AIBU no friends

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TickleFlower Wed 28-Nov-12 19:28:04

Anyone want to be my friend? I literally have no friends.

I'm so lonely. sad

fluffyraggies Wed 28-Nov-12 19:32:53

Aww. Where abouts in the country are you OP? Have you tried the friendship bench here on MN?

Have you tried <shhhh> Netmums?

catgirl1976 Wed 28-Nov-12 19:34:53

Ahh I can be your MN friend

Have you got interests you could meet people through?

CajaDeLaMemoria Wed 28-Nov-12 19:35:50

Meh, I know how you feel.

Sometimes I don't mind. Other times I think that if I died, only OH would notice. If he was away, nobody would. I'm serious. The only way anyone could find out other than him would be if they heard the cat screaming for food.

whatatwat Wed 28-Nov-12 19:36:49

where are you in the world tickle?

AboutThyme Wed 28-Nov-12 19:37:52

Aw OP i'm the same. I literally don't have a single friend. Pathetic!

CluffyDude Wed 28-Nov-12 19:40:01

Wher are you dude?

I'll bet someone lives near to you smile

InNeedOfBrandy Wed 28-Nov-12 19:42:22

I have that who the fuck would be at my funeral thought to, a lot.

I do luckily have 2/3 close friends but I don't have a busy house which I'd love.

fluffyraggies Wed 28-Nov-12 19:45:45

I have a busy house but not many friends.

greencheddar Wed 28-Nov-12 19:51:39

I don't have any friends either sad

Lonelynessie Wed 28-Nov-12 19:54:40

I'm in the same boat here. Where abouts are you op? I do have quite a large family and a very understanding partner but I have have no friends, no one I can really honestly have a nice girly chat with or go out for drinks etc with sad it feels quite pathetic actually...

Loadsofchocolate Wed 28-Nov-12 19:55:09

I have no friends either, feel so lonely sometimes sad

Any of you in Devon??

nightcat Wed 28-Nov-12 19:55:32

me too sad
My life has been taken over by my sn ds needs and all people I know are one way or another linked to that while the rest of the world doesn't want to know, sadly, as we have a very restricted lifestyle sad

AboutThyme Wed 28-Nov-12 19:59:45

I am in the North West having moved from Devon 18 months ago. waves to anyone

TickleFlower Wed 28-Nov-12 19:59:51

I'm 26 live in Norwich. Have a DD who is 16 months

Sorry to hear so many of you seem lonely too xx

TheseGoToEleven Wed 28-Nov-12 20:00:06

Me too. The only people at my funeral would be DH and the DCs. Sometimes I think about making an effort and joining a group or club or something, but it just feels like one more thing I have to do on top of everything else, so I don't bother.

whoopwhoopbib Wed 28-Nov-12 20:03:08

I live near you TickleFlower and have an 8 month old DD. If you'd like to meet up or just chat feel free to pm me smile

nananaps Wed 28-Nov-12 20:08:31

AboutThyme im in the northwest smile
Where are you?

TickleFlower Wed 28-Nov-12 20:09:16

Hello! I don't know how to pm! I'm useless !!

Where abouts are you? X

AboutThyme Wed 28-Nov-12 20:10:14

nananaps I'm near Preston.

ImperialStateKnickers Wed 28-Nov-12 20:12:34

To send a pm move the cursor over the top right corner of the light blue line above the post, and click on Message Poster.

'Fraid I live miles away but I'll be your online friend if you want.

nananaps Wed 28-Nov-12 20:13:49

im near Blacklpool!
Are you Longridge/kirkham way?

catgirl1976 Wed 28-Nov-12 20:13:59

I'm near Preston <waves>

091972 Wed 28-Nov-12 20:13:59

As TotallyEggFlipped has already mentioned - I know it's a bit of a sin to mention it on MN (!!) but Netmums has a "Meet a Mum" section and also arranges mums' meetups. May be worth a try.

Im in the Northwest and cant say I have any friends either, who would I go to to drink wine and slag off DH?

AboutThyme Wed 28-Nov-12 20:15:54

No, i'm in the pit known as Chorley unfortunately grin

whoopwhoopbib Wed 28-Nov-12 20:21:36

I've pm'd you TickleFlower it will be in your inbox.

TickleFlower Wed 28-Nov-12 20:23:18

Thanks whoop whoop have pm'd back (I think !)

littlemisspoppy Wed 28-Nov-12 20:26:42

<whispers> I met my best friend on netmums on the local meet a mum board.

<slinks off before MNHQ notices me>

SoleSource Wed 28-Nov-12 20:32:43

Where is the friendship bench?

Anythingforabitofpeace Wed 28-Nov-12 20:34:01

Aw this is shit isn't it. I'm the exact same. I have no proper friends. I have no sisters which I'm very resentful about because if I had a sister then a might have at least one friend. Dh and my DM are my best friends.

I do work with a great bunch of women who I get on well with but besides them I don't have a single other friend. My best friend ditched me when I was 15 and has never been replaced sad

no friends here either!


Am in same situation, am north west.

TickleFlower Wed 28-Nov-12 20:39:08

I think it's so sad so many of us are in the same situation sad

TheLightPassenger Wed 28-Nov-12 20:41:05

Hi, I'm in the NorthWest, have a handful of friends in my county, lots of acquaintances or people who live too far away to see more than once or twice a year. I don't know how much this is par for the course with family life/age etc.

charllie Wed 28-Nov-12 20:41:35

Yep same here. I have my OH who is my best friend and one other friend, that's it.

whatsinthebagangelos Wed 28-Nov-12 20:41:57

Totally egg I'm in Devon smile

CajaDeLaMemoria Wed 28-Nov-12 20:44:03

Anything I wouldn't be too upset at not having a sister. They aren't guaranteed friends. I have 4, but we were all split up by social services, and I haven't seen or heard from them in years. I have no idea where they are or how they are doing, and SS won't allow contact.

