To feel just a little bit sad that DD isn't Mary in her Nativity Play

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Bearwantsmore Tue 27-Nov-12 18:51:13

... I know, I know! But if you can't admit it on Mumsnet, where can you?!

I was going to start the exact same thread. DD1 came home from school today and reeled off the names of all the children with parts (she is in the chorus). I said "ooh, isn't that exciting, you get to do the singing" when what I was thinking was, "you utter bastards, how dare you bypass my beautiful child".

She's in reception, can you tell? grin

OutragedAtThePriceOfFreddos Tue 27-Nov-12 18:55:18

If she's a donkey instead, like my ds, then YANBU.

If she gets to be an angel or a star and wear tinsel instead, YABU.

SomebodySaveMe Tue 27-Nov-12 18:56:44

I still feel rage at never being Mary. It's the curse of being bloody ginger. I got to be the narrator and stand at the side of the stage.


TheNebulousBoojum Tue 27-Nov-12 18:56:50

There must be a market on MN for someone to write a Nativity play with all equal starring parts for all the Precious Poppets?

NigellaTufnel Tue 27-Nov-12 18:57:25

Both my DS are always in the back or doing some made up random part.

Still I'm sure Sir Ian McKellern had to start somewhere

DD is going to be a Christmas pudding in her preschool play on Friday. I was so amused outraged that I started a thread in AIBU. grin

Gumby Tue 27-Nov-12 18:59:23

Boojum - it would take all day for 70 kids to each say a line at my school
And that's just reception
We Do infant nativitys here reception plus years 1 & 2

SantyClaws Tue 27-Nov-12 18:59:29

i was never Mary - was always an angel with tinsel trimmed wings

I blame the specs looking back - nasty glare off the lights...

cozietoesie Tue 27-Nov-12 18:59:39

That's better than Second Carrot, TheJoyfulPuddlejumper.

madwomanintheattic Tue 27-Nov-12 18:59:56

The narrators are always the clever kids, hand picked first. They can read, for a start...

I was typecast as the angel Gabriel for many years. This is not because I was blonde and purty. It was because because I looked like a bloke, agreed to wear a tinsel halo and wings, and had a biiiiiiig voice that could be heard from up on the balcony.


Ds1 was a tree two years running.

ShiftyFades Tue 27-Nov-12 19:00:27

My DS is a king so I'm fairly pleased.
But a friends DD is a Shepard.. She's fuming sad

SomebodySaveMe Tue 27-Nov-12 19:00:37

I was a Christmas cake once. I wore a massive cardboard box.

Catkinsthecatinthehat Tue 27-Nov-12 19:00:53

I was Mary. I was so upset. I didn't want a boring blue shift and a tea towel headdress. I wanted to be an angel with a glittery frock and tinsel wings. I even asked the teacher if I could swap but she said I was dark with short cropped hair, so good for Mary, but only the girls with long blonde hair could be angels. sad

Bettyintheburbs Tue 27-Nov-12 19:01:24

When I was five, my best friend and I were cast as sheep in the nativity and were told not to sing with the chorus because we were 'out of tune'. Mary got overexcited and had a wee on stage. The sheep-duo improvisation in response to her wee, which went something like, 'baa baa, Mary's done a wee' brought the house down and made my DM proud.

The moral of this tale? Nativity Marys are overrated. Take heart.

AlexReidsLonelyThisChristmas Tue 27-Nov-12 19:01:31

The one time in my whole school life when I was picked to be Mary, I ended up getting a stomach bug and not being able to do it.

That was in nursery, But I'm sure that would have set the precedent for the rest of my school life had I fulfilled my role...hmm I could have been the confident and outgoing one. As it was I remained shy and introverted. grin

madwomanintheattic Tue 27-Nov-12 19:01:44

The big part in last year's school nativity was the cat.

The thing had to sing, dance, and had about fifteen times as much to say as anyone else.

I was most bemused. A cat, you say? Who knew.

thegreylady Tue 27-Nov-12 19:01:49

dgs1 is a shepherd and dgs2 is a snowflake grin

MarshaBrady Tue 27-Nov-12 19:01:58


Ds1 was Joseph one year, I beamed.

It was an alternative production, he had one line.

AlexReidsLonelyThisChristmas Tue 27-Nov-12 19:02:46

Oh and I was a shepherd forever more after that. All of the blonde girls got the Angel parts.
I'm not bitter at all.


TheNebulousBoojum Tue 27-Nov-12 19:04:02

So do we Gumby.
I was thinking of an entire week. Or two. With a powerpoint flashing the name of each child in lights. smile
And signed photos.

Piccalilli2 Tue 27-Nov-12 19:05:32

Mary is so dull. Anyone who is anyone is the narrator. All my friends who have extremely impressive careers were the narrator in the school nativity.

Anyway, could be worse. Dd2 is a badger.

SunflowersSmile Tue 27-Nov-12 19:05:34

Mary usually says bugger all in our nativities.
Donkeys etc often have starring roles.....

twooter Tue 27-Nov-12 19:05:47

YANBU. Because it'll be Mary this year, then next year the SAME child will be little red riding hood, the following year they'll be Cinderella. Eventually they'll be head girl and captain of the netball team.

So get used to it now...

HeadfirstForAMistletoeKiss Tue 27-Nov-12 19:08:31

DS2 is a donkey. He is chuffed to bits!

akaemmafrost Tue 27-Nov-12 19:08:54

I was "an animal lowing" in the freaking stable about three years in a row, another year a shepherd boy with one line, every other time boring old shepherds, once an angel I think.

Let's face it though there's only one decent role in the Nativity and that means the odds are not good, add specs and a page boy haircut with the shortest possible fringe and my chances were non existent.

Dd won't ever get it either, she's beautiful but a very under the radar child.

The class favourite always gets it. Fact.

Chubfuddler Tue 27-Nov-12 19:10:12

I was always the narrator. It never occurred to me it was due to reading ability. I always thought I just wasn't pretty enough to be an angel.

akaemmafrost Tue 27-Nov-12 19:16:22

I was a narrator in Secondary school, it wasn't nativity though, but four of us had to learn huge parts of the whole play, I remembered mine and everyone else's so was prompting as well. Teacher in charge was very impressed and said I had a photographic memory smart arse. Was very proud.

RabbitsMakeGOLDBaubles Tue 27-Nov-12 19:17:15

I was annoyingly picked as Mary quite often, and in my best (read worst) role had to sing a solo and two duets on stage. I don't like attention much, but I have a big loud voice and was dark haired and clearly spoken. And yes, in juniors and such I progressed to narrator. My most favourite school play role was as personal assistant to the director/drama teacher.

So far DS was the donkey in his first play, a wise king in his second and is a shepherd now in his third. I think DD will be a star of some description, no idea to be honest.

echt Tue 27-Nov-12 19:18:37

DD worked her way from cow to king to Mary. The Mary part is a swiz. She gets to say nothing.

Bearwantsmore Tue 27-Nov-12 19:21:12

I'm feeling a bit better now - at least she's nit a Christmas pudding or a badger! And perhaps IABU as, yes, she is an angel. Although it'd better be Gabriel or I'll be starting another thread!

Can you tell I was never Mary? I can still remember the goody-two-shoes (can't do strikethrough on my phone!) who got the role when I was 5. In fact I think this might be DD's problem... she's not been spending the run-up to the selection process perfecting her meek and mild "Mary" persona. Will have to coach her better next year.

Oh yes, and she is 4. In nursery.

OutragedAtThePriceOfFreddos Tue 27-Nov-12 19:21:23

Catkins' my experience is identical to yours! I was Mary and hated it. I wanted to be an angel and wear tinsel, instead I got dragged round fabric shops and had to stand still for ages so my Granny could make my Mary costume. Being Mary is overrated.

amothersplaceisinthewrong Tue 27-Nov-12 19:21:32

I feel sorry for the teachers who have to find a part for everyone.

Why is it that Mary is always played by a pretty child. She might have been really ugly......

Cortana Tue 27-Nov-12 19:24:27

Lifelong narrator here. I sat next to the wee boy who did the sound effects. Never occurred to us that even if we weren't on stage we would still be in the corner of the video.

Somewhere out there is a grainy VHS of me and him using the coconut clip clop shells (for donkey sound effects) to give ourselves a smashing set of norks.

Bearwantsmore Tue 27-Nov-12 19:26:37

I have a new theory that I'm going to cling to: Mary and Joseph are the offspring of Parents-Most-Likely-To Kick-Up-A-Fuss.

This makes me Wonderfully-Laid-Back-And-Emotionally-Stable-Parent so am happy with this.

lunar1 Tue 27-Nov-12 19:27:48

Ds1 is a sheep! The children with lines have parents who are always in the teachers face about something. Also there a a couple of actors children in the class, they have lines too. But apparently it was a random draw.

Hope they change it round next year, but I'm not betting on it. Maybe I'll have to become a pita toogrin

QuanticoVirginia Tue 27-Nov-12 19:27:55

Now as a child I realised very early on that I would NEVER be Mary because you have to have brown hair to be Mary wink apparently.

On the other hand I knew I would always be an angel because I had had long blond hair and angels have to have blond hair wink apparently.However for some reason i was always second angel and never graduated to actual Angel Gabriel which at the age of 5 was my dearest wish!!! I used to get a new white petticoat every Christmas to play my starring role and was very upset when my mother removed a little pink flower from the petticoat as apparently angels wear all white and no flowers were allowed!

I did quite fancy being a shephard however as you got to carry a soft toy sheep and wear a towel on your head.....

Tryharder Tue 27-Nov-12 19:29:11

ds1 was Joseph a few years back. We were so proud. Until his performance when he picked his nose all the way through the damn thing.

RugBugs Tue 27-Nov-12 19:29:29

Oh dear! I was Mary in my Y2 nativity and was most certainly not a pretty child! Wild curly hair and ears I have still yet to grow into.
I do remember my parents sitting proudly in the front row, until I got a bit carried away with the rocking and sent poor baby Jesus flying into the chorus!

I was also terribly envious of the donkey, they got coconuts to clap together for 'little donkey'.

Yanbu. My son is a towns folk. A Towns Folk! I ask yer..... <grumblegrumble>

exoticfruits Tue 27-Nov-12 19:30:20

DS was a Christmas pudding-we still laugh about it!

Chubfuddler Tue 27-Nov-12 19:31:03

Actually there is a v famous actors child in DS school. Cannot wait to see what his child gets Mary I bet a million pounds

I have four DDs, and not one of them have been Mary (although youngest is 9 weeks,so there's hope yet!) However, it was DD3's first year at school last year, and I felt that familiar pang of disappointment when she said she was going to be a star. What she didn't tell us was that she was going to be singing a solo. When she came on stage, I sobbed in to my programme. I would have been proud of her if she'd been playing the triangle in the orchestra though!

lunar1 Tue 27-Nov-12 19:33:30

The most pathetic thin is I don't think the actor parents would be bothered either way, and one of them is not happy as there ds is quiet as a mouse and you can't here him speak at the best of times

Molehillmountain Tue 27-Nov-12 19:35:20

Oh-goodness-this was going to be a thread I started! I have obviously spoken most severely to myself, had a light hearted but truthful confession to a friend about it and then got on with being delighted that dd is a shepherd. I think it just confirms for me that dd is not a Mary "type" which I don't want her to be necessarily but a little part of me wants her to sit by the manger holding the baby and looking serene. But if I can't get over this how will I cope with (insert any future disappointment)?

muttonjeffmum Tue 27-Nov-12 19:36:24

My DD, who was supposed to be an angel, ended up fighting with my friend's son, who was a shepherd. This was at the Sunday School nativity. The shepherd wouldn't sit down round the camp fire and my little angel tried to push him there. Little fists started flying and my friend had to break them up. I was too busy laughing to do anything. Now she is too big to dress up and is always a boring narrator.

notwoo Tue 27-Nov-12 19:36:30

Ha ha. My DD is Mary. As others have said I don't think she has any lines.

I've had messages from other parents congratulating me on this achievement!

I didn't really realise what a big thing it was. I was the Inkeepers daughter (with lines wink)

Molehillmountain Tue 27-Nov-12 19:36:37

Part of me suspects that dd didn't really stand a chance after being a nose picking angel last year wink

DS2 was a ripe mango!! confused

shabooby Tue 27-Nov-12 19:39:30

Ours is a joint production with reception and year 1, the reception children don't have speaking roles, Ds is the innkeeper, is this a sought after role? When Dd1 was in reception she was the North Star, everyone had to follow her around the stage grin

I was Mary. I refused to smile the entire time because I knew how babies were made and I didn't want anyone thinking I'd done that with the boy playing Joseph grin. All my mum has is photos of me scowling the whole time.

Dd is always an a girl or a star, curse of blonde hair.

Mary always has brown hair at our school.

I was always the narrator.

lyndie Tue 27-Nov-12 19:42:22

I wanted DD to be an angel. She has gorgeous golden blonde hair and would have been perfect. I was an angel at the same school so I should have rights as a former pupil! I don't know what she is, but it's not an angel or Mary or a curious sheep apparently!

Angel not a girl stupid auto correct

BoffinMum Tue 27-Nov-12 19:43:30

I always had to be a man in school plays. I was so scarred for life I ended up going to music college to get girls' parts instead.

Fairylea Tue 27-Nov-12 19:43:53

I was a tree. A fucking tree. Did they even have trees in the INN !??

And the following year I was a blade of grass.

I don't think they liked me very much.

A tree to a blade of grass is definitely demotion Fairylea grin

Fairylea Tue 27-Nov-12 19:46:22

Isn't it just Tess.

They made me sway and everything. Bastards.


FrankelDeBeauvoir Tue 27-Nov-12 19:46:35

I was Mary when I was 6. The following year I was "demoted" to a mere angel shock I didn't understand that I couldn't be Mary every year. My mum still has a cracking photo of the Nativity that year, complete with a very sulky (pouting and arms folded) angel in the back row grin

ElfOnTheShelf Tue 27-Nov-12 19:46:46

Somebodysaveme my sister was Mary in her Primary school play and she was (still is) ginger haired. I on the other hand am a brunette and have never played her but was an Angel usually instead confused

DD has been an Angel every bloody year in first school and now in Junior school this will be her second year in the chorus - oh well.

OutragedFromLeeds Tue 27-Nov-12 19:46:51

DC3 is an elephant.

An elephant?!

It's a bloody Catholic school as well, you think they'd do a traditional nativity. There is a Mary and Joseph, Kings, shepherds etc. and an elephant. I thought he was joking when he told me, but no, an elephant!

