To have given my son a tin of tomatoes for breakfast

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JeezyOrangePips Tue 08-Jan-13 08:22:50

My son is a teenager, and more than capable of getting breakfast for himself, but I tend to get his breakfast when I get mine.

This morning I asked him what he wanted. The usual answer is toast or cereal. Today he said 'food'.

He refused to expand on his answer, so I've left him with a tin of tomatoes.


HollyTheHedgehog Tue 08-Jan-13 08:24:28

Meh, let him get his own.



Ragwort Tue 08-Jan-13 08:25:33

No, but perhaps you are being too reasonable in asking him what he wants if he is going to be rude back. Either leave him to sort his own breakfast out or put the cereal in a bowl and leave it at that ........ making sure he cleans up his own mess of course.

JeezyOrangePips Tue 08-Jan-13 08:25:55

I thought it was mildly amusing.

Oh well sad

MrsToddsShortcut Tue 08-Jan-13 08:27:04

I thought it was mildly amusing too...grin

NotALondoner Tue 08-Jan-13 08:30:06

Put some ketchup on top to make it more interesring for him!

Greythorne Tue 08-Jan-13 08:31:58

I love tinned tomatoes on hot buttered toast. I virtually lived on that when I was at uni. yum.

Lucky boy.

My son would think all his birthdays had arrived at once.

I love tinned tomatoes on toast too smile

EllieArroway Tue 08-Jan-13 08:34:05

Well, aren't you charming, Holly hmm

As the mother of a teen boy who is exactly the same, OP, I find it quite funny.

Whenever I ask mine what he wants he says "Don't care" then complains about what he gets. We can't win.

Tomatoes are highly nutritious, so you are being a good mum wink

JeezyOrangePips Tue 08-Jan-13 08:34:45

Ooh I would never have thought of tomatoes on toast. Must try that sometime!

FellatioNelson Tue 08-Jan-13 08:35:54

I regularly eat tinned tomatoes for breakfast so YANBU.

MalibuStac Tue 08-Jan-13 08:41:56

YANBU my son would probably have tried to have a bag of crisps on the way out the door. At least tomatoes are nutritious.

Like the sound of tinned tomatoes on toast. Must try that.

Try tinned tomatoes on cheese on toast, tis good

EnjoyResponsibly Tue 08-Jan-13 08:47:44

Love tomatoes on toast.

Holly didn't your mother teach you what to do if you've nothing nice to say or post? hmm

gastrognome Tue 08-Jan-13 08:53:11

Made me laugh! And no, YANBU.

My 2 year old had breadsticks with pesto for breakfast today.

Sugarice Tue 08-Jan-13 08:56:45

Me too for tomatoes on toast with chilli flakes and Worcester sauce .grin

Ooh tomatoes on toast, may have to rethink my breakfast now. grin

Oh and yanbu it was funny.

MarcelineTheVampireQueen Tue 08-Jan-13 09:05:44

Each time he says it from now on, you should leave more random things on the table, jar with one pickle, cup of oats, half an onion... Really freak him out!

Holly, you are fierce charming altogether. I can't wait to read your next witty observation. .

NewYearNewNN Tue 08-Jan-13 09:08:52

I'm going to try this on dd1 next time she's having a teenager moment about a meal!

No, Yanbu. If he is rude, just let him get his own, or some other amusing random food item, like suggested upthread.

I cant wait for Holly to mature into a teenager soon! Hopefully this time next year she will have come quite far!

anewyear Tue 08-Jan-13 09:16:19

Ds2 (11) would be happy with a tin of plum tomatos too for breakfast..

TeeBee Tue 08-Jan-13 09:25:18

You make his breakfast?? Shit, I feel a bit bad now, my 7 year old makes his own. Maybe I'm being lazy.
Mmmmm, I fancy tomatoes on toast now too.

ILoveTIFFANY Tue 08-Jan-13 09:27:37

Ha ha!!!

Did he eat it op??

BunFagFreddie Tue 08-Jan-13 09:29:21

YANBU and having a DS myself, that tickled me. If he's a teenager, he's more than capable of sorting himself out.

RyleDup Tue 08-Jan-13 09:31:56

Tomatoes on toast is great.

Floggingmolly Tue 08-Jan-13 10:17:07

It'll still be on the table when you get back. And all the biscuits will be gone grin

KenLeeeeeee Tue 08-Jan-13 10:20:31


I'd have given him cat food. <evil>

Startail Tue 08-Jan-13 10:28:47

having a DH how never ever gives a straight answer to that sort if questions I share you pain.