It's more depressing than helpful, I find.

MoomieAndFreddie Wed 28-Nov-12 20:44:08

OP there is a great fb group for mners who want to make new friends

i am a member, if you have facebook you can add me on facebook and i will invite you to the group. you don't have to stay my fb friend once i have added you to the group, but you can if you want to smile pm me for my FB name if you want me to add you.

i know the feeling as i haven't got many friends either, just a couple of really close ones.

3monkeys Wed 28-Nov-12 20:44:22

I have 2 whole friends! Where in the Northwest is everyone? I'm on the Wirral

Anythingforabitofpeace Wed 28-Nov-12 20:47:17

I'm sorry caja, that really is sad.

I suppose there's no guarantee a sister is a best friend. I have a DS and a DD and I feel a bit regretful than neither of them has a same sex sibling. But DH is adamant no more.

TickleFlower Wed 28-Nov-12 20:48:23

Moomie could you pm me and then ill tell you my name so you an add me to group x

SomebodySaveMe Wed 28-Nov-12 20:49:02

I have no friends either. I'm in Northamptonshire.

OhWhatAPalaver Wed 28-Nov-12 20:54:05

I am fortunate enough to have some long standing friends, however we had to move somewhere cheaper (Stockport for my sins) and all my friends live over an hour away and we don't drive and neither do my friends! its all a bit rubbish.
also, only one of my friends has a baby but unfortunately they live the furthest away! seems like none of my other friends want to reproduce (or drive) and they're all older than me :/

i don't really feel like i belong in Stockport, even though i grew up here. i escaped for a reason and didn't expect to move back but then DD arrived grin

ElectricSoftParade Wed 28-Nov-12 20:56:14

It does make me sad to read how lonely some of us are. Life can be very isolating and lonely but, chins up, at least we have MN!

I'm in East Sussex and am free most days as I cannot find a job. Meeting or chatting would be very welcome smile

ElectricSoftParade Wed 28-Nov-12 20:57:02

Moomie That group sounds good x

NotALondoner Wed 28-Nov-12 20:57:20

Does anyone else feel a bit better to hear of so many people without friends? It's not nice, obviously, but it seems to be totally and completely normal, which is encouraging.

TickleFlower Wed 28-Nov-12 20:59:42

Does feel nice not to be only lonely one!

ledkr Wed 28-Nov-12 21:00:03

I'm on glos but only want rich famous or very cool friends please grin

NatashaBee Wed 28-Nov-12 21:02:28

I don't really know anyone here outside of work, we moved a couple of years ago. The person I speak to most other than DH and DSD is DSD's mum, to make arrangements for DSD's weekend visits to her sad People here are very nice but don't tend to socialise outside of their family and church. Most people are religious and I am not, so don't really want to socialise via a church. I do like my space and peace and quiet, but this is a bit too much sad

thisthreadwilloutme Wed 28-Nov-12 21:02:31

I'm NW E Lancs and happy to meet anyone grin

MoomieAndFreddie Wed 28-Nov-12 21:02:47

if anyone else wants to join the mn friends group they are obviously welcome! just pm me or ask me to pm you x

TickleFlower Wed 28-Nov-12 21:04:29

Moomie could you pm me?

Raerae12 Wed 28-Nov-12 21:04:47

Another Devon person here!

MoomieAndFreddie Wed 28-Nov-12 21:05:00

just dunnit tickle smile

UrbanSpaceMonkey Wed 28-Nov-12 21:05:28

I'm just over the border from WhatIsInTheBag and EggFlip.

The pool of available friend' talent' is small here but once you find someone, they know someone else, etc. It all becomes easier.

You don't have to be best friends with people who had kids at the same time as you but it is often easier for a few years to spend some time with them.

I'm I between Bolton and Wigan kind of area.

Wheresmygalaxy Wed 28-Nov-12 21:12:04

<<Waves frantically like a mad woman at anyone living near Liverpool>>

Its weird i was thinking about this just recently and have 2 actual friends i still see. Most have been school friends that have dropped off along the way, i went a good 6/7 years without a single friend then started a night school course and thats were i met my 2 mates who i still see regularly.

Thing is though theyre both preoccupied with other things and id love someone i can call up and say get your coat were off the pub! i have a 5 month old ds so not always practical but if i knew someone i could do this to when i actually had a bloody second to myself, id be happy smile

whatsinthebagangelos Wed 28-Nov-12 21:14:08

Lets start a Devon/Somerset/Cornwall club!

Is there a friendship bench?

charllie Wed 28-Nov-12 21:14:47

I tried clicking on your name to send you a message moomie but it won't let me

MoomieAndFreddie Wed 28-Nov-12 21:18:19

ooh thats weird charlie

i'll pm you

ooh i feel so popular now, i am being bombarded with PM's grin

Amykins Wed 28-Nov-12 21:19:59

I am in Devon too. Mid Devon.

whatsinthebagangelos Wed 28-Nov-12 21:23:29

Hi Amy

Where abouts in mid Devon?