GreenyEyes Tue 27-Nov-12 19:47:44

After being a star, then a mince pie in nursery, DS this year is a sheep.

We very much feel this is a step up.

cantspel Tue 27-Nov-12 19:48:28

My sons never got a decent part in the school Nativity Play but did one year get to be a king in the church crib mass. He tripped on the side of the altar and dropped his gift and all around the church you heard my little curly haired king utter the immortal words "Oh Shit".
I hide and made a vow to myself to watch my language when little ears were about.

EverlongLovesHerChristmasRobin Tue 27-Nov-12 19:48:38

It's always the confident and more able girl that gets the Mary role.
I would think all the mums ( apart from Mary ) will feel a bit miffed.

You won't even notice come YR2 wink

VerityClinch Tue 27-Nov-12 19:49:02

The year I was Second Recorder Player, Joseph threw up on Mary.

Never has the part of Mary been so overrated.

pingu2209 Tue 27-Nov-12 19:49:13

Oh my dd is 5 and is a farmer. She cried last night as I asked her to try on her dungerees and wailed that she wanted to be Mary and why can't I be Mary. I felt terrible. None of my 3 have ever been a speaking part.

Ds is a star. Better than the townsfolk the other two had been, but a tad gutting as I had high hopes for my last ever reception child getting a decent part. Sigh.

beingagoodmumishard Tue 27-Nov-12 19:50:41

I was Mary once in school nativity play (many years ago). I had to wear a teacher's scratchy nylon blue dress, hated the boy playing Joseph and sat scowling at each other throughout the play and had no lines. Playing Mary is definitely overrated grin

DS in the last 3 "nativity" plays has been a dancing star, a singing Christmas present (had to spend the whole play wearing a cardboard box) and a banker complete with bowler hat and briefcase hmm.

Now he is in KS2 they don't do Christmas plays

skateboarder Tue 27-Nov-12 19:51:05

Dd has been mary (twice!) My aunt came with me to watch and was telling anyone who would listen that her dgn was mary. I was a bit embarrassed, especially when she stopped the procession at the end to take photos. Dd has never forgiven her.

Ughfootballseason Tue 27-Nov-12 19:51:40

DD goes to a tiny nursery with not many girls. She MUST have a chance, surely? especially since she'll clam up and not speak on stage and be a bit boring which Mary really is

Cathycomehome Tue 27-Nov-12 19:53:15

My precious second born was nearly going to be the baby Jesus, until they got worried about Mary dropping him, damn you health and safety person! ;)

I'm gutted as if he comes to my school when he's a big boy, he'll never ever ever have a part in anything in case people think it's favouritism. ( sorry DS1, but them's the breaks grin )

I have to admit to doing a little skip inside when I heard that DD2 was Mary in her nativity (told today), having said that I'll be amazed if they even get her into the dress let alone walk onto the stage! My other DCs have never been anything of note in the nativity, the highlight being an elephant! Yes Outraged your school is not the only one! wink

My DD1 is an angel, I was sad until a friend told me her DS was Spiderman, shock that's not a nativity. Apparently Spiderman plays the role of Santa, shock that's still not a nativity.

dontmixthecolours Tue 27-Nov-12 19:55:41

Being Mary is a double edged sword though. DD1 did it last year and since then has had more than a touch of the bonnie langfords. Not good.

<accepts now that my parents were right to veto dancing lessons for me for the same reason>

MsElleTow Tue 27-Nov-12 19:57:18

DS1 was Joseph, because he and the little girl picked to be Mary were the ones who could be relied upon to be heard at the back! In other words, they had big mouths!grin.

He, also, had the main part in the Year 2 Christmas play which was a Red Squirrel, he was absolutely excellent. He made me cry, everyone said how well he had done, he hated the attention and until this day, he has never had a main part in a play again. Infact the last play he was in was in Year 4, he is in Year 13 now!

DS2 was a robin and a narrator about 4 times and had the main part in his Year 6 play.

t0lk13n Tue 27-Nov-12 19:59:53

As a twin, my sister and I were never picked for it wouldn`t be fair! Not Mary or a lead part...not even May Queen!!

apostropheuse Tue 27-Nov-12 19:59:57

My oldest daughter was Mary at her nursery nativity. The following year in P1 she was also Mary. One of the other parents went to the Head Teacher and complained! The thing is, the mum told me that herself - that she'd complained. The Head was a bit bemused but basically told her to bugger off. In a nice way of course.

Incidentally, I had no inside connections with either the school or the nursery - and they were two separate establishments, but a lot of children would have gone to the same nursery and school! Just thought I'd mention that in case I was accused of nepotism of such like.

She was of course spectacular as Mary on both occasions. grin

My son was the innkeeper who let them go into the stable. He had to nod his head and point! I was really proud of him. grin

My other two daughters were angels amongst a heavenly throng... but they were the most angelic of course. Obviously.

JollyJock Tue 27-Nov-12 20:00:59

I can once remember being involved in a nativity. I was the innkeeper's wife.
I never had any ambitions to be Mary though.

madwomanintheattic Tue 27-Nov-12 20:01:17

One year our infant school Mary was a y2 with v complex sn (the yr 2's traditionally got the main roles, y1's got the 'group' parts (villagers etc) and yr r's were animals/ bushes/ angels etc). Mary was a non speaking part and she was absolutely perfect - and did a grand job of being meek and mild and cuddling the baby Jesus etc (and there were a few sniffles at how well she was coping - occasionally her TA led her to the correct spot if Joseph was struggling). In the last three minutes of the play she completely unexpectedly (well, obviously not to the music teacher or production staff lol) walked to the middle of the stage on her own and sang a lengthy solo about her hopes for the baby, without any accompaniment, and reduced the entire hall to a blubbering, bawling mess as it was sooooooo beautiful.

I always cry at the nativity anyway, but this was un-fricking-believable. There were grown men sobbing into their beards, and clutched sodden hankies everywhere. The HT couldn't speak to thank everyone for coming and wish them a merry christmas as she was bawling so hard.

Hard act to follow, that Mary...

These days I can barely take my seat before I get something in my eye...

WipsGlitter Tue 27-Nov-12 20:02:22

I was going to start the same thread!! DS is a "dancer" I just know which children will have the main parts.

Dd1 actually got the star part once- she was Jesus in the church nativity play, aged two weeks old smile.

CockyPants Tue 27-Nov-12 20:06:39

Madwoman, I have a tear in my eye reading your lovely post.

Flame me now, DD was Mary in Reception AND got to sing a duet with Joseph. Wept buckets all the way through.
Class 1 she was an angel, sang and danced. Tinsel is made for her!!
This year, 'the wisest of the wise men, mummy'...she is not happy!!
Told her to suck it up. WIBU?

chocoluvva Tue 27-Nov-12 20:09:56

Oh moominsummer and madwoman, what lovely stories.

When DS was 9 he was disgusted to be given the part of a goose (partridge in a pear tree) and had to mime laying an egg! A girl's role in his opinion. The teacher added to his misery by saying that the gender of the goose was not specified!

44SoStartingOver Tue 27-Nov-12 20:10:00

Our school did a fab series of scenes, one performed by each class, so there were six Marys, six josephs, eighteen wiseman, etc.

It was brilliant. Every child who wanted a part had a speaking part, but not with hundreds of lines.

I thought it was really clever.

I was supposed to be Gabriel but got chicken pox (in December!) and that ratbag Pippa got my part.

BoomBoomBoom Tue 27-Nov-12 20:10:25

DD was a strawberry last year. Her next play is in January. I can't wait to see what she will be.

I was Mary in both Nativity plays I did. In both I stripped the doll and swung it round by its legs.

Marzipanface Tue 27-Nov-12 20:11:46

I was never Mary on account of being gingery and bespectacled. I would have preferred it as Mary didn't say anything at all whereas I was always cast in speaking roles. I was a 'traveller' who visited Earth at Chrismas. Bascially an Alien and had to say LOADS of stuff.

In the next year I had to SING! I had a decent singing voice when I was a child and had to sing a whole song in the interval whilst people changed costumes. We weren't a massively religious school. Embarrassingly enough my friend still has it on video and every now and again she bangs it on for a giggle.

Panzee Tue 27-Nov-12 20:13:23

Mary in our school hardly ever has any lines. So we pick the quiet ones. Apart from last year, although she was quiet we got her to sing a solo.

CaseyShraeger Tue 27-Nov-12 20:16:01

DD1 is a narrator in her Reception nativity. DS was a narrator several years ago when it was his turn.

I have loud children grin.

WiseKneeHair Tue 27-Nov-12 20:16:39

Ds2 is a pupil. Easy costume there. grin

Ds1 is.... Dermot O'Leary. shock
Not exactly a traditional nativity. grin

notwoo Tue 27-Nov-12 20:17:11

Ah Madwoman - you've reminded me. I used to work with children with SN. One year a wonderful girl with very complex needs was chosen to be Mary.

We managed to keep it as a surprise for her mum.

You can imagine the tears when the little girl walked on in a special walker (she was usually in a wheelchair) smiling and pulling her head dress off

madwomanintheattic Tue 27-Nov-12 20:22:36

In dd1's last nativity (they did it in the actual church) they left the baby Jesus in the changing room, instead of stashing him in the crib where he was supposed to be hidden until the appropriate moment. So when the lovely Mary became esconced in her stall, she got to the appropriate cue and bent down to pick up her darling baby, at which point she shrieked hysterically 'he's not here!' And burst into tears. Cue much panic and running up and down the aisles and 'we've forgotten the baby Jesus!' to find a suitable stand-in.

Completely packed church. C of e school. Vicar. I laughed for a week. Poor Mary. It's gone down in history chez mad as 'The Year They Forgot The Baby Jesus'.

madwomanintheattic Tue 27-Nov-12 20:25:36

Oh god, notwoo, that would have finished me off entirely. How lovely!

Anonymumous Tue 27-Nov-12 20:26:23

My son is an "attendant". His costume will consist of a black T-shirt and black trousers. Oh boy, am I excited - NOT! It's not fair - here I am, DESPERATE to make a Christmas pudding outfit or a lobster costume a la Love Actually, and all I get is a boring trudge around the less exciting parts of Primark. angry

The irony is that he is a SUPERB actor - he has Basil Fawlty down to a tee. Unfortunately he has speech problems, so no-one except us can understand what he's saying most of the time. Oh well... at least he won't be able to embarrass us by goosestepping across the stage and yelling, "I'll do the funny walk!"

Waswondering Tue 27-Nov-12 20:29:08

I haven't a clue what dd's role is this year - but it won't be anything special as she's P2, and the P1s and 2s have crowd roles while the P3s have the speaking parts.

Was reminded though of the very best nativity I saw last year at my parents' church. They had gone the whole hog - costumes for everyone (there were about 40 children taking part), and it was all going swimmingly till Mary (age about 7) had to meet the donkey. They had hired a pantomime horse and Mary was hoisted onto it's "back" while it made very unsteady progress around the sanctuary, knocking into pillars and old ladies en route. From memory Joseph was about 60y older than her too (no doubt to ensure her safety on her perilous journey, and to ensure she could safely mount and dismount). I've never cried with laughter before at a nativity - but it was fantastic.

puddeycat Tue 27-Nov-12 20:35:46

I was 5 years old and sooo excited to be picked as an angel, until I had my operation to have my ears pinned back moved forward. I came back to school with a massive bandage like a turban on my head with my hair hanging out the top! I was then demoted to a traveller with a tea towel wrapped round my bandage to cover it! angry
I have never quite forgiven my reception teacher.:-(

LynetteScavo Tue 27-Nov-12 20:44:16


You wouldn't believe how thrilled DH and I were when DS1 was promoted from king to Joseph when he was at nursery. Apparently the child originally cast as Joseph kept doing gambols, so was recast as a sheep.

He was the inn keeper when he was in Y2. It was one of the very few parts which had any words (he only had to say about about three words). I sat next to the mum of twins who told me she had complied to the teacher that neither of her boys had speaking parts. She moved them to an independent school soon after. I think it was a straw, camel, back thing. grin

Bingdweller Tue 27-Nov-12 20:51:54

DS is "an animal" We haven't quite worked out which species yet. I'm hoping we shall receive some instruction regarding costumes soon!

mam29 Tue 27-Nov-12 20:51:56

dd 3rd school nativiy and shes a narrating star. she says welcome to our nativity and at end thankyou for coming hope you enjoyed it, shes only just joined school after half term.

In her nursery nativity -angel 2years running.
reception was disaster her and 1other girl were assigned as townspeople.

preschool a snowman-she cried on stage,

All the other girls were angels and stars she was really upset.

I was really upset, dd was really upset.

To make it worse the costume instruction brightly coloured tunic all the sheparsd costums were dull coloured in shops so got made one spent a week handsewing dd hated it and her classmates laughed at her.

last year she was donkey this time brought costume.

This year at least school provide costumes.
last year they got bicthy in playground over best angel costume was marks v georgev tesco.

dds freind played mary in reception and year 1.

last year my youngest was rather unexpedly jesus he was 6months old.

my eldest was an angel-was church nativity.
the play started
my 2year old had other ideas and snatched dolly jesus out of the crib
mary got distressed as wise kings were coming to empty crib
so put baby in it and everyone thourght hilarious I was mortified.
not sure if should risk church nativity again.

PatFenis Tue 27-Nov-12 21:00:07

None of my DC have ever been chosen for major parts in any school play let alone the Nativity. Today my youngest DD came home totally 'devvoed' that she had to be in the choir instead.
To be perfectly honest I was secretly relieved as my DC have always been a bit of a liability when it comes to school plays.
One year we had a Nativity with a difference - it was the year the Spice Girls made it big so the organisers of the play decided that the 'Spice Girls' would make an appearance and much to his dismay DS2 who would have been 8 at the time was given the part of Ginger Spice. Their performance was about to begin and the 5 boys stood on stage in frocks and wigs, the music began and my DS pulled off his wig and declared that he 'wasn't prepared to humiliate himself like this' and stormed off stage ....I was mortified blush

Fast forward several years later DC5 was chosen to be a shepherd <safe I thought>

He stood on the stage after saying his lines and the next child climbs on stage to say his part but trips up the stairs and my son turned, pointed and laughed a la Nelson Muntz and the whole audience erupted into howls of laughter .....I slid down my chair covering my face with my song sheet.


Iwillorderthefood Tue 27-Nov-12 21:00:32

My DD is one of 30 angels

ifancyashandy Tue 27-Nov-12 21:03:34

Narrator. I was ALWAYS the Narrator.

