to think we DO live in a world where we can leave the bavk door open

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TraineeBabyCatcher Sun 10-Feb-13 23:31:08

There's been an article in (forgive me) the dailyfail about a baby who's finger was ripped of my a fox that got in the house. I shall not link you to it- long story short, back door got left open, fox came in and attacked baby.

Whilst I.can understand that if you live in an area where there are a lot of foxes/fox attacks then you do need to be careful but many people have commented on saying that anything could have happened, baby could have been snatched etc.

Please tell me I am not living a deluded life thinking its okay to leave your back door open whilst your in the house?!

YANBU and we have been known to leave ours open when not in the house

WorraLiberty Sun 10-Feb-13 23:35:39

It's totally area dependent I think.

DizzyZebra Sun 10-Feb-13 23:35:57

I left my door open while i was in and someone walked in and stole my laptops. I didn't even hear them. So i wouldn't do it again.

TBF though, that same house was burgled while i was out despite being locked up.

I think its unreasonable to say we live in a world... Maybe you live in an area that you can. Nothing about the area i live in now worries me, but my past experience had an effect. There are definitely areas that you can't.

PandaOnAPushBike Sun 10-Feb-13 23:35:59

My parents left their backdoor unlocked while they were upstairs. Some lowlife sneaked in and stole the few Christmas presents they had managed to buy their grandchildren out of their pension money. My mum was devastated all for a few Rupert annuals and tubes of Jellytots.

squeakytoy Sun 10-Feb-13 23:37:01

Depends on the area you live in.

I wouldnt do this at night time. We have a lot of wildlife in our area and it would not surprise me that they would be brave enough to come into the house at night.

My MIL regularly gets foxes in her conservatory. However, they run a mile at high speed the moment anyone sees them.

There are also plenty of areas where burglary is rife and leaving your back door open under cover of darkness is tantamount to inviting an opportune thief to enter.

TraineeBabyCatcher Sun 10-Feb-13 23:37:17

Good point Dizzy.

TraineeBabyCatcher Sun 10-Feb-13 23:38:16

I wouldn't at night, but during the day when awake and milling about.

PurpleStorm Sun 10-Feb-13 23:38:24

Depends where you live I suppose.

Our back garden is secured with fences and gates, so we don't generally worry too much about the back door being open when we're wandering about the house (weather permitting). I've never seen any foxes near us either, although of course this doesn't mean that there aren't any!

But there's plenty of houses where the back door opens onto the driveway, or into an unsecured back garden, so if we lived in a house like that, I wouldn't leave the back door wide open. My parent's neighbours had a purse stolen from their kitchen after doing this (their back door opens onto their driveway), and they live in a pretty safe neighbourhood.

FreshLeticia Sun 10-Feb-13 23:38:40

We leave the back door open and so does my MIL who lives next door.
The real foxes in the country are a wild animal and are too wary of humans to come near. We leave them be unless they are after our hens and they stay away from us.
Unfortunately because urban people feed and pet these wild animals, because they think they are cute and cuddly, they become very bold and not shy of humans. Hence the problem.
They are wild. They will always hunt prey and if that means your baby if it is easy to get to then that is what they will do.
I'd like to bet that someone in the area where that baby was hurt is feeding and trying to 'tame' foxes. They are the culprit, not the fox.

lisad123everybodydancenow Sun 10-Feb-13 23:39:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lisa, I'm so glad I'm not the only one!

CalpolInMyEar Sun 10-Feb-13 23:43:10

Depends where you live, in this house I regularly forget to lock the garage or front door while we're home or overnight, but in the last one we locked the front and back door even when we were sitting in the living room with the curtains open, facing the drive.

DizzyZebra Sun 10-Feb-13 23:44:07

The laptop incident was in the morning at some point.
My daughter was asleep with me it really scared me.
The car keys were on the side so we were lucky. They didn't take the laptop power cables though, i think my dog must have come down to see what was happening and they just scarpered with what was in their arms. She is harmless but if i didn't know her i wouldn't take my chances.

Foxes aren't a concern for me. My dog that i have now would scare them off if they came close enough.

Fresh - I agree with you. I have known people put milk down for them. WHY? They don't drink milk. The last time this sort of thing was in the news i wondered if some wanker had been doing that and that was why it was sniffing around the baby.