TickleFlower Wed 28-Nov-12 21:24:59

Yay! I hope people are finding each other! smile

gallifrey Wed 28-Nov-12 21:25:29

I have no friends either, when I had a horse I had loads of friends and we used to see each other every day at the stables. Since I sold my horse literally not one of them has bothered with me. This morning I got quite upset that I had arranged to meet up with one girl and she text me to say she couldn't make it because she was meeting up with friends sad We used to be really close.

I live in East Sussex

Im nowhere near any of you, but have messaged moomie to join the fb group smile

MoomieAndFreddie Wed 28-Nov-12 21:29:58

just to let people know i am going to bed now so if i dont reply to pms / fb requests will do so in the morning

this is brilliant that people are finding this thread, so many of us in the same boat.

therewearethen Wed 28-Nov-12 21:32:51

DP is my best friend, now how sad is that!

Raerae12 Wed 28-Nov-12 21:34:36

Hi Moomie,
I can't seem to PM you but if you could PM me in the morning that would be wonderful!

littlemisspoppy Wed 28-Nov-12 21:35:14

I'm in west Yorkshire by the way if anyone is round here?

TickleFlower Wed 28-Nov-12 21:37:11

Shout out to anyone in Norwich!! PM me to chat!

I have a 15month old daughter smile

DefinitelyNotMe Wed 28-Nov-12 21:42:42

PM going to Moomie from Oxfordshire!

I do have a lot of acquaintances but no-one close except DP...

maddening Wed 28-Nov-12 21:58:37

3monkeys - not on Wirral but close - one of my small amount of friends is in childer Thornton smile

ElectricSoftParade Wed 28-Nov-12 22:08:30

Gallifrey I'm East Sussex too and have attended one MN meetup. Was great and very friendly, sadly am too skint to attend the Christmas one but, even though I didn't know anyone, it was a brilliant time. Have a look at the meet ups section or contact me grin

Kafri Wed 28-Nov-12 22:12:19

I'm near Preston too! :-D

catgirl1976 Wed 28-Nov-12 22:15:10

There are lots of NW people here...........including me

I used to live in Norwich Tickle if that counts smile

TheReturnOfBridezilla Wed 28-Nov-12 22:21:08

Beyond I'm not a million miles away from you. smile

Rachog Wed 28-Nov-12 22:24:41

Another friendless woman sad another northwest one, close to Liverpool. My best friend moved away, far far away....

3monkeys Wed 28-Nov-12 22:31:59

Whereabouts are the people close to Liverpool? Wouldn't mind a little coffee one day!

Flojo1979 Wed 28-Nov-12 22:35:07

I'm near Preston too!
How strange I was beginning to think I was alone out here. I'm in Chorley.

Flojo1979 Wed 28-Nov-12 22:35:52

Oh I think we need a NW coffee meet!

tipsycat Wed 28-Nov-12 22:37:30

Another NW one here, close to Ormskirk. I'm up for a meet up if anyone else is.

Kafri Wed 28-Nov-12 22:37:55

Hi Flojo - I'm Chorley too.

disparatefishwife Wed 28-Nov-12 22:38:41

I'm a West Country dumpling

whathasthecatdonenow Wed 28-Nov-12 22:39:50

East Lancashire here. Lost most of my friends when I was ill - they are all around the country now and I get emails and cards and that is it. Have work 'friends' but they aren't really friends.

Flojo1979 Wed 28-Nov-12 22:40:18

Hi kafri so glad to see I'm not alone!
Count me in for a meet up, I don't mind travelling

OpheliaBumps Wed 28-Nov-12 22:40:48

I'm NW too, Chester, also slightly lacking in the friend department, I'd love to meet for a coffee.

Zombiewoodyallenjesus Wed 28-Nov-12 22:43:57

Oh my word, I am NorthWest too, Preston area. Didn't think there were any othermumsnetters up here smile

Flojo1979 Wed 28-Nov-12 22:45:36

How everyone fixed for days/times/travelling etc?
I'm quite busy with the run up to Xmas but being busy doesn't stop me feeling lonely.
I'm a single mum too so even more lonely.

Flojo1979 Wed 28-Nov-12 22:46:35

zombie I thought that too. There was no one else on the lonely MNers Facebook page in my area.

Zombiewoodyallenjesus Wed 28-Nov-12 22:50:11

Didn't even realise there was a FB page grin

Flojo1979 Wed 28-Nov-12 22:51:42

I don't know how to link, and probably can't on phone anyway. FB page has been quiet of late anyway.

WhoWhatWhereWhen Wed 28-Nov-12 22:54:45

Last year on the run up to Christmas I had no invites to any parties and was facing Xmas on my own, i was so miserable.

This year I had to turn down a party invite because I've got four to go to and I have invites for xmas day & boxing day & NYE, the only thing that has changed is I've started joining clubs and college courses and doing volunteer work

Give it a go, good luck OP

lovebunny Wed 28-Nov-12 22:56:02

surely its normal not to have friends?

TheWombat Wed 28-Nov-12 23:02:01

Ooh, lots of Devon dumplings! <waves> smile
Would lovea friendship group for dumplings grin

MerryCunnyFuntingChristmas Wed 28-Nov-12 23:07:12

Same here sad since settling down very young I've drifted far away from my friends. I'm 21 and my friends have all gone to uni, are out drinking and partying every other night and have forgotten about me. I moved in with DP and the in laws at 17, 10 months later we got a mortgage and our house, now have a 17 month old daughter and a rescue greyhound and no friends sad

We're hopefully getting married in 2014 and I'd love a big wedding with loads of friends and family there but of course, no friends.

catgirl1976 Wed 28-Nov-12 23:57:58

I'm Lytham

itsatrap Thu 29-Nov-12 00:30:57

I am starting to think I'm the only mner from the midlands! I'm destined to spend the rest of my days friendless sob

whois Thu 29-Nov-12 00:36:33

surely its normal not to have friends?