I was desperate to be Mary.

deste Tue 27-Nov-12 21:11:40

My DD told me a couple of years ago that when she didn't get to be Mary in the nativity she was devastated. I knew she was talented, (proud mother) she had an inkling that she was talented but was quite shy. And before anyone says anything she did go on to a drama school in London. She is now a teacher and works two days a week in a primary school and has to direct the nativity play. She did say, I hope they don't expect me to do it all as I only have them two hours a week for 4 weeks, but she did say she has been allowed to put her own spin on it. I'm hoping this makes up for the devastation she suffered.

Fakebook Tue 27-Nov-12 21:15:46

Ours must be the only school who aren't making a big fuss about the christmas production. We don't even know what it is going to be or what the hell is going to happen.

DD came home the other day and told me she was going to dance to "All the single ladies" for her Christmas play. hmm. I'm thinking they might put a new twist on the whole Mary being single and having a baby thing, or DD doesn't know what she's talking about. I'm hoping it's the former.

Juniors at our school don't do the nativity.
It was a relief tbh until I found out they do a west end type production in Feb.

Shakey1500 Tue 27-Nov-12 21:17:28


Ds is 5 and, from what I can gather has been cast as a "citizen" in the nativity with one, solitary line.

Despite being an actor myself, I resisted the urge to storm into the class demanding he at least get the part of "Innkeeper" alongside a wail of "DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM???????"

So we've had intense conversations about how "the" line should be said. It's "We are going to Nazareth to write our names on a special list" (anyone??)

We've discussed whether he might be excited about going <cue reading the line excitedly> or whether he might be a bit anxious <cue lip biting etc> or whether he might be sad <cue quivering lip action>

Have settled on "excited" as audience may not hear other versions grin

Such FUN!!! wink

KnittingChristmas Tue 27-Nov-12 21:18:08

grin at Facebook - a nativity play with All the Single Ladies would be hilarious!

I was a very good reader and always always always the narrator sad - so dull.

As a primary teacher I used to run the drama group and would never do nativities - I would do my own plays with various parts depending on who wanted to do what. It was great fun and stopped the whole bloody mary thing!

deste Tue 27-Nov-12 21:18:43

My message was so long I forgot to add that I can tell her it wasn't her, it was the fact she was very very blonde and only dark haired girls were Mary.
BTW when your child is the cloud, blade of grass or a pupil then you know there will be about 100 in the cast.

BoysAndGhouls Tue 27-Nov-12 21:19:46

Ooooh my DS is Joseph this year grin

So proud, was a musician last year though confused

deste Tue 27-Nov-12 21:20:22

Shakey500 are you famous?

grovel Tue 27-Nov-12 21:23:52

Innkeeper is a brilliant role. A boy at my DH's pre-Prep was demoted from Joseph to innkeeper for messing about in rehearsals. When the big night came he was still fuming. When Joseph and Mary approached him he said "Yep, we've got lots of rooms - take your pick". Brilliant. Plot fucked.
He is now a High Court judge.

marriedinwhite Tue 27-Nov-12 21:26:05

My DD was chosen for nuffink. Nuffink in Reception, Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5. In Year 6 she was the star of the leavers' performance. It's still talked about. She's 14 now grin. =

Dysgu Tue 27-Nov-12 21:31:26

I am not sure if DD1 is even doing any Nativity this year - we have heard nothing about it and questioning her just seems to confirm they have not mentioned anything.

In her last year at pre-school she was picked for the lead role with the blue dress and TURNED IT DOWN! She did not want to be the centre of attention and hated the idea of everyone looking at her. She begged the manager to let her be the DONKEY instead and LOVED it! The manager was rather apologetic when she explained this to me but DD1 has always thought the donkey was the best character and you get to hide inside a donkey mask!

Last year, in Reception, she was so happy - she got to be the DONKEY again! It was a grey one - as opposed to the brown costume in pre-school. Luckily they have provided all the costumes each time.

DD2 is in her final year at pre-school now. She tells us she is a snowflake!

Backinthebox Tue 27-Nov-12 21:31:37

Last year DD was devastated that she wasn't an angel. She was a pig in the stable. She did a little dance with the other animals as the baybee Jebus was born. Let's stop to think about that one - pigs, Jews....... hmm

This year she IS an angel, and is now annoyed she only gets to go on stage twice and there is only a song, no dancing. You just can't please her!

My brother was the King of Sugar in his school Christmas play once. They did a play about a Christmas pudding, and all the ingredients were played by pupils and had to jump into a giant bowl. He got to dance down the aisle of the school hall waving a silver trident, with all the spare girls in the class shaking sparkly cheerleader pompoms and singing 'Sugar <da da da da DA daaa> oh honey, honey <da da da da DA daaa>' He was 10. I often wonder if the teacher who came up with the idea was aware of the creature she unleashed!

TandB Tue 27-Nov-12 21:33:45

I was a shepherd twice, the back end of a donkey, a starving child (don't ask) and a cracker.

The highpoint of my nativity career was when I got to prance around in a net curtain and call myself a snowflake.

MikeOxard Tue 27-Nov-12 21:33:49

These are hilarious. 'Baaa, Mary's done a wee' should be a line in every nativity play imo. As should 'oh shit'. Clip-clop boobs optional. Fantastic!

dementedma Tue 27-Nov-12 21:34:49

Dd1 was miscast as the fairy once. A shy quiet child built like a brick shit house at the time, she was most unfairy like and hated every second. DS was a horse once.

JudeFawley Tue 27-Nov-12 21:36:05

My ds has been Joseph three times. I think it's his black curly hair.

I could hear the disgruntled comments behind me in the audience the last time.

DowntonTrout Tue 27-Nov-12 21:37:57

This year DD is a Huron Red Indian Squaw.

She recites a poem about Hiawatha.

No one else is a red Indian (proud) but there are some Russians, Mexicans, Canadians and I think some people from the Carribean ( not sure where exactly but they ask about limbo dancing.)

There is no sign of Mary, Joseph or any angels or shepherds in the script either. I have no idea what's going on.

I am tempted to point out that she should be called a Native American but that would just be picky wouldn't it?

CaliforniaLeaving Tue 27-Nov-12 21:39:47

Two of my three were narrators, but not in the nativity as we can't do anything "religious" here in school so it was a normal play performed at the winter show.
Then they were both pigs in the three little pigs LOL. They were of course the best little pigs ever! grin

CaliforniaLeaving Tue 27-Nov-12 21:42:02

Oh I forgot oldest Ds was in Reception in UK and played a Cowboy in the Christmas play (type casting anyone LOL)

SugaricePlumFairy Tue 27-Nov-12 21:52:38

I was Mary until I threw a queeny fit and refused to wear the frock navy curtain.

I was never asked again.

Oh what could have been grin

Plomino Tue 27-Nov-12 21:56:49

Dd1 was cast as an angel last year ( along with the rest of her class ) . As far as we knew , she had to bob up on stage , do her one line like all the others and that was it .

So imagine how gob smacked I was , when having seen her do her one line , she disappeared , only to pop up at the side of the stage , and sing 'Silent Night ' completely on her own , with as far as I could see , no words written anywhere . She was 6 at the time . It turned out that the child who was due to do it , had been taken ill , so she volunteered because no one else would .

She got a standing ovation , and this old Scrooge was in absolute floods .

BalthierBunansa Tue 27-Nov-12 21:57:45

I remember when I was in Primary School doing plays, I desperately wanted a lead party (and trust me, the teachers' knew this!) and yet the same people were picked every single year for the leading roles. I am still not over it. angry grin

My DD is Mary and wants to dress up in a Batman costume for the part grin, now that WOULD be a different take on teh nativity! grin

LaTrucha Tue 27-Nov-12 22:14:09

Ahhh well done babyplumino

I love the story about the sheep's revenge on Mary weeing on the stage.

Reception age DD is a star, as I always knew she was.

madwomanintheattic Tue 27-Nov-12 22:15:13

In nursery, all the angels were lined up along the front of the stage with a dramatic silent moment waiting for the star to appear. At which point, dd1 yelled, in a really excited voice, splintering the peace (third angel from the left) 'Molly! There's my daddy!!!' to the angel next to her, in a tone of absolute disbelief.

They had to extend the moment's dramatic silence somewhat, until the audience stopped laughing.

We remind her of this periodically, now that she is 13.

I love a nativity, me.

lucertola28 Tue 27-Nov-12 22:15:13

My dad was telling me about many years ago a little boy in his class wanted to be Joseph and was very put out to be cast as the Inn Keeper Number 3. So when it was the part when Mary and Joseph knock on the Inn Keepers' doors when they got to him and asked 'have you any room?' the boy said 'Yes, I have lots of room, please come in!' instead of sending them to the stable.

i was so proud when 2 1/2 year old ds was a substitute joseph. grin in case the other boy chickened out.

scarlettsmummy2 Tue 27-Nov-12 22:19:11

It comes as know shock whatsoever that my daughter is a sheep. Don't feel sad about it, I am a realist, she isn't one of the class super starsgrin

MrsReiver Tue 27-Nov-12 22:24:37

I was a chicken one year, a fucking chicken. Mum has this brilliant photo of me standing in the livingroom in my bright yellow costume, scowling, with my wings folded. I was distinctly unimpressed.

Trills Tue 27-Nov-12 22:27:49


Being Mary is not all it is cracked up to be.

QuickLookBusy Tue 27-Nov-12 22:43:29

Dd2 was Mary at Nursery.

She rode around in a circle on a hobby horse, carrying Baby Lou Jesus whilst dragging along a reluctant Jesus. It was very funny.

QuickLookBusy Tue 27-Nov-12 22:44:50

Sorry, she was dragging around a reluctant Joseph!

googleberry Tue 27-Nov-12 22:44:55

I was Mary I dropped baby Jesus, I have done far better with my own children haven't dropped one of those!

SorrelForbes Tue 27-Nov-12 22:46:29

I played Mary in year 2 or 3. The teacher told us out parts on my birthday (late November) and it remains one of the best presents I've ever had blush.

I was a rather 'well covered' child and my mother said that with my chubby cheeks squeezing out under the headdress, I was certainly the best fed Mary she'd ever seen grin.

Fakebook Tue 27-Nov-12 22:46:52

Personally I wouldn't want my DD to be Mary. Stuffing cushions up your shirt and acting pregnant just seems wrong to me when you're 5. Unless they don't do that anymore? They did in our school.

DD's school only do the nativity once, year 1. She was Chief Angel - I was very proud, plus delighted to learn that the role of Chief Angel comes with a school-supplied costume, while lesser angels had to provide their own. I was less delighted when she tried the costume on, and our 6mo kittens found the tinsel trim irresistible ... had to do some sewing after all.

Since then, only one teacher has realised that despite her mild demeanour she is actually a comic genius on the side, and cast her as the Giant in the Roald Dahl version of Jack and the Beanstalk. She was ace, went around sniffing the audience. grin

FayeKorgasm Tue 27-Nov-12 22:53:03

I was an angel when I was 5. I was the stereotypical petite girl with blue eyes, long blonde hair ..... and 4 stitches in my forehead after a rather nasty fall in the play ground.

The following year I was a cow!!

muminthecity Tue 27-Nov-12 22:55:13

My DD is playing the part of a Jack in the box this year, which seems to be the main part hmm - she has the more lines than anyone else! She is just delighted not to be the narrator, as she has been in every other school play she's ever done.

StElmo Tue 27-Nov-12 22:58:45

My daughter was cast as Mary in her pre school play, she is a very theatrical miss and will probably be in the stage one day. She was the only 'white British' girl in the play group and was recast as a wise man after some parents complained it was very sad as she deserved the part but I found it very hard to bring up. She is an angel this year smile

Ds is going to be a raindrop

in nursery, i was the innkeeper.

there wasn't a lot of children in my primary class, so every year i got to be a shepherd/king/angel/narrator. which meant doing the shepherd role as i narrated, then running off stage to whip off the tea-towel, jam a crown on (still narrating from behind the curtain-yes, i had a voice like foghorn leghorn grin ) & run back on, then play a king while still narrating, then run off, remove the crown, stick on the halo & wings(still narrating!) & run back on stage. there was 18 boys, but instead of a couple of them being a king/shepherd, they got to be stars. or xmas presents. or other random things.

there was 6 girls in my class, including me. each year, someone got their "turn" to be mary. in primary 6, i was excited. every other girl had had their turn, it was my turn... nope. a new girl joined the class 3 weeks before the nativity- she got the role. i was gutted! <still rather bitter about it all now, tbh>

MooncupGoddess Tue 27-Nov-12 23:08:34

I was Herod in reception - unfortunately at that age I had yet to get the hang of acting, so didn't revel in the bloodthirstiness as I would have in later life.

chocolateistheenemy Tue 27-Nov-12 23:09:55

DS is a star this year.
he's obviously impressed his teacher because in his preschool nativity he was a cow

thebody Tue 27-Nov-12 23:10:33

I auditioned for Snow White in a school production and was cast as dopey. Still hurts 36 years later.

tempertemper Tue 27-Nov-12 23:18:51

I hear you. My DD has been given the role of 3rd shepherd (and she is blonde too. The bastards). She is your average princess obsessed 3 year old girl, and this evening spent ten minutes chosing the prettiest clothes she owned to go to sleep in.

I am not looking forward to the moment she turns up proudly wearing a brown sack, with a teatowel on her head and sees her mates dressed in fairy wings with haloes.

DoTheStrand Tue 27-Nov-12 23:30:32

DS1 is going to be a narrator in his preschool nativity. Not THE narrator, just a narrator. They have about two lines each. then again, they are only 3 and can't read. I am thrilled to learn from this thread that he is destined for great things thanks to this part though. (Well he tells me he is the narrator - he also told me the woman who runs his preschool is going to be the manger so I'm not sure I trust his answers).

I was considering offering Baby DS2 as Jesus, though he is so enormously fat that he would probably squash poor Mary if she tried to sit him on her knee. He was born to play a Christmas pudding though :-)

Nancyclancy Tue 27-Nov-12 23:39:13

YANBU, my dd is only 19 months and it has already crossed my mind! grin

StuntGirl Tue 27-Nov-12 23:41:01

Ooh I thought I was going to be the only one who was an alien once! The teacher didn't do a patch test first and all the kids who played aliens came down with a rotten allergic reaction to the green face paint. Never had a starring role though, the bastards. I hate how the same few 'class stars' are chosen every year too.

HexGirl Tue 27-Nov-12 23:42:37

I was Mary once when I was 10 in the nativity. I was completely tongue tied as the best looking boy in my class was Joseph. I think we were both equally embarrassed. It was a whole school production and we were the only two characters that were in it throughout (obviously!) so it was a big deal. DS (4) is a narrator this year. I don't think it is anything to do with reading ability but more likely because he constantly talks loudly and they have found an opportunity to channel that! grin

RibenaFiend Tue 27-Nov-12 23:44:26

Mary at my school was was a stick up, spiteful, nasty cow. The teachers loved her because she had neat writing and was all pious and hoity-toity. She would pinch when no one was looking. I hated her.

