To think I don't have a drink problem?

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SilverMoo Fri 08-Feb-13 08:44:50

I drink a large glass of 11% wine with dinner and have one day off a week. I get through 2 bottles a week, never more.

I can do without but I enjoy it and wouldn't really want to. I feel the same about chocolate, I could go without but like it so would rather have some, I don't think that makes me addicted to it.

Apparently I may have a drink problem, I don't think I do, I also don't think I'm in denial,


CheeseStrawWars Fri 08-Feb-13 08:47:29

Officially, YABU:

"Official guidance advises that men should not regularly drink more 3-4 units of alcohol a day – equivalent to a pint and a half of beer – and 2-3 units of alcohol for women, the same as a 175ml glass of wine. The government defines “regularly” to mean drinking every day or most days of the week."

From yesterdays news re the health risks of 'moderate' drinking such as you describe.

ErikNorseman Fri 08-Feb-13 08:49:57

A large glass of wine is 2-3 units no? So if you don't exceed that then I suppose you are ok. I used to have a drink pretty much every day, I wouldn't class it as a drink problem, but I didn't like feeling reliant on it so I changed my habits. Drink 1-2 nights a week now.

SilverMoo Fri 08-Feb-13 08:51:50

On the drinkaware website it says women should not regularly consume more than 2-3 units per day... If I were drinking 3 units per day that would be 21 per week and I only drink 16-17 confused

fromparistoberlin Fri 08-Feb-13 08:52:51

meh I dont think you have a problem

who says u have a problem?

I am the same, I LIKE wone, its my treat, and I very rarely binge

StickEmUp Fri 08-Feb-13 08:57:53

Silvermoo I'm in recovery and that really doesn't sound like a problem!
If you said this 1 glass was before work in the morning I might wonder ... but it's really not alot.
I would suggest if you are really worried get a GP appt.

I take it someone has suggested this from the way you are talking.

mrsjay Fri 08-Feb-13 08:59:16

a lot of people drink wine with their evening meal I guess it is normal for some and 2 bottles a week is nothing it really isn't imo,

DeepRedBetty Fri 08-Feb-13 09:00:45

There was some advice bobbing about a couple of months ago about taking at least two nights off a week(?) - that may be the source of this suggestion.

Adversecamber Fri 08-Feb-13 09:02:33

I hardly ever drink, I would say it is not a problem but could you have no alcohol at all for say ten days.

MrsToddsShortcut Fri 08-Feb-13 09:04:48

Can I ask why? Has someone suggested you have a problem?

SilverMoo Fri 08-Feb-13 09:05:08

Adversecamber - I could but I wouldn't be happy about it, the same as if I had to give up tea!

diddl Fri 08-Feb-13 09:05:53

I´m not sure-it´s the "I could do without but don´t want to"

Whilst I don´t think you´re consuming a lot, I don´t get why someone wants to drink every night.

CheeseStrawWars Fri 08-Feb-13 09:06:16

But if you are drinking 6 x days a week and 1 x glass per day and getting through 2 x bottles... 3 glasses per bottle? Them's bigger glasses than 2 units.

SilverMoo Fri 08-Feb-13 09:08:08

There are 8.6 units in a bottle which is what I'm going on

Theicingontop Fri 08-Feb-13 09:08:35

Well, my MIL drinks two to three bottles a night, and insists she doesn't have a problem. I think when you get to those stages and you're still in denial, you need some perspective.

If the budget suddenly didn't allow for wine, would you buy it anyway?

mrsjay Fri 08-Feb-13 09:08:59

don´t get why someone wants to drink every night.

No i dont either i couldn't drink every night i would feel a bit groggy each to their own i suppose, but replace wine with cider I wonder if people would feel the same, Op i am not getting at you but wine is seen as so social and that it is ok ?

SilverMoo Fri 08-Feb-13 09:10:07

Theicingontop - no, I would find -methylated spirit- something else to drink if I had to. I would probably drink herbal tea or something if we were really broke and save wine for special occasions

I know what you mean OP

I used to drink way too much, now I'm down to one drink at night (sometimes none).

