To think my fridge is haunted?

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pofacedplot Mon 04-Mar-13 13:59:55

It could be the cupboard next to the fridge. Now and then, there is a strange intermittent sound of snoring, or rasping breath, basically like someone snoring really loudly, coming from the wall behind the cupboard. It is not scary, more comical. It can happen day or night. The room next door is our sitting room, and no, it is not dh asleep. No one else has ever heard it. I need to get dh to come and stand there, for hours, until it happens again. Opinions please on what it could be.

catlady1 Mon 04-Mar-13 14:04:12

I've no idea, but at first I read that as "To think my FRINGE is haunted." I think that would be much more problematic! grin

Could it be your fridge making noises? Mine sounds like it's about to blow up sometimes, it's very odd.

pofacedplot Mon 04-Mar-13 14:07:34

My fringe is DEFINITELY haunted. It keeps playing tricks on me and falling into my eyes. I wonder if I need an spiritual haircut cleanse.

If it is the fridge then I am really worried, as dh will refuse to buy a new one until it does actually blow up. I'd rather it were a ghost. However it seems to be coming from the cupboard beside it, or the wall behind the cupboard. Gulp.

PetiteRaleuse Mon 04-Mar-13 14:08:49

Could it be rats or mice scrabbling in the wall behind the cupboard?

PetiteRaleuse Mon 04-Mar-13 14:09:38

If so then be careful the little buggers chew through cables and electrocute themselves and could even kill the fridge. And dead fridges are useless.

pofacedplot Mon 04-Mar-13 14:11:44

AAARgh! Not rats! But do they wheeze and snore with human style volume? Human sized rats that snore?

<runs screaming from house>

How would I find them? But it really doesn't sound like rats. I grew up in an old vicarage with rats under the floorboards [nice], so have experience.

ReallyTired Mon 04-Mar-13 14:13:58

I doult that your fridge is haunted: that yoghurt that you pushed to the back has evolved in higher life form and is preparating to take over the planet!

Or worse still some kids lunch box got put in the cupboard without being emptied and now has six month old sandwiches in.

OzmaofOz Mon 04-Mar-13 14:16:25

Your fridge is not haunted it is sleeping, that's what all the snoring is about.
My fridge doesn't snore, it sighs and occasionally groans.

pofacedplot Mon 04-Mar-13 14:18:46

But dh does a regular completely obsessive clear out weekly RT - I need to record it on my phone don't I. It really does sound like an 80 year old lady snoring in front of the TV.

Latara Mon 04-Mar-13 14:19:19

I think you need a new fridge. Don't wait for it to blow up (do fridges blow up??) - ignore your DP & buy one yourself.

pofacedplot Mon 04-Mar-13 14:19:23

Your fridge sighs Oz? Is it really the fridge then?

Latara Mon 04-Mar-13 14:20:21

Fridges do make weird noises especially when they are working hard to keep your food cold. Maybe it needs defrosting?

pofacedplot Mon 04-Mar-13 14:20:36

That is a whole new thread Latara, buying a fridge without dh's agreement. Too many outgoings at present.

JohnBender88 Mon 04-Mar-13 14:20:48

Is it the fridge from Ghostbusters? "Zoooooool."

pofacedplot Mon 04-Mar-13 14:20:54

Defrosting. Does not compute.

OzmaofOz Mon 04-Mar-13 14:21:52

Yes, at first I thought it was next door having loud sex, but realised it is the fridge.
It is odd because it does sound very human, but is definitely the fridge.

pofacedplot Mon 04-Mar-13 14:22:10

I am looking out for the giant marshmallow man JB.

