would come up darker after drying even if it was negative?

I think I need to buy a clear blue smile

Szeli Tue 23-Apr-13 12:47:42

A line is a line. Mine showed up like this and I didn't believe it - I was 18 weeks gone. Get to the docs x

wonderingifiam2013 Tue 23-Apr-13 12:48:06

thanks all - hoping a line is line grin

KatAndKit Tue 23-Apr-13 12:48:19

It really is too early. Wait a bit and try again in a couple of days (or tomorrow morning if you are really impatient) What brand of test did you use?
Really a line is a line, but with the cheapy dipstick tests you can get a bit of evaporation line. If it is pink it is not really an evaporation line though, it is more likely to be an early positive result.
The fact it dried darker is not relevant. Anything you see after ten minutes is not a valid result any more. But if you think it may be a very light coloured line you could be in luck. For all sorts of sensible reasons it is better to wait till your period is due, but i hope it turns out well for you.

TheHappyEverAfterFairy Tue 23-Apr-13 12:48:21

I tested early and also saw a feint line. there was a helpline number enclosed in the instructions for use. I called them up and the lady told me a line is a line, no matter how feint. she was right. can't recall the brand though (must've been an early results one though but not one of the expensive smiley face ones), but if there's a number to call on the instructions then i'd suggest you give it a call?

Szeli Tue 23-Apr-13 12:49:00

Oh and clear blue are no better than pound shop ones; the doctors takes them as they are anyways.

In fact clear blue ones have been worse than others for me; error readings aplenty! x

KatAndKit Tue 23-Apr-13 12:49:28

A clear blue digi is probably less sensitive than the test you have already used so definitely wait 2 days before doing one of those. If you have a superdrug their early preg tests are brilliant.

HappyJoyful Tue 23-Apr-13 12:50:31

feint line I had is now 2.4yrs old.
fingers crossed.

alienbanana Tue 23-Apr-13 12:52:23

Yep - get a Superdrug test. Most sensitive ones I've come across.

wonderingifiam2013 Tue 23-Apr-13 12:52:31

it was a first response early number.

Still not convinced it came up straight away (although I did do a bit of a gasp when I saw what I thought I saw grin)

It's just the drying darker bit - there is definitely a line there now, albeit a very feint one. Would this happen with a negative anyway?

KatAndKit Tue 23-Apr-13 12:57:19

No, I doubt it, a negative that dried to give an evaporation line would look grey. if you have pink then there surely must be some preg hormone going on.
I was a sucker for early testing, I'd always start 4 days before period due each month. My very faint line is napping in his buggy. First response early result are reliable tests and can pick up very tiny amounts of pregnancy hormone.
Once you get to the point when your period is overdue, if you are still getting positives then, time to call the midwife! In the meantime there's little you can do but wait and hope with everything crossed and piss on a few more tests if you feel like it.

NotAQueef Tue 23-Apr-13 12:58:39

Can you post a pic?

dribbleface Tue 23-Apr-13 12:59:02

Ds2 was a feint line. He's now 19 mths. Evap lines IME tend to be grey and do not come up in the time frame. Think superdrug tests have a lower threshold (10 compared to 15 on others, can't think of the word but the amount of hormone needed to get positive)

wonderingifiam2013 Tue 23-Apr-13 13:01:01

grin - so good to hear about the very feint lines currently in buggies! smile

NotAQueef - I really don't think the possibly imaginery line that came up in the first 3 minutes would have shown up on a photo, I'm guessing the overnight line would (just!) but I'm not at home just now

dribbleface Tue 23-Apr-13 13:02:47

Fingers crossed for you.

wonderingifiam2013 Tue 23-Apr-13 13:05:56


Fakebook Tue 23-Apr-13 13:09:18

I tested a week early with DS and got a really faint line that was hardly there. I also looked at it at different angles and light with screwed eyes, but it was definitely there. I still have it in my drawer with scan pics too blush and the line is still there 2 years later. As is Dd's test and that's 6 years old now.

A line is a line. Especially if you saw it come up in the three minute window.

wonderingifiam2013 Tue 23-Apr-13 13:26:58

Glad I'm not the only one Fakebook grin

Although I'm feeling really stupid now!

Noticed cramping on LHS about an hour ago and have just had a tiny bit of what looks like blood (I'm having an issue with seeing pink it seems!) - only a hint of pinky looking discharge, and not when I wipe (TMI!) only on investigation blush

Now I'm going mad thinking is it AF or implantation? Why oh why can't I just wait and stay calm until I'm officially late sad

NotAQueef Tue 23-Apr-13 13:44:08

Sounds like it could be implantation!
Get yourself a few cheapies from poundland then you can test everyday until Friday if you like (that's what I would do).
Be sure to use your first wee of the day
Fingers crossed for you grin

HobKnob Tue 23-Apr-13 13:46:41



wonderingifiam2013 Tue 23-Apr-13 13:50:52

Really? Do you think so NotAQueef! smile even with the cramping pains?

