To ask you to put aside some festive rubbish (for a good cause)?

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fuzzypicklehead Wed 26-Dec-12 14:52:44

You may remember me from last summer's mission to collect ring pulls from fizzy drinks cans. The Quality Street v. Roses thread reminded me that a large volume of MN'ers will have got in large quantities of sweet treats for the holiday season (and may also be enjoying their wine and feeling generous) Sooo... did you know that your chocolate feasting can do some environmental and social good?

I run an "upcycling" group for adults with SN called Re-Creations Project We teach the group to turn rubbish into cool stuff and sell it to earn money for fun activities (and cake). The materials we use most are Quality Street Wrappers, metal bottle caps and ring pulls from beer/fizzy drink cans. We need way more materials than we can consume ourselves, so we frequently have to enlist help from members of the public to share their rubbish with us. (We did ask Quality Street to help let people know they could recycle wrappers through us, but they said no sad)

So this Christmas, we're beginning a "Christmas Crap Competition" and asking people to wrap up their sweet wrappers, ring pulls and bottle caps and post them to us. They'll stay out of landfill, and it will make a group of people with learning disabilities really happy. Plus, whoever sends us the most (by 31st January) wins a handmade Quality Street wrapper bracelet.

The materials we use and addresses for posting/dropping are here

rubbishonlineshopper Wed 26-Dec-12 14:57:24

Have got people coming round for drinks / games later & 2 tubs of quality street to get through! Will send wrappers later this week!

fuzzypicklehead Wed 26-Dec-12 14:58:30


LineRunner Wed 26-Dec-12 14:59:28

Great idea. I see on the website you also ask for broken costume jewellery and incomplete puzzles and games. Is it ok to send these, too?

I was wondering about Quality Street's attitude, which seems odd - I wonder if they are sensitive about highlighting the volume of waste packaging that they produce?

SoleSource Wed 26-Dec-12 15:07:06

Oooh I have eaten the lot and the wrappers away darn it!!! sad

fuzzypicklehead Wed 26-Dec-12 15:08:46

Yep, we always need more of those too!

I'm not sure why Quality Street were hesitant to promote it, but their email response was that they get so many requests for support that they have to focus their efforts on a couple of key charities.

<wonders if MN Towers has a few tins floating around the place>

OldLadyKnowsNothing Wed 26-Dec-12 15:09:00

Are Roses wrappers any use? Just opened a tin.

Uppermid Wed 26-Dec-12 15:10:39

Marking my place for later so I can send you all our wrappers, will also put a link on Facebook twitter etc

LyingWitchInTheWardrobe Wed 26-Dec-12 15:11:36

Yes, what's the specification for the wrappers, please? My husband has three boxes of cherry liqueurs from Aldi that he's ploughing through. The wrappers look really nice... any good?

FestiveElement Wed 26-Dec-12 15:11:38

Do you use the tops from milk bottles? I mean the plastic ones that come from plastic bottles, not foil ones from the milk man?

I have loads of those because ds's school was collecting them, but then they stopped before I remembered to send them in blush

And does it have to be quality street wrappers? We only have heros and celebrations and a few lindt red chocolate balls this year!

fuzzypicklehead Wed 26-Dec-12 15:33:54

The best wrappers (for our purposes) are Quality Street and regular tinfoil wrappers. Lindt and Roses are ok too, but they do lose some of their colour with handling. Celebrations and Heroes don't really work well.

We used to collect plastic milk tops, but we were inundated by them really quickly and had to stop. But more and more councils are able to recycle them now. (including ours, which is a relief!)

EndoplasmicReticulum Wed 26-Dec-12 15:41:26

Ooh, I'm glad you posted, I've been saving ring pulls since the summer!

Can you use foil milk bottle tops from proper old fashioned milk? We have the milkman coming, and get those.

You should try to link this to facebook.