Latara Mon 04-Mar-13 14:22:11

Defrosting = get any ice off the freezer box / clean the fridge of any ice or frost.

pofacedplot Mon 04-Mar-13 14:22:54

Oz! Really? I feel some sort of spiritual connection to you stemming from our shared experience of weird human sounding fridge noises. Thankyou for that.

pofacedplot Mon 04-Mar-13 14:23:37

do i have to take everything out of the freezer latara? won't it all melt? <pathetic>

OzmaofOz Mon 04-Mar-13 14:24:13

grin your welcome. << hands po a friendship bracelet >>

GregBishopsBottomBitch Mon 04-Mar-13 14:26:26

My fridge makes a bizarre sound that sounds like its dropped something, weird things fridges are.

pofacedplot Mon 04-Mar-13 14:26:45

Thanks Oz. I will take if off in the bath. :D

pofacedplot Mon 04-Mar-13 14:27:14

Argh I get confused between grins here and on FB.

pofacedplot Mon 04-Mar-13 14:28:06

I think we should all record our fridge noises and make a fridge noise compendium. For the good of all woman and mankind.

Buzzardbird Mon 04-Mar-13 14:39:03

Mine makes eerie 'chilling' sounds...see what I did there? grin

Buzzardbird Mon 04-Mar-13 14:40:15

Although there is some vodka in there,so it could be a spirit?

pofacedplot Mon 04-Mar-13 14:51:24

My fridge is now groaning at all your bad puns grin

LangenFlugelHappleHoff Mon 04-Mar-13 15:01:25

Tis me!!! I am hiding in your walls...but I have a cold...

I likes ya socks...purdy

aldiwhore Mon 04-Mar-13 15:16:14

Have you got one of those gadgets you use for checking if there's pipes or electrics behind a specific area of wall (I bought one after zapping myself whilst trying to hang a picture).

I'm not sure they'd pick up ghosts or sleepy tramps in the walls, or rats... but it may pick up a dodgy pipe that needs looking at.

(I have a haunted fringe, it is not fun)

Crinkle77 Mon 04-Mar-13 15:22:35

Ha ha that is so strange cos my fridge was making some odd noises too this morning

pofacedplot Mon 04-Mar-13 15:59:16

I am so glad there are others with haunted fridges. it is a relief. Although I am not entirely sure it is the fridge. Next time it starts to wheeze I will have to examine the fridge more closely. A gadget you say aldiwhore? I must look into that.

Langen, you are scaring me. And please refrain from stealing my socks, BECAUSE I HAVE TOO MANY ODD ONES ALREADY.

Buzzardbird Mon 04-Mar-13 16:06:39

Have you been letting your cheese breathe?

pofacedplot Mon 04-Mar-13 16:07:50

I only have mild organic cheddar in my fridge and I keep it suffocated at all times.

Latara Mon 04-Mar-13 16:59:10

Have you defrosted the poor fridge yet? smile

pofacedplot Mon 04-Mar-13 17:05:20

no am too scared. what happens to my frozen stuff, will it all be destroyed? <pathetic again>

Whiffywhiffybotbot Mon 04-Mar-13 17:29:04

Is it per chance a Beko? Mine made a noise like a cow for about a month before it went kaput and the milk turned to cheese over night <boak>

KatoPotato Mon 04-Mar-13 17:31:37

It's quite common with 'frost free' fridge freezers. We inherited one with our new home and its sounds like crying and moaning.

It's also one of those Bekos that are in the press for catching fire! - Someone is coming this afternoon to fix it, check your serial numbers!

Jenny70 Mon 04-Mar-13 17:36:16

How often do you hear snoring/sighing? (assuming you are not moaning without realising!).

If daily, I would emoty fridge, all fridge stuff outside in sealed box (still cold my way), and put frozen stuff in esky (sorry if that isn't a uk term, in case of confusion, insulated picnic box) with ice. Turn fridge off for 24hr, see if noise is heard (this can also be done under guise of defrosting if family think you're bonkers).

Turn fridge back on and listen, if it's compressor leaking etc, working it hard to re-chill may make noise more observable to others.

Not sure what to do if it is the culprit....

pofacedplot Mon 04-Mar-13 18:30:59

OH MY GOD IT IS A BEKO. We inherited from previous house owners last year HELP! is it going to catch fire?

