aibu to wonder if the chubby babies become the overweight children?

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honeytea Wed 20-Feb-13 18:15:12

Today me and ds went to our first "mummy group" all tge babies in the group were 2 months old. Ds is huge, he weighs 6.6 kg (almost 15 pounds) he is <97th percentile for weight.

I understand the logic of percentiles but when I see him amongst babies his own age and he so obviously much bigger I worry.

All the other babies looked like actual floppy soft babies with tiny little newborn clothes whereas ds sits up and tries to stand up, his 3-6 month babygrows are too small on tge legs and he fits best into his 6 month+ clothes.

It looked like we were in tge wrong group.

Ds is ebf and the Dr has said his weight/size isn't a problem. He did say at my last appointment "I assume his pappa is tall" which he isn't.

I was wondering if the chubby giant babies become the overweight children? I know someone has to be at the top of normal but I wonder with their focus on "following his own curve" will meen he ends up being the big child in the class?

I am intending to restrict ds's sugar intake and give him healthy meals cooked from scratch by my dp as that is what we eat anyway. We hope to have an active lifestyle.

Do I need to work especially hard to avoid ds becoming chubby in childhood? Any idea when I need to start to restrict calories?

lljkk Wed 20-Feb-13 18:18:57

Not in my experience at all. Fat Toddlers (age 2+) maybe more of a link.

issimma Wed 20-Feb-13 18:19:11

Dd was a chubby baby - we couldn't use a bumbo as her thighs were too podgy and she got stuck! Proper baby rolls of fat. At 2, she is a skinny toddler - can't wear many trousers as they fall down!
So to answer your question, no. grin

mrsbunnylove Wed 20-Feb-13 18:20:11

keep breastfeeding and don't worry. it will all sort itself out when he's big enough to run around.

NewYearsEvelyn Wed 20-Feb-13 18:22:10

DD was v. chunky baby. Now 12 years old and is a lovely, lanky beanpole. She slimmed out between 4 and 6...We never restricted food.

2kidsintow Wed 20-Feb-13 18:22:12

Another one here with a tubby baby and a now skinny child.
DD2 wasn't interested in weaning at all and just loved her milk. Her legs were so big that I couldn't get trousers to fit her.

Now, out of my 2 Dds, she's the one who will leave something if she is full, only eats when she is hungry and doesn't think about food the rest of the time.

JollyRedGiant Wed 20-Feb-13 18:22:31

DS was a bit round for a while before he learned to crawl. He's now slim but not skinny.

I was a spherical baby but weighed the same at 2 as I did at 1 due to learning to walk smile

InNeedOfBrandy Wed 20-Feb-13 18:23:20

No both my dc were over 8pounders and very very chubby till they started walking. Think triple chins and all the rolls on their arms and legs (awwww) and dd is super skinny now and ds has a bigger build (wide shoulders) but no fat at all.

Wickedgirl Wed 20-Feb-13 18:23:49

Not in my experience.

I know of several very chubby babies that grew into slim children (including my own)

It probably depends more on diet and activity once they become toddlers though. Mine are all very active and eat a varied, healthy diet and are all slim despite being big babies

Mine were also ebf.

honeytea Wed 20-Feb-13 18:25:02

I'm so glad to hear that! Ds doesn't seem to feed more than average, if anything it feels like he doesn't feed as much as most of the babies I know, I think maybe he has a super suck and drains my boob in 5 mins.

CockyFox Wed 20-Feb-13 18:25:40

I'm another one who had chubby babies but slim toddlers and now a positively stick like 6 yr old. The weight started dropping off them when they got to about 2 and a half.

wonkylegs Wed 20-Feb-13 18:25:54

My brother was a huge chubby baby with beautiful blonde curls - he's now a short, ridiculously lean, muscular bloke with dirty blonde curls! grin

binger Wed 20-Feb-13 18:26:22

My ds was massive, he looked like jabba the hut! He slimmed down a bit when he became more mobile but was still quite chubby. He's 7 now and is very slim, I wouldn't say skinny but verging on it. He probably started losing his chubbiness at almost 6.

