To buy myself a colouring book?

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TheCunnyFuntIsAGrittersWife Sat 12-Jan-13 22:23:05

I used to love doing them as a kid! I quite miss them to be honest. I'm itching to get one and dig out some crayons grin

Should I?

KenDoddsDadsDog Sat 12-Jan-13 22:23:44

Yes go for it !!

OddBoots Sat 12-Jan-13 22:23:52

If you want to then do it, it's not like it's an expensive hobby. smile

AliceWChild Sat 12-Jan-13 22:24:13

Yes! I've done them as an adult

BrianCoxandTheTempleofDOOM Sat 12-Jan-13 22:24:44

I love colouring in, it is so easy and theraputic.

I have been known to sneak a go of DD's Bumper Colouring book from time to time (normally when she's in bed) grin

discorabbit Sat 12-Jan-13 22:24:56

ozzy osbourne does this doesn't he. grin

boxoftricks Sat 12-Jan-13 22:25:12
Geekster Sat 12-Jan-13 22:25:29

YANBU go for it.

sausagesandwich34 Sat 12-Jan-13 22:27:00

I got one for christmas from my sister and some felt tip pens which I am allowed to use on the sofa!!!

I was thrilled

BsshBossh Sat 12-Jan-13 22:27:55

I love colouring in too - very meditative. You can get lovely colouring books for older children/adults eg geometric patterns, intricate flowers, Picasso paintings (I bought a bunch in both the Tate Modern and Foyles bookshop in London).

MikeLitoris Sat 12-Jan-13 22:28:05

Dd1 has a beatiful colouring book of fairies.

I bought her a few from the works for christmas.

Use pencils instead of crayons. Less likely to go outside the lines grin

discorabbit Sat 12-Jan-13 22:28:46

does anyone remember big geometic prints that we coloured in in the 70s? they came in tubes?

My mum got me one for Christmas!!

YorkshireDeb Sat 12-Jan-13 22:29:55

It's so relaxing. I'm sure if everyone did a bit of colouring in the world would be a happier place! X

TheCunnyFuntIsAGrittersWife Sat 12-Jan-13 22:30:33

Slightly disappointed it isn't rude blush

I was actually thinking of this one.

50shadesofpink Sat 12-Jan-13 22:30:57

Exactly what Briancox said!

I love colouring and am often found with the DD's colouring books! Very therapeutic!

MinnieBar Sat 12-Jan-13 22:34:16

Threads like this someone always links to this kind of thing

MikeLitoris Sat 12-Jan-13 22:36:04

Why did I clink that link??

Some mightily odd folk in this world.

exexpat Sat 12-Jan-13 22:37:15

Doodle Designs do lots of fairly grown-up colouring books, eg Impressionists, stained glass, garden designs etc - assuming you'd like something more complicated than Disney princesses?

DD also has some fairly sophisticated ones we found at HobbyCraft - Japanese woodblock prints and that sort of thing.

exexpat Sat 12-Jan-13 22:39:39

Or this botanical patterns one looks rather good.

TheCunnyFuntIsAGrittersWife Sat 12-Jan-13 22:41:19

I have ordered the horse one I linked to, can't wait until it's here! grin

Fakebook Sat 12-Jan-13 22:44:20

Yanbu. I did some colouring in with dd today. Then we decorated the hats we'd coloured in with stickers. It's very therapeutic IMO.

tiredoftrying Sat 12-Jan-13 22:44:28

I do them now an then ,love it till my kids find an take over then that's it I have to think about another lol ,its not the same when someone else has done a few pics in it

pointythings Sat 12-Jan-13 23:01:49

I love colouring in and bought myself a stained glass patterned book in August - I borrow the DDs posh artist standard felt tips and add in special effect with Crayola Glitter Gel pens (these are brilliant, superb coverage, very smooth and last forever.

It's a form of meditation to me!

YANBU at all. I love doodling/colouring. Used to love those pattern books and still yearn for the giant colouring posters which came in a tube - we had some amazing ones and they were big enough to fit about 8 kids around at once, on a table in the garden!

FaceLikeAPickledOnion Sat 12-Jan-13 23:09:04

Mum has to buy us one every year, the year she didn't hell broke lose, she hasn't not bought us one since.

McPhee Sat 12-Jan-13 23:10:46

Now I want a colouring book envy

I also want sex, but that's a total thread crossover grin

shellshock7 Sat 12-Jan-13 23:11:26

YANBU! my DSILgot me one for Xmas last year as I always colour in with her 3 DS when I'm with them grin

Can't wait for my DS to be old enough.....anyone remember them mosaic sticker books? I'm hoping they're knocking abt in a few years too wink

ZooAnimals Sat 12-Jan-13 23:12:19

I love colouring in. Do it.

Love colouring, but has to be with nice crayons!

TheCunnyFuntIsAGrittersWife Sat 12-Jan-13 23:14:59
Nightsdawn Sat 12-Jan-13 23:17:31

Apparently buying your gf(now wife) a colouring book and pencils to keep her happy while you play Eve Online is considered bad. I so I am told. Often.

shellshock7 Sat 12-Jan-13 23:17:57

Yep! Being a kid was boss.... Being a mum is too grin

mosaic sticker books!!!

God I had totally forgotten about those, loved them.

Meant to say... will that do for you McPhee? grin

sleepyhead Sat 12-Jan-13 23:25:39

Anyone remember the Altair pattern books?

I'm gonna get me one grin. I used to spend hours with these.

exexpat Sat 12-Jan-13 23:26:23

...and when you get bored of colouring-in, there are paper dress-up doll books for grown-ups too. Eg, Adele, Blondie, Rihanna etc.