EuroShagmore Wed 26-Dec-12 15:48:02

I'm in! We have 3/4 of a jar still to get through so we'll stick the wrappers from those in the post once we're done.

shockers Wed 26-Dec-12 16:01:24

There is a link to FB at the bottom of the Christmas Crap Competition link birds. I've put it on my page OP, I think it's a great idea!

fuzzypicklehead Thu 27-Dec-12 11:59:01

Bump for those who are still working their way through a tin. (Down to just the red and orange here)

Ragwort Thu 27-Dec-12 12:05:09

What a great idea.

Can I also remind MNetters to take unwanted grin boxes of chocolates, biscuits etc to their local food bank - if you are hoping to lose a bit of weight you can give the excess food away with a clear conscience. Our food bank also takes half finished tins of sweets (wrapped) as we can re-bag them as small gifts smile.

Marking my place to share this when I'm at the computer later smile

fuzzypicklehead Thu 27-Dec-12 18:58:03

Awesome idea, Ragwort. Now I know what to do with the flavours I don't like!

LalyRawr Thu 27-Dec-12 20:20:47

Wow, the stuff you make is beautiful!

OH has scoffed all the chocolates, but I will save ring pulls! has a ridiculous Diet Coke addiction

juniperdewdrop Thu 27-Dec-12 20:29:58

We don't have any QS left and have recycled all my packaging. Excellent idea though. I'm going to do a jar tea light holder as used to do them and this thread's inspired me. I have coloured tissue paper.

Good luck with this it's fantastic smile

therewearethen Thu 27-Dec-12 20:36:12

Sorry if I've missed this but are roses wrappers any good? We had a tin given to us that dd has half munched her way through but I can certainly send you the rest once they've been eaten?

tinselahohoho Thu 27-Dec-12 20:39:21

What a great idea - have shared on FB; are the finished articles for sale?

ChaoticforlifenotjustChristmas Thu 27-Dec-12 21:03:47

I've clicked on your link and posted it on my fb wall. I'll take another look tomorrow.

ChaoticforlifenotjustChristmas Thu 27-Dec-12 21:10:01

Okay, further to my previous post I've posted all three links to my fb wall. Hopefully it will help your cause.

LineRunner Thu 27-Dec-12 21:39:43

Apparently Quality Street are best but Roses are ok, too.

fuzzypicklehead Sat 29-Dec-12 10:39:25

The postman had a couple of parcels this morning already! You guys work fast.

tinselahohoho The group has a shop on Etsy here and they sell the things they make to earn money for their "fun fund", and then they decide as a group how to spend it (which is a bit risky. In the past, I've had group members allocate a sum of money for cream pies, with which to bomb the group leaders.)

fuzzypicklehead Sat 29-Dec-12 10:44:45

juniper Tissue paper lanterns are my favourite. I find myself choosing which brand of coffee to buy based on whether the shape of the jar will make a cool lantern.

I love those sweet wrapper bracelets! I made myself one out of starburst wrappers years ago, I want another one no grin

juniperdewdrop Sat 29-Dec-12 15:09:35

fuzzy I just bought some more tissue in nice bright colours so will be doing that later today or tomorrow.

Are bottle tops any use if they get a bit bent when you open the bottle?

fuzzypicklehead Sat 29-Dec-12 16:02:18

Yep, we have to flatten the bottle caps to make the jewellery, so it won't matter if they start out bent.

Great - I will save beer bottle tops for you - do you need the same kinds of things all year, or is it seasonal?

AppleOgies Sat 29-Dec-12 16:09:40

Just posting so I can find this thread when we've finished our chocolates.
Will send when I've collected enough for a small parcel.
Will send ring pulls too. Actually we also have bottle tops.

fuzzypicklehead Sat 29-Dec-12 18:32:30

It's mostly the same stuff all year, but we especially ask for Quality Street wrappers near Christmas since so many people buy or get them for Christmas.

juniperdewdrop Sat 29-Dec-12 19:24:59

Dp's just said he'll save ring pulls. Dss will too if they buy cans. I'll ask at our church if they have any or any wrappers.