I was always the fecking narrator. By Yr3 I was sick of it. That year we had the "artistic" teacher, the whole class mimed and danced the fecking nativity whilst I stood there like a lemon and narrated the fecking story. angry I just wanted to wear tinsel!!! Anyway, the week before the play, we had to bring our costumes in for practicing and my required costume was black leggings and a black TShirt. hmm it was just so plain and horrible compared to the other cool costumes. I refused to read my lines in rehearsal. I actually staged a protest and refused to join in because my costume wasn't fair and my part was boring (savvy little kid- they couldn't do it without me)

The compromise was reached in a sit down "chat" with mum, teacher and I. I was allowed tinsel around my ponytail and a sequinned waistcoat over the blacks that my DM painstaking handmade for me for the occasion. In return I had to promise to read beautifully. grin

There were so many art resources in that room, I should have made a placard!!! <sigh>

SummerRain Tue 27-Nov-12 23:50:55

the older two dcs go to a small village school, they're in a mixed room and there's only 80 odd kids in the whole school. The teachers have obviously struggled to create roles for all these children and the school is too small to do a play per class, and the village too villagey to leave a single child out.

So far they've mentioned mary, joseph, shepherds, innkeepers, kings, angels, many and varied lifestock, a news reader, a weather girl and a stage manager hmm

DD is an angel, a very Mediterranean looking angel it must be said. as far as I can make out 90% of the girls are angels hmm

ds1 is a donkey [proud]

openerofjars Tue 27-Nov-12 23:52:38

DS (4) says he is going to be a king in his nursery thingy (I think, he was sobbing, poor love) but he seems very stressed about it and says that he would rather sit on my knee and watch it. He hasn't understood that he can't do both at the same time and thinks he will be able to watch himself. confused.

When he gets to the age when he can help with the lighting and scenery he will be in clover - he loves making things and knowing how things work - but I feel a life on the stage might not be beckoning him.

I'm going to have a word on Thursday when he's next in and ask them if he has anything to worry about or if he can do what 90% of the kids will be doing, which is to sit on the floor in blank incomprehension with a paper hat on, wave at the parents and join in with the bits of "Rudolph" that they recognise while the handful of older ones do their lines with a bit of help.

I bawl my eyes out every year. grin

BadLad Wed 28-Nov-12 00:01:17

Here is one solution - quite amusing reading,2933,364265,00.html

BeaLola Wed 28-Nov-12 00:01:20

My beautiful DS is going to be a Innkeeper - he seems happy about it , await costume envy if his isn't the best. He is little for his age - tallest boy is Joseph. Very proud. Wasn't surprised that the pushy Mum's children are Angels, Mary & Kings.

I was Mary twice & Gretel once - not many girls in class as very small primary & I had brown hair.............. I just wanedto be an Angel & cetainly not Gretel as Hansel was played by smelly boy (!).

janji Wed 28-Nov-12 00:32:34

Ds is Herod?!! Dd has been an inn keeper and a cat. No starring roles in this house.

DayShiftDoris Wed 28-Nov-12 00:55:29

My son was Joseph in Nursery.... I was told VERY firmly it was because he was the only boy taller than 'Mary' and he WOULD NOT have lines not would he be required to sing....

The writing was on the wall perhaps?

Fast forward through disasterous school placements, being sat in rooms alone for assemblies, in a chorus for plays and generally being excluded and ignored, especially since ASD diagnosis....

Yr 4 play - he was 'Boy 2'
He had a costume
He had dances to remember
Songs to sing
And MN he had LINES to say

His teacher's bum was probably twitching as much as mine but he stood up there and did it beautifully!

I cried all the way home... please dont take it for granted MNetters - its just wonderful when they are included in whatever way....

BUT sorry I think I win the prize for having the bestest 'Boy 2' in the WORLD grin

Whitamakafullo Wed 28-Nov-12 00:59:25

My DD was offered the part of Mary when she was at nursery, but turned it down because she wanted to be a shepherd like her brother. Yes, I know I should be proud she is showing feminist leanings already, but I was gutted

ZebraOwl Wed 28-Nov-12 01:46:06

In Year 2 my class teacher asked me what I would like to be in the nativity. I said an angel & was told that there weren't going to be any angels that year, which startled me rather. Didn't cross my mind it was an outright lie, which of course it was angry When we started rehearsals I asked about the angels, I was told angels had to have long blonde hair. I had lovely blonde hair, but it was bobbed. Like an Early Italian Angel, in fact, which I pointed out to my (horrible mean) teacher. I had to be the narrator & had a vile tinsel-trimmed cape which irritated my skin so badly it looked (& felt!) as though someone had tried to garrotte me with barbed wire. That teacher was absolutely toxic though: she made my last year at the Infant School pretty miserable sad

In Year 6 I was picked to play Mary which was a HUGE deal. There was a LOT of bitterness about that & grumbling that I had been picked because my mother had died that year. Yes, that well known method of allocating parts in order of who's had the most traumatic experiences hmm Ironically, it was actually my classmates who were responsible for my getting the part: our teacher asked who the best singer in the class was & everyone (bar me!) said "Zebra". It was only later they discovered she was asking because she needed a Mary who could sing & several of the girls were furious as they felt they'd somehow been tricked! The headmistress always dressed Mary herself & used her time arranging the costume to her satisfaction to talk about how playing The Blessed Virgin was a great privilege & a big responsibility. Just in case I wasn't nervous enough about the whole thing. There was almost a bit of extra drama when the Angel Gabriel put in an appearance because the hall floor was polished ahead of the performance so when I fell backwards in terror I almost went sliding away into the Parish Priest! The dance teacher had an epic strop that year because she was told she couldn't have me for the dance which finished the Christmas performance (that year each class had done something separate as a "gift" to the Headmistress on her retirement, lucky her) because the final scene of the Nativity was being held as a tableau during the dance & the Virgin Mary couldn't very well nip off even if there WAS no shortage of potential childcare what with the shepherds & wisemen & angels of course Joseph...

In the Infant School each year did something separate:
* In nursery I was a reindeer & really quite jealous of my friend Kitty getting to have a red nose rather than a black one because she was Rudolph. I also got very annoyed (we were a reindeer choir) with the inability of the other nursery children to understand that we were bringing good tidings to the audience's KIN not their KING.
* In Reception I was A Little Girl On Christmas Eve. My "boyfriend" (he used to leave me love letters in my tidy-tray & there was once a Scandal when L wrote herself a letter & claimed it was from him - luckily for B I knew immediately it was a forgery because of the handwriting) was my brother. To my mind it was absolutely the best role & I took it Very Seriously.
* In Year 1 I was part of the kingly entourage. I had to wear something that was a bit like a yellow sack & was (along of my fellow miniontypes) selected for the role because I could be trusted to carry the gift carefully! It transpired in rehearsal that I also had an unsuspected talent for Bowing Beautifully so I had to teach everyone who turned up to admire Baby J how to bow properly. It was a tough job, I tell you.
In the Juniors, up to Year 6 we did a musical written specially for us by our very talented music teacher:
* In Year 3 I was in the choir. I also played the recorder: in a group with girls from years 5 & 6 but I also had some solos. I had to sit on the back row of the choir next to the piano & surreptitiously sidle to the other side of it when I was needed to play.
* In Year 4 my class were peasants Villagers And Pilgrims. I was in charge of my group so had Lines & was on stage longest & danced a solo. I played the recorder again that year too.
* In Year 5 my class were clowns. In what was, on reflection, quite blatant favouritism, dressed in the incredibly pretty clown costume a girl in another class had worn for her dance-school's show. Our class teacher designed us all different make-up to match our costumes so mine was pink & lilac with a little yellow <sigh> The dance teacher wanted me to be Lead Clown but she said she needed someone who could be relied on to be at every rehearsal & I said I couldn't do it then because I was bound to be off sick at least once blush I was given a smaller solo & made lead of the first group instead...

Bessie123 Wed 28-Nov-12 02:17:36

Yeah, it's always the blonde kid who is Mary. Actually, the casting for dd's nativity last year did strike me as a bit racist - the white, blonde kids were Mary, Joseph and Angel Gabriel and the dark skinned children were the 3 kings etc. and my dd didn't get the starring role she deserved, bastards.

Op, the teacher casting your dd's nativity is obviously a moron

I was a goose-a-fucking-laying.

Dryjuice25 Wed 28-Nov-12 02:59:27

dd1 is santa this year! Really chaffed as been angel 3 times already

Bessie123 Wed 28-Nov-12 03:06:26

Ps great stealth boasting, Zebra wink

deleted203 Wed 28-Nov-12 03:17:17

I can't believe you lot have the joy of watching a 'proper' nativity play, TBH. I'd be chuffed to bits! My lot have done 'The Grumpy Sheep', 'The Shiniest Star' and something bizarre that involved a penguin setting off to find Santa - traipsing across Africa meeting camels at one point. I have watched bemused for years at productions that wander far from the traditional (a little like Emma Thompson in 'Love Actually' saying in startled tones to her child "There was more than one lobster present at the birth of Jesus"?) I wouldn't mind so much but they are in a CofE village school!

Saying that, my last DS appears to be cast in a somewhat 'bovine' role. (Despite looking angelic with blonde curls and big blue eyes). So far he has been a donkey, a reindeer, and a cow. I am glumly waiting for 'ox' this year...

FellatioNelson Wed 28-Nov-12 03:17:40

It's a shame Jospeh wasn't a Morman or a Muslim. There could have been a whole class-full of Marys then. sad

I was promoted from Tree to Bear once. Best moment of my primary school life. I got to sit on the front of the stage and talk to my brother, who was sitting on the floor in front of the stage with the rest of the kindy kids.

DD has been asked to play a sheep in church nativity. She's supposed to be carried around by a 12 year old boy and then sit quietly with him during the tableau. She's 18 months and can't sit still for 20 seconds unless you're feeding her. <senses disaster>

madwomanintheattic Wed 28-Nov-12 04:44:08

Give him a handful of grass to carry in the other hand, wank... grin

FellatioNelson Wed 28-Nov-12 04:50:53

Blimey Zebra, you've got a good memory. confused

I suppose I must have been something or other in at least one Nativity play, but I genuinely do not remember who/what, never mind details about the teacher, who stood where, and who else was picked for what, and all the politics of the whole thing. hmm

BellaOfTheBalls Wed 28-Nov-12 06:06:01

In preschool DS1 was supposed to be a villager. But Joseph had an attack of stage fright & DS1 was upgraded at the last minute. He spent the entire performance sitting in the middle of the stage requesting things from the audience "has anybody seen my mummy & daddy? Can you see them?" then barked orders at the audience to "DANCE!" during the songs. This was however completely outdone by DS2. A few weeks before I was approached by them to ask if they could "borrow" 4mo DS2. He would only be carried by nursery staff, would be supervised at all times and the manger was fairly big. Stupidly I agreed. In he came (in a white babygro, was the closest I could find to swaddling bands) to much cooing by other parents. He then lay in the manger and proceeded to fill his nappy. Loudly, with some effort. As if it wasn't bad enough DS1 then added "DS2, you've got a trumpy bum".

I genuinely didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

KenDoddsDadsDog Wed 28-Nov-12 06:12:27

I was Mary in a musical nativity. It was horrible. The girl who was Angel Gabriel was so desperate to be Mary she picked on me for weeks. It's not all it's cracked up to be.
I did laugh at a nursery party this week when the Mam's were discussing parts. The child who is Mary is really funny/ non pushy parent and the other mothers were visibly gutted.

we3kingsoforientRaahh Wed 28-Nov-12 06:26:03

DD1 has been a snowflake (nursery), a Donkey (yrR), last year she was 2nd angel from the left. This year the play is called 'The Bossy Fairy' and she has she starring role. It is pure type castinggrin (she is far from the most confident reader though, as the youngest in her year, so I am am very glad the teacher took the risk, as it has really helped her).

Ds is always the choir soloist, apart from the year he was an alien. Dd1 can't carry a tune in a bucket, the bossy fairy doesn't really sing alonegrin.

I was always in the choir. Apart from my final primary year. I was in 2 productions in the same term- as Aunt Sponger in 'James and the Giant peach', and Princess Aurora in a panto of the Sleeping Beauty, that the headmaster wrote. no-one wanted to do the kissing bit, my headmaster hated me . Bit different, role wise!

Spinkle Wed 28-Nov-12 06:28:33

We always cast the weaker girls to be Mary. Dark hair helps. And a willingness to sit still. Joseph always a blonde boy (must have his wits about him to sort donkey/innkeeper)

I am destined to be the mother of a narrator for ever

Spinkle Wed 28-Nov-12 06:30:57

*not a stealth boast. DS has ASD and cannot stand on the stage, only the side.

magichamster Wed 28-Nov-12 06:37:25

I remember being in reception, and the teacher asked me if I wanted to be an angel. I flatly refused on the grounds is was Mary or nothing. I was in the chorus.

Ds 1 was always the narrator because he has big gob clear voice, although he did make it to second shepherd one year. Ds 2 was Joseph last year. It wasn't until I went to see it that I remembered that joseph is actually a bit of a rubbish role cos all he does is sit there!

I think this would be the perfect activity in the run up to Xmas, you take little Mary join the queue and get to watch them forget their lines, go the wrong way and pick their nose for 20 mins, then onto the next one [frin]

Enigmosaurus Wed 28-Nov-12 07:31:18

Just asked ds1 (Y2) what he will be doing and he still doesn't know if it will be a part or a reader.

Our school only has Y1&2 in the nativity and only Y2 do the speaking bits. Dd2 in Y1 is part of the chorus.

legojunkie Wed 28-Nov-12 07:42:35

I was Angel Gabriel because I was tall. You had to be short to be Mary my costume was better

SuffolkNWhat Wed 28-Nov-12 07:46:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Funnily enough at pre-school last year the girl who got the part of Mary, well let's just say her DM was on the pre-school committee.....and it is the same this year in Reception year, the daughter of someone involved with the school. hmm

McPhee Wed 28-Nov-12 08:28:26

These are brilliant

More, more grin

NumericalMum Wed 28-Nov-12 08:42:06

When I was 12 we did a musical. We all had to audition and top 10 singers all got parts. I was fifth so had excellent chance. For some reason the drama teacher refused to have me. I still have nonidea why she hated me so much. I would never have forgotten my lines, could sing and wasn't ugly enough that make up wouldn't have cured it sobs

In playgroup DS was the donkey. He had to walk in front of Mary and Joseph and go round and round the stage while the rest of the group sang Little Donkey. At the end of the carol he was supposed to walk over to the stable, sit on the floor while Mary and Joseph sat on stools behind the manger.

