To really, really resent the "dog mess" in my neighbourhood

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whataboutbob Tue 05-Feb-13 14:00:33

There are a fair few dog owners where I live and a good proportion are responsible. However there is also an element who just do not pick up after their dog. It's not a nice topic I know, but at any one time my street and the ones around it will be sporting several samples of dog poo.
I have contacted the council who made the following points: dog wardens only operate till 5 pm (I believe the irresponsible owners come out at night, go for a little walkies around the block and then home), dog bins cost £500 each so I shouldn't expect them to be putting new ones up around my 'hood (there are a few, but not many). They could put up some more notices: you know, those little stickers threatening an £80 fine. Which everyone ignores.
Has anyone successfully mounted an anti dog fouling campaign in their neighbourhood? Do you have any tips on what I can do to reduce the problem? At this point I'd be grateful for any suggestions.

LifeofPo Tue 05-Feb-13 14:03:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

duffmiver Tue 05-Feb-13 16:24:20

You aren't being unreasonable. I have to pay £100 a year for communal Greenland only for my lovely neighbours to use it as their pooches personal crapper. I'm considering taking the babies bottom packages to deposit on the green. I wonder if anyone would object....

Ragwort Tue 05-Feb-13 16:27:42

No idea either, it is so horrible. Where we live there are volunteer 'community' dog wardens who have bright armbands and will give out doggy bags if they see any 'offenders' - however you've got to be pretty confident to do that & I am not sure it is having much effect.

Trouble is that the 'offenders' really, really don't care so any 'reasonable' request will be, at best, ignored or worse, met with a lot of abuse.

catus Tue 05-Feb-13 16:30:17

YANBU. I've moved to Marseilles a few months ago and the amount of dog poo in the streets is insane. I've never seen anything like it in England. How people here just accept it as a fact of life is a mystery to me.

deleted203 Tue 05-Feb-13 16:31:35

No, YANBU. It's horrible. I take DS to school up a little lane that is absolutely covered in dog poo at times (and considering it cuts up through the village and only leads to the village school dog owners must KNOW that the main people walking there are mums and children). We have rather fabulous signs with Tinkerbell on them which state, 'There is NO SUCH THING as the Dog Poo Fairy', which my children think are highly amusing. Doesn't stop the dog walkers though.

whataboutbob Wed 06-Feb-13 08:39:57

Thanks for your support everyone. Catus I'm part French and once considered moving to Marseille. Hadn't realised the dog poo was a big issue there! Still it's a great city in some other respects isn't it?
Like the dog poo fairy signs sowornout- I actually home made a few of my own with a blunt message on them- Hey dog walker I don't crap on your doorstep- pick up or stay out. I attached them to lamposts a week ago, at night. Within 2 hours half had been ripped down.
Yes I think most of the top offenders don't care. Sometimes I suspect they may even get a malign pleasure out of it. Maybe it's a "2 fingers to you, don't try gentrifying this area you newcomer you". Anyway I'm not going to drop it. A colleague tells me his council has giant stencils on the pavement with anti dog poo message on it. I'm going to investigate this and get back to my council.

DreamingOfTheMaldives Wed 06-Feb-13 08:55:21

Responsible dog owners pick up after their dog. The type of people who don't clean up after their dog don't give a shit (sorry) what anyone else thinks.

I saw someone allowing their dog to foul and was met with a load of abuse when I told her she should clean up and offered her a bag to do so. Her dog was going nuts at my dog, growling, and straining at its lead so I made a quick get away before my dog got attacked and I got clobbered!

There is loads of dog mess in our area but she is the only person I have ever seen leave it. I assume the people who do leave it go out early or late when it is dark

Tailtwister Wed 06-Feb-13 08:59:11

YANBU, it's vile!

Dog mess bins are extremely useful and encourage people to pick up after their animals, but I don't think they should be used by people as an excuse not to clean up after their dog. Imo, bagging shit and leaving it lying around is as bad as just leaving it. Pick up after your bloody animals and if there isn't a bin, carry it! Why should other people have to walk past your dog's excrement?

Sorry, bit of a rant there...

catus I live in Nantes and it's the same here! It's absolutely the loveliest city but the sidewalks are covered in dogshit, why why why?

(sorry for tangent OP smile bonne chance!)

werewolvesdidit Wed 06-Feb-13 09:03:45

I had to walk on the road for a long part of my journey yesterday as there was a CONTINUOUS trail of dog shit on the pavement. It makes me so sick and so angry. Utterly revolting and a nightmare when you have small kids and a pram to negotiate around it. Something needs to be done about it. I often see the dog owners round here walking their dogs late at night and I do wonder if it is them choosing to let their dogs shit in the dark so no one will see them not picking it up. If I were queen for the day, I'd shoot all of them, it makes me SO angry. Grrrrrrrrr.