GrimmaTheNome Sun 10-Feb-13 23:44:33

I used to leave our back door open if the dog was outside - stopped that last year when we had rats in the garden. So now its closed (but not locked) while he's out.


HarrietSchulenberg Sun 10-Feb-13 23:46:02

Definitely area dependent. When I lived in London I had every door and window locked at night, out of awareness of burglars rather than fear of wildlife. My car got broken into regularly when parked right outside the house so I knew there were burglars about.

Where I live now (far, far away from London) I can go out and leave the back door open. Mainly because I have an enclosed garden and to get in it a burglar would have to climb over several fences to get in and out, and TBH I doubt anyone would bother to do that on the offchance that a door might be open. Too likely to be seen. BUT, I don't do it just in case someone does take that chance.

We have virtually no crime here but every now and again opportunist thieves arrive and catch unwary people all off guard. The only wildlife to come through my backdoor is the half-dead rodent kind that Tailless Cat brings in with him from time to time.

lazybastard Sun 10-Feb-13 23:49:12

Leave a door open? Not a chance! You obviously haven't met our neighbours.

HollyBerryBush Sun 10-Feb-13 23:49:28

I live in London, not that far from the area in the article. I never lock doors.

thesnootyfox Sun 10-Feb-13 23:52:07

We often leave our back door wide open. We live in a small house and if we have been cooking it needs to be open to get rid of the cooking smells.

In the summer the doors are open all day. I have been known to forget they are open and go out without closing them. Not very sensible.

Illgetmegoat Sun 10-Feb-13 23:55:58

I agree with pps that say it's area dependent.

When we were in town there was a spate of burglaries and they were hopping the garden fences and trying the french windows - didn't matter if people were in or not, broad daylight too. Rurally we had more of the whole house being stripped due to seclusion and fewer concerns over being caught - rather than nicking anything you can from the rooms you can get to without being heard and then legging it, it was taking everything because no one was there to interrupt you. Less opportunistic, more premeditated. IME only.
Thing is there have always been thieves but we haven't always had an abundance of high value, very portable items etc - this is usually my answer to my GPs 'in my day we could leave our doors open' 'yes, but you had FA to steal Nan'.

When we were rural the wildlife were quite happy to stay wild, apart from an easy chicken here or there. I did once have to manhandle a peacock out of the kitchen.
YY to FreshLeticia though - town foxes and the twits that try and entice them are a real problem. They don't seem to realise what harm they are doing to the foxes in the long run.

TheSecondComing Sun 10-Feb-13 23:56:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

expatinscotland Sun 10-Feb-13 23:57:34

It's two degrees here and snowing in some parts. No, I can't say I'd be leaving the door open.

And yes, in some areas, it's more likely you'd be burgled.

thesnootyfox Sun 10-Feb-13 23:59:59

In the summer it's the norm to leave the doors open until you go to bed isn't it? Dh and ds1 spent most of the school holidays sleeping in the garden.

Where i live, you cannot have anything in sheds, or the backgarden.

People have been burgled whilst they are in the back/front and windows are open.

It depends on what you have in your house/where you live etc.

So, yes you are deluded if you think that you are safe in your house with the doors unlocked in every area of the UK.

ComposHat Mon 11-Feb-13 00:07:10

* There's been an article in (forgive me) the dailyfail about a baby who's finger was ripped of my a fox that got in the house. I shall not link you to it- long story short, back door got left open, fox came in and attacked baby.*

I bet they claimed that it was an asylum seeking, long haired lefty, black disabled fox claiming benefits and was in a same sex relationship BECAUSE THAT. IS WHAT. THEY ALL DO. pound to a penny the baby's mother was described as having enviable curves and her house described as her 'spacious 200k home'

NoelHeadbands Mon 11-Feb-13 00:08:46

I've had the back door open all afternoon. The kitchen was bloody boiling as the oven was on all day, but the heating was on for the rest o the house.

To be fair though, the back garden is only accessible from the front of the house, e garden is built into the hillside and completely closed off. To humans that is, wildlife would have access

fanjobiscuits Mon 11-Feb-13 00:10:32

I left my back door locked and bolted and a man with a crowbar tried to get into it. We live in a nice generally safe area and he didn't get in. But I certainly won't be leaving it open.

lazybastard Mon 11-Feb-13 00:11:23

I don't even open the windows wide, and they are only open when I'm in the room. Even then they are locked in the slightly open position.