I'm not always comfortable with how much I really like having that one glass, but then it is just one glass. It's an enjoyable way to wind down after a busy day.

And anyway I'm finding I'm naturally drinking less and less as I get older so I imagine it won't be a problem at all at some point.

ChristmasJubilee Fri 08-Feb-13 09:11:12

Two bottles a week is 20 units of alcohol which is above the recommended level for women (assuming you are female). Many people will not have problems with this amount but quite a few people will, and you won't know until you develop them.

LouMae Fri 08-Feb-13 09:11:55

How many units in a bottle? About ten? So that's 20 a week, official guidance for women is 14 units a week, so you are quite a far bit over the recommended
Amount. Your body however, do as you please!

SilverMoo Fri 08-Feb-13 09:12:29

I just double checked and it is definitely 8.6 units per bottle!

expatinscotland Fri 08-Feb-13 09:12:57

I don't think you have. But I'm sure someone will be along to tell you that the Government says you are a raging alcholic headed for death by liver disease.

mrsjay Fri 08-Feb-13 09:13:24

and anyway I'm finding I'm naturally drinking less and less as I get older so I imagine it won't be a problem at all at some point.

yes im drinking less and less as i get older I used to be a binge drinker at the weekends not every weekend but most I now have a bottle of wine over a weekend I cant drink as much as i used to and I have lost interest if im honest,

TheSecondComing Fri 08-Feb-13 09:14:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SilverMoo Fri 08-Feb-13 09:14:52

I certainly drink a lot less than I used to, I don't like feeling drunk at all now, I'm naturally cutting down as I get older.

mrsjay Fri 08-Feb-13 09:16:34

I honestly think 2 bottles a week is nothing

FlouncingMintyy Fri 08-Feb-13 09:17:15

I think you wouldn't have to give it another thought if you just took two consecutive nights off per week, instead of one. This is the advice I keep hearing from the liver experts on the news/radio.

I think there's more than 9 units in a bottle of wine?

Lifeisontheup Fri 08-Feb-13 09:17:24

The higher end of moderate drinking is 14.9g of alcohol per day. This equates to 145ml of 13% wine. It doesn't sound like you're drinking more than that baring in mind your wine is only 11%.

I not really that sad but I've just done an exam where that was one of the questions. I could work out how many ml that would be of 11% wine but my brain hurts.

FlouncingMintyy Fri 08-Feb-13 09:19:49

Sorry, missed your update, definitely 8.9 units in a bottle? That's good news for me at least. I drink about 2 bottles of wine a week, but I have 4 nights off. I hope that's ok as I really do like it.

Yfronts Fri 08-Feb-13 09:21:38

Your glasses must be huge!

2 bottles of wine is 18 units of alcohol a week. The recommended amount for a woman is 14 units of alcohol per week.

LifeofPo Fri 08-Feb-13 09:22:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mrsjay Fri 08-Feb-13 09:22:53

I was at a family thing last week my aunt broke out the wine I had 2 small glasses and was plastered blush I discovered it was 14% i never buy over 11 as im such a light weight,

jennifer86 Fri 08-Feb-13 09:22:58

You're doing well if you can find wine which is only 11%, though, OP. Most is around 13% ABV. At 11%, you're drinking 16.5 units per week (11x1.5litres) but at 13 it would be 19.5 units. Both are over the recommended limits (of 14 units a week). It's also recommended to have 2 days off per week.

YANBU, I do not think this represents a "problem", but you are drinking more than the guidelines suggest is good for you. Guidelines are there for a reason but they are also based on averages. So if you wanted to change you could only drink 5 days a week (still 250ml each time) and then would be under the recommended amount. But in the end it's up to you!

mrsjay Fri 08-Feb-13 09:23:52

there is loads that is 11%

Yfronts Fri 08-Feb-13 09:25:05

Can you aim to put a little less in your glass but savor it? Aim to drink a bottle and a half a week instead?