Moominsarehippos Wed 06-Feb-13 09:07:35

Didn't someone go about with sparkly spraypaint and decorate poo?

No, its not 'poo' its shitty shitty shit or crap.

We have 'regular offenders' here and its not just a 'one off, oops I don't have a bag/didnt see it'. Manky sods.

catus Wed 06-Feb-13 09:11:20

Yes, Marseille is great. Wonderful weather, blue sea and beautiful scenery. But it's total chaos, and they drive like barbarians....

lazybastard Wed 06-Feb-13 09:12:28

Yanbu I hate it. If you're not prepared to pick up after your dog you shouldn't have one. It's so bad in some patches I've had to walk on the road to avoid it. 15 'deposits' had to be avoided yesterday and it was a short walk.

shinyrobot Wed 06-Feb-13 09:13:58

We have the stencils on the paths in our area, the bastards seem to make it their mission in life to get their dogs to shit directly on the image hmm Trust me, they do not work.

MrsPresley Wed 06-Feb-13 09:16:17

YANBU, it's disgusting!

Where I live, my street isn't too bad but round the corner when I'm going to the shops is terrible.

I walk in the road because it's so bad and hate going when it's dark in case I miss some.

My neighbour recently trailed it in her house after the pram went through some and she didnt notice.

Poo bags/nappy sacks/old carrier bags are easy enough to carry 2 or 3 in your bag/pocket but some people are just dirty sods and have no pride in themselves or the area they live in angry

Scootee Wed 06-Feb-13 09:18:49

Dog poo ruins entire communities. I drive short distances because it is easier than cleaning shit off my shoes and my 2 DC shoes. I don't even walk in my own community - how sad is that? I am a bit phobic of dog poo and worry about kids going blind from it. So I drive.

Lesbeadiva Wed 06-Feb-13 09:20:48

Same here. People leave shit on the path to the shops. They have the decency to bag it on the school path, but still drop it!!! angry. There is a bin in both directions so no excuse other than laziness. I hate it.

bumbez Wed 06-Feb-13 09:20:56

Could the council increase the fine ? It's a £1000 where I live, there was also a recent campaign in our area that poo can disposed of in any bin not just poo bins.

thesnowmanrocks Wed 06-Feb-13 10:03:14

Its vile. Where we park the car has a grasss verge, so everytime we get in or out have to check to make sure we are not stepping in it!
Takes two seconds to clear up, its not hard. Unfortunatly there are people who never look at the bigger picture and have consideration for others! angry

specialsubject Wed 06-Feb-13 10:08:13

Me too - I have a grass verge which is part of my property but due to the arrangement of the house, cannot be seen from inside. Apparently a lot of the locals have pet elephants, it is disgusting. Considering making it into a 'wild garden' with lots of prickly plants.

I spent a few days in the lovely city of Rouen last year. They have to wash the pavements almost daily due to the apparent rule that most French people must have a rat on a string, and that there is no need to clean up after it. Yuk.

Mamf74 Wed 06-Feb-13 10:10:05

We have loads around us, we have a huge woodland at the top of our road and it seems dog owners assume that the dogs can shit freely in the woods, and apparently on the way too.

That said, I think a lot of the "dog" poo round here is actually fox or cat poo (there seems to be an ongoing territory war between the 2 around us, which leads to them trying to out mark each other), and I have no idea where the responsibility lies for cleaning it up.

ninedragons Wed 06-Feb-13 10:10:44

This issue absolutely enrages me. We live beside a park and I've been tempted to leave notices up saying if my toddler steps in one more piece of dog shit, I'll lay rat bat under the bushes.

Four-figure fines and confiscation of dogs is the only solution.

ninedragons Wed 06-Feb-13 10:11:10

rat bait. So mad I can't even spell.

CrapBag Wed 06-Feb-13 10:14:16

I'll be watching to see of anyone has suggestions. I have this problem where I live and its fucking disgusting! Walking to school with DS and a pram trying to dodge all the shit that lazy arses can't be bothered to pick up. We also have the grass verge problem. In the road where DS's school is, there is a verge all along and I have to tell DS not to go on the grass at all as it is often full of shit.

People should have their dogs taken off them if they can't pick up. angry

Bosgrove Wed 06-Feb-13 10:15:03

We have a 15 minute walk to school, before we had gone half way this morning my 5 year old had counted 30 piles of poo on the pavement. It's really horrid. My three children have got so used to me saying mind the poo , that if my 3YO sees it first she says "I'm minding the poo, Mummy!"