At one point we had several bottles of squash, juice and fizz labeled, don' t know, don't care, something, anything etc. as I got totally exasperated with his replies to the question what would you like to drink.

seeker Tue 08-Jan-13 10:33:03

I thought it was amusing too- except that my dp and ds would have thought itnth best breakfast ever!

On a serious note (sorry) why do people think it's OK for people to be rude just because they're teenagers?

Fakebook Tue 08-Jan-13 10:33:39

My Dd's nursery used to make mini toast pizzas with tinned tomatoes and cheese on toast. You can jazz it up with some mushrooms and diced sausages.

TinyDancingHoofer Tue 08-Jan-13 10:42:34

Did he eat them??

thegreylady Tue 08-Jan-13 10:46:07

I love tomatoes on toast too :-)

purrpurr Tue 08-Jan-13 10:51:26

seeker WHY would you expect a teenager to behave like an adult? Do you not remember being a teenager or are you, like, reeeeeeeeeeeeeally really old?

AmberLeaf Tue 08-Jan-13 10:53:47

I don't think it was especially rude TBH, but I wouldn't be making a teenager breakfast as a rule.

CloudsAndTrees Tue 08-Jan-13 10:57:48

I love tinned tomatoes on toast. Yum.

TanteRose Tue 08-Jan-13 11:00:11

Well, I chuckled grin


boschy Tue 08-Jan-13 11:00:49

I like the idea of random ingredients... and I thought it was funny too grin

BunFagFreddie Tue 08-Jan-13 11:01:24

WHY would you expect a teenager to behave like an adult? Do you not remember being a teenager or are you, like, reeeeeeeeeeeeeally really old?

Also, wasn't there a fairly recent study on how teenagers can't actually see things from others' point of view, because of hormones and stuff?

CadleCrap Tue 08-Jan-13 11:03:51

Tomorrow's breakfast sorted.

YANBU and agree with the more random food stuffs!

41notTrendy Tue 08-Jan-13 11:05:01

I laughed!
And do like the idea of increasingly random 'food' items on the table.
And I'm now having tomatoes on toast for lunch, warmed through, not all the juice but plenty of Worcestershire sauce. Thanks!

ToomuchWaternotWine Tue 08-Jan-13 11:06:19

Well done OP that made me smile Loving the idea of random ingredients left out !

I see your tomatoes on toast, and raise you ..... nigellas egg in purgatory. Heat some garlic and chilli in a small milk pan, add half a tin of tomatoes heat through, crack an egg on top let it cook, grate some yummy cheese on top Parmesan or whatever you like, once that is melted eat straight from pan by scooping up with chunky bread. It is fabulous hangover filling food! I am LCing now so have to use a spoon rather than bread but its still ace! And only one pan to wash.

Longdistance Tue 08-Jan-13 11:15:44

I just had tomatoes on was inspired by this thread grin nom, nom, nom.

Fakebook Tue 08-Jan-13 11:20:46

Has anyone ever tried rice pudding on buttered toast? I love it.

PessaryPam Tue 08-Jan-13 11:23:56

Was it still in the can OP?

Fake Seriously?! Weetabix on toast is nice though. Its like a digestive biscuit

FayeKorgasm Tue 08-Jan-13 11:32:16

As long as he didn't add vodka and have a bloody Mary once you had gone !grin

Fakebook Tue 08-Jan-13 11:48:00

Weetabix on toast?! Sounds like something my DS would enjoy! But really rice pudding on buttered crunchy toast is delicious. It has to be buttered though to get that salty flavour mixing with the sweet.

When I'm feeling really indulgent I buy yumyums from waitrose and whip some double cream and spread it on top. Yummy.

Banderchang Tue 08-Jan-13 13:13:44

Tinned tomatoes on toast is esp good if the toast is already spread with Marmite. If you like Marmite, of course.

Feminine Tue 08-Jan-13 13:35:37

Funny op having a teen myself , I don't get where you are coming from.

Mine, decided that as I "never buy any sugar" (bellowed in a Brian Blessed voice) he would devour most of the whole bottle of very expensive maple syrup!


Feminine Tue 08-Jan-13 13:35:57

*do get

SpanishFly Tue 08-Jan-13 14:02:38

re tinned tomatoes on toast - do you heat the tomatoes or leave them cold? Sorry, I know thats not the point of this thread...

whois Tue 08-Jan-13 14:13:31


Tinned tomatoes on toast is a nice breakfast sometimes. :-)

JeezyOrangePips Tue 08-Jan-13 14:15:20

Just got home from work, thanks guys, you've made me giggle!