It might not be abnormal, but I don't think it's preferable. Most humans enjoy having close bonds/friends.

MuckingFunter Thu 29-Nov-12 00:58:33

Cheesed of in Cheshire waves

charllie Thu 29-Nov-12 07:21:07

I'm from Oxfordshire

TickleFlower Thu 29-Nov-12 08:31:04

Morning everyone I hope most people found a someone!

I've only just seen this thread, I'm in Preston too! I would really love a brew or a meetup in the NW if anyone is up for it??

BeingCrazyKeepsMeSain Thu 29-Nov-12 09:06:11

So, just saw this thread. I was going to write the same thing as my first post yesterday OP, but changed my mind as I thought I would be the only one.

OH and DM are my only friends. DD 13 months is great company too, but I have no real friends. My DSis used to be my best friend, but then she Made knew friends and left me on my own.

I often wonder who will be at my wedding, I wouldn't even have a MOH much less for bridesmaids! I live in London... Anyone want to be my friend sad

Oh and i make great cakes smile

The local mumsnet bits have a buddy bench.

I'm in north London.

<sits on the bench waiting for fellow north Londoners>

BornInACrossFireHurricane Thu 29-Nov-12 09:11:58

I'm in the midlands isatrap smile

It is difficult- I lost a couple of close friends after university and then from moving.

Oh Tickle sad

I'll be your Essex friend smile

I have no friends and no dp either. My best friend is my 17 month old.

I have stupid nightmares sometimes that I have an accident or die in the house and no one finds my poor little boy as there is no one to realise I'm dead blush

Hamnvik Thu 29-Nov-12 09:21:21

Anyone in Scotland? I've moved around a lot so don't see my friends as much as I'd like!

BeerTricksPott3r Thu 29-Nov-12 09:38:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PostmanPatsBlackandWhiteCat Thu 29-Nov-12 09:55:28

I have no friends either sad
I wanted to post a thread about it but chicken out.
I am from East Sussex.

TallulahTinsel Thu 29-Nov-12 10:41:32

I am near Preston too!! Going to have a look at Mumsnet Local, last time I looked there was no one there grin

tipsycat Thu 29-Nov-12 10:53:32

I'm going to try that too. I think there's a Preston one.

cheekybaubles Thu 29-Nov-12 11:23:12

Midlands too, although midlands is quite a large territory. smile

Annianni Thu 29-Nov-12 11:54:19

I'm in Preston too (40 yr old sahm)

Although i'm in southport at the moment, having a hot chocolate near the prom while Ds2 (20 months) has a nap.

Then we're going to the botanic gardens to feed the ducks and swans.

firemansamisnormansdad Thu 29-Nov-12 12:14:12

A lot of familiar scenarios here. And do you know what makes it worse? All those bloody Christmas adverts with party food, party dresses, party shoes - as if we've got anywhere to dress up to go to? I have lots of acquaintance friends, but only one I could really count on in an emergency.

Any one in North/East Yorkshire?

Cezella Thu 29-Nov-12 12:21:57

Just thought I'd put a different slant on it. Try and be
More positive about your situations because some people would give their back teeth to be in your positions. I personally would love to have a DD or a DS or even just an OH. I know it might be hard to not have many friends but it's just as hard to not have any children or a partner when you really want them.

Also, sometimes friends aren't all they cracked up to be, they cause stress and grief as well as happiness and fun (but I guess that goes for children and partners too)

I'm going to run and hide now, after all this is mumsnet so strictly speaking, I don't have a right to post this!

Just something worth remembering when you're feeling friendless grin

ChaoticforlifenotjustChristmas Thu 29-Nov-12 12:53:43

I'm in the northwest, near Liverpool.

Most of my friends are scattered around the UK, so I rarely see them especially as I seem to be permanently broke atm.

buttercrumble Thu 29-Nov-12 12:56:51

Same here , im in scarborough if anybody needs a new friend pm me.....

CurlsRUs Thu 29-Nov-12 13:04:55

Anyone in north Somerset?

I've moved around the country a few times, leaving friends behind each time, and it's getting harder and harder to make new ones.

elliebellys Thu 29-Nov-12 13:06:18

Ophelia,im in flintshire right by you.waves.:-)

buttercrumble Thu 29-Nov-12 13:08:17

Firemansam , please pm me again have deleated the message by mistake...

Veryolddad Thu 29-Nov-12 13:08:34

Just me and the Porridge Monster in Rural Lincolnshire

brighthair Thu 29-Nov-12 13:10:04

Preston here as well smile

lookout Thu 29-Nov-12 13:10:41

No friends here either. I know lots of people, but the ones I think are going to become proper friends, you know, the ones you can have a proper chat with, all end up fizzling out or drifting away. Makes me think there's something wrong with me sad

I'm from the Home Counties, but most people have friends here so am not expecting anyone to be near me sadsad

MrsReiver Thu 29-Nov-12 13:13:05

Hamnvik I'm in central Scotland - whereabouts are you?

YouScroogeYouLose Thu 29-Nov-12 13:14:44

I'm in sarf London <sticks younger out at tantrums> I have no friends either except dp and dc ad most days I think even they don't like me!