However, Joseph was stage struck and stopped dead at the end of the singing, leaving the donkey and Mary making their own way to the stable. While Joseph stood and waved to his mum, DS took full advantage and sat down on the stool next to Mary and put his arm around her. I was filming it and the camera shakes because I was laughing so hard.

No Nativity play this year at school sad

AlienRefluxLooksLikeSnow Wed 28-Nov-12 08:46:22

Hey Mcphee how's your DD (apologies to fuming nativity mothers!)

gwenniebee Wed 28-Nov-12 11:07:48

I wasn't Mary owing to being blonde. By the time I'd have liked to be blonde I'd turned brunette. No justice. I did get to be the angel though smile (And, as mentioned on another thread somewhere, one year I was a full stop.)

AndiMac Wed 28-Nov-12 11:38:06

My DD is in Y1 and is thrilled to be a robot with her best male friend. <Whispers> But not as thrilled as the mums of Mary and Joseph are with their offsprings' parts.

I really don't care what she is, I'm personally happier with a bit of fun crafting for a robot costume than for a blue habit. And we'll see what happens in subsequent years. I do have a suspicion that these children were given their parts now so that the parents won't have anything to complain about when in future years the best they get is coyboy #2 or main tree.

hatsybatsy Wed 28-Nov-12 11:42:26

I was mainly a narrator - very dull -generally no costume....

One year I was Mary. grin

so far ds has been a king grin and a narrator hmm

dd has been a christmas pudding and this year she is a clock......

Absy Wed 28-Nov-12 11:49:15

I always wanted to be Mary. Always. And never was.

The most scarring incident of me not being Mary was when I was around 4 (and I remember it like it was yesterday, so it was obviously very traumatic). I so desperately wanted to be Mary, but they made another girl, Nointjie or something (see? she even had a weird name, totally not Mary Material) Mary. I do not know why. I was the Angel Gabriel instead, which let me flex my artistic and acting muscles but it still wasn't Mary. My disappointment and anger reached it's peak when, in the middle of the play "Mary" was sat there with her legs apart so everyone could see her knickers. I was aghast. If I had been Mary, that never would have happened.

In other years, I was a cat and an "african lady" (really scraping the barrel in terms of characters obviously - it was a big nursery school), so actually Angel Gabriel was the highlight of my Nativity Acting Career. Tragically.

mrsshears Wed 28-Nov-12 11:52:57

Dd wanted to be an Angel and she is!!
I'm very pleased for her as she isn't one of 'those' children who always get picked, oh and YANBU grin

madwoman I'm thinking of giving him a paper bag labelled "Sheep Food" filled with random food like milk arrowroot bikkies and tiny sarnies. Otherwise there will be rampaging.

Last year she was a very good Lamb. She was carried around, and the Shepherdess was supplied with a bottle and a white dummy. But, y'know, she was 8 months old...not 20...

madwomanintheattic Wed 28-Nov-12 15:06:24


FriendlyLadybird Wed 28-Nov-12 15:12:41

Oooh. Thanks for the belated (about 40 years) morale boost madwoman and picallili. I was ALWAYS the sodding narrator. But I suppose I could read and had a nice clear voice.

I SO wanted to dress up though.

DoodleHolly Wed 28-Nov-12 15:17:35

DS is one of many shepherds. He will learn lines brilliantly and bursts to please teachers.

The quiet antisocial rather than shy girl in his class gets a starring role.

I am utterly devastated for him but he doesn't seem to mind.

I like to thing that he is too intelligent and imaginative to be show horned into such a restrictive role!

TheOnlyPersonInTheRoom Wed 28-Nov-12 15:28:14

I was Mary, then Angel Gabriel, then.... nothing. My slow decline into obscurity sad

If you REALLY wanted to ensure your DD was Mary you should've actually called her Mary - the real life Joseph's were ALWAYS cast as Josephs at my school (there were no Marys).

madhairday Wed 28-Nov-12 15:55:31

DD has also been an elephant, and a 'poor waif' in rags hmm She has been an angel several times but never Mary <too blonde?>

DS is a narrator this time, but informed me his teacher had asked him to be one of the 'bigger acting parts' because he has a good voice, but he said no, he wanted to be a narrator grin

Hersetta Wed 28-Nov-12 16:34:20

My DD was the Donkey in her YR nativity last year. It was a brilliant part, had more lines than mary and Joseph combined and she had her own sung (little Donkey).

This year in Y1 she is a star and mightily miffed about it.

apostropheuse Wed 28-Nov-12 19:46:06

My grandson has just been informed that he's a donkey. I hear it's actually quite a prestigious role, indeed a leading part. (He gets to lead Mary and Joseph round the stage!)

I'm applying for an equity card for him tomorrow.

I hope it's not something my daughter wanted to do for him wink

swlmum Wed 28-Nov-12 19:50:00

DD was a cockerel in last years nativity..

swlmum Wed 28-Nov-12 19:51:00

Actually a couple of mothers did compliment me on her 'cockle doo dee doo ing' ...

LiegeAndLief Wed 28-Nov-12 20:01:42

Ds is Tree Number Seven. He spent most of this evening lying on the floor howling about it because he doesn't get to move.

Last year he was a Guest at the Inn. I'm not sure he is destined for theatrical greatness.

Guadalupe Wed 28-Nov-12 20:06:00

I never forgave the girl who usurped me as Mary after I broke my arm.

When ds2 was recast as a camel instead of a king in nursery I felt his pain. It brought it all back. grin

But once you've been Mary, what is left? Any other role is a demotion. Better to hope. grin

I am blonde and was never Mary, but was an angel a couple of times. DS1 (a king in reception this year), was meant to be Father Christmas in his preschool play last year and point-blank refused to wear the costume or even go on stage. I'm hoping he's matured sufficiently this year. confused

GrimmaTheNome Thu 29-Nov-12 17:00:30

I was a Sunday School kid so was in a proper nativity every year of my childhood so got to play the full range. One year I was Narrator and the others mimed so I guess that was the lead role grin

NothingIsAsBadAsItSeems Thu 29-Nov-12 17:10:57

I was never Mary but I've been a shepherd, an alien no idea why aliens were in the nativity , a bauble, an angel and mouse smile

Fakebook Thu 29-Nov-12 17:12:08

Well, dd IS dancing to All The Single Ladies for her Christmas production. I can't wait, it's going to be hilarious. grin

RosemaryHoyt Thu 29-Nov-12 17:15:57

You have to be kidding me. Oh god, you are serious. I imagine DS1 will be locked up in the classrooms when his nativity comes, so as not to spoil it for anyone else with shouts of "Gabriel was A MAN you got it WRONG"

Hobbitation Thu 29-Nov-12 17:45:40

DD1 was Mary in the pre-school one so I can't really complain about DD2 being a stable girl. I was then just pleased (apart from it being DD1) that they chose a dark-haired Mary for once. At least DD2 has lines anyway! The little girl who is Mary this year I had a good idea would be chosen as she is one of the older ones and seems pretty confident. They used to only give the 'leavers' speaking parts but I was also pleasantly surprised last year when DD2 was only 2 and was a shepherd and had lines to say.

Kirky12 Thu 29-Nov-12 20:04:14

I am cracking up on the train with laughter at these first nativity and when ds1 came home with shepherd before I even said "thats lovely darling"I asked " who's Joseph" grin I didn't know that with one small thing I'd become competitive parent....officially a grown up! wink

lovelyladuree Thu 29-Nov-12 20:42:03

twooter is so right.

StickEmUp Thu 29-Nov-12 20:43:00

I was Mary in a nativity.
I was stoked.
I only got to say 'why Joseph.

I was an angel. Because I was tall I had to stand right at the back. DD isn't at school yet so we haven't crossed that bridge. However, DP is a primary school teacher. Two years ago two of the kings started fighting and one headbutted the other in order to have the gold. It was hilarious as DP crawled along the back of the stage, trying to stay hidden behind the other kids, in order to break up the fight. There are at least 7 or 8 home videos of this. I keep waiting to see it on some type of 'you've been framed' type show. Cracking. smile

Lilka Thu 29-Nov-12 20:48:11

DS was a Shepherd last year and loved it. This year, as he is in Y2, he gets a speaking part and is the third (littlest) wise man/King. The first wise man is very tall, and the second is taller than average, then my DS is slightly short for his age. Apparently this is deliberate so they look good standing in a line to present their gifts. DS is extremely happy with this as well

On the other hand, DD2 tells me she desperately wanted to be Mary, or failing that an angel, but was never ever picked. She can remember being a donkey one year but can't remember what she was the other years (just knows it wasn't Mary/angel). I feel for her. Although I can make a very good guess why she wasn't considered a suitable Mary and also why not an Angel, despite looking angelic. They are both supposed to be quite sweet and meek parts for well behaved children.........

When I had my nativities, I was a star, the innkeepers daughter and then a narrator. I was upset because I wanted Herod or the Innekeeper to be a girls part. I liked getting the villains parts!! Being the villain was all I ever wanted. Not drippy Mary

monstermissy Thu 29-Nov-12 20:49:37

ds1 was never anyone in school nativity, he was always in the group of left over kids who stayed in uniform and sang and sat quietly while the stars done their thing. He is now head boy though it only took 11 years of school to get his staring role :D

ds3 was a sheep last year and didn't do anything he was meant to, this year ive no idea he probably dosent even know himself... at 5 he is still a dreamer smile

Happypiglet Thu 29-Nov-12 20:56:49

Mine have been
DS1 Choir, angel (he loved that!), shepherd, narrator (with one sentence) and this year has risen to the dizzy heights of Joseph (he has no lines but a very small singing solo)
DS2 angel (in same show as ds1 he was the only one of the two who would wear wings and tinsel!), choir, line dancer (!) and this year is playing the triangle in the percussion section.....he is beside himself with excitement.
DD choir and this year a narrator....
Whatever they do they are always stars! I am beyond it now. It is always the same kids who get the big parts....mostly because they can speak loudly and learn loads of lines. I am so relieved we have no lines to learn between all my three DC.

SillyCalamari Thu 29-Nov-12 21:00:26

I was a FENCE.
Beat that!

GrimmaTheNome Thu 29-Nov-12 21:03:02

Is your acting a bit wooden? <ducks>

bellechristmas Thu 29-Nov-12 21:30:06

My dd is Mary. It's not a good role, no lines and she has to wear weird headgear that makes her look like an air hostess. Also 'Joseph' doesn't like her so is refusing to walk with her down the aisle. It's not looking good.
DD2 is a star and is very excited about singing Humphrey is a camel with brown eyes. Much better in her opinion.

bellechristmas Thu 29-Nov-12 21:31:43

Oh and dd1 is the third king in the spanish version of the nativity, yes you heard it, the spanish version, entirely in spanish, a language I don't speak. So that will be fun!

Molehillmountain Thu 29-Nov-12 21:33:55

I always wondered where they got the idea for "third lobster" from in "Love Actually". No more wink

Greenoes Thu 29-Nov-12 21:37:08

DS told me that he is going to be a kettle wink
Turns out he is cattle smile

bubby64 Thu 29-Nov-12 21:39:36

I was never Mary or an angel, I was a sheep, donkey, inn keeper and 3rd sheperd. Specky with prominant front teeth that made me lisp as a child was not good for the "special" parts. I was even cast as a dung beetle in a High School play!!
DS were choir members, sheep, donkeys and finally in their last year of school nativities 1st King and 1st shepherd - finally!! Speaking parts - and they made the most of it - they kept chatting to each other through the whole thing!!

pixwix Thu 29-Nov-12 21:48:59

Last year, Ds2 came home and announced proudly he was narrator number 5.

Three days later, he came home and glumly announced he had been demoted to a sheep. (apparently he kept gurning madly at an imaginary audience...)

I tried so hard not to laugh, as I said brightly "well -- thats great! we've never had a sheep in the nativity before - shepherds, trees, kings and stars - but a sheep - wow! I'd better cut that old rug up then hadn't I?

"But a SHEEP mum - there's not much scope.."

No - probably not - but he was a very sweet gurning sheep grin

zipzap Thu 29-Nov-12 21:58:18

ds1 has been a star (no, not THE star, just one of the stars in the star choir, which meant they all had to wear a star headband. Ds was the only one that managed to wear his to the side and all his hair sticking out every which way, all the other stars managed to stay nice and neat) in reception.

Then, in Y1 he was an angel in the choir of angels - he's a very blue eyed blond little boy so would have been perfect casting, apart from the scowl that never left his face throughout the peformance because he didn't want to be standing up in front of people singing. Must admit I do love that picture, makes me grin whenever I see it.

last year in Y2 he was a cow. He needed brown or grey t-shirt and trousers for the part as the ruddy supermarkets were full of gazillions of Mary and Joseph costumes, a handful of kings, sheep, camels and donkeys but no cows. Everybody else must have had the same problem because everywhere was sold out of the things. found some eventually and made headband thing with cow ears and then added horns to turn it into a boy bull - significant quantities of double sided sticky tape and industrial strength staples.

This year he's in a new school and the eejits made some sort of announcement to say that pupils didn't have to be in their year nativity - so of course he said he didn't want to be. But he then discovered he needed a note and me being mean mummy has said no, he has to do it. so think he is going to be one of the narrators.

DS2 started at ds1's old school this year and is going to be a shepherd - he's much more confident than ds1 and actually enjoys learning songs and singing them. Worry is more that he is going to start grooving on down as he tends to whenever music comes on (doesn't matter what it is - latest funky pop song or a sad dirge), he's there boogie-ing away.

bad thing that the school has decided this year - to only do the nativity play in the reception year sad. Y1 will do an easter play and Y2 a leavers play, so the teachers don't have to spend so much time rehearsing and making the hall out of bounds for gym etc. Think it's off - it's lovely watching them getting better and better at their nativity play each year, it's just not the same if it's a different time of year. They can do those too but the nativity one is a thing in its own right!

spookysal Thu 29-Nov-12 22:10:28

I was in the choir once. Until they heard me sing. And then I was demoted to the back end of the donkey.

Even my mum couldn't disagree with them - when I told her I was in the choir she said 'have they heard you sing?' grin

notyummy Thu 29-Nov-12 22:18:48

Dd is a 'wonky donkey who breaks the manger?' Wtf? There are lines to learn and everything. Any primary school teachers shed any light on this particular production?