Smaller glasses are very helpful

I started drinking way less when we moved to France, where all the wine glasses are teeny-tiny

WhichIsBest Fri 08-Feb-13 09:31:32

Someone must have said they think you have a problem. Why?

jennifer86 Fri 08-Feb-13 09:32:10

Sorry, just re-read my post and realise it sounds a bit lecturey - Should have read it through before posting blush
What I meant to say was, if you have 2 days off a week instead of 1, I presume you would find this fairly easy and then you wouldn't have to put up with people (?who - government or a friend??) saying this is a "problem" and could feel smug grin

Sugarice Fri 08-Feb-13 09:32:31

I know I drink too much wine, more than you OP but I refuse to be pressured by all of the propaganda that is plastered daily in the media.

I only drink 11.5% or 12% at the most, never above that, it's way too strong for me.

extremepie Fri 08-Feb-13 09:35:13

I had this recently - signed up to a new GP and got told I should cut down my alcohol consumption.
I drink 1 or 2 'spirit and mixers' a night (don't like wine or beer). Some nights I go without totally but sometimes I have more on the weekends. I don't think I have a problem.
For some reason I got quite irritated at the implication that I am a borderline alcoholic - drinking is pretty much the only thing I do for fun, it's not illegal, I don't drink to the point of hurting myself or others so I kind of resent someone telling me I should stop!
I did recently stop drinking during the week but have been under a lot of stress lately and I have started again - I feel like it helps me unwind and relax once the DC's are in bed!

Lovelygoldboots Fri 08-Feb-13 09:36:55

I think wine varies a lot in its strength. I have recently stopped drinking completely. I have lasted about three months. I could easily drink two bottles a week of red wine which could contain 13 units of alcohol a bottle. I have lost a stone and a half just doing that and swimming once a week. You just have to feel you are in control and not the supermarket. I don't like to alcohol stacked up at the entrance in Tesco.

TSC you do know someone who drinks less than the guidelines - Me! I drink two small (125ml) glasses of wine a week, and a bottle (occasionally 2 in a week) of ~4%abv ale. That is all.

shesariver Fri 08-Feb-13 09:54:10

There are definitely loads that are 11% still, I'm most disappointed when the one I pick up to look at is only this!

tiggytape Fri 08-Feb-13 09:56:27

In terms of units, it is very slightly over the recommended amount but of course, going a little bit over week every single week soon adds up to a lot of extra units over time.

It is hard - despite 2 bottles being slightly excessive in terms of units, many people wouldn't see 2 bottls a week as excessive at all. Some people would class that as moderate or even light because so many other people drink more.

I think maybe though the feeling that you could do without it but don't want to might be the thing. How would you feel about having 2 dry nights a week instead of one for example? If you'd get really stressed at the thought of cutting back, I think that's the problem more than the actual volume or unit measurements.

katiecubs Fri 08-Feb-13 10:03:27

Mmmmm wine - lovely lovely wine (currently pregnant!)

Don't think you have a problem OP sounds fairly average to me and better than bingeing.

Altinkum Fri 08-Feb-13 10:06:43

I don't do guidelines!!, they are a GUIDE, now a OMG, I've went over the limit and I'm turning into a ragin alkie.

As long as your happy and your not abusing yourself/body or anyone else, then I don't see why you can't have these drinks.

I'm from a alcoholic family, what your drinking is reasonable and not excessive.

HousewifeFromHeaven Fri 08-Feb-13 10:11:12

It's when that one glass of wine fails to achieve the desired effect that the problems start.

It can creep up on you over many years.

Doesn't sound excessive - but like others I'd think about having 1/2+ days a week where you give your body a rest. Like a couple of others on here, I did dry Jan & found I surprisingly quickly got into the habit of wanting another drink rather than the lovely wine grin I bought nice non alcoholic options & made the effort to make them feel like a treat (good Morrocan mint tea, bitter lemon with ice etc) & am now really enjoying the alternatives.