shellshock7 Wed 20-Feb-13 18:26:23

My DS is on the 98th, has been from abt 3 weeks old and is now 11m...I BF for 3m then FF so I can assume that neither type of milk made his weight trajectory change from what itwas always going to be...I am not worried at all, he is so energetic and I certainly wouldn't want him any other way smile

We were all large babies in my family apparently, I'm now a slim size ten at 33 having been a very skinny teenager (naturally not thru trying!) so I think as an adult he will be what he will be - nowt to do with his baby weight smile

OhBananas Wed 20-Feb-13 18:27:16

My nephew was a chubby baby and a chubby toddler. At around 5 it started dropping off (or maybe he started gaining a few inches!) and he is now an average-looking 8 year old.

nancy75 Wed 20-Feb-13 18:27:30

My dd was very chubby, there is nothing of her now.
In photos of my dp he is clearly the fattest baby ever to live, as an adult he is like a bean pole

jalapeno Wed 20-Feb-13 18:28:56

No, both mine were born at well over 10lb, breastfed exclusively until weaned and then beyond and were on top percentiles for weight until about 9 months old. Now my eldest is v skinny and a bit shorter than his peers and youngest is about average.

On the other hand I was a chunky baby and could do with losing a stone now (but I blame my big babies for that!!) grin

Gimmeecoffee Wed 20-Feb-13 18:29:07

Dont worry about it, DD was a big baby, 9lb 2.5 and is now an average size 2yo eating a healthy diet. The weight flew of as soon as she learnt to walk.

haggisandneeps Wed 20-Feb-13 18:29:09

9lbs 7ozs baby proper chubby with rolls of fat. He's now a skinny, tall 12 year old. He evened out around 2-3 years of age so I wouldn't worry at all smile

Chottie Wed 20-Feb-13 18:29:34

My DS had chubby little thighs, but he lost them once he was mobile.

TalkieToaster Wed 20-Feb-13 18:29:52

Nope, not so far anyway. DS was a chub monster of a baby, just shy of eleven pounds. He had ringlets of fat all up and down his arms and was the size of a three month old at birth. He's a normal-looking toddler now, not fat or overweight in any way, although he is still tall for his age.

giveitago Wed 20-Feb-13 18:30:04

Ooh - no idea- he was a scrawny 5pound baby then a big chunky 1 year old. An average toddler and has been slim for years.

We had a little kid at ds's nursery and now school. As a toddler he was huge and now has grown up and out of his toddler fat and is very very slim. My ds gets a bit pork before a growth spurt.

Meglet Wed 20-Feb-13 18:30:48

Both my DC's were little chubsters when they were babies. They are now slim / skinny and on the lower centiles for weight.

DS is now 6yo and resembles a skinny baby giraffe. If he wasn't such a good eater and so full of energy I'd be worried.

DD is 4 and starting to stretch out and get the skinny legs + toast rack ribs look.

Arcticwaffle Wed 20-Feb-13 18:33:06

My dd1 was a right porker. Born on 91st centile and stayed there for her first 6 months, and she wasn't tall. Just fat. Whoever says you can't overfeed breastfed babies, I think they may be wrong. She got smaller and thinner after that and now is tiny and skinny for her age. Well under the 9th centile these days.

My other dds were well above average weight as babies and one's average now and the third is another on a low centile, very skinny.

My porkers turned into stick insects, really.

Ds1 was a huge baby, 11lb 2 at birth but by 2 he was very skinny. He's always been tall though, he's 18 now and 6 foot 3

Ds2 was very chubby (fat really) from 6 months until about 3. he's 10 now and average weight.

Ds3 was a tiny 4lb at birth but is nearly 2 now and huge again. I'm hoping he starts to burn it off soon, hes only been walking for 5 months so hopefully now he's more active he will start to slim down.

I don't think you can always tell which ones will be overweight

Internationaltraveller Wed 20-Feb-13 18:35:22

no, my nephew was big baby and when I saw him last (aged nearly 2) he has grown a lot and is now the right proportions due to all his walking and moving around.

My DC1 was so fat, he was known as sumo baby. He's now 18, 6ft 3, and built like a beanpole. No correlation, IMHO.

Sugarice Wed 20-Feb-13 18:40:05

My ds's are now 17, 15 and 13.

They were all baby heifers , happy and loved eating to the point I was worried about weight.