Morloth Thu 29-Nov-12 22:19:46

DS1 was always Joseph when we lived in the UK. What can I say, he is good looking and has the gift of the gab.

SMUG. wink

DS2 is best suited to 'HULK, SMASH!' sorts of roles.

Still SMUG. grin

DaffyDuck88 Thu 29-Nov-12 23:22:41

In primary school I was once chosen to be Mary, but then a new girl (who happened to be the tallest in the class which at that age was the coolest thing), threw herself on the floor and had a total fit, screaming 'But my Mother has already made my costume!'. Rather than telling her to grow up, our teacher lost her nerve and turned to me and said, 'I think as Megan wants to do it so badly we should let her, don't you think?' To which I replied, 'No. My mother wouldn't let me have something just because I screamed and cried. Its not fair.' There then ensued lots of negotiations, with my Mother being asked to meet the teacher. By this stage I had refused to have anything to do with the play and my Mother and other staff were busy trying was to cajole me into accepting an ever decreasing level of parts. (Shepherd, sheep, tree and even a rock!). I still refused. As punishment I was eventually forced to take a part which meant you had to be in your school uniform and not in a fun costume. Myself and other - lets say they were perceived as the less talented students -were expected to spell out Merry Christmas by reciting a little poem for each letter at the end of the play. We did a brilliant job, timing bang on. My Mother to this day still recalls the icy venom in my voice as I read out 'H is for Holly that shines so bright' and turned over my card.....

The best of it was though that Megan who had won her lead role through a spectacular tantrum totally forgot her lines, burst into tears and wet herself.
It might have had something to do with the costume though, as it turned out her Mother hadn't made one at all but had (post tantrum) had to hire it. Megan had chosen a princess outfit. The audience chuckles at the Mother of our Lord in a hot pink meringue number may have put her off.

Ahhhhhhhh! Have just cast our Nativity.....................................

rosehill Thu 29-Nov-12 23:35:42

Oh I still remember feeling devastated when my pfb informed me that she had turned down the role of angel Gabriel and chosen to be a camel in reception year.

Her reasoning? Well Gabriel was a BOY and the camels were the most important because they brought the wise men who gave baby Jesus his gifts!

Bogeyface Thu 29-Nov-12 23:53:45

Brown tights.

Thats all I think of when someone mentions Nativity plays.

To set the scene, the teachers pets all got the best roles and the other boys and girls were either shepherds or angels. I was not happy to be an angel when I should have been Angel Gabriel but got bumped down when the dd of a teacher joined the school 3 weeks before Xmas. It was very similar to Daffys experience, except it was the teacher/mother throwing the tantrum hmm and my mother protested by refusing to help with the school party, a very big thing in those days!

On the day of the play it was effing cold, stupidly "wear everything you own" cold. My mother made me wear tights because of the cold, but the only tights I had were brown. Shit brown. And she wouldnt let me take white socks because I "would only lose them" (probably true, to be fair). But looking back it was her protest, she knew I had to take part but was making her feelings clear.

I can sort of see her point but honestly, I felt like ten types of twat, stood there in the middle of a row of pure white angels, in my shit brown tights.

2 of my 4 DD's have been Mary, and I was Mary in the town Brownie/Cubs Nativity, but I dont care.


CocktailQueen Fri 30-Nov-12 08:54:16

My dd was the donkey in Year 1 (the donkey was the star of the show) and Mary in Year 2 <proud> and I liked her better as the donkey smile

She got to wear cool ears and her donkey costume was too long and trailed on the floor... She's a big Year 4 now and they don't do a Nativity play at all - boo!

thescarylibrarian Fri 30-Nov-12 10:28:23

On account of being plain and quiet I was always a shepherd. My brother's dressing gown and a tea towel over the head secured by my school tie.

DS has always been a good reader so cops for the narrator parts. DD was 'the brightest star in the sky' in Y1. She was stood on the top step and was supposed to twinkle (flutter her hands about) but just grinned and stared around gormlessly instead, in spite of my over the top twinkling from the audience whenever she looked my way.

OOh i know how you feel. I always felt that my eldest 2 were left out of everything and their noisier more obvious peers got all the good parts. But it has to be said that mine were so shy it probably would have been hell on earth for them.

Having said that my youngest, joseph, played the part of the divine cuckold in the Reception Nativity play. He didn't let the importance of his role go to his head. He swung on his chair, picked his nose, totally forgot to sing and held Baby Jesus by his foot.

I think it's safe to say my offspring are not destined for a life treading the boards.....

I was a christmas tree in a nativity place once. It was the main part (apparently hmm but I didn't have to say a word.

DawnOfTheDee Fri 30-Nov-12 10:36:54

I was Mary twice.....I was a brilliant Mary. Not many lines but I policed the baby Jesus' manger very well & thwarted several attempts by an angel to stuff a dinosaur in there with him.

My DD is only 10mo but I shall start grooming her immediately for Mary-dom which is obviously her birthright. She has brown hair so we're off to a good start...grin

<mad pushy mum emoticon needed>

puds11 Fri 30-Nov-12 10:44:35

PMSL at Fairy being a blade of grass!! I was an angel, and managed to fuck it up, net time i had one line " Last week my jimmy was run over by a camel" still remember it now because it was utterly ridiculous, but made the grown ups laugh!

I was Mary once - my teacher broke my heart when he told me that my beloved cabbage patch doll was too ugly to be Jesus!

aliasjoey Fri 30-Nov-12 10:49:32

DD was Mary one year. She had no lines, and was obviously bored so popped the baby Jesus against her shoulder and patted his back to burp him.

Another year Mary and Joseph had a an argument on stage about who got to hold the baby.

puds11 Fri 30-Nov-12 10:49:49

grin working

BurnedTheToastAgain Fri 30-Nov-12 10:52:02

Mary's so last century. At our DC's school, she only floats onstage for final seconds and is SBB (silent but beautiful). The real stars are narrators, robots, toys and assorted insects (think the bumblebee was top dog one year?).

BurnedTheToastAgain Fri 30-Nov-12 10:55:57

Aliasjoey For a hyper-realistic manger scene, Mary and Joseph could argue about who has to change Jesus's nappy...

Angelico Fri 30-Nov-12 11:02:29

Great thread grin I was the 'silver bell' in our slightly kooky nativity play. Had to sing a few solo lines and one day in rehearsal I decided I would sing them like an opera singer. Cue reducing whole class to hysterical laughter. The shame, even now, the shame!!! blush

I went back to singing normally after that and will be advising DD to do the same when the time comes. Stick to what ya know!

FrothyOM Fri 30-Nov-12 11:11:11

I was once the arse end of the donkey (the costume was in two parts)

Sallypuss Fri 30-Nov-12 11:11:22

DD is the star. No, not Mary but one of the twinkly, shiney variety instead. She is definitely my star, IMO being Mary is over-rated grin

crazymum53 Fri 30-Nov-12 11:17:02

dd was typecast as an angel both at school and church. This was because she could sing and dance! The angels had to sing a song and then do a dance routine so she was fine.
Having dark hair does not guarantee that your dd will be chosen as Mary. Usually she seems to have long straight blond hair in my experience.

Toomuchtea Fri 30-Nov-12 11:25:22

I had long dark hair, and I was Mary. I was chosen while I was off sick, and was horrified by the news when I returned to school. I hated being on stage, then and now. Apparently I was chosen because I was a silent child and could be relied on not to say anything daft (in fact, anything at all). Not that this mattered when the time came. When Joseph followed me up the stairs, he fell over and said in a voice no one could miss, "BUGGER it. BUGGER".

My DD was sacked from being Mary. School found out church was going to ask her to be Mary there, and took the part away without even giving her the chance to decide which she wanted to do. Church hadn't even asked her at that point, so she was absolutely distraught. A friend's daughter was asked instead, so I didn't feel I could kick up too much of a fuss.

ThePoppyAndTheIvy Fri 30-Nov-12 11:33:14

DS1 only took part in one nativity play - he has Aspergers and didn't cope well at all with being on stage and everyone looking at him so helped behind the scenes in subsequent years. He was a snowflake.

DS2 has been one of the three kings, one of the three wise men (now, I digress, but I always though the three kings & the three wise men were the same thing. Not at DS2's primary school clearly), a shepherd, a winter child (child in coat, hat, scarf & gloves) and a star. He could never have been Joseph as his voice is not booming enough - luckily for the teachers though, the boy in DS2's year with the loudest, clearest voice happened to be called Joseph. Hence, none of the other children ever queried why he was cast as Joseph every single year - because he is Joseph grin. Mary varied from year to year grin.

And I agree that the Narrator is always the best reader.

ThePoppyAndTheIvy Fri 30-Nov-12 11:36:54

Just remembering back many years to my own nativity plays - I never had a speaking part as I was too quiet. I remember being an angel, a villager & a potter (yes a potter). Basically, I was your all round crowd scene extra grin.

Parasaurolophus Fri 30-Nov-12 11:37:47

My DS turned down the Joseph role to be a wise man. He is a very well behaved child who cannot bear to stand out in any way at all. I was disappointed, and then terribly ashamed of myself for being disappointed. Apparently the wise men costumes are "really cool."

He wishes he could have been the donkey.

BumBiscuits Fri 30-Nov-12 11:37:47

DD2 is a star this year. I think her nursery have got it right. Last year she and her best friend were shepherds.

I did the lighting at my school nativity sad

ArkadyRose Fri 30-Nov-12 11:42:25

I never played any roles on stage in school - right from Reception onwards I was always in the music section, which I thought was excellent because we got to wear proper choirboy robes - red cassock with white surplice and a high frilly collar. I thought I was the bee's knees in that get up!

Then again I've always been far more into backstage stuff & music than acting. DD2 is the actress in the family, whereas I've done plenty of stints as musician, stage hand, make-up artist, occasional pyrotechnician, lighting tech etc. So I pretty much started as I meant to carry on!

DD3 has been Mary once at her church playgroup - the boy playing Joseph ran off stage at the last moment leaving Mary by herself at the Inn, so she was a single parent Mary!

No idea what she is this time - the school hasn't announced anything yet. She's in Yr 1, and I think Yr 1 & Reception are having their own private Nativity/Christmas assembly, as the school is currently split between two sites. Last year she was a Chinese Lantern. hmm

Phoebe47 Fri 30-Nov-12 11:46:01

Speaking as a teacher who always produces the Nativity I have never allowed hair colour to be an issue when casting parts. My angels are not all blonde haired children and Mary is not always a brown haired child. All the children have lovely costumes and the children who make up the choir have special hats and choir tunics. The narrators also wear a special hat and tunic so everyone is dressed up and everyone feels special. Hard work but worth it to see the look on the children's faces when they perform and to see how proud the parents are. Happy Christmas everyone.

JugglingWithPossibilities Fri 30-Nov-12 11:49:01

DD and DS always wanted to be the donkey - they had visions of doing it panto style and vied with each other to be the back end grin This was especially funny when they were talking about parts for the church nativity play.
One year I bought DS a donkey costume (Shrek style) and he galloped round the church aisles to "Little Donkey" It was absolutely classic grin

Also have happy memories of DD being Mary and rocking the baby Jesus upside down ....

But remember there's potential in every role smile

Happy Christmas to all - oohhh pretend this is a Christmasy smiley with festive red hat smile

bobbybear1606 Fri 30-Nov-12 11:53:09

ThePoppyAndTheIvy at least they gave him a 'chance' last year the mainstream school my DS who has SN attended refused to let him take part as he 'just wasn't capable' - strangely he was a very good shepherd at the Sunday School play. I did say to the teacher 'Sorry I thought it was a Nativity play and not a Broadway production' nasty cow that she was. So while the other kids practised and had fun he had to sit in a classroom with a TA. He is a very quiet child and really took it to heart and didn't want to go to school grrrr.

Fast forward to his year and his amazing new school and he is the Angel Gabriel (he wanted to be a donkey but hey ho) not sure about Sunday School but will find out in a few weeks (hopefully he will get to live his dream and be a donkey?).

I was always an angel because it was the only costume that fitted me lol. I was tiny and never grew enough to fit into the Mary costume.

BellaTheGymnast Fri 30-Nov-12 11:59:32

I was an adult before I realised Gabriel is a boy's name, because of seeing blonde girls playing that part year after year.

I was the narrator. angry

CheerfulYank Fri 30-Nov-12 12:06:23

I am sad we don't have nativity plays in schools here! sad <contemplates move>

I WAS Mary in church when I was about 14 though. I had one line "This manger is beautiful" after Joseph said "Oh I wish I could make a cradle for him." I despised the boy who played Joseph as he had a girlfriend but was messing about a friend of mine. I believe I was giving him the total stinkeye throughout the whole thing. Professional I ain't, but I'm sure loyal. grin

JugglingWithPossibilities Fri 30-Nov-12 12:06:26

Ahh, I have such lovely memories of being an angel and a carol singer dancing round the Christmas tree when I was little - my school did it so brilliantly.
When I was a bit older I did get the chance to be Mary in Brownies, but it just made me nervous as I was meant to sing a solo. Fortunately for me once Brown Owl heard my singing in the end everyone joined in with the song together !

ThePoppyAndTheIvy Fri 30-Nov-12 12:16:49

Oh dear bobbybear, that doesn't sound very fair - so much for inclusion sad.

To be fair to them, DS1's primary school were pretty good with letting him try to do what he wanted to & he wasn't banned from being on stage in subsequent years - he just got so twitchy & upset when the nativity play was mentioned that he was asked if he would rather do the "very important job" of helping the teacher with scenery & props behind the scenes grin. He loved it & felt very important.

As always with SN children, a teacher with a lovely positive "what can we do" not "what can't we do" attitude makes a world of difference. DS1 is 15 now so, believe me, I have encountered plenty of both along the way!

babybarrister Fri 30-Nov-12 12:17:16

DS was a present in reception . Despite having no lines and having a rather robust disposition to put it mildly, he was actually sick on the morning of the play - nerves!!!gringrin

anothercuppaplease Fri 30-Nov-12 12:19:21

I do Sunday School and the kids decide who they want to be. Last year we had two Maries and six Kings. No donkey, we used a toy hobby horse instead.

I refuse to buy tea towels to put on their head. I just go down the charity shop and buy a couple of long skirts, brown, blue, whatever, and cut them to size. Much more dignifying. Especially as it's often a dad who ends up being the inn keeper.

JugglingWithPossibilities Fri 30-Nov-12 12:26:47

That sounds good cuppa - our church has done that in recent years too - that's how DS got to fulfil his dream of being the donkey.

