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Pickles77 Mon 03-Dec-12 19:24:30

Cain Dingle

I so would.

Disclaimer: The OP is on her second glass of wine

<the new vets not too bad either>

squeakytoy Mon 03-Dec-12 19:27:21

I would too... grin yanbu.

ThinkAboutItOnBoxingDay Mon 03-Dec-12 19:28:21

Ewwww. The bad boy crush should finish with your teens imho.

Sorry yabu.

RobinsBaubleSparkles Mon 03-Dec-12 19:30:11

My mum fancies him. Every time he comes on telly:
"Ooh, he's bloody lovely, he's a bad 'un".

HairyGrotter Mon 03-Dec-12 19:30:18

I love a long haired rugged fella, bad boy or not (I'm too bad a girl to bag a bad boy sad).

He reminds me of my DD's father though, so it's a YABU from me (although I totally would ruin the bugger, Cain Dingle, no the father of my child).

SantaIAmSoFuckingRock Mon 03-Dec-12 19:33:16

i go through phases of liking him. at the minute he gets a thumbs up. i'm sure that makes him feel great grin

YANBU at all.

however, he's mine, so yes, in fact, you are bu wink

thenightsky Mon 03-Dec-12 19:37:17

Cain dingle is the spitting image of the bloke who services my car grin

Pickles77 Mon 03-Dec-12 19:37:39

Look. It's him or Nigel havers?

Now surely I CBU?

HairyGrotter Mon 03-Dec-12 19:38:11

Whoa, there, Nigel Havers is fair game!

yabvvvvu grin

Pickles77 Mon 03-Dec-12 19:40:06

Nightsky- my car needs a good service wink

puds11isNAUGHTYnotNAICE Mon 03-Dec-12 19:40:13

I would do cain dingle too.

HairyGrotter Mon 03-Dec-12 19:41:13

My local mechanic looks like a miniature Kurt Cobain, I had my photo taken with him.

I'd rather a Cain Dingle one though

Pickles77 Mon 03-Dec-12 19:57:36

Larry lamb anyone?smile

mynameis Mon 03-Dec-12 19:59:04

Ooh I would. Many times over in fact wink

Pickles77 Mon 03-Dec-12 20:10:45

I knew I was not alone grin

CurlyKiwiControl Mon 03-Dec-12 20:11:08

Well I'll fight you for him

Oh I so would.

Hot diggity daymn grin

EverlongLovesHerChristmasRobin Mon 03-Dec-12 20:12:01

Yep. So would.

GetorfsaMotherfuckingMorrisMan Mon 03-Dec-12 20:16:15

I am a freak of nature.

My current famous crushes are:

The 18 year old son Axl in The Middle (!)
David Estes in Homeland followed by Abu Nazir.
Al Bundy

I blame it on being single and not having had sex in years, and working with ugly men so I can't have a crush on a real life person.

I despair.

SantaWearsGreen Mon 03-Dec-12 20:16:37

Ew no. But I did used to like Eli (Joe Gilgun). Similar I guess.

GetorfsaMotherfuckingMorrisMan Mon 03-Dec-12 20:18:03

And I haven't been chatted up since 2006. Despite being young and not covered in scales.


Can someone in the world please chat me up.

AfterEightMintyy Mon 03-Dec-12 20:22:06

My shameful crushes from the very dim and distant past when I used to actually have sexual feelings about people include

Ian Dury
Arthur Smith
Terry Hall (actually not in the least bit ashamed)

stoatie Mon 03-Dec-12 20:25:40

Cain Dingle - most definitely grin or then I might have to go for Gene Hunt instead grin

GetorfsaMotherfuckingMorrisMan Mon 03-Dec-12 20:26:39

When I was a teenager I had simultaneous crushes on Jack Nicholson (from the Shining) and hannibal lecter. And dave gahan from depeche mode when he was in his drug addled rocker phase.

Probably a good thing that I am single.

EverlongLovesHerChristmasRobin Mon 03-Dec-12 20:28:12

My latest crush is Guy Garvey. Well I've had it for a while but it's heightened at the minute. Saw Elbow live on Saturday, awesome. But Guy was just perfect.

And can sing.

Love him a little bit.

ElectricSoftParade Mon 03-Dec-12 20:30:22

Cain Dingle and Terry Hall? Oh, alright then grin

HairyGrotter Mon 03-Dec-12 20:31:29

Jack Nicholson? I still would

StanleyLambchop Mon 03-Dec-12 20:35:10

Minty- I'll fight you for Terry Hall!!