I DO realise that sounds santimonious, but honestly, I am feeling much better for it.

axure Fri 08-Feb-13 10:18:18

I thought that you were recommended to have 2-3 consecutive dry days every week. I'm not sure that alcohol has beneficial stress reducing effects, even though it feels as if it does at the time. I always feel rotten the following morning after only a couple of glasses of wine. Exercise is the best stress buster, and the last thing you feel like doing after a session is poisoning your body with alcohol.

FellatioNels0n Fri 08-Feb-13 10:22:26

YANBU. I often drink two large glasses of wine (more if we have friends around or it's the weekend) and I (used to) rarely have a day off (although I have started to try to limit it to weekends only for my weight and my skin more than anything else. Most days I manage it, some days I fancy a glass on a weekday. It doesn't mean I have an alcohol 'problem'. It just means I am not a terribly self disciplined person.

TroublesomeEx Fri 08-Feb-13 10:23:23

Having a drink problem isn't about the amount that you drink, it's about the habit that forms.

Obviously, if you drink excessively then that is a problem, but it's more that you can drink relatively little but it's the behaviour that accompanies it that is the real problem.

If you can choose to not have a drink, then that isn't an issue. It's a problem if you have to have a drink.

irishchic Fri 08-Feb-13 10:26:08

The amount of units in a bottle of wine depends on the Alcohol content percentage. An 11% bottle would contain around 8 to 9 units. A 13 or 14% bottle would have around 11 or 12 units.

OP i think you are fine here. The only thing i would suggest is to have one night a week off the wine, just to clean out the liver. Other than that, do not worry or listen to scaremongering!

kalidanger Fri 08-Feb-13 10:27:36

I think perhaps units/glass sized are red herrings.

See if you can stop for a month (and no 'stopping in the house but having some at a restaurant'). If you can't, you have your answer.

HeathRobinson Fri 08-Feb-13 10:29:08

According to the British Liver Trust, you should try to have 2 consecutive days a week free of alcohol.

'Take two days off. Give your liver two days in a row without alcohol every week to reduce the impact that alcohol can have on your liver and break the habit of drinking every day.'

irishchic Fri 08-Feb-13 10:31:17

I agree with the poster who said it is actually quite hard to find wine under 13% now. I know its there on the shelf somewhere, but i have to hunt through many many 12 or 13% whites before I can find a bottle at 11% or under.

Any wine i keep at home is 11% or under. If I go out and get served something at 13% i feel drunk just after 1 glass!

EuroShagmore Fri 08-Feb-13 10:33:09

I don't think you have a drink problem. You just like wine. So do I.

However, it might not be the optimum level for health. I think people here are confusing that with your question as to whether you have a problem with alcohol (by which I take you to mean an "alcholic type relationship with alcohol")

BTW, I used to drink a similar amount. Now I am ttc I have cut down radically (to one or two glasses a week, sometimes less). For a while last year I cut it out completely for several months. I missed it socially (I found I got bored and tired on a night out without the stimulation of alcohol) but I wasn't exactly climbing the walls. You sound like you would be in a similar position.

milkymocha Fri 08-Feb-13 10:43:25

I'll be honest but i do think you ate drinking too much! But if you ate happy and healthy then so be it!

A problem with alcohol isn't defined by how MUCH a person drinks, it's about dependency on alcohol.

A person can drink excessively if they choose but if they feel they HAVE to drink and cannot do without it, be it a single glass a day or two litres of vodka, that is a problem with alcohol.

The real test is how you feel if you can't have your glass of wine on the days you normally do, the one day you don't drink now doesn't count as that is part of your drinking pattern as it were.

If you feel irritable, anxious, panicked, unwell physically etc then you may have an issue with alcohol dependency.

I once worked with (she was a client) a woman who was an alcoholic - on one small glass of sherry a day. Most people don't think that's possible, it's only a tiny amount. But she was so dependent on it that she got caught stealing a bottle of Harvey's - she HAD to have that one glass so badly. She was an alcoholic.

If you really want to know whether you have a problem with alcohol don't drink for a week - and see how you react when wine o'clock arrives each night.