TheCunnyFuntIsAGrittersWife Sat 12-Jan-13 23:26:40

Should I know who Ryan Gosling is? confused

ihearsounds Sat 12-Jan-13 23:28:31

Have a look on google images. I often print off something to colour in.

HazeltheMcWitch Sat 12-Jan-13 23:28:50

McPhee Sat 12-Jan-13 23:10:46
^Now I want a colouring book
I also want sex, but that's a total thread crossover^

McPhee - there is a sort of half way house for you, here

TheCunnyFuntIsAGrittersWife Sat 12-Jan-13 23:29:53

I don't have a printer, or a computer either sad

shellshock7 Sat 12-Jan-13 23:30:08

Yeah sleepy loved all this shit grin

Are you kidding? I do colouring in for a living, it's awesome!

You can print off loads of colouring in sheets online too. You just can't seem to find those jumbo cheap-as-chips colouring in books that we had as kids anymore.

RibenaFiend Sat 12-Jan-13 23:30:50

YANBU At all!!!

My best friend buys me colouring books and I LOVE them! I have an unnatural obsession with stationary. Nothing makes me find my calm place more than just sharpened pencils and a fresh page so GO FOR IT! I find it very very calming grin

Actor who was in Drive, among other films. Very easy on the eye smile

HazeltheMcWitch Sat 12-Jan-13 23:31:39



Seemingly no cocks though? Not on Amazon, anyway

ihearsounds Sat 12-Jan-13 23:34:25

Found one Hazel smile

TheCunnyFuntIsAGrittersWife Sat 12-Jan-13 23:34:30

Never heard of Drive blush is it an old thing? It might've been before my time.

shellshock7 Sat 12-Jan-13 23:34:43

blottedcopybook dunno where they're from, but my DNs colouring books are like the ones when I was a kid...I'm 33?

ihearsounds Sat 12-Jan-13 23:37:32

The ones we had when we were a kid can be bought from £1 shops or similar.. But not the big chains, has to be independents. Usually hidden under piles of other books.. They also do the tubes from time to time as well.

TheCunnyFuntIsAGrittersWife Sat 12-Jan-13 23:38:25

Blotted we have cheap shop in town, you walk in and it's like stepping back into the 90's! I think they have the big bumper ones.

Binkybix Sat 12-Jan-13 23:41:20
MarianneM Sat 12-Jan-13 23:41:33

I was going to say try this but somebody beat me to it!

I have an Altair Design book, stashed upstairs, and a packet of felt tips, and they are mine and Not To Be touched by anyone but me blush

wonderstuff Sat 12-Jan-13 23:45:27

Its amazing how many cool kids things I had forgotten about - colouring in is lovely - I am also considering getting myself some lego, I love lego, dd is not quite old enough for it yet. I think IKEA furniture is sort of like lego for grown ups - but we really don't need anymore flat pack furniture! Swings are great too - I had totally forgotten how cool being on a swing was.

sleepyhead Sat 12-Jan-13 23:46:47

I also want these.

They were the best coloured pencils, much coveted, when I was about 10. Can't remember what the best felt tips were, but I could go a pack of gel pens.

I bought this for my daughter and it's braw, some colouring pages, some half-finished pages which you need to design, some blank pages. Brilliant fun. I now give these out for birthday presents all the time. For the kids friends, obviously...

bootsycollins Sun 13-Jan-13 00:04:59

I was wistfully eyeing up the Crayola felt tips in a shop last week, this thread has given me the strength to make that purchase, how can it be wrong when it feels so right?. I'm actually craving a girls doodle book (I have one that belonged to dd stashed away somewhere but now it's MINE all MINE) and a lovely brand new set of quality felt tips. I might go really crazy and upgrade to a groovy pencil case too, stationary is sooooooo addictive (also suffer from gift wrap and card for every occasion addiction).

Last year I tried painting by numbers, it was shit, I prefer the instant gratification of colouring in. This is where it gets creepy though, I am quite happy to colour in in the comfort of my own home surrounded by the people that love me but I would never colour in in public (unless accompanied by a child).

Anyone remember those Berol felt tip pens from the 80's? I had a stash of them at my Grandmas house, I'm pretty sure she used them when I wasn't there for her own depraved colouring book sessions. In fact she probably just used me as a front, that would explain why the sacred Berol pens were kept at her house.

One of the toddler groups I go to has berol felt tips. I love doing a picture there.

Theres nowt wrong with colouring.

KenAdams Sun 13-Jan-13 00:27:13

I have a colouring in app.

I always wanted this, despite never studying medicine

Binfullofresolutionsfor10thjan Sun 13-Jan-13 00:41:16

Thank you for this thread! The Altair book. Oh, the excitement of getting a new one from Smiths! Starting a fresh pattern....<<shivers>>

I had a huge pack of felt tips, wide plastic holder with built in carry handle.

Every summer we had a poster in a tube. Some were quite amusing cartoons, like a beach or fairground scene with comic antics. DB and I would spend hours on them.

LadyBeagleEyes Sun 13-Jan-13 00:50:28

You are so not BU, Op.
It's been a long time since we had colouring in books in this house, ds is a six foot 17 year old teenager now.
But it was so lovely and calming.
Maybe I should invest, though not crayons, I loved those multipack colouring pencils.
<sighs, happy days>

bootsycollins Sun 13-Jan-13 01:06:04

Just been mooching on eBay at Berol pens, think I might need fine and thick. I want pencils too!. It's a slippery slope.

MammaTJ Sun 13-Jan-13 06:00:28

The Altair books were a feature of my childhood. My DM used to buy them, pretend they were for us then steal them and colour them herself!!