If dog walkers are going to left their dog poo and no pick it up at least they could make their dog go in the gutter so I can have a week without having to clean it off shoes.

Oh and we have the stencils in our town, they don't work.

FeijoaVodkaAndCheezels Wed 06-Feb-13 10:15:24

The whole town I live in is rank. Even the so called posh bits. Well sorry posh lab crap is every bit as foul as the staffy crap in other areas.
My house backs onto a playing field which my kids can't use due to the amount of fouling, it's even in the area with play equipment. It's to the extent I take them 10 mins down the road to a cleaner park.

It is fucking vile, there are plenty of bins around, constant pleas in the local paper and yet the dirty lazy fuckers keep not cleaning up after their dogs.

It's a good thing I don't have access to a paint ball gun and a loud speaker, because I would probably get myself arrested high lighting the issue from my upstairs window!


Tryharder Wed 06-Feb-13 10:19:06

I don't think dogs should be allowed in parks or communal green spaces of any description at all, whether of not the owners pick up after them. Dogs should crap in their own back gardens or in the gutter.


aderynlas Wed 06-Feb-13 11:02:41

We have a lovely little park fenced in for the children with a large area of woodland surrounding it. Couldnt believe it when a woman went in there to chat to someone and let her dog run off and poo by the swings. No attempt to go and clean up. I m not one for confrontation, but I was just so annoyed. Went in and pointed out what her dog had done and waited till she cleaned up. Then pointed out the no dogs in park sign and suggested she should take notice. Walked home feeling abit like John Wayne, just needed a sheriff s badge.

jeee Wed 06-Feb-13 11:08:42

Most days when we're walking to school, I watch a dog having a poo. The owner stands by with a bag.... and the moment he thinks we're not watching he puts the bag back in his pocket. I'm always tempted to take a picture. But I don't want to risk a confrontation in front of the children.

I was amused by a letter to the local newspaper though. It explained how the dog poo came from the new houses.

aderynlas Wed 06-Feb-13 11:19:57

My neighbour takes a little bottle of soapy water when she walks her dog. She picks up mess then sprays the pavement clean. Wish all dog owners were like her.

BerthaKitt Wed 06-Feb-13 11:31:02

I noticed a woman with two dogs on a busy local beach last summer. She watched one of her dogs poo 50 yards or so from her, had a cursory look for it, couldn't see it so just walked off. There were children playing nearby, it was revolting. Dogs should be banned from beaches as well as parks IMHO. Even if people pick up their dogs' shit, there are still traces of it on the grass or sand that you wouldn't want to touch.

It is so nice going to the botanic gardens with my toddler as I know there will be no piles of dog shit hiding in the leaves.

thegriffon Wed 06-Feb-13 11:40:09

I always pick up my dog's poo, and often random poos from other dogs as well. I take a carrier bag to put the filled bags in.
If there's a large deposit in the middle of the path better to pick it up, even though its not my dog's, than have it spread all over the place from people walking in it.

Nancy66 Wed 06-Feb-13 11:40:54

it's definitely a problem that's getting worse.

There was a period where people mostly did seem to pick up after their dogs but now it's almost as bad as it was when i was a kid (I'm mid 40s)

Have to say the elderly seem the worst offenders

ouryve Wed 06-Feb-13 11:43:53

It is revolting. And I see plenty of the stuff under dog bins. I've been known to go out and pick up dog mess form in front of our block and put it in the dog bin 2 doors away, simply because it's easier than cleaning it off the boys' shoes and the carpet, but I can't do that for the whole village.

And you should see it when there's been snow on the ground for a couple of weeks. Ewwww.

ouryve Wed 06-Feb-13 11:45:19

And I'm hoping that the new microchipping laws will make it easier to weed out lazy dog owners.

adeucalione Wed 06-Feb-13 11:45:26

I've got a dog but always pick up, and agree with you that it's absolutely disgusting - a big problem where I live too.

I don't know what the answer is - we have loads of notices, dog poo bins and regular bins but the committed dog-shit-leaver ignores all of these.

One of my neighbours put a sign up saying he had CCTV trained onto his front garden as he was so fed up of picking up dog crap, but it made it worse.

We also had a campaign to raise awareness of the issue, and the council threatened to ban dogs from several public areas, but most dog owners I met said they would ignore any ban anyway.

The most satisfying thing I ever did was take a photo of an owner on my phone when she didn't pick up after her dog, and gave me abuse when I asked her to - I told her I was going to put posters up with her face on it, and send it to the council so that they could fine her (I didn't).