Yes, they were in the tin and no, he didn't eat them. He grabbed a cereal bar. He was a bit grumpy initially but had a twinkle in his eye when I was given the tin back.

Rice pudding on toast - I do love a bit of a salt/sweet combo. That might be a bit too far - but I am tempted....

PiggyPlumPie Tue 08-Jan-13 14:21:02

I have not fancied anything to eat all day but am now going to go and have tomatoes on toast! Many thnaks OP!

SpanishFly Tue 08-Jan-13 14:28:24

Are the tomatoes on toast served hot or cold???????

maddening Tue 08-Jan-13 15:53:44

So what's tomorrow- this could end up with ever increasingly bizarre foods being offered smile

Tinned tomatoes with (not on) toast is lovely. But not with Marmite (yuk).

DP likes Weetabix dry but spread with butter.

SpanishFly Tue 08-Jan-13 16:03:31

could someone tell me, do you have tinned tomatoes HOT OR COLD with toast?!?!?!?

degutastic Tue 08-Jan-13 16:06:13

I'd like to know that too, spanishfly - I'm presuming hot?!

ChippingInNeedsSleepAndCoffee Tue 08-Jan-13 16:08:55


Cold is OK, but hot is better smile

ChippingInNeedsSleepAndCoffee Tue 08-Jan-13 16:09:31

With a little black pepper as well - YUM

No toast
No time

SpanishFly Tue 08-Jan-13 16:43:53

Interesting, I like the sound of this, I LOVE cold sliced tomatoes on toast or on their own on a sandwich, but wouldnt have thought of tinned tomatoes. Thats tomorrow's lunch sorted. And very low-calorie too (apart from all the butter I'll be spreading on the toast)

anewyear Tue 08-Jan-13 16:44:05

Tinned Tomatos must be HOT son says,
cold is YUK...

nannyof3 Tue 08-Jan-13 16:49:44

How old is he?

I wouldnt even bother ask him. Let him do it himself....

lljkk Tue 08-Jan-13 17:17:07

The toms will have gone off by time you got home, though, no? Sounds like waste of good food.

My 8yo refused any breakfast. And then he refused all lunch (I know because I was on dinner duty). Sadly my teen would refuse all breakfast too, if I gave him only a tin of toms. And then eat nothing until 3:20pm (his daily habit).

So I wouldn't do it to my teen. But if you think you can, fine.

Toast, bacon, tinned tomatoes (hot) and black pepper is the best breakfast sandwich ever.

JeezyOrangePips Tue 08-Jan-13 20:03:17


1) the tin was unopened.
2) it was a joke (I didn't expect him to eat them)
3) he can and does get his own breakfast regularly anyway
4) he grabbed a cereal bar - not ideal, but I'd rather he had that than nothing


Right, that's it! Tinned toms on shopping list for lunch tomorrow. I don't have any in and I WANT THEM now. grin

Alternatively, fresh tomatoes, cut in half and roasted with a drizzle of pesto on. Mmmmmm

Merida Tue 08-Jan-13 22:26:58

I snickered. And like the idea of leaving random foodstuff out for him each time he responds like that.
I would also probably hide the cereal and bread so he had to eat what I left him. But I am evil...

whois Tue 08-Jan-13 22:30:32

HOT tinned toms on thick brown toast with some diced onion and black pepper. That's how they should be served.

HenryCrun Tue 08-Jan-13 23:18:12

I dunno. As a kid I'd ask my parents "What's for tea?" and get the answer "Food!", the implication being that I'd damn well eat whatever I was given.

I still think this is funny. I'd eat the tomatoes. I quite like tinned tomatoes.

Bogeyface Tue 08-Jan-13 23:24:38

I did this to my mum once and she gave me a potato. Raw, unpeeled, as they come.

I seem to recall having a right old strop about how neglectful she was and how she clearly HATED me and I MUST BE ADOPTED!!!!!!! grin

I would do it to one of mine now though! grin

Bogeyface Tue 08-Jan-13 23:26:30

As a kid I'd ask my parents "What's for tea?" and get the answer "Food!", the implication being that I'd damn well eat whatever I was given.

When we asked this my mum would say "Shit with sugar on!" which meant the same! My sister rather bravely asked what flavour it was once, I dont remember exactly what happened, but mommy dearest wasnt happy!

squeakytoy Wed 09-Jan-13 00:10:56

We used to get told "a run up the back door"... not sure if that was a northern saying or just one she made up..