Molehillmountain Sun 13-Jan-13 07:41:42

I'm itching to buy berol felt tips for our house, but I am waiting for them all to be good enough with pens not to get them on their clothes-crayola actually are washable!

LaTrucha Sun 13-Jan-13 07:47:10

If you have a suitable age child get one of these and you can do it together. They're big enough for two to colour one page. DD (5) and DS (2) and I have spent many a happy hour. (As longs as DS doesn't go over the dark colours with a light one...)

CabbageLooking Sun 13-Jan-13 07:51:53

Should not have opened this thread. Can't bring myself to buy one as DH will laugh at me but I want one (especially the cool geometric patterns).

Allinonebucket Sun 13-Jan-13 07:52:14

I bought a colouring in book for Christmas for my teenage niece who always stays at the table longer than the children she is 'helping'. I hope she isn't offended by it! I chose this one:

fluffacloud Sun 13-Jan-13 08:01:42

After reading this thread I ordered a grown up colouring book and pencils from Amazon. I had to stop myself from spending £4 on express delivery, I want it now

I got my Grandma a starter set of Lego for Christmas this year, it was her favourite gift by far!

Glittertwins Sun 13-Jan-13 08:02:03

Another one for Altair books, I loved them. Can you still get them?

fuzzpig Sun 13-Jan-13 08:09:24

I am so happy to see this thread! I feel so at home grin

I have done (with her blessing I might add!) a bit of DD's Christmas colouring pattern book which is gorgeous.

She also got a set of 3 nature colouring books including this (also butterflies and flowers) which are absolutely lovely but they haven't been touched yet.

I like crayola supertips.

fuzzpig Sun 13-Jan-13 08:11:31

Fluffa - after seeing how much DH enjoyed the Lego the DCs were given by a friend at Xmas, I have ordered him a lord of the rings set for his birthday next week grin

Binkybix Sun 13-Jan-13 08:12:27

Does anyone remember fluff it pens, where you would write an material and it would puff up and be permanent?

KenDoddsDadsDog Sun 13-Jan-13 08:16:47

Glittertwins Yes!

fuzzpig Sun 13-Jan-13 08:17:42

Don't remember them.

I used to absolutely love the special crayola pens called 'overwriters' and 'changeables' but you can't get them any more sad (I even emailed crayola about it...)

MousyMouse Sun 13-Jan-13 08:23:39

I have a very old one from when I was a child.
I use some the designs as templates when painting or other crafts.

Glittertwins Sun 13-Jan-13 08:27:42

I'm tempted. I'd need to keep it and any pens away from the DCs!

Piemistress Sun 13-Jan-13 08:35:17

I saw a fab big cardboard tent play house you could colour in think it was from Lidl?

Colouring pencils or pens?

TheCunnyFuntIsAGrittersWife Sun 13-Jan-13 08:39:03
Glossynotflossy Sun 13-Jan-13 08:47:44

binkybix yes i owned fluff it pens anx spent many an hour with a hair dryer getting them to fluff up.

Binkybix Sun 13-Jan-13 08:49:10

Ah yes, I'd forgotten the hair dryer stage!

ive got fluffit pens in my house right now!

father christmas (dm) still brings me colouring books. sometimes its hello kitty but this year it was colouring for grown ups grin

Glossynotflossy Sun 13-Jan-13 09:06:17

Wow so they still exist!iff to google.

Binkybix Sun 13-Jan-13 09:09:58

Awesome! I couldn't find any on doing a quick google but will try to locate some in the shops next weekend. And a mosaic sticker book.

I'd forgotten how much I love colouring. Have brought two adult colouring books and some berol pens grin

Piemistress Sun 13-Jan-13 10:16:15

Mosaic sticker books! I used to love them! I think jigsaws and colouring in books are my new stress busters!

LittleMissFantabulous Sun 13-Jan-13 10:19:27

Berol pens are the business! I have a stash of them. The older spawns are gutted that I will not share. They regularly try to con me into loaning them a black one, as theirs are inevitably broken. I laugh and refuse. Mine! Mine I tell you mine!

firawla Sun 13-Jan-13 10:22:14

I have a colouring book and it is this, I was really getting tempted by all dses doodle books so got my own

fuzzpig Sun 13-Jan-13 10:26:18

Does anyone else get upset/frustrated if the pictures don't have closed lines?

Or is that just me blush

fuzzpig Sun 13-Jan-13 10:27:47

I think I may have had a mosaic sticker book but I'm not sure. I may have to get one. You know, just to check.

I also had some sand art thing where you peeled off the sticker and sprinkled sand over it, one bit at a time.

BrandonFlowersHoHoHo Sun 13-Jan-13 10:37:28


I love the geometric patterns and Crayola felt tip pens. Hate when dd tries to 'help' me and goes out the lines, I'm screaming inside.

My secret santa at work bought me colouring books and pens. My desk is decorated with beautiful geometric patterns.

BrandonFlowersHoHoHo Sun 13-Jan-13 10:37:28


I love the geometric patterns and Crayola felt tip pens. Hate when dd tries to 'help' me and goes out the lines, I'm screaming inside.

My secret santa at work bought me colouring books and pens. My desk is decorated with beautiful geometric patterns.