They are now skinny but muscular teens with not an ounce of flesh to spare.

hugoagogo Wed 20-Feb-13 18:40:19

Both my dc 9lb+ at birth, both now at 10 and 14 tall and skinny, although ds had a chunky phase between 8 and 10.

Although they were heavy, I never thought they were fat; just big.

cassgate Wed 20-Feb-13 18:40:30

Nope. Both mine were big. 10lbs 8 and 9lbs 2 at birth and followed their respective birth percentile curves until they became mobile. They are now 9 and 6 and as skinny as rakes with healthy appetites, they are very active though. My dd I remember being very sturdy and not like a new born at all and she hated lying down and was in a forward facing buggy at 4 weeks old. She sat up unaided at just turned 4 months. She didnt crawl until 9 months but then walked at 11 months. She now cannot wear anything without adjustable waists (including leggings) as they fall down she is so skinny. She does ballet and her teacher has told me she has a typical ballerina physique.

Not in our case. We had one tubba and one beanpole. They are both healthy weights now and have been for many years.

Suttyshotty Wed 20-Feb-13 18:44:57

My DS was a huge 10lb 7oz baby, born looking like a doorman and with full head control, he is now 6 and although still solid, is in no way overweight, just all arms and legs and massive shoulders

BlatantLies Wed 20-Feb-13 18:45:22

I had two fat babies and one average. They were all within an once of 9lbs when they were born but the first two bulked up rather quickly confused They were above the 99% percentile line (but someone has to be grin ) They were stocky but not chubby toddlers and now they are super super skinny and 6ft. My third DC has been normal weight all along.

MiaowTheCat Wed 20-Feb-13 18:45:36

Depends - hell even as kids/teens some go through a chub up > grow upwards into that chub type cycle with their growing. I don't think you can really tell till they're up, mobile and more toddler age and you've got a better picture on where they're sitting heightwise.

honeytea Wed 20-Feb-13 18:46:20

So far the Dr and hv (and midwife when he was born) have just said oh we don't worry about the big ones, I wonder when that changes.

I find myself repeating "he's only 2 months old" so people don't think he is a 6 month old and wonder why he can't suck his thumb yet. One mum asked me if he was crawling yet.

Pricklypickup Wed 20-Feb-13 18:47:47

To give you the other side - I had the little 6lb laying next to the 8-10lbs. 8 years on now over the 98th centile for both height and weight.

MrsMushroom Wed 20-Feb-13 18:48:32

15 pounds doesn't sound massive friends DD is only 6 weeks and she's 11 pounds and she's very dainty looking!

CosmicMouse Wed 20-Feb-13 18:48:57

Another chunker here. Huge (98th centile) baby and toddler. Photos from her around her 2nd birthday are hilarious bless her! But between 2.5-3 she suddenly started to slim down. Now at 3.7 she's solid, but by no means chubby.

So don't panic if he doesn't slim down when he starts solids/crawling/'ll all even out eventually.

SoldeInvierno Wed 20-Feb-13 18:52:37

DS was over 10lbs at birth and stayed the fatest baby I've ever known until he stopped breastfeeding. After that, he slimmed down a bit and 9 years later, he's really skinny.

teacherwith2kids Wed 20-Feb-13 18:55:26

Chubby babies.

Solid ... very solid ...toddlers.

Lean, active children - but very tall.

EnjoyResponsibly Wed 20-Feb-13 18:57:20

All the kids in our family look like sumos at <12 months.

Then they get mobile and it just drops off so they're skinny minnies by 2.

TigerFeet Wed 20-Feb-13 19:01:32

don't worry op, both mine were born on 50th centile but rapidly climbed up the charts, both breastfed and both were little round butterballs within a couple of months. dd1 is now 8 and tall and slim, dd2 is 3 and still has her toddler tummy and chubby cheeks but other than that is also tall and slim. keep going as you are smile

honeytea Wed 20-Feb-13 19:02:46

I was expecting to have a slight baby as I had read that breastfed babies follow lower weight curves than formula fed babies, I think my milk must be liquid mars bars.

freddiefrog Wed 20-Feb-13 19:03:32

My DD1 was a very chubby baby. Now tall and skinny - can fit into her sister's age 7 clothes sort of skinny (you'd think she'd notice the jeans were flapping by her knees wouldn't you hmm )

insanityscratching Wed 20-Feb-13 19:04:04

I had five chubby babies all above 95th centile but they tended to grow into their weight and so by two and a half they were skinny toddlers. 4 are adults now and all slim and dd aged 9 is waif like. Conversely my friend who had really lean babies and skinny toddlers all of her children put on weight from about eleven and all are overweight or obese now.

