To go to the cinema on my own?

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Eggrules Tue 13-Nov-12 19:49:03

I am in the need of some serious cheering up. I have just discovered at my local cinema, films start at 11ish. I have free time between then and school pick up one day next week.

malovitt Tue 13-Nov-12 19:49:59

I go to the cinema by myself all the time.
I love it.
(I do have friends, btw!)

shemademedoit Tue 13-Nov-12 19:51:28

Yes!!!! Do it. grin

healstorturepeople Tue 13-Nov-12 19:52:22

I do it a few times a year. Do it. It'll be lovely and quiet in the daytime too.

Autumnchill Tue 13-Nov-12 19:52:30

Do it!

Lavenderhoney Tue 13-Nov-12 19:52:37

I've been on my own. It's ok, I have plenty of friends, just not free when I am or don't fancy the film. Plus if it's crap you can just leavesmile

TaggieCampbellBlack Tue 13-Nov-12 19:52:58

Oh I haven't done that for ages. I might go tomorrow. Lovely. What shall I watch?

NewNames Tue 13-Nov-12 19:53:42

Do it! You can get whatever snacks you like and you don't have to make small talk. Win win

NewNames Tue 13-Nov-12 19:53:56

Argo. Very good

showtunesgirl Tue 13-Nov-12 19:54:44

Oh my, I would be down there like a shot! Back when I was in college, I would head down to the cinema twice a week by myself. I miss those days. sad

elfycat Tue 13-Nov-12 19:55:48

I've been going to the cinema on my own for over 2 decades. DH works away quite a bit and I'll see what I like. We usually save blockbusters for when he's back but I need to go and see skyfall as he went to see it yesterday.

Eggrules Tue 13-Nov-12 19:57:42

I have lovely friends but cba to arrange something for an evening and have a problem with childcare. One of whom was confused when I mentioned it on the phone just now. She has made it clear that under no circumstances would she go to the cinema on her own. It's not that strange???

I go away with work and eat out etc alone.

JackThePumpkinKing Tue 13-Nov-12 19:59:29

Only if you're going to watch Twilight grin

TaggieCampbellBlack Tue 13-Nov-12 20:01:06

Its not out til thursday blush

LaCiccolina Tue 13-Nov-12 20:02:05

No! Id do it too for a film I wanted to see... Daniel Craig....might do it next week. Better remember not to mention it to dh though as he wants to c it too and wont get the opp till on sky!

Peanutbutterfingers Tue 13-Nov-12 20:02:18

I love going on my own. I buy some nice treats from m&s and pre mixed g&t in cans and have a lovely time smile

NatashaBee Tue 13-Nov-12 20:03:38

I would bloody love to go to the cinema on my own. Nobody stealing my popcorn, nobody asking 'but why are they doing 'X'' all the time at critical moments...bliss.

TempusFuckit Tue 13-Nov-12 20:04:02

I love going to the cinema on my own. It's a pretty antisocial experience in the first place anyway - you can't talk or interact much with each other. And on your own, you don't have to share the popcorn grin

iamwhaticallpregnant Tue 13-Nov-12 20:12:43

When I lived in Brisbane Aus - there was a beautiful old cinema in the city centre that I would go to and watch films alone. I loved it. I could really really get into the film and cry or laugh without worrying about other people seeing. I used to like other people looking at me thinking why is she on her own? You could always pretend you are a movie critic and take a large notebook! ha ha.
I always used to love going to restaurants alone there - and I loved doing things on my own in Italy too. For some reason I am a lot more hesitant to do things on my own in the UK. I don't know why this is.....
but you have reminded me how wonderful it can be so I am going to go to the cinema asap on my own. I can taste the Ice cream now... mmmm....

Eggrules Tue 13-Nov-12 20:16:49

Well it seems like going to the cinema on your own IS a reasonable thing to do.

If there is time, I will go for a solo lunch afterwards.

I may watch Part 1 first wink

CharlieCoCo Tue 13-Nov-12 20:18:40

I go on my own. I tend to end up talking (commentary) to my friend if im not on my own, so at least if i am then i can concentrate on the film.

ShatnersBassoon Tue 13-Nov-12 20:19:18

I love going to the cinema on my own. It's brilliant escapism.

showtunesgirl Tue 13-Nov-12 20:21:45

OP, I've never understood why people are so scared to things like this on their own. I also love to eat out on my own. I get myself something nice, a good book and just chill out. Bliss.

fruityoatybrains Tue 13-Nov-12 20:24:03

Agree with all. Love going to pictures on own. Wish I had more free time to do it!

Eggrules Tue 13-Nov-12 20:28:53

Have kindle; will eat out.

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