Jbck Sun 13-Jan-13 10:58:40

DDs have had some lovely stuff from SIL in Oz by a company called Smiggle, I did hope she'd send me some for Xmas as I enthused over their stuff so much during the summer but sadly not.
Just have to get myself some of the recommendations on here, I love a fine nibbed gel pen since I discovered them for intricate work, till then I was strictly a pencil girl.
When DD1 was little we had colouring time together but our books and pencils were separate and woe betide if she helped with mine grin

NaicePig Sun 13-Jan-13 11:03:06

YES FUZZPIG I REMEMBER OVERWRITERS! Is it a pig thing? I'd forgotten about them until you just said it! And and and there was the pen and the overwriter pen which was clear but the purple one would go green and the pink one would go purple and it was the best thing EVER. Why did they stop making them?

Children today will never know that joy sad

P.S. grin that you emailed Crayola, you nutter grin

fuzzpig Sun 13-Jan-13 11:05:36

What can I say, I'm a nostalgia pig grin

TheCunnyFuntIsAGrittersWife Sun 13-Jan-13 11:06:31

I remember overwriters too! Weren't they double ended pens or something?

On reading this thread i going to order two adult colouringbooks i would like felt tips but wonder which ones to get the expenise gel pens on offer at amozaon look good anyone got any ideas. My dp think i am having a funny turn but thought why not just imagine dp playing his facebook game and me colouring in in the eveing

TheCunnyFuntIsAGrittersWife Sun 13-Jan-13 11:12:33

I can imagine sales of colouring books are now shooting up through the roof and hundreds of mumsnetters are now eagerly awaiting their delivieries grin

GoAndDoSomeWork Sun 13-Jan-13 11:15:03

My daughter has these - have shared them with many an amazed child on train journeys! Diddl/Diddlina Magic Felt Tip Pens
by Diddl & Friends

GoAndDoSomeWork Sun 13-Jan-13 11:17:56

Also for dot-to-dot fans - can you tell I am taking job of mother to 6 year old girl very seriously - sometimes I even let her have a go wink

NaicePig Sun 13-Jan-13 11:19:00

Hey, that's them! That's overwriters! AAAAAG!

fuzzpig Sun 13-Jan-13 11:20:07

GoAnd! Thank you so much for that link grin

fuzzpig Sun 13-Jan-13 11:26:35

Xpost - you've made two pigs very happy, goand smile

For anyone who likes logic puzzles, I recommend puzzles like hanjie, enigma and mosaic which involve colouring in squares. You can get books of them in WHSmiths but my favourite is Beyond Sudoku which comes every six weeks as I have a subscription grin

It's a combination of thinking and colouring. smile

Housemum Sun 13-Jan-13 11:31:30

For those who remember the posters in tubes in the 70s I give you

Doodle Art

Clarabumps Sun 13-Jan-13 11:33:05

My friend got be the creative colouring book when I was pregnant. I found it extremely relaxing. grin

I'm hoping my colouring books will have good quality paper and not the type that was in cheap colouring book as a child, ripped if your pencil was too sharp and if using felt tips the colour bled no matter how hard you kept in the lines. sad
Someone reassure me that I'm not going to have a breakdown due to bad paper quality?! grin

JustAHolyFool Sun 13-Jan-13 11:39:02

I do it! I love colouring! It's so relaxing.

I'm currently colouring this , I like ones with lots of little fiddly bits.

YANBU, it's very soothing wink

You have to be careful to get one with small spaces to colour though, big spaces are boring and you get those annoying felt tip overlap marks <frets>

My friend colours things the wrong colour shock so blue people etc. She says it's very liberating. She also does not overly concern herself with staying inside the lines.

CJCregg Sun 13-Jan-13 11:45:29

I'm getting very nostalgic reading this thread grin

Does anyone remember, again from the 70s, giant poster-sized colouring books with different themes for each page? Ie a page of costumes, a page of houses, a page of cars etc.

I bloody loved them. At least four of us could be working on the same page together, fighting over the Caran d'Ache ...

fuzzpig Sun 13-Jan-13 11:50:29

Ooh I know what you mean about poor quality paper. I hate the cheap pound shop jumbo colouring type books, the pictures are often rubbish too.

<colouring book snob>

Can't beat usborne, IME, but would welcome any other recommendations.

I love MN. I don't even have to lie and say I want them for my DCs. I don't think many of my RL acquaintances would be so understanding...

fuzzpig Sun 13-Jan-13 11:51:12

I like doing things the wrong colour too, dita <rebel>

Well have ordered two books one is the pasley book very excited and got gel felt tip pens smile

JustAHolyFool Sun 13-Jan-13 12:13:52

fuzzpig I print stuff off the internet.

TheCunnyFuntIsAGrittersWife Sun 13-Jan-13 12:21:25

fuzzpig yy! Where else can you openly admit to love colouring in?!

At our local hospital the children's ward has a wicked playroom, it is decorated with lots of coloured in pictures tagged with 'by DS's Mum aged 25' grin he's not so much into colouring when he's an inpatient but I spend hours at the colouring table!

Swixi Sun 13-Jan-13 12:39:32

How lovely to see such support for colouring in from other grown ups! Is it taking it a bit too far to admit it was one of the reasons I wanted to work in a children's nursery? Assisting with colouring in is an important part of my job. <smug>

LadyBeagleEyes Sun 13-Jan-13 12:42:13

I used to get so annoyed with ds when he was little spoiling my his colouring in by going over the lines. I really had to bite my tongue.

littleladyindoors Sun 13-Jan-13 12:44:07

Why do I click on these? Now I need to colour, I buy my mum a colouring book every Christmas she loves colouring!! It is relaxing. I am buying myself one tomorrow.
I remember velvet art too-but the fact that the black velvet stuff came off on the felt tip used to drive me nuts! Still loved it though!