I'm shocked at how many people feel safe with the doors open.

Punkatheart Mon 11-Feb-13 00:11:36

I think it invalidates your insurance, doesn't it?

I wouldn't dream of leaving my back door open. Locking up the house at night is second nature. I couldn't sleep if I had my back door open (not a euphemism). Surely that's common sense? Particularly if you have children - when you get more protective...

"In the summer it's the norm to leave the doors open until you go to bed isn't it"

I have a German Shepherd, most people, in my area, have breeds that "guard", otherwise the doors couldn't be left open.

weegiemum Mon 11-Feb-13 00:21:14

If you live in rural western Scotland you can't leaveyour door open because of that most ferocious of beasts - the midgie!!

DontEvenThinkAboutIt Mon 11-Feb-13 00:26:41

It would definitely invalidate my insurance.

HeyToodles Mon 11-Feb-13 00:27:56

Id say no but only because I left my back door open in summer, when I walked through into the kitchen there was a man raking through my drawers and cupboards! Very scary considering I had a very young dd in my arms sad

Luckily he ran out when I screamed very loudly.

Its all objective though if that hadnt have happened I would still be leaving my back door open, now its double locked!

ComposHat Mon 11-Feb-13 00:29:46

The midges, the midges, I'm no gonnae kid ye's,The midges is really the limit,Wi teeth like pirhanas, they drive ye bananas,If ye let them get under yer simmit!

HazeltheMcWitch Mon 11-Feb-13 00:30:14

Bloody hell, TSC - what happened?

TheSecondComing Mon 11-Feb-13 00:37:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HazeltheMcWitch Mon 11-Feb-13 00:40:26

Shit, glad they're all ok.
Yup, I lock up thoroughly. My front door is only unlocked when someone is actually walking through it. And would never go upstairs without shutting (locking) doors and windows, if they've been open for air. Luckily the upstairs ones are able to be left open loads, so we don't stifle.
It's a shame though, as I grew up in rural scotland; houses and cars were left unlocked. My DCs will never know that trust or freedom.

MariusEarlobe Mon 11-Feb-13 00:53:47

I lock mine as I am on main road, my mum lives rural and she interlocks it at night.

If all the Fox did was take off the baby's finger though was it really attacking it or mistaking the finger for food do you think? Can't help thinking a big Fox attacking would have done more damage....

Obviously I'm glad it didn't.

I've only ever seen one once in rl and it ran down railway platform.

Doors open could lead to mice inviting themselves in.

Doors unlocked. Hmm. Front door locked at night and if Im in without DP. If hes here Im not too worried.

Back door unlocked if dog is out. No one is getting in past him. Locked at night.

MariusEarlobe Mon 11-Feb-13 01:01:21

Ah sorry just read he was dragged from cot.

KobayashiMaru Mon 11-Feb-13 02:03:55

I can't imagine locking all the doors and windows just to go upstairs! I sometimes go out and leave the door unlocked, if I'm just popping out. Safe little village with very nosy neighbours, plus nothing worth stealing.

ComradeJing Mon 11-Feb-13 02:16:37

Our door is open all the time!

Keep our doors locked at all times - previously had a bloke with a knife at my (locked) back door; I refuse to take any chances.

SucksToBeMe Mon 11-Feb-13 04:15:56

Tapir, that's horrible hmm

I agree its area dependent too, I now live in a big town and everything is locked. But I did live in a static caravan and never locked my doors/windows even when I was out, and even left the keys in the car (by accident confused) It was strangely the safest i ever felt as there were only 8 other caravans with families. We all knew each other, and I actually miss it. Now I couldn't tell you who my neighbors are. hmm

ChestyLeRoux Mon 11-Feb-13 06:21:06

Yeah I have doors pen often 24/7,even when on my own.I have family in north east they ave to have alarms,cameras and even chicken wire on their fence! shock Never seen anything like that before just wouldnt need it here.

Would go out here in any skimpy clothing too and
have never even felt slightly scared.

LtEveDallas Mon 11-Feb-13 06:21:23

I live in the arse end of nowhere on an estate that has NEVER had any crime. I still lock the doors at night.

During the day the back door is unlocked but closed and the front door has the chain on. We never lock the cars though.