You should encourage someone to be the donkey though - it's such a laugh - and "Little Donkey" will bring a tear to many eyes smile

Adversecamber Fri 30-Nov-12 12:36:16

DS wanted to dress up as Herod for a crib service a few of years ago, I don't bother taking him anymore.

JugglingWithPossibilities Fri 30-Nov-12 12:46:56

Ooh yes, they should have a Herod - that could be a great part !

(And they could have a Salome (I think that's right) bringing in a head on a platter .... or perhaps that's a bit later in the story !!)

BabyGiraffes Fri 30-Nov-12 12:54:59

dd1 is a village idiot er. The whole class are villagers so at least no squabbling. Combined nursery, reception, year 1 and 2 thing. Nursery girls are stars.

Arithmeticulous Fri 30-Nov-12 13:04:07

DS is a villager wearing PJs - as you do grin

DD is "Nobody" - she's in Yr2 so it was her one chance at being Mary, and she's not, and she's not an angel, she's nobody <said with an air of disgust> I haven't been able to find out what costume she's wearing, because if I bring up the subject she just growls "I'm nobody " at me hmm

funnyperson Fri 30-Nov-12 13:04:45

Oddly we still have a picture of my daughter as second camel aged 6 years or so. She is now at Oxford university. Mary dropped out in sixth form.

My DS has gone downhill from a star (nursery) to a sheep (pre-school) to Third Inn Keeper. The quiet, well behaved children got the important roles this year - definitely not my DS. sigh

All I remember about my school nativities was that the same smug well behaved goody two shoes played Mary two years in a row. Tuh.

Yeah, I wanted dd to be an Angel, but she is Star Number 2 instead.

Had to stiff upper lip it though as dd was most unimpressed about the whole thing, and thinks its her fault anyway as she cut all her own hair off to her chin in the holidays, even though it has grown back long now. She was also suggesting that she may slap the girl playing an angel (who she doesn't like anyway and the feeling is mutual), so had to tell her she was being silly.

She is now happier as the stars sing a song and do a dance.

From a personal point of view, being an angel or Mary (although a Year 2 gets that part) would have been easier costume wise- it took me an hour in my crap shopping center to find a black t-shirt the other day, but as I was a tree in a school nativity one year, she's done pretty well!

pofacedalways Fri 30-Nov-12 13:29:46

I was NEVER effing Mary. I was the vicar's daughter and so it was seen apparently as favouritism if I got it. Positive effing discrimination.

pofacedalways Fri 30-Nov-12 13:30:33

snort at funnyperson

Jakadaal Fri 30-Nov-12 13:39:24

DD year 6 is Mary - she has 1 line. BUT .... she has SEN (the complicated, complex no one really understands type)and she has carried the 'naughty' girl label for many years and is often shunned by yr 6 girls because she doesn't understand all of the trendy things etc. So I am basking unashamedly smugly in the glory that she is going to be Mary as I feel she has blooming well earned it!! However am well aware she might well cock it up but hey so does that person has had the starring role every year since reception <me bitter never ...>

I refused to be an angel when I was in primary school because it would have required wearing a skirt. My teacher was bemused, but in the end decided it would be best if I was the back end of the donkey. I thought that was brilliant, and made sure that the donkey did plenty of stomping around on the echoey stage in my new boots smile

I was a tree and a villager. Carrying on this acting tradition, so far our talented tribe has included DS1 as a narrator: very upset with this casting, as he wanted to be a Sheep. So he wore the sheep costume, and narrated. We watched it the other day, on the obligatory DVD - he's now ten, and was in stitches. Since then DS2 has been a camel and a star (with non-stop itchy tights).


My ds is a Mouse!

DontSweatTheSmallStuff Fri 30-Nov-12 14:03:56

I was picked to be Mary a few times.
God knows why. I'm not the typical candidate. They must've been desperate.

Ds2 has a made up spare part this year but he's all excited about it so i'm not too annoyed. Mind you ds2 just likes to join in whatever. He would probably be excited about being a rock. grin

Greensleeves Fri 30-Nov-12 14:04:39

ds1 is Herod


willyoulistentome Fri 30-Nov-12 14:11:44

I was Mary at Primay school, on several occasions, because I had the Mary look. Olive skin, dark hair. I think my Mum loved it and was probably very smug , but I HATED feeling like everyone was looking at me. I longed to be an angel or whatever and not have the big night nerves of being in the spotlight.

Of course NOW I realise that really only MY parents were looking at me and that all the other parents had their eyes glued to the second-donkey-from-the left (or whoever)

gymboywalton Fri 30-Nov-12 14:20:19
DownyEmerald Fri 30-Nov-12 14:41:12

I am not a pushy mum, honest. I just really enjoyed drama and it would be nice if dd did too.

But I have only just recovered from last years trauma of Donkey Keeper, she was given Donkey "but didn't want to do any talking mummy". Did the staff mention it to me, who would have been able to remind child of the few times she had successfully managed to do talking on stage in front of the whole school? No, they just gave her sodding donkey keeper.

And someone in the playground who I think was trying to say the right thing said "isn't it wonderful how they find a part for them all", and I burst into tears.

And then I sat in the wrong place and couldn't see her, because the Donkey Keepers didn't actually get to go on the stage, but prat about in front of their donkeys at floor level so could only be seen by the front row of audience.

Ok, I haven't got over it have I?

Passes wine to Downy and uses <<patting head emoticon>>

snowtunesgirl Fri 30-Nov-12 14:48:53

My first Nativity I played The Star of Bethlehem. Everyone had to follow me as I led them to the Stable. I think it went to my head and I went on to do acting as a career. grin

Many years later, I did an outdoor theatre production of the Nativity, yes what were we thinking, it was BLOODY cold! I played one of the Three Kings. Great fun.

IdiotishPrattle Fri 30-Nov-12 15:09:46

Angelic behaviour is obviously in my DNA, as me and my daughters were angels in Reception class over the years.
Eldest did tell me she was a satsuma in her Reception class nativity, I luckily checked with her teacher before making a bright orange, attention seeking costume. Turns out they weren't having a non traditional nativity and she was in fact an angel. ( moaned for ages that she wanted to be a satsuma and not a stupid, boring angel!)

Dd2 was Angel Gabriel and out staged Mary beautifully, she reluctantly handed over baby Jesus, enthusiastically sang the songs, sucked her thumb and then fell asleep on another angel. She had the Aahhh factor big style, where as Mary was insipid.

Eldest was cast as a sheep for Y2 so I volunteered to make masks for the group of children who were part of the herd. I worked for days weeks on those masks and they were so cute ( even if I do say so myself) so that when they came on stage the audience "Aaahhhhed" as a whole, I sat feeling very smug and polished my competitive parenting badge.

JugglingWithPossibilities Fri 30-Nov-12 15:16:42

Great to hear that being The Star of Bethlehem led not only to the stable but to the start of a brilliant acting career snowtunes smile

stickylittlefingers Fri 30-Nov-12 15:58:47

DD2 is going to be a dancing sheep this year. Where do you think this will lead her career-wise? X-factor?

ScatterChasse Fri 30-Nov-12 16:08:49

Who said they were doing The Bossy Christmas Fairy? I was in that at school, I was a bauble smile I can still remember the songs!

I wanted to be the clockwork snowflake who did a ballet dance though. I should have been, I'd just got honours in my ballet exam and the girl who got the part only had highly commended.

NoPinkPlease Fri 30-Nov-12 16:26:35

My ds(5) has poss asd, and is a tree. He thinks he's a fairy or a camel. That's going to take some discussion to prepare him grin

Hanikam Fri 30-Nov-12 17:25:05

My DS is a WEASEL in the Christmas play.
DD is a judge and littlest DS is a wise man

They always go one step ahead at their primary school!

aliphil Fri 30-Nov-12 18:04:28

DD is supposed to be baby Jesus in the church nativity play this year. That's if they can get the girl (yes) playing Joseph to agree to hold her (Mary at 9 is apparently too young), otherwise it's the doll again. Incidentally our angel Gabriel is a redhead and the baby angels have brown hair, so there is hope for non-blonde wannabe angels out there!

I never got to be anything in school nativities - choir or orchestra, every time. Same with school plays; my biggest ever part was as an attendant who had to pull aside a curtain from an archway. hmm

MamaMimi Fri 30-Nov-12 18:13:02

Last year dd1 was the lead part in her school's christmas play - her character's name was the title of the play, she was a christmas fairy. It did make us very proud, although I think she was a bit too self-conscious.

This year she is in the next class up which has 3 year groups, and she is simply a sister in one of a number of families in the story.

Dd2 is in pre-school and will be doing her first nativity this year. No idea what she will be yet but she loves to perform and is always right up there!

planestrainsautomobiles Fri 30-Nov-12 18:53:36

I was Mary at my last year in Infant School, my younger DSis was very excited to watch me in the rehearsal performance (in front of the whole school).. unfortunately, on the morning of the rehearsal we had the annual nit-check...yes, I had nits blush and sent home. My DSis sobbed the whole afternoon when my "understudy" rocked up as Mary. She's never let me forget!

My DS is a duck !!?! this year in his first school nativity.

notjustamummythankyou Fri 30-Nov-12 19:07:31

DS is going to be a little boy. He gets to wear his pyjamas, dressing gown and slippers, and can take his teddy if he likes. He's made up with the teddy bit, but doesn't really get why he needs to wear pj's when the sun's awake ...

sunshine75 Fri 30-Nov-12 19:15:25

Dd is Mary, which is lovely of course.

However, as she is only in reception I fear she may have peaked a little early and it will be downhill from here in. It'll be second cow with nowt to say next year. Well it will be once they realise she is a serial nose picker, thumb sucker and is likely to question the existence of God on stage. Not a good look on a virgin Mary

ErrorError Fri 30-Nov-12 20:03:14

I was never Mary in my Nativity plays. I pestered the teachers volunteered to be a wise man and got to wear a tea towel on my head. It was brilliant! On a side note, I remember some of our Mary's and Joseph's being boys and girls with SEN, which I thought was nice. They didn't have many lines anyway, it was always the angels narrating!

catcalledginger Fri 30-Nov-12 20:09:04

I was Mary... grin

Flossiechops Fri 30-Nov-12 20:10:13

My dd is villager 7 ffs!!! Mary has been Mary in reception, year 2 and now year 4! Surely it's another girls chance hmm

JugglingWithPossibilities Fri 30-Nov-12 20:13:07

grin @ sunshine

I loved the parts I played in school nativities at 5 and 6 though, and still remember it so well over 40 years later smile

JugglingWithPossibilities Fri 30-Nov-12 20:15:51

I really can't understand schools choosing the same person for Mary more than once Flossie, let alone three times. What's going on there ? Daughter of chair of PTA or why do that ?

edam Fri 30-Nov-12 20:17:30

I'm 40-something and can still remember my Mother muttering about it being wrong that a blonde girl always got Mary given Mary was Middle-Eastern and Jewish and therefore fairly unlikely to have been blonde. grin Only part I remember having in the nativity was playing the glockenspiel...

ds was Joseph in Reception - I was very proud but hadn't realised how vicious the parent politics was. So many other parents made it obvious their noses were out of joint and were whispering about why ds had been chosen and not their PFBs. I have no idea, I had no influence, it was the teacher who decided!

BarbecuedBillygoats Fri 30-Nov-12 20:19:50

Some of the posts in this thread are horrible
All those reasons why mary is crap

My dd is Mary. She is year 2 and can barely read, she struggles with a lot of normal every day concepts such as time but she can learn lines, follow instructions and speaks clearly. And I'm bloody proud of her because she used to have no self confidence
The year 2s get the main parts as the eldest taking part. She is also one of only two girls in her year so had fairly good odds

But no she's the child of the parent most likely to kick up a fuss hmm
Must be teachers pet hmm
And must be because she has the right hair colour hmm

edam Fri 30-Nov-12 20:34:39

gymboy, that link is gorgeous, what a clever teacher to do that!

JugglingWithPossibilities Fri 30-Nov-12 20:41:02

As it was a 50/50 chance for your DD I wouldn't take it personally BB.
An unusually large proportion of boys methinks !

Just enjoy ! Hope it's a great and memorable night smile

we3kingsoforientRaahh Fri 30-Nov-12 20:42:14

Scatter- my dd is The Bossy Fairy. One of the songs about the rejected decorations makes me cryblush. The play has a really good message,actually.

The thing with having dcs 3+ years apart,is that the same plays come round in a cycle-it was funny last year watching dd1 in a play ds did 4 years agosmile

The clockwork snowflake is being performed by a little boy who does street dancing, and is really funny. DD2 (aged 2) has been filling the roles of the 'rejects' when dd1 has been practising at homegrin. She does a good 'TattyTinsel'

snowtunesgirl Fri 30-Nov-12 20:46:11

Juggling, after that first role, I was always the lead throughout Primary School, apart from the last year (Humph!). I think the reason was that I was a good reader and have a very good memory.

One year, instead of doing the normal Nativity, we did the story of Babushka and I played Babushka. I was so proud of myself! grin

And no my parents were never PTA and really actively discouraged me from doing any kind of performance stuff as it was considered to be distracting me from more academic pursuits!

JugglingWithPossibilities Fri 30-Nov-12 21:00:57

Ooh, Babushka story sounds good. You could have some great costumes, scenery, and music for that !

mrsruffallo Fri 30-Nov-12 21:06:02

Well, I am going to have a little boast here.
DD is Mary in her nativity this year and DS is Joseph in his. I am annoying all of my friends .......great fun!!!

madwomanintheattic Fri 30-Nov-12 21:21:41

The babushka story is crap. 50% of the school were cast as trees when we did it. True story. Dress in green and stand there and wave. grin

It gave us a chortle though, as ds was by far and away the shortest in his class. So we told him everyone else was a tree (he was standing next to the tallest girl on the planet) and he was a bush.

The photos are freaking hysterical. He looks as though he's kneeling.

BarbecuedBillygoats Fri 30-Nov-12 21:27:28

Nor juggling only 3 boys. Very small year in a small class at a small school.
Even if she wasn't someof the comments made have been horrible

Flossiechops Fri 30-Nov-12 21:29:19

juggling no idea why the same Mary has been chosen 3 times now, parents not in PTA. They have a 90 intake so there's plenty of choice. Poor dd tries so hard every year at audition for a good part but always misses out. I just cannot understand the fairness in having the same child again! Villager 7, what the hell is that blush

JugglingWithPossibilities Fri 30-Nov-12 21:34:10

I don't think you need to take them so seriously BB ?
People are only jesting about the way Mary is chosen, or might have been in the past.
eg there may have been a bias towards blonde girls being chosen in the past - this is clearly ridiculous as Mary was from the Middle East.