I also like making things with playdoh! grin

In fact I've been known to sneak into the hospital playroom when all the children are sleeping and set up the dolls house, colour a picture or 2 and create many playdoh snails to stick round the room, then I tidy the home
Corner and set out the tea set blush

JuliaSqueezer Sun 13-Jan-13 12:54:16

I do lots of colouring in; I make cards for a hobby and so most of the images I colour are rubber-stamped. Copic markers or Pro-markers are the business (but not cheap) if you really want to get into it, they let you build up colour and graduate it so you can get nice shaded/ life-like effects.

OpenMouthInsertCake Sun 13-Jan-13 13:18:20

This is so the thread for me. I bought myself two colouring books as part of my Christmas present to myself. I have an abstract patterns one and a stained glass mandala one.

fuzzpig Sun 13-Jan-13 13:21:46

Ooh, mandalas!

milkandribena Sun 13-Jan-13 13:34:55

this is why I hate mn sometimes - just bought myself two colouring books because of you lot.

fuzzpig Sun 13-Jan-13 13:53:30

We recently got new ink cartridges for our printer so I will definitely have a look at printing out some pages - that way I can print out one for each DC and one for me! I know they use loads of activity village pages at DD's school, they seem quite good.

DH and I have a monthly budget of £20 each for frivolous spending, usually it goes on DVDs, but I'm glad I have most of January's money left as I am SO getting those diddl pens and maybe a book too. Awesome. grin

The idea of our budget was that we can enjoy stuff we want to buy on a limited income but not have to justify what we spent it on. Not that I'd need to justify colouring stuff anyway since DH likes it too (just not as much as the scifi DVDs yawn and model spacecraft his budget usually goes on) and neither of us think anything of indulging our inner child grin

I think the reason I love colouring is that it is creative but without having to really think about it. I'm pretty good at drawing but never have the confidence to put pen to paper. Colouring patterns OTOH is very soothing especially if I am heading for an Aspergers-related meltdown!

fuzzpig Sun 13-Jan-13 13:53:49

What ones, milk? Do share grin

Piemistress Sun 13-Jan-13 13:57:15

I'm in, just swithering now over berol or staedtler felt pens but my childhood lies with berol!

I've just bought this one thanks to this thread

Need something to chill me out at night, will get some pencils tomorrow smile

fuzzpig Sun 13-Jan-13 16:09:45

Ooh, bargain smile

somewheresomehow Sun 13-Jan-13 17:03:58

oh wow
just found these every colour under the sun a must have i think grin

TheCunnyFuntIsAGrittersWife Sun 13-Jan-13 21:11:15

Somewhere they look fab! Good work. <makes notes to go in town tomorrow>

elizaregina Sun 13-Jan-13 21:40:30

just brought a load of these for DD as she likes me coloring with her - I have got really into it - been buying tons of differnet felt tip pens as some are shite - my 47 year old bro came round and casually slipped into colouuring too!

Last night Dh was confused when I asked him where DD s pens were as I wanted to do some colouring!


elizaregina Sun 13-Jan-13 21:42:30


"I'm in, just swithering now over berol or staedtler felt pens but my childhood lies with berol! "

do update - I have been umming and ahhing over staedtler ones...

Piemistress Sun 13-Jan-13 21:53:03
elizaregina Sun 13-Jan-13 22:01:31

I would prob go for both to try - at the mo we are on crayola 24 pack 4.99 at till, from wh smith altough price at product actually says 6.99.

my dd actualy said " mummy! i have enough pens i do not need any more pens" but its for me - as got her some huge pack that were horrid to use..

fuzzpig Sun 13-Jan-13 22:07:34

I hate hate hate cheap crap colouring pens. DD doesn't mind them and you often get them in craft packs etc so she's quite happy using them (until they dry out, like, immediately hmm). But she was very excited to receive a set of 32 crayola supertips at Xmas. She also got some scented gel pens and some blendable coloured pencils from a friend - lucky girl!

We did some colouring tonight in her usborne nature books that I linked to earlier - she's getting pretty good I have to say grin she is even taking the bird book into school tomorrow to show her teacher bless her.


Since you're an Usborne fan, have you seen this one?
Egyptian Patterns
There's also a Chinese one.

Just having a mooch through the catalogue at the new stuff. DD loves colouring in and now you've all got me wondering if I should get her a nice colouring book for Easter. She's only 6 so a few of the suggestions on here are definite no-gos though. grin She did get the 'Drawing, Colouring and Doodling Book for Girls' for Christmas, which she took everywhere with her for about a week. LOL!

FWIW, I do have one RL friend who will colour in at any opportunity. I'll have to let her know that she is not alone. smile

LaTrucha Sun 13-Jan-13 22:33:57

I really rate Crayola Supertips. Really. Rubbish blues though...

I do this a lot....

Apparently in the US Crayola offer a service where you can order multiples of up to four colours so if you constantly have a favourite that runs out you can stock up.

elizaregina Sun 13-Jan-13 22:48:26

usbourne and buster activity seem to do really good books thus far. yes i am v happy with crayola super tips too. others dry out so fast and are totally crap.

MammaTJ Mon 14-Jan-13 00:45:39

I have just sent a lot of these links to the activity coordinator in the home for the elderly with mental health problems where I work.

We are always on the look out for activities for them to do but they must not be childish. Grown up pictures to colour are hard to come by, or I thought they were. This has been very useful.

janji Mon 14-Jan-13 01:02:40

I used shading etc to colour in pics my dc would like then framed them in cheapie frames to put in dcs bedrooms (thinly veiled excuse for colouring in)?!