I did have implantation with #1 but I really can't remember if there was pinky stuff? I remember a bright red tiny blob and that was it, but I guess I could have muddled it up in my stupid 'investigation'! I'm just scared it's AF coming early sad

I've ordered some tests online to stop me buying some tonight as I know I'll just have to do them straight away and that's pointless! (P.S I am usually a level-headed grown adult ... but can't help myself turning into a gibbering mess!)

I keep telling myself only time will tell smile but not really listening to my advice blush


wonderingifiam2013 Tue 23-Apr-13 13:53:21

sorry HobKnob!

Although it could be right in my case grin

Feint (meaning) - or any ‘pretence intended to mislead’.

LaMaga Tue 23-Apr-13 14:05:15

A line is a line. Go to the GP and they will book you with a midwife, before that you could ask for another urine test. Congratulations!

MamaBear17 Tue 23-Apr-13 14:19:43

I got the same result on a first response test when I tested 4 days before Id missed my period. I even broke the test apart so that I could look more closely at the strip! I tested again and the result is now sleeping peacefully next to me on the sofa after a busy morning at nursery smile

SuedeEffectPochette Tue 23-Apr-13 14:25:12

Unless you have taken fertility drugs, any line, even very very faint, indicates that you are making the pregnancy hormone. (Most show up 4 days before official test date in my experience). However, sadly some (not many) pregnancies end as soon as they start with such an early miscarriage that if you had not tested you might just think was a late or heavier period. I recall testing 4 days early once, having a faint line, but then miscarrying only about 5 days later. If I hadn't tested I would never have known that this was a brief pregnancy. For the sake of sanity (and a clear line) don't test early would be my advice.

wonderingifiam2013 Tue 23-Apr-13 14:36:50

I'd love to believe mine is to be a happy story but I'm just not sure sad

And SuedeEffectPochette - I'm so sorry to hear your about your experience.

I wish I'd not tested early now but easier said than done sad the blood and cramps (although they are easing off) are still there, although it now seems like clear with bright red in - so sorry for TMI blush but still hanging on for some hope I guess!

wonderingifiam2013 Tue 23-Apr-13 14:58:01

BTW - has anyone had a v v v faint line & bleeding like I've mentioned?

Currently still hoping smile

Maybe I'm just a bit too hopeful though confused

KatAndKit Tue 23-Apr-13 15:02:27

Yes, lots of people will have had that and I bet half of them will have gone one way and half the other. The truth is that early testing can pick up chemical pregnancies that you'd never have known about if you'd have waited till you are late. It's basically that the egg gets fertilised and tries to implant but it doesn't get any further and your period then comes as normal or slightly late. This is massively common, it's just that most women don't know when it happens to them because they didn't test so they didn't know they had conceived.
The only way you will know is to wait. If it turns into proper blood loss then it's your period and you have had a chemical pregnancy. There is no need to do anything, it is just one of those things but very disappointing when it happens to you.
If it does not turn into a proper period and you still have a positive result but have light bleeding or spotting then you should see a doctor.

wonderingifiam2013 Tue 23-Apr-13 15:05:18

Thanks KatAndKit - I'm glad you're around today smile

That's it - no more rummaging blush and no more POAS for me until I'm late!


SarahAndFuck Tue 23-Apr-13 15:08:12

My almost not there line was really just a couple of faint dots, but it was still a positive. Clear Blue Digital taken later the same day confirmed things much more clearly.

DS is now four grin

I hope things work out for you the way you want.

Itchywoolyjumper Tue 23-Apr-13 15:36:15

I tested 4 days early and I had a line so faint I had to take it down 5 flights of stairs into the street to see it properly in daylight.
It was pretty nerve wracking time, waiting to see if it was going to stay with me and I started it 4 days earlier than I needed to. With hindsight I don't think I'd test so early again.
I'm very happy to say that my very faint line is 2 and currently rampaging round upstairs playing elephant men. I hope you have the same luck x

Pickles101 Tue 23-Apr-13 15:40:57

Oh thank God, HobKnob said it. I was about to cry.

Fakebook Tue 23-Apr-13 17:15:08

hmm @ people getting their knickers in a twist over use of a wrong word. Pathetic.

NotAQueef Tue 23-Apr-13 18:31:59

wondering it coukd be I had lots if cramping before I got ny bfp - so much so that didn't test 'til I was 6 days late as kept thinking af was coming --and I was in denial--wink wink

NotAQueef Tue 23-Apr-13 18:32:37

sorry fat fingers + new phone

MiaowTheCat Tue 23-Apr-13 18:36:36

Sure I read somewhere that evap lines don't tend to have colour pigment to them whereas faint lines DO. I have to say that lots of the times I've tested a bit too early and been pregnant (I have no willpower - if there are sticks in the house I MUST PEE ON THEM ALL!!) there's been a faint line that's come up overnight after the test read intervals that's had me wondering - and it's later proved to be a proper line when I've re-tested a couple of days down the line (these tended to be Tesco tests since it was just what there was near us to buy from).

