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Grindmygears Sat 02-Mar-13 12:34:45

Name changed for this one and posted it here because more traffic.

I work in a small company with 7 other people. We all have our own individual jobs and responsibilities. We all work as a team apart from one of us. He has decided that he's longer interested in completing his tasks. He just wants to turn up, do as little as possible and still get paid.

This means all his jobs are being left or me and another worker to do. If they're not done the boss is having ago at me. It's really bloody depressing me.

Now the boss wants to change 3 peoples days so all jobs are finished by the weekend because this other person is so bloody lazy.

As you can imagine we're really pissed off. I have attempted to speak to my boss explaining why we're all unhappy but it's like talking to a brick wall. My boss just wants an easy live and doesn't want any confrontation.

The worker is in his 50's and the job involves a lot of heavy lifting which his cannot do! So he has to just stand there twiddling his thumbs while he gets paid the most in the company.

Apart from this i like my job and i really don't want to leave. Any advice would be brilliant. Thanks.

LeaveTheBastid Sat 02-Mar-13 12:38:57

Sounds like a great boss hmm if he hasn't listened to you before now then I'd be going down this route now.

Bluelightsandsirens Sat 02-Mar-13 12:41:21

I can understand why you are frustrated, sounds like really poor management.

I think it would be best if you went and spoke to the boss en mass, especially the staff members who's hours he wants to change, these changes would need to be done through a hange in contract and through meetings other wise it is unfair.

Do you think you could arrange a staff meeting?

ENormaSnob Sat 02-Mar-13 12:44:40

Do you have a hr or a higher boss?

Grindmygears Sat 02-Mar-13 12:45:15

No. The boss owns the company.

lljkk Sat 02-Mar-13 12:49:01

Would your other colleagues approach your boss in a united front? I think that's your only chance of progress, make it easier for your boss to appease the lot of you rather than hold onto the useless employee. Is there anyway the unproductive guy could swap roles with someone else?

FWIW, DH company went thru a pantomime of procedures recently to get rid of a long-time unproductive employee. Officially, everyone was given a redundancy notice & had to justify their job not being the one cut. But at least it DH boss was totally aware of which employee couldn't pull his weight.

WhoWhatWhereWhen Sat 02-Mar-13 12:55:53

Maybe the employee concerned has some temporary health issue that he doesn't want to discuss with anyone other than his boss.

If that were the case the employer is duty bound to make allowances

WhoWhatWhereWhen Sat 02-Mar-13 12:59:12

thinking about it, he's only 50, if he cant lift a box that other people can lift then he must have a health problem

Grindmygears Sat 02-Mar-13 13:03:11

The employee has been approached to change his days. Currently he works the 3 most busy days and nothing is being done.
This means that there is a back up of work by the time i come into work on a monday. It takes me all day to catch up and by the time i'm finished i'm shattered.

So we thought if we changed his days it would make life easier for all of us. All the jobs would be done and the boss wouldn't give me grief. But no, he refused as he has hobbies on his days off. So we're back to square one.

We're going to approach the boss as a united team but we think the boss is actually scared of the employee for some reason.

Grindmygears Sat 02-Mar-13 13:06:09

Who, he doesn't have health problems at all. He's just lazy and he told me so himself.
His exact words to me were " I can't be bothered anymore, someone else can do my jobs".
My job is a very manual job, those with back problem or anything like that couldn't work here.

Bluelightsandsirens Sat 02-Mar-13 13:08:10

As said above a group staff meeting to explain the reason for change to give the employee an opportunity to look into changing his hobby days help sort the needs of the business would help.

I think if your boss realises the whole team have issues with the working days would help push him into resolving the issue.

Maybe the employee could do something different instead of the lifting if he isn't capable on medical grounds?

Grindmygears Sat 02-Mar-13 13:12:20

Blue. He won't do anything at all. He has some easy jobs which aren't being done either. His friends pop in every now and then and he could talk to them for up to an hour while the rest of us are running around like blue arsed flies.

I think the boss is fearful of being accused of ageism and something along them lines.

aquashiv Sat 02-Mar-13 13:13:23

When he says I am lazy I cant be bothered? What do you say back and how does you boss respond?

Grindmygears Sat 02-Mar-13 13:29:39

I said it wasn't fair on everyone else and he said tough.
I spoke to my boss and my boss said we'll have to put up with it until he retires.

My boss is even considering changing our contracts so his jobs will be split between the rest of us. He'll still be on the same rate of pay and our won't go any higher.

LadyPessaryPam Sat 02-Mar-13 13:37:08

He must have photos of the boss doing something really dirty!

WhoWhatWhereWhen Sat 02-Mar-13 13:37:18

I spoke to my boss and my boss said we'll have to put up with it until he retires.

Why would he retire? not doing any work and still getting paid for it, he can't be made to retire he could carry on till he drops dead.

Grindmygears Sat 02-Mar-13 13:40:04

Lady. We live in a small town where everyone knows the lazy employee. My boss is scared that if the employee is sacked. Nobody will use our business.

It gets to the point that i'm depressed about going into work and my stomachs in knots on a sunday night.