DH has the habit of leaving the front door unlocked when he goes out. Drives me mad.

mariefrance1 Mon 11-Feb-13 07:57:28

My elderly parents leave their front door wide open all summer to 'let the air in.'

mariefrance1 Mon 11-Feb-13 08:01:03

And when we moved into my house 6 hours ago the exdh put in an alarm and a huge front gate that he enjoyed locking in a nightly ritual. Since he left I have not used the alarm nor touched the gate. But then he was suspicious of everyone.

Adversecamber Mon 11-Feb-13 08:05:10

We do sometimes leave our back door open in the summer, we did leave it wide open all night one time.

Don't laugh but I where I grew up in the 1970s people really did go out and not bother to lock their doors, rural area everyone knew everyone. You were either related to someone or you would have slept with them or your sister would have or your cousin. How I hated that place.

marriedinwhite Mon 11-Feb-13 08:11:14

Always have the back door open in the summer when we are in the house. But to get in a burglar would have to scale several high fences, to come to dead ends each way or possibly he could scale the ladder to a big dirty river with his booty. Not one for the faint hearted burglar.

We don't see foxes but regrettably always have rat boxes down although only once has one found its way in. Yuk - the downside of living near a river.

EasilyBored Mon 11-Feb-13 08:13:56

I leave the back door open in the summer, but we have a fenced in garden and I'm always downstairs (burglars would have to walk past the conservatory and patio doors to get in the back door. I do have a ferocious cat who would defend the house by crying loudly and running himself all over any intruder if needs be.

Can I admit to being a bit shock that a four week old baby was asleep in a cot in a different room? At that age don't they just sleep on your lap or in a basket by the sofa/bed?

bruffin Mon 11-Feb-13 08:20:17

Live not far from London and we leave back door open all day when itscwarm enough and then only lock it at night.
We have come home and find one of the dcs had left it wide open all day.
There was a fox in our garden last week but he didn't come close to the house

TheElephantIsADaintyBird Mon 11-Feb-13 08:22:18

I've gone out and left the keys in the front door quite a few times blush it's dead handy though, saves rooting round in your bag to find them!

pouffepants Mon 11-Feb-13 08:23:45

Oh, I've got stupid personal psychology going on on this one.

I can't lock the doors the doors at night because then i can't sleep. I'm aware that's stupid, but if I don't think about locks and stuff, then I don't worry, but the act of locking up makes me think there might be something out there to be scared of.

So our doors are never locked, and in the summer they are often wide open. I've been known to go away for the weekend , and come back to a door on the latch.

I obviously don't have any insurance because it would be pointless. But I kind of figure by the time I'm burgled it will have been worth it for all the years of freedom I've had. 17 so far.

I've only ever lived in council houses, so maybe that's why no-one bothers burgling me, there's probably loads of wealthy people that are a better bet.

DeDevilTail Mon 11-Feb-13 08:27:12

Easilybored, surely it is sometimes necessary to leave a baby in a room alone. I know I did (and still do) to go to the loo or have a quick shower while the baby naps.

We've had an attempted break in while we were at home...and we have 2 massive dogs (evidenced by the huge dog kennels in the garden) which obviously weren't enough of a deterrant (or our burglars had a death wish). One of the dogs alerted us to something being amiss and DP scared them off as they were trying to prise the glass out of the kitchen window. For this reason, I usually lock the back doors when I'm in the house...although obviously that's pretty ineffectual if they're going to remove a window to get in.

EasilyBored Mon 11-Feb-13 08:28:53

Oh yes, that's not what on saying at all. Just meant that it seemed from all the reporting that the baby had been put down to sleep in a cot in another room for the night. Which is against all the SIDS advice and generally makes me feel a bit uncomfortable.

Whistles Mon 11-Feb-13 08:39:23

I leave the front door unlocked during the day when I'm at home, so I suppose anyone could just come in if they tried the door handle. It's quite a safe area, but thinking about it, maybe I should lock it!

Punkatheart Mon 11-Feb-13 08:56:14

Let's be honest - it's not just about thieves, is it? I wouldn't want someone in my house and of course there is always the possibility that you could be attacked. Leaving doors open is a gift to the criminal. So why do it? Make life hard for them.

Also - as someone who had this problem - mice and rats are looking for somewhere to set up home. Perfect if you leave the door open!