Oh, Gary Barlow yes please. grin

And Robbie.. Wouldn't kick him out of bed wink

GetorfsaMotherfuckingMorrisMan Mon 03-Dec-12 21:10:49

Who the hell is Terry Hall?

Is it that geezer who does the voiceover (or did) for its an Knockout? Surely not.

ElectricSoftParade Mon 03-Dec-12 21:14:52

He was in Fun Boy Three and The Specials and other groups I can't think of now.

He is very tall and is lovely grin.

Pickles77 Mon 03-Dec-12 21:36:47

Getorf I dont know why!! You always seem to have a wicked personality
On here!!!grin

GetorfsaMotherfuckingMorrisMan Mon 03-Dec-12 21:43:59

I probably come across as a miserable cah in real life!

Pickles77 Mon 03-Dec-12 22:23:20

I'm miserable all the time smile
I'm sure your not!!

redpanda13 Mon 03-Dec-12 22:27:56

Oh Terry Hall. Thirty years I have had a fancy for Terry Hall!

AfterEightMintyy Mon 03-Dec-12 22:31:23

Fuck the fuck right off Getorf! Its a bloody Knockout indeed! That's Stuart Hall you knobber.

Just because you are impossibly young. Ffs. Speechyless.

memphis83 Mon 03-Dec-12 22:43:03

pickles I think we are twins Cain Dingle and Larry Lamb are bloody lovely!
I also like Rufus Hound and James McAvoy

Wallison Mon 03-Dec-12 22:48:09

I've just googled Cain Dingle and he's a bit of a looker, isn't he?

I fancy Monty Don.

AfterEightMintyy Mon 03-Dec-12 22:49:02
Aspiemum2 Mon 03-Dec-12 22:59:59

Think Cain and Paddys wife are mr & mrs in RL?
Cain is awful, I absolutely would NOT. I am sure he will be most disappointed, I am quite a catch wink

dadditlass Mon 03-Dec-12 23:01:48

Guy Martin. I luvs him

StuntGirl Mon 03-Dec-12 23:38:47

Oh god, I despair of you all.

(Shouldn't admit my crush on Tommy Lee Jones then should I? grin)

ripsishere Tue 04-Dec-12 04:13:34

I don't know who Cain Dingles is I'm afraid.
I'd fight anyone for Terry, Arthur, Larry and the late great Ian. I'd not kick Jack out of bed but, I know that there will be big shouts of YABVVVVU, when i say my heartthrob is Adrian Chiles.

camrywagon Tue 04-Dec-12 05:57:24

Met him once in a pub in Leeds - he was bloody awful and horribly drunk. (that could probably also be said of me but still, YABU!)

ripsishere Tue 04-Dec-12 06:03:07


pELFicFloorClenchReminder Tue 04-Dec-12 11:29:55

John Cleese. WOOF!

PlateSpinningAtAllTimes Tue 04-Dec-12 11:40:45

Martin Freeman. Is that wierd? I think I'll even fancy him as Bilbo Baggins blush

ShamyFarrahCooper Tue 04-Dec-12 11:40:46

Norman Reedus who is Darryl in The Walking Dead. Especially with his crossbow.

StanleyLambchop Tue 04-Dec-12 12:15:45

Minty- that clip should carry a health warning! A young Terry Hall in tight trousers! My heart rate has just gone through the roof and my legs are all wobbly! I am glad to see there are a few more on MN who appreciate Terry- but I am afraid I won't share him!!!

theliverpoolone Tue 04-Dec-12 13:29:57

Just had a look on YouTube to see what Terry Hall looks like now - really good, he's aged well (ie hardly at all!). There's a clip of him a year ago on Jools Holland.

SugaricePlumFairy Tue 04-Dec-12 13:39:01

I would definitely have had Kurt Cobain back in the day had I been given the opportunity! grin.

I do like a dirty looking man!

These days I still get quite wobbly over a picture of Viggo Mortensen and Richard Ashcroft, I'm sure there's more!

NolittleBuddahsorTigerMomshere Tue 04-Dec-12 14:36:21

YANBU but I would have to wash him first, and I mean a right good scrub with a flannel not airy fairy pretty woman style washing! For some reason, I imagine him as having a neck and ears you could grow spuds in! But once he was clen, no probs.

NolittleBuddahsorTigerMomshere Tue 04-Dec-12 14:36:44


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