BonkeyMollocks Mon 14-Jan-13 01:20:03

Place marking so i can look at links! grin

We very very early bought ds wallpaper that needs to be coloured in. It would have been wasted on him! I wanted a grown up version in our room

fuzzpig Mon 14-Jan-13 07:10:05

That looks great MM, thanks! smile

The other reason I love supertips is that they are truly washable. I coloured in a big flag and wrote on the back of an old t-shirt for sports day (using blue, yellow and black), put it in the wash after and it came out completely clean shock

PolkadotCircus Mon 14-Jan-13 09:55:35

My dc had the Berol pens and have over time upgraded to Steadler. We have the Triplus fine liners, Triplus fibre pens and Ergosoft pencils.They are fantastic,washable and never run out.The pencils don't break and all are good colours that come in a wide range of colours.They come in great boxes that prop up on the table so you don't lose any.They're fantastic and worth every penny,Amazon are unbeatable in price.

My dc have masses of the Usborne and Buster books, just discovered Doodlepedia but often don't finish them.Have tried not to colour in with them as I worry about putting them off( perfectionist dd) but think I might crack the pens open with(and without) them to get us all inspired again.

crocodilesmiles Mon 14-Jan-13 13:39:52

You lot are are a bad influence on me. I've just spent £6 on colouring books on Amazon! They may or may not be given to my little sisters - Depends entirely on how childish I feel when they arrive (I have chosen them for me though!) smile

Also eyeing up those 45 artist colouring pencils, mentioned upthread. Am definitely satisfying my inner-child right now smile

DoubleLifeIsALifeHalved Mon 14-Jan-13 13:47:10

Oh dear, yup I've just bought a coloring book too - naughty thread!

I am hovering over a pen decision though. Was going with the staedler but have just looked at the crazy expensive ones mentioned earlier ... What's the difference? Why are they so expensive?

whatphididnext Mon 14-Jan-13 14:13:05

Don't judge me ..
but I do my DSs colouring in for school.
They are 13 and 14 so it's not like they can't colour in, but the RE teacher sets homework and gives them a bad mark if the illustrations are not coloured in.

I absolutely adore colouring in, i am going to get myself a colouring in book. I like small detailed pictures.

Or I could get on with actual paid work - the pitfalls of being SE from home.

whatphididnext Mon 14-Jan-13 14:14:17

Do you think Amazon is a bit confused with the sudden demand for colouring in books?

QueenOfToast Mon 14-Jan-13 14:16:27

For everyone who remembers colouring those super giant doodle art posters as a child I have just found this lovely website.

Am so tempted to order one.

whatphididnext Mon 14-Jan-13 14:18:00

Oh and what about hama beads. We were staying with SIL in the summer and all the kids and some of the adults got in to it. Both sexes and aged from 4 to 70!
We went to a Craft warehouse and bought big tubs of beads and whatever the templates are that you assemble them on.

fuzzpig Mon 14-Jan-13 16:29:02

Haha yes some poor sod in an amazon warehouse is like WTF why do I keep having to pack up colouring books?!

Especially if lots of the orders are for naughty ones grin

fuzzpig Mon 14-Jan-13 16:30:48

(I feel the need to point out that I am not ordering a naughty book grin in fact I am not ordering any books for now as DD is so kindly letting me share hers!)

Mockingcurl Mon 14-Jan-13 17:17:47

I love colouring books and a big tin of nice sharp crayons. I have loads. It's very therapeutic.

elizaregina Mon 14-Jan-13 17:20:47

i dont like crayons at all.

BrianCoxandTheTempleofDOOM Mon 14-Jan-13 18:46:41

i dont like crayons at all.


this will be the new Mumsnet no-no.

Crayons vs Pencils vs Felt tips

It will make the BF/FF debate seem like a walk in a fluffy pillow grin

whatphididnext Mon 14-Jan-13 18:57:13

yuck, waxy smelly things, and felt tips bleed through the paper. Nice sharp staedtler pencils for me.

When I was a child I used to get a new enormous tin of these for Xmas from my Granddad's stationary store.

fuzzpig Mon 14-Jan-13 19:27:36

<sits firmly on fence between the Pencil and Felt Tip camps>

<throws rocks at Crayon camp>

fuzzpig Mon 14-Jan-13 19:28:35

(I did make multicolour crayons with DD in summer though, by melting all the dregs of the freebie ones you get in restaurants)

jamdonut Mon 14-Jan-13 19:55:50

One of the greatest things about being a TA is getting to colour,draw,paint cut and stick on a regular basis!! I love to "help" kids colour in !!
My preference when colouring is with decent colouring pencils,because you are in control of the different shades - not keen on felt tips,they are too brash! Crayons are best when you are going to colour -wash over them.

The teacher in my class calls coloured pencils crayons...she confuses me sometimes...

TheCunnyFuntIsAGrittersWife Mon 14-Jan-13 21:09:14

I call colouring pencils crayons. I call crayons wax crayons.

I hate wax crayons.

i love crayons for big kid based colouring books and pencils for slightly grown up books. sometimes i like a chunky felt tip pen too but never the skinny ones. the skinny ones are just wrong shock
flame me grin

DoubleLifeIsALifeHalved Mon 14-Jan-13 22:01:54

Oooh I am torn! I like the boldness of felt tips but no shading opportunities, & the control of pencils. I wondered whether the crazy expensive pens would legitimize my descend into childhood but have decided that on balance they make it more inexcusable!

zipzap Mon 14-Jan-13 22:08:18

I got my aunt one of these modern art doodle books for my aunt as a christmas present from the Book People - £4 instead of £13.

I also gave my son their doodlepedia - an encyclopedia of different topics for him to doodle on which was £4 instead of £9 and which he has loved.