I think it's worse at this time of year because people walk their dogs in the dark before/after work and can't be bothered hunting for the crap.

ouryve Wed 06-Feb-13 11:48:18

East Yorkshire has the dog poo stencils on the pavement. Usually covered with poo.

We were in Filey (N.Yorks) last year; someone who lives there puts fluorescent mini-flags on all the dog poos left on the streets/in the parks. Not sure if it's helped to reduce the number of unwanted gifts, but it was very useful in the turd-dodging sense....

MrsBethel Wed 06-Feb-13 11:53:40

The council aren't going to do anything.

I say we need some vigilantes.

spiritedaway Wed 06-Feb-13 11:57:07

I am a dog owner. . i pick up, and on frosty days i have picked up bag fulls of random poo to clear the grassy area near school. Really not offensive when frozen. . Hope i don't come over as unhinged in any way! Anyway, i think responsible owners can help by keeping a beady eye on fellow walkers. . pointedly offering bags if they forget something or even take out your camera phone to shame them

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Wed 06-Feb-13 11:58:06

YANBU, the problem is there is nothing that can really be done apart from banning dogs from all spaces that are not privately owned by the owner

If anyone ever comes across a successful anti-dog shit campaign I would love to hear about it!

spiritedaway Wed 06-Feb-13 12:00:14

just read your post Adeu. . . nice one! Maybe we could set up a face book page to post shameful pics

spiritedaway Wed 06-Feb-13 12:01:56

colostomy bags for dogs!

YANBU. It is illegal, dangerous, disgusting and irritating. Responsible dog owners will always pick up after their dog, or train them out of the habit of crapping on walks. Those that don't do this don't deserve to own a dog.

What fucks me off is the double standard applied to cat shit, and that cat owners can't possibly be expected to keep cats inside or within an enclosed outside space, or train them to use litter trays. (Yes I'm aware this has been done to death!) It's no less disgusting or dangerous!

EasilyBored Wed 06-Feb-13 12:15:14

I really wish there was a Dog Poo Fairy. Who would pick up the poor the disckhead owners leave on the floor, and deposit it lovingly on their pillow.

happybubblebrain Wed 06-Feb-13 12:21:58

I have the same problem where I live. I know the main culprits and where they live. I have often dreamed of posting the poo back to them through their letter boxes. Or putting a "We let our dogs poo all over the street" sign on their door. I'm sure neither of these things are legal, so I haven't done them.

And, then I think about how my cat poos wherever she wants (because there is no possible way of stopping her) and think any complaint I'd make would make me a huge hypocrite.

happybubblebrain Wed 06-Feb-13 12:29:08

And last summer I went blackberry picking with dd. She asked me to pick her up to reach the highest blackberries which I did. I hadn't noticed the sloppy dog poo all over her shoes. I smelt it instantly but it was too late. It was already smeared in my hair, on both cheeks and on my jacket. I had no wipes or tissues on me. I then had a 15 minute cycle ride home covered in dog poo, wretching all the way.

I've never liked dogs.

AndBingoWasHisNameOh Wed 06-Feb-13 12:43:14

We used to have this problem. I used to consider getting a loudhailer and then follow the owners home, all the while explaining to the passing public how he lets his dog shit in pavements and not clean it up. Two outcomes from this - either their dog wouldn't crap by my house again or I'd get firebombed.

I have a friend who lives in another area and when walking to her house I am amazed by the number of people who have bagged dog poo and then leave the bag hanging on nearby railings when there are bins around. Once on a 200m set of railings I counted 6 bags. I mean you've done the manky part in picking it up just put it in the bin, we don't need dog poo decorations thanks very much.

Moominsarehippos Wed 06-Feb-13 14:21:13

Spitting is also completely revolting.

soverylucky Wed 06-Feb-13 14:24:11

I was on the beach with my children. A big dog came running over and did the most enormous poo right on the top of the sandcastle they had created. Now fair enough the owner did clean it up but he had a go at me for saying "yuk that is gross". We moved our stuff. Even though the crap was gone you knew it had just been there.

soverylucky Wed 06-Feb-13 14:26:12

There is a town in Germany where each dog is chipped and DNA tested. In order to own a dog you must do this. You must pay for this. Any shite that is found in street is DNA tested and the owner is identified. I dream that one day this system comes over here.
We will look back in the future with complete horror that we allowed dog mess in the street, that we tolerated it, in much the same way we look back in horror at the emptying of chamber pots in the street in Tudor times.

Moominsarehippos Wed 06-Feb-13 14:44:05

People pissing/shitting/ puking in the street too! Please, keep your bodily evacuations to yourself!

Fabsmum Wed 06-Feb-13 14:48:08

"There is a town in Germany where each dog is chipped and DNA tested. In order to own a dog you must do this. You must pay for this. Any shite that is found in street is DNA tested and the owner is identified."