< waits to be avoided like usual sad >

Enigmosaurus Thu 29-Nov-12 13:15:22

I used to have very few friends. My eldest is 6 and I now have a handful of good friends who I met at the school gates when he started two years ago.

My other good friend I met at my local sure start children's centre. Stay and play sessions are a good way to meet a good mix of people.

Pleasenomorepeppa Thu 29-Nov-12 13:22:27

I'm in North London & have a 3.6 DD & DD2 due in 6 weeks!smile.

Merrylegs Thu 29-Nov-12 13:22:28

Tickleflower - are you on the Norwich MN Facebook meet up page?

There is also a FB Children's activities in Norfolk page which has loads of info about local toddler groups etc. If you click on 'join' you will be approved by an admin and then you can see what's on offer for you and your LO in the area.

There are some very lovely MNers in Norwich. I have been on some of the evening meet ups and they are good fun but my kids are school age so I don't go to the daytime groups.

Hopefully you'll be able to hook up with some local MNers soon.

YouScroogeYouLose Thu 29-Nov-12 13:26:23

< glares at mothers outside window >

Why are none of the south London mothers on mumnet!?!?

gobbymare Thu 29-Nov-12 13:26:55

Anyone from the N/E ?

I`m a SAHM bored feckless most days could do with a friend or 2 grin

mustgetabackbone Thu 29-Nov-12 13:33:17

I'm in central Scotland

West Lothian....

TheLightPassenger Thu 29-Nov-12 13:36:15

sounds like there's enough for a Liverpool area meet and/or Preston meet. Or could all meet up in the middle in Manchester? any thoughts?

I'm in a similar position OP.

I don't have any friends, not much family either.

I'm currently abroad but will be moving back to the UK very soon if anyone wants to be my MN friend until then. smile

Moviestar1979 Thu 29-Nov-12 13:49:43

I used to have lots of friends but feel like now since they have started getting married etc I see them less and less. I have also realised I don't have much in common with a lot of my old school friends these days. I have lots of acquaintances who I can go for a drink and a giggle / moan with but no one I would call just because I was feeling lonely and needed someone to chat to

AboutThyme Thu 29-Nov-12 13:55:17

I can't believe there are 2 actual mumsnetters live in Chorley (well 3 including me!). I really thought everyone here lived in naice suburbs of London!

Wheresmygalaxy Thu 29-Nov-12 13:57:25

There are so many from liverpol or nearby, i thought id be the only one. smile

BeerTricksPott3r Thu 29-Nov-12 14:00:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

peasabovesticks Thu 29-Nov-12 14:03:23

I am lucky as I feel I have a few good friends I can rely on but I hate the idea people are feeling isolated. I'm always up for a coffee and a chat so if anyone wants to pm me, feel free.

I'm in the Liverpool area smile

Annianni Thu 29-Nov-12 14:11:22

We took 2 loaves with us.
I fed the swans by hand, to stop the noisy bastard white seagully things eating it all.

While Ds2 lobbed whole slices at the ducks.

It was lovely, and really quiet.

ChocolateCoins Thu 29-Nov-12 14:13:12

Gobbymare, I'm in the north east and a sahm too. Tried to pm you but won't let me!

MrsReiver Thu 29-Nov-12 14:16:40

backbone I'm in a kind of no man's land, it's technically Falkirk council but West Lothian postcode, I don't think either council really wants us!

RawShark Thu 29-Nov-12 14:20:40

gobby and chocolate - when you say NE where are you it's a very long bit of the country and I'm in the Southern bit otherwise known as West Yorkshire

fatcuntroller Thu 29-Nov-12 14:22:13

I'm in Birmingham and dont have many friends. There's no bugger on my friendship bench!

pigletmania Thu 29-Nov-12 14:22:20

I'll be your friend but I live in Milton keynes smile

ChocolateCoins Thu 29-Nov-12 14:23:16

I'm in northumberland. In the middle of no where sad

SoleSource Thu 29-Nov-12 14:24:33


Please link the friendship bench


missymoomoomee Thu 29-Nov-12 14:25:44

I'm in warwickshire. I have loads of friends but they are all 500 miles away sad I moved down here last year. The only person who I befriended here started turning up at 7am for no apparent reason and popping over at 1am if my light was on to encourage me to lose weight or tell me what a terrible mother I am confused so I had to knock that on the head. I'm a bit scared now.

MouseyHousey Thu 29-Nov-12 14:26:31

Im in Ayrshire and I need a friend!
Moomie could you please pm me, I cant seem to pm you, I would like to join the fb group.

RawShark Thu 29-Nov-12 14:29:05

chocolate ooooh proper NE. The middle of nowhere does sound a bit defiicent in friend opportunites. But very beautiful yes?

fatcuntroller Thu 29-Nov-12 14:29:19

I can't link from phone I don't think
solesource. If you find mumsnet local, its in there.

RawShark Thu 29-Nov-12 14:30:22

missymoomoomee I am noweher near you. BUt just thought I would say I think you made the right decision and better no friends than ones like that!

missymoomoomee Thu 29-Nov-12 14:36:40

raw she is one of my neighbours and has children my age. She was apparently a size 8, had 3 jobs, and did all her cooking from scratch, her kids were perfect..blah blah. Although I actually spoke to 2 of them and they laughed when I told them. I ended up just not answering the phone and my door after she had a go at me in front of some other neighbours about my lack of consideration. I hadn't bought her a mothers day present hmm . Would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

ChocolateCoins Thu 29-Nov-12 14:37:24

Shark, it's so pretty! Especially when it's been snowing. Luckily there's a bus route, so it could be worse. I'm originally from Sussex so it's been even harder to make friends sad

I'm in Winchester if anyone needs someone round there! Keep meaning to go 'sit' on the friendship bench but not made it yet. dontbugme I'll be you MN friend smile feel free to PM me, where are you at the moment?