Hopeforever Wed 20-Feb-13 19:09:23

DS was over the 90th percentile as a baby. At 13 years we struggle to find trousers that are long enough for him without them falling down. He's almost too thin

He was EBF

DD was 8lbs at birth, 25lbs at first birthday, is now 6'1" and 124lbs at 15
Ds was 8.8 lbs at birth, 30 lbs by first birthday, is now 5'11" and 120 lbs at 13

They are both good eaters, always have been, and are active kids. They were both breastfed, and started on solids around four months old.

Sugarice Wed 20-Feb-13 19:13:11

You must have fab milk courtesy of Zeus! grin

Don't worry, you'll hit blw and toddler arsiness and he'll even out no problem!

Oodsigma Wed 20-Feb-13 19:13:14

Dd1 was v chubby but is a lanky 13 yo now.

shellshock7 Wed 20-Feb-13 19:13:36

Funnily tho he doesn't look fat (apart from the belly!) he just looks bigger all over than his age, so people never say ooo isn't he chubby, but always think he's older than he is....and defo a problem with clothes that fit him proportionally grrr grin

maybunny Wed 20-Feb-13 19:18:02

I've read that it's virtually impossible to over feed an ebf baby so don't worry about that! 2 months is so young it's impossible to predict, but babies tend to go thru growth spurts where the weight piles on prior to their height catching up but it all levels out in then end - congratulations and enjoy your baby!

RainbowSpiral Wed 20-Feb-13 19:18:07

my first son was a hugely chubby and heavy baby until about 2. Now he is tall and thin at 11, certainly not overweight.

catus Wed 20-Feb-13 19:30:27

Don't worry! My MIL describes DH as a baby exactly like you do your baby. Big, tall, looking like a 6 months old at 2 months etc. He is now tall and of ideal proportions.

Beaverfeaver Wed 20-Feb-13 19:32:44

I was chubby baby and a chubby toddler.

I lost it all when I got to about 10 years old, so took a while.

I am now getting on for 28 and not overweight.

DH was also chubby as a child and is not overweight.

somewherewest Wed 20-Feb-13 19:33:23

I'm another ex-chubster who is now tall and thin. It almost seems anecdotally as if chubby babies end up being skinny adults

Juniper21 Wed 20-Feb-13 19:33:33

Both my sons were big chubby babies, on the 90th & 97th percentile respectively. Now my 20 year old is 5'11 and slim with broad shoulders and small waist, his brother is 18, 6'2 tall, very slim and could do with putting some weight on.

pashapasta Wed 20-Feb-13 19:33:53

DS. was a long skinny baby, a gigantic fat toddler and now a tall skinny, weed like 5 year old!

goldenlula Wed 20-Feb-13 19:35:25

Ds1 was a big baby at birth but slimmed down quickly, ds2 was big at birth and a chunky monkey for sometime, but now at 4.5 years he is actually just below average weight for his age and height.

DizzyHoneyBee Wed 20-Feb-13 19:37:28

One of mine was chubby as a baby (usually before she had a growth spurt), she's now a size 6 teenager.

QueenBee245 Wed 20-Feb-13 19:41:01

Ds is always mistaken for a child a year older than he actually is, he was born a big baby, was quite chubby as a young baby but now as pre/schooler he's lost the chubbiness and is just quite well solid if that makes sense, not worried about h becoming obese because he's so blood fussy I don't think that will be too much of an issue

Don't worry op, I could have written your post when both my dc were babies. They were both 11pound 4 born and both ebf.

Dd trended down almost immediately and she is now slender and average height. Ds stayed on the big side and at 7 he is taller than 9yr old dd, wearing size 11 clothes without a pick on him.