I used to have a glass every night until one day I ran out (still no idea how!) I realised that I was becoming dependent on that glass when I went to Tesco in torrential rain and gales to get a bottle so I could have that one glass. I stopped that day x.

Downandoutnumbered Fri 08-Feb-13 10:53:31

YANBU. I don't get why really liking wine is regarded as such a problem in itself - I wouldn't want to give up wine, but then I wouldn't want to give up coffee or bread either, and no-one's accusing me of being addicted to either of those. There's just no non-alcoholic drink that's as nice, and I love the ritual of curling up with a glass of wine and a book for half an hour at the end of the day.

Having said that, I have non-alcoholic wine (the Natureo white one isn't too foul) Monday-Thursday now as I got a bit worried about what I might be doing to my liver over the long run if I had wine every night.

Downandoutnumbered Fri 08-Feb-13 10:55:11

Oh, and I have struggled through rain, hail and snow to get more coffee when we ran out! I'm just waiting for someone to come along and tell me incredibly sanctimoniously what a terrible person I am for really wanting my coffee in the mornings.

FellatioNels0n Fri 08-Feb-13 10:56:53

Yes Folkgirl, you are right. I think some people do regularly drink what to others may seem like an excessive quantity, but (long-term health implications aside for a moment) it is how they behave when faced with the opportunity to drink large quantities of alcohol, whether they can exercise restraint/moderation and equally importantly, the way they feel at the prospect of not being able to have any at all that defines whether they have a drink 'problem' or not, to me.

If you can't have a drink without your personality changing for the worse then you have a 'problem' in my eyes, even if you are not actually alcohol dependent. Likewise if you can drink in moderation every evening at home, but are incapable of knowing when to stop when you are on a night out, until you either pass out or are very ill. It happens to us all from time to time, but if it happens you you all of the time then it's really not good, is it?

Having said that, people who are not drinkers at all have a funny idea of what 'too much' is. My SIL was getting quite in a stew about my BIL starting to drink wine most nights - she thought it was quite unacceptable and a sign of impending. But he was never having more than a glass, or two at the very most.

I agree it can creep up on you though. I think if you are opening a second bottle between you on a week night then it's time to reign it in a bit.

FellatioNels0n Fri 08-Feb-13 10:57:53

impending doom, sorry.

2 bottles a week.........I don't think that's excessive!!

It is not an excessive amount but it is whether you are reliant on those two bottles a week or not. If you can honestly say you are not then you have nothing to worry about.

Just for clarity when I say I stopped, I mean I stopped my daily glass of wine, I didn't stop drinking (perish the thought). I could feel that I was becoming dependent on it. Stopping was so hard - which for me was another indication that I was more dependent than I thought.

I didn't want to be dependent on something. I still love wine, just not every day.

Springdiva Fri 08-Feb-13 13:09:47

Yes, I love my teatime large G+T, doubt very much I'm an alcoholic but do wonder whey I 'need' it. It is a bit more than habit and a bit more than just a treat. But I can munch a chocoloate bar which is a treat but then if there isn't one there it doesn't bother me.

Though having said that I do get fidgety if there is nothing sweet in the house, resorting to honey on toast in an emergency, so I think there is a small dependency there, for sugar and alcohol.

CailinDana Fri 08-Feb-13 13:12:32

As others have said, it's not really about how much you drink, it's the relationship you have with drinking. If someone you love asks you to stop for a good reason (e.g. they'd rather you weren't going to bed tipsy, they worry about your health) and you say "no" then effectively you are putting your desire to drink above their feelings. Equally if you see there negative effects on your health - your teeth are stained, you are more tired, you're getting more colds etc, but you'd rather drink than be healthy you also need to have a think about why that is. I'm very dependent on tea but can't drink it at the moment due to low iron and the need not to take tannins so I absorb as much as possible from my iron tablets. It's annoying the life out of me, but I am willing to stop drinking tea as I know it's better for my health.