YES! to this.

It's TERRIBLE in my area. I do a 500 yard school run, and have to dodge 7 or 8 fresh shits every morning. The thing that infuriates me is that it's the same small number of owners walking this route and not picking up their dogs' crap day in and day out.

I'm thinking of becoming a shit vigilante - hiding in my car, filming people doing it, posting it on Youtube, then putting posters up with the link all over the area, so people can see who's doing it. Then maybe posting the dog owners' addresses so people can return their shit to them through the letterbox, if they feel like it.

Fabsmum Wed 06-Feb-13 14:50:32

Although I have to confess I once took my own dog to a dog friendly beach - she ran straight into the sea, drank 2 pints of sea water, and then had explosive liquid shits within about 4 minutes which were completely impossible to clear up properly. blush blush blush

NiniLegsInTheAir Wed 06-Feb-13 15:51:14

A month or so ago someone let their dog shit on the pavement between my front gate and my car's passenger side door (on-street parking). There was a whole trail of it about a foot long. It was so disgusting.

For some time afterwards I had to grab my quick running toddler every morning as she bolted out, and had to move the car back a few feet so I could get the door open without having to step through the offending crap.

It was such an epic dump it took several rain showers to wash it all away angry

Someone upthread mentioned cat poo - I've never seen a cat take a dump in the middle of a pavement before.

It is terrible in my area too - we do the school run and our entire conversation is 'mind the poo'

I love the German idea.

I thought about setting up a doggilante account on twitter a bit like everyday sexism but where people report sightings of crappy dog owners. But then I realised they would only inundate me with their crap...

Fabsmum, do it!

EasilyBored Wed 06-Feb-13 16:12:08

I do a very cheerful but FIRM 'would you like a poo bag?!?!?!' when I see owners trying to walk off and leave their poo. I hope that if I say it loud enough I can try and shame people into picking it up.

HappyJoyful Wed 06-Feb-13 16:12:44

YANBU - in the words of my 2 year "YUCK, dirty, dirty, disgusting people' (Don't know where she's learnt that!)

I find myself rooted to the spot ready to rant if I see one of the culprits.

Have recently got involved in a local 'Friends of group' to improve our local recreation ground - at a meeting the other evening comments were made about the dog poo tree, so people put it in a bag then throw it into a tree, what the fcuk ??!

Horrid buggers and we've plenty of bins and useless dog wardens too. Arggh..

Meglet Wed 06-Feb-13 16:29:58

Yanbu. I HATE it. I also hate having to bellow at the children to dodge it on the paths, it has got worse in the last few years.

I saw a skanky owner let his dog poo on the path the other day but couldn't say anything as I had the kids with me. He would have been the type to kick off if I spoke to him about it.

whataboutbob Wed 06-Feb-13 16:55:52

Wow! This thread was a bit slow to get started and i thought maybe the subject was so gross no one wanted to comment. Thanks for all the posts. Sorry to hear the stencils don't make much difference. The ultimate has to be the German approach I'd just LOVE it if it was adopted here. Maybe there could also be some kind of consciousness raising by bodies such as Battersea dogs home. If you're going to hand over a dog you could try and educate the new owners. Of course that would be useless if the dogs are obtained as puppies from friends etc. There was something on the news about making it a legal requirement in 2016 (or such like) for all dogs to be microchipped. Maybe that would be an opportunity for DNA sampling to come in. It will probably take pressure from the public but I think if people get organised, there's obviously a groundswell of feeling on this, we can make a difference.

missrlr Wed 06-Feb-13 17:32:53

I have named and shamed on occasion and had the abuse and harassment that follows with it. Now I photograph (zoom is a brilliant invention) and send to local dog warden. There are 2 serial offenders near me, both with multiple dogs and kids, who really ought to know better! I have a dog, have had for years and I clear up - along with many deposits as I don't like walking in it.
The law abiding owners amongst us will resent the fees for regulation when what is needed is proper dog wardens who work hours which are commiserate with the job required. Like so many other functions in society ....

ClippedPhoenix Wed 06-Feb-13 17:36:39

This is a huge bug bear of mine too OP. I'ts bloody disgusting.

When my DS was little he came back from the park 9 times out of 10 with dog shite on this footwear. There is an area for dogs to do their business but do many people use it? No they don't, grrrrrrr.

OTTMummA Wed 06-Feb-13 17:49:41

I wish you could rub their filthy, lazy noses in it. Dirty beggars!