My back door is open all day in the summer. I live in town & my yard backs onto a restaurant and I'm surrounded by a few houses, but mostly businesses. To get in you would have to gain access via one of the houses, or jump over a massive wall. I generally feel safe.

Flatbread Mon 11-Feb-13 08:59:46

We have three doors downstairs and all are left unlocked, even when we go out.

I have never gotten into the habit of locking doors blush

My neighbour is a bit paranoid and locks her door even when she is just coming to my place

lazybastard Mon 11-Feb-13 09:02:18

I would put mine down to sleep in my room when they were that age. I would then go and wash the dishes, do the ironing etc before going to bed myself.

I always always make sure my front door is locked at night. As I said I live in town, and my lane is used by students to get to the main street. It can be noisy as hell due to crappy sash window, but I actually feel safer knowing that people are walking by. Bastards students do like to steal things from my front door though, I've had 2 plaques stolen. Thieving buggers.

5madthings Mon 11-Feb-13 09:11:26

We leave our back door open in the day and the front door is shut but not locked in the day. Lock them when we go to bed. Back garden enclosed and anyone would have to get through several gardens to get into ours.

alemci Mon 11-Feb-13 09:38:14

I was surprised at the back door being open in this weather in the fox story unless the fox snuck in when the rubbish was being put out for example.

My back door is usually unlocked. It is often left open in the Summer whilst we are in. Once my dd went out and left the backdoor actually open but locked the front. wasn't amused.

Our back garden is enclosed and we have a railway behind it.

calandarbear Mon 11-Feb-13 10:19:18

If it is warm I leave the backdoor and frenchwindows open in the day whether we are in the room or not but not when we go out.
At night I leave them open as long as DH is home and lock them at bedtime. If I am alone I shut them at night purely because I am terrified of foxes and I've seen one on our decking if it came in the house I can't imagine how I'd be brave enough to chase it out. I had a panic attack once when one was going the opposite way through an alley straight past me.

MsVestibule Mon 11-Feb-13 11:00:43

One of my friends posted this story on her FB wall with the comment "In his own room 4 weeks old????" Yeah, that's the problem hmm.

I often have my back or front door open in summer during the day.

lljkk Mon 11-Feb-13 11:04:18


treaclesoda Mon 11-Feb-13 11:17:01

My back door is rarely locked if I'm in the house, and in the summer the back door is sometimes open all day, otherwise the DC slamming it on the way in and out to the garden every thirty seconds would drive me to commit murder.

My garden is enclosed on all sides, the back door is not visible from the front or side of the house. I did once have a trespasser in my back garden but he ran away when I spotted him. Despite this, I feel perfectly safe. I live at the end of a cul de sac, and a stranger sauntering up the street is immediately noticeable and sticks out like a sore thumb. There are no back alleys, my garden backs onto someone else's garden, so my trespasser had to climb over two hedges and a fence. Its ten years ago and the hedges would now be all but impossible to climb through as they are so much bigger.

I can see both the front and the back door from where I am standing right now. If my house was bigger, or a different layout, I might feel differently.

usualsuspect Mon 11-Feb-13 11:19:31

I leave my back door open all day in the summer. Its unlocked all day in the winter.

I never lock my front door if I'm at home either.

Buzzardbird Mon 11-Feb-13 11:26:15

I have posted this on the other fred about this but does anyone worry about catflaps?

I often leave my back door open. Not intentionally I might add hmm But not been burgled yet.

Oh! You mean when we are still in the house? All the time.

calandarbear Mon 11-Feb-13 11:54:40

BuzzardBird- i worry a lot about foxes coming through cat flaps so I don't have one and let my cat in and out as she asks and keep her in at night (she uses a litter tray most of the time anyway, even if she is outside she comes in to poo).

ArielThePiraticalMermaid Mon 11-Feb-13 12:11:35

Dependent on the area. When I was a student in Nottingham, they used to try our doors every night. Next door once left the kitchen window open one drunken night and we actually watched the burglars climbing in. We were burgled three times in one term.

However here in my lovely Cornish village, I once left the back door of our landrover wide open all night, and it was absolutely FULL of valuable things for our business. You could see it all the way up the road. Anyone walking or driving past would have seen it, and not a thing was taken. Things like that make people in the countryside blase though.