Thanks Jenny, will listen out for the noise next time and pay close attention. I am WORRIED now!

pofacedplot Mon 04-Mar-13 18:31:24

Farking BEKOS. And I wanted a Smeg. angry

pofacedplot Mon 04-Mar-13 18:34:44

it is not one of those serial numbers at least Kato, thanks for linking to that smile

LangenFlugelHappleHoff Mon 04-Mar-13 18:44:09

Langen, you are scaring me. And please refrain from stealing my socks, BECAUSE I HAVE TOO MANY ODD ONES ALREADY

Puts marvellous stolen sock collection back in it's box...

BMW6 Mon 04-Mar-13 18:47:58

My Indesit fridge has made weird noises from day one.........kind of moaning sound decreasing in pitch till it falls silent again grin

mylot Mon 04-Mar-13 18:54:23

Mine is. Could even be a portal. I have screaming children in my fridge. I'm pretty sure it's not my own in other parts of the house...

OzmaofOz Mon 04-Mar-13 19:08:21

Ours is a Hotpoint, it doesn't sigh everyday - I don't think, but on a regular basis.
Yes a portal sounds credible, I wonder if we could go through to the other side .....?

pofacedplot Mon 04-Mar-13 19:57:06

I think a portal to another dimension is definitely the most logical solution. But with a Beko fridge the other dimension would be a touch tawdry I imagine. biscuit

lalabaloo Mon 04-Mar-13 23:06:52

My fridge is a Beko and it moos...

pofacedplot Mon 04-Mar-13 23:08:33

The mooing Bekos. Who'd have thought? We have to record a moo-loop sequence I think.

robotpenguin Mon 04-Mar-13 23:16:16

My DM has a Zanussi fridge that meows - well, a yeeeaaaaoooowwww type noise every 30 seconds or so.... one of her cats sits and talks to it ...

pofacedplot Mon 04-Mar-13 23:18:47

Bekos are bovine and Zanussis are feline grin

GregBishopsBottomBitch Tue 05-Mar-13 00:06:26

I have a Zanussi, Fridge/Freezer, Dishwasher and washing machine, they all make bizarre noises.

sydlexic Tue 05-Mar-13 08:26:30

It usually means that it is over working, may need defrosting. If it is free standing pull a little further away from the wall to allow the air to circulate.
If there is a drainage hole inside make sure it is not blocked.

RobotHamster Tue 05-Mar-13 08:33:14

My Samsung one farts at me. Its the washing machine that's haunted.

valiumredhead Tue 05-Mar-13 08:36:28

Our fridge makes that rasping noise too!

StanleyLambchop Tue 05-Mar-13 09:23:25

My fridge makes funny snoring noises too. It also chucks food out at me when I open it! I swear, it lobbed out some tomatoes which were right at the back, so it was not a case of them being on the edge of the shelf and just falling out! My husband has had a bottle of milk thrown out too. Damn thing iss possessed. Does anyone know how you get a fridge exorcised???

Pobblewhohasnotoes Tue 05-Mar-13 09:26:06

My fridge is a Beko, it talks to itself. No idea what it's saying but its very noisy.

pofacedplot Tue 05-Mar-13 14:03:52

Have you noticed this doesn't seem to happen with SMEG fridges at all? <counts pathetic savings>

Stanley - things do leap out of my fridge all the time, but dh says it is because I do not pack it in an orderly enough fashion. hmm

valiumredhead Tue 05-Mar-13 14:16:15

That's because all SMEG appliances break after 6 months so they don't make noises as they don't work! grin

pofacedplot Tue 05-Mar-13 14:17:30

do they really? <disillusioned>

valiumredhead Tue 05-Mar-13 14:18:32

And the WORST customer service in the whole world . FACT!

pofacedplot Tue 05-Mar-13 14:42:33

this thread has not only reassured me about my weird fridge noises but relieved me of my expensive fridge aspirations. I'm a winner all round. grin

Buzzardbird Wed 06-Mar-13 15:52:50

It is sighing because it has 'FFS'! Fridge futility syndrome sad

pofacedplot Wed 06-Mar-13 21:04:05

I didn't know Beko made existential fridges. grin

Magrathea Wed 06-Mar-13 22:38:55

Our fridge is a beko and it moos

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