Plenty of pregnancy test pee stick galleries on the internet to sit and flick through till your obsession wanes comparing faint lines and known outcomes if you're so inclined - between doing that and comparing temp charts I've killed probably what amounts to days of my life over the years (6 years of fertility problems so I've obsessed a lot over the years!)

Sallyingforth Tue 23-Apr-13 18:41:12

To those who object to the spelling of 'feint' - I disagree!

Thin lines printing on stationery are correctly known as feint lines. Since that's exactly what the OP is seeing on her stick, that's not so very wrong.

So there smile

TattyDevine Tue 23-Apr-13 18:45:12

If its seen, its a bean.

Got positives with First Response (pink jobbies) at 8 days and 9 days past ovulation with both of my viable pregnancies.

Pickles101 Tue 23-Apr-13 18:55:18

Yes but feint lines on stationary are very thin but clearly defined. The faint line on a pregnancy test is hard to make out because it is... faint.

<<Knickers twist even more>>

ToupOfRegDwight Tue 23-Apr-13 19:03:47

My faint line is currently wriggling and babbling to herself instead of sleeping. I had light bleeds at 5 and 6 weeks.

ToupOfRegDwight Tue 23-Apr-13 19:05:33

And it was a very faint line. I broke open the case and held the strip up to the light. A clearblue digital confirmed it.

ladythatlunches Tue 23-Apr-13 19:27:42

My very very very faint line are BOTH asleep (twins) only I could see the line smile

Also before that I had very faint lines that didn't get darker and then I started to bleed. Was a chemical pregnancy. sad

Really hope it's good news for you. Considering you had implantation bleeding before maybe that is the normal for you. Good luck

LegoLegoEverywhere Tue 23-Apr-13 19:37:58

I had a very faint line, spotting and 10 minutes of very painful cramping with my second wonderingifiam. I assumed that I was not pregnant. Four days later I took another test and the line was like TRA-LA-LAAAA! So perhaps try again in a week, you never know. wink

TheCatIsUpTheDuff Tue 23-Apr-13 19:46:31

Try again. The instructions will tell you how long the test is reliable for after you've peed on it - the cheapy I did was reliable for 15 minutes. After that, evaporation and chemical reactions can give you false lines. If you really have to squint to see if it's a line, it might not be - a faint line is still a visible line.

Get another one in a couple of days.

Finola1step Tue 23-Apr-13 19:53:42

I once tested 4 days before AF due. Saw what I was hoping was the faintest of blue lines. It was probably my mind going into full wishful thinking mode. Told myself not to get my hopes up. Waited for AF - nothing happened. Waiting 2 days after AF due date to test again and got the BFP.

That was in April 2010. I am now sat here waiting for her to finally drop off to sleep. Good luck.

LaTrucha Tue 23-Apr-13 19:59:33

My tiny little pink smudge you could barely see is currently falling asleep about 3 feet away from me. Congratulations!

Molehillmountain Tue 23-Apr-13 20:00:37

A line is a line as long as it appeared in the time the test said to wait. Otherwise it could be an evaporation line. Trust me-I've had three children, tested early (embarrassingly early blush) and had both proper faint (need a magnifying glass faint double blush) that were proper positives. I've also had evaporation lines when def not pregnant. I am a bit sad that I'll never see a live magically appear again. I did become a little addicted to that rush (triple blush perhaps should have name changed!)

wonderingifiam2013 Thu 25-Apr-13 07:57:23

Just to update ... a line is a line! grin

I nearly fainted when I saw it go darker! wink

KittyAndTheFontanelles Thu 25-Apr-13 08:06:50

Congratulations grin thanks

Jengnr Thu 25-Apr-13 08:07:52

My feint, barely visible line is four months old now smile

MsJupiterJones Thu 25-Apr-13 08:12:14


Hope you're not feinting wink

Lambzig Thu 25-Apr-13 08:15:41

Congrats, was lurking. I am so pleased for you.

midori1999 Thu 25-Apr-13 08:17:20

Congratulations. grin

gordyslovesheep Thu 25-Apr-13 08:18:04

yay! Congratulations xxxx

SarahAndFuck Thu 25-Apr-13 09:58:21


MiaowTheCat Thu 25-Apr-13 10:06:59

Congratulations! (I do love a bit of pee-stick suspense by proxy)

Finola1step Thu 25-Apr-13 21:46:22


SomethingOnce Thu 25-Apr-13 23:55:47

I had a good feeling about this one - congrats flowers

POAS is one of the greatest things about modern life.