I rarely drink and don't get much pleasure out of it. It might sound odd but all I can think of is that it's literally poisonous and that my body has to struggle to deal with it. I don't mind doing that once in a blue moon if I'm really in the mood, but the thought of doing it every night or most nights is very offputting for me - it seems inevitable that it will have pretty persistent low-level health effects to be taking in quite a large quantity of poison every night. Not that it's going to destroy your liver or anything but that it'll make you tired, and make your system generally have to work harder to maintain a "normal" level of activity. I'm a total lightweight though - one glass of wine makes me feel dog rough the next day - so perhaps I'm more sensitive to the effects. I simply couldn't manage a large glass of wine most nights, it would make me feel very bad indeed.

SilverMoo Fri 08-Feb-13 13:27:33

Thanks for all the input, I actually had to see my doctor today for something unrelated and asked her, she said it was in the upper limits of the guidelines so it is increasing my risk of things and obviously it is better not to drink, but she drinks about that much too...

I guess the thing is is that it is all about increasing the risk, it's not a cut and dry thing and everyone will be different (body type, size, genetic factors, lifestyle factors etc) so they have just gone on what they have and made a 'guideline' but who can say!

Number of units depends on abv, most wine is 13.5%, a bottle of this is 10.25 units. 20.5 per week. That is above the recommended limit & they do suggest 2 alcohol free days per week.

If you could do without it, then that's ok. Perhaps try for a month, or lent is coming up?

I was worried at the end of last year so tried & managed a -mostly- dry January. It made me feel less worried & saved a few quid.

It sounds to me like a routine habit which is (although against health advice) IMO harmless, habits can quickly escalate. Keep an eye on it.

By the way silvermoo what kind of -pointless weak squash- wine are you drinking that has you so certain it's 8.6?

It would help if I could retain all the information from the OP wouldn't it?!

My excuse is I'm currently exhausted & running a fever, but coughing too much to sleep!

SilverMoo Fri 08-Feb-13 15:09:24

I drink cava, I used to drink red wine but I find it a bit strong nowadays. Sparkling wine and champagne always give me a little 'buzz' whereas red wine makes me feel a bit groggy

ToomuchWaternotWine Fri 08-Feb-13 15:25:05

That would be too much for me, I am tall and well built but feel the effects of more than a glass of wine these days so tend to only drink on occasional nights out, never bother at home. If I drank 6 days out of 7 I can guarantee I would feel more tired, groggy, headachey queasy than I could cope with every morning, so I just don't, but that me not you.

As others have said, if you feel you need it, that's when alarm bells need to ring! Can you try cutting down to 14 units, 2 dry days and see how you react?

CinnabarRed Fri 08-Feb-13 15:36:27

May I just arf at "it's not cut and dry"?

SilverMoo Fri 08-Feb-13 15:44:28

CinnabarRed - Ha! I thought that as I was writing it blush

andubelievedthat Fri 08-Feb-13 16:05:33

on that tv prog. "police ,camera action" the traffic cops pulled a guy mid afternoon ,and breathe tested him, he was 4 times over the limit re drink driving yet was as coherent as (on the face of it ) u,me and anyone else ,the coppers at the time/scene couldn"t believe it either, point being is (imo) statistics/averages are simply that ,statistics and averages. thou, if you are pissing the bed ? perhaps its time to maybe cut back,just a little.

SilverMoo Fri 08-Feb-13 16:42:47

andubelievedthat - I don't think you need much to be over the limit for driving.

Fortunately I haven't wet the bed yet, I would be a bit worried if it got to that point!

whyno Fri 08-Feb-13 17:09:44

God, you're fine!!! You're hardly going nuts. smile

SirBoobAlot Fri 08-Feb-13 17:18:37

Was told recently it is more dangerous to your body to have a glass of wine every night than it is to have the occasional binge, because then the damage is constant.

I like wine as much as the next person, and would (and sometimes do) happily have a glass every night. But worth considering the long term effect rather than just the suggestion you might have a drink problem.