I've never had a fox wander in though smile

ArielThePiraticalMermaid Mon 11-Feb-13 12:12:14

The only other animal which has come through our catflap has been the alpha tom in these parts.

Buzzardbird Mon 11-Feb-13 12:34:32

My mother found a cow in her kitchen and she couldn't get it out because it was a galley kitchen and cows don't walk backwards usually...

Buzzardbird Mon 11-Feb-13 12:35:14

Sorry, that was 'off topic' grin

poodletip Mon 11-Feb-13 12:39:43

It depends where you live and what your set up is. I've lived in places in the past where I wouldn't have. My Nan lived in a lovely place but her garden wasn't secure and someone came in and stole stuff from her bedroom while she was sat in the lounge. Where I live now is ok, although there are opportunist crimes with open windows and doors, but our back garden is behind 6ft walls, fences and locked gates so I don't worry too much about the back door. The front door is always shut and locked though!

CheungFun Mon 11-Feb-13 12:41:30

It would be nice to think that, but I don't leave windows or doors unlocked if I'm leaving the flat. If I'm in our back garden, I will only leave the windows open that I can see from the garden.

Last summer our neighbours left a small window open whilst they were out at work and were burgled in the middle of the day. It was at the back of the flats too, so the burglar choose to go through the back gate and check to see if any back windows had been left open in the hot weather.

At our old flat, a large number of sheds were broken into before Christmas all down our road. The policeman investigating said it was very common to have sheds broken into before Christmas as people hid their children's presents in them and that was what the burglars were after.

It's sad, but I would rather be safe than sorry. I think I'd feel scared in my own home if I had actually been burgled, not to mention the cost of replacing stolen/damaged items.

ArielThePiraticalMermaid Mon 11-Feb-13 12:41:31

Arf at the cow tale!

Fakebook Mon 11-Feb-13 12:50:02

We used to, but not since last year when a mouse made its way inside and decided to live in our back room.

IfNotNowThenWhen Mon 11-Feb-13 13:06:38

When I was a kid we, and all our neighbours, had the front doors open all day in the summer, with those coloured strips hanging down grin
I wouldn't leave the door open now though. Been burgled too many times.
Also, when people talk about "safe rural" areas I think they are deluded.
Sure, in London you might get an opportunistic thief nicking your I pod off the kitchen table, but in the country you are far more likely to get an escaped axe wielding homicidal psychopath slipping in past the Aga.
Tru Fact.

countrykitten Mon 11-Feb-13 15:05:23

If we had any neighbours or lived in a built up area I think we would be more vigilant about locking up.

As it is we live very rurally and hardly ever lock the house and never lock any of the cars. I think if we actually went away for any period of time (which we don't!) we would lock up but otherwise no.

It is completely area dependent as another poster said much earlier on.

Punkatheart Mon 11-Feb-13 15:07:00

I have also heard from a policeman that thieves are turning their attention to sleepy villages - because they are just that - sleepy. Goring on Thames had a spate over Christmas. It's not about living in a rough/urban/rural area...but the old 'An Englishwoman's home is her castle' motto.

countrykitten Mon 11-Feb-13 15:07:11

And INNTW we are not

countrykitten Mon 11-Feb-13 15:09:13

I'd like to see the stats that prove that rural and remote areas are more under threat from crime than big cities....! Not buying that one, sorry.

alemci Mon 11-Feb-13 15:12:23

Buzzard I love the image of the cow in the Galley Kitchen. was she Mooving in.

tinygreendragon Mon 11-Feb-13 15:22:00

All doors and windows locked if we go out. Front door is either chained and dead bolted if we are in or double locked with 2 different keys if we are out (even if we pop to shops 2 mins round the corner). Back door is usually open if we are in and weather is nice but you'd have trouble not to be noticed coming in that way.

Wouldn't do it differently no matter what area I lived in.

Punkatheart Mon 11-Feb-13 15:25:49

Stats will of course show less crime in rural areas and that will always be the case. Main reason is population density. If a busy thief goes on a spree in a town, he is likely to rack up the number. But if he goes to a rural area - then he might only find a couple of houses to do. OK so that doesn't make it worth his time, does it? Well actually, thieves are popping on trains to small towns and villages to shoplift. Less CCTV, less police, more optimistic and trusting residents.

Metal theft is up in rural areas - as is deceptive crime and distraction burglary.