They often have these doodle books in at much cheaper prices than Amazon - or at least the current ones that they are promoting are. Then they have some that are in their general stock that are about the same or a bit more expensive than amazon.

elizaregina Mon 14-Jan-13 22:10:36

I havant tried colouring pencils, I like the idea of the " shading" opportunities they offer.

The Crayola felt tips offer the chance to go chunky or thin.

A hard skinny nib on the felt tip seems to scratch at the paper and makes it bobble.

I am quite excited about trying the steadler ones now.

Can anyone tell me if they are really the creme de la creme of the felt tip?

I really dont like crayons, I think the crayon is why DD never got into colouring have no control, have to press down hard, colours weak....

looks like a scrawly mess.

zipzap Mon 14-Jan-13 22:11:27

Oh and the other week sainsbury's had lots of their crayola stuff on half price.

Not sure if it still is but worth checking if you are planning on stocking up on them (I bought a nice pack of felt tips and a nice pack of twisty crayons that the dc may use if they ask very nicely but they then have to return them to me and all present and correct rather than swipe them and take them as their own - getting fed up of having a house full of pens, pencils, crayons etc but never being able to find them when they are needed!)

elizaregina Mon 14-Jan-13 22:15:39

I wouldnt get the crayons Zip as I dont like them sad, but I did see some crayola stuff reduced but I think wh smith was still till.

There were however some metalic pens on offer in sainsburys also that were really really nice pens....half rpice to 1.75, i might go back and get some more of those

TheCunnyFuntIsAGrittersWife Tue 15-Jan-13 07:59:22

Is it just me or is this thread turning into a colouring in quiche?

fuzzpig Tue 15-Jan-13 10:25:22

Ooh I've never been in a quiche before. <proud> grin

LittleMissFantabulous Tue 15-Jan-13 13:54:33

Promarkers are shinysmile

I seemed to have gone from zero to two quiches in a week grin

TheCunnyFuntIsAGrittersWife Tue 15-Jan-13 15:16:41

Congratulations Fuzz and Petty thanks grin

littleladyindoors Tue 15-Jan-13 16:01:32

coloured pencils all the way- none of that crayon thing-they dont give full colour, and felt tips go through to the next page. <obviously buys cheap colouring books>
Am trying to work out how I forgot to go into the works yesterday- those pencils look good. I went in a 99p shop too. Stupid Pregnancy Brain.

TheCunnyFuntIsAGrittersWife Tue 15-Jan-13 22:39:21

Oh I went and got those pencils yesterday from The Works! They're ok, but a couple of mine have shattered leads, and there are multiples of some of the colours. I'd go for Crayola ones to be honest.

elizaregina Tue 15-Jan-13 23:44:14

buster ones on line are about 1.79 and 2.80 postage...and good quality thick paper - same with usborne i think. whats a quiche?

Really cant wait for my pens and books to turn up hope they are here before the weekend then i canhave a pj and colouring in weekend smile

Asamumnonsense Wed 16-Jan-13 00:17:14

Thank you for the thread!! i am buying one!!

Piemistress Wed 16-Jan-13 00:19:57

Mine should be here on Sat, can't wait!

LaTrucha Wed 16-Jan-13 07:12:56

elizaregina - Warning! Do not buy those metallic pens if you have children of the age that might scribble on walls. Ds Did lovely big swirls on ur walls a year ago and we have tried everything: we can still see them.

whatphididnext Wed 16-Jan-13 07:44:35

elizaregina I also want to know what's a quiche ?

feministefatale Wed 16-Jan-13 07:46:02

It sounds like a good idea--ive stolen all of dds--

TheCunnyFuntIsAGrittersWife Wed 16-Jan-13 09:40:35

A quiche is an ongoing thread, that just keeps going, like The Nobdies, The Moldies, The Sweary thread, The Thread Killers etc.

12ylnon Wed 16-Jan-13 10:18:23

This is such a great colouring book. I love it when DS gets it out and i have an excuse to have a colour smile

TheCunnyFuntIsAGrittersWife Thu 17-Jan-13 23:02:56

Was it something I said? sad


pamish Fri 18-Jan-13 02:31:16

Altair Design. Remember them?
Oh they are still here -
scuse Ama**n link, quick + easy.

JakeBullet Fri 18-Jan-13 05:57:25

This thread is fabulous, I started using colouring books last year after a friend said they were really relaxing to them. I get the the Doodle Designs ones which you can frame afterwards. Have some lovely watercolour pencils which I use and which cost me a bomb but were so well worth the money.

LaTrucha Fri 18-Jan-13 07:30:20

I know this is mainly a parents' colouring thread grin but Melissa and Doug do a colouring book that is transparentish that you can hang in the window afterwards like a stained glass. It is fairies but I still fancy it for me and DD

LaTrucha Fri 18-Jan-13 07:31:16

Making my place so that I can come back and order some books! I used to buy nice ones from woolworths to colour in in my early adult life smile my eight year old charge and I would suit for hours colouring in!

spudmurphy Fri 18-Jan-13 11:10:34

Go for it- relaxing and theraputic. Cheaper ghan flower arranging

DoubleLifeIsALifeHalved Fri 18-Jan-13 22:47:52

I got my 'colouring for grown ups' book & felt tips today smile

It IS a bit annoying that the pictures don't have borders isnt it! V nice though.

The pens am less happy with, got the staedler (sp?) ones & they are ok but the colours seem to be either bright bright bright or really dark, what happened to the mid range colours? Ah well.