Matildaduck Wed 20-Feb-13 19:46:45

I had a 99 th centile bf baby. Always caused a stir at weigh in. Very solid toddler and now a lean 5 year old.

Don't worry about it, get used to it though, giant children always raise an eyebrow.

I'd say for my kids so far No. Older boys were both really chubby babies, couldn't even roll over blush they both stayed chubby till about 5 one is a bean pole and the other looks normal. Dd also a chubby baby she's just 8 and still has a bit of a belly, but it's the same size as last year so I think she's starting to lean out too.

meddie Wed 20-Feb-13 19:48:28

DS was 8and a half pound at birth, looked like a sumo wrsetler until he started walking. now he's so thin he whistles if its windy.

ivykaty44 Wed 20-Feb-13 19:48:44

Dd 1 was a chubby baby, not allowed sweets and eat proper food etc as she was my pub

By the time she was one she was twenty eight pounds

She stayed chubby till around two and then between two and three put on two pounds

She was a slim child by the time she started school and stayed slim

She is now five ft ten and nearly nine stone

Dd2 was different even though she was slightly heavier born, never as chubby

Both boys were in 99th percentile and Dd was 95th.

honeytea Wed 20-Feb-13 19:50:36

I wonder if ds is so big because he sleeps lots so maybe burns less calories? Anyone else noticed sleepy babies being bigger? I suppose if he spent more time awake and kicking/crying/wiggling he would use more energy.

VinegarDrinker Wed 20-Feb-13 19:52:08

In my family, chubby babies have gone on to become tall, skinny adults.

I am not sure if I've read your post wrong but did you say your 2 month old can sit up?! shock

Dd was sitting up totally unsupported by 10 weeks vinegar, not outside the realms of possibility!

ZenNudist Wed 20-Feb-13 19:54:27

God don't worry about it! Ds was 98th percentile. I never once saw it as anything other than a blessing. I ebf-ed and never worried that he wasn't getting enough. Now he is 2.5 he is still big but not fat. Very well proportioned, no actual rolls of fat.

I like it when he's bigger than another 3-4 yo. I guess it's just how you want to view things. I'd say be positive. If you start worrying about his food intake then you could give him a complex. I bet you as your ds gets older hell eat loads and stay slim. Just try and stop him eating unhealthy crap.

honey I had the enormous baby who couldn't fill herself up and therefore didn't sleep for more than 45 minutes at a time!

Dd1 was massive off the top of the chart for height and weight, she looked like a little sumo. She was even referred to hospital for a check but they advised to keep going as I was.
She is now 13 5ft 10 and size 10/12 and totally gorgeous, I did worry when she was a baby she'd always be big but it certainly didn't happen with her.

shellshock7 Wed 20-Feb-13 20:00:12

DS never sleeps really, now he does somewhere between 10 mins and an hour each day that's it! He has always slept 12 hours a night (not straight thru at the minute tho hmm) and hardly any in the day smile

Another one who was sitting up from 10 weeks, full head control at birth etc.

Jeebs Wed 20-Feb-13 20:02:03

DD was the huge baby in the post natal ward, above the 98th cential and barely fit into the plastic cots in the hospital.
At 3months she was 19lb and was in 6months+ clothes, everyone thought she was about 8 months and wondered why she wasn't doing what the other babies were doing.
At 28 months she's in 3-4 & 5-6yrs clothing, weighs just under 3stone and is just solid, with a tubby toddler belly. Not greedy, eats a lot of different food but will stop when she's had enough and will alternate with days of not eating.
Don't worry about him being big yet, he's doing fab x

Mrsrobertduvall Wed 20-Feb-13 20:03:21

Dd was a fat baby.
She is now 16, 6 feet tall and weighs nine stone.

TattyDevine Wed 20-Feb-13 20:13:17

Please please please don't worry - yet, anyway.

DS was 15 pounds at 6 weeks. (9 pounds 3 born one day early). 99th centile. As a 5 year and a bit old at school he is bang on 75th centile, and a bit above for height. Neither of us are stupendously tall.

DD - 9 pounds 3 born, a week early. No reflux like DS. Would NOT eat for days and days at birth, but then ate like a fiend. Didn't get her weighed like DS the PFB BUT she weighed 12KG (26.4 pounds - over 2 stone) at 6 months old. Off the chart slightly for height.