TheSecondComing Thu 29-Nov-12 14:40:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

happydotcom Thu 29-Nov-12 14:40:41

charllie I'm in Oxfordshire too smile

Also have no friends

-- but I'm quite naice really--

SoleSource Thu 29-Nov-12 14:41:04

Thank you fat and doinsaurs smile

happydotcom Thu 29-Nov-12 14:41:09

Stoke through fail grin

happydotcom Thu 29-Nov-12 14:41:27

Now spelling fail!!!

I just got lost on the local site and couldn't find my way back <scared>

fatcuntroller Thu 29-Nov-12 15:00:30

I need to find the bench again to add myself to it!

DreamingOfTheMaldives Thu 29-Nov-12 15:56:07

OhWhataPalaver - I'm in Stockport too. I don't have any babies yet but hope to soon. I've got friends round the Manchester area but would be nice to meet someone who lives nearby.

littlemisspoppy Thu 29-Nov-12 16:01:49

Im in West Yorks too Raw which part are you in?

AGeeksWife Thu 29-Nov-12 16:04:55

I'm another East Sussex loner.

I want a shopping/coffee/lunch friend who isn't my mum or DH!

However I am fairly shy so I realise I can come across as a bit dull if you don't know me but I'm really not dull (or weird)!

MerryCunnyFuntingChristmas Thu 29-Nov-12 16:28:13

The Lincolnshire bench is virtually abandoned sad I could barely move for tumbleweed!

Who else is in Lincolnshire? I know of a few, just wondering if there are anymore? I'm in Gainsborough smile

Bumblequeen Thu 29-Nov-12 16:54:05

I have acquaintances/friends that I can text or arrange to meet for a coffee. There is nobody that I can call in the middle of the night or fall apart in front of. This makes me sad. Dh is my bf.

When a teen/in my twenties I had 'friends' I went clubbing with but they were shallow friendships. I always yearned for more but realised they could not offer more.

I have been told I appear aloof and disconnected but I do reach out to people. I am much better in one to one's than large groups. I hate speaking in large groups.

The truth is I feel people will grow bored if around me too often. sad

I avoid watching Sex and the City, Bridesmaids/girlie films as they highlight that I am not part of such a group. sad

Bumblequeen Thu 29-Nov-12 16:55:15

I have acquaintances/friends that I can text or arrange to meet for a coffee. There is nobody that I can call in the middle of the night or fall apart in front of. This makes me sad. Dh is my bf.

When a teen/in my twenties I had 'friends' I went clubbing with but they were shallow friendships. I always yearned for more but realised they could not offer more.

I have been told I appear aloof and disconnected but I do reach out to people. I am much better in one to one's than large groups. I hate speaking in large groups.

The truth is I feel people will grow bored if around me too often. sad

I avoid watching Sex and the City, Bridesmaids/girlie films as they highlight that I am not part of such a group. sad

Bumblequeen Thu 29-Nov-12 16:56:09

Double post

MouseyHousey Thu 29-Nov-12 18:09:39

I just visited my local section and I was the first to post there! Hopefully will find some more soon.
I am quite shy at first and find it really hard to start conversations with people but I am nice, promise!

lookout Thu 29-Nov-12 18:11:13

Bumblequeen I could have written your post. Where do you live?

Doinmummy Thu 29-Nov-12 18:22:20

Anyone from Essex ? Lonely here too.

bionicmummy Thu 29-Nov-12 18:24:09

MN should have some kind of buddy thingie like NM have.

LordOfThe5Rings Thu 29-Nov-12 18:24:32

Aww I am sorry to hear that.

If you ever need someone to talk to, I am here. Although I am in the South West. smile

MoomieAndFreddie Thu 29-Nov-12 18:26:28

if anyone has missed it - there is a MN group on FB for meet ups / making friends etc. if anyone wants to join it, PM me! or anyone on this thread who has already joined the group (there is quite a few) you can PM them if they make themselves known and they can add you.

BeerTricksPott3r Thu 29-Nov-12 18:26:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kleptronic Thu 29-Nov-12 18:32:43

Right. I'm the same and I'm going on that there mumsnet local and putting it about a bit. I haven't in the past because it's geographically weird; where I am has been lumped into a conglomerate of places that have little to do with where I am. Er. So I'm going to go on the one that is and go mental with openness to friendship. Maybe. <wibbles>

Roopoo Thu 29-Nov-12 18:59:26

Im from Chorley now near Preston smile

BornInACrossFireHurricane Thu 29-Nov-12 19:02:46

I'm not in birmingham but not too far and I can get there for a meetup if it involves wine

Anyone else west mids/staffordshire?

Flojo1979 Thu 29-Nov-12 19:10:53

Any Preston/chorley people fancy cheeky monkeys? Ok phrased that wrong, of course u don't fancy cheeky monkeys, you'd rather stick pins in your eyes but can anyone think of a better meet up place?!

BeerTricksPott3r Thu 29-Nov-12 19:20:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Stevie77 Thu 29-Nov-12 19:42:54

Hi Moomie, please can you PM me re the mn group? Can't PM you for some reason...

medi88 Thu 29-Nov-12 19:58:03

Another East Sussex person who would like to have more mates!