Bogeyface Wed 09-Jan-13 00:20:22

Squeak My FIL used to say "a run and a kick at the pantry door" which is similar and he is in Derbyshire.

Boomerwang Wed 09-Jan-13 00:23:03

He's a snotty teenager. Fuck him.

BunFagFreddie Wed 09-Jan-13 00:38:49

Youngsters these days don't know they're born. When we asked "What's for tea", we were told "You'll get what you're given".

Ahh, the good old days.

Nowadays that probably consitutes abuse of some sort. grin

CuriousMama Wed 09-Jan-13 00:46:14

Is he my son? DS1 is 15 and apparently we never have any food in hmm

I thought your story was amusing grin

I must try toms on toast too as I hear they're nice but I'd put cheese on first greedy.

CuriousMama Wed 09-Jan-13 00:48:22

I'd guess plum tomatoes rather that chopped?

Bogeyface Wed 09-Jan-13 00:52:31

I love toms on toast, with plenty of butter on the toast first. But no cheese, I tried that and it was like soggy pizza!

Bogeyface Wed 09-Jan-13 00:54:17

I rediscovered pilchards on toast recently too.

Why are things on toast so nice? Toms, pilchards, cheese, eggs, beans, they're all so much nicer with toast than on their own. I wonder what magic properties toast has!

I love hot tinned tomatoes for breakfast, but I like a bit of bacon sausage and eggs and some toast with it too.
I think giving him a tin of tomatoes was very funny.

CuriousMama Wed 09-Jan-13 00:55:41

That's a point Bogeyface think I'll give the cheese a miss? Or sprinkle bit of parmesan on top?

fiverabbits Wed 09-Jan-13 00:59:52


My DS is 32 and says there is nothing to eat in this house. So whats in the large chest freezer, the large fridge freezer, the 3 food cupboards, the bread and cake drawers,the crisps container and the fruit bowl. Why do we go shopping every week and let you buy anything you want ?

When we asked my Mum what's for tea she always said FRESH AIR PIE !

When I'm asked what's for afters, I reply THE WASHING UP !

CuriousMama Wed 09-Jan-13 01:07:20

grin fiverabbits so they never change then?

GothAnneGeddes Wed 09-Jan-13 01:45:35

Toomuch - that sounds gorgeous! I will have to try that.

fiverabbits Wed 09-Jan-13 01:45:44


No he has been saying it for years. He is diabetic and has to eat regularly and isn't fussy so there is always something to eat so I don't know why he says it. On the other hand my DD is really fussy and if she has the choice of two items she is doing well.

anewyear Wed 09-Jan-13 07:58:51

Our Mum used to tell us when we asked what was for tea,
'pigs trotters and oncycollops'
Oncycollops, what the hell they were, I dont know???
Daft thing is I now say it to my two hmm

CuriousMama Wed 09-Jan-13 08:27:51

grin anewyear.

I never asked what was for tea as ate anything. I was so skinny in those days too <sigh>.

SpanishFly Wed 09-Jan-13 09:43:50

I've just had hot tomatoes on buttered toast, with pepper. WHY HAS NO-ONE TOLD ME TO TRY THIS BEFORE?
It seems so obvious now.
It is already now my favourite meal.

Boomerwang Wed 09-Jan-13 09:46:29

ewwwwww soggy toast <boak>

fiverabbits Sat 12-Jan-13 04:59:03

My DS went shopping with my DD on Wednesday and they spent £147. Twice that day and on Thursday he said there's no food in this house when are going shopping. Tonight after giving him his tea he complained I had given him too much, I can't win can I.

echt Sat 12-Jan-13 06:08:55

Tomatoes on toast, with poached/fried eggs + HP sauce = train smash.

Heaven when consumed while listening to The News Quiz on R4 at the weekend.

nextphase Sat 12-Jan-13 07:21:09

For the tinned tomatoes on toast brigade, have you tried (hot) tinned tomatoes on cheese on toast?

Thats my comfort, quick, lunch of choice.

Hesterton Sat 12-Jan-13 07:59:38

Thank you OP! We have NO food in the house to speak of (big home delivery later this morning) - DP away - and I as resigned to waiting for my breakfast. Read this thread, found a battered loaf in freezer and a tin of toms (and we do have butter) and bingo, that was REALLY nice. Not something I would have thought of myself.


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