I have lived in both town and country - in a very sleepy village in Wales, my parents had someone steal from their shop while they were distracted - chase the thieves only to have the car driven at them. They also had the door of the shop kicked down.

Being in the countryside does not necessarily make you safer. I hate the idea that we have to be so cynical - but thieves in city are getting very nervous of police patrols and CCTV.

Punkatheart Mon 11-Feb-13 15:33:53

Punkatheart Mon 11-Feb-13 15:34:35
TabbyM Mon 11-Feb-13 15:36:40

No, insurance won't cover you if you get anything stolen with your door sitting open. This is a major cause of car theft as well due to people leaving keys near their doors. I live in a low crime area (member of neighbourhood watch!) but would never leave a door open, too tempting for passing opportunists.

ComposHat Mon 11-Feb-13 15:38:52

Stats will of course show less crime in rural areas and that will always be the case

Yes I also guess it depends on how you define crime. You have to distinguish between recorded and non recorded crime. Crimes such as burglary and car theft are almost reported to the Police for insurance purposes.

Whereas I guess the kind of crimes that predominate in the countryside such as drink-driving, animal cruelty (hunting badger baiting etc) or the burning of Edward Wooodward in a neo-pagan ritual are less routinely reported. In fact 100% of recorded cases of burning Edward Woodward to appease the wroth of pagan gods have occured in the countryside.

countrykitten Mon 11-Feb-13 16:01:29

grin at ComposHat

TheMagicMumber Mon 11-Feb-13 16:06:02

I wouldn't. Monkeys here.

Punkatheart Mon 11-Feb-13 16:07:08

Yes the Wicker Man crimes - always grim.


(Really pleased you didn't mention the Nicholas Cage version)

Buzzardbird Mon 11-Feb-13 16:07:55

Cow rustling is also hardly ever reported. (no horse in my mother's burgers)
certainly did elemci [grin

OhMyNoReally Mon 11-Feb-13 16:09:00

We leave our back doors open, we luckily have a secure garden. I also leave my front door open but keep the gate locked. The gate is an ornate metal thing, it was there when we moved in. Again very lucky as I can air the house worry free, I would definitely put one on if we moved to house without one, or a security screen

AngelsWithSilverWings Mon 11-Feb-13 16:17:54

I live in an area with very low crime and it's the sort of area where people talk about it being safe to leave doors unlocked/ walk around safely after dark etc.

I got very complacent until one morning I came downstairs to find a strange man asleep on my sofa. He had got in through my unlocked kitchen door. Luckily when my DH woke him up he apologised and made a hasty exit!

I now lock up carefully all the time.

I don't generally leave doors wide open as I have indoor cats but before I got them the kitchen door would be left open most days while I pottered about the house.

Punkatheart Mon 11-Feb-13 16:24:31

Ha my mother came over from India with a monkey (not me) and he was a destructive little bugger.

ComposHat Mon 11-Feb-13 16:41:08

(Really pleased you didn't mention the Nicholas Cage version)

The Nick Cage version?

no,no dear god!

no Christ!

no! no!

awake ye heathens and hold!

maninawomansworld Tue 12-Feb-13 09:14:33

We live in the country and don't make a hobit of leaving doors unlocked, why take the risk?
Most wildlife is pretty wild like it's supposed to be and won't come near although every now and again a fox gets a bit bold, sniffing around the (almost impenetrable) chicken enclosure and has to meet a bullet.

quoteunquote Tue 12-Feb-13 09:41:06

I live where I do because I don't have worry if I shut doors, my doors and windows are open most the year round.

as for wildlife we have a lot of wildlife, but it tends to stay outside, the bats have sitting tenant rights, so they pop in out of the attic as they please.

ChairmanWow Tue 12-Feb-13 14:38:33

every now and again a fox gets a bit bold, sniffing around the (almost impenetrable) chicken enclosure and has to meet a bullet. Why does it have to meet a bullet? Why not just make your enclosure completely impenetrable? I have friends who keep chickens on their urban allotment - there are several foxes in the area and their chickens were killed in an attack. It's never happened again - they just keep maintaining their fencing.