If she was under an HV, SS or whatever I fear they would have taken her from me. There was a show (Dispatches or similar) around that time where they showed "obese" babies, one who was munching on a whole portion of chip shop chips. She looked slim in comparison to my DD who had been on milk only.

Fast forward to now, she is 3 and a half, in age 3 clothes, and 91st centile (same as her brother) and likely to be 75th by school I reckon, same as him, and slightly above for height, once again.

We dont eat shite, we are active, we have the odd this or that "treat" though I don't call it that, its just worries. They are not "obsessed" with food like some of their friends appear to be, however that too shall probably pass I would think.

Don't worry, yet!

TheSmallPrint Wed 20-Feb-13 20:20:07

DS 2 was 10lb1oz and never lost an ounce and piled on the weight. He was like a mini sumo wrestler but at 5 is just tall and slim, so no, I don't think the two go hand in hand.

honeytea Wed 20-Feb-13 20:21:44

He can't sit unaided but if he is on my knee rather than leaning on my chest he will sit with a straight back, I hold him around his waist.

ProphetOfDoom Wed 20-Feb-13 20:33:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Murtette Wed 20-Feb-13 20:58:28

DD was born on the 75th centile, was ebf and on the 99th centile at 2mo and just got more and more rolls of fat until she started crawling at 9mo at which point her weight began to stabilise and then, over the next 9 months, as she increasingly moved off food & onto solids, she gradually went down to the 9th centile! Whereas I had to shove her thighs into the bumbo when she was 3mo, now she's 3yrs, she can sit in it really easily! She's now just below the 25th centile.
She was also born with total head control & was sitting unaided at 15 weeks. It was a bit of a shock when we had DC2 and had to actually support his head. He didn't sit until 24 weeks and I found it really annoying as sitting baby is so much easier to entertain that one who is lying down!

anonymosity Wed 20-Feb-13 21:02:35

In my family all the chubby babies became strapping, tall and lean young people (and were lean toddlers, too). wink

floatyjosmum Wed 20-Feb-13 21:49:16

Ds 12 was 8 5 at birth, never lost any and seemed to gain a stupid amount of weight. In those days we weaned at 16 weeks and he had a full jar from day one - none of the I've cube tray freezing

Tbh at one point he looked like Phil Mitchell

Now at 12 he has def not kept the weight although eats all the time - def not overweight

Alibabaandthe40nappies Wed 20-Feb-13 21:52:56

Not in my experience.

DS1 was a chubby baby, but started to slim down at about 18 months old and is now incredibly skinny.

DS2 was an even chubbier baby, and is a chunkier child - but he has much more muscle and I can still count his ribs with ease. He is not quite 2, so I expect that he will get slimmer yet.

Some babies are just properly fat though, and if that continues past 2 then I do think that yes that can be the beginning of an overweight child.

Annunziata Wed 20-Feb-13 21:54:25

No, don't worry. DS3 was hugely chubby until he was five. Now he is 16 and a noodle.

Catsdontcare Wed 20-Feb-13 21:56:26

Mine went from huge babies, to sturdy toddlers, to tall and lean by the time they were five/six

fromparistoberlin Wed 20-Feb-13 21:58:03

super baby OP!

I like this thread ALOT as got told my toddler might be overweight yesterday, well meaning HV.....

and we feed him well and he is active

another 9.5lber

I think he is robust, not chubby personally

Alibabaandthe40nappies Wed 20-Feb-13 22:00:51

Right I have just read the OP properly.

honey you don't need to think about reducing calories at all. Give him healthy food when you wean him, and free access to BM until you decide to stop. All will be well.

Are you ok? I've noticed a few threads from you and you seem a bit anxious about things, do you think a chat with whatever the equivalent of an HV is where you are might be a good idea?

DewDr0p Wed 20-Feb-13 22:05:46

Ds2 (ebf) was like a little buddha with moobs, despite having reflux and me eating hardly anything due to bad PND. His weight gain was phenomenal - 1 3/4 lb in a week was his record grin and he was right at the top of the chart.