KatyTheCleaningLady Wed 06-Feb-13 17:59:01

Perhaps the answer would be to form a large civil army of dog-poo-picker-uppers. Dozens of them in every town, patrolling all the streets 'round the clock and picking up poo before it's even had the time to stop steaming.

Their wages could be paid for by dog licenses at least as hefty as the TV license. There could be a discount if you have your dog neutered or spayed. The poop patrol would have the right to scan microchips on every dog they see. Any dog that pops up late on its yearly license is immediately confiscated and destroyed.

Consils Wed 06-Feb-13 17:59:09

We have a village magazine that regularly contains a little local quiz. For example, it described a village oldtimer and entrants have to guess who it is. Last time this was won by the person describred. My latest idea is a light hearted quiz to match the dog poo with the village dog. I know that I would recognise my own dog's poo in this competition.

I am convinced that the most regular offenders are the dogs belonging to the local hospital chaplain and the poos are huge. There are plenty of dog poo bins round here and there is no excuse at all. I pick up the huge ones but that is only because I would otherwise tread in them.

I am thinking along the lines of having a picture of all the dogs in the village and a corresponding line of pictures of poos.

My dog has a chronic condition which means she can only eat low protein prescription dog poos and she is attracted to eating other poos which is dangerous for her. I know she is only a dog but it means that I have to be extra vililant that she does not eat the shitzu poo.

I am sure that I know the worst offenders and I know the poo, too.

My dog's poo is like a very fat worm and it wouldn't make it into the competition. The DNA test sounds brilliant.

Consils Wed 06-Feb-13 18:02:22

she can only eat low protein food, not low protein dog poos. Eating poo could sent her blind and into a coma again. Thanks.

Instructionsfordancing Wed 06-Feb-13 18:11:53

I hate people who don't clear up after there pooches - its completely irresponsible dog ownership (as is bagging and decorating trees with it!??)
I always go out prepared with plenty of bags but admit I've been caught out before and sacrificed my gloves 2 wrap up and bin the offending item! sad

MadameOvary Wed 06-Feb-13 18:17:22

YANBU. The only thing worse than the sight of dogshit is the inevitable smearing of it all along the pavement in the following days angry
I have bought latex gloves and am considering using them the next time I find some mutt's crap left by their lazy bastard owners in the middle of the fucking pavement. Aaaaargh!

AllDirections Wed 06-Feb-13 18:24:39

happybubblebrain angry angry angry I can't find the words to say what I want to say

It's really bad where I live too, we do the dog poo dance all the way to school every day

EndoplasmicReticulum Wed 06-Feb-13 18:41:54

We counted five separate dollops on the five minute walk to school yesterday, including one right outside the school gates. My sons are discouraged from going on the verge too. And yes, I think it's the late night sneaky dog-empty that's the problem.

(Can I say "dog-shit DNA database" once more?)

CruCru Wed 06-Feb-13 18:47:23

It's got much worse on my street. Love the German idea.

Also, I don't know if it's true but someone once told me that dogs were banned within 4 miles of towns in Iceland (poo freezes and then all thaws at once).

DyeInTheEar Wed 06-Feb-13 19:24:22

I can't tell you how much I hate it. It's everywhere on our street. I've given up giving dirty looks to dog owners as they are so aggressive and someone spat all over my car after I asked someone to put it in the bin.

whataboutbob Wed 06-Feb-13 20:16:55

Right we have some ideas here. It seems there's a consensus that consciousness raising, education etc is slow at best and probably doesn't work as those who don't pick up are a self selected group who don't care. The best deterrent is a real financial punishement. The only likely way to do this is by microchipping and DNA testing. But maybe a kind of citizen's patrol, organised and backed up by the council and with powers to impose fines could also work? I'm not a lawyer but it seems that whatever it is, it's going to take some legislation to change behaviours.

loverofwine Wed 06-Feb-13 20:32:35

I am like some crazed harpy when I spot dog poo on the school run/out and about with the kids. I scream loudly "WATCH OUT .DOG POO " and the kids look alarmed and shuffle past. I don't see much above floor level and live in constant fear of the kids stepping in it.

I think all offending owners should be shot. That would soon stop them.

tazzle22 Wed 06-Feb-13 20:49:21

I have two dogs but pick up all poo that emanates from their behinds ..... and I detest the owners that do not pick up after their pooches.

I think that german town has a great idea.. chipping and dna.

I dont know how its financed and that would be the problem....... just the same as with licences in the past ( I had one when they were required) The good and law abiding owners will comply and pay out money that is actually providing a "service" they will not benefit from in any way ........ its kinda penalising the wrong people !!!!. The ones that dont pay the licence / ship and dna the dogs will carry on getting off scott free unless its "policed" in that wardens / volunteers can go round and randomly check all dogs for chips to ensure they dna filed .???