I live near God's waiting room Eastbourne.

Probably too close to Christmas to arrange a meet up, but I've spotted ElectricSoftParade, Gallifrey & AGeeksWife here - why don't we try to go for something in early 2013?

Nothing to lose if we just meet for a coffee somewhere?

I'm nearly a granny in my prime & would be happy to meet you all!

Sorry if I've missed out anyone else from East Sussex!!

TallulahTinsel Thu 29-Nov-12 20:59:19

Losing track of who is where on this thread grin

Don't understand why MN local is so quiet, looking at mine you would think I am the only Mumsnetter in Lanashire!

AboutThyme Thu 29-Nov-12 21:33:46

I've never been to Cheeky Monkeys. Is it better than Puddletown Pirates? and can you pretend to lose a toddler that you don't have to go down the snake slide

AboutThyme Thu 29-Nov-12 21:34:17

I couldn't figure out the MN local thing, it just keep giving me a link to a London map confused

AboutThyme Thu 29-Nov-12 21:35:38

Flojo1979 - you do know you can't possibly meet up with anybody after your mooncup thread don't you grin

disparatefishwife Thu 29-Nov-12 21:36:47

Bumblequeen I can really relate to your post. I did have a large group of people who I considered great friends but people grow apart and when I started experiencing ill health and finding social occasions difficult people really started to drop off the radar. I have been left with anxiety & I really struggle to make new friends. I meet other mums at groups but they all have their established friendship groups and it feels very difficult to get past the superficial stage.
My hen night was so hard, a lot of my old friends couldn't come and the ones that did weren't very involved and my new friends & colleagues aren't that close t o me so I felt a bit lonely and it all felt a bit sad. I see big groups of girls/women out together seemingly so happy and close and it's a bit gutting.
I'd also like to have friends with that could become friends with my children. I feel that I have a responsibility to help to shape their early social lives!
I am crap at networking. I secan be in a group of other women who don't know each other and I think that I'm making all the right noises & it feels like there's a connection but the next time we meet its back to square one and the rest have all made friends without me.
I often wonder if it's because of my background, it was unconventional and I don't really fit in any social groups. One 'friend' told me she could never work out 'which box' I Fit in!
Anyway...cut a long story short : I'm not on Facebook which doesn't help but I'd love to know how to start a Devon dumplings group.

disparatefishwife Thu 29-Nov-12 21:38:39

Excuse typos hope you can get the gist, I was trying to say I'd love to make friends with children who could become friends with my children!

BeerTricksPott3r Thu 29-Nov-12 22:20:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Flojo1979 Thu 29-Nov-12 22:33:05

thyme did u have to? blush walks of in shame....and wonders why the hell I didn't namechange! probably because I thought it'd turn up in the washing machine

Flojo1979 Thu 29-Nov-12 22:34:26

yes better than puddletown, u don't get kicked out after 2 hrs and the coffee is nicer!

SoleSource Thu 29-Nov-12 22:34:48

Bumble me like you smile

AboutThyme Thu 29-Nov-12 22:36:00

Sorry! I will try very hard not to look suspiciously at every woman I see now who is in the naice ham section of Tesco walking strangely

AboutThyme Thu 29-Nov-12 22:37:36

As long as they have robust slides and disinterested teenage staff that don't notice me pretending to rescue my imaginary lost toddler i'm happy grin

Flojo1979 Thu 29-Nov-12 22:38:36

tallulah I checked lancashire one earlier and no one has been on it since 2010! I must admit, I haven't been on it and don't know much about MN local But I would be happy to meet up with anyone who hasn't read my mooncup thread for either a play date with the kids or without!

Flojo1979 Thu 29-Nov-12 22:40:26

thyme grin if its middlebrook Tesco then yes that's me not the local john Wayne impersonator

AboutThyme Thu 29-Nov-12 22:41:36

Ooh middlebrook Tesco, you must be vair posh and live in the naice outlying villages.

AboutThyme Thu 29-Nov-12 22:41:58

(probably Adlington grin)

BeerTricksPott3r Thu 29-Nov-12 22:43:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AboutThyme Thu 29-Nov-12 22:45:21

It wasn't nice when I lived there but they did have lots of pubs, which now are closed down....<wonders about a connection....decides to ignore it>

Flojo1979 Thu 29-Nov-12 22:47:00

Ha clearly u haven't been in the Elephant and Castle! Adlington is not posh! It's full of mooncup hippies like me

AboutThyme Thu 29-Nov-12 22:48:29

Ooh UPPER Aggy, get you. My sister met her husband in the top spinners one misty night 10 years ago!

Flojo1979 Thu 29-Nov-12 22:49:12

thyme that made me spill my brew! I often wondered if anyone goes out in Adlington, clearly not, u left

Flojo1979 Thu 29-Nov-12 22:49:58

Misty night in the top spinners? Had someone set the bin on fire again?

AboutThyme Thu 29-Nov-12 22:50:39

I think I was breathing out sambuca fumes and b&h too heavily. blush

AboutThyme Thu 29-Nov-12 22:51:28

Every Friday and Saturday night, Start at the waggon & horses, then the railway, white bear, clayton, stagger out of the bridge at closing time...happy days. Occasionally walk up the hill and spend £10 in the jukebox at top spinners.

AboutThyme Thu 29-Nov-12 22:52:28

(This was some years ago I feel obliged to add!)