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Sat 29-Dec-12 19:30:31

Ooh I can send you loads of bottle tops ongoing over the year smile (but none atm as DH has flu so beer is not being drunk) No ring pulls - no cans here, all glass bottles. I shall start saving bottle tops and send them when I have just under 2kg, as 2kg is the cheapest parcel rate, so it may be a while! But it will happen, I never know what to do with the tops, as we get the deposit back on the bottles but the tops just go in the bin or with tins for recycling. I would love to send Quality street wrappers if I could buy Quality Street here sad

ilikesweetpeas Sat 29-Dec-12 19:42:41

Marking place as I will start keeping things for you!

EuroShagmore Wed 02-Jan-13 10:36:31

Giving this a little bump - my QS wrappers are going in the post today!

BookFairy Wed 02-Jan-13 10:47:01

Oh no we didn't have QS this year! I have a box of Lindor to get through, would you want those wrappers?

fuzzypicklehead Fri 04-Jan-13 12:42:23

Sure, Lindor works too!

EuroShagmore-- I think I got your parcel in the post this morning. I haven't counted yet, but I think you may be in the lead!

Hooray! Keep 'em coming!

BookFairy Fri 04-Jan-13 17:29:30

Oh fab! I best get scoffing grin

MissPricklePants Fri 04-Jan-13 21:33:46

I have some wrappers that I will be posting to you on Monday!

fuzzypicklehead Sat 05-Jan-13 10:25:07

And an Anonymous, fat envelope full of roses wrappers from the postman this morning, with a Shakespeare sticky note! Thanks so much--you know who you are!

serant Sat 05-Jan-13 10:33:55

how do i find the nearest foodbank? we have some bits to donate. TA

hippoCritt Sat 05-Jan-13 14:59:24

Are thorntons moments wrappers any use? We still have some of those to eat... Lovely shiny wrappers too!

mystiquesonya Sat 05-Jan-13 15:05:26

We've almost finished a tin of quality street so will send the wrappers on.

2plus2 Sat 05-Jan-13 18:31:38

fuzzypicklehead envelope not as fat as we are eating that lot grin

fuzzypicklehead Sun 06-Jan-13 13:16:38

Serant there's a map of foodbanks here

Thorntons moments wrappers work too--very nice and shiny.

By any chance, does anybody drink Bombay Sapphire or Grosovka Vodka and want to sell on their empties? We've just had a request from abroad from someone who wants us to make a light installation for them--but only with those brands.

ChippingInLovesChristmasLights Sun 06-Jan-13 13:29:48

Fuzzy - I am so annoyed with myself sad

I started saving ring pulls, got quite a few, but couldn't find your thread At All - so just before Christmas I threw them away, thinking it was a one off project and you'd be finished it by then!!

Do you have a list of all the things you collect?

fuzzypicklehead Sun 06-Jan-13 22:03:45

Indeed, I do! Here you go:

Quality Street Wrappers
Ring Pulls
Metal Bottle Caps
Broken costume jewellery
incomplete puzzles and board games
broken candles/candle stubs
Babybel wax
broken crayons
bicycle chains and sprockets

serant Tue 08-Jan-13 00:17:29

Thanks for the link.

fuzzypicklehead Wed 09-Jan-13 20:30:57

Oooh, another packet in the post, and the group spent most of today sorting out wrappers. The current record is 132 wrappers in one parcel. Can anybody beat that?

hippoCritt Thu 10-Jan-13 22:38:18

Oh I could try and beat that because eating chocolate is an area I excel in! Just waiting for OH to finish his thorntons, I have helped

fuzzypicklehead Sun 20-Jan-13 17:48:33

Hmm. Stuck at work until at least midnight tonight (while watching the bastard snow accumulate on my car) so I reckon I'll work my way through a stack of wrappers before home time. 10 days until the end of the competition and 132 is still the record. Come on Mumsnet, you can beat that!

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