Sounds like a good idea in principle....... would be interesting .. but in these austeres times would it be found too expensive to start it up ?

DyeInTheEar Wed 06-Feb-13 20:49:39

My council tried to do something about it through dog poo patrols and fines but were roundly criticised (in daily mail and local press) for wasting huge amounts of money on the project. I fully supported it though though thought the £50 fine wasn't high enough. If they'd hung around on my street for a week and fined £500 they'd have been cost effective.

I've spoken to my council arguing if they can't prevent dog owners they must cure through regular street cleaning. I think part of the problem is dog owners see 4 bits of dog mess and think "ahh well, one more won't make any difference". There's a zero tolerance to fly tipping and graffiti - the same should apply to dog poo. Drives me absolutely nuts that nothing is done about it and that we tolerate it. I wouldn't let my toddler poo on the street. Councils need to get tough. The Government could fund a national campaign - an advertising campaign shaming dog owners and pointing out the health risks would be a start.

Apparently it's the most complained about thing to local councils.... am sure I've signed an epetition to get it debated in parliament at some point. I actually find it depressing going out with my DCs and buggy trying to dodge it all - and in the summer it's retch making.

Ilovemydogandmydoglovesme Wed 06-Feb-13 21:14:37

Where we used to live we had a neighbour with an elderly cat. It didn't roam very far, usually as far as our garden where it would leave piles of shit everywhere. My dh, without any shame, would throw it back into the neighbours garden every time. Then they got a litter tray and the pooing stopped. grin

Ilovesunflowers Wed 06-Feb-13 21:28:00

I haven't read the whole thread so this may already have been mentioned but you can report dog fouling on this website

I did that for my street and they emailed me to say it will be cleared up soon. They also gave advice about where to report someone to if you know who is leaving the sh1t. Unfortunately I don't know who is doing it on my street.

YANBU. It is absolutely gross and the people who do it should be disgusted with themselves. Don't get a dog if you won't pick up the mess.

ToothGah Wed 06-Feb-13 21:42:32

Where I live, you can report the dog owner if you have a description of them, the dog, and when you saw them fail to clean up etc and action can be taken against them.

Councils would love to install hundreds of dog poo bins for people to use, but as pointed out they are expensive - plus you then need the staff to empty them regularly. The same for streetcleaning, you're talking hundreds of miles of pavements in an average town, let alone a borough, district or county - they can't clean everywhere regularly enough with the resources the council has.

Personally I hate the gimmicky spraying of dog poo/anti dog poo slogans on pavements, to me they just look graffiti themselves and I'd rather not see them.

Disgusting dog owners being reported and named and shamed is what we need. Good luck OP! smile

dayshiftdoris Wed 06-Feb-13 23:27:18

I have to ask this... are you 'allowed' to put dog poo (bagged) in a normal waste bin?

Had funny looks when I have in the absence of a dog poo bin

I always pick up tho I was once at a regular dog walking haunt desperate scrambling round for where my dog had done her business and was told by fellow dog walker not to bother as it wasnt the done thing to pick up at this particular area shock... kids are often down there on bikes / people with prams, etc
(I managed to locate it by the power of steam in the end!)

Nagoo Thu 07-Feb-13 01:16:58

It has definitely got worse in the last year. I don't know why, but it has. It's like the 1980s.

Moominsarehippos Thu 07-Feb-13 16:39:15

I hate it when they actually do bother to bag the poo... then either leave it next to a tree or decorate a nearby bush with all the pretty little baggies.

FeijoaVodkaAndCheezels Fri 08-Feb-13 11:04:50

Oh Moomins don't get me started in the leaving a bagged poo behind! Fouling and littering all in one go. Bleurgh!

CruCru Fri 08-Feb-13 13:25:47

Awesome sunflowers, I've just reported the dog shit in my street. Thanks!

Pendeen Fri 08-Feb-13 15:58:40

"There is a town in Germany where each dog is chipped and DNA tested. In order to own a dog you must do this. You must pay for this. Any shite that is found in street is DNA tested and the owner is identified."

Well good news - it's going to happen here in the UK, the the first stage is coming soon: mandatory dog microchip

Scootee Fri 08-Feb-13 18:07:06

I wish I lived in that town in Germany - genius.

soverylucky Fri 08-Feb-13 18:18:26

You could pay to have the chip and test done. Flat fee of say 100 quid. Then the fines are going to be massive. £1000 for leaving your steamy mess of crap on the road/pavement etc. I reckon with the knowledge that you are going to get caught would stop people doing this. It isn't just horrible people who let their dog do this. I have seen posh looking people do it.
Now the pcos could be given a wand that they carry around with them. Surely the technology is there for a wand the size of a torch? As they walk the street they randomly wave it at passing dogs and it will buzz if there is a chip. No buzz - then the dog is taken off the people. They have to pay a fine to get the dog back and to get the DNA test done. I know some will still flout the rules just like any law but I think it would make a serious amount of difference. The money could come from the money that they council spend cleaning the stuff up.

soverylucky Fri 08-Feb-13 18:18:53

I meant pcso not pcos!