He's 6 1/2 now and there's not an ounce of fat on him although he does still feel pretty heavy and he was very proud to tell me that he's not the tallest in the class (he's kind of average height) "but I am the heaviest Mummy" grin

I have to say though he seems similar in build to my brother, who at 30 has a tendency to carry a little extra weight - but I think that is beer related more than anything!

PessaryPam Wed 20-Feb-13 22:07:18

OP No they don't. Next!

YABU dd was ebf & like a chunky little Michelin girl. Now at just 3 she is so tall & skinny people assume she's 5 & doesn't eat! She does, like a horse, but healthily.

2cats2many Wed 20-Feb-13 22:10:36

Also not in my experience. DD was a total fatso up until 2 1/2. She's tall and skinny now.

HollyBerryBush Wed 20-Feb-13 22:15:51

Do I need to work especially hard to avoid ds becoming chubby in childhood? Any idea when I need to start to restrict calories?

I find that line in your OP very very worrying.

You are making food issues where non occur.

Try eating properly with plenty of outdoor exercise and you'll be fine. But for Godssakes - do not get hysterical about every ounce.

No they don't I have found.

Three out of four of my dc have been above 8 pounds and in fact my youngers daughters have been nearly ten pounds, all three have been chubby babies but are all lean, fit and active dc.

I've never restricted food either but they all eat plenty of fruit and veg but have their fair share of stodge

WafflyVersatile Wed 20-Feb-13 23:26:45

My sister's first was a chubby baby certainly compared with her cousin who was only a few days older. Her 2nd was 98th percentile. 1st lost the roundness when she started walking, 2nd is a bit slower to lose it but also on her way.

Morloth Wed 20-Feb-13 23:54:04

Not in my experience, my two both looked like sumo babies (so fat they looked like they had multiple elbows/knees) but then at around 2 years it all went away and now they are like whippets.

They were both EBF until 8 months or so, and still BFing at about 18 months when it started to taper off.

I don't restrict their food, they have access to lots of excellent, healthy food at all times, I don't stress about junk, we don't really have any at home at all but if they/we are out and about they can have some. We eat 3 meals a day, I don't offer snacks but don't restrict them either.

Seems to be working, they are both bright eyed and bushy tailed.

honeytea Thu 21-Feb-13 03:05:12

Thanks for all the advice smile I do worry a huge amount, I tried to tell my hv I worry about everything but she just said it is normal to worry lots as a mother, I feel like it is more than normal pfb worrying but I'm not sure what she could do anyway.

I live in a different country to my family and my in-laws are not hugely supportive crazy so asking advice on mumsnet is really helpful!

Longdistance Thu 21-Feb-13 03:15:27

My nephew was such a chunk as a baby, he waddled not walked his first steps. He's now 15, over 6 foot tall, and a beanpole. We're hard pressed to find any fat on him at all <shrugs>

Tortoiseonthehalfshell Thu 21-Feb-13 03:25:03

OP, please stop panicking. And please don't think about restricting calories, or wishing your baby would sleep less, or any of this stuff. You are, and I mean this kindly, being utterly bonkers.

My two girls were vastly different at birth; the first was 50%ile everything and is now a 4 year old lanky string bean (and tall! I don't know how, since DH and I are...not tall). DD2 was a 97%ile chubster with what the midwife called "croissant arms", and at 14 months she is pretty much exactly the same size and shape as her sister was at that age.

But you know what, some children will be fatter than others. Genetics are strong. But the worst thing you could possibly do would be to restrict calories early, or make it A Thing, or obsess about it. Just offer healthy food, model an active lifestyle, and LOVE YOUR CHILDREN. Maybe they'll be a bit fat anyway? Who cares, if they're healthy.

MrRected Thu 21-Feb-13 03:50:24

DS1 was 8lb10 and 61cms at birth. He was a very chubby toddler but lost it all around 2. He then chunked up again at about 9 years old. He is now 11 years old, 6 feet tall and 60kgs (135lbs), so perfectly proportioned.

DS2 was 8lb5 and 59cms at birth. He was a MASSIVELY fat baby and toddler. He was very solid but not fat until he turned 7 when he started getting taller and slimmer. He's now 8 and is extremely tall, solid but not an ounce of fat on him.