On the flip side I got into an argument with some animal rights ultras last night who were either a)claiming the fox attack was made up or b) blaming the mother for daring to leave the room to go upstairs. So it seems we're not even allowed a wee when we have babies. We must be surgically joined to them at all times. In fact I might not bother having the cord cut this time smile

On the question of urban/rural crime, this is of course anecdotal but I've lived in Manchester over 21 years and have never been burgled - two attempts but both when I was a student a long time ago and both failed. My mum, who lives in rural East Yorkshire was completely cleaned out a few years ago when she popped out to the shops and was heartbroken.

aamia Tue 12-Feb-13 15:02:44

Everyone I know has a large, loud dog. So you can leave the back door open all you like - no one and nothing is coming in! When I was a child, the back door was open all summer long when we were in the house. I, the dog, the two cats and my parents were in and out of the garden all day long. Not once, in twelve years, was there a problem. Equally, I was allowed out on my own from a youngish age - with the dog. She was fiercely protective and I was completely safe! Then the dog died. Within two months the house had been broken into, car stolen. After that my parents got an alarm, a locked back door and a new dog! There is a reason why mankind domesticated the dog - child guarder, property guarder, hunting partner, best friend.

SuckingDiesel Tue 12-Feb-13 16:30:38

aamia...I have 2 large dogs. Didn't stop someone trying to break in to my house. Dogs slept through it.

wfrances Tue 12-Feb-13 17:03:44

all windows/doors locked here ,always (even attic)

wfrances Tue 12-Feb-13 17:07:39

i wont even let our dog in the backgarden alone incase she gets pinched.
ds has had people in a car follow him home when he was out walking her.

LynetteScavo Tue 12-Feb-13 17:14:28

I've left the front door unlocked all day, and wasn't burgled.

I've also left the back door unlocked over night, and was burgled while we slept. (Although DH woke up). DS2 was 10 months old, and I kept thinking he could easily have been taken...he was such a lovely trusting baby, happy to go to anyone....he wouldn't have cried, and I wouldn't have woken up.

But I happily leave the patio doors open all evening during the summer, until we go to bed. A fox could easily get in. My family have seen foxes during the day, and one during the evening, so heaven knows how many are about at night.

countrykitten Tue 12-Feb-13 20:16:29

I keep hens and there is no way in the world I would shoot a fox if one was sniffing about. They are beautiful animals. I hate the stupid attitude displayed by maninawomansworld - thankfully I know very few people like this even out in the sticks where we live.

Punkatheart Tue 12-Feb-13 22:45:51

We have had this discussion elsewhere on Mumsnet. If you shoot one fox, another moves into the territory pretty damn quick - so it's a pointless exercise, as well as being inhumane unless you are a fantastic marksman. Also there is a ginger cat who looks exactly like a cat - what happens if you make a mistake? I have chickens too and I have a Foxwatch to deter - plus a very secure aviary.

Seabird72 Tue 12-Feb-13 23:05:29

I always keep my doors locked. Why invite trouble, even if you are home it will not stop a burglar and there are plenty of people who just see an opportunity and take it. If someone tries your door and its unlocked then there is nothing to stop them doing what they want and you would have to consider yourself lucky if you only discover later that someone else was in your home. It also stops my friend from just walking in which I hate, it's my home, I expect her to knock.

choceyes Tue 12-Feb-13 23:11:03

We live in an area almost in the city and quite a lot of car crimes and drug related crimes (actually people think its worse than what it is) around.

Once I left the front door wide open all day long. I had a baby and toddler at the time so was quite stressed and we were trying to get out to go to a toddler group. Was gone the whole day. I was gobsmacked to when I got back and even more so ypon realising nobody had been and taken anything!

Plomino Wed 13-Feb-13 05:40:03

I think the last time we actually locked the doors during the day , was about 2009ish, when we had a spate of masked toerags kicking in people's doors and armed with shotguns , then removing them of their car keys . Until they picked the local estate gamekeeper who'd just come in from work as who responded in kind .

That said , we do lock the doors at night , but seeing as I have a very territorial dog who can run at 40mph , I wish any prospective thief luck during the day! The only crime we have round here at the moment is oil theft , usually carried out by attaching a sharpened scaffold pole to the back of a truck , then reversing sharply into the tank and puncturing it to get the oil out . My next door neighbour thought he'd been a victim , had police round to examine the tank for forensics , and it was only then that his DW confessed that as soon as he left for work in the morning , she'd whack the thermostat up to 30 , hence going through a years worth of oil in 3 months ....

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