Fakebook Thu 29-Nov-12 22:52:46

OP, hope you've taken advice from this thread and have made some friends.

Flojo1979 Thu 29-Nov-12 22:57:03

Happy days grin

AboutThyme Thu 29-Nov-12 22:58:11

Talk about hijacking a thread blush

I haven't read the whole thread (sorry - DC has vomit thingy)


Please do use the Friendship bench in your Mumsnet Local/Meetups - this is EXACTLY what it is meant for and it's all new and it would be lovely if it did some good.

Just go and sit on your bench and wait for someone else to come along. Less full on than a MN meetup, and a nice low key way to meet local MNers

And no, I am not being paid to promote it - just thought I'd say like.. grin

Flojo1979 Thu 29-Nov-12 23:08:26

Yeah I did wonder if Fakebook was making a point!

Oh OP sad I know how you feel. I finally met people with similar interests a week and a half ago, I am so chuffed to finally have two friends blush I spent five years movign around and moved to Brighton just over a year ago with my DP, who was the only friend who had survived my moves and I ended up hooking up with him! grin

My local MNetters are lovely, you should see if there is a meetup close to you and go, they're good fun!

Electric: Sorry to hear you can't come Saturday sad

gallifrey, postmanpatsblackandwhitecat medi88 and ageekswife: If you are near enough to Brighton there are meets every few months! They're good fun too smile

Anyone near Brighton/Lewes feel free to say hi, I'm a 23yo in Woodingdean and work in Lewes three days a week with a 2yo girl Mon-Weds mornings, can meet for coffee in the afternoons there too without her.

I have no kids and am really busy for somebody who has no life hmm And rubbish at organising meets blush But I am going to try harder in 2013 to actually arrange coffee and natter with locals on a regular basis, honestly!

TeaMakesItToTheTop Thu 29-Nov-12 23:15:15

CurlsRUs i'm in NE Somerset <waves>

BitBewildered Thu 29-Nov-12 23:36:26

Ooh ChocolateCoins I'm in Northumberland too! Moved here from London. grin

ChocolateCoins Fri 30-Nov-12 09:44:04

Yay bewildered! grin I'm not the only southerner up here then! Have you been up here long? Do you have DCs?

PostmanPatsBlackandWhiteCat Fri 30-Nov-12 11:03:50

Confused Pixie
I would love to come but Brighton is too far away. I live in St Leonard's /Hastings area.
Waves to any mnters in that area who would like to meet up

Thanks strawberrypenguin. That's very kind smile.

I'm in Poland at the moment and getting very homesick.
I will pm you shortly.

CurlsRUs Fri 30-Nov-12 11:27:56

TeaMakesItToTheTop hello!! I'm in Bath!

medi88 Fri 30-Nov-12 14:42:24

Thank you confusedpixie.

Postmanpat - there's someone sitting of the friendship bench in the Eastbourne area who lives in Hastings.

iwantalittleone Fri 30-Nov-12 16:57:11

Well I just PM'd AboutThyme thinking there would be very few if any more people from Chorley on here and lo and behold there's a whole bunch of us from that area!

gobbymare Fri 30-Nov-12 18:39:34

I`m from middlesbrough chocolatecoins & rawshank grin

gobbymare Fri 30-Nov-12 18:44:25

oops helped if i did names in bold chocolatecoins & rawshank wink

BitBewildered Fri 30-Nov-12 20:47:26

<waves> at Chocolate! I've DD who's 3 and DS who's nearly 2. I've lived in Northumberland since 2006. I'm quite near Morpeth. What about you? Are you getting a northern twang yet?!

curls me too.

Have PMed you in a vaguely over excited way.

KenLeeeeeee Mon 03-Dec-12 16:21:22

pigletmania - I'm in MK too! Can't figure out how to PM you though sad

FlojoHoHoHo Mon 03-Dec-12 20:51:44

Those in the north west there is a Facebook page
'MN north west meet up'
I've just joined!

designergirl Mon 03-Dec-12 22:04:42

I' in the North West, About Thyme! (waves)

laleila Tue 04-Dec-12 13:14:42

Im in West Sussex and im going to attempt to PM all the lovely ladies that are in the Sussex area smile

sannaville Tue 04-Dec-12 13:16:21

I'm in Devon!

Where in Devon are you?

OhWhatAPalaver Wed 05-Dec-12 15:03:07

Flojo i have just requested to join MN north west group too, getting increasingly bored here in Stockport!

piedpiper4 Wed 05-Dec-12 16:48:57

I'm in West Sussex too!

FlojoHoHoHo Wed 05-Dec-12 19:08:40

Hi palaver

Ribeno Wed 09-Jan-13 21:13:00

Hi everyone!
Ive tried to join my local site but having no joy with getting a login nickname! everything i choose is not permitted. anyone know why?
Im in Rugeley/Lichfield area if anyone else is.

jammybean Wed 09-Jan-13 22:28:59

Anyone in London need a friend? I live on coffee and cake if that helps. smile I have a 16 month old daughter who also loves cake.

I'm North West, (East Lancs) too! Off to see if I can get to FB for the NW MN meet up smile

urbanmisy30 Sun 17-Mar-13 23:19:58

Is there anyone who's in the transitions of moving away from old/fake/superficial or no friends to making new friends???

I live in London would love to meet up with anyone who has children or not

I am 26 years old

eskimosoup Sun 17-Mar-13 23:41:27

Another friendless one here. (waves) I'm quite new to posting but I am in East Yorkshire (Hull) if anyone is nearby.

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