DizzyZebra Fri 08-Feb-13 18:28:51

YANBU. I have a dog and its fucking annoying that we ALWAYS make sure he is cleaned up after, Only to take my toddler out and end up cleaning someone elses dogs shit off her shoes.

Lack of mess bins aren't an excuse IMO. More wouldn't solve it. They're just lazy arses and can't be arsed to do anything.

larahusky Fri 08-Feb-13 20:33:33

I have a dog and always clean up her mess.

I also have 2 cats who go outside but have a litter tray to poo in. And yet I am constantly clearing my garden of neighbours' cats' poos. I think it is such a horrible thing that as your cat grows up, you take away its litter tray so it can go and mess up your and other people's gardens.

Notcontent Fri 08-Feb-13 21:50:23

I live in North London and the amount of poo around here is shocking. My council had a campaign recently to improve things but it has made no difference. It's horrible. And I speak as a dog owner.

DyeInTheEar Fri 08-Feb-13 22:13:43

I have to ask this... are you 'allowed' to put dog poo (bagged) in a normal waste bin?

when I complained to the council that there wasn't a bin for dog owners to put poo bags in - they installed a normal bin. I'm not sure all dog owners realise this and expect to see a dog waste bin. I honestly think there needs to be a national advertising campaign. Like there used to be for litter in the 80s.

I absolutely hate the people who leave their dog's shit, makes my blood boil. Particularly near schools, play parks and football fields.

We recently got a rescue pooch - I am at home with her, she gets out regularly into the garden and at least two walks a day, she usually craps in the back garden - not when we are out walking. But when I am out with her it is such a job constantly watching out for shit so we can both avoid it and walking to school I am constantly telling my children to avoid the dog crap.

If one dog owner let's their dog shit on a pavement/ verge every day then it soon builds up. We usually have three piles of shit to avoid on one side of our street, more on the way to school.

I reckon these dogs are so desperate to crap when they get out, they are shitting close to home, because they are in all day long - I never see it happening because it obviously happens at night/early morning. Or people drive the dog to the park, again the dog is desperate to crap, car park right beside play area/ football field dog craps as soon as it gets out of the car - all these kids playing football and their ball going in dog shit angry.

It only takes a few very irresponsible owners for the shit to build up, disgusting. If only there was a way to shame, or make these people pay. Like the DNA idea.

Did anyone see Kevin McLeod picking up dog shit on C4 programme when he built his shed - to create gas for fuel? I think towns could make gas - dog owner puts shit in bin, gets 10p per shit (maybe that is too much but you get the idea) from the dog poo collection machine... Then the town can have one street light fuelled by dog shit - dogs get to pee on lamp post their shit powers!?

Larahusky we have a cat, who always had access to litter tray but chose to go outside, her litter was always clean, she just preferred using my neighbours very weed free verge with little box hedges ( she did bury her crap though) but I was blush, we moved, she refuses to go out now, so I just have neighbours' cat crap, but it isn't anywhere near as bad as dog shit absolutely everywhere. Once scenic walks with dog shit, beaches with dog shit, parks with dog shit, pavements with dog shit- it is bad - sorry rant over!

cerealqueen Fri 08-Feb-13 23:16:45

YANBU, though where we live a lot of it is down to foxes. We had a fox shit in a milk bottle once.

dayshiftdoris Sat 09-Feb-13 00:38:49

There is a lot of Fox Poo round here and cat poo... How do I know?

Well my Jack Russell loves to roll in fox offerings and eat cat offerings...

Who needs DNA testing - she'll sort the shit for free!

whataboutbob Sat 09-Feb-13 20:39:27

Once again thanks everyone for your contributions. I am going to contact my MP and ask her if parliament is going to look at the DNA thing. Clearly the issue is something people feel strongly about and it blights neighbourhoods and has an impact on quality of life.I ll post again when I get answers.

cerealqueen Sun 10-Feb-13 23:42:46

In the olden days dog poo was white, so at least you knew it was dog poo!

Good luck with your MP.

happymuddyboys Mon 11-Feb-13 00:38:12

I would happily pay towards the german idea and I am a non-dog owner! Let's campaign for it through mumsnet power.

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