First pic looks crazy as I just threw all the colours in the pack at it... Not very Grown Up at all smile

Piemistress Fri 18-Jan-13 23:06:08

Mine arrived too doublelife, agree aboutthe borders and the pens. Wish I had ordered a bigger pack with more shades. DP has started one picture smile

I think there was mention up thread of a book where the pics had borders so you could cut them out?

I have just started colouring in today, so satisfying. I am much preferring felt tips though, I am using Bic but I don't have many colours.

I like finer ones, any recommendations? The Crayola ones look chunky.

HawthornLantern Sat 19-Jan-13 02:37:30

Books and pencils arrived today. Bliss.

I've received mine!
Didn't realise berol are made by papermate

elizaregina Sat 19-Jan-13 09:35:23

fluff i have only tried crayola thus far but the ones we use can be used thick or thin...its the way they are designed and they show the thick and thin lines on the box.

Tweedledeedum Sat 19-Jan-13 09:53:13

Ooh I'm getting this one!
Now to choose the pens, I used to have these amazing ones for graphics at school many moons ago, double ended thin or thick tip depending on the end, v expensive though I think....

My friend sent me this one today, it is lovely and it has edges.

My DH bought me a pack of 32 Crayola supertip pens as well (£8 from Toys R Us) very excited smile

Ever jealous of you all i got my colouring book ( pasley designs) but still waiting on my pens sigh thinking of going to tesco just to get some wails

Fluffy thats the one i got smile

Lollydaydream Sat 19-Jan-13 17:19:24

Thanks for the inspiration! I ordered one yesterday and can't wait for it to arrive. I did one of my dd's today, she has since 'improved' it so I definitely need a book of my own.
thanks also for the explanation of quiche, that had been baffling me smile

Stars - I got the paisley one too smile

I remember some adult posh pens that had a kind of floppy tip like a slightly more rigid paintbrush- does anyone know what these are called?
Allows fluid sweepy stroke <possibly getting too into this>

smile jazz my dp thinks im mad but reckon when my pens turn up he be jealous. I have even choosen the first page i want to do some look really fidley ( i have had too much time to think about this )

Piemistress Sat 19-Jan-13 21:03:36

My DP has done half a page and got all annoyed at himself for going over the lines and not starting on an easier one smile

PartTimeModel Sat 19-Jan-13 21:14:20

I've got The Very Hungry Caterpillar colouring book version hidden somewhere - brought it for myself ages ago & hid it from DD.
Hmmmmm I wonder where it is?
I could do with a bit of therapeutic colouring right now.

LadyDeidreWaggon Sat 19-Jan-13 22:16:08

Oh Mumsnet, thank you thank you thank you for bringing back part of my childhood that I thought had gone forever. I can't believe those A1 colouring-in posters are still being made. As a child I spent hours doing them with my best friend. I can't wait to do another one, going to send her one too, as a surprise.

Tweedledeedum Mon 21-Jan-13 20:20:42

How's the colouring in going ladies? I'm still waiting for mine to arrive, getting very impatient!! hmm

Piemistress Mon 21-Jan-13 22:46:36

I am on picture no 4 and getting better at what colours to use and when to leave bits white rather than go mad and colour it all in!

Still waiting for my pens heavy sigh

Fishandjam Tue 22-Jan-13 11:58:12

Apologies if someone has already suggested these (haven't got time right now to read whole thread) - Altair Design books. You choose your own pattern. I think they're still being printed.

Crinkle77 Tue 22-Jan-13 11:58:50

YANBU I have a work colleague who is 28 and recently bought herself a colouring book cos she loves it.

fuzzpig Tue 22-Jan-13 12:54:05

I hadn't realised the 'choose your own' element to the Altair ones - adding them to wishlist now!

Fishandjam Tue 22-Jan-13 14:00:30

fuzzpig, yes, that's half the fun with Altair - seeing what design you can bring out in each grid (frogs, robots etc).

Tweedledeedum Tue 22-Jan-13 21:07:43

Mine's arrived and I am loving the colouring in! It is a bit stressful choosing colours though. My DH thinks I've gone bonkers but I think he's secretly jealous!

Schnarkle Tue 22-Jan-13 22:22:01

I have the colouring in for adults added to my basket but I'm stuck as to what pens/pencils to choose. What are you all using to colour in?

Piemistress Tue 22-Jan-13 22:43:55

I got the 20 pack of staedtler pens. I got the same book, it's really good but the pics don't have borders which is my only gripe.

crocodilesmiles Fri 25-Jan-13 10:20:09

woohoo! My colouring books have arrived at last.

One's lovely and detailed, the other's a bit more basic (so may find its way to my little sis).

...Now, I must find where I put my felt tips! smile x

CabbageLooking Fri 25-Jan-13 10:22:16

I now have the Colouring Book for Grown Ups and Decorative Tile Designs and some lovely Staedler felt tip pens. I am hiding them all from my husband. You lot are a bad influence. smile

Tweedledeedum Sat 26-Jan-13 11:54:02

I've got the staedler 20 pack but I also think the colours are too solid/dark and want some nice washed out colours. Anyone know of any like that?

DoubleLifeIsALifeHalved Sun 27-Jan-13 22:49:21

Oh yes... Awaiting answer to Tweedles question too! As a colour with my unsatisfactory pens smile

trixymalixy Sun 27-Jan-13 23:01:20

DD and DS have a lovely Usborne colouring book each. I've been itching to colour some of it in. Hadn't considered buying my own...

piemistress Wed 06-Mar-13 11:09:06

Sorry to bring up an old thread but was wondering if any of the colouring in books,mentioned had borders on the pages? Disappointingly the colouring in book for adults one doesnt sad

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