DD was 5lb11 at birth she was the fattest baby you have ever seen. She didn't overeat and although we were worried had nothing wrong with her. She is now 5 and still slightly chubby but not overly so. I expect her to go the way of her brothers and lose all that baby fat by the time she's 7.

My kids do naturally hold their weight, so we do have to be careful with what they eat. They have to do lots of physical exercise to keep them at good weight/height ratio and not overweight. I know I am the odd man out on this thread, but I do see some correlation between my much heavier than average babies and their weight as they have gotten older.

Given we are not a family who eats fast food, my kids don't drink soda or juice (just water or low fat milk), it's obviously just in the genes (I was a humungous baby and toddler but slimmed out and stayed that way since I was 8/9).

littlemisssarcastic Thu 21-Feb-13 09:02:25

DS was so fat at 14 months that he couldn't walk. He couldn't lift his weight up to stand and looked very bloated.
He began walking at 16 months and by 2 years, had lost the rolls of fat.
He remained slim from then on.
Fast forward 20 years and he is actually underweight at 6'3 and 10 stone 9lb.
He eats like a horse but can't put weight on.
If he had been very overweight after he'd been walking for a few months, I may have asked for advice then but pre walkers are supposed to look chubby aren't they?

BanjoPlayingTiger Thu 21-Feb-13 09:12:01

My ds was 10lb 5oz born. He put on weight so rapidly despite being EBF that he was 19lb 13oz at 13 weeks old. But then put on no more weight for the next 3 months despite getting longer.
He is now a healthy active 9 yo but he looks as though I starve him he is so skinny.

Try not to worry so much. Comparing your child to others is a recipe for disaster.

Adversecamber Thu 21-Feb-13 09:31:33

DS was on 98th centile for a long time and was enormous, he is 5ft 4 and 11 years old now so the same size as me but as thin as a whip. He is desperate to be taller than me before he hits 12.

Branleuse Thu 21-Feb-13 09:34:45

ds2 was 10lb at birth and gained roughly 1lb a week for quite a while. At his 6 week check, the doctor asked if he was 6 months (stupid idiot, he was big but he still looked babyish)

He is now nearly 6 and tall and very skinny

changeforthebetter Thu 21-Feb-13 09:39:13

EBF DD2 was huge, rolls of fat, shelves on the outside of her thighs. She was a shock after her tiny big sister. However, she was healthy, met all her milestones and is active, bright and well within the healthy BMI range for her age and gender. She walked at nine months and that's when the Buddha-rolls dropped off grin BTW you can't over feed a BF baby unless you put the BM in a bottle, apparently.

simplesusan Thu 21-Feb-13 09:45:21

Appologies if this has already been said but isn't birth weight genetic?

I was a big baby and all my dcs were big.

I would say we are all big boned but none of us are fat.

I am a size 10.

sherazade Sat 23-Feb-13 20:51:17

My eldest was a giant, off the centile charts baby, she was so big strangers would stop and gawk at her. She always wore several sizes up. She started to slim down at 2 and by 3 was a mid sized child now at 7 she is slim .
I was a fat baby too , big chubby cheeks, treble chin, rolls all over, and am a size 4-6 .

DeWe Sat 23-Feb-13 20:59:23

DD1 was a very tubby baby. Over 91% and rising fast. I was careful what she ate, as in making sure it was always a healthy snack, pudding wasn't drowned in cream etc. Never restricted food, or made her aware of this though.

Age 8yo she had pneumonia badly and had to be weighed for exact medication. Nasty moment of discovering that she had actually lost weight from the last time she had been weighed nearly 2 years previously. So ended up under the doctor for a year to keep an eye on her weight being too small. She's going up the 25% line now, and has been for 3 years.

Reiltin Sat 23-Feb-13 21:05:23

My brother was a chubby kid, like myself. When he hit puberty, he shot up & there wasn't a pick on him. Unfortunately, that didn't happen to me! So I guess you just can't tell how things are going to work out.

BarbarianMum Sat 23-Feb-13 21:15:08

My dnephew wasn't just chubby at 6mo he was a butterball. He was so much off the charts for weight the health visitor wouldn't believe that he was just breasfed (he was). B/w 1 and 2 he slimmed down and has been a whippet ever since (now 13).

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