Pop by your local pound shops, buy a variety and have a pee-fest!

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Fri 26-Apr-13 00:09:08

Congratulations! I agree with SOmething. Get to the pound shop, spend a fiver on cheap tests and pee to your hearts content! grin I did 9 last PG! I just had to keep peeing! blush

Twattybollocks Fri 26-Apr-13 04:32:28

Both of my squint or you'll miss it lines are upstairs asleep at the moment.
A line is a line, especially a pink one. My most recent pregnancy was so faint I had to photoshop it to see it properly.

MiaowTheCat Fri 26-Apr-13 08:40:21

There's something incredibly satisfying about peeing, watching the dampness move across the stick and a line appear. I had to stop keeping tests in the house when we were TTC - it was like having an industrial size bar of chocolate in that you knew it was there so you just couldn't ever ever ever leave it alone!

wonderingifiam2013 Fri 26-Apr-13 09:21:43

Thank you for the congratulations smile

And totally agree about the need to pee! I still have 2 left ... and keep stopping myself from testing again blush

I really thought #2 would be different but I'm in disbelief like the first time and strangely symptomless?

The spotting seems to have cleared up now too smile

And I have booked my GP appointment (for him to say - 'oh you got a positive test - well then yes you're pregnant') I did think I'd get a big hug the first time grin but I guess they see pregnant women every day!

Fingers crossed everything carries on ok - and I'll be back to moan about feeling ill soon I'm sure wink

Thanks again


Pinkyorkbunny Fri 26-Apr-13 09:37:24

My error reading from clear blue is sleeping in her cot right now...grin

Bridgetbidet Fri 26-Apr-13 11:42:58

I have had exactly the same. Pinky discharge about 7-10 days after ovulation and cramping. Did a first response and a clear blue digital yesterday evening and they both came back negative.

Then did another clear blue this morning but with second morning wee not first cos i forgot.

I split open the clear blue and there were two faint lines inside as well as the control.

I will get a superdrug cheapie and have a try.

Bridgetbidet Fri 26-Apr-13 11:44:24

Oh you are pregnant! Congratulations! You've made me feel more optimistic this morning! flowers

wonderingifiam2013 Fri 26-Apr-13 12:45:43

Thanks Bridgetbidet smile

Fingers crossed for you! It does sound positive ... as I broke open blush my First Response as I thought it was a faint line, but it seemed to disapear then! So if your line has stayed that sounds better than my manic moment wink

I often wonder who the 1st 'pregnancy test trasher' was? I felt like a nutter pulling the plastic apart grin

Teabird Fri 26-Apr-13 22:41:00

Massive congratulations!! A line is definitely a line!! I've just come home from driving my 'very faint line' round to get her to sleep!! 9 weeks old and very fussy since her injections...all worth it she is now snoring in her rocker and I'm having a very small glass of vino to celebrate xxxx

Worriedmumofan8yearoldgirl Fri 26-Apr-13 22:46:01

Ah I'm not alone then!!

Nestinggirl Sat 14-Dec-13 02:07:06

Hi dolls I have ttc since October 2013 . Clomid round2, periods in 1-2 days, got sore boobs for few days with headaches and mood swing, did a pregnancy test and got one strong line and one pink line.i don't want to get my hopes high but could it be positive?

Mumoftwoyoungkids Sat 14-Dec-13 06:45:42

I had one like that about 14 months ago.

Coincidentally I have been up for the last hour after being woken at 5am by a crying sound. wink

Nestinggirl Sat 14-Dec-13 10:31:54

Thank you mumoftwoyoungkids... I am so nervouse to do another test now. Shall I but clear blue for more accurate

loismustdieatyahoodotcom Sat 14-Dec-13 11:31:25

I conceived on clomid and had this same thing. My faint had to squint line is now 2 and mad as a hatter grin

Canthaveitall Sat 14-Dec-13 11:32:42

Yes I did. About 9 years ago and my DD is now 8 smile

Nestinggirl Sat 14-Dec-13 19:37:15

Omg omg omg it says big fat pregnant 2-3

thefuturesnotourstosee Sat 14-Dec-13 19:41:26

My very faint pink line is currently a 16 month old toddler running about causing chaos grin

BertieBowtiesAreCool Sat 14-Dec-13 19:41:40

Seriously, a faint line is a line. There's no way a line could be made if there was no hormone there. Faint just means the hormone level is low so either very early, or wee too dilute for it to be stronger. Congratulations! smile

Szeli Sat 14-Dec-13 19:43:55

Clear Blue is no more accurate. In fact in my case it said 'error' I think the error was I was 18 weeks but all the tests do the same job and a line be a line

SoloXantiaClaws Sat 14-Dec-13 19:45:46

My feint, squinty eyes line is a boy! grin a 15 year old boy!

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