WeAreSix Fri 30-Nov-12 21:48:48

I clearly remember my nativity in first school. I was a peasant with a line - "it's like a tin of packed sardines in here".

After the nativity my mum was helping in the classroom and one of the angels couldn't get her tights on. Mum helped her. I took this as a very clear message that she thought the angels were better than me!

I admitted that I was upset, but 20 years after the event! Mum thought it was hilarious!

Fozzleyplum Fri 30-Nov-12 21:49:18

I was Mary in 1972 - I think on the basis that I was non-blonde and reliable.

DS 1 provided unintended entertainment as the innkeeper in his first nativity play when he was 3. Word perfect in rehearsal, he decided to mix it up a bit for the actual performance. When Joseph knocked on the door, DS replied, "Yes of course, come in, there's plenty of room". Afterwards, he escaped from "backstage" wearing only his pants. He ran back into the room where the parents were still sitting, did a dance and sang "I aint got no 'jamas on".

I mean, really, "ain't got no"..... I was mortified.

HSMM Fri 30-Nov-12 21:58:48

DD was promoted from sheep to donkey. She wasn't happy until I pointed out Mary couldn't get there without the donkey.

Our nursery is dong a nativity Tuesday, we were told DS2 was going to be a sheep and that he kept leading the other sheep astray, the letter came home tonight and he has had an upgrade he is now a shepherd!!!
I'm a bit miffed he isn't Joseph but a shepherd is still important!
DS1 was a sheep a couple of years ago in reception, this year they are doing a santas workshop play and he is a musician?!

Turniphead1 Fri 30-Nov-12 22:07:33

My DD has only been Mary once - in nursery. And I had to go to a funeral and missed it. sad
She was big blue Star in year 2 and that was a good part.
This year (year 2 is the only time they get speaking parts) my DS is a narrator. I knew he'd be a narrator.
I like the idea that a good school gives the roles of Mary and Joseph to the quieter children whose confidence may need a boost.

DoubleDoubleTwigletTrouble Fri 30-Nov-12 22:48:59

I don't mind what part my kids play as long as it's something that requires a costume I can get from either Asda or eBay grin

TeWiKissingNarglesInMistletoe Fri 30-Nov-12 22:49:55

This year DD has been promoted from Angel to Angel Gabriel.

I'm sure it is a build-up-her-confidence choice because there's a fair bit for a shy 3yo to do. She was really cheeky at their last play though!

acsec Fri 30-Nov-12 23:05:51

I write our Reception Nativity plays usually, obviously I don't stray far from the original. We are having to do 2 productions this year each with 70 children and I let them choose their parts. We are having (along with shepherds, innkeepers, stars, angels, soldiers) foxes, rabbits, cows, and a mouse - I drew the line at an elephant though! Every group of characters has a specific song and everyone who wanted to say something is! smile

NanaNina Fri 30-Nov-12 23:06:45

Am loving this thread and so many posts have made me smile (but haven't read them all - there are so many!) I was a schoolgirl in the 50's in a Catholic school and so it was always a nativity in those days. I longed to be Angel Gabrielle and come on with my arm outstretched (bit like a Nazi salute come to think of it!) and say "behold I bring you glad tidings of great joy....for this day is born to you a saviour ...." see I still remember the words! Needless to say I was never chosen (short mousey hair) - nearest I got was an angel at the back of the crib with my arms folded across my chest! Angel Gabrielle always had long blonde hair!

My DS aged 3 (well over 30 years ago) was a king in the nursery play and said in a loud clear voice "look at that star" but the other 2 didn't look and neither did he, so the whole thing was just left in mid air and several of the children were crying as I recall! Think I welled up too at the sight of such tiny children in a play.

Fast forward the tape and my DGD was Mary in Year 2 or 3 (and yes I was very proud) but it's right what everyone is saying. It's very overrated because she only had 1 line to say as I recall. She was very shy at that age and sobbed when her mom and dad had to leave the hall and she had to be led back to the class room by a "not very nurturing" teacher!

SO all you mums of non-Mary's take heart.............and enjoy your child being a badger(!) a star, a tree or whatever. It's the taking part that counts!

JugglingWithPossibilities Fri 30-Nov-12 23:19:11

My DD was a star one year and had to jump around with lots of other stars to "Reach for the sky !" Wonderful, and very memorable. Another year she was a snowflake with a pretty costume and did a little dance with a few other snowflake friends. Loved your post Nana. So much to enjoy - "Keep all these things and treasure them in your heart" wink

ThisIsMummyPig Sat 01-Dec-12 00:17:33

I was Mary at least twice - but that is actually my name! I enjoyed being a king more- it was a proper costume rather than being a blue dress my mother found in the back of a cupboard.

DD1 is one of 30 angels. Last year she was one of 30 stars.

TheEnthusiasticTroll Sat 01-Dec-12 00:23:25

Dd y2, is a narrator with one line

She is also a soloist singer....

Only problem is I'm not sure she can sing, must be the best of a bad bunch and they obviously don't remember her grumpy rendition of chief star last year when all she did was itch and pull at her collar with a face like thunder.

Hmm not sure I'm looking forward to this nativity, I just hope I will be pleasantly surprised in seeing talents I never noticed yet.

Oh dear god I hope so.

pamish Sat 01-Dec-12 00:54:31

My mum was in a junior school production of Midsummer Night's Dream. There were many roles for fairies; as well as Peaseblossom, Mustardseed and Moth, there were miscellaneous glittery pretty ones. Mum got Cobweb. Can you still feel her pain, 85 years later?

RealAleandOpenFires Sat 01-Dec-12 04:21:27

How about MNs nativity play or panto aslong as its done in fun though?

Runs and hides

mumzy Sat 01-Dec-12 09:09:02

A few years ago dcs school announced that all the pupils who were chosen the play the animals had to be traditional ones : cows, sheep, donkey, camels. Lots of p* ed off parents having to find alternatives to frogs, bears and in one case a monkey!

missmapp Sat 01-Dec-12 09:17:04

ds2 is a donkey- I am very pleased as the form said ' costume to be supplied by school' - a beautiful phrase!!

Real what like a thread re-writing the nativity in a modern fashion where we give out parts? Oh that could be good. Fifty Shades of Mumsnet was hilar

RiversideMum Sat 01-Dec-12 11:28:40

It's hard for us teachers too. We cast the confident, loud children (no offence intended) in the main parts and then clam up when they find out they will be on stage. We've already had to sack our Mary. The first shepherd and the inn keeper will be next if they don't buck their ideas up.

FellatioNelson Sat 01-Dec-12 11:32:31

You sacked Mary? shock FFS, that child will probably have to spend years in therapy now. How heartless. grin

nkf Sat 01-Dec-12 11:32:44

In the musical events, I only ever got to play the triangle.

bdaonion Sat 01-Dec-12 11:44:11

DD1, my little titian beauty was always the narrator and has grown into a gobby little shite confident young lady now.

DD3 has an out of control Afro and doesn't conform to the traditional Nativity ethereal look, so I'm resigned to her being relegated to the back of the chorus...but I know she is still the real star wink

comelywenchlywoo Sat 01-Dec-12 12:17:20

I can't remember whether I was ever Mary in a nativity play when I was young. I DO remember wanting to be the angel Gabriel in nursery, but not getting to do it, but then, oh Christmas miracle of miracles, the girl who was supposed to do it wouldn't say her lines and so I got my Christmas wish. My tights fell down though. You can't have everything.

Fast forward many years and I got to be Mary in a village play. It. was. awesome! DH played Joseph (he has a beard so that may be why we got the gig). And there were REAL donkeys. We went around the village in full dress (in the dark), knocked on the pub door and were "directed" to the stable. Unfortunately, we didn't know the village (part of the deal - they like "strangers" to do it), and the Inn Keeper pointed to a fork in the road. Thankfully, we picked the right way and settled down in our al fresco stable with real livestock and carols.
They even made posters with us on. I lost our poster. I'm still gutted about that. Dsis is not. It freaked her out. I assume because I was such an awesome Mary grin

edam Sat 01-Dec-12 12:29:56

Riverside, grin have you checked that the innkeeper isn't in a union? I can see the reception children waving placards at the school gate and yelling 'one out, all out!'

RealAleandOpenFires Sat 01-Dec-12 14:39:39

FOFF something like that, or we make it up as we go along?

(OP...sorry for hijacking the thread blush )

Panzee Sat 01-Dec-12 16:34:28

I've just remembered I played Mary in a high school Nativity. I got to have a bump, faint and sing. smile

funnyperson Sat 01-Dec-12 19:53:19

Did someone say Mary was the part given to the quiet ones whose confidence needed a boost?
This finally clears something up for me. I was Mary. I was the only non speaking part as I recall because I had to sit there smiling at a dolly in my arms whilst all the shepherds, kings, camels etc did interesting walking talking dancing stuff.

Newtothisstuff Sat 01-Dec-12 20:15:00

My DD1 is an emu. ! Yep an emu.. They are doing Christmas in Australia this year apparently

My DS is Joseph.

Oh yes.

elvisaintdead Sat 01-Dec-12 21:59:23

DS3 is a sheep in his nursery reception - he is THRILLED, as am I :-)

FairyChristmas Sat 01-Dec-12 23:01:34

Loving this thread - DD came stomping out of reception saying, "I have to be a star and I really want to be Mary!"

In their times in reception, DS1 was the innkeeper and DS2 was the narrator.

Although I remember one hideous time DS1 was a spider and I had to make the costume - not very well... blush

FairyChristmas Sat 01-Dec-12 23:02:06

Ooh that should definitely have been a blush

NanaNina Sun 02-Dec-12 14:17:00

Going off the thread I know but I saw a card on FB the other day with two womem with arms folded and the one is saying "a virgin birth I can just about believe in......but three wise men...nah"!!!

Yes I know it's sexist!

Francesa Sun 02-Dec-12 15:08:28

Bearwantsmore, I really don't blame you for feeling a little sad, my little one got to be a star last year, this years its a elf!confused

SchnitzelVonKrumm Sun 02-Dec-12 15:22:43

Y2 are doing the Nativity this year, with reception children as stars, sheep etc. My DD (Y2, good reader, confident performer, otherwise completely away with the fairies) appears to be totally unaware of the whole thing. Am terrified she actually has a part but missed the memo, but can't think of a way of asking without sounding like insane stage mother shock

Molehillmountain Sun 02-Dec-12 20:47:21

It would all be okay if in some schools the part of Mary was not seen as a reward for good behaviour. And if Mary wasn't dd1's now ex best friend. And if I were a real grown up instead of a child in her late thirties blush

conorsrockers Sun 02-Dec-12 21:13:03

All the kids in our school (DS2 is Yr2 and DS3 Yr1) get two lines each. DS2 is 2nd King and DS1 is an innkeeper. He has to sing his lines : "I've a stable bare, you can sleep in there" (has been practicing constantly for the last couple of weeks!) It works well, no-one gets singled out - they all have the same amount to say so it doesn't matter who they are smile.

blondefriend Sun 02-Dec-12 21:35:17

At 1 DD was a reindeer, at 2 she was a snowman, at 3 she was Father Christmas (don't ask!). This year she's Mary - I found her asleep in bad the other night with her bunny up her pjs, apparently he was Jesus.

CruCru Sun 02-Dec-12 23:27:01

It's a bit off topic but did any of you have the May festival at your school? At my infants (up to age 7), every girl was convinced she would be May queen or one of her ladies in waiting. It was always the prettiest girl. I was a clown but I cried when someone hit me in the face with a custard pie.

One year at my Junior school we did Roald Dahl's Cinderella for the nativity. It was a good idea except the teacher gave me the part of the fairy. I had to jump out onto the stage with a big thud (to be fair, it got a lot of laughs). I was quite overweight and quite badly bullied - looking back, it was a strange choice. The teacher was a bit of a cow though.

Bogeyface Sun 02-Dec-12 23:52:35

We have the May Queen thing here. Lots of children parading through the streets with crepe paper covered sticks! And yes, we did all want to be the May Queen and yes, it was always the prettiest girl.

We had a cherry blossom tree in our front garden so had our own May Queen ceremony under it with my sister, me and all our friends taking it in turns to be the Queen. One year, when my sister was in the right year to be Queen (top year infants) and wasn't sad , a girl in my year wanted to be MQ in our game, but we didnt let her because she had actually been MQ at school, and she cried.

The adult part of me is blush but the child part of me is grin when I remember it!

NanaNina Mon 03-Dec-12 10:51:06

Ah we had the May Queen thing at my Catholic School. The statue of Mary was carried out into the playground and one girl got stand on a school and "crown her" - I can actually remeber the name of the girl with long blonde hair who crowned her one year, Pauline Hall! We sang " Oh Mary we crown thee with blossoms today, queen of the angels and queen of the May....Mind we all got to walk in the May procession in church in white dresses and veils - wow that was soooooooo exciting and pumps especially whitened as we didn't have white shoes in those far off days in the 1950's.

However at another catholic church we sometimes went to in another town (where all my mum's relations went) they had "strewers" - girls in white dresser and veils with baskets of flower petals that they strewed along the aisles of the church...............oh the thrill of just watching that, but what I would have given to be a strewer...........
Bogeyface do you live anywhere near Manchester, as I remember there they had the "Whit walks" (when we used to have Whitsun holiday 6 weeks after Easter) rather than Spring Bank Holiday. I never went but i think the catholics walked on one day and the protestants on the other.


lifeintheolddogyet Mon 03-Dec-12 11:33:51

I was a random angel, but when Gabriel and another angel started squabbling over who would give the baby Jesus to Mary I split them up and gave the baby to her myself. IN THE REAL PLAY, oh yes. grin

The DSs are a sheep and another random angel.

Arf @ sacking Mary.

GooseyLoosey Mon 03-Dec-12 11:50:35

Imagine my joy at dd's last nativity to discover that she had been cast as Mary. I was so happy - none of my family have ever starred in anything.

My joy turned to dust however when I discovered that this was an alternative nativity told from the perspective of the animals and Mary was a bit part. The star was the donkey!!!

gloomywinters2 Mon 03-Dec-12 18:39:56

ha ha i was mary joseph was ginger and me being mixedrace great conbination wonder what baby jesus looked like grin been an angel too.

Bumblequeen Mon 03-Dec-12 19:27:31

Dd was Mary last Christmas at pre school. I was pleased and she had no stage fright. She looked out at us with a "Look at me"

This year she has a smaller yet still significant role.

Most children will be excited they have a role. It is important not to show them their role is less prestigious than their peers.

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