Cat98 Fri 08-Feb-13 17:21:50

I usually have 1 - 1.5 bottles a week. I have 3 nights off. So I'm not over the weekly limit, but perhaps just over the daily limit. Does anyone know which is worse for you? Would I be better off having no nights off but less every night?

Cat98 Fri 08-Feb-13 17:22:28

Sorry- that's just out of interest; clearly the best thing would be to cut down both!

I like wine as much as the next person, so long as the next person is Wothnail grin

Withnail fucking apple predictive text

irishchic Fri 08-Feb-13 18:50:54

Around this time last year i decided to take stock of what i was drinking, as i suspected that i was slightly over the guidelines, and was also taking up sport to get fit, so just wanted to cut down really.

I had beed drinking 2 large glasses a night. When i actually converted that into units, two large glasses (175ml to 250mls) of 13 or 13.5% wine, i was actually drinking around 5 units a night, and therefore 35units a week!
I was horrified, and it really was a wake up call. I now have cut down to just a couple of glasses of 8/9% wine on a friday and sat night, or maybe a little more if i am out, but either way almost never go over 14units a week.

I found it desperately hard at first, but feel a lot healthier, more energy and better skin, and more money in my pocket, so glad i did it. Shudder to think i was actually drinking all that much for a couple of years before i caught on to it.

thebody Fri 08-Feb-13 19:05:40

Don't be silly, you don't have a problem.

Me and dh have cut down and have non drinking days sun to thurs ( occasionally a wed wobble)

So we drink fri and sat.. Life is too short to give up all vices.

I would rather bow out happy at 70 than linger in a nursing home to 90 getting frailer and confused but had lived a 'healthy life'

We all got to die so live aye!

ClippedPhoenix Fri 08-Feb-13 19:12:45

I'm with the not a problem camp here. Stuff government guidelines too.

I like a few myself wine

RoomForASmallOne Fri 08-Feb-13 19:16:11

I agree with FolkGirl and other like minded posters.

Problems with alcohol are bugger all to do with units or alcohol percentage per bottle or how many nights off you have a week.

If you can't do without it (I know you said you can OP, so doubt you are a problem drinker) then it is, or most certainly will become a problem.

frustratedashell Fri 08-Feb-13 19:21:21

I agree with thebody. And OP i dont think thats too bad, but maybe have 2 or 3 alcohol free days per week. It gives your body the chance to recover apparently. Cheers!

maleview70 Fri 08-Feb-13 20:06:21

Who gives a shit what guidelines say?

I like a drink, am never nasty with it, never get drunk and can afford it
so I don't see a problem. I probably drink 40 units a week.

Who wants to live til they are 85 anyway? Let's face it with little pension provision and rising bills, the future is very bleak for many people.


ClippedPhoenix Fri 08-Feb-13 20:10:33

We've got to go of something haven't we ay.

My mate and I are going to be mummified, placed sitting up on stone thrones no less in a mausoleum with one hand cupped for a drink to be placed in and the other with with two fingers jutting out for a fag placement.

Bliss on the other side grin

PurpleStorm Fri 08-Feb-13 21:30:18

If you can go without it, then you probably don't have a drinking dependancy problem.

Have you tried putting that to the test by changing your drinking routine and drinking less temporarily?

Can't really comment on whether the amount you drink is a problem for you because that'll depend so much on your personal metabolism, lifestyle, health and so on.

Jayne266 Mon 11-Feb-13 08:07:38

I don't think you have a problem but why does it worry you?
(do you feel it's too much has someone pointed it out to you) I would try not having any for a week and see how your mood is and how easy you find it.

scaevola Mon 11-Feb-13 08:27:56

If you're posting, perhaps it has hit a chord with you?

If so, then perhaps having two or three non-drinking days each week might make you happier.

Wishiwasanheiress Mon 11-Feb-13 09:47:51

Surely the first or only glass is ok as that's the one that's enjoyable? That's the one u taste, savour, eat with, enjoy? The next one slightly less so and so on. The amount of smokers who say the first is best! So I don't see one as an issue if u want one a night.

A bottle a night....? Different. Can't taste much after 4 glasses can u?

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