The employee knows exactly what they're doing and doesn't give a crap.

Bluelightsandsirens Sat 02-Mar-13 13:40:08

Sounds awful and your boss isn't very good is he?

He needs to be performance managed - must be very frustrating for you. I think a group meeting telling him you are all unhappy and looking for new employment due to his non management skills could be a way to work on the boss.

I couldn't work in this environment.

I wish you lots of luck though

Grindmygears Sat 02-Mar-13 13:40:55

Who sad .
I think i need to find another job don't i?

Grindmygears Sat 02-Mar-13 13:42:26

Thanks Blue.
I'm on the job centre website now, fingers crossed i'll find another job.

Grindmygears Sat 02-Mar-13 13:47:03

I should add that our lunch break has been reduced to half an hour from 1 hour to accommodate this member of staff. We have no other breaks and now breaks on a sunday have been stopped.

LadyPessaryPam Sat 02-Mar-13 13:47:25

Good luck Grind.

Bluelightsandsirens Sat 02-Mar-13 13:50:02

What does your contract say about hours and meal breaks?

Grindmygears Sat 02-Mar-13 13:58:09

It says the least hours i need to work and nothing about lunch breaks.
My boss just makes up the rules as he goes though, wee that's what we think.

This employee already had 4 months off to recharge his batteries. We were told by our boss that when he came back everything would be different. The employee would pitch in and we could work as a team.

But the opposite has happened. The employee came back on his terms, his choice of days and things have gone from bad to worse.

I need this job to keep a roof over my kids heads so i can't just leave.
Sometimes when we complain my boss gives us the silent treatment or he's just plain mean.

We have a list of individual assigned jobs and recently our boss has added one that has angered all of us. Refreshments need to be brought to the boss and the lazy employee when needed!! They're not friends in anyway and dislike eachother.

Bluelightsandsirens Sat 02-Mar-13 14:01:45

hmm what? Refreshments to both plus extra work?

It actually sounds quite bonkers, sorry sad

Keep looking and doing your best and look forward to the ay you can have revenge and leave!

Grindmygears Sat 02-Mar-13 14:04:44

It is bonkers Blue. What's funny though is that the 2 who have the most responsibilities are leaving and the company will be in the shit!

Just thinking about going back on monday is making me ill.

Charliefox Sat 02-Mar-13 14:10:03

Well you could go down a formal process (raise a grievance, contact acas etc) but I suspect you won't want to go down that route. If you've got thick skin, just do your job and refuse to pick up the other guys responsibilities. Document everything and if you get the boot, you can take him for unfair / constructive dismissal. I doubt you'll want to do that though either, which leaves you with finding a new job. Nothing worse than feeling anxious about going into work.

Grindmygears Sat 02-Mar-13 14:14:58

We're all feeling horrible Charlie, all because of one lazy sod and my boss.

My boss makes me feel incompetent half the time, shouts at me in front of customers and has even took the phone out of my hand because he didn't like the way i was dialling the numbers.

I need out asap.

maddening Sat 02-Mar-13 14:15:04

I assume he is paying for your lunch break - usually lunch break is not paid so if that is the case you should all get 2.5 hours extra pay each week for sacrificing your lunches.

Grindmygears Sat 02-Mar-13 14:19:41

No we don't get paid for lunch breaks. Sometimes we have been known to work half an hour past closing because the boss is still with customers.

I was shouted at the other week because i hadn't sorted my own holiday cover out even though that isn't in my list of jobs.

I feel quite upset now just writing it down, could you imagine what its like working there.

aquashiv Sat 02-Mar-13 14:21:31

Look for another job Op - honestly you wont get anywhere here and it will drive you potty.

Grindmygears Sat 02-Mar-13 14:23:29

I'm actually on the job centre website now Aqua.
I wouldn't mind retraining to be honest but i'm not exactly brains of Britain.
This job was the first one i had after having the kids, so i am pretty nervous at the idea of leaving.

Bluelightsandsirens Sat 02-Mar-13 14:23:49

If you want to PM me I know a good company jobs vacant website you could take a look at.

This would never happen with this Company!

Grindmygears Sat 02-Mar-13 14:24:27

Thanks Blue. I'll do that thanks.

aquashiv Sat 02-Mar-13 14:27:30

Look at this as the straw that broke the camels back. You dont deserve this. He sounds awful and your boss sounds like an in ept arse so go for it. You have nothing to lose - perhaps your sanity if you stay.
Even looking will make you feel more in control.

Good for you! Do it!

Imagine handing your notice in grin.

Grindmygears Sat 02-Mar-13 14:30:32

I was told by a previous employee that they handed their notice and spent the next few weeks getting the silent treatment and shitty comments. I can't be bothered with all that crap. My boss thinks you should be grateful that you even have a job.

Grindmygears Thu 07-Mar-13 20:04:54

My boss made a mistake at work and for some reason i got the blame! Then my boss kept poking the side of his head telling me to use my brain in front of customers.
I had to walk away before i cried. I felt so humiliated.
I'm gutted that someone thinks it's there right to